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This program is captioned live. Tonight, campaign on hold. Kevin Rudd heads to Canberra for an emergency briefing on Syria. The US prepares for a possible intervention. Mother attacked by pit bulls as she pushes a pram. Home buyers are saving hundreds dollars. And Greg Inglis in doubt in the run-up to the finals. Good evening. In a rare move, Kevin Rudd has suspended his election campaign and is tonight preparing for a top-level security briefing on the worsening crisis in Syria. It comes as Tony Abbott prepares to officially launch his election campaign. Kevin Rudd was in Sydney when he made the decision to hold his campaign, flying to Canberra late this afternoon for top-level briefings.We have grave concern. We need to focus carefully and squarely on unfaltering events and as they affect Australia's interests.It is a reflection of the seriousness of the crisis that he suspended campaigning. Tony Abbott thinks it is appropriate. His campaign goes into its second last week. He looks on the verge of becoming a minister. -- prime minister. There is a lot to Tony Abbott to be confident about. Poll after poll points to a coalition landslide. It is not all about me. Tony Abbott is headed to the Lodge, with Kevin Rudd headed for the political wilderness. Labor is facing a September seven hiding. They hope to win on the back of the Kevin Rudd factor.I am in the business of fighting an election as hard as they can. I will fight for the things I believe in.Frankly, I do not believe them. I believe this is a very close race. This campaign still has a long, long way to run. The poll points to potential disaster Kevin Rudd personally. Staring at the prospect of losing his seat.The people are going to get behind him and support him.I am a bit dubious about the Labor Party.Labor is convinced it can come back. They believe Tony Abbott will cut health and education.I will fight for what I believe in. We will see what the mother of all negative campaigns unleashed, scare after scarer, lie after lie.And that the Greens, their own warning. It stops Tony Abbott getting absolute power in the Federal Parliament.There will be no scare in turn out that's campaign launch. -- Tony Abbott's. We are now joined from Canberra. Kevin Rudd's briefing on the crisis in Syria should get under way shortly?That is right. He is due to touch down shortly. You will then go straight to Parliament House and be briefed by national security officials. Tony Abbott will be briefed tomorrow. Australia has an international role to play now that we have a seat on the United Nations Security Council. The situation is becoming more tense, with the United States moving naval warships toward Syria. Fighter jets and unverified division continued assault. While bodies were to be buried, with no sign of blood a troubling sign that points towards a chemical attack. When you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, again, we are still gathering information, it is very troublesome.The distressing images of women and children across our screens are more than troublesome. This is not something that a humane or civilised world can ignore.Even though Russia believes the rebels could be behind the attack, they have also joined Corrs to the city and government to cooperate. -- calls for the Syrian government.We believe that we would like the United Nations to be able to assess it.But the UN team on the ground in Damascus has not been allowed to investigate. Today, Angelina Jolie, special envoy for the UN's refugee agency, pleaded for the protection of the now 1 million Syrian children displaced by the conflict. A woman has been bitten by two dogs and a terrifying attack as she pushed her young son in a pram at Guildford. Two police were also attacked as they tried to catch the dogs. Locals say they have been seen wandering the streets on their own. Two American pit bulls on the loose and angry. An RSPCA officer corps nurse them and fires. -- Qantas them. Sedated, the dogs are taken to a shelter. This is the 2-year-old who watched as the animals attacked his mother. She threw herself on to the pram in terror as one grabbed her on the neck.I just help, help, help. I came out and tried to get the dogs away from her.Two police officers were also bitten. Today they discovered the dogs were not microchip and the owners were overseas.They were in a secure yard. As to how they got out, we are not sure.Locals have spotted the dogs wandering unrestrained along this adjacent street before. They say they kept well away, while being that the dogs would take their pets or even children.It has potential.The victim was too frightened to appear on camera. But was shocked at the dogs were not supervised. Bags of Black and Gold brand is an broccoli are being recalled after pieces of glass were found inside. It affects packets with a best before date of July eight, 2014. The products have already been removed from shelves. The grieving girlfriend of Chris Lane has arrived in Melbourne for his funeral. Back in Sarah Harper's hometown of Duncan, hundreds have gathered to remember the 22-year-old. Grief stricken by the Australian boy taken so senselessly in their own town. Though short, the time he called America home, hundreds gathered at a dump in primary school to remember Chris Lane. A week since teenager shot him dead. There are adamant this crime does not define their town.Duncan Oklahoma is more than three faces. But tomorrow, teammates at home will remember Chris. The Essendon baseball club will play a memorial game against Melbourne University. It is about remembering Chris and attributing him.Everything he has done for the club. James trained with him for five years. Tomorrow, he plays for him.He is an idle for me and all of the kids playing here.We have got balloons being released after the minute of silence.Sarah Harper arrived in Melbourne today. The three teenagers charged with his murder remain in custody. They are Sydney's hidden gems. The suburbs where you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on hidden properties. They are just a short distance from some of the city's most desirable postcodes. The sweet sounds of the real estate market already in full spring bloom. This 3-bedroom home whipping buyers into a frenzy.It set a new record in Alexandria.It is not just happening in the inner suburbs.What we are seeing is western Sydney is now booming.But for every booming suburb, there are those that have not even sprung. Hidden gems like the secret suburbs. You can get a home much cheaper and quicker.According to fresh figures released by Westpac, there are plenty of savings to be had. For example, here in Baulkham Hills, a home will cost you around $670,000. Just 8km away, prices are 34% cheaper. That is a saving of $230,000. That is not the only suburb where you will save. Instead of Blacktown, considered inside. -- Doonside. The call whatever Parramatta, you will get $96,000. And Kellyville competitor Stanhope Gardens, $100,000 difference. This couple are two of the lucky ones. They got a bargain and woodcraft. We have sent $100,000. A new phone app is set to revolutionise the way we shop. Helping users copy a celebrity style almost instantly. It allows you to find similar items of clothing online. World's most stylish cities. New York, Malan, Paris. But the next big thing in fashion will not be found walking down a runway. It is here, in this tiny office in London's South Kensington. A bunch of computer whiz kids are onto something big.It is a system that has been shipped by millions of years of evolution.He is talking about the human eye and brain. Now replicate it in a smartphone app. It is being touted as the shazam fashion.I take a picture of it and say, this is the pattern of want. This is looking against hundreds of thousands of brands.Whether it is the Duchess of Cambridge in black lace, or even a girl in the street. It will track it down, find the brand and the price and offer hundreds of similar locks. I suppose it is a bit like that. No Australian retailers are on board with this. But there is plenty of interest. There are also online giants. Next, shape recognition. That means shoes and handbags. The fashion stakes on the high street have never been so high. American songstress Linda Ronstadt has revealed she has Parkinson's disease and can no longer sing. The 67-year-old says was diagnosed earlier this year, but actually started experiencing symptoms eight years ago. The 11-time Grammy Award winner is planning to release her memoir next month. In the news ahead, dropping in through the ceiling. Police hunt for a brazen robber. Plus, preserving our past, he revealing look at Sydney's hidden images. And meet the world's cutest wins.

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Police in Adelaide are looking for a man who dropped in through a ceiling to hold up a bank. The offender threatened staff with a machete, demanding access to the safe. Police searched the roof space in the shopping centre for almost five hours to find the bandit, but he managed to get away. A massive wildfire has reached America's Yosemite National Park, threatening thousands of homes and forcing the evacuation of tourists. The California Governor has declared a State of Emergency as the blaze burns out of control across more than 400km. Massive rescue operation is still searching for a person still missing after a helicopter crashed. 14 people seen here still wearing their survival suits, were plucked from the water by the coastguard. Technology may be seen as the way of the future, but at the State library it is being used to preserve the past. It is unearthing a hidden treasure of images, slowly being restored to ensure they will last for decades. The Australian salt it captured for an eternity. It paints a revealing picture of our history.It across are like a time capsule. -- photographs.These are just a handful of the images buried in a labyrinth of archives deep beneath the State library.Age also wearies the photographs. We have an extensive photographic collection. Films that are degrading as we speak. That is where new technology is intervening. The preservation process happens in three stages. First, in archives, a photograph is chosen. They then go to technicians to convert the images into digital files. Which end up here, online, free for all of us to access. The ready next 10 years, it is hoped to 20 million documents will be available through the website. Rather than come into the library and spend a lot of time delving at fragile materials, you can bring them up online.Ensuring these priceless pictures can tell their stories were generations to come. They're America's only twin panda cubs and you only have to take a look at them to know they're extra special. The brothers were born at an Atlanta Zoo last month, and are getting a lot of attention from keepers. They're the first surviving panda twins to be born in the US in 26 years. Sport is next. The teenage dragon slayer has announced himself in the National Rugby league. Will the rabbit has been forced to rest their iceman? And Kevin Peterson and Michael Clarke This program is not captioned. MAN: SsangYong Korando
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It is no wonder the Tigers were keen to rush in Luke Brooks. He was brilliant on debut, in 19 84- 18 win. -- igniting. Remembering history at the SCG. It has been a season to forget for the Dragons make an Tigers Mac. There has not been. From the old to the new. Luke Brooks set up two tries. Greg Inglis glowing with the flow at rabbit as recovery. A session put everything back in the right place. His injured knee was given a working over in the 75th minute. By then, the damage was done on the scoreboard. He was instrumental in a 28- 20 win. It must be a temptation to rest against the Titans. We will assess that as we go along. The Bulldogs Makem Frank Pritchard and Josh Reynolds on report. -- Bulldogs have.I would like to play them again.James Segeyaro the smiling assassin. He made the Broncos make defenders look like dummies.He brings the entire squad up.He is a livewire. He kept the Panthers finals hopes going. The Gold Coast has home advantage against the Warriors, and they're ahead on the scoreboard as well. The Titans took just three minutes to score, Ryan James crashing over after a well directed kick. He has since doubled his tally. The lead is 16-10. New Zealand is off to a strong start in the Bledisloe Cup. All Blacks winger Ben Smith scored the opening try after collecting a hat trick last week. The lead 15-6 at half-time. The Sydney Swans are chasing an all important top two spot in the AFL but so far, they're finding the going tough against the second placed Cats in Geelong. Midway through the third term, Sydney trail by 32 points after losing Rhyce Shaw to a knee injury early on. Australia's bowlers are just about out of ideas as the chip away at England's blocking tactics. Michael Clarke snapped as the home side appeared to give up on a result. On a deck were runs have been flowing, England were crawling along. It took a lot of patients breakthrough. Richards were almost as rare as runs. But Australia kept on chipping away. -- wickets. England had clearly given up plans to hammer the visitors. But there are still content to frustrate them. Michael Clarke finally snapped. The captain firing up in a heated sniping session with Kevin Pieterson. There are shouting at each other.Asking them what they were up to.They were out of each other's faces soon enough. Kevin Pieterson sent packing. England are still trailed by 245 runs. They look set to be rescued by the weather. It has been raining all morning. The forecast is not been looking pretty. Adam Scott has worked overtime, playing 30 holes to catch up a weather delay at the Barclays in New York. He finished five under for the second round and is just three shots behind leader Matt Kuchar. Tiger Woods has five shots to make up. He's at five under par in a tie for 15th. And Nissan has recorded its first V8 Supercars win in 21 years. James Moffatt securing his maiden victory of the series in the process. Championship Leader Jaime Whincup's race was ruined by a busted gearbox. The theory is the cricket will be on GEM tonight. Coming up This program is not captioned. (CHILDREN CHATTER)

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It was a spectacular winter 's day.

Tomorrow, a low will hit WA, triggering some showers.

Before we go, here is a quick look at what is in store in 60 minutes. Tomorrow night, she was almost burned to death in that marathon bushfire. If there is a hell, she has been there. We tracked down the organisers. And she takes off her mask the good. That is tomorrow night at eight o'clock. That is all for this Saturday. Special coverage of the election campaign launch from midday tomorrow. Thank you for being with us. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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WOMAN: We're wearing browns. Browns?