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(generated from captions) There we go.

Beautiful dessert to finish off this
lovely, uh, budget episode.

There's nothing budget
about what you made.

There's absolutely nothing
budget about this.

Now, what I've done, see how I've put
the plate underneath?

Because this is how you take
the mould off it.

Oh, tricks of the trade.
See, it comes off very gently.

Now, this is still warm,
so I'll have to be very careful.

Slide it over.

I might just put this
straight onto there like that.

Normally, I'd take the tin
off the bottom of it,

but what I'll do is I'll use
someone else's knife to cut it,

'cause I'm cutting
on the tin this time.

I reckon I'll just cut straight
through the middle there like that.

And, oh!

So, when we decide on themes,
I stick to them.

So this was budget, but Adrian goes,
"Nope! Don't feel like doing that."

I feel like doing a warm chocolate
mousse tart with cherries in it.

That's gonna cost a lot.
Well, it's for you, Janella.

You could never spend too much money
on you, could you?

You know I won't even eat that.
Oh, look at that.

You sure you won't even eat that?

Nice and rich and warm
and moussey and chocolatey.

And you can see the cherries bleeding
into the pastry there.

That's a nice tart.

Want me to taste it for you?
No, I better have it.

Of course. Here we go.

What do you think? Do you like that?

Is that truly a decadent tart?

That's a full-on cake.
You did that once here and you...

Where did it go?!

Oh, my God.

That's his indulgent segment?
Mine was budget.

So, next time we might try
and stick to the rules,

rule-breaker, you.

Go on, eat it. Eat it.

I'm gonna have my soup.
Oh, delicious.

See you next time.
Well, I'll be here, anyway.

He might be passed out somewhere.

This program is captioned live. Today - Polls say Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister in a fortnight. What kind of leader does he want to be? How Kevin Rudd's comeback hit the wall. Former Treasurer Peter Costello and Belinda Neal on Labor's big scare campaign. And did this Minister just say the dumbest thing in this campaign? I am Andrew Bolt and that this is the Bolt Report. The polls say Tony Abbott will in two weeks become our next Prime Minister. Now if you believed Labor politicians, the man who'll be moving into the Lodge is - and I quote - a thug. He's a hack and a misogynist. Well, it seems a lot of Australians have seen through Labor's campaign of personal vilification and are going to give Abbott a go. A Nielsen poll yesterday said the Coalition is now well in front. Newspoll confirms Kevin Rudd could even lose his own seat. Tony Abbott joins me from Brisbane, where he will today formally launch the Liberal campaign. Thanks for joining me. Andrew.You have campaigned for four long years to get to this day. In that time what was your lowest point?Andrew, there have been some good times, some not so good times. I guess probably the most frustrating times where one or two not so great interviews that I gave, but thankfully they were mostly before the 2010 election.It was interesting, talking about two interviews on 7:30 on the ABC where they said you were in a confessional mood. I got the impression then you didn't feel worthy of the responsibility. That you hadn't quite grown into the job S that how you felt at the time? Andrew, known is perfect in this world -- no-one is perfect in this world and there is a sense in which no-one is really worthy of the great honour of the Prime Ministership of our country, but I am certainly very conscious of the fact that I have grown over the last few years. I am ready and, more importantly, just as importantly, my team is ready. So I am ready, we're ready, to do the right thing by the people of Australia. At what stage did you really think, "I can do this. I really can do this. I own the job"?I was confident that I could do it from the moment I became the Opposition Leader, but I guess the level of confidence and the level of conviction grows over time. The fact that I saw off Kevin Rudd in June of 2010 and then eight weeks ago or, so, saw off Julia Gillard is an indication to me that I am more than capable of doing this job. In the end, the question is: Do you have a vision for Australia? My vision for Australia after three years of a Coalition government should we win, the boats will be stopped, the budget will be back under control, our country will be stronger and more confident. We will feel that we are closer to being our best selves and very importantly there will be bulldozers on the ground and cranes in the sky because I would like to be known as an infrastructure Prime Minister. One of the things that has changed early on you were prepared to go through questions like that more self-reflective and now obviously you feel this is an area that you can't do. You have to not project any sense of doubt or anything, any introspection. Do you feel that leadership makes you lose the ability to be freer with people?If you are a leader, Andrew, you have got to radiate confidence and competence.Even if you don't feel it?(LAUGHS) Well, look, the people of Australia expect their leaders to know what they are doing. The last thing they want to see in their leaders is some kind of melt down in public. That is the last thing anyone wants from a leader and I am determined not to give it to people.Well, can you just tell us this, though. You have had a fair bit of character assassination and knowing you personally a lot of it I thought was just outragous, but has there been some aspect of your character you thought, "Well, they have got me on something and I need to change it."I suppose all of us sometimes think we can do better. There have certainly been times in the past, Andrew, when I probably could have thought more before I spoke. There have been times in the past where I have said things which I believe that I haven't said them as clearly or in as sensitive a way as I might have. When you are a major party leader, when you are a national leader, you don't have the luxury of a lose comment. You don't have the luxury of being able to think out loud. Everything has got to be right when it is said no-one gets it right 100% of the time but you have to be constantly trying to approach more closely that ideal.Alright. After the break, John Howard once said he hoped to make Australians feel comfortable and relaxed. What is Tony Abbott's vision? (WONDROUS MUSIC)

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John Howard was asked just before
he became Prime Minister in 1996 what legacy he hoped he'd leave for Australians.I would like to see them comfortable and relaxed about the history. I would like to see them comfortable and relaxed the present, and I would also like to see them comfortable and relaxed about the future. Many journalists made fun of such seemingly humble ambitions but Howard probably achieved them and one of his ministers was Tony Abbott. How would you answer that question - how would you like Australia to be after three years of an Abbott government?Andrew, I would like Australians to feel that each of them, each of us, is coming closer to being our best selves. We all know when we are being our best selves or when we are coming closer to being our best selves - and I would like each of us in his or her own way to feel that at the end of a term of Coalition government because my vision is not so much to impose my views on people, but to give each and every one of us more chance to be our best selves as we see it.You seem to be suggesting you would like Australia to be, in some ways, a freer place where people can go about acting on their own ambitions. In what way do you want Australia to be freer?Well, that's the classic Liberal position, isn't it? Lower taxes, smaller government, greater freedom. That is the classic Liberal position and then of course there is the classic conservative position - respect for the family, respect for institutions and values that have stood the test of time. The Coalition that I have the honour to lead is the Australian custodian of both the Liberal and the conservative traditions. I guess in our culture, our English-speaking tradition, what you have seen is a happy marriage between Liberalism and conservatism. I think it was Tennyson who summed it up when he talked a land of just and old renown, a land of settled government where freedom broadened slowly down from precedent to precedent. I think that nicely captures the paradox of freedom and order.In his answer John Howard referred to the culture wars, he wanted Australias to feel more comfortable and relaxed art their history, prouder about it. How do you plan toen ga igin the culture wars, so to speak?In the immediate future I think the challenge is to fix practical problems and obviously the border protection disaster needs to be fixed and I think Australians will feel happier about our country if we think we are in charge and we are deciding who comes here. We have to get the budget back under control because, again, people will feel happier about our country if they think that the government is not wracking up billions and billions - almost $400 billion - -I understand that has been your central pitch, but you are a very literate leader and I would have thought you would have spent a lot of time thinking about the culture. For example, the ABC, the fact that the cultural elite have always had a problem with conservative leaders. Do you plan to engage in that area as well? Well, obviously, Andrew, the short answer is if things are put to me I will respond appropriately. I guess at core it is important that we are more conscious of our blessings. Now, there are some things that are not right about our country, some things which the so-called right focuses on, other things that the so-called left tends to focus on. There is something in each side's perspective but the important thing overall is to remember that we are a great country and a great people. Yes, we can improve and I would hope to lead a government that does improve things, but we should be conscious of our fundamental underlying strengths of the fact that no country on earth is as well-placed as we are, and, yes, our challenge, our duty is to make the most of those blessings -But you are not engaging with the question. Privately you might debate about system of those things, you are not saying anything publicly. For example, what would you do with the ABC, or the arts community to overcome this state of war between conservatism and the left?Well, I would encourage the ABC to do its job better but I would encourage everyone to try to do their job better. I spoke even admonish myself from time to time to do my job better, Andrew. Look, I have been on lots of ABC programs, as you can imagine, and as you would know. Sometimes I come off second best but when that happens it is much more my fault than it is the ABC's.It is strange that you won't engage with the culture wars, but maybe you will when you have got your feet under the desk. Thank you very much for joining us.And, Andrew, I I am taking nothing for granted. Yes, there is a sense in which this election should rest on the last six years more than the next fortnight, but as they say, a week is a hell of a long time in politics. A fortnight is an eternity.I think you have this one sewn up. Coming up - our panel, Peter Beattie and Belinda Neal. Is Fight bad odours with new Air Wick
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The third week of the election
campaign was just a blur - just lots and lots of stunts for the cameras without much policy or anything statesman like to go with it. The only thing that stood out was the debate, which Kevin Rudd probably won on the night.Where are you going to cut? Which jobs? Which services? Which schools are going to be cut by you?But Tony Abbott won the battle of the headlines.Just one final point on this -Does this guy ever shut up? (LAUGHTER) Sh Joining me are former Treasurer Peter Costello and former Labor MP Belinda Neal. So who won that debate?I think that it was correct that it was narrowly won by Kevin Rudd, but I suppose the trouble is how many people watched it from the beginning to the end?Half a million. Not many.Did it change people's minds? Probably not a large number of people.,No the other thing people half a million watched the debate, but probably five times that many got that quote that Tony Abbott said, "Does this guy ever shut up", and thought, no, doesn't really, so Tony Abbott won the debate about the debate.What was the answer to the question, does this guy ever shut up - that is what I wanted to know. The reason why it was just a powerful line it fed back into everything you have heard about Rudd. He is obsessed with his own importance, that he doesn't listen to other people's views. Whether he is right or wrong, he never shuts up about himself.That is not actually what the line was about, it was about talking about policies. I think you are taking a segue that doesn't really work.And I thought that fed back into the other great episode of the week which was the make-up artist.Lily Fontana.And I think the make-up artist who made that comment about Mr Rudd's character also, I think, was very damaging. Not because she made a damaging comment but because it fed back into everything else we have heard about him. He reduces flight attendants to tears. Make-up artists don't like him, keep your dog away from him because she that kind of mand. Is this change Belinda, maybe it is insight into character, that a debate for an hour about where Tony Abbott's cuts were going to fall which is a fair enough question, gets over ruled by whether Kevin Rudd was being mean to a make-up artist as opposed to Mr Abbott who was very polite.Every indication is that he didn't say anything, the overall complaint was that he didn't engage with her. I suppose we should all be wonderfully warm to everyone that we meet, but obviously he is preparing for a very intense debate and maybe his mind wasn't actually preparing for the debate rather than the person that was doing his make-up. There was no indication in what she said or anyone else said that he actually said anything rude to her. No, I agree. I thought it was a bit of a beat-up in one sense but another it goes to a truth. Whatever you might think think of Tony Abbott's policies he does tend to engage with people in a personal way.The reason this is damaging is when it is put together with everything else that is now coming out about Kevin Rudd - and I mentioned the flight attendants - but don't forget it was the Labor Party itself that said he was a man - what was the word, psychotic I think Steve Gibb gones said.Don't listen to Steve gibbons.He said that he had contempt for his colleagues and part, Wayne Swan, I don't know if he can listen to him, he said he had no Labor value. When you sort of pile up all of those little anecdotes with the flight attendants and the make-up lady, people I think have a picture and is it not a good one. Where as with Tony Abbott the one thing you can say about Tony is that he is engaging. It doesn't really matter who he is with.I was involved in the campaign with Kevin Rudd in 2007 when he was campaigning and he was brilliant.He wasn't very nice to you later, Belinda.That is true, obviously politically -Who was the one who had to have the anger management course. Did you ever ring him back and say why don't you go on one?I have to say I think people are unreasonable with the statements that they make.You are talking about Kevin?I think all people in politics. A number of Liberal members have said quite scathing thing about other Liberal members and leaders.True. It is how things fit into a narrative. Kevin Rudd today woke up to more terrible headlines. Yesterday he said Syria was so important he had to engage be it, events were going to be rescheduled so he could get a briefing on the Syrian situation. An Australian jet is going to be bombing Damascus or something, and then it turned out he flew back to Brisbane to film 'Kitchen Cabinet' for the ABC. Is this bad? Any I think it is a problem for him. I don't know if it is fair to take the full judgment about it that was taken that somehow if he said he had to deal with Syria that ever moment of that day from then on in was taken up with Syria. Probably it would have been wiser for him to sayly also be doing this show so that people -He was twice asked whether he was going to be suspending campaigning and he didn't say no.You have to be super careful.You have to be honest. I think you have to be honest.You have to be absolutely precise so that people can't suggest you are misleading.If you announce you are ceasing campaigning -He didn't quite say that, he denied it.Would that not mean you are going on a cooking show? What was the purpose going on a cooking show other than to campaign? What Kevin wanted to do - it was pretty obvious. He had a bad day, he was going to get questioned about the polls and he wanted to flick the switch to foreign affairs. He wanted to get a briefing on Syria. He put out in the paper that he spoke to Ban Ki- Moon. Few he moves on the the foreign affairs agenda. That is fine, try to expose Tony Abbott on foreign affairs which would be the whole purpose of. That but in the middle of that, if you want to be a statesman, if you want to play that card you can't go on a cooking show. I don't know that that necessarily follows and I think it is a again union issue. Do people want to be represented issue in the foreign forums by Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott? YouYou are putting out the argument much better, but don't put out a recipe now. You would undermine your position if you put out a recipe now.I think most people would want to be represented by Kevin Rudd because he knows what he is doing.Belinda, you had a seat in NSW, how is things looking there? How many seats do you think Labor looks like losing and was bringing Kevin Rudd back a mistake? I don't think bringing Kevin Rudd back was a mistake. I think that certainly Labor will do better. How much better is -I agree with you, it is not a mistake if he is going to save seats. How many seats do you think he will lose?I think it is almost impossible to say at this time. Obviously the polls are poor. Up until now the general theory that was being put forward was that we would lose seats in the southern states -And in QueenslandAnd the recent poll this weeks indicates that that may not be the case, that we may lose seats, puts a pole in that proposition.I think so, I'm afraid. Peter Costello and Belinda Neal thank you so much for joining me. Coming up - probably the most stupid thing said in the campaign (BRIGHT MUSIC) From lively dinners
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I have a tip. This will be the last
election where Labor or Liberal politicians hype up the global warming scare. The planet hasn't warmed for 15 years. The rains have returned. It's over. But someone should inform Labor Minister Mike Kelly, who told a candidate's forum that if we didn't vote for Labor's plans the Snowy Mountains would turn to sand.The suffering we will have n flected on ourselves for not looking at the climate will... Opinion You've got to be kidding. The Prime Minister says he'll make Kelly our next Defence Minister. Now that's the real scare. That is the show. Thanks for watching. Meet the Press is next. I'm Andrew Bolt. No fear, no favours. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to Meet the Press. The tensions are boiling over over the filming of a cooking show. Kevin Rudd suspended the campaign to take a briefing on the unfolding events in Syria but later flew to Brisbane where he took part in a pre-arranged taping of the ABC's 'Kitchen Cabinet'. Mr Rudd's office denies the election came pair or the Syria briefing were delayed for the taping of the show. He was Labor's I cet election To win back voters in Queensland, but like many of his ALP colleagues, Peter Beattie is struggling to gain grown and looking certain to lose the seat of Forde. Mr Beattie joins us today. It is back to basics for the Greens. The party using its national campaign launch to pledge clean area act. Whether it be enough for them to avoid annihilation in the Lower House. We will ask Christine Milne. And was last Knight's thrilling win over Carlton James Hird's last Hara? We have the latest on the implosions within AFL club Essendon. We obviously have a bit ahead of us. Before we wait to see what happens, but we are a very tight group and I think the group will get even tighter as we move through it. Peter Beattie is no stranger to an election campaign. The former Queensland premier enjoyed sweeping victories in three state elections, which set him up as one of the most electorally successful politicians in Australian history. But his luck may be about to end. He only needs a swing of 1.6% to win the seat of Forde, but that's looking increasingly unlikely. And if the polls are anything to go by, his political popularity in Queensland isn't correlating into votes for Labor on September 7. Peter Beattie joins us from Brisbane. And our

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