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(generated from captions) agencies spent some number of hours chiselling -We'll just break out of that there because the Education Minister Bill Shorten has just begun a media conference.With the senseless murder of Chris Lane in America but this is a good school and this is a strong community and they really care about their students both past and present. It's also important today we start to see the implotion and division within the ranks of the Abbott Liberals over their unaffordable and unfair paid parental leave scheme. Indeed, not only the cracks beginning to appear, but they've really burst wide open with the references today in the 'Financial Review' where an unnamed senior National Party source has said that they were already unhappy with Mr Abbott's $5.5 billion paid parental leave scheme which an anonymous senior National Party member has called a heap of poo, he actually used worse words than that, but a heap of poo, which they believe will undermine the value of their company tax cut. So today we see Mr Abbott's paid parental leave scheme being ridiculed in the newspapers by senior member of his own team as rubbish, but it's not only that where the problems start for the Coalition today. We also that there are the third most
senior Liberal in the Coalition ranks, Senator Eric Abetz, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, has been effectively put into witness protection along with the workplace relations policy of the Coalition when Senator Abetz, to the surprise of his colleagues, outlined honestly for the first time the intention of the Coalition to interfere and review all 24,000 enterprise agreements in Australia covering 3 million workers. The Coalition is now concerned that workers may be getting paid too much money in Australia, they want to review every agreement, they want to limit agreements to inflation or less, at the same time they want to hand out to multimillionaires extravagantly generous gold-plated paid parental leave schemes. But the third problem the Coalition hatz today, along with their industrial relations spokesperson, who has been mysteriously dropped from the team, along with their paid parental leave scheme, which the National Party are calling a heap of excrement, the third problem they've now got is that you've got what could only be called the maritime version of cash for clunkers. We were going to have a 3-star military general writing cheques for every leaky boat in South-East Asia. This is crazy. We all know that the regional resettlement agreement has started to have an impact on people smugglers. The Opposition are getting desperate but they have invented a sea-going version of cash for clunkers and wait till the news gets out throughout South-East Asia that if you have a leaky, unsafe boat, that the Australian taxpayer is going to buy it off you. I don't know who dreamed that idea but they should go into the Liberal witness protection program with Senator Abetz, with their IR policy as well. Happy to take questions.(Inaud ybl) There's only a $30 billion hol, you've been saying $70 billion, isn't that embarrassing for you?Goodness me, how have the such
Liberal Party got everyone with such low expectations that when they say there's only a $30 billion hole, we say well there's a bigger hole. How many holes do you need in your policies before someone says you don't know what you're going. A $30 billion hole and all we hear from the Opposition is we'll announce it before the election. We've known since the last election in 2010 there will be another election, how is it that the Coalition has v had 1,000 days to tell people how they pay for some of their crazy promises like cash for sea-going clunkers, like the paid parental leave scheme for multimillionaires. Not only do they have bad ideas, they can't even explain how they pay for them. We're running out of time in Australia. 14 days before an election still won't tell us their
costings and election and the Coalition
still won't tell saying
costings and you've got a bank saying that there's at a