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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Liberal Party launch - Tony Abbott urges voters to give him a chance. For your family's sake, for our country, join us.Briefing row - Kevin Rudd denies delaying discussions on Syria for a TV appearance. And, war talk intensifies - western leaders consider their options over Syria.

Hello, I'm Kathy Novak and welcome to Sunday's program. Later, Michael Tomalaris will join me with all the day's sport including, Kop that as Liverpool makes it two from two in the English Premier League. But first, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has officially launched the coalition's election campaign, assuring voters that he is ready to run a no surprises, no excuses government. Our Chief Political Correspondent Karen Middleton has been at the launch, in Brisbane. Tony Abbott gave a highly polished and carefully targeted speech, with a surprise introduction from two of his daughters. Mr Abbott's promising financial help for apprentices, funding for dementia research and discount medicines for self-funded retirees. The Government is asking how he'll pay for it.It is the Coalition campaign launch but it is about one man.We will not let you down.Tony Abbott Storch 's work is a warmup act, offering encouragement and a quick lipstick check.My dad looks out for everyone and I know that he will look out for you.The would-be prime minister vowing a coalition government would have a government surplus and a fully restored private health insurance rebate. There will be a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme in place. Yes there will! me in place. Yes there will!A breakthrough social policy at according to Queensland.

In line with the signature colour, even some jokes were blue.He turned around, pulled down his track pants, bared his buttocks to the world and said labour can kiss my... The first crack has appeared in Kevin Rudd's campaign!Tony Abbott urging voters to throw the government out.To everyone who has been let down and embarrassed by the circus in Canberra, I say, keep my team a chance.Tony Abbott policies remain uncrossed did, unfunded and unfair.From here, Tony Abbott's one job is to consolidate it in momentum and keep it going till polling day and to make sure nothing happens in the next two weeks to derail him. Tony Abbott is harking back to John Howard's time, his presence was celebrated.I understand Julia has planned her position on that question and I respect that.Julia Gillard would not appear.We have the plan, we have the team and we are ready. and we are ready.The election is now 12 days away. The Prime Minister has interrupted his campaigning to receive security briefings on Syria - defending his decision to take part in a TV cooking show first. Kevin Rudd has also conceded today that Labor didn't have a mandate to introduce its carbon tax. Last night Kevin Rudd returned to Canberra. He and his ministers and advisers discussed the unfolding crisis in Syria.We have a definitive statement from them and the Americans are using the language of great concern.-- grave. But before that he was serving it up interstate, recording a segment for the ABC's 'Kitchen Cabinet'. He says the Syria briefing wasn't delayed and his departmental secretary advised him on its timing.He recommended that the earliest it could profitably occur would be last night or today. He's cooked up a storm. News Corp newspapers have attacked his decision.If he couldn't be briefed until last night what was he going to do? Sit on the tarmac and twiddle his thumbs?Kevin Rudd's rejected reports that he suspended his campaign for the briefing. Absolutely not.But this is what he said yesterday when asked if his campaign was on hold.I regard it as a necessary and practical step to make sure we are fully briefed on developments.He has conceded Labor's made mistakes over the past few years, including the decision to introduce a carbon tax.To begin with we didn't have a mandate for it.But he's sidestepped questions about whether he'd support Coalition moves to abolish the tax. Labor is stepping up its attacks on the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme. It says nearly a million people who receive a part-pension could be hit with a tax hike to pay for the plan. Mothers would receive up to $75,000 for six months' maternity leave.Mr Abbott, I'm on a $19,000 a year pension and you're giving money to those who need it least your priorities are all wrong.Clive Palmer's playing Santa Claus. He's promised to cut income tax by 15% and criticised his opponents.Not only are they boring, neither Abbott nor Rudd will debate the critical issues facing Australia.In election campaigns, some deliveries are riskier than others. But the Deputy Prime Minister shown he's a safe pair of hands. We are into the home stretch. What was your impression of the launch's it was a textbook launch. Very heavily scripted. They always are. The ted. They always are. The one objective was to sell Tony Abbott. The Coalition are in the box seat but they know that one hesitation voters have is about the leader himself. out the leader himself. There was a lot of reassurance about what a nice gay Tony Abbott what a nice gay Tony Abbott is. The other issue is how they are going to pay for all the things they are pricing. There was more spending but no indications of costings.Kevin Rudd kids describing himself as the underdog. What will he be aiming to do at ing to do at his launch next week?He will be trying to an hands the image of Tony Abbott. s the image of Tony Abbott. It has been a very negative campaign.s been a very negative campaign. He will be emphasising the job creation, small business and manufacturing, to get the nation passed the recession. Demand is growing around the world for Syria to allow UN inspectors to investigate last week's chemical attack. While the US considers whether to launch a military response - the Syrian government now says it has proof that rebel forces are to blame. While a fourth naval warship moved into place in the Mediterranean, Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel remained vague about how the US plans to respond to the chemical attack in Syria.President Obama has asked the Defence Department to prepare options for all contingencies we have done that and again we are prepared to exercise whatever options if he decides to deploy any of those options.The White House says President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron continue to consult closely on what those options should be. Experts say they include the limited use of cruise missiles aimed at strategic locations, designed to minimise the loss of life, and send a very clear message.To warn Assad that if there is a repeat of this kind of action again, we can scale up the response.UN representatives are in Damascus to press Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to allow inspectors to investigate the attack site but so far the government has refused. For me it is gut wrenching to see this unfolding.The Prime Minister wouldn't comment on whether Australia would take part in any potential military response. He said the focus right now is on establishing the facts.The burden of proof in my opinion now lies with the Syrian regime and if they have nothing to hide they will provide access to the site as of now.The group Doctors Without Borders says there's little doubt chemical weapons were used. Members responded in the aftermath of the attack, which they say killed hundreds of people and injured more than a,000. -- 1,000.Almost all of the patients had the same neurotoxic symptoms.There also seems to be little doubt among many countries about the type of weapon used.What's going to be difficult to explain then is if an attack has been carried out, that it was from the regime and prove that the direction to do that came from the highest levels of the regime. Syrian state TV says soldiers seized materials used to make chemical weapons from a rebel forces hideout. Opposition forces blame the Assad government for the attack. Bombing continues around Damascus while the US and other countries consider how best to respond. But since last week's reported attack, experts say there seems to be a greater sense of urgency to do something now- before chemical weapons are used again. HMAS 'Melbourne' has left Sydney on its way back to the Middle East. The ship's Commander says his crew is ready to respond - should a military response to Syria be ordered. Six months with a parent at sea feels like a life time when you're this little. The emotion hit family and friends as the crew boarded, bound for six months in the Middle East. The Young, the old, and even the furry, gathering to say farewell. They're part of Operation Slipper - an international campaign to combat terrorism and bolster marine security.Melbourne will be working in support of the global war on terror. We will do to the illicit trafficking of people, drugs, weapons and money.It's the 56th time an Australian naval ship has served in the region since the Gulf War in 1990.We've seen a clear decrease in piracy activity and in the maritime domain this has been a clear successful operation. Deployment goodbyes are always emotional but they're heightened at a time like this. With tensions in Syria mounting, fears the ship could be called in to help, were front of mind.When we prepare for a Middle East deployment all contingencies are taken into account we're confident and ready. While these teddies are a poor substitute for a real hug, they'll have to do, for now. The 'Melbourne' won't be home until February next year. More than 1,000 people have gathered in Melbourne to pay tribute to local basketballer Chris Lane, who was shot dead last week in Oklahoma. -- baseballer. The 22-year-old's family say the support they've had, both here and in America, has helped them cope with his senseless killing. Family, friends, former teammates, and Chris Lane's American girlfriend, Sarah Harper, took to the field where Chris Lane's dreams began. The field which today, hosted a heartfelt tribute. For a minute they paused with the crowd, the Australian and American anthems ringing out, as they honoured the 22-year-old whose life was cut tragically short. Together they released 40 balloons to honour Chris' Essendon Bombers jersey number. His father, Peter then wiped away tears as he remembered his son's humour.He's had a few things that we would have taken the absolute mickey out of. I mean, the front page of the paper saying he was a baseball start, he would have loved that. Me crying, he would have told me to toughen up.Chris had been living in the US for four years on a baseball scholarship. He was gunned down a week ago, while jogging in the Oklahoma town of Duncan. The three teenagers charged with his murder say they were bored and wanted to kill someone. The townspeople united on Friday, as they held a special memorial for the young Melburnian. He'd come home for a holiday with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. Yesterday, she returned, with the support of her family.It's important for her to be here now, because we will hang together and we will hang tough.A typical match here on a Sunday would normally attract a crowd of about one hundred. Today, there's more than one thousand. And Chris Lane's family says the support they've received both here and in the US, has been overwhelming.All of this outpouring of love, all of this support, it's helping, it's really helping.Almost $200,000 in donations has been received, and the Lane family hopes to create a trust for junior baseballers. Chris's funeral is planned for Wednesday. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - A dream remembered. Thousands honour Martin Luther King 50 years on from his iconic speech. Shortly, swallowing everything in its path - the monster blaze threatening Yosemite. And later - home at the edge of the world, convincing generation Y to stay in one of Europe's most remote territories.

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This week marks half a century since the March on Washington ended with Martin Luther King Junior's I have a dream speech. Civil rights activists say that watershed moment is still relevant today, as the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin revealed. 200,000 marched 50 years ago, 10 times that of today. What hasn't changed - their spirit and solidarity.It was just a warm feeling then and a warm feeling now.A warm feeling that turned into the catalyst for the civil rights act.I would not be Attorney General of the United States and Barack Obama would not be President of the United States.If it weren't for three words Martin Luther King Junior uttered as an afterthought. It was almost finished he was really gathering up his notes and he was ready to finish and the famous story that Mahalia Jackson the gospel singer yelled out to him from behind. She said Martin tell them about your dream.I have a dream that this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.Many here say that dream's yet to be realised.We need the constitutional right to vote, an amendment. We need to revive the war on poverty we need to engage in student loan debt and some plan for urban reconstruction.And they want justice for two black teenagers shot dead decades apart.Trayvon Martin was my son. But he's not just my son. He's all of our son and we have to fight for our children.When an American stopped another American, shot him down like a dog and the jury said not guilty, it's crying time again.Far too frequently the colour of one's skin remains a license to profile arrest or even murder with no regard for the content of one's character.And so the passion and determination of 1963 is invoked in 2013.We cannot give up. We cannot give out. We cannot give in. What's been dubbed China's trial of century has adjourned after a fourth day of testimony. Facing embezzlement, corruption and bribery charges, former top Communist Party official, Bo Xilai, has continued to slam prosecution witnesses, including his wife. A man once fated to become one of China's top political leaders, a prosecution relying on the evidence of his wife who's already been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a family business associate. What makes Bo Xilai's trial even more fascinating is that few can tell how it will play out. Similar prosecutions of top public officials have amounted to little more than show trials. But for a second day Bo Xilai took one of the prosecution's star witnesses, former Chongqing police chief, Wang Lijun, to task. He told the court:.

Wang Lijun was a central player in the investigation that led to the conviction of Bo Xilai's wife, Gu Kailai, for the murder of British Businessman Neil Heywood. Yesterday the court heard Bo Xilai discussed embezzling nearly a million dollars in public funds in a phone conversation with his wife. In a country where phone taps of public officials are commonplace, Bo Xilai retorted not even the dumbest corrupt official would fall into that trap. The case has captured the public's imagination and regular trial transcripts are being uploaded to the 500 million subscribers of Chinese social media website Weibo. One man says he regards this as just another corruption trial. While others have no confidence in the court saying there is one rule of law for top officials and another for ordinary citizens. Most experts believe Bo Xilai will be convicted, some think his spirited defence could be a precursor to a light sentence. Police in Mumbai have arrested a fourth suspect over the gang-rape of a photo- journalist. The gang allegedly raped the young woman while she was working in the centre of India's financial hub on Thursday night. She's undergoing treatment in hospital for multiple injuries. Police say they are still hunting for a fifth suspect. The case has reignited anger about women's safety in India after a similar attack last year. In Tunisia, thousands have rallied outside the National Assembly in the capital, Tunis, demanding the removal of the Islamist-led government. The Opposition has called for a week of protests, claiming the government can't guarantee security. The protests come one month after the assassination of a prominent opposition MP - the second politically motivated killing this year. Firefighters in California are struggling to contain the raging wildfire along the north-west edge of America's famous Yosemite National Park. The blaze is now threatening thousands of homes. A state of emergency has been declared for San Francisco, with powerlines providing electricity to the city also threatened by the fire. This is one of California's worst fears - a massive blaze threatening Yosemite National Park. It has been burning further north for more than a week but now the flames are eating away at the edge of the park, fuelled by tinder dry conditions after the hot summer. From the air and on the ground, fire crews are struggling and have called for outside reinforcements. We have some major obstacles we're still facing. One being inaccessible steep terrain, dry vegetation and just extreme fire activity.4,500 homes, businesses and public buildings in the mountain communities are under threat. As the flames gets closer, people are being evacuated. This is one of the highways connecting Yosemite with San Francisco, 300km away. A state of emergency has been declared because the powerlines that feed the city could be cut off by the fire. And there are concerns that ash could pollute the Hetch Hetchy reservoir which provides 85% of San Francisco's water. Clearly visible from space, fire officials say the blaze doubled in size in just one day.Well of yesterday the park had burned only about 11,000 acres in the park, all of that in remote wilderness. We know there's been some growth in that overnight but it's pretty modest growth.The Yosemite National Park is one of the country's natural treasures and a major tourist attraction. Its waterfalls, peaks and the iconic sequoia trees still remain untouched but park officials aren't taking any chances. They've set sprinklers to protect the ancient sequoias. Tourists have been advised to leave. Firefighters are focussing their efforts on the eastern rim of the park.

eastern rim of the park. They say its path is unforgiving. A 24-year-old man snatched by a crocodile while trying to swim across a river in the NT, is believed to have ignored warnings not to go into the water. Police say the man was with a group celebrating a birthday at the Mary River Wilderness Retreat, about 110km from Darwin. At least 15 onlookers saw him taken by the giant croc. Searchers have not been able to find his body. And a house on Sydney's Northern Beaches has burnt down, while the owner was out walking her dog. Firemen were called to the Avalon house just before six o'clock this morning, but it was well alight. The owner came back to find it gutted. Police don't believe it is suspicious. The NSW seat of Barton is home to some of Australia's largest clusters of Chinese, Arabic and Greek speakers. For nearly 20 years, the Labor Party has enjoyed healthy support in the area. But now it appears to be waning. Recent polls suggest Labor's margin in Barton has been completely eroded. And to add insult to injury, its Liberal Party candidate appears to be missing in action. Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, didn't appear to be a fan of multiculturalism in his day. But now, nearly half the population in the seat that bears his name was born overseas. And it's set for more change. Eight candidates are running for Barton but only three attended a community forum. One pushed for alternatives. Liberal Labor, Labor Liberal and that's all there is. A lot of Australians think the same way. Another didn't mince his words.The people responsible should be shot. The third was Steve McMahon, who's been tasked with retaining Barton for Labor. Former Attorney General Robert McClelland has been their representative since 1996. But now he's retiring.When I was preselected in April, the polls were looking dire then. I was going into a situation where I was looking like I would very much not win the seat. But I'm not going to shy away from a battle.According to the latest polls, a battle is what he'll get. At the 2010 election, there was a swing against Labor of more than 8%. But in June, Roy Morgan polling suggested the Coalition was ahead on a two-party preferred basis. Now, it's almost all square.What we saw in Barton, like the rest of Australia, is a major swing away from Labor in the latter part of Julia Gillard's leadership. And I think in Barton it seemed to occur just after the introduction of the carbon tax. Rather than further capitalise on the numbers, the seat's Liberal candidate, Nickolas Varvaris, has been noticeably absent. Avoiding questions from constituents.And you talk about efficiency? Absolute crap.And the media. After a week-long effort to secure an interview with Mr Varvaris, a Liberal Party media adviser requested we send our questions in advance so that he could prepare. When we refused, the media advisor later told us Mr Varvaris was unavailable. No further explanation was given. Nevertheless, Liberal support among Greeks in the area appears solid. But those we spoke to insist it's not because of Mr Varvaris' nationality. Not because he's Greek, because he's Liberal.

Our family votes labour we are thinking that the options are open. Across town, local Arabs appear loyal to Labor, further buoyed by promises to help build a new community centre in the suburb of Arncliffe.I think it will actually. Why not? I think we need a community centre in this area.

A tight contest in anyone's language. In Lebanon, funerals have been held for victims of the latest Syria- linked sectarian violence - amid fears it could spiral out of control. No one's claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks in the city of Tripoli, which killed more than 40 people. Some blame Syria's government and its Lebanese ally - Hezbollah. And there are calls for revenge. This is a city in mourning, dozens of victims of Friday's deadly mosques bombings in Tripoli were laid to rest but the tempers sparked by their deaths have not been contained. Lebanese politicians have been calling for restraint. Very few are listening. Gunmen brandish their weapons. It is a show of force. These men belong to Lebanon's Salafist movement and Tripoli is their stronghold. The mosques that were targeted are frequented by their supporters, who have been backing the opposition in neighbouring Syria.TRANSLATION: We have a message to those responsible for these attacks. If you think that this will silence us, it won't. This won't scare us. We will keep supporting the Syrian rebels and stand by our brothers.The bombings were clearly intended to cause maximum casualties. There is unprecedented security in this volatile city. The Lebanese army has beefed up its presence, trying to keep this country together. But the Lebanese army is not the only force on the ground. Gunmen are roaming the street. They're setting up checkpoints, searching cars, asking people for their identification papers. They say what they are looking for are their enemies. This is a city on the edge. There has been no claim of responsibility for the bombings but people here have already given their verdict. They are blaming the Syrian government and and its ally in Lebanon this year armed group, Hezbollah. A leading Sunni Salafist cleric went as far as to accuse the Lebanese state of working against the Sunnis.TRANSLATION: The Lebanese state is unfortunately arresting our men and they're collaboration with Hezbollah. We demand Hezbollah stop fighting in Syria along side the regime. We call on our men to exercise restraint and we will decide how to protect ourselves.Another commander of the Salafist movement was less diplomatic. He threatened Hezbollah with retaliation.They begun fight our Sunnis and our Sunnis will return and sing as well. They will know in the coming days. They will know.Statements like these may be driven by anger but there is no doubt hatred is growing in a deeply divided country. Award winning American country and rock singer Linda Ronstadt, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, has revealed more about how it has ended her illustrious career. The 67- year- old is known for her hit songs, including Blue Bayou, Hurts So Bad and You're No Good and for her many collaborations with other performers. Now, she's not only lost her legendary voice but also has to rely on canes and a wheelchair to get around. Her plight has drawn attention to the degenerative nerve disease. Singer Linda Ronstadt and desperado - known for that voice and extraordinary range now saying she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a neurological disorder, eight months ago. Revealing her ability to sing has been stolen. At 67 years old saying, "I can't sing a note." Telling AARP magazine: .

Parkinson's affects the nervous system. 60,000 Americans are diagnosed every year, thousands more undetected. There are treatments but none reverse the effects. Among the symptoms, tremors, poor balance, difficulty with coordination. Ronstadt says she uses poles to help walk, sometimes relying on a wheelchair. She won 11 Grammys over the years. Famous for so many songs. That number one hit early on, Hurt So Bad.(Sings Hurts So Bad).So many more songs skyrocketing under billboards charts in the years that followed. You're No Good. She started performing at just 14 with her siblings. Later in her career winning one of those Grammys for that duo with Aaron Neville, Don't Know Much.(Sings): Don't know much but I know Iove you. It's one of Europe's most remote territories and it can be hard to find on a map. Just 48,000 people descended from Vikings live on the Faroe Islands, in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Its biggest challenge is trying to stop a growing exodus. In the middle of the North Atlantic is a group of islands shrouded in fog and mist. Not many people live here. Those that do catch fish in the fjords and keep sheep on the mountains. It is not easy. And many young people move away. Johan wants to pursue his dreams in music and journalism. Soon he will be off to Denmark. Of his high school class of 20, only three will stay in the Faroes.The general consensus of everyone that is roughly around my age is that living out of the country is the best option for anyone that wants to study anything. Also because of housing prices, things like that - living in the Pharaohs is extremely expensive.To understand the Feroes demographic challenge, you need to travel to the smaller, outer islands. This is a village of Muli and what's sad about it is that no-one lives here any more. The last people left about 15 years ago. They just felt too isolated and there are other villages like this in the Faroes today. Remote communities with declining populations. All facing a very uncertain future. This man still comes back to the village to collect hay his animals and remember the place he grew up. But he doesn't expect to see people living here again. In the capital, I met a couple with a typical story. Their two grown-up sons are in Denmark with young families and busy lives. So, do they believe their sons will ever live here again?TRANSLATION: I have that hope. Yes.TRANSLATION: I do not. I think they will stay abroad. I have accepted the fact that we will now grow old alone in the Faroe Islands.There is a thriving arts scene on the Faroes and some of those who go away in their 20s do come back to raise their families but this will always feel like a place that is on the edge of the world. That's its drawback but also its charm. Coming up next, Michael Tomalaris with all the day's sports news and Daniel Sturridge keeps Liverpool's perfect start going in the English Premier League. Also, the Wallabies left fuming over refereeing decisions as the Bledisloe Cup remains across the ditch for yet another year.

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Good evening. We start with football and Liverpool has recorded its best start to a Premier League season in five years, after an away win over Aston Villa. Elsewhere, Arsenal overcame its opening round stumble by beating Fulham, and Hull picked up its first points since being promoted.

Liverpool hadn't won its opening two league fixtures since 2008 and while a trip to Aston Villa presented a tricky proposition. It took Daniel Sturridge barely twenty minutes to fire the Reds in front. Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet denied Christian Benteke before halftime. The Belgian also seeing a late penalty appeal waved away. Benteke had another chance to equalise in the final five minutes but it was Mignolet who again came to Liverpool's rescue.


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In the west of London, Oliver

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Giroud made it three

Giroud made it three goals in

Giroud made it three goals in as many games, with Arsenal's first against Fulham. Lucas Podolski doubling the advantage after Theo Walcott's initial effort was parried away. The German's second goal on 67 minutes made the three points assured. And not even the teeming rain and a late consolation for Fulham's Darren Bent could dampen a renewed sense of Arsenal spirit.


Wallabies coach Ewen

Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie has

hinted at

hinted at a number

hinted at a number of personnel changes following Australia's 27-to-16 loss against the All Blacks in last night's second Bledisloe Cup Test. The Wallabies camp was left to bemoan a number of refereeing decisions, as New Zealand maintained its dominance over the Green and Gold. It was a moment Wallabies fans were dreading.The All Blacks still holders of the Bledisloe Cup.New Zealand retaining the trophy for the eleventh straight year after the men in gold squandered key attacking chances. Although a lot of pressure on the visitors attack arrived from illegal positions. Horwill pleading with the referee. Another penalty inside the red zone.Frustration. We felt we were building momentum and couldn't capitalize on it.The Wallabies fuming that deliberate infringements in try scoring positions weren't more harshly punished.Cynical.Every time we get down here! You either get penalties or yellow cards. We got neither.Ewen McKenzie left scratching his head, his side conceding twice as many penalties. Many of them arriving at scrum time and leaving more questions than answers.What about their angle though?I used to be able to work it out... I have no idea and I used to play in the front row.More obvious was the world champions ability to convert chances into tries sealing an eleven point win and the Bledisloe Cup. In Argentina, the Pumas bounced back from last week's sixty point thrashing against the Springboks with an improved showing in Mendoza. And the brave Pumas would have got there if not for the kicking of Morne Steyn. The Springboks 22-17 winners. Kurtley Beale says he is disappointed that run not more in Indigenous players representing Australia in rugby union. He has been at thing as a mental as part of the Indigenous development program. He hopes his involvement will encourage nt will encourage more Indigenous kids to take nous kids to take up the game.The Indigenous kids, they have this unique talent and everyone just wants to watch it. You look at the league and the AFL - exciting players, the majority are Indigenous players. More of the interview on end ITV News tomorrow night from 5:30pm. The fifth test looks to be heading to a draw after rain delays. In that will resume still behind. While the weather and some slow English batting have flaunted Australia's chances, the tourists are refusing urists are refusing to give up hope.That is how we are going to pay our cricket. We will try to win the test match. We will not worry about the opposition.Faulkner says England will ner says England will be in for a challenge when the return ashes series gets under way in Australia in November. Richmond has thrashed greater Western Sydney. er Western Sydney. Last night, the Bombers scored another emotional come from behind win.

Kevin Sheedy coached his last ever home match. His young team mixed it with the greats. 11 goals in the second term. Richmond on easy street. The Tigers comfortable winners. At the Gabba, Brisbane scored three , Brisbane scored three goals in as many minutes to shock the dogs. A huge first half. At Docklands, it was confirmed Stephen Melbourne would retire at Melbourne would retire at the end of the season. -- Millman. The final word with four goals to notch the fourth breed. Last night, Fremantle jumped to third place. In another amazing comeback, Essendon secured victory against archrivals Carlton. That means North Melbourne and Brisbane could still finish ninth and still Essendon 's final spot if their points are stripped. After that match, James Hird declared he is yet to speak to the AFL about accepting a suspension. He says that the Bombers deserve to play finals for all.It would be a tragedy if would be a tragedy if they did not play finals. I am getting a personal opinion, I see that losing premiership points is something that goes along with cheating and I do not think we have cheated. That is my opinion but I do not make that decision.James Hird has been ordered to attend a hearing tomorrow whether Essendon could be stripped of on could be stripped of readership points and draft picks among other penalties. Melbourne has kept its ominous form a governing with a thrashing of Parramatta.

Few would have backed wooden spoon abound Parramatta against the storm but the visitors struck early. The eels would have gladly to stop the clock then. Sadly for them, they could not. Q - a pointscoring bonanza. Billy Slater grabbing three tries. Three other players getting a double delight. The eels are reeling. The off-season and not coming soon enough. In Canberra, the home side faced the Sea Eagles. It was the evergreen captain for the opener. Helping himself to a double, the Raiders refusing to cotton on. Grim viewing for the injured skipper before the Green machine spluttered to live. It was not to to live. It was not to last. There's the Eagle ensuring their the Eagle ensuring their place in the top four. Overnight, the cub was kept there run to the finals alive. They put the nals alive. They put the Knights to the sword. To cycling and Italy's Vincenzo Nibali has made a confident start to the final grand tour of the year, la Vuelta. Nibali's Astana outfit blitzed the first stage Team Time Trial, beating home squads led by specialists Fabian Cancellara and Tony Martin. Australia's Orica GreenEdge finished ninth, but the big losers were Alejandro Valverde and Joaquim Rodriguez, who dropped twenty-nine and 58 seconds respectively. Nibali is chasing a rare double, having won the Giro D'Italia earlier this year.

In golf, America's Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland hold a one-stroke lead heading into the final round of the PGA Tour event in New Jersey. Overnight leader Kuchar came to life on the back nine with three birdies in five holes to keep a host of challengers at bay. But the third round will be remembered for a ten-minute window that produced two hole-in-ones on the par three fourteenth. Australian Greg Chalmers emulating KJ Choi's ace from the tee.. On his way to a 5-under par 66. That is all I have got. Thank you. Coming up - we will have the weather and how the Iraq war brought one of the rarest


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When I raised my family, I never asked for a cent
from the government. It wasn't easy. But under Mr Abbott, women
who already earn $150,000 a year will get $75,000
when they have a baby. How can we afford that? Mr Abbott,
I'm on a $19,000-a-year pension, and you're giving money
to those who need it least. Your priorities are all wrong.

Sydneysiders with asthma and other lung conditions were as her off indoors today after a hazard reduction burning covered much of the city in a smoky haze. The conditions were not too hot and often and humidity are ideal before the bushfire season this summer. It will continue this week. Go into the forecast: into the forecast: rain and thunderstorms in western and WA. She was to Tasmania. Much of the nation will stay dry and clear.


After the

After the US-led invasion

After the US-led invasion of Iraq,

the Baghdad

the Baghdad zoo lay

the Baghdad zoo lay in ruins.

the Baghdad zoo lay in ruins. But thanks to an American soldier, the zoo is now home to some of the world's largest cats. They include a pair of rare Tiger cubs - making themselves right at home far from their native habitat. This is one of the rarest animals in the world in one of the newest residents of the Baghdad zoo. The rarest type of Tiger. He and his assistant were born here three months ago. Their keeper is waiting for their personalities to develop before he elop before he names of them. TRANSLATION: If they are calm, we will choose a name. It depends on the personality.They have not been shown to the public yet. Zookeepers have in c yet. Zookeepers have in keeping at particularly close eye on the cup, not just because he is a rare but because of the inbreeding cause of the inbreeding and genetic mutation, white tigers have weaker in the end systems and the keeper has been nd the keeper has been with them 24 hours per day. The story starts with the shooting. In 2003, an American soldier drinking in a zoo put his finger in the Tigers cage. When it beat him, one of his buddies shot the animal. A wildlife century in North Carolina later donated a pair of Bangalore Tigers to make up for it. It five years and many litters later, the zoo has a 12 Tigers, including the white carbs born after mating. There are also five Siberian tigers. The zoo says it would like to avoid inbreeding but it has to separate animals or axis to either animals or axis to either Tigers. They are hoping the Tiger will grow up as strong as the rest of his breed. Some may find this next story more scary than that one. A Chicago woman has racked up the biggest parking fine in the city 's history. She owed $105,000 for a car registered in her name, parked at an airport for three years. Her ex-boyfriend left it there nd left it there on purpose. He has now been told to pay a large part of the fine. Recapping our top stories - opposition leader Tony Abbott has officially launched the Coalition campaign, assuring voters he is ready to run a no surprises, no excuses government.rprises, no excuses government. The prime minister has prime minister has defended his decision to take part in a television cooking show that before receiving security briefings on Syria. And a crowd of more than 1000 has gathered the pay tribute to risk Lane who was gunned down in Oklahoma a down in Oklahoma a week ago. -- Christopher Lane. Good night.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia -

Here is a broadcast
by the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP,

Prime Minister of Australia,
for the Australian Labor Party

for the 2013 Federal election.

I believe in building
for our nation's future.

I don't believe
the future just happens.

I've long believed we have
to make our own luck.

This election comes at a critical
time in Australia's history.

And now more than ever,

as the end of the decade-long
China mining boom approaches,

we must face the new challenges
of the future.

I have a positive plan for
building our future. Number 1...

We'll deploy a billion-dollar
investment plan

to build the new industries
of the future

that will create the
new jobs of the future.

Because we can't have all our eggs
in just one basket -

the mining basket.

Number 2. We will build
the schools of the future

through our 15-billion-dollar
Better Schools Plan

so that our kids get
more individual attention

to be able to reach
their full potential.

Number 3.

We are investing in the world-class
infrastructure of the future,

like the National Broadband Network,
to build the businesses of tomorrow,

small and large.

Number 4. We will continue to invest

in our world-class health and
hospital system and add to it

through Australia's first national
disability insurance scheme.

And number 5.

We will continue to build
a clean energy future for Australia

to deal with climate change.

And on the way through
we will also continue

to support families
under financial pressure

by preserving proper protections
in the workplace

including through penalty rates
and overtime.

So we believe in building the future.

Mt Abbott believes
in cutting for the future

and cutting to the bone.

Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman says

they will have to find
70 billion dollars,

which is an amount equal
to the total of the Australian
Government's payments

to the states for hospitals.

But Mr Abbott has so far
refused to tell us

where his 70 billion dollars of cuts
to jobs, education and hospitals

would come from.

And now Mr Abbott has confirmed

that the Goods and Services Tax
is back on the table,

failing to rule out
whether the rate will rise

or whether it will now
be extended to food.

Finally, if we are going to build
Australia's future together,

what Australia needs is a new way
of politics for the future as well

and the end to
wall-to-wall negativity,

bringing government, businesses
and unions together

around the same table

rather than continuing
the politics of division.

This, I believe, is the way we can
build Australia's future together.

In an ancient time,
in a distant place,

a young child lived

and died,

never again to see the light of day

until now.

There's something happening here.
I think we've found something.

Now a scientific team
works tirelessly around the globe

to decipher the mysteries
of this lost child's life.

With nothing more than dirt
and shards of bone

they'll try to unlock the entire
landscape of an ancient era...

while a young New York artist
seeks to recreate the child itself,

a child unlike any
he has ever seen before.

Together, they believe
they can reconstruct

a missing chapter
of an ancient story...


And for the first time

we will gaze upon the face

of the world's oldest child.

Viktor Deak is a man
who brings the dead back to life.

A classically trained sculptor,

he helps scientists visualise
long-extinct pre-human species.

But the commission
that just landed in his inbox

is unlike anything
he's attempted before.

He's been let in on a secret.

It's a 3-D X-ray of an ancient skull,