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(generated from captions) email or Twitter. Do join us again next week. For now, goodbye. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. Tonight - the battle for Lingiari. Will Indigenous voters maintain the rage at the ballot box and give Labor the flick?I'm confident that if they look objectively at what we've achieved in government, that they will give us a tick. It seems that everyone is concerned that they are not being included or spoken to or represented, so that's the big disconnect.

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Hello and welcome to Hello and welcome to the
program. program. I'm Alyssa Betts. The Opposition program. I'm Alyssa Opposition today unveiled a controversial new plan regional action to controversial new regional action to stop people
smuggling. controversial new plan for
regional action smuggling. It's pledged to smuggling. It's pledged back unseaworthy boats in Indonesia, as well as back unseaworthy boats Indonesia, as well as offer Indonesia, as well villagers bounties for information about smugglers. Labor has dismissed the scheme, calling it crazy and a grab for media attention and Kevin Rudd today predicted he could pull off a 1993-, Paul Keating-style election comeback. Heather Ewart reports.Just past the midway point in this campaign and the pressure is on to hone the sales pictures for the crucial final stretch.We enter the campaign as underdogs and we are still underdogs and we are fighting, fighting, and fights, and there are things worth fighting for. Two weeks to go now and it's clearer and clearer that this election campaign pits the positive plans of the Coalition against more of the same from a divided and directionless government.Buoyed by opinion polls continuing to run in its favour, the Opposition smells decisive victory. Kevin Rudd, during a media blitz on the hust continuation in Western Sydney, clings to the hope he can pull off the unexpected.I think people need to think about this in the terms of political history. I'm old enough to remember what happened in a campaign 20 years ago in 1993 where the entered the race as the underdog.And went on to win, but there is no sign yet of but there is no sign yet of a repeat for but there is no sign yet repeat for Labor this time, as the Opposition ramps up what it thinks is a winning formula.We're thinks is a formula.We're not going to be all talk and no action formula.We're not going to all talk and no action here. We are all talk are sending the clearest signal to the people smugglers, "Your game is up. Your game is up. We game is up. Your run this country and we decide who comes here, and we will exercise the control that is necessary." In Darwin came the latest addition to the Opposition's Operation Sovereign Borders policy, a $440 million plan for more regional action to stop people smuggling.The policy which Scott Morrison and I are proud to announce today essentially involves working much more closely with source and transit countries to interdict the operations of the people smugglers.It's a new take on the old stop the boats theme that means sending more Australian police to Indonesia to work with local authorities.But way more contentious, a move to set up a village watch and offer bounties for information, as well as buy back unseaworthy boats destined for people smuggling.We want to have a program that reaches out up to 100 villages across Indonesia, but also the opportunity where the intelligence leads you to have the option to be able to get that boat before the people smuggler does and stop that boat from leaving Indonesia. That saves lives, saves the taxpayers money ultimately. It is much better and much more sensible to spend a few thousand dollars in Indonesia, than to spend $12 million processing the people who ultimately arrive here, so a commonsense measure.A measure which was swiftly met with derision by Labor.Of all the mad ideas I've heard in Immigration, I think boat buyback wins. The whole concept that you can deal with three-quarters of a million boats most of wis are being used by poor villagers to make a livelihood, and Australian officials are going to wander in and buy the boats from it is simply crazy policy New York in and buy the boats from them,
it is simply crazy policy New York other way it. Mr Abbott's York other way of describing it. Mr Abbott's plan to have, it. Mr it seems, a it. Mr Abbott's plan to it seems, a three-star general sitting at it seems, sitting at the end of a jetty with a cheque sitting at the end of a with a cheque book to buy with a cheque book to buy back boats boats in Indonesia is about as irresponsible as his plan for a paid parental leave scheme which gives 75,000 bucks to millionaires.As Labor refines its campaign strategy, attacking Tony Abbott's generous paid paternity leave scheme is now a consistent focus.At almost every turn in Sydney's western suburbs today, Kevin Rudd was at it again and again, even as he announced cutting GST red tape for small business.We're in the business of making it easier for small business to get out there and prosper, whereas Mr Abbott is imposing on small businesses and ind pend retirees and families the tax burden to pay for his un affordable, unfair and irresponsible paid parental leave scheme. If you want to do the right thing by the families of Australia, by the workers of Australia, by the businesses of Australia, you need a fair dinkum paid parental leave policy, and that's exactly what people will get from the Coalition.But Labor knows full well the policy sits uneasily in Coalition ranks and in the business community, worried about its cost. That's why Kevin Rudd will continue to hammer it from now until Election Day. This and the Coalition's failure to release its Budget costings and potential cuts. Tony Abbott took a hit on that front today with respected Merrill Lynch economist Saul Eslake claiming a gap of almost $30 billion between the cuts and new spending promises, and savings unveiled so far.I have a high regard for Saul Eslake as an economist, but when it comes to actually doing Budget numbers it is an entirely different thing. We've got entirely different got a proper process. We've gone through got a proper gone through the Parliamentary Budget Office. Our numbers are absolutely right, our policies have gone to the Parliamentary Budget Office. All of our policies will be fully costed and fully funded and the overall Budget bottom line will be better under us than under the Labor Party.Which jobs go, which health services are cut, which schools are cut, et cetera.Is this the sort of person you want running a $1.3, $1.5 trillion economy? I don't think so. We've got to zip and go and meet the good folks who live here.Voters still shouldn't expect to get all of the Opposition's costings and cuts until the last few days of the campaign.See you, guys!In the Northern Territory, pundits say the long-serving member for the sooet of Lingiari is facing the fight of his life. Warren Snowdon's reign is being challenged by a Mataranka property owner Tina McFarlane. He is fighting for the vote that his record is worth fighting for. She is fight controversy over a water licence.Territory Labor was knocked for six when bush voters toppled the party from power last year, but some say the warning signs were staring them in the face.I think over the last, say, five or so years, Labor lost connection with the bush. Partly that was because I think there was a generational passing of white fellas who had been long-term interactors with Aboriginal communities.Labor's Federal Lower House Member Warren single Northern Territory
Snowdon held what was then the single Northern Territory seat almost continuously from 1987 to 2001 when the seat of Lingiari was created, and he has held that seat ever since.But the old allegiances are in question.We need new government and a lot of new changes.I used to support Labor, but now they haven't done much. Nothing has been happening for the Indigenous people.Though it's not always clear-cut in politics.Labor - I hope Labor will get to win this election.What are the local issues?Local issues - we want a new police station here, we want street lights, real better playground for kids. We want local people to work and in our community.REPORTER: Who are you going to vote for, Labor, Liberal or Greens? I might vote for Liberal.Why? To change the community.Mr Snowdon had increased his share Snowdon of the vote in every federal election since Lingiari was election since Lingiari created more than a decade ago. Right up till the 2010 election, that is, when a 14% swing against Mr Snowdon in the prime revote turned his seat from safe to marginal.I think there is some discontent around elements to do with the emergency
Commonwealth intervention, the emergency response, and I'm aware of those. I was aware of them prior to the election, and I expected we would take a hit.Unease about the CLP candidate Leo Abbott saw Mr Snowdon attract more votes than usual from the conservative towns of Alice, Katherine and Darwin's rural area.My interpretation of what, if you like, crueled the Country Liberal's chances was the controversy over the CLP candidate.This time around a Mataranka station owner has been anointed to take on Mr Snowdon. A barrage of criticism since the Northern Territory Government granted a huge water licence to Tina McFarlane.Alice Springs-based academic Rolf Gerritsen say it is won't affect the campaign because most of the electorate won't care.He says she has formidable help in the form of the Country Liberals new Indigenous ter, Terri's Indigenous politicians. Meanwhile, Mr Snowdon is contending with churn. About a third of the non-Indigenous electorate will have never thus
voted in the Territory before, thus tend to vote on national issues and are a issues and are likely to mirror has a huge task ahead a national swing.I has a huge task ahead to retain the seat because I think this time around there will be a swing back to, if you like, more traditional voting patterns in Alice Springs and Katherine so there will be big swings against him in those two towns, so his task is, if you like , to increase the proportion of the Aboriginal vote he gets to something quite substantial and, if you like, typical of the 2007 and 2004 elections.Earlier I spoke with the Member for Lingiari, Labor's Warren Snowdon.Warren Snowdon, thank you very much for joining us.An absolute pleasure.Now, how would you describe your record and Labor's record for delivering for the seat of Lingiari?Very positively, particularly over the last six years where we've invested heavily in education, health, infrastructure, providing opportunities and education which were hitherto unavailable, investing $180 million in 150 schools, 298 projects, all of which were opposed by CLP and Tony Abbott while he was in Opposition, and that is just one element of a whole range of infrastructure expenditure which has taken place, including hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in Aboriginal communities.All of that sounds impressive, but why has your seat gone from a safe seat to a marginal seat, what have you done wrong?I don't think I've done much wrong, but we've seen a change in politics in the niernt, and we should welcome that change. It might be difficult for people like myself, but the fact that people are articulating their views, expressing a strong view and maying the choice on Election Day is a good thing. This, every politician says there r this, but it's actually true in my case, we can take nothing for granted from anyone and I think we have to treat every election as if this were your first, look at what the community is thinking about, what they see in your past, what they see in the future. I'm confident depth that if they look objectively at what we've achieved in government, because
they will give us a tick because there have been extraordinary improvements in the Northern Territory as a direct result of the Rudd, Gillard and now Rudd government's investments in the Northern Territory, of which I'm very, very proud a cross the board, from Defence - it's not commonly understood in the Northern Territory, but in this current financial year we're spending around $600 million in Defence alone.But if you say you've seen a change in politics, does that mean Labor has failed to see the change, and respond to it and provide what the people are wanting?No, I think what it is is a reflection of attitudes of people around the place in the past.Are you talking about the intervention?The John Howard-Mal Brough intervention which almost everyone universally thought was a bad idea universally thought was a idea in the way it was
imposed.Stronger futures, are you imposed.Stronger you still copping it from Bush community about Labor's investigation of the intervention?No, it's not. Let's be clear, no version of the intervention. The kaput,
intervention is gone, finished kaput, dead, buried. We have investment into Aboriginal communities over the next decade and I'm responsible for about $750 million of that in health and I'm very proud of it. No-one I've spoken to, when they raise the issue about what we're doing says it is a bad good
thing, they all say it is a good thing.But stronger Futures carries elements that are quite unattractive to people in Indigenous community, whether that be controls on pornography, you've relaxed the controls on alcohol, but still is at the approval of a minister. How can you say the intervention is dead and buried when it's carrying on?No, that's simply not correct and I will stand up and say very, very positively that I'm very pleased with what we're dog. Alcohol management plans need to be developed and are being community that wants one in the Northern Territory. A very positive thing to do.But they haven't been approve #d yet?That's one thing. Very different to advocating a plan thand advocating plans like on Yolngu and others like the CLP is dog, very, very concerning. I'm concerned about the impact of alcohol on young children, their families and the future. I'm not prepared to back away from them.Do you think you are will be hurt this time around by perceptions that Territory Labor neglected the bush?No, I think there is an overhang of the last Territory election which we've got to deal with, I think there is an overhang decisions taken by the previous Labor government that we've got to deal with.What ones in particular?The shire is an obvious one, but I think people are - I've been travelling around the Northern Territory over the last little while. What people have said to me very recently is the proposed changes to the shire arrangements that have been put forward by the CLP are nothing more than a name change, so I don't know that that will be very much involved in the discussion. What is involved in the discussion is a desire for people to see us continue to invest in their communities, provide housing, provide health infrastructure the way we have been doing, all of which would be threatened if Tony Abbott were elected.Just on your opponent, what do you make of the water licences granted to Tina McFar lane by the CLP, NT Government?Well, I haven't engaged myself too much in that, but I have read documents recently which make it is fairly clear that dodgy behaviour has taken place, and I'm uncertain as to where it will all get to, but I think we need a lot more information around what minister - well, we know a minister was involved in discussions about the application and agreed upon what the application should do, what it should meet, the requirements of it. Adam Giles as Chief Minister said there were no ministerial interventions. Well, there clearly was. It seems to me that raises serious questions about the way in which the CLP operates and creates a very bad perception. It might only be a perception, but nevertheless a perception about cronyism within the CLP with their candidate.Northern Territory Speaker accused you of letting people use your office phone and of giving away kangaroo tails. Alice Springs-based academic Rolf Gerritsen said you made much of handing over a $4,500 grant to an RSL. The suggestion is you are desperate..Firstly, be careful about what accusations you make. Just assess their validity in the first instance. We know there was no validity, absolute lie, trumped up crap which came from the Speaker and she knows that to be the case, but yes I do and have done for the time I have been in Parliament, as have other people, including members of provide access to phones the Legislative people who come provide access to people who come in from the people who come in from bush. Alison Anderson bush. Alison Anderson has an office right next bush. Alison office right next door to mine
in Alice bush. Alison Anderson has an
office right in Alice Springs. What do you in Alice Springs. What do think happens there?There are rumblings down south about whether plans in the north will whether plans in the north help him lose the south?No, I don't. I had discussions with Kevin Rudd in 2006 about this plan, so it is a good thing if we can get into government and provide within five years a reductions in company tax rates which invite people to come and very,
invest here, I think that's a very, very positive thing for the north and most people in Northern Australia would say it is a great thing to do and I'm very pleased with that policy. If people in the south are concerned that a few businesses might relocate out of Sydney, well, frankly who cares?Polling shows that Labor is sinking. Can Rudd win or is it now about basically trying to reduce the slaughter?I think we can win, absolutely think we can win. I know the reality is you won't win unless you work. To me, my job is to if we're
work, and at the end of the day if we're successful, it will be because people collectively around the nation have worked hard. I think we can achieve the outcome, but it is going to be very difficult, and it will be very difficult in Lingiari for me.Warren Snowdon, thank you very much for joining usMy pleasure, thank you.I also caught up with the Country Liberals candidate for Lingiari, Tina McFarlane.Tina McFar lane, welcome to the programThank you for having me, Alyssa.We may as well get straight to the water stuff. your
There has been reluctance on your part to talk about it, but can you understand why people are interested in the issue?I actually think it's good they are interested in it simply because developing Northern Australia.I'm really kind of properly proud Australia.I'm really kind properly proud to be part of agriculture production and developing it, and I can understand there is a lot of misunderstanding on issues but because this is based on research and science, I think - the scientists need to be really asked the questions if the issue is in relation to the the water. We followed correct process and we were granted the licence.Are you able to say when you might start using water, when you might sink the bores and start planting?We've actually done trial bores, this was prior to the development and we've only just received the licence and down that path of developing. Next year we're looking at - I'm not personally, but my husband is going into that area to looking to commence the development.So next year?Yeah, we've already cleared and developed some of the property already. It's just the main water infrastructure, and that was one of the big issues, you need the security of a water licence to be able to put all your infrastructure down because it can cost an awful lot of money.Your prior police stations had been rejected by the Labor Government. Your appeal in the Supreme Court failed. When the CLP got into power, very soon after a very large water licence was granted to you. You are a member of the CLP. That opened it up to claims of cronyism. So, can you see where the concern lies and what is your response to the idea that this fuels a perception of dodgy dealing?Well, I would like to correct for the record, for one thing, there was a water licence for 8,000 megalitres granted a number of years ago, so, no, ours isn't the largest to start w and there are other water licences that have been granted in Mataranka as well, and over the years, because we've followed all the correct process, we weren't even involved in the CLP with relation to any of the dealings we've had whatsoever at all, and this is totally separate, and for Warren Snowdon to accuse of any type, I think he is trying to muddy the waters and trying to put a smoke haze over being anti-development, after all it was the Labor Government that were actually the problem at the time and also to correct, for the record, with regard to the Supreme Court case, it wasn't in relation to our water licence specifically, it was in relation to the actual Labor Government and the departments at the time not complying with the water Act.So Warren Snowdon has been critical of you and the water licence. What is your response to him?I think Warren not only being complacent, but I am very, very concerned about the excessive use of money and a nunsment of the Aboriginal benefits account, the $90 million that has been allocated through that system. I mean, clearly that had to be signed off prior to the election being called, so that was clearly in the system under Jenny Macklin with regard to $90 million and it's to actually go towards housing for employees T should be going to the communities. It is an account that has been set up for Indigenous people and to benefit them, and this is going to government employees, housing and communities, and I think it's just absolute pork-barreling at its worst.Now, asylum seekers - it is obviously a massive issue nationally, but exactly how big an issue is it really in the commutes in Lingiari?Funnily enough, I have spoken to a lot of people over the last 8 months, I have travelled all through the Territory, and it is through is an issue surprisingly that comes up in a is an issue surprisingly comes up in a lot of areas. Alice Springs it is a concern. It is a concern for lots of reasons because it's such a drag on the economic side of the - you know, the Federal Budget, and Budget, and the other thing is people, when asylum seekers come in, there are so many Territorians that they're seeing these people, asylum seekers sometimes getting priority at the hospital and yet Territorians are struggling to go and see, with the lack of doctors and things, and they see the asylum seekers get priorities. It is visiting places in Katherine, they get supported and they're thinking, "Well, what about the pensioners, the unemployed?"The northern food bowl, nothing has really been promised money-wise, there is a white paper in 12 months and also the Coalition has been harping on about how bad Australia's finances are, so what confidence can we have that the northern food bowl plan of Tony Abbott's is any more than pre-election waffle?One of the biggest impediments in developing agriculture and food is the red and green tape. That doesn't cost anything. It's about getting efficient legislation and regulations to allow small business to get on with it. It is the small business investors, so it doesn't cost anything. It just means that we're winding that back, and then support mechanisms like maybe foreign investment to increase rail or road or port infrastructure, so these things, they don't cost the Federal Government anything. The other thing that I will personally be fighting for with the white paper, because obviously they will be looking for submissions, and that's if possibility
I am elected, will be the possibility of tax concessions and freight rebates.Now f you get in, in September 7, part of the reason you would have got in is disaffection in the bush about Labor and part of that is to do with the intervention, but what would you be willing to change, what would the Coalition be willing to change when it come stos strong Ger Futures?It seems that everyone is so concerned that they're not being included or spoken to or represented. So that's the concerned that
big disconnect. People are very concerned that money is coming down federally and it's not hitting the targets where it's meant to be, particularly in remote areas. The big thing is they want us to listen to them. They don't want bureaucrats to come out and tick a box and say, "This is the sort of house you're having," or whatever. We've got to give ownership back to the people so they have pride in their communities and take it forward.Returning power to the community; would that also include in your mind returning control over grog management?I don't think one size fits all. I think we've got to closely cop sult with the community and involve the community in some of that decision-making process. If they've got proposals to re-introduce whether it's just a few light beers, I couldn't say and I certainly would never endeavour to tell them what they should or shouldn't do, but I think those proposals need to be looked at objectively and taken into
careful consideration.Do you feel there is a risk - there has been some criticism over is
the super shire reform, that it is just an expensive re-brand, not real change. Do you worry that people out in the bush will believe that line and become disaffected with the CLP and that will somehow affect your campaign?It's not just a name change. The minister has explained that we have actually effectively changed the policy and legislation is changing in relation to Local Government, and my understanding, from what I've read about t that there is a dramatic change, and having personally been involved with years, I
Local Government for many years, I know first-hand the importance of giving the say back to the community, and that's exactly what the new Country Liberals government is doing.Tina McFar lane, thank
you doing.Tina you for joining usThank you for having me. It's been a for having pleasure.That's all we for having me. It's been time for pleasure.That's all time pleasure.That's all we have you with time for this week. We leave you with Darwin Festival performers sync from Orkestra of the Underground. Have a sync
performers Ben Walsh-and-Bobby sync from Orkestra of the
Underground. Have a Ben Walsh and Bobby Singh from Orkestra of the Underground. Have a great weekend.

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