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I have a tip. This will be the last
election where Labor or Liberal politicians hype up the global warming scare. The planet hasn't warmed for 15 years. The rains have returned. It's over. But someone should inform Labor Minister Mike Kelly, who told a candidate's forum that if we didn't vote for Labor's plans the Snowy Mountains would turn to sand.The suffering we will have n flected on ourselves for not looking at the climate will... Opinion You've got to be kidding. The Prime Minister says he'll make Kelly our next Defence Minister. Now that's the real scare. That is the show. Thanks for watching. Meet the Press is next. I'm Andrew Bolt. No fear, no favours. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to Meet the Press. The tensions are boiling over over the filming of a cooking show. Kevin Rudd suspended the campaign to take a briefing on the unfolding events in Syria but later flew to Brisbane where he took part in a pre-arranged taping of the ABC's 'Kitchen Cabinet'. Mr Rudd's office denies the election came pair or the Syria briefing were delayed for the taping of the show. He was Labor's I cet election To win back voters in Queensland, but like many of his ALP colleagues, Peter Beattie is struggling to gain grown and looking certain to lose the seat of Forde. Mr Beattie joins us today. It is back to basics for the Greens. The party using its national campaign launch to pledge clean area act. Whether it be enough for them to avoid annihilation in the Lower House. We will ask Christine Milne. And was last Knight's thrilling win over Carlton James Hird's last Hara? We have the latest on the implosions within AFL club Essendon. We obviously have a bit ahead of us. Before we wait to see what happens, but we are a very tight group and I think the group will get even tighter as we move through it. Peter Beattie is no stranger to an election campaign. The former Queensland premier enjoyed sweeping victories in three state elections, which set him up as one of the most electorally successful politicians in Australian history. But his luck may be about to end. He only needs a swing of 1.6% to win the seat of Forde, but that's looking increasingly unlikely. And if the polls are anything to go by, his political popularity in Queensland isn't correlating into votes for Labor on September 7. Peter Beattie joins us from Brisbane. And our panel today, Deputy Editor of the 'Sunday Telegraph' Claire Harvey and News Corp Australia's political writer Steve Lewis. Good morning to you all.Good morning.Mr Beattie, should Kevin Rudd have flown to Brisbane to film this cooking show, or should he have gone straight to Canberra to deal with Syria?I have seen some political tick beep-ups in my time and this has to be in the top ten. The national security agencies couldn't brief him until last night. He had a commitment to do this with the ABC. He couldn't be briefed until last night what was he going to do - sit on the tarmac and twiddle his thumbs. I think times we knit pick and knit pick and knit pick - give him a go. All I am saying is this. The show was agreed. He couldn't be briefed until last night, that is a fact, and frankly I think we should move on. If this is the best thing we can talk about in an election campaign I think we should all grow up.Isn't the point that Mr Rudd is making a big fuss about this, Mr Rudd is accusing my newspaper of misrepresenting him. Xa happened is that Mr Kevin Rudd staff briefed out that Mr Rudd suspending the campaign to deal with Syria. What actually happened he flew back to Brisbane on a taxpayer-funded jet to film a TV cooking show. There is no problem doing that, isn't it the fact this he wasn't honest about it?The problem was he couldn't be briefed until last night. Frankly what was he going to do in the meantime? In terms of the taxpayer's jet, Tony Abbott has one too, that is what happens in an election campaign. My point is simple, if he couldn't be briefed until last night, and that tpwas advice from the national security agencies, then he didn't need to get to Canberra until last night. We have to remember this is important. We are a member of the Security Council. People being, you know, bombed in the way they were, the use of gas, all of that is important. So all I am saying is it think it is a beat-up. I think he should have done the show and he should have been briefed when he could be briefed.Mr Beattie, we have seen over the last week from the debate with the question marks about his behaviour with the make- up artist and now this question about whether he should have gone straight to Canberra, before whether he should have been more hon west the journalists that travel with him, isn't this a danger that this reminds the voters of the Kevin Rudd of old?I don't think all this publicity has done him any good but is it fair? That is a matter for the people of Australia to focus on. In five years time when we are looking at the level of unemployment, we are looking at where the economy is going we are looking at $5 million a year which Mr Abbott is spending on parental leave they will be things affecting Australians and the Australia's economy.Let's talk about the polls. Let's talk about the home ground advantage that Kevin Rudd and you were supposed to bring to the State of Queensland and help Labor win six to eight seats. That looks as though that is not doing to occur. What is the problem in Queensland? What is the problem with the Labor brand in Queensland that you appear to be struggling in Forde and that other Labor candidates seem to be struggling?Steve, the polls are not good. That is self-evident and I won't deny. That I have an up hill battle in Forde, the Labor Party has an up hill battle in Queensland and we have an up hill bat until the federal campaign. No doubt about that. We you have to remember we have two weeks to go. I launch my campaign today. Kevin Rudd is a fighter and so am I. Have been in worse positions than in this in the past, particularly in 2001 and gone on and won an election. We will be saying to Queenslanders, and to Australians, but particularly to Queenslanders, two things. One, if you have a look at Tony Abbott's parental leave costing you $5 billion a year - $5 billion a year for - for people up to $150,000 on income and they will get $75,000 when poor old pensioners earn $19,000 and their generation never got it. I think people will start to think about it. The second thing that will impact in in Queensland is this. We have Tony Abbott out there boosting the Indonesian boat building industry by putting money to buy boats off Indonesians to try to prevent so- called people smugglers. People smugglers have to be having the greatest celebrations in Indonesia. I don't know why Tony Abbott is out supporting the Indonesian boat building industry. The other thing is this. I have never been sensitive to press citssism in my life, but I do think in Queensland is 'Courier Mail' should give Kevin a fair go. I think he has been beaten from one post to another. I have always believed if you are ugly enough you cop it but I think the 'Courier Mail' has gone too far and I say domestic on, give him a go.About the 'Courier Mail' and the Sunday mail just representing what the voters are saying to you. You must be hearing the same things from people in Queensland. You a very popular man, people like you. They must be telling you frankly that the heartache that Labor has put itself through over the past few years has hurt the Labor brand in Queensland, surely?Claire, certainly there is a percentage of that. With me what you see is what you get. I don't deny the truth in any circumstances. Of course there are people saying that to me. Wherever I go I am also getting people to saying to me, $5 billion for parental scheme for the wealthy? A gold-edged scheme. I get that. I am getting people saying to me, hang on, why are we buying Indonesian boats? This has got two weeks to go. Yes, we are up against it, this is the biggest fight of any political life in Forde going back to Steve's question and this is a big fight for the laibtd to make the comeback. We are determined to actually do it. All I am doing is give us a fair go for the next two weeks. Let's talk about trust because so much of what we need in our politicians, we need to trust our politicians, you all ask that of us, of yourselves. From a man who said back in 2011 Kevin Rudd has a propensity for destruction, no-one should forget the damage that Kevin Rudd has done - these are your words. If you have done a backflip on the way you feel about Kevin Rudd how are voters expected to trust whatever else you say?Look, Kath, it is no secret that Kevin and I haven't always agreed. That is on the public record. I have written about it, I have spoken about it, don't deny it. We have had our differences. We are also big enough and ugly enough to actually put those aside and say what is good policies for Australia? What is good for Queensland? Frankly, people out there in the community, Kath, are sick to death of politicians fighting and scratching one another's eyes out. They want people to work together. What Kevin Rudd and I have demonstrated is we are prepared to put the past behind us, put Australia first and work together. I think that is a good thing.Labor's campaign, particularly over the last week, has been characterised by an unrelenting attack on Tony Abbott, on the Coalition paid parental leave scheme. We are not seeing a lot of positive policies coming out from the Labor Party?Look, Steve, two things about that. Yes, you are right. Of course the Labor Party has attacked Tony Abbott's parental leave scheme and why wouldn't we? $5 billion a year? Even the roll- out for the NBN is only $2 billion a year but $5 billion a year for people up to $150,000 of income? I just think that is something that is not good for Australia and I don't think it is fair. It is just unfair. So all am simply saying is I think that is legitimate criticism of the other side's policies. You are right, we have to continue to put out positive policies, we are trying to do that. Kevin's long-term strategy about dealing with Australia Post, China, the boom, that is where Australia has to go because frankly we won't be getting jobs in manufacture, we won't be getting jobs in the areas we need unless we are smart enough to think post the mining boom. And Kevin is the only leader who is talking about that. I am afraid vee to take a break right now but stay with us, we will have more with Peter Beattie after the A Crime Stoppers after the break on Wanted. ticket to Sydney. She's wearing her school sports that people care, even strangers I've never The first time I used Nurofen
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Jump online to join the conversation on Facebook, or with the Twitter hashtag MTP10. More now with our guest - ALP candidate for the Queensland seat of Forde, Peter Beattie. Mr Beattie, let's talk about your seat of Forde. If you were to win the seat of Forde, would you be happy to either sit on the backbench whether or not the Labor Party wins government or not, or do you have greater Labor aspirations as in would you ever want to lead the party either in government or Opposition?Kath, I think as you pointed out I have the fight ahead of me in Forde. It is 1.6% and I am behind in the polls. I have my campaign launch today. I won't be thinking about anything beyond Forde, but one thing you can take for granted is that I will be doing everything I can to put Forde on the map. Indeed, one of the criticisms that I get is that the LNP say that I have moved there. Yes, that is true. But all I have done is what Campbell Newman did in Ashgrove in the last state election. I am happy to do a Campbell Newman in Forde. I will be talking about things that matter between now and election day like the nurses losing their job and the local hospital. I got a memo today there is a lot more people being sacked. We will fight on those important issues and we have two weeks to go.But you didn't come back to the Labor Party fold to the political environment to sit on the backbench - you would expect to come at least on to the front bench if Labor does get across the line on September 7? Steve, the reality is at the moment unless we improve over the next two weeks I won't be in the federal parliament and we won't be in Federal Government. So all of that is a very hypothetical question. We have a fight on our hands -Let's continue that hypothetical. (LAUGHTER) If Labor does lose has it got enough talent to take over the leadership if Kevin Rudd also losing his seat. Do you think people like Chris Bowen or Bill Shorten have the talent to become leaders down the track?There is no doubt Steve in the future all of those people have the talent to become future leaders, but I think we need to not get carried away with ourselves. You were quite right when you put to me earlyer that we have a fight on our hands and that is exactly what we have. We should take no-one for granted. I know there are people in the Liberal Party, I see them n the National Party, who already believe the election is over and out there measuring up the desks and the chairs, they think they have it in the bag. I don't think they have it in the bag. We are fighters and I am not prepared to think beyond September 7, Steve, because I think the point you made earlier about polls is correct.In that fight, Mr Beattie, are you guys actually united? The Sunday papers are revealing today in a story by Samantha Maiden that Wayne Swan hasn't spoken to Chris Bowen at all since he took over the Treasurership - that is pretty odd, isn't it?I understand those stories are legitimate stories but the fact of the matter is we are in the mid-of the campaign. Wayne stood down, that was his choice. I think Julia Gillard and all of those ministers who walked away did the right thing for the haleing of the party, and the heals of the government. I don't think that is a big deal. The incoming Treasurer, he had to take over, and I think Wayne moved on to take over Lily. We will be fights about the issues, the cuts. I mean, Tony Abbott still hasn't explained the $53 billion in cuts yet to come and what they will do they will happen like what the LNP government did in Queensland. Explain this memo because this is further cuts to the health bureaucracy?Yes, what it - it is about services, Steve. This memo which I will be releasing at my campaign opening basically shows more cuts, we are losing 1,000 nurses, and indeed what is happening in Queensland Health is the cuts are so bad that patients will no long better able to get fresh vegetables - they will all be froizen. Heaven knows where they will be flown in from. I don't think Queensland farmers will be happy no know there could be frozen food flown in from my where else. These memos are from the government. This is what will happen to fund Tony Abbott's $53 billion. The black hole has to be funded from somewhere. This is what happened in Queensland. That what will happen federally.The coalition is announcing a big policy today about apprenticeships, we got the details in the papers this morning. Essentially it is money to loan to young apprentices to help them finish their apprenticeships. This is ab moving into what should be Labor's turf, isn't it?I think any program - and I haven't seen all of the details, I have read the press reports - but my view is that any program that supporting apprenticeships is a good thing. I strongly believe in school-based apprenticeships and Tony Abbott's scheme will be inadequate unless we have more apprenticeships in schools. For example, kids can intertaste with small businesses while they are at school as well as be at school. That is where the jobs come from. At one point Queensland had 50% of all the school-based apprenticeships in Australia. Anything that supports apprenticeships is a good thing but we have to go beyond just loans. Loans are fine but you have to pay them back. What we need to do is make sure we have a culture which values apprenticeships and puts them into schools to give our kids a future. Mr Beattie, before we go I would just like to get your take on minority governments. You successfully led one in Queensland. What are your thoughts - I am going to get you to hypothesise again - if Labor is swept to power on September 7 would you be happy in a minority government?Kath, minority governments are a bloody shocker. There is no other way you can describe them. They are not in the interests of Australia. Yes, I had a minority government, you are quite right, for six months. I had a sensible genuine Independent, one person to deal with. I don't know how the Labor Party has department with - it is like hearding cats over the last three years. Minority government is not good for the country. We need a clear direction. No-one own us us a living. We are living in an increasingly competitive and ugly world and Australia needs to be decisive and we need a majority government to deliver that. As I said at the beginning, minority governments are frankly - some people might like them but they are not in the interesting of Australia, they are bloody shockers. Thank you 230 your time today. We know you have a busy schedule ahead. Thank you for having me.The Greens are facing certain on believe Vonn in the house of reps? What is the party's rescue plan? (MAN COUGHS) When you're suffering
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They were once courted by both the
major political parties, but now the Greens are being left out in the political cold and face the very real possibility of being wiped off the ballot sheet entirely in the Lower House. Adam Bandt's chances of holding on to the party's only seat in the House of Representatives were dealt a significant blow by Tony Abbott's pledge to preference the Greens under Labor. Greens leader Christine Milne hit back yesterday at the party's campaign launch - appealing to voters not to let the Coalition take control of both houses of parliament. Senator Milne joins us now. Good morning to you, thank you for your time.Thank you. Can you paint a picture for me post September 7 what the future will hold for the Greens?The Greens are going to go from strength to strength. Of course there will be ebb and flows in the political system but this is the century where the overwhelming challenge is to move to the low carbon economy to, roll-out renewable energy, to look after the environment in the face of accelerating global warming. The Greens will come into their own with the challenges but it will ebb and flow. At this election Australia is moving towards the conservatives, that is pretty clear. It has been clear as a trend with State elections in recent times so this will be a tough election for us. I don't deny, that but I am confident we can hold all of our seats and pick up at least one other Senate seat around the country.As you say, it looks as if Tony Abbott is at this stage headed for victory. He said day one he will repeal the carbon tax. How do the Greens respond to that?Well, day one we won't be repealing the carbon price, that is for sure. That is why the Greens are needed in the Senate as never before because Tony Abbott's only three seats away from effective control of the Senate, and so long as the Greens are there we will not repeal carbon pricing because it is absolutely critical to brings down emissions, and to transforming the economy. It is the best way of doing that. Business acknowledges that. Nobody sports direct action. Do you think Labor would also be likely to oppose the repeal of the carbon tax which they introduced with Green support?Yes, I think they will oppose it as well.Which means we are are likely headed to a double disillusion election?That is what I don't think the case and I say that because business around the country does not want to see the carbon price abolished. They know that emissions trading is the right way to go. They know that the clean energy finance corporation is doing a brilliant job at rolling out large-scale renewables. They are saying it quietly behind the scenes. They support an Abbott government but they don't support an Abbott government repealing the carbon scheme. I think you will see businesses saying back off. They will saying there will be have to be compromise in the Senate on paid par rental green, system of them are relying on the greens holding the balance of power to hold back Tony Abbott.You have always been one raising concern about mining. Why have have they done a preference deal with Clive palm er? That is absolutely right, I am opposed to the Bowen basin proposes coal mines and exports and what what it will do to the Great Barrier Reef for example and we have preferenceed Clive Palmer. The reason for that is Liberal, Labor and Clive Palmer all support massive expansion of coal and coal- seam gas. They don't have a different position on that but Clive Palmer has a position on refugees accepting Australia's international responsibilities and wanting to treat people like people, and his policy is much closer to ours.Isn't there a learn, though this week from the WikiLeaks party which has spectacularly imploded over preference deals. Don't your voters expect you to display the same ideals in your flow of preferences?As much as you can but when you have both the majors wanting massive increase in coal exports, and so does Clive Palmer, what are you to do in those circumstances? The other thing is that the law requires that you lodge a Senate ticket. So it is not as if you can opt out of the process, but I always say to people vote for the Greens first and then vote for whoever you like regardless of what the tickets say. How do you feel about what has happened to the WikiLeaks party this week?I think it is sad that any new political party on the block, whoever they are, get themselves into such a mess and implode, but that is their issue. What I am pleased about is the recognition that has Scott Ludlam has as the most outstanding campaign are for digital rights and everywhere around the country what it has done is highlighted just what a good job she doing and that is why we need him back from WA. Christine Milne if Tony Abbott wins on September 7 what position will the Greens take in terms of negotiating with the Coalition, particularly in the Senate? I mean things like paid parental leave - would you see yourself as basically putting a break on the excesss of the Coalition or will you basically put your hands up and say we are going to oppose, oppose, oppose? Unlike Tony Abbott who has spent the last three years opposing everything, the Greens try to work with everyone and improve legislation. We will improve it with whichever political party we can improve it with. Both the Coalition and the Greens believe that paid parental leave is a workplace right, and I think that is a really good shift in principle that vee got to that point. We think his scheme is too generous and so we would work to amend his scheme to reign it back in --From $150,000.I think $100,000 is a much more reasonable figure and I say that -You would probably have quite a lot of support within the Liberal Party for that. I think nick Minchin will be very pleased because it means that more than 90% of people would be covered by it and because a substantial sum has to come from revenue raised elsewhere, it is more reasonable to bring it back to $100,000.There are is plenty more to talk about but I'm afraid we have run out of time. Thank you for your time on Meet the Press.Thank you. Coming up, our panel dissects week three of election 2013. Fight bad odours with new Air Wick
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Rude was the buzz word of this
week's election campaign, both leaders behaviour being criticised after the people's forum in Brisbane. Tony Abbott was the first in the firing line after asking the audience if Mr Rudd ever shuts up. The PM's turn came the next day after revelations from a make-up artist working on the event. So, did anyone any of this affect their party's election chances. Let's ask our panel, Claire Harvey and Steve Lewis. Who came off work do you think after the people's forum?I think -- worse do you think after the people's forum. I think Kevin Rudd did although I don't think Tony Abbott's line was a great look. It sounded very stagey to me. We have heard now that he has cede it before in regard to Julia Gillard. It is harking back to that perception of Tony Abbott as a bit of a bruiser, although he has been very, very well behaved lately. I think being rude to a make-up artist is a bit like having a tantrum on a RAAF jet because your din ner isn't hot enough or blowing up because you don't have a hair dryer in Afghanistan - it is really, unfortunate. People do judge politicians on how they treat the little people, the people who they don't think actually matter.How big a deal do you think this story about Kevin Rudd flying to do a TV show over going straight to Canberra to look at Syria, how big a deal do you think it will do to his campaign?If it was an isolated incident I don't think it would be a big deal but I think coming on top of the make-up artist story, I think both of those combine to remind voters that the Kevin Rudd of old, as Claire said, was renowned for being quite rude and short with people. His staff particularly didn't like, his colleagues didn't like him and I think it plays into this is really the Kevin Rudd we don't like, the Kevin Rudd you don't see all that much of but you do see the reports time and time again.Two weeks to go. If I can just take you to this, Claire. Two weeks to go. Are we likely to see a circuit breaker for the ALP because they are losing momentum?I hope so in the sense that it will make the last couple of week as lot more interesting. We have ten days until we can watch 'Kitchen Cabinet' and find out what Kevin Rudd was busy saying while he was telling everyone he was sorting out the Syria crisis. I think on policy, you know, strangely enough the Coalition has completely out flank Labor. They have now released two set-piece policies which are fully costed - paid parental leave and today apprenticeships. They are interesting, they are changing the conversation. Labor really hasn't scored any big hit on that front. Yeah, I think what we will see over the remaining 13 days will be from the Coalition as sort of a don't rock the boat approach. They will launch their advertising blitz. Tay are cashed up so we will see a lot of Liberal Party ads we haven't seen as yet. From the Labor Party I think you will see an ongoing relentless negative attack on Tony Abbott, the PPL, we heard Peter Beattie talk about it, on the Coalition costings, so there will be a lot of pressure on the Coalition when they finally release their costings document to show how they are going to pay for their election policies. I think that is probably going to be Labor's best hope. If the Coalition costings do have a hole in them, that is will be Kevin Rudd's best hope. Thank you. Claire, you are going to stick around for our next segment but thank you both for your time today. Coming up on Meet the Press, the top ten birth myths. We smash the old wives tales With the free call-back service,
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Having a baby is supposed to be a
blissfully happy time for a new mum. Often it is just stress fl and confusing, maifpbly because of the wealth of -- mainly because of the misinformation, and the dos and don'ts that exist. News Corp Australia has decided to bust some of the most common myths to see exactly what is important and what is really an old wives tale. From Brisbane we are joined by an obs trision and from Melbourne a GP and Clairehalf I have from News Corp Australia. Doctor, we will go to you. We will cut to the chase. Listeria which is often found in raw mates s this a real risk?I am glad you are debunking the myth. It is real but you have to put it into perspective. It is really, really uncommon that something incredibly bad happens. For example, in Queensland where I am based we would see about three cases a year of pregnant woman who got listeria. It is uncommon but if it happens the outcome can be absolutely tragic. Why we tell women to avoid food that has been left or not properly cooked is you would feel awful if something happened. For a little bit of prevention it is worth it.Urge on the side of precaution. Let's talk about epidurals, do they drug your baby Absolutely not. They make having babies a lot more comfortable and pleasant for everyone in the room, not just the mother may I add. One of the beautiful things about them is that the drugs don't cos the placenta. How it works it bathes the nerves before they get back to the spinal cord in a lowal anesthetic solution so they don't carry the pain message. We can get rid of all pain, and with the new drugs you can still push and it makes no difference. ILove the sound of that, I must say. One of the questions in regard to the whole department of pain relief, is there a greater risk of a C-section after you have had an epidural, is that a risk?It is a really good question, the short answer is no. All the studies say there is no increased chance of needing an C- section just because you have had an updy dural. It is more important why you needed the S-section. If you needed it because you had high blood pressure then the epidural can help control the blood pressure. Ladies who have an OP presentation, where the baby is lying with his or her back on your back, that tends to take longer in labour and an updy my dural will take away the pain and may help the baby turn around but they may have a greater chance to have a C-section.Now, turning to Professor Maloney, breast feeding is one of the things that women judge each other about. How long is optimal and what is essential?It is what is the right time for you and your baby. We recommend breast feeding is natural, cheap, easy and the best nutrition for your baby. The optimum time is usually up for around six months. If you would like the go longer that is great but there are some women for a multitude of reasons can't breast feed and that is OK as we.When should I introduce sol lids?It has been variable over the last few years. Basically we recommend that you can introduce solids if about the age of three to six months and that the early stage it is really just tasting, texture, baby getting used to putting different things in the mouth and is it not really used as nutrition. Solids as nutrition starts to come into play about six months of average. Can we talk about stress Duke the pregnancy. How big a deal - during the pregnancy. How big a deal is stress if the mum is stressed for the unborn child?There is the environment risk to the baby of having increased stress hormones on your pregnancy. That can potentially cause problems with the mother's nutrition and cause problems for the baby's nutrition. You are stressful and wanted to smoke that clearly has effects on the baby as well. We also know that after the baby is born that there is clearly a very important period where the baby needs to attach to the mother, and stress can affect that attachment from the mother to the baby which is really important for the baby and the mother's relationship for the rest of their life.We only have time for one more, Professor. If I miss skin to skin contact with the baby for whatever reason after the birth, is that going to affect the ability for me and the baby to bond?No, no, that is just one of the many opportunities you have to increase your attachment. If you don't do it immediately after birth you should try to do it as soon as you can and we recognise - and there are some babys that you can't do that because they are unwell. So as long as you start to talk to your baby, touch your baby has is OK.Some great advice. I think we have put Claire at ease now. Thank you very much for debunking some of those myths. Thank you, Claire for joining us.Thanks for having me. Coming up on Meet the Press, the latest on the Essendon fall-out.


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Well it has been a long wait but
finally things should come to a head this week for embattled Essendon fans. Speculation is rife the team will be stripped of premiership points and coach James Hird will be stood down and possibly suspended for at least 12 months. The 'Herald Sun' sports writer, John Anderson has been at in the thick of it at the start. John, it was an emotional 6-points win over the Blues last night.It was, sometimes unedifyed every time when Jobe Watson got the ball he was largely booed and you think to think that will go on for years to come given his standing in the game. It is what they needed. They needed a tonic after a week of mystery, no other way of putting it and they got that in terms of a win. Obviously there is a lot to play out this week.It is D-week if you like for the Bombers. Do you think James Hird is likely to lose his job?I think James Hird will be suspended. When you say lose his job, that will then come come down to the Essendon football club as to whether they want to keep him after his suspension is completed. I can't see how James Hird will not receive some form of suspension.Do you think that Essendon is going to be docked some points?That is probably one they are debating at the moment. I know their chairman Paul Little said last night they are in talks with the AFL and hopeful of coming to an agreement. If I was in Essendon's position I would say this year he take the points. Just cop it, and then move on to next year. I don't think they can win the premiership this year, that is what it is all about, next year they probably can.Let's talk about next years, there are draft choices that need to be made S this going to impact on that?Yes, probably the draft this year and next year the AFL narcotic draft where you get the opportunity to pick the best young players in the land, I think they will lose draft picks. I know that the Adelaide footy club gave up their right to participant in the first two rounds of last year's draft and again this year they were suspended for. I think Essendon will suffer a similar fate. It can set you back four to five years if you select properly.Do you think an agreement is going to be reached this week with the AFL and the club?I do. Obvious through there are other parties involved, there is the footy manager, the Bruce Reid, the long-serving 30-year club doctor who is a big part of it and assist assistant coach Mark Thomson. I hope that Mark Thomson doesn't get rubbed out, I don't think he deserves to. James Hird - she a senior coach so he has to take more responsibility. Bruce Reid, he doesn't deserve to have his reputation tarnished through this. Whether he will it remains to be seen. I think he will.James Hird made the component that he was 99% innocent of all chars. What do you make of that?I don't know how you are 99% innocent. One of my children tries to play that card occasionally, Kath. 99% he is an amazing defiant and strong character. I have probably seen no one quite like him in Australian Rules, maybe I have in cricket. He refuses to put his hand up. 9% - what is the 1% he is guilty of I would like to ask him that.Thanks for your insight. Thanks for. That still on sport it is big business on and off the field and could even be considered the Hollywood of soccer, it is the English Premier League or EPL which is officially kicking off the 2013 season but unlike previous years, when players such as Harry Kewell became household names, Australian reputation is thin. So what do we need to ensure we see more local blood thrash it out for a place in this million-dollar sport. Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill and Tom Smithies join me to discuss that and how this year's season is shaping up. Good morning to you both.Morning, Kath.Let's talk about the big-name transfers. There are still three really big names they are yet to decide on.That is the fascinating part and that is the attraction of the Premier League it is so popular. We have these three figures banded around, none of which has been happened. It is shadow boxing - people turning down bids, throwing accusations at each other. This goes on throughout the winter, and it is what makes the Premier League so attractive. 90 minutes of football but 24/7 it is just a soap opera.We are talking about Wayne Rooney, swarrez and Gareth bail. Where are they likely to end up in your opinion? Gareth Bale is likely to end up in real Madrid. I think they say are saying that deal is very close to completion. The interesting thing is that is set off in chain a whole spark of conversations because Tottenham want a Brazilian winger to replace him at White Heart Lane. Jose Mourinho is a manager at Chelsea, he is trying to steal in on that and of course Mourinho is trying to scheme Wayne Rooney from Manchester United. All of these little subblots are playing out. There is Wayne Rooney who has been heavily linked with a move to Chelsea during the off season. She a wonderful player but he feels as though his name St Manchester United is perhapsing coming to to a close. Chelsea would love him. United would not sell to Chelsea, of or at least that is what they are saying. Is this unsettling for this to be going on when the rounds are going on?Absolutely, that is why the coaches hate this transfer window. It is a long window.It is two months and they don't know if their best play letter be there. The interesting thing is after years and years of increasing player power, you have clubs like Manchester United saying, nope, no way, Liverpool refusing to sell Lourdes Suarez to Arsenal, we don't care if you it is there and rot on £100,000 a week, they say enough is enough, we are drawing a line here. Not a bad way to rot!! What about the Aussies, we are underrepresented this year in the EPL?Yes, but you have to put it into context. Australia had a gold engineration a few years ago and many of those did end up in the Premier League. You have a small population here, there is only 23 million. There are three other sports codes, swimming and netball, so it is not easy to say if they are good they go into the Premier League. This is also a global game. There are 200 other countries that play this. It is not like rugby league and AFL fsh if you are the best in Australia you are the best in the world. It doesn't work that way in football. It is a cycle. There are still a couple who are in the area. It is not just the Premier League who are a global competition - there other competitions like the Bundesliga and we have some players in Germany who could make that leap in the next year or two.Here is just one interesting statistic. The Premier League's accame disof all of the major clubs 1% of the kids do who go there make it into a life in football. That is kids all the world. Australian kids are feeding into thatIt is very difficult. Very difficult.Finally let's talk about A-League. Will we will able to compare the A-League to the EPL - will it reach the dizzying heights?I don't think you need to compare it to the EPL. As Simon mentions there it is a pir rid and the Dutch league producing some amazing players and their crowd figures are roughly comparible to the A-League. There is no need to expect the A-League to leach that height. What we have seen over the last year is the -- reach that height. What we have seen is over the years is the A-League reach their coming of age.And it was great. We are out of time but thank you for your time today on Meet the Press.That is all for your -- this week's edition of Meet the Press. We will leave you now with some of the best images captured by the News Corp team. I am Kathryn Robinson. See you next week. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Most popular series three MasterChef
contestant Hayden Quinn

is joining me in the kitchen today.

And what are we cooking?

Justine, we're cooking
some beautiful seared scallops

with pickled watermelon,
some puffed amaranth

and a few little microherbs.

A perfect canape.
It's going to be great.

Sounds kind of weird, you know,
watermelon, shellfish.

Does it work?
It does work.

You know, the watermelon's
got that sweetness,

we've got the pickling liquid that
gives a little bit of tartness

and then just that sweet, creamy
texture of the scallops.

It's perfect.
Yum. It sounds delicious.

So what can I do for you?

OK, so first off, what we've
got to do is pickle our watermelon,

so we've got a beautiful
fresh watermelon here

that I'm going to cut down.

While I'm doing that,

if you could put together
the pickling solution,

so that's hot water, sugar, vinegar,
got some coriander seeds,

and also some sliced chillies, just
to give it a little bit of flavour

and infuse that into the watermelon.

OK, vinegar. Put that in there.

It's quite bold flavours,
aren't they?

It is.

Well, you've got, you know,
the sweetness of the watermelon

and it sort of absorbs
those flavours and takes it on

and just gives it
that sort of freshness

when you bite into
the scallop as well.

Yum. I'm actually
really looking forward to this.

So what have you been up to since
this MasterChef dream, I call it?

I've started writing my own cookbook
and releasing eBooks as we go, so...

This is interesting,
this eBook thing at the moment.

I mean, instead of buying cookbooks
these days,

we're so technologically savvy

we put our books
on our iPads and computers,

and so we just take it
wherever we go, I guess.

Yeah, it's really nice and easy,
and cool.

Very cool.

Alright, so we're just cutting that
into a nice dice.

Sort of a 1cm dice, nice and easy.

Straightaway, as soon as I smell

I think of summer holidays.

That's it. It's perfect.

I absolutely love watermelon.

So that goes straight in there.
That's going to go in there.

The sugar's nicely dissolved.
Good stirring. Look at that.

Thank you. (CHUCKLES)

Alright, that looks great.

Justine, if you could put that in
the fridge for half an hour for me

and then we'll be ready to
rock'n'roll with the scallops.


OK, so that's been pickling
for half an hour.

I'm going to have a taste of this.

Mmm! It's still got a bit of bite
to it, so it's not all mushy.

Yeah, we still want that texture,

we still want
that little bit of crunch.

It's ready to go.
Great, so now the scallops.

Now for the scallops.

The scallops are beautiful,
fresh scallops, still on the shell,

and that's what we want,

'cause we want to be able to
present them back in the shell.

So I'm just going to cook these
in a really hot pan.

Little bit of butter. I'm going to
season them with salt first...

Salt? I'll pass the salt to you.
Yeah, thanks, Justine.

So when you're cooking scallops,

it's so important
not to overcook them.

Exactly right.

All we want to get

is a bit of colour
on the outside of the scallops.

We want them just golden brown but
still nice and bouncy in the centre.

And you don't want to
overcrowd the pan too,

so there's a couple of tips -

you know, hot heat, clean pan,
not overcrowding.

You'll get the best,
most delicious scallop you can find.

We are.


So, nice hot pan...
There you go.

Nice and hot.
I'll clean these shells out? Yep.

I'll put those there and if you
could give them a little wipe out,

'cause we are going to be
serving them back in the shell.

It's fine, you can eat
these scallops raw,

but just to make it
more presentable,

we'll give them a little clean-out.

No worries.

And I never throw away these shells.

I never throw away anything.
(LAUGHS) I just use them...

Next time I've got some scallops
that don't come in the shell,

I just use them for presentation.

Of course, beautiful.
Yeah, so, I mean...

They're just shells. Nothing wrong
with re-using them, I say.

Look at those.
They're looking good, aren't they?

You can just smell them.
Really nice and golden.

They just smell, just beautifully,
of the ocean, really.

Yep. So good.

Alright, let's have a little check.

Oh, they're looking beautiful.

So I'm just going to take those out,
put these on this plate here.

OK, I'll get this out of the way.


That's really good.