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a record margin for the club. 64 to 4 with 11 tries. Three tries to Slater. He is the man of the match. The KFC so good Man of the Match is Billy Slater. In what has been an annihilation of Parramatta. Who were brave up to half-time when they trailed 16-4. 11 tries in the game. Three to Slater, doubles to Hoffman and Chambers. Bromwich, Ken and Glasby with their first tries, and Jesse Bromwich and his younger brother and Maurice Blair. Broncos night Friday

night Friday night. Rabbitohs, Tigers in Sydney. From the football - goodnight.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - no surprises, no excuses. Tony Abbott's big pitch to voters. Internationally push - why Syria must open its doors

must open its doors to United Nations inspecters. Missing, feared dead. After a risky women in crock r invested waters. And the Eagles and Storm show off their premiership credentials. Good evening. Tony Abbott has promised a Government of no surprises, and no excuses. Formally launching the Coalition's campaign today, the Liberal leader said this elction would be the most important in a generation. And he appealed to Australians to choose change. Kevin Rudd, meanwhile, has admitted that the Labor had no mandate to introduce a carbon tax. Proud parents of the would-be Prime Minister among the first to arrive for his formal campaign launch. With the sunshine state a battle ground, Liberals flocked to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Inside, waving the banners for the TV cameras and cheering loudly. For the last Liberal Prime Minister and wife. Premier Campbell Newman, Julie Bishop and war Truss found themselves upstaged by two surprise speakers, not listed on the program. Good afternoon. Today, we want to tell you about our dad. Two of Tony Abbott's three daughters did the introduction. Francis telling the crowd of advice he had given them when they played netball, which she later realised was about life, not just sport. Watch out for each other, look ahead, stay focused, enjoy yourself, always get back up. And don't forget to shake hands. Bridgette said her father didn't judge people, he asked questions and listened.That's the type of dad he is for us. If elected, I know that's the type of Prime Minister he will be for Australia. And then the man some said was unelectable entered the hall with his wife, with opinion polls indicating a comfortable victory on Saturday-week, he was greeted like a conquering hero.This election really is the most important in a generation. We just can't afford another three years like the last six.Tony Abbott said that if he becomes Prime Minister it will be obvious from day one that Australia is under new management and once more open for business.Within 100 days, legislation to abolish the carbon tax and to abolish the mining tax with will be in the Parliament. On a TV program hours earlier Kevin Rudd made a telling admission.I don't think our actions on the carbon tax were right. We didn't have a mandate at it.The comment was directed at Julia Gillard, but provides ammunition for the Coalition in this campaign. With the emphasis on fiscal policy.We'll get the budget back under control.Tony Abbott made only three new promises - one to provide $20,000 interest-free loans for apprentices. The other directed at older Australians, $200 million for dimentia research and the thresholds for the health card for self-funded retirees can access cheaper medicines. We will be a no- surprises, no-excuses Government because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses.Labor's election slogan - a new way - turns out to be a gift from Tony Abbott. He appropriated it throughout this speech. If you want a new way - you just have to change the Government. We have the plan. We have the team. And we are ready. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Terrific.I was more nervous for the girls than I was for Tony. Australia and its allies are tonight united in their response to allegations that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. They want the United Nations to inspect the site of the attack. Kevin Rudd warned any international response must be calm and measured. The area where the chemical weapons attack took place, the target of a fresh strike by Bashar al-Assad-rockets. A possible attempt by the Government to destroy evidence. United Nations inspecters are still prevented from examining the area where it's believed the Bashar al-Assad regime gased its own people..The indications point strongly in the direction of the use of chemical weapons.This could be the chemical weapons blast in question. The Government says it was carried out by the rebels and claims its soldiers found gasmasks and barrels filled with dangerous chemicals in tunnels under Damascus. Barack Obama is still considering a range of options if it is proven the attack is the work of Syrian forces. Kevin Rudd was given an update inthe situation yesterday evening. Tony Abbott, the same briefing today. The US has moved four warships in the eastern Mediterranean on standby. Today, 'HMAS Melbourne' left for a mission which could change in light of developments in Syria.We prepared for all contingencys as we always do in the navy. If anything were to unfold, we are ready.Counting down to the deities back into port.You hope that they will be safe and come home, just like everybody is going over. We are proud of him. No worries.They will spend Christmas at sea. It returns after six months' tour of duty.Mark joins us now in the studio. Is there any hard evidence yet that was a chemical weapons attack that took place?While nobody can establish yet who was responsible. Doctors Without Borders says that there is strong evidence those killed and injured suffered mass exposure to chemical weapons. They say more than 3 500 people flooded hospitals after the attack, althoughs neuro toxic symptoms, blurred vision, some paralysed. 355 people died. The Syrian regime still insists its innocent, calling the allegations absolutely baseless.Thank you, Mark. A pregnant woman and her young child have been pulled from the wreckage of a fiery car crash at Granville. A teenager was at home nearby when he heard the accident and helped to rescue the family with just moments to spare. Not what most 15-year-olds expect to be doing on a Saturday night. First, a terrifying bang.It was like an earthquake.A Carrazzoing a pregnant woman and her young family slapped into a tree after colliding with another vehicle.She was screaming.My uncle got the passengers and children.That's when he sprung into action.She was screaming, crying.In minutes the car was engulfed.I called the ambulance, fire brigade and police and I told preds to get off the road.The young man that cleared the scene and had people stand back is to be commended. It's a dangerous situation.After being treated at the scene, woman and her daughter were taken to hospital. This isn't the first time there's been a crash at this intersection. In fact, neighbours tell us that there was one here just two days ago. And now they are calling for an urgent upgrade before somebody loses their life.How many people have to get hurt, how many accidents have to take place for them to simply do something.I hope they do something about it, so we feel safe around it too.A man is under police guard in hospital, following a high speed chase that began in Lucas Heights. It ended at Orchard Hills about 30 minutes later with the driver arrested after crashing into a white Nissan. The 27-year-old is expected to be charged with firearm, drug and dangerous driving offences. The harbour was voweded in a blanket of smog this morning, the result of reduction burns. Firefighters took advantage of conditions blackianing conditions in the Hawkesbury, Berowra and Blue Mountains. More burns are expected next weekend. Fire has destroyed a family home on Sydney's northern beaches. In the time it took the owner to walk her dog. Witnesses say the blaze was so intense nothing could be saved. Swift and savage, this was the unforgiving fire that greeted Phoebe Pope at dawn. Supposed to be a relaxing walk with the dog. For the mother of three it was anything but.She came home from her walk to find her house engulfed.45 minutes was all it took.When the electricity cables exploded off the house and just seemed to flick all through the trees and send sparks everywhere, it was quite frightening.Neighbours rushed to help, confronted with the heat were pushed back.He opens the front door and sees the fire in the lounge room. Attempts to extinguish the fire using the garden hose. Nobody could get in. If there was anybody in there...At the height of the blaze over 20 firefighters struggled as temperatured soared to 20 degrees. The family is incredibly lucky not to be home at the time. Not yet known what caused the blaze. But the results are devastating.She has lost everything. Very, very difficult situation for her. But at the end of the day, nobody has been injured or killed.Just two more rounds before the NRL final's series and two of the favourites swept all before them this afternoon. Good evening, Ken.Yes, both the Eagles and Storm had too much-class and too many big runs for the Raiders and Eels. Manly all but ended the trouble's Raiders hopes with 36-22 victory. Coach, laying down the law. On the field, Jamie Lyon was handing out his own form of capital punishment. Too quick trys from the captain, he didn't quite get the Daly Cherry Evans cleanly. The replacement beating tackles easily. Manly were totally dominant. A band of brothers with their own secret handshakes. Anthony Watmough inflicting pain today.Two or three locals in the knee to get out there was what it took. Luckily enough, it worked.Canberra are desperate to hang on to whiz kid. Parramatta ticked a box on their check-list early on, they were not going to be held to zero in Melbourne. Conceding points was their other great concern. Not many teams can keep Billy Slater at bay. Storm players were lining up to put the boot in. Ryan Hoffman scored two. Billy Slater finished with a hat- trick in 64-4 win. A demolition job well done. Georgie, I'll be back later in sport with the shoulder charge outbreak. The Wallabies and V8s and a whole lot more. In the news ahead - a desperate search - a man taken by a giant crock. A chance find led to an extraordinary reunion. 50 years on, remembering the speech that

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The hunt is on for a young Darwin blan believed to have been taken by a crocodile in the Northern Territory. He was attacked yesterday afternoon while swimming across Mary River in front of friends.It looks like a young guy, you know, did the stupid thing and jumped in and has been taken, which is pretty disappointing really. Locals say that the man and a friend ignored warnings not to go in the water. The river is renowned for being heavily populated with crocodiles. An Australian man has marked the end of a 3-year journey taking him from the battlefields of Vietnam to Texas. John Nay Smith found a dog tag half buried in the mud four decades after it was torn from the neck of a marine in an explosion. A steady thump of a twin cylinder engine and melting under the Texas sun. These two aren't here for the scenery, they are delivering a tiny but priceless package.I never dreamed that all of this would happen to me. A little choked up.The story really begins 45 years ago in Vietnam. When a mine exploded in front of a fresh-faced 23-year-old fighting for his country.And this would have been the airstrip.Many years later John Nay Smith would find something precious while visiting the old battlefield.Here it was in the sun, a dog tag, half in the ground and I picked it up and couldn't believe it.He believed the marine had been killed but wanted to return the dog tag to his family. It took three long years before a veteran's group and a Facebook page got an answer. Lenny had lost a leg and four mates in the explosion and incredibly was alive and well in Texas. So John and his mate rented a bike and along with the dog tags set out on 2 500km journey through four states. The thing is, America's Vietnam veterans found out about their pilgrimage. Before long, their convoy was growing by the day, all of the way to the front door.What a story.It sure as hell is.What started out as two blokes on two wheels ended here in Houston, Texas, with a full-blown meeting of the veterans. All here for a tiny piece of metal that means something to every single one of them.There it is, mate.Four houses have been destroyed and thousands of people evacuated as a wildfire spreads through America's national park. San Francisco's power and water supplies are under threat as the blaze burns across 500km throo towards a major dam. Thousands marched at a rally in Washington to mark the 50s years since Martin Luther King's landmark speech on civil rights.I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.Speakers said that the fight for equality continues, for all races, women and for gay rights. Ken is back. You have all of the sport.Good evening once again, Georgie. A broken jaw and shoulder charge send-off will have serious ramifications for the Knights and Bulldogs. In the hot seat - as the V8s get out of whack at Winton Raceway. And the upside of This program is not captioned.

cricket wash-out.It's illegal but two rounds out from the final series, an outbreak of shoulder charges. With three players on report, including one sent off. The Knights Kate Snowdon was marched for his horror hit leaving Ray Thompson with a broken jaw. The ugly side of football. Newcastle's Kade Snowden sent off for a shoulder charge that broke the jaw of Ray Thompson.I thought it was fair enough. Disappointed for the boy that's injured.The judiciary in for a busy week on Dogs Josh Reynolds, sure to be even more nervous now. The tightens were fuming after a controversial finish in their 24-22 loss to the Warriors. We are looking at the screen watching somebody fly in with their feet first, which is clearly outlawed now.In such a crucial game and they say, "Sorry, we missed it".Sharks skipper Paul Gallen says it's a sense of relief around the club with the first round of ASADA interviews wrapping up this week.It's great that the first ones are over. I mean, we are not silly, it's not over yet and they 1 to do their reports and whatever they do. We are dealing with it as we have been all year. Cronulla play Roosters tomorrow night. The try colours five-week news a self-imposed ban that's clearly working.You don't get this many opportunities like we have in the position we are often, we are trying to make the most of it. Went

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Not a cloud in the sky over Sydney today.

Before we go, here's a quick look at tonight's edition of '60 Minutes'. A story of love, courage and inspiration. Almost burnt to death by that mar andian bushfire. I'm not going to just accept the way things are now, no way.Now she faces her biggest decision.A dandiate for a facial transplant. That's font at 8pm. Back to you. And that's Nine News for this Sunday. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Australia, we are back,

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