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This Program Is Captioned Live. Kevin Rudd returns to Canberra to consider a response to the Syrian crisis. While the US weighs its military options as more evidence emerges from Syria of a chemical weapons attack. Hundreds of Coptic Christians gather in Sydney to voice their support for the Egyptian military. And new figures show more Irish are coming to Australia than ever before. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. Good evening, I'm Kumi Taguchi. Let's check tomorrow's weather around the capitals: Kevin Rudd has called an abrupt halt to campaigning to deal with the civil war in Syria. He's back in Canberra tonight for security briefings, attending to what he calls his first responsibility as Prime Minister but not before making a quick trip to Brisbane to film a cooking show. Political correspondent Greg Jennett reports. Apply the brakes. Kevin Rudd's campaign's powering down. He's back in the office he's trying to win back. Um...if I could begin on the question of Syria.The Prime Minister's monitored alarm in Washington and Whitehall, Moscow and New York that chemical weapons have been unleashed in Syria, prompting him to pause on the campaign trail. I regard it as a necessary and practical step to make sure that we are fully briefed on developments. He's already spoken to the US ambassador, security agencies will give intelligence reports. Australia could have to take a position on any intervention through its seat on the Security Council. We take our

we take our alliance obligations seriously, we take our care-taker conventions obligations seriously.Which means Tony Abbott will seriously.Which Abbott will be given briefings Abbott too. I will be Abbott will be given too. I will be continuing too. I will be continuing my campaign ordinary campaigning campaign but in between ordinary campaigning events, I
will be ordinary campaigning will be receiving briefings and updates on will updates on the situation in updates on the situation Syria.Somewhere between his Syria.Somewhere departure from Sydney and his dash to Canberra, departure from Sydney dash to Canberra, Mr Rudd did find time for a side trip find time for a side trip to Brisbane. How do you get aplation plOition to open up? To shoot an episode of the ABC's Kitchen Cabinet. The diversion to Parliament House for security briefings may be a mime Ministerial duty but also takes valuable time out of Kevin Rudd's calendar with just two weeks to go and as the polls suggest, he's struggling to hold on to his own seat. Nationally, Nielsen polling has Labor's primary vote slipping two points to 35%. I will fight for what I believe in. More importantly, I will fight for those I believe in as well. I did OK for someone so old. The polls suggest Tony Abbott could pick up 10 seats. I don't believe them. I think this is a very, very close race. Still, the word seems to be getting through. What a smart youngster. Stop the boats, scrap the carbon tax. Isn't that fantastic. Well done.The collector's edition. The Greens concede Tony Abbott is on track to become Prime Minister in a fortnight. They're using the latest polls to warn voters against giving the Coalition outright control of both Houses of parliament. Simon Cullen reports on the Greens' official campaign launch. Here's a first. A Greens launch where Bob Brown takes a back seat, even if from the front row. The has one eye on the past... It's the first time the grooensz have had our very grooensz have had our very own wise elder and aren't we lucky to have that...the other on the battle ahead. If the poll trend is right, Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister. Boo! It's the threat of a Coalition-controlled Senate that has the Greens sounding the alarm and talking of double-value voting. Not only does it return the Greens but it stops Tony Abbott getting absolute power in the Federal Parliament.(APPLAUSE)Their pitch is to focus on the issues that matter, highlighting policy differences on refugees, gay marriage and the environment. Neither Labor nor Tony Abbott can be trusted.They've also nouningsed plans for clean air legislation. This is the great Greens team.There's plenty of enthusiasm in this room for the party's message, the challenge will be to convert that into broader public support and ultimately parliamentary seats. On that measure, the Greens face a struggle to hold on to Adam Bandt's seat of Melbourne. In the Senate where there's nine of them, they're getting no favours from the Coalition on preferences. Economic fringe dwellers is now Tony Abbott describes them even though their paid parental leave scheme is very similar to his. Even people who are wrong on most things are right on some things. When it comes to this, they had a rare lucid moment. Like it or not, he could have to negotiate with the Greens if they get the balance of power. The British Foreign Secretary says he believes the Assad regime has carried out a large-scale chemical attack on Syrian people but he has called for further investigation of the alleged incident. The US President is more circumspect, calling the events of this week troubling but he has warned against responding too quickly. Europe correspondent Philip Williams reports, and a warning, this piece does contain some disturbing images. As the world ponders what to do next, more video has emerged. This from a Syrian film-maker. Witnesses telling him of the terrifying moments after the apparent attack. TRANSLATION: My father, mother, all my sisters and brothers, plus at least 50 neighbours collapsed on the floor. I managed to bring my little sisters and two other girls to this field hospital but nothing is left in my town. TRANSLATION: We even saw cars hitting walls because the drivers lost conscious ness as they tried to transport victims for treatment. But for all the video and testimony, Governments are demanding hard evidence. President Obama spoke of his concern but he's fought saying what he'll do if it's proven the Syrians crossed his red lines. There is no doubt that when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, and again, we're still gathering information about this particular event but it is British Foreign Secretary, it is very troublesome. The William Hague, was for verification. We do believe that this is William Hague, was not waiting
for verification. believe that for verification. We do attack by the Assad regime on a large scale but we would like the United Nations to be able to assess that. Perhaps surprisingly, the Russian Government joined in demands for the UN weapons inspectors in Damascus to be allowed to investigate before the evidence trail goes cold but later they accused Syrian rebels of not guaranteeing inspectors safe passage, something they vehemently deny. We want them to investigate. We want the evidence to show and we will do whatever it takes to protect them. If this is the red line, everyone is waiting to see what, if anything, comes next. Police in India say they've connection with
arrested a second suspect in connection with the gang rape of a 23-year-old photojournalist in Mumbai on
Thursday night. He attack - the attack took place in an isolated upmarket part of the city where the woman, accompanied by a male colleague, was taking photographs of old build frtion a magazine. The woman is undergoing treatment for multiple injuries. Protests in Egypt have been thwarted in a sign the new military Government may be gaining ground but outrage in international communities continued. Egyptians for and against the military regime took to the streets of Sydney. In separate protests, the opposing groups both called for calm. They're protesting the protesters. These Australian Egyptians say they're setting the record straight, labelling pro Morsi demonstrators as anything but peaceful. Burning churches, mosques, schools, orphanages. What sort of peaceful protesters shoot point blank a 10-year-old girl in peaceful protesters blank a 10-year-old girl in the head as she's leaving from Bible class? Commentic Christians say they've been Brotherhood in Egypt, critical of their - critical of their support for the military but say the ousting of Mohamed Morsi last month was supported by an overwhelming majority. 33 million protesters took the too the streets in what has been described as the largest protest in history and Egypt's military adhered to the requests of the people and removed Morsi.Praying for the devastation of Islamists, people here say the Western media is demonising the military. They say that recent unrest in Egypt is a revolution and not a coup. In Western Sydney, the Islamist community was calling for peace, saying Morsi supporters are living in a state of horror. There's no peace, no comfort, no security, no safety anymore.The ongoing conflict overseas is continuing to divide communities here and today the rift may have widened with Coptic Christians receiving some right-wing God
support. God bless Egypt and God bless the revolution in Egypt. It's the a union many fear will only raise the stakes in what is already a tense national debate. It was meant to be all over in a few hours but the trial of disgraced Chinese Communist Party figure, Bo Xilai lie, has gone into a third day. The former politician today challenged the evidence of a key witness as the public scrutinises the trial online, Bo Xilai lie's unexpectedly robust defence is threatening to dent public confidence in the system. China correspondent Stephen McDonnell is in Jinan for the hearing. This trial is not going to plan for the Chinese Communist Party. They wanted to show this process as being transparent but the troublesome former political star continues to use the hearing to make the case appear unjust. Bo Xilai cross-examined a former Government employee who's accused him of diverting taxpayers pfr money into his own pocket. The prosecution witness had to concede he couldn't remember the details. It was too long ago. These interactions are being posted on the court's official Weibo social media account. It may not be full openness but there's a constant stream of controversial detail coming out of the trial. An official spokesman declares that the hearing has been looking at the facts relating to this embezzlement of nearly a million dollars and again they seem to be fall ing short of pinning this on the former leader the party wanted to be genuine,
rid of. Because this is not a genuine, rigorous, independent
trial, how it plays out in the court of public opinion can be crucial and what many Chinese people will see is on the one hand a pretty weak prosecution case against Bo Xilai but on the other, his seemingly unbelievable defence that he knew nothing about the money, the airline tickets and the house in France given to his wife as corrupt payments. The trial has just started to hear the claims that Bo Xilai tried to cover up his wife's role in a murder. A man in his mid 20s is feared dead after he was last seen in the jaws of a crocodile in a river in the Northern Territory. Police say the Darwin man was swimming near the Mary River wilderness retreat this afternoon when he was attacked. The Territory's head crocodile catcher is heading to the remote site about 110km from Darwin. Police and ambulance officers are at the scene and fisheries officers will also be joining the

As Ireland struggles in the wake of the global financial crisis, it's generating a new wave of migrants seeking refuge in Australia. More Irish than ever are moving here, double the number before the GFC, but unlike the first influx of convicts and settlers more than 100 years ago, this time they're mainly professionals looking to advance their careers. From the poverty-stricken migrants of the great famine... They were the absolutely dispossessed and dis inherited of today's so-called economic refugees. The type of individual that's coming here are really highly qualified, confident young people.One them is 28-year-old architect Damian Annis, attracted to Australia by a friendly 457 visa program and driven from his home by a soaring get
unemployment rate. They can't get jobs. There's nothing they can do to make money basically. The dole payments were even halved because so many people went on to it. The dole itself doesn't really even cover the cost of food let alone mortgage or kids.As a result, Australia is receiving its largest influx of Irish migrants since the mid 19th century. In 2011-2012, 40,000 Irish people made Australia their home. Four times the number of temporary skilled visas were granted to Irish citizens in 2012 compared to 2008. It's weakening our communities in one way and we're losing good leaders at community level. But as Ireland's drain - is Ireland's drain Australia's gain? It wasn't seen that way in the 1800s. They were the boat people of the late 1840s and early 1850s. If we get more of them we'll be swamped. This time around the Irish Government is hoping if the Celtic tiger shows signs of revival, many will return home. Depending on whether or not my mum's watching this, permanent is a flexible adverb.The drought across North Queensland is having a big impact on local cattle mustering competitions. While some of the outback competitions have been cancelled, other organisers are replacing local cattle with American bison, a distinct relative of the buffalo. David chen has more. They don't look like normal cattle. They're hairy and a bit scary and big and a lit ugly, I suppose. They're American bison and they've been drafted in to take part in a uniquely Australian event. Local cattle usually feature in the camp drafting events but the drought has caused several competitions to be cancelled drought North Queensland. Can't get cattle because they're just too light in condition and lot of people had to sell their cattle and that's why the drafts have been put off.That's why the Millers have been training with bison instead, finding them more resilient than their bovine cousins. I think they're great for people who are learning to camp draft and for people who have been camp drafting for a long time. They're very reliable, they're very consistent.The bison will make their competition debut this weekend. An appearance that might shock rider and horse alike.It's a bit of a novelty in the area. A lot of people chuck off and say, "What are the bison like to draft?" And, "I bet the horses get a bit of a fright." While the animal is still a rare sight in these parts, that could soon change. Only a few people have got them
here but Only a few people have here but there's a few more here coming all the time. I think here but there's a few later on there will coming all the time. I later on there will be more and
more of them.Now to more of them.Now to sport with Daniela Intili. Danni, not long to go in the rugby? Not looking good. New Zealand leading 27-16.The All Blacks look set to retain the Bledisloe Cup for yet another year with the lead late in the second match of the series in Wellington tonight. The Wallabies led by 6 early in the match but All Blacks winger Ben Smith scored two tries to set up a 9-point advantage for the home side autohalftime. The All Blacks increased their advantage after the break. It is just fulltime and they've won 27-16. Ben Lisson reports. He'll bring it round. Flags are up. The Wallabies are up in Wellington. Flags are up 6-0. It is Australia over New Zealand.

Now they're dangerous. Ben Smith! Hat-trick last week. Brilliant. After a week when the Wests Tigers' been questioned, its players have respond would a convincing win over the have respond win over the Dragons at the
SCG. win
have respond would a convincing SCG. The Warriors led the Titans late in the game, SCG. The Warriors Titans late in the game, the
Panthers kept their finals hopes alive with a win over the Broncos, hopes Broncos, the Rabbitohs beat the Bulldogs and the Tigers won by 16 points. Jennifer Huxley reports. 50 years ago, this embrace after Saint George's Grand Final victory against Wests struck a chord with the rugby league faithful. Members of the 1963 squads watched a vastly different match at the SCG today. The Dragons opened scoring. It was one-way traffic for the rest of the first half with three tries to the Tigers. Tim Simonea scored a brace after the break and 18-year-old Luke Brooks looked the part in first grade. Luke Brooks on dabah boou. Last night's thrill art the Olympic stadium was marred by a wrestling move and two shoulder charges. The Rabbitohs were ahead 14-6 at halftime. Canterbury and south went try for try in the second half. Brown brought the Bulldogs within striking distance with his second try but it wasn't enough with Souths staying in the hunt for the minor premiership. The Panthers and Broncos knew a loss would mean the end of their finals hopes. They were locked at two tries apiece at the break. Lama was on report for a high hit and revenge was taken just minutes later. Sigiaro completed his first NRL hat-trick, leaving Broncos halfback Peter wall toos contemplate his future were the Panthers who he'll be rejoining next season. The Titans didn't take long to show why they're in finals contention this evening. The Warriors struck back through Dane Nielsen but the home side scored twice more to lead 16-10 at Sydney Swans top two hopes have to lead 16-10 at halftime. The been dealt a setback by the Cats been dealt a setback Cats and Geelong this afternoon. West Coast, for Melbourne, afternoon. Collingwood thrashed
West Coast, for Melbourne, ladder leader Hawthorn beat North Melbourne and Geelong defeated Sydney and Geelong 44 points. Nick Bailey reports. With so much 44 points. With so much on the line in
this 44 points. Nick Bailey reports.
With so this match, a fast start was going to be crucial and it was this match, a fast start Geelong who very much took going to be crucial and it Geelong who very much took the Geelong who very early initiative. Paul got in on the action in his got in on the action first AFL match in 18 week. You'll hear the crowd go crazy.While Sydney lost Rhyce Shaw for the match and possibly the season with a knee injury, the Cats dominated the Swans everywhere except the scoreboard. 20 inside 50s to 5 for the quarter only yielded a 14-point advantage. Geelong dominated in the second term but was wasteful. After 22 minutes and 5 behinds, Geelong finally managed a goal courtesy of a Joel sell wood free kick and in the shadows of halftime, Lewis Johnston gave the cats a safer halftime buffer of 25 points. Stevie J around the corner! Yes! The Cats all but killed the contest with the first two goals of the second half as the flood gates threatened to open. Geelong's got the game by the scruff of the neck. But Sydney gave itself the faintest of hopes with the only two other majors of the term just before the final change. Essendon chairman Paul Little says no deal has been reached between the club and the AFL over the club's supplement program. Both parties have been locked in negotiation today, attempting to agree on charges and a punishment but Little says the side may still play finals football. At this stage, it's part of what I'm working through with the AFL certainly on the table both through with the AFL and it's from the AFL's point of view and our point of view.The AFL commission is set to decide the club's fate on Monday. England's defensive batting and forecast rain are conspiring against Australia in the fifth Ashes Test at The Oval. The home team scored a 2 runs and over on day three with frustrations spilling over on the field. Duncan Huntsdale reports. With the series already won and a big first innings to chase on a docile pitch, England's scoring rate was nor slow walk than Trott. To It's not always easy to go out and score at 4 and over. Full credit to Australia. They made it hard for us to score freely today. Most spectators weren't close enough to hear the day's most exciting exchange. They're still shouting at each other 30 yards apart. Clarke apparently told Pietersen no-one in the English team liked him. The bats man responded by telling Clarke he wasn't popular among his own team and he's the captain. It was tame. I was asking what they were up to, if they were thinking of playing a few strokes. We play cricket hard on the field and hopefully can have a beer together at the end of the series. Root will hope it's friendlier than his pre-Ashes drink with David Warner. Shane Warne landed some blows in commentary, bagging the baggy green. The thing Steve Waugh brought in was silly, he said everyone in the first hour has to wear the green baggy cap and I said, "I don't have to wear the green baggy to play for Australia. I want to wear my white floppy." Alistair Cook hasn't set his usual example with the bat but half centuries from Root and Pietersen prevented the tourists from gaining momentum. England's levelled the women's Ashes series after defeating the Southern Stars by 51 runs in the second one-day game. The two teams meet again tomorrow.

Cool westerly winds over Victoria and Tasmania are generating light isolated showers. Onshore winds are producing the odd shower on the northern Queensland coast. In Queensland tomorrow:

Bird breeders and their feathered friends have been out in force in Tasmania today in one of Australia's largest chicken shows for rare breeds. These fancy foul are prized poultry patiently waiting for the judges' verdict on their feathers and frills. What we're looking for here, this is what they call a peeking. We're looking for good confirmation, good cushioning over the back in the tail, good barring in the feather. More than 450 rare hens and roosters from readily familiar breeds to more exotic specimens are up for assessment. To you're at cleanliness, they've got to have at cleanliness, have good clean feet v a nice stance and it have good clean feet stance and it differs with each bird.The chickens on show have more than bird.The more than crossed the road. Birds and breedvers travelled hundreds of kilometres across Tasmania and Victoria for today's exhibition. The interest is proving chicken judging competitions are no longer a quirky sideshow. More and more people, especially with younger kids, like to have a few chooks in their backyard to show the kids where an egg comes from and what they can do with the manure from the birds and improves their vegie garden. This is your protoo chook. This chook is actually the originator of all the birds you see here, this the ancestor. The prize going to the breeder of the top chook is relatively paltry, breeders and other chicken fans say they're just happy to have something to crow about. Also see themselves as the last protectors of rare threatened breeds. Here in Australia we've got a unique lot because nothing's been imported since 1949 so hopefully our gene pool will be reasonably good.Ensuring this rooster's position in the pecking order isn't under threat. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Kumi Taguchi. A reminder, you can keep up to date on the stories we're following by visiting our website. The address I'll be back in a moment for news headlines and then do stay with us for State to State. Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned. This Program Is Captioned Live. The top stories from ABC News - the US is preparing for potential military action inch response to alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. Reports of a gas attack have interrupted Kevin Rudd's campaign. He's headed back to Canberra for a briefing by national security officials on developments in the country. The Greens have launched their election campaign with a pitch to voters about the risk of the Coalition winning both Houses of parliament. Today's opinion polls show the Coalition currently has a steady lead over Labor. Senator Christine Milne says that voting Greens is double-voting as it returns power to the Greens but also stops the Opposition Leader gaining absolute power of parliament. It's Senator Milne's first campaign as party leader. A fast-moving sweeping through California's
Yosemite National sweeping through Yosemite National Park. The governor of California has declared a state of emergency as the wildfire is threatening thousands of homes and powerlines that provide electricity to San Francisco. Tourists and residents in two towns have been evacuated. And Hawthorn has cemented its place on top with a win against the Kangaroos at Docklands. Lance Franklin kicked 5 for the Hawks while Jarryd Roughead nabbed 4. Those are the latest headlines from ABC News.

This Program is Captioned Live. On State to State, Tasmania's film future. We are seeing employment in those areas where there previously was no employment.Laser vision for Queensland forests. These sorts of instruments record