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(generated from captions) of my children tries to play that card occasionally, Kath. 99%, look, he is an amazing defiant and strong character. I have probably seen no-one quite like him in Australian Rules, maybe I have in cricket. Maybe he's a Steve Waugh if you want to get an analogy. James Hird just refuses to put his hand up. 99% - what is the 1% he's guilty of - I would like to ask him that. Thanks for your insight.Thanks. That is all for this edition of Meet the Press. You'll find a transcript of this program shortly on our website. We will leave you now with some of the best images captured by the News Corp Australia team. I am Kathryn Robinson. Thank you for your company. See you next week.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Tonight - The official Coalition campaign launch to kick out what they call the worst government in our history. Kevin Rudd's call to the Syrian regime - let UN weapons inspectors in. An emotional memorial - hundreds turn out in Melbourne to pay tribute to Christopher Lane. And the Bombers fighting 'til the death - but is this the last we'll see of James Hird this season?

Tony Abbott has launched his final push for election victory - saying the country can't afford another three years of Labor. Trust and family emerged as his major themes as we move into the final two weeks of the campaign. Political editor Hugh Riminton joins us from Brisbane. What was the essence of the Tony Abbott pitch?It is all about trust, Kevin Rudd says he is not even trusted by his own side but he says trust me and I will not let you down. There will be no nasty surprises of a Coalition government is elected. He said voters will not have to decide upon the base of trust, because he did not detail any of his in-depth policy costings.

policy costings. . 13 days to go and there's nothing being left to chance. From old firepower to a warm-up act dismissing Kevin Rudd as a fake.He wants you to believe he's cool and cool Kevin - cooking with gas. He wants you to think he's Ocker Kevin - fair suck of the sauce bottle, mate. And then a family flourish.. My dad looks out for everyone and I know he'll look out for you.Mr Abbott's big promise is to keep his promises - with his Day One action on carbon pricing and stopping boats.From Day one, it will be obvious that Australia is under new management and once more open for business.A hint he plans to hold office for a while - mapping out a 10-year vision in which defence spending is restored with the Budget back in healthy surplus. Kevin Rudd says something's still missing.What the Australian people want to know today is where your $70 billion in cuts will fall.

$70 billion in cuts will fall.On their jobs and their schools and hospitals, and their National Broadband Network.Far from detailing new cuts, Mr Abbott offered up new spending, with a scheme for apprentices to access $20,000 HECS-style loans. Indexing eligibility for Seniors healthcare Cards and $200 million for more dementia research and then the final pitch. It has been 17 years since we last saw this - a Coalition crowd on its feet in the final stages of an election campaign brimmingly confident that they are about to prevail - to sweep a sitting Labor government out of office. It was a hit with both father figures in Mr Abbott's life.Best speech I ever heard.It was very well done. You should be very proud of him.It was fantastic. John Howard says in Tony Abbott, voters will get what they need. There will be another leaders' debate this Wednesday and then Kevin Rudd will launch Labor's final set-piece. Labour has let one comment from Tony Abbott go, each year government will represent a smaller percentage of the total national economy. Labor says that would indicate there must be deep spending cuts ahead for jobs and infrastructure in schools and health. The Coalition is pointing out another comment from Tony Abbott various making a clear decision not to promise a return to surplus in the first term of a Coalition government, saying after the first three years, the Budget would be on track to return to surplus, the signal he wants to get out there is that there will be no deep austerities style cuts during his first term in office. Not to be overshadowed - billionaire businessman Clive Palmer chanelled 'Rocky' - kicking off his election campaign. Fixing for a political fight, Mr Palmer took a swipe at his opponents as he addressed the faithful.Not only are they boring, neither Abbott nor Rudd will debate the critical issues facing Australia.Key promises from the Palmers United Party include a 15% cut to income tax and the abolition of the fringe benefits tax. Australia will lead the international push for full and unfettered access for UN inspectors in Syria when it takes up the Presidency of the security Council. The Prime Minister says it's up to the Syrian regime to prove it hasn't used chemical weapons as it tries to shift the blame for the horrific attack onto the rebels. And we warn, some of the images in Kimberley Soekov's report may cause distress. Another day in Damascus. The fighting rages on. The UN has sent its disarmament chief into the thick of it. Angela Kane wants access to the three suburbs that were struck in a chemical attack. Humanitarian group Doctors without Borders has confirmed its volunteers treated thousands of patients within a few hours.We are almost sure, even 100% sure, that neurotoxic agents have been used, They've confirmed 355 people were killed, including this man's two daughters.He pleads for them to wake up. The Syrian government says it didn't do it. It took the media on a tour of tunnels used by rebels, containing empty canisters of chemicals. Western governments aren't buying it.Indications point strongly in the direction of chemical weapons. And indications also point in the direction of the Syrian regime.Australia will play a key role in shaping the global response to this attack. Next week, we begin a 1-month tenure as president of the UN security Council. And Syria will be top of the agenda. The Prime Minister was briefed on developments late last night. But he's not saying what action, if any, our government will support. America is acting. It's moved an additional warship into the Mediterranean Sea - poised for whatever response is deemed necessary. The parents of slain baseballer Christopher Lane have attended a tribute match in Melbourne, thanking communities at home and in the US for their support. The 22-year-old's heartbroken girlfriend travelled from Oklahoma to stand alongside his family. Henry Peters was at the memoria. What was the atmosphere like today? Understandably it was a difficult day for family and friends?It has been a very emotional day at the Essendon baseball club. Family and friends came together to remember Christopher Lane. Nine days ago, he was straight tickly shot while walking along a street in the small Oklahoma town of Duncan. Three teenagers have been charged over the murder which was believed to be a random drive by shooting. The family still had some positive things to say about a climber despite their loss. There is some feeling of hope they can move on despite their loss. Christopher Lane's girlfriend Sarah Harper travelled from the other side of the world to attend the local tribute match. The Lanes and Harpers stood side by side as the Australian and American national anthems were played. The 22-year-old's parents says being able to share their pain has made it slightly easier to bear.Chris surrounded himself with good people and they're just massive examples of quality.All of the support and outpouring of love, it's really helping, it's helping.Players from Essendon and the University of Melbourne baseball clubs paused for a minute's silence, on the same field where Chris honed his craft as a baseballer growing up.He was a talented kid, great work ethic, lovely nature easy to get along with. 40 balloons were released in memory of the number that was Chris Lane's when he played at the local club.Players and well wishers donned black armbands as a mark of respect. His family believe Chris would have got a laugh out of all the attention.Front page of the paper saying a 'baseball star' - he would have loved that. Me crying, he would have told me to toughen up.He would be quite embarrassed, what would be important to him is that the family are looked after full For now, the family is taking it one day at a time.Since his death, the king Iniki has reached up. Initially it was thought that $15,000 could be saved to cover their travel costs. The figure has soared to close to $200,000, and a foundation could be set up in his name. A funeral will be held in Melbourne next week. Essendon coach James Hird concedes the job he loves may be in jeopardy. His sacking could be one of a raft of penalties dished out by the AFL as early as tomorrow. Yasmin Paton has today's developments. The Bombers skipper admits he doesn't know who'll be coaching his team when the home and away season wraps up next weekend. Do you think that James will be coaching next week?I've got no idea. That is entirely up to the meeting on Monday.James Hird himself uncertain about whether he's coached his last game this year.I can pour luke-warm water on it, see what happens. I'm not sure. The club is going through negotiations with the AFL. I haven't have negotiations with the AFL personally on my future.Hird said he regrets the supplements program he oversaw, but vowed to clear his name.First of all, I want to prove I'm innocent of 99% of those charges. I look at those charges and they make me sick.The Bombers enjoyed the distraction of a thrilling victory over Carlton last night. A late goal breaking their 4-game losing streak.Small bit of satisfaction in a long story.Today it was back to business, Hird preparing for tomorrow's AFL Commission meeting. Essendon chairman Paul Little says penalty negotiations are progressing.The AFL and Essendon have now reached some middle ground there.He confirmed the club would welcome Hird's return as coach after any potential suspension.Hopefully, the next couple of days bring about some closure to it.A separate drugs scandal also raised its head today with reports AFL players have supplied each other with cocaine during the off-season. Still to come on Ten news - a blaze rips through a weatherboard home on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Plus - the Kardashian 'Kollection' reaches our shores. We'll be catching up with its creators. Also - half a century later, what is the state of Martin Luther king Junior's dream? And - why our kids are at heightened risk of chalky teeth. For years, Mexicans tried to find
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Explosions rattled a normally quiet Sydney suburb this morning as a blaze ripped through a waterfront home. The fierce fire took hold when the owner was out walking her dog. In just half an hour, a lifetime of precious memories and treasured belongings had sizzled down to ash. Nothing inside the home could be saved, as the inferno raged. Firefighters estimate it was 1,000 degrees at flash point. Terrified families raced into the street.At the beginning, I was pretty stressed because the flames were going really high up and it just looked like it was taking off really quick.And they feared it'd spread to neighbouring properties, fuelled by the surrounding dry bushland.You know how the fires in Australia spread really quick, so we just got the girls and tried to find a safe place.It started in the lounge room, but authorities aren't sure how. The home's shocked owner had been taking her dog for a walk.She's devastated. She woke up this morning and went for a walk when she came back the fire had taken hold of the whole house.A next-door neighbour was the first on scene. He could see the fire through his kitchen window and rushed to help. He grabbed a garden hose and tried to put the fire out but the flames were too fierce. Thankfully, no-one was injured. Police are not treating the blaze as suspicious. A Brisbane family has escaped serious injury when their home went up in flames. The fire started inside the property just after two this morning firefighters say the residents were lucky their smoke alarms were working properly.

alarms were working properly.Tears have flowed at a memorial for a Sunshine Coast couple hacked to death by their own brother who was then gunned down by police. Dave Young and Louise Denkens are being remembered as loving and caring parents. A public display of emotion as family and friends gathered to make sense of something that has made no sense at all. A loving couple slain in their home by their brother in a moment of madness on Wednesday night. Four days on, and the tight knit Sunshine Coast community is still in shock.It's something that we're not used to here here.It's still just so unimaginable. And I can't tolerate it.Friends have revealed Louise Dekens had told them she was scared of her brother-in-law Andrew Young, fearing he'd snap. It was a fear that tragically came true with the loss of three lives. A brave young girl, now an orphan, the one who raised the alarm.It's very sad, it's a big shock for the little one that's left and everything.When police arrived at the Coolum address they were confronted by a crazed Young armed with a bloodied machete. An experienced officer the one who opened fire. While the actions of police are still being investigated by the Ethical Standards Command, neighbours who feared for their lives are glad they acted so quickly.It was pretty quick. I could hear yelling and then five minutes later, the police were here.Flowers remain at the scene. The only sign of last week's horrific events. And joining us now for an update on all the weather details is Magdalena Roze. Some haze around Sydney today? The springlike sunshine was interrupted by smog. It was thanks to a high-pressure system centred over NSW. Apart from that, widespread smoke as a result of hazard reduction is around the Sydney basin. This will continue over the next few days, if you suffer from lung conditions, keep your windows closed and take extra care from Monday to Wednesday.

your windows closed and take extra
care from Monday to Wednesday.

care from Monday to Wednesday. Not
only that, it was very warm. The temperature was six degrees above average. To above average for Brisbane. A chilly morning for Canberra. We have been seeing isolated showers around the southern suburbs of Melbourne. Adelaide was very cold. At least it was dry. Warmer weather hit. Perth has had showers and storms. More details later. Australian fans of the

can now dress exactly like they do, following the release of their first ready-to-wear collection.

can It hit the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion festival but while there were no actual Kardashians in attendance, Angela Bishop managed to track them down in the United States for a chat. A little Kardashian style hit the runway in Sydney last night - but there wasn't a sister in sight. Instead, they arranged their first Kardashian Kollection show from Los Angeles - with a little trepidation.It is exciting it is in Australia.For us to be so controlling, it is difficult to let go and let's be. We had two control from afar.Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian design their kollections with Australian Bruno Schiavi, and are doing big business. They put that down to their enormous fan base, and the fact that they have three different body types. Courtney is very petite. I am tall and curvy. And Kim as petite and curvy. We have a wide range of sizes and styles.And the family business just keeps expanding - Mum Kris Jenner now has her own talk show. Which is where the first picture of Kim and Kanye's baby north-west was revealed. So is a Kardashian kids line next? You bet. I love dressing my kids more than I like dressing myself. I would love to do a kids line. That is something we are working on full Khloe will visit Australia in November for an official launch of the new range. Coming up, investigations begin into the North Sea chopper crash that killed four. Plus - Linda Ronstadt's sad admission Parkinson's Disease has stolen her singing voice. Also in sport - our Bledisloe Cup drought extends to 11 years - we'll have a full wrap of the All Blacks dominant victory over the Wallabies. And finally some relief for Essendon after an emotion-charged victory over Carlton.

Here's what our community says about our local MP, Mike Kelly. WOMAN: Well, I'm
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The bodies of three people killed when a helicopter crashed off Shetland Island in the UK have been recovered. But a fourth victim has still not been found. 14 other people survived the crash. The helicopter ditched into the sea near Shetland Island in Scotland on Friday night. All Supa Puma choppers have now been grounded until further notice. Tens of thousands have re-created the famous March on Washington 50 years after Martin Luther king Junior uttered the words, "I have a dream". Crowds packed the National Mall to begin a week of celebrations, commemorating the pivotal moment in America's civil rights movement. But leaders say five decades on, Dr King's dream still isn't reality.

still isn't reality. Too frequently, the colour of 1's skin is licensed to arrest and murder with no regard to the content of 1's character. 4,000 people have dodged scores of bulls in a US version of Pamplona's Running of the bulls. Dressed in everything from thongs to superhero costumes, they sprinted down a dirt track in rural Virginia. It was the first event in a nationwide bull running tour. Two people required minor medical treatment. American singer Linda Ronstadt has revealed she's suffering from Parkinson's disease. The 67-year-old says she was diagnosed eight months ago and has lost her ability to sing. Ronstadt sold tens of millions of records in the '70s and '8's with hits like 'You're no good' and 'When will I be loved'. Still to come, an update on our top stories this evening. A stolen car leaves a trail of destruction. Parents beware - there is a dental problem that brushing, flossing and fluoride can't fix.

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Tony Abbott has officially launched the Coalition 's campaign, saying the country cannot afford another three years of labour. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is demanding Syria that UN weapons inspectors into the site where an alleged chemical weapons attack hundreds of citizens. Hundreds have gathered for a memorial baseball game to honour Melbourne student Christopher Lane. Two people have been injured when a stolen car slammed into a cemetery wall in Melbourne. Police officers saw the car speeding without it-it lost control over this morning the capacity was arrested earlier at present and the driver fled. The vehicle that has come to grief was a stolen vehicle.It has been wanted by police in pen regards to a number of crimes.Both are reportedly in a stable condition. Dentists are concerned children are developing lifelong dental problems as a result of a disease known as chalky teeth. A nationwide study has revealed the condition is becoming more and more widespread. They may look like pearly whites, but Luke Ditcham is among the one in six Aussie kids with chalky teeth.The severe ones appear to be a yellow with brown colour.The condition occurs when baby teeth are developed -- damaged while developing to the job. Childhood illness could be a trigger, but little can be done to help it.It cannot be prevented with regular Homecare. Diet and fluoride and brushing may not stop these teeth. Vicky realised something may not be right with her son when regular tasks became painful.He complained about having sensitive teeth and pain when treating certain foods and brushing his teeth.Left untreated, children faced severe decay and even losing teeth. Vicky says many parents are unaware how, damaging chalky teeth is.When you look at his classroom of 24 kids, there are probably four or five kids that are affected.Early detection facing -- saving more than his bowlers. Although there is currently no cure for chalky teeth, ongoing treatment has allowed lucrative get back to the important things. How much did you miss eating ice cream?Quite a bit.That is worth a trip to the dentist. Time for sport now. What happened with the Wallabies? 11 straight years without the Bledisloe Cup. Ewen McKenzie will now consider making changes to his Wallaby team after another loss to the All Blacks. Kevin Sheedy signs off from Skoda Stadium, but his old club Richmond were out to spoil the party. Just when Parra fans bought this year could not get any worse, it did. Their record drubbing is next. And all the highlights from a fiery day on the track at the V8 is.

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who already earn $150,000 a year will get $75,000
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Good evening. Kevin Sheedy 's final home game as a coach is shaping as one who would rather forget with Richmond closing in on one of its biggest wins of the season against his Giants. As sparks flew, Sheedy burst onto the ground for his players as a mark of respect. And it was enough to inspire a young Giants debutante. Desperate to regain form ahead of the finals, the Tigers shrugged off Sheedy 's occasion with Brit force for first half majors setting up the rout. Stephen Milne is one of three Saints who will hang up the boots. The news came as the club today snapped and eight game losing streak, beating big Gold Coast 116-70.Absolute magic.The Saints take on Ross lion and his Dockers in the final round. A farewell game for Milne, Jason Blake and, if selected, Justin Koschitzke. Embattled lesson of putting aside a horror week to beat Carlton at a

classic finish at the MCG.

classic finish The question over whether the Bombers will play finals footy remains.

whether the Bombers will play
finals footy remains. Ending a four match losing streak and a week of misery.The Bombers won by six points.Emotional scenes as the club entering uncharted waters, celebrate a memorable victory.To play that way after the week we have is amazing.Trailing the watch of the match, the Bombers hit the lead with less than 30 seconds to go.It would be a tragedy for our playgroup if they did not play finals. A suspension for James Hird is among a raft of penalties which could be decided as early as tomorrow.If he is forced out, he will be welcomed back as soon as possible.That would be our preference.Controversy aside, it was Carlton 's poor kicking which saw it squander its chance of finals football. The Blues only hope now would come from a point stripping sanction against the Bombers. I'm not one little bit interested.We did not win. I do not care what is going to take place .The Dockers forwards were unstoppable. Hayden Ballantyne Matthew Pavlich booted four goals each. The Power only managed one goal in the first, although it was one to remember. Geelong Cats still grab the minor premiership after a 44 point win over Sydney. The Swans lost from powdered with a season-ending knee injury to Rhyce Shaw. Melbourne has scored its biggest ever win over Parramatta, thrashing the Eels 64 -4. The Storm led 16-floor apartment of time -- at half-time, before a rampage led more misery to the struggling deals. -- Eels. Jason Ryles attempted charge down left them with the ringing feeling, as Billy Slater finished with a hat-trick of tries inside an hour. Manly has clinched a top four spot after Jamie Lyon Kieran Foran starred in

starred in a convincing win over Canberra.

starred in a Lion bagged a double and six goals against the Raiders team under new

and six goals against the Raiders
team under new management. The post David Furner era with coach and you done and in colour and tie on day one. Brett White tried to con everyone he scored. Peta Hiku stripped the celebration last parade. Jamie Lyon opened the scoring, with a double in five minutes. Without injured Brett Stewart, Hiku did not miss a beat. And the Sea Eagles did not need rehearsed moves to slap on the points as 100 gamer Kieran Foran laid on a second drive. The Raiders crossed a few minutes either side of half time. Joel Thompson rolled over for the hosts for Reece Robinson took advantage of a Manly forward nowhere near the pact scrum. Manly kept camera out of reach as George to flow raced in for his 18th try of the season. Sought after youngster Anthony Wilford raced his stocks, with a solo effort to lend stability to Canberra school. Snowden faces a stint on the sidelines after being sent off for a shoulder charge that left Cowboys soccer Ray Thompson with a broken jaw. It saw Thompson stretchered from the field, taking the gloss off North Queensland 's 26- six win. That puts them into the top eight. John Cartwright was fuming after a feat first slide from the Warriors Thomas Leuluai went unpunished with the game in the balance.Sliding in with the legs while the guys going in for a tries a penalty. It goes on report. It's hard to put into words what I am feeling.The Warriors won 24-22 to stay in for finals attention -- contention. Ewen McKenzie is set to make changes ahead of the Wallabies clash with the Springboks in a fortnight after the All Blacks continued their dominance over a straight. The Bledisloe Cup will stay in New Zealand for an 11 straight here, courtesy of the world champions 27th consecutive win on home soil. It is an all-too-familiar sight - a decade of Bledisloe domination now stretching to an 11 to you.It sucks.It may have been a traditional welcome, but it was the Wallabies with the early running. Stephen Moorcroft looked to have gone close, not coarse enough to be set to the PMO.The touch judge said have a look. It did not happen.That despite the All Blacks into action. After scoring a hat-trick in Sydney, then Smith continued where he left off. James slipper came off second best when he put his head into the wrong position. The home side looking to produce the knockout before half-time. 15-6 at the break. Wallabies errors began to mount. So did the penalties. Tom Taylor kicked the All Blacks to a 15 point lead. There was a glimmer of hope was that when Israel Folau picked up an intercept against the of play. -- against the run of play. But a late penalty killed off the contest. The Wallabies with their 15th straight lost across the ditch.Incredibly disappointed. The Springboks made it to put two win the Rugby championship but were pushed all the way by the firm is to make it the winners. Mark Winterbottom have taken up the V8 Supercars. It was a day where clean racing took a backseat to driving. A blistering start from Mark Winterbottom before the action really pick up. Alex Premer off-road adventure causing chaos on the opening lap. Jamie Whincup one of several drivers caught up in the collision. His Red Bull machine a battered and broken. Adding to the already horror weekend. The push and shove continued on track as Mark Winterbottom led home Jason Bright. Winterbottom earning around of applause from his family, while the support series kept bands entertained in between waiters -- races. The second race was just as exciting. For a lap it even be completed, Todd Kelly was tapped and shunted into the wall, while Scott Pye 's car smoked up. One car on fire, another being fired off the track at 200km/h. The pace remained at the front. James Courtney putting a small gap on the field and holding on to it until the end. Courtney sealing his first race win in two years. The fifth and final Ashes Test is destined for a draw, after day four was abandoned due to rain without a ball being bowled. It is not the local weather annoying the Aussies, rather the negative acts from England, who were batting for a draw even before the rain hit.I would have thought he would try get yourself in a position to win. But that is their choice. Good on them, I suppose. Weather permitting, a sellout crowd is expected to note, with the hosts to be presented with the cherished on at the close of play. Liverpool has continued its perfect start the season, with a 1- zero win Aston zero. -- Aston Villa. They opened the season with back-to-back victories for the first time in five years.

German international striker scored twice for Arsenal and its pre1 rain over Fulham. Incredible scenes at the US PGA play-offs in New Jersey, two players landing a hole in New Jersey, two players landing a hole-in-1 on the same hole in the space KJ Choi was the first, before Greg Chalmers stepped up and did the same. Both charmers and joy are well back in the field, with Gary Woodland at Matt Kuchar tied for the lead after three rounds. Charmers is the only man with two aces on the 2013 PGA Tour. Mark Webber will start at Belgian Grand Prix from third on the grid after a dramatic qualifying session. It conditions, he grabbed pole in the dying seconds only to be pipped firstly by Redbook teammate Sebastian Vettel Ben Lewis Hamilton. -- Red Bull.

Hamilton with a fourth straight pole, while Aussie Daniel Riccardo qualified 19. You can catch it live and exclusive at 9:40pm eastern time. Adelaide viewers switch over to one from 19:10pm. Some might say this isn't sport, but it is all about having a go. It is the air World Championship in Finland. Sent impersonators are everywhere. -- Santana. America's Eric Melin, known as mean Milan, claimed the crown. We might not see in next year because he takes on a real guitar. He rocked up with our Play of the Day. No women in that clip. Maybe you next?

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Weather you

Weather you have been

Weather you have been experiencing
the unseasonable warmth across eastern Australia

eastern Australia or more typical
weather conditions across the south, many of you have been asking me what is it going to be like this spring. At the moment the climate models are indicating that will see above average rainfall across most of the mainland, especially through southern parts of the straight, and the temperatures are likely to be below average to the east. That will include areas such as Brisbane and Sydney. Above-average temperatures across the north and western part of the country. What about the weather over the next

about the weather over the next few
days? You will notice that most of the country is cloud free thanks to a high-pressure system. Cloud moving in across the west, with a trough bringing showers and thunderstorms. Also some cloud across Tasmania and southern Victoria licks to flog westerly winds. Not much of a change tomorrow. This play is really going to keep a lot of Australia drive. Above-average debit is to stop westerly winds moving across Tasmania. Maintaining the cold conditions and showers. Continuing to move over southern parts of WH maintaining the showers and storms.

We could see some more smoke haze around in Sydney.

For the skies across the Kangaroo Island region of eastern districts. Dre everywhere else. -- dry.

That is the

That is the news for now.

weekend News sport. I am off to work on a new breakfast show. It has been an honour and privilege. Thank you for your support. Join us nice and early IMS Subtitles

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