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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - Tony Abbott works up a sweat and a new plan to stop the boats by buying them.This is adding to the arsenal of options that we need if we are genuinely going to stop the boats.Of all the mad ideas I have heard in immigration, I think boat buy back wins.Mounting pressure on Syria, as its ally Russia joins calls for an inquiry. A huge cocaine haul sealed in the keel of a luxury yacht bound for Australia. And Raiders players speak out about the sacking of their coach David Furner. It was never to get Dave the sack and that is the disappointing thing. Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News.Tony Abbott's come up with a multimillion dollar proposal to stop the unveiled
boats by buying them. He has unveiled the latest element of the Coalition's asylum seeker policy, a regional package to spend $450 million to thwart boat trips to Australia before they begin. Chief political correspondent Mark Simpkin reports. Tony Abbott's going commando.Five second ready!Getting down and dirty, not to mention soaked, saw and sweaty.The Opposition Leader joined the first armoured regiment for an eye popping workout. Political leaders are usually content to inspect the troops and they certainly never do it from this angle. Tough and uncompromising, the perfect warm-up for another instalment of the Coalition's asylum seeker policy.The strong message we are sending to the people smugglers, your game is up. Tony Abbott announced his regional deterrence framework at a naval base. The plan is worth more than $400 million over the forward estimates. The centre piece is increased regional cooperation. The Coalition wants to deploy more Federal police officers in three key countries. Their orders, disrupt people smuggling operations.Australia will spend $70 million giving Indonesia more search and rescue ships, crew and training, along with increased air surveillance.Always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka haven't signed up to the plan but the Coalition's confident they will.Shouldn't pretend to be an admiral. Inside Indonesia, a community engagement program will be rolled out. It includes paying bounties for information, putting village elders on stipends and giving them communication equipment and a buy back scheme.We are talking about a buy back scheme in a market of three-quarters of a million boats. Of all the mad ideas I have heard in immigration, I think boat buyback wins.Ministers are so keen to mock the buy the boats plan, they are bagging an old Labor policy in the process, talking of a maritime cash for clunkers. Tony Abbott hasn't revealed how much he will pay per boat and as for the wider policy, the Coalition believes it can pay for that by stemming asylum seeker arrivals. Kevin Rudd has gone on a one day five seat campaign blitz through Sydney's west. He is promoting a new policy to cut paperwork for small business but Labor's been confronted by polls suggesting it is losing its grip on crucial seats there. Political correspondent Greg Jennett reports. Bliss on a blitz, through Sydney's west.A moment to sit, a little serenity.I have never known a baby that doesn't like to be rocked.Campaigns on the other hand don't like to be rocked muchLet's save Australia, get rid of the dopey Labor Party.Kevin Rudd's taking risks.Why are you wasting so much money? Taking on the people, taking on the malls, taking on the doubters.We don't intend to give up. We don't intend to yield one inch.The PM's western whirlwind took him to five electorates. Two are among those that Galaxy polling suggests are at risk of falling into Liberal hands. His policy weapon for their defence is aimed at small business.The whole idea is just to reduce the paperwork.Firms with turnover below $20 million would be able to lodge their GST returns annually instead of quarterly.The beneficiaries of this, nationwide, will be 1.35 million Australian small businesses.All week Kevin Rudd has targeted Tony Abbott's big parental leave
business levy and his paid parental leave scheme. It is an attack based on the idea that both would happen. Now, a former Liberal finance minister's predicting neither will.Nick Minchin is no fan of the paid parental leave scheme.I don't see how this whole package, including the tax cut and the levy, will ever get through the Senate.I expect that if we are elected, the parliament of Australia, both houses, will except the mandate.Disharmony in the Liberal family.Know we are praying for you.That is heavenly manna for this man. Pressure is growing on Syria to allow an investigation into this week's alleged chemical weapons attack. The UN is sending a senior official to Damascus to demand inspectors be given access to the area. Even Syria's ally Russia has joined the calls for an inquiry. Philip Williams reports. What did happen in the Syrian capital? Was this a chemical attack and who was responsible? This boy described seeing his family killed in front of him.TRANSLATION: My grandfather came downstairs and rushed into the bathroom. He started vomiting, then convulsing, he died.The Syrian government denied it was culpable.TRANSLATION: Every time an international delegation comes to Syria to investigate something, countries that support the terrorism rush to fabricate a massacre.The rebel Free Syrian Army says all areas held by the opposition forces are now in danger of chemical attack.Bashar al-Assaded today, he has no red lines, nothing to lose. He wants to kill the revolutionists, whatever it takes.UN weapons so
inspectors are in Damascus but so far the Syrian government is denying requests to allow them to check for themselves.The French Foreign Minister warned if the Syrian Government is guilty of using chemical weapons, it is time to consider using unspecified force.The British Government is keeping its options open, a conservative MP and Syrian expert says it is time to bomb the Assad regime into negotiations.This will be a negotiated settlement at the end of the day. Then, the Russians and Assad will be taking the West seriously and then will come to the negotiating table and we will see an exit strategy for Bashar al-Assad.With the US showing no appetite for leading a military response, the global reaction may amount to not much more than stern words. The relentless violence in sir gentleman is driving thousands of people to flee into neighbouring countries every day. The United Nations says one million children are now languishing in refugee camps and advocates are calling on Australia to step in. No choice but to flee, and more than half are children. A million have crossed Syrian borders since the conflict started.In the tide of asylum seekers, Ruba Qadoura was 17 when she fled bitter fighting near Damascus.TRANSLATION: Because the rockets started hitting and then family members started passing away.They took off.Ruba is married to an Australian and moved to the Western Sydney suburb of Lurnea in April. She struggles with the memory of relatives killed and being separated from her parents and siblings to escaped to Lebanon.She worries a lot.At least 7,000 children have been killed in Syria's two and a half year long civil war.She has seen how it is. They can't stay there, it is obvious. Fleeing is better than getting killed.Very few Syrians are able to flee to Australia. Government has issued fewer than 2,000 humanitarian visas to refugees in Syria.To my understanding, only 90 have been admitted to Australia and they are from a certain sect and certain area.Australians are taking a very small amount, it is says it
unacceptable.The Government says it has provided visas to the most vulnerable and has given significant aid to support the refugee crisis. Egypt's former President, Hosni Mubarak, has been moved from prison to a military hospital. He will be held there while he appeals against a life sentence over the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising. Supporters rallied outside the prison chanting slogans of support and claiming life was better under Mubarak. His enemies say his release is a set back for the revolution. An international law enforcement operation has intercepted a massive shipment of cocaine bound for Australia. Almost 750kg of the drug were found stuffed in hidden compartments on a yacht moored in Vanuatu. Gordon Taylor reports. It is being hailed as one of the biggest drug busts in Australian history, an estimated $370 million of cocaine found in this luxury yacht, the 'Raj', moored in Port Vila. For three years, the AFP, customer tolls and US drug agents have been tracking criminal syndicates, using South
yachts to ship cocaine from South America across the Pacific.An estimated 750kg of cocaine was located secreted on board the vessel. What I can say is that the cocaine was destined for Australia.This is just another example of the vastness of the south Pacific and how South American drug trafficking syndicates continue to target Australia by way of the south Pacific.Vanuatu police searched the 'Raj' two years ago but found nothing. But intelligence indicated that drugs were on board, their concealment particularly sophisticated, under concrete and rock in the lower engine compartment and around the keel.The officers from all of the agencies spent some number of hours chiselling through the concrete and ultimately the rocks to reach the concealed drugs.The 'Raj' had been virtually abandoned, authorities pouncing when the catch was put up for sale. Even today it is still advertised for sale. No arrests have been made yet but a cocaine supply route to Australia has been disrupted.Suffice to say on this occasion, we have taken the legs out from under them. But, we are not resting on our laurels.Police say the seizure means 750,000 or more individual deals will be kept off Australian streets. Canberra police are investigating a spate of overnight arson attacks in the city and inner northern suburbs. In the worst fire, an apartment block in Turner was evacuated in the early hours, when 14 cars and a boat were set alight in the car park. Black smoke billowed from Condamine court and services to the building were cut.Obviously with some 60 residents and 27 flats above the car park underground, it was a dangerous situation with dense smoke and it was fortunate we haven't received any injuries in relation to the matter.Among other more minor fires, a car was set alight in Reid. Nearby residents were evacuated for a short time.An elderly woman was killed when she was hit by a truck while trying to cross the main street in Queanbeyan this afternoon. Police spent several hours at the scene, trying to work out what had happened.It was very disturbing the scene, there was a number of people, shortly after lunch, they were in the street and witnessed the incident. We would ask anyone who did see it and hasn't spoken to the police, to contact the Queanbeyan police station or Crime Stoppers.The truck driver was uninjured and police say it was too early to say who was at fault. It caused traffic jams until late this afternoon.China's one time political high-flyer Bo Xilai is putting up a fight in his corruption trial in a break from convention, details of the trial are being reported on Chinese social media. Bo's own wife gave evidence today about corrupt payments he is alleged to have received. China correspondent Stephen McDonell is at the hearing. In Jinan, China's high level political drama continues to unfold at the city's main court building.Bo Xilai arrived for the second day of his trial, where he is now well and truly set the cat amongst the pigeons.Instead of accepting his fate in China's notoriously rigged judicial system, the one-time rising political star is denying he took bribes, saying earlier confessions were induced during interrogation. He has personally cross-examined a key prosecution witness. He even dumped his jailed wife into had saying he was the one with connections to this corrupt businessman. When a recorded testimony from Bo Xilai's wife was played to court, reporters scrambled to hear what she was saying. Gu Kailai admitted to receiving gifts from the businessman but couldn't be sure that her husband was aware of this.It has been remarkable to see Bo Xilai fighting back the way he has. He will probably still lose, but by making the case against him look weak, he seems determined to embarrass the Government for sending him down.Much of the trial content is being put up on the court's official social media site. It means that the holes that Bo Xilai can punch in the case against him are there for all to see. Just a day after being sentenced for leaking classified material, US soldier Bradley Manning has revealed plans to live as a woman. In a statement, Manning says she wishes to begin hormone therapy and be known as Chelsea. During the trial, pictures of Private Manning wearing a blond wig emerged. The military prison says it doesn't provide inmates with sex change treatment. Manning's lawyer has vowed to fight for therapy.I will become the smartest person on ensuring that a soldier who is in confinement with gender dysphoria gets appropriate medical treatment.The US Private is not expected to request a transfer to a woman's prison. He is the most senior Australian executive to be convicted of insider trading but John Gay won't be jailed for selling 3.4 million Gunns shares while he was the company's executive chairman. Instead he has received a modest fine in light of what the Supreme Court described as unusual circumstances. John Gay left court a free man.Are you relieved you won't be going to jail? He has been fined $50,000 after pleading guilty to insider trading. It is less than a quarter of the maximum fine.The conviction is significant, the decision of the court on the appropriate penalty is really one that the court makes having regard to the relevant facts at the time.Protesters outside the court were outraged.Pathetic. This man, to satisfy community expectations, should be in jail right now.In 2009 John Gay read a private management report detailing a dramatic drop in Gunns profits. A month later he solid $3 million worth of Gunns shares. When the company's grim half yearly results came out the share price plunged. Justice David Porter described Gay's inside information as high grade but said the offence was less serious than others because Gay was motivated to sell by the need to reduce family debts when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.In a written statement, John Gay said the past four years have been among the hardest of his life. He says he is now looking forward to spending more time with family and concentrating on treatment for his ongoing battle with cancer.Gunns entered voluntary administration last year.They breached a number of governance standards and therefore it is not surprising that a massive governance breach like insider trading has emerged at the end of the Gunns story.John Gay hopes the rest of his story will play out in private. To finance and global markets have rebounded thanks to some stronger manufacturing data from Europe, but there is mounting concern about the health of emerging economies in Asia.

Other global markets were higher overnight on news that Europe's manufacturing index hit a 2-year peak. The continent looks to be turning a corner but one of the big themes for investors is the markets in Indonesia, Thailand and Indonesia. There has been a flood of money out of those nations and back into the US recently.Just the talk of tapering is pushing up both long term interest rates in the US. The 10-year treasury and also the US dollar against a basket of emerging market currencies. India is the biggest worry interest rate on its 10-year government bonds climbed above 9% earlier this month. The Australian dollar only moved a fraction today against the major currencies. Gains were evenly spread across the rest of the market. Although Sydney Airport fell 1.8% after a newspaper report pointed out it had paid no company tax since it was privatised 10 years ago. We are now into the home straight into the corporate earnings season, 80% of companies have tabled their results and so far two-thirds have increased profits from a year ago, while 39% have beaten market expectation. That is not as good as the February reporting season but still it is better than it has been over the past few years.

Canberra's garbage collectors have been ordered back to work by the Fair Work Commission. They walked off the job this morning leaving many households were full bins. The collectors are worried they could lose up to $200 a week in wages when a new contractor takes over in October. That is despite reassurances from the ACT Government that there will be no lost wages or conditions.Why we have got to this point is that these guys are extremely cranky and it needs to be sorted out before the new contracts start. We only have a couple of weeks before the new contract starts and it needs to be sorted out now.Workers should return to their jobs tomorrow.The Fair Work Commissioner has offered to step in and resolve the dispute.Boorish, selfish, obnoxious and disrespectful, that is how the behaviour of six Australian swimmers has been described in the lead-up to last year's London Olympics. The Australian Olympic Committee's inquiry found the relay team's conduct during a bonding session upset female swimmers and affected morale. Former head coach Leigh Nugent and other team officials were criticised for failing to report the incident. In April, Swimming Australia issued fines and suspended bans to the swimmers involved. The AOC says that is punishment enough but any future transgressions could rule them out of competition in Rio.What we have done is given them a yellow card and they are on a very serious three-year good behaviour bond.Kitty Chiller has been named Chef de Mission for the 2016 Rio Games. She's the first woman to hold the position. Australia's looking to restrict England to a modest total when play gets underway on day three of the fifth Ashes Test. The tourists declared their innings at 9/492 with Stephen Smith scoring his first century. Duncan Huntsdale reports. After a soggy first session, the forecast was brighter, but not for Siddle.COMMENTATOR: Bowled him.A low pressure system hampered Haddin.This was Smith's day to shine.He's thrown the bat at that.Haddin survived a laughable review from England.Smith was looking to take the aerial route to his first century.Between overs I said what do you think about hitting him over his head and he said keep a clear mind and if it is there go for it.In the air. That is six. What a way to go to your debut hundred. Magnificent.It is a great feeling to get a hundred in a Test match.Trott took a rare wicket but quick fruns the lower order helped Australia declare on 9/492 with Smith unbeaten on 138.The England openers made it to stumps as some started going bananas at the end of a long day. Australian coach Darren Lehmann's out of sync with the ICC after criticising Stuart Broad for not walking in the first Test.That was just blatant cheating. I don't advocate walking but when you hit it to first slip it is hard. I hope the Australian public give it to him for the whole summer and I hope he cries and goes home.Lehmann has been fined 20% of his match fee. Senior Raiders players have confirmed they met with the club's board the night before coach David Furner was sacked. Raiders captain Terry Campese and senior player Brett White say they discussed the direction of the club but insist they didn't intend to get their coach fired.As the Raiders prepare for life without David Furner, the circumstances of the club stalwart's departure remain unclear.In every organisation there will be disgruntlement.Was that the feeling amongst the playing group? I don't deny there was issues but I am not going into the issues.Captain Terry Campese and senior player White revealed they expressed their concerns about the direction of the club to the board.No, we went in there with all good intentions of the club in mind. Those ish been brought up before in the past.A few things that we thought could mover the club forward and definitely after leaving that meeting didn't think that this would come out of that.With three weeks remaining in the season the Raiders are still a chance of making the NRL finals. Furner expressed his shock at the timing of the decision this morning on ABC radio.That is the thing I have been battling with is the timing of it. That it was
is probably the main thing, if it was at the end of the year and they reviewed us and said they no longer need my services.The players say they didn't recommend that Furner be sacked muchPlayers don't make the decisions, the board made the decision.They also rejected claims that Furner's lenient treatment of wayward star Blake Ferguson was a major issue.If he wants to play here, for sure, he would be an asset to the team but that is up to Blake, does he want to be here? The players want to start a new chapter but face an immediate challenge as they take on the high-flying Sea Eagles on Sunday at Canberra Stadium. The Wallabies must beat the All Blacks in New Zealand tomorrow to keep their chances of winning back the Bledisloe Cup alive. An expectant Wellington crowd will be directing lots of attention to a New Zealand debutant. He might have one of the more generic names in rugby but everybody's talking about Tom Taylor.Going on debut in a play-making position, you have to make sure that you test out what is going on.The 24-year-old will start at No.10 for the All Blacks in Saturday's Bledisloe Test.Rooming with him actually. He has been great, getting
asking lots of questions and getting up to speed.Coming off a loss in Sydney, this encounter looms as an even greater test for the visitors but despite the prospect of a black sea of opposition support, the Australian skipper is looking on the bright side.I have won twice this year in New Zealand playing for the Reds. It is just another footy ground.Tactically it is about composure according to fly-half Will Genia.They enjoy kicking into our half and putting us under pressure and forcing the mistakes. We have to be smarter with how we use the ball.Striking a stronger balance between kicking and running, is also a priority after the attacking rugby motto took precedence in Sydney. Fly-half Matt Toomua is looking more comfortable in the green and gold after last week's debut. Wallabies fans are hopeful there are no cases of stage fright in what stands to be a pivotal Bledisloe Test.A World War I medal belonging to a VC winner which turned up at a garage sale in Melbourne has been donated to the War Memorial in Canberra. A shopper with a keen eye for military memorabilia snapped up the medal for a song.Just a few knickknacks and she said that will be $30. I paid $30 for that.It was seven years before he connected it to Alexander Burton who was killed at Gallipoli and posthumously awarded the VC. John Walker got in touch with Burton's descendants and told them he wanted to donate the medal to the War Memorial. Despite having a good eye for finding treasure amongst trash, Mr Walker says his garage sale days are over.I think my wife would say no, she would say dispose of more material to the war museum.The medal will hang next to Burton's VC which is already in the memorial's collection.Turning to the weather. A pretty gloomy day around Canberra. A bit of rain. It was cold with a brisk wind as well. There is a heavy mass of cloud over the south-east main land and Tasmania, while it is mostly clear over the northern half of the country. That cloud came courtesy of a cold front and trough which has now moved off the east coast a high pressure cell will bring fine and stable weather to the main land for the weekend. That is the latest from the Canberra newsroom. Stay with us now for 7.30 ACT with Chris Kimball. That is coming up next. I'm Craig Allen. Thanks for your company. Good night. Captions by CSI Australia

This Program is Captioned Live.From the very start, Joan Baez was more than just a singer. She was an activist.Those were 10 extraordinary years of talent, of a perfect storm, the civil rights, Vietnam, the music, Woodstock. That is not going to happen again. Hello, welcome to 7.30 ACT. I'm Chris Kimball. Good to be with you.Coming up - the race for Canberra's Senate seats and we will speed date with the candidates for Hume. More from Joan Baez in Canberra for a concert tomorrow.But first - we're nearly three weeks into the election campaign and we are still talking boats.The Opposition today unveiled a