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(generated from captions) had for quite some time but they're going to expand that into the area of wanting more regional cooperation and will spend a bit more than $60 million to put a specialised Australian police officers into joint operations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in an effort to stop boats at their source from making the journey in the first place. So a couple of weeks ago we heard the 3-star general idea for the the
border command and now this is the next increment in the Coalition's border protection policy.OK, Kerrin Binnie there in Canberra. Time ed that perfectly because the PM Kevin Rudd is just stepping up for a media conference right now. We've heard he's been in western Sydney. Don't know the exact location of this spot but there's been a flurry of activity there in the last few seconds and so we're about to start with the PM and Kerrin mentioning that we're expecting another small business announcement from the PM today de creasing the burden on small business for GST reporting.It's good to be today right across a whole bunch of seats in western Sydney. This is a tough election campaign. We are fighters and we intend to take the message out to the people of western Sydney as we do right across the country about how we best build the new industries and jobs of the future and contrasting that with the cuts and Cuttses and more cuts which Mr Abbott stands to deliver if he's elected as PM. We spent a week or so focussing in this campaign on how to build a new industry for the future and the new jobs for the future, whether they were in manufacturing, whether they were in the services industries, whether they're in mining services, whether they are in oil and gas, whether they're in medical research and whether they're going to be generated by the national broadband network because we believe in jobs and jobs are going to be created by the new industries of the future. We've also spent a week or so in this campaign focussing on the contrast between what we intend to we are getting behind to bill build and the jobs we are getting behind for the
future we are getting future and where those $70 billion worth of cuts that Abbott talks about are going to fall. Cuts to jobs, cuts the health, cuts to education. And we therefore believe that this is a very clear contrast between our plan for building the country's future and his plan for cutting and cutting to the bone. We've also today been talking about cost of living pressures and I know they are real here in western Sydney as well. And about what we've done in partnership with the Reserve Bank to keep our interest rates at the lowest they've been in 60 years, to make sure that people on average incomes are paying less tax now than they were 5 or 6 years ago. That we're helping families having increased the child care rebate from 30 to 50% and also through practical measures like what we're doing with the school kids bonus. And this we contrast on cost of living debate
arrangements with the whole debate about paid parental leave. And on paid parental leave we're out there proud of our scheme, modest and affordable, out there already helping more than 300,000 Australian families. But the contrast is just unbelievable with Mr Abbott's uncosted, unaffordable, unfair and just irresponsible paid parental leave scheme which would pay $75,000 for millionaires to have a baby for six months. So that's what we've been doing out there arguing our plans for building the jobs and industries of the future and we've spent on that. We spent a solid we've spent a solid week or so or so in contrasting that with Mr Abbott's plans to cut, cut and cut jobs, health as well as education services and bringing it to bear on the big debate about paid parental leave. Our affordable scheme, his unaffordable scheme. Our fair scheme, his unfair scheme, our economically responsible scheme, his economically irresponsible $22 billion scheme designed, it seems, to help millionaires have a bub. Today, we and the period ahead, we're going to be focussing again on how we build the new jobs and industries of the future. Out here in western Sydney, people must have jobs. must
Right across Australia people must have jobs. If you don't have jobs there's no household pay packet. You don't have a household pay packet it affects everything. And so one of the big generators of jobs are small businesses like this one here. Small businesses are the heart and soul of the Australian economy. And we've got more than 3 million of them and they employ about 5 million Australians and our job is to make sure that we make their working day as easy as possible so that they can focus on making fantastic bread and not having to deal with a whole bunch of red tape. And so on red tape in the last few days what we've outlined is our plans to cut red tape when it comes to compliance with superannuation payments, using the clearing house. We've outlined our plans to cut red tape for small business by allowing small businesses to use another government service to deal with paid parental leave so that they don't have that administrative burden as well. But the third one today which I will talk about and ask David briefly to add to is cutting red tape when it comes to compliance with the goods and services tax. Pretty simply it's like this, right now in small businesses if you've got a small business generating more than $2 million in its GST turnover they are required to submit 4 BAS statements every year. Now that's a lot of red tape and we understand that it takes about - the GST compliance represents about half of the time it takes for small businesses overall compliance with business tax regulation. So we want to cut that further. At present, as I said, it's 4 year. said, it's 4 BAS statements a
year. If you've got a business generating more than 2 million
worth worth of turnover. What we're going to do is multiply going to do is multiply that by 10. So if you've got a 10. with a turnover for GST businesses of $20 million, as of the reelection of our government, if the people return us, we are going to make sure that those small businesses only have businesses only have to submit one BAS statement a year, not 4, if that's what they want to do. That reduces enormously the overall burden of business compliance on the part of the small businesses of Australia. And the beneficiary s of this nation wide will be 1.35 million Australian small businesses. It's all about taking some of the small burd - of the burden off small business. We're in the business of making it easier for small business to get out there and prosper whereas Mr Abbott is imposing on small businesses and independent retirees and families the tax burden to pay for his unaffordable, unfair and irresponsible paid parental leave scheme. Do you want to add something on the tax changes?Thanks very much. It's great to have the PM here in Penrith and great to be here with Kabin Joshi which runs this local bakery at westfield, Penrith. As the PM said we're announcing today an important measure that will cut red tape for small and medium businesses. Mr Abbott has, he's really had a few of these 3-word slogans out in this campaign, cutting red tape has been one of them. But I've got 3 letters for Mr Abbott and that is GST. Because never before had small and medium businesses been strangled with red tape quite like they were when the Liberal Government introduced the GST. Well today we're taking out the scissors and we're going to cut some of that red tape. For the 1.35 million small and medium businesses across this country we're saying to them that you will only have to put in one that
BAS return per year and what that means is it will ensure all the headaches, all of the heart atake - heart atake all of the paperwork they're being buried in will be taken away on a quarterly basis. They can put in quarterly payments and at the end of the year reconcile that with a statement. That will cut red tape and allow small businesses like this one here in Penrith to get on doing the job they do best which employing millions of
Australians.Over to you employing millions Australians.Over to you folks
for questions.Labor's had 6 years to bring in for questions.Labor's years to bring in this reform on the GST, why has it on the GST, why has it taken this long?You know something, we've been working on the whole regulatory environment for
business over a long period of time and we have changed a large number of regulations already. But when you talk about cutting red tape, you can either mouth, as David just said, the 3-word slogan or you can do it in three specific ways. What we've outlined in the last 48 hours is 3 specific ways to do it. One, on superannuation payments by small businesses, 2, on meeting their compliance obligations with paid parental leave, and number 3, most importantly, releasing the number of BAS statements which small businesses with a turnover of less than $20 million have to play. These are 3 plans for the future, it builds on what we've done in the past.Raised concerns about how much this might cost the government, have you put a figure on the costing?The cost is small but unquantifiable across the forward estimates. This will not have a significant revenue impact but it will remove a huge paperwork impact. That's the point. People are not going to be paying less tax but they will be spending less time drowning in the paperwork involved with meeting their system.What
obligations under the tax system.What we're talking about, if you're introducing a simplified tax compliance arrangement it takes the burden of these folks in terms of time. That's the important measure here. What we're doing is making sure that for the government we shoulder that burld - burden by only requiring one compleex of a BAS statement each year for businesses with a turn over under $20 million. That's the right thing to do by business.Bank of America, Merrill Lynch has identified what it says is a $30 billion hole in the Opposition's costings. Is that a bit embarrassing to your government saying you've been consistently saying there's a $70 billion hole?You know something, all mystery would be removed from this question if Mr Abbott just for once would come clean on his $70 billion worth of cuts or X billion dollars worth of Cutts. We've had figures from Mr Hockey and Mr Robb, Saul Eslake today has talked about 30. These are all figures which are added to the existing Budget bottom line. So Mr Abbott's out there saying he's going to restore the surplus, I think. Right now there's something between a 30, if you make Saul Eslake's figure, if you take Joe Hockey's figure, $70 billion figure, which is $70 billion added to the Budget bottom absent their added to the Budget absent added to the Budget bottom line the fact here? absent their details. What's the fact here? The fact here is that if you are going to have any confidence whatsoever in what Mr Abbott is going to