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You are looking very good, you are looking relaxed, I am not just sure if that is the make-up that the make-up girls have put on for you. They are very good. I asked for a nip and a tuck... (LAUGHTER) General facial reconstruction. It was two or three minutes before we went on. I think as you folks are when you go on you are a bit in the zone. When someone comes to put your make-up on you are in the zone, just thinking. I think the lady concerned later today put online that she regretted her remarks and, frankly, I don't even worry about it. It is water off a duck's back. That was Kevin Rudd's response to claims he was rude to a TV make-up artist on the 7pm The Project last night.It is still 7pm, isn't it. 'The Project' I think it is. Yes, that's right. Time for In the House - and fresh from make-up we've got Health Minister Tayna Plibersek and the Opposition Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Good morning to you.Morning.What did you think of that last night?I was on a plane coming home from Darwin...What did you think of it just then?I think everyone has minutes when they are distracted. The difficulty in our jobs is you meet a lot of people but you only meet them once and very briefly, and so they form an instant judgment of you. If you are on a good day and you are having a good day, that is great. If you are having a minute when you are not on your very best behaviour that is your opinion of you forever. But he does have form on this. The make-up artists here at Nine all give us their assessment of you guys but not as an out of the zone way. It is - often we get told how nice the pollies are that come on and they do get to see you guys in a real moment. This make-up artist obviously saw Kevin Rudd in a real moment and was seriously unimpressed, particularly compared to Tony Abbott.Look, I just think it is overinterpreting a couple of minutes in someone's day at a very busy time in her lives.You do say hello to people, don't you?Yeah, pretty much.You don't think he has that element of him.No, I find him charming. I mean, I spend a lot of time with him. This last week I have been spending a lot of time with him making our terrific announcement about extra cancer nurses and stroke care coordinators and out there defending Medicare Locals which the Libs want to get rid of it. It is a lot of pressure, it is a tough time and he is never anything but calming.Have you ever not said hello?I always say hello. Imagine the consequences if you are rude to a make-up artist!!Hell hath no fury!!That's right, suddenly you discover you had a boozeers nose and you didn't think you had one, or your boozeer's nose has not been covered up! You know what is really interesting about this is what social media has done to democratise politician. Kevin is rude to the make-up artist, she is grumer my, what does she do, she tells her boyfriend, husband, friends, nothing happens, maybe it fines its way to a newspaper but it is very hard to run the story because Kevin would say, that is not true, she is biased, and it would never hit the deck. But associate media gives Hermann own little mega phone and she can express herself in a way that before Facebook and Twitter and so forth she was absolutely voiceless. So it is this powerful democratising effect of media.And as Kevin Rudd has found out with his 1. Whatever followers.We are having a discussion about this next Thursday, 29th, you should come, has social media turned us all into one big selfie? What is the future of politics. Is it - is social media cutting the level of politics Tanya?We are doing a Twitter debate for our local paper this afternoon which is another example of how people use it. On the flipside of, yes, she has her own mega phone, don't you sometimes wish that you hadn't said that thing? I don't know how this lady feels about it but sometimes you want to say something in the heat of the moment and if you reflect for an hour you think, maybe I overreacted, maybe I was in a bit of a bad mood myself. Sometimes it is better to take a little break before you -But the pressure is on Kevin Rudd at the moment. The polls are looking bad. Queensland, which he was supposed to bring forward to the election and have all the winning vote, that is in real trouble. Western Sydney, where you are, you are in the inner city, but that is looking bad. He could even lose his own seat.Well, it is a tough campaign.It is the very eastern suburbs of Sydney if you think that she is in the city. I don't think Piermont is the western suburbs!!It is a tough campaign, we knew it was tough campaign. We started out behind. The Liberal Party has been spending an awful lot on advertising but the Prime Minister is a real fighter. He will fight every minute of every day. He has been up at 5:30 in the markets at Western Sydney. Today he has a string of things all day in Western Sydney.But in reality, and it is very difficult to know defentivety what the polls are saying and whether that will eventuate on election day, but you will lose Goff Whitlam's seat which you have held -Let's not go there just that. It is going to be a massacre.Look, I think we have two weeks to go, there are a variety of polls out there, some are much worse than others. Some have us neck and neck and our internal polling is a little different to the published polling as well.Still bad, though. Well, it is neck and neck and it means that people really is to spend the next two weeks focusing on what $70 billion worth of cuts mean to the services they value. Health, education -What about - What would your car plan do? You take $500 million out of the car industry. 36,000 jobs in Victoria alone.Tanya, you smashed the Australian car industry with the FBT changes. What you say is absolutely untrue. Ford is laying off workers, putting people on part-time work -What is going to happen when you take away car industry support?This is why people are turning off the government, because you have a policy, you change -Because of me?