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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - widespread condemnation of the suspected gas attack in Syria, but UN weapons inspectors are denied access. It is repugnant beyond description. If true, an utterly reprehensible thing. China's most politically charged court case in decades gets under way, with a high-profile defendant in the dock. And digesting the debate - party leaders back on the campaign trail, as political pundits pick over the people's forum.

ANNOUNCER: From SSBS, this is World News Australia.

Good evening. I'm Anton Enus.And I'm Kathy Novak. Also ahead tonight - one dead, another seriously injured, after two floors of a Melbourne building site collapse. And don't delay the doctor - why men, rather than women, are much more likely to die from skin cancer. But first - the United Nations is demanding access to the site of the alleged gas attack in Syria. The Syrian opposition claims more than 1,300 people were killed in the attack.As usual, both sides are blaming the other. In the past hour, France has said it will seek reaction with force if chemical arms are confirmed. A warning - the images in our report are distressing. The scenes are shocking, the dead lined up row upon row. Men and women young and old, boys and girls... Too many to fit into this makeshift morgue. Some of the bodies laid out in corridors. The distressing scenes overwhelming the cameraman, and infuriating the Syrian opposition.

The Syrian regime has denied responsibility for the attack. It says if chemical weapons were used it, was by the rebels. But it's a claim that is not cutting much ice with many experts.This is very sophisticated weaponry. This is very sophisticated science. You can't knock it up in your back room and deliver it. I'm not aware that the rebels have that capability. At the moment, until we know more, it is looking very much like it is a regime -delivered massacre.A posting on a Syrian government news Facebook page appearing to contradict the ade-- official denials of involvement.

As the dead are buried and children are forced to farewell those who raised them, America must now decide if this single act is a game-changer. Earlier this ye, President Obama warned that a red line would be crossed if chemical weapons were to be used. For now, the US has is simp -- is simply demanding that UN weapons inspectors be Giffin access to the area. They are currently just 15 minutes drive away. But so far, permission has been denied. We'll have more on this story later in the program, with reaction from Australia to events in Syria. One of China's most politically sensitive trials in decades is now under way. Bo Xilai, once one of China's most powerful men, was expelled from the Communist Party last year following a scandal involving the murder of a British businessman. He was brought to court in the eastern city of junan today, accused of bribery, corruption, and abuse of power. Pensive, greying, slightly stooped, Bo Xilai entered court for the final chapter in what could be a most spectacular fall from grace. A charismatic former commerce minister tipped to reach the very top of Chinese politics, now facing a lengthy jail term. He remarked he hoped the arked he hoped the judge would deal with the case reasonably and fairly. Outside the court, heavy security among onlookers, many of them Bo supporters.

Early indications were he wouldn't take things lying down, denying the first of several bribery charges, of taking more than 1 million yuan - around $180,000 - from a businessman. The bribery charges involve a minimum 10 years jail. He also stands accused of abusing his powers to cover up murder. When he was party secretary of Chongqing. In late 2011, an associate - British businessmanciate - British businessman Neil Heywood - was found dead in a hotel room. Bo's trusted police chief gave an extraordinary account of Heywood's killing. At her trial last year, Bo's wife Gu Kailai admitted poisoning Heywood, receiving a suspended death sentence. But while the party touts the trial as proof of a crackdown on corruption, many - like academic Wang Yukai - see politi academic Wang Yukai - see
politics. TRANSLATION: Bo attempted to topple higher authorities. He was very ambitious politically. He broke taboos.This human rights lawyer just one of many who think a guilty verdict all but certain.

The complete removal of the Maoist- leaning Bo is seen as likely to consolidate President Xi Jinping's power.The Maoist faction might become less powerful, and this is a good thing for President Xi Jinping, who espouses a more moderate political line. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak could be released from prison within the next few hours. A court has ordered Mubarak to be freed while awaiting a retrial for charges relating to the deaths of hundreds of people during the country's violent 2011 uprising, which toppled the former leader. Security has been increased outside the Cairo prison, where former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak has lived for the past two years in anticipation of his release. A topic which has dominated headlines and divided people.

A court ordered the 85-year-old's release, while he awaits a retrial on charges of corruption and complicity related to the deaths of hundreds of people two years ago. That violent uprising led to the end of Mubarak's 30-year reign. Mubarak was initially convicted but technicalities prompted an appeals court to order a new trial.

Mubarak's release comes after the July coup which ousted Mohammed Mursi as president, and in the wake of the deadly violence here this month.It's a slam in the face, it's a slam of the face of the nation and e of the nation and face of justice and respect.But the former leader remains a popular figure to some people who are not only concerned about the violence, but also the international attention - including calls for the US to suspend more than $1 billion in military aid. TRANSLATION: Hosnimilitary aid. TRANSLATION: Hosni Mubarak was well-respected internationally. Egypt was respected during Mubarak's time, no-one dared to impose their opinion on Egypt or its government.Once Mubarak is released, he will likely be placed under house arrest while awaiting trial. The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is trying to seize campaign momentum from last night's people's forum in Brisbane, vowing he's already known for his comeback capabilities.But a new opinion poll in his own Queensland seat suggests he may have work to do close to home.In the arms e to home.In the arms of the faithful, the morning after l, the morning after the night before.Do I have re.Do I have your support?A reiginvigorated Kevin Rudd is promising another resurrection. People have written me off before. I have a habit of coming back.It may have to be a bigger comeback than anticipated, with a new poll in his own seat of Griffith showing he's losing showing he's losing to the LNP's Bill Glasson. The poll of 958 voters published by 'The Guardian' Australia shows the Prime Minister on a primary vote of just 38%. After preferences, Dr Glasson is ahead. Having kicked off his campaign with two debates in Griffith, Kevin Rudd is skipping another tonight.You won't be there tonight?I've got another responsibilities.He has agreed to another people's forum at Western Sydney's Rooty Hill, after last night's in Brisbane gave him a boost. There been much comment about Tony Abbott's frustrated intervention.Just one final point on this...Does this guy ever shut up?(LAUGHTER) We're having a discussion, mate. The Opposition lead header is having none of the criticism. He says Kevin Rudd's all talk and no action.One contest that I can never win against Mr Rudd is a talk-athon.I think we got a glimpse of what happens when he snaps last when he snaps last night, for a brief moment.I think that was one of the great moments one of the great moments in the history of Australian leaders' debates.Today, Tony Abbott was in Sydney talking health - funding for bowel cancer screening, diabetes research, tropical medicine and general practice. Kevin Rudd went further south to most marginal Corangamite, promising a new hospital and sports precinct. He's vowing to ban tobacco donations to all political parties. The Coalition responded. The party will, from this time forward, take no further donations from tobacco companies.The Prime Minister's also promising to remove small-business red tape on superannuation and parental leave. The poll result in Kevin Rudd's seat follows a Newspoll across the mainland states. It shows some Labor gains in Queensland, but losses elsewhere - a net loss of 10 seats, including Tasmania and it could be worse. Mr Rudd received a free character assessment from the make-up artist from last night's debate - on Facebook, she said Mr Abbott was lovely, Mr Rudd the exact opposite. She later took down the post, saying she regretted the comments.I'm not all that happy getting make-up put on the best of days. Misunderstandings occur. No hard feelings in terms of the comments.Not from him, anyway. Asylum seekers themselves have joined the fight against people- smuggling. Detaineesst people- smuggling. Detainees on Manus Island were asked if they wanted to record their experiences of people- smuggling. Today, people- smuggling. Today, their video was released.

Make no mistake - the trade at the moment hurts people in every way.

Immigration Minister Tony Burke also confirmed another group of asylum seekers has now been transferred to Manus lind. Billionaire and political party founder Rhys Palmer -- Clive Palmer has accused Liberal National candidate Mal Brough of asking him to bankroll the sexual harassment case brought last year against former speaker Peter Slipper. Mr Palmer says he rejected the request. Mr Brough, running against Slipper in Fisher, has denied the allegations. The Federal Court threw out the harassment case against Mr Slipper last year, ruling it vexatious. Julian Assange has taken responsibility for the implosion within his WikiLeaks Party, saying he overdelegated to senior figures within the party. Yesterday, the number two Victorian candidate, Lesley Cannolder quit over a dispute over preferencing arrangements. Mr Assange admits he handed over too much power to WikiLeaks' National Council, but says he did so because he was preoccupieded with trying to save Edward Snowden. Still with WikiLeaks, US soldier Bradley Manning, who gave the organisation thousands of classified documents and diplomatic cables, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. The 25-year-old was convicted last month of 20 charges, including espionage. He's required to serve one-third of the sentence before he is eligible for parole. He was a hero to some, a traitor to others. Responsible for the largest leak of classified files in American history. For that and other charges, Bradley Manning will serve 35 years behind bars. Reports say he listened at attention, not showing any emotion as his sentence was handed down.You get credit for accepting responsibility. You get credit for entering into stipulations of expected testimony that saves the court time. 35 years doesn't seem like he got much credit.Manning admitted to leaking 700,000 documents, including battlefield reports from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while he was stationed there in 2010.

He says he wanted to spark a debate about America's foreign policy. But it was thousands of diplomatic cables that caused deep embarrassment to the US and its allies, prompting warnings from US officials that troops and intelligence sources had been jeopardised. Prosecutors described Manning as an attention-seeking traiter and were pushing for 60 years.To knock that down to a sentence that is in all probability will be under 10 years served from now, that is a remarkable tactical victory. But it should never have happened, and I hope that appeal process is successful.And observers say the fight is not over. This is just the beginning of the process in the sense of having his conviction reviewed. Obviously he's a young soldier, made a drastic mistake in his life, but I think there's definitely evidence that has come out through the court process that shows he was having personal difficulties.The commanding general who convened the court-martial can reduce the sentence. There will be an appeal, but Manning l be an appeal, but Manning is likely to spend at least eight years in a military prison before being considered for parole. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - one man dead and another seriously injured after a building comes crashing down at a Melbourne construction site. Shortly - the war between Essendon and the AFL heats up, as coach James Hird launches Supreme Court action. And later - anger over the young Indigenous inmates held in an adult jail.

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A young man has plunged several metres to his death in another serious seriously injured after a building came crashing down on them at a Melbourne construction site. SBS reporter Sarah Abo joins us now live from Melbourne. Sarah, do we know what caused the tragedy?Good evening, Anton. Sadly, we don't yet know just what caused the tragedy. It could tragedy. It could be several days before we do. WorkSafe Victoria and Victoria Police are working together to try and determine just how the flooring came down. The walls behind me are still standing. Inside is just a mountain of debris, which came down on the electrician and the carpenter. Earlier today, despite the best efforts of paramedics and passers-by, there was nothing they could do to save the 21-year-old. Just a short time ago, a floral tribute was left here for him. Pinned beneath the rubble, a 21- year-old man lays lifeless. It's believed he'd been working on the first floor of a 2-storey construction site in Caulfield in Melbourne's south-east when the flooring gave way about 10:00am, collapsing on top of him.All of a sudden, everything shook. The whole building shook. I just ran out to see what happened.Nearby resident Nick Love had just stepped off the tram when the police called him over to help.Digged some of the rubble off. We lifted a whole bunch of MDF wood off him and some other beams and that kind of thing.The floor had a lot of building materials on it that added to the weight.Another worker, aged 48, was pulled from the rubble. He suffered fractures to both his arms and his leg.After he was extricated, he was treated in the back of the ambulance, given further pain relief.He was then taken to hospital in a serious condition. Emergency Services say the men were working on new flooring which had just arrived on the site rived on the site this morning. WorkSafe Victoria were on scene investigating the circumstances, assisted by the police, Air Wing, and forensic officers. Union members were also on site, and the fire brigade made sure every angle was covered. Those who came to help say another two men who were also working on n who were also working on the site at the time of the collapse managed to flee just in time, avoiding injury. Islamic leaders in South Australia have distanced themselves from controversial preachings by an outspoken cleric.It follows the posting of a heavily edited extract of a sermon at the Islamic Dawah Centre in amic Dawah Centre in South Australia earlier this year, and posted this week on YouTube. Sheikh Sharif Hussein calling on Allah's wroth to be visited on those he believes responsible for the murder and rape of Muslims in Myanmar. The cleric also critical of Australian and US political leaders and Australian troops in Iraq. South Australia's multicultural minister described the video as "the ravings of someone completely out of touch". Dawah Centre spokesman declined to appear on camera, but said the Sheikh's comments were not intended to incite violence, but a call for Allah to exact revenge against those who commit war crimes against Muslims. As such, they say they stand behind the Sheikh, even though they don't condone his strong language. Wagdy AlGeezawy believes the video was selectively edited in order to portray it in the most extreme terms.We don't want to misrepresent the wider Muslim community.The Equal Opportunity Commission hasn't received a complaint, but is assessing whether the video breaches state or federal discrimination laws. The Dawah Centre says Sheikh Hussein continues his work in Adelaide, but the Islamic Society says they have no association with him. A massive power outage across part of Sydney has hit homes and homeward-bound motorists tonight. Around 60,000 homes in parts of Sydney's inner west lost power. On the road, it's been a nightmare for motorists. Power outages forced the closure of the M5 Tunnel, stranding thousands of drivers. A short time ago, the M5 Tunnel was reopened. A man who allegedly killed two people with a machete has died, after being shot by police on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The victims are reported to be a local builder and his partner. Police have been told that the alleged assailant was the brother of the builder, and had been living with the couple for the past year. US Police are sort sorting through the social media history of the three teenagers suspected of killing Australian baseballer Chris Lane. The most damning evidence appears to be a video of 15-year- old James Edwards brandishing a shotgun. In an interview with CNN, former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer urged Australians to think twice about travelling to the United States to send a message about gun control. There is murder, mayhem, on Main Street, USA, every day of the week. But you hide from that. You don't face up to that. And you let your Congressman and senators escape and dance around the bush when it's a very real circumstance supported by the NRA.

According to new figures from the United Kingdom, men are up to 70% more likely to die from the most dangerous types of skin cancer than women. That's despite similar numbers being diagnosed with the disease. Australian researchers say the results are similar here, and part of the problem could be that men delay could be that men delay going to the doctor. It's been an uncharacteristically warm and sunny summer in Britain. Britons have been making the most of the sunshine. But many have been getting too t many have been getting too much sun, increasing the risk of skin cancer. The most serious type - malignant melanoma - has been killing more men than women.Some of it is because melanoma in men is most common on the back, and it's just difficult to see.It's a disturbing trend that's reflected Down Under. There's clear evidence that men are being diagnosed at a more advanced stage and with more advanced melanoma, the greater the prospect of death. There really is an important message for us to get out about early detection for skin cancer for blokes.One Australian who's been chasing the sunshine playing county cricket in England says some cancer is an occupational hazard for him.I've had a mole removed which was found to be cancerous when I was still living in Australia. For me, it's very important to take precautions when I'm in the sun.It's a timely reminder for Australians with spring fast approaching - people will be flocking to the beaches more and more as the temperature rises. Most Australians are aware of the dangers of melanoma, and most cases in this country are treated successfully. But the rate of men who die from the disease is increasing. That could be explained by the fact that more men work outside in the sunshine. But one expert we spoke to today says it could be rooted in Australian "blokey" culture.A bloke starts putting on sunscreen with moisturiser and gets called a metrosexual. Makes no sense. In the Australian sun, when we're the skin cancer champions of the world, unfortunately, it's time blokes got over this macho stuff and started looking after their skin properly. It is, genuinely, a matter of life or death.It's the early-diagnosis message the Cancer Council is pushing ahead of its Daffodil Day fundraiser, which kicks off

fundraiser, which kicks off
tomorrow. Jane.
The war between Essendon and the

Has escalated.

Bombers coach James Hird is heading to the is heading to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

It demands league CEO Andrew Demetriou be removed from the panel to hear the charges against Hird, as well as damages. After the AFL launched into James Hird and the Essendon Football Club yesterday, today Hird responded in kind, submitting a 9-page writ with the Supreme Court, Hird reiterated his claim rd reiterated his claim that AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou tipped off the Bombers in February. The writ says Demetriou told then-chairman David Evans he believed the club were administering performance-enhancing drugs, something Demetriou denies. The next day, the club met the AFL, where they were told to come forward by deputy CEO Gillon McLachlan. "If you invite ASADA to investigate, the investigation will look better for you." At that time, Hird told McLachlan that Essendon had not used illegal drugs. Hird and the club are furious that the AFL has made public the content of ASADA's interim report. This writ includes an injunction requesting that the AFL not hear the matter in front of any panel, which includes Demetriou or any other Commission member who has read that ASADA report. Today on Melbourne radio, the mother of an Essendon player said he'd been used like a guinea pig.

James Hird is a man who I've always respected. But to watch his press conference yesterday, it was all about him. It was all about "me, me, me." How to protect "me." Who's going to protect my kid?All club presidents met this afternoon for several hours.We all read it yesterday. It ll read it yesterday. It wasn't great reading. Let's hope - Fitzy will fill us in, and we'll fill you in afterwards. With the Bombers fighting hard to delay the hearing until after the finals, the battle could rage for some time yet. Back now to the federal election and someone who could be a trailblazer, Anton. Aboriginal members of federal Parliament have been few and far between, and the ALP has never had an Indigenous MP. That could change on September 7, with nova Pers running for a Senate seat in the Northern Territory. Labor could have a double if its only Aboriginal candidate for the lower house wins in the Far North Queensland electoratr North Queensland electorate of Leichhardt. Billy Gordon meets the party faithful for the party faithful for his campaign launch in Cairns. He's a first-time candidate, and he's being closely watched by the Labor hierarchy. Leichhardt is a must-win seat for Labor if they hope to form a majority government. But it's held by the Liberal National Party, with a margin of 4.6%.My father said to me a long time ago, "What are you doing? It's like you're joining the crew of the 'Titanic' after it hit the iceberg." I said to him, "Dad, you know we've always stood up for what we believed in."Billy Gordon is from the far north and has worked across the region as a cane cutter, builder, barman and Army Reservist. Leichhardt is one of the largest and most diverse electorates in Australia. From tourist city of Cairns through the Aboriginal and agricultural communities of Cape York, the mining town of Weipa, and finally, the Torres Strait, and the international border with Papua New Guinea. Public service provision and northern economic development are hot topics both parties support in their own way. There are many unique issues, like fears of disease and rs of disease and asylum seekers crossing from Papua New Guinea. Proposed Cape York World Heritage Listing is bitterly debated.We have to have a blend and have to have a blend and a balance, a coexistence between economic development and also protecting the pristine country.They're issues the Opposition has used to make life difficult in the north for the Labor Federal Government.In Opposition, it's been very, very frustrating. But having said that, there's been a number of things that I've been able to achieve.For both major parties, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs in the region are often vexed.There's been a lack of consultation. There's also been a - the attitude of "We a - the attitude of "We know what's good for you." These governments do not know what's good for us.About 17% of Leichhardt's voters are Indigenous. Billy Gordon is proud to be one of them. I get a sense of history and a sense of istory and a sense of the occasion. But I also think, with that, comes tremendous obligation and responsibility.He's Labor's only Aboriginal candidate for the lower house, but rejects race as the reason why he was picked. There've been three Aboriginal MPs in Federal al MPs in Federal Parliament since Federation, and only one of them was in the lower house. If Billy Gordon wins on September 7, he'll be the first to represent Labor in that select group. In an adult jail in Western Australia, children and teenagers are locked up in their cells, it's claimed, for up to 20 hours a day. It's been like this for the last seven months. They were moved there after a ried at the state's only juvenile justice centre. Months of frustration boil over, and Western Australia's only juvenile detention centre, Banksia hi, is in riot. About half of the 200 detainees caused close to $500,000 damage. The state's juvenile offenders and those on remand, most of whom are Aboriginal, are now kept in Hakea adult prison, the state's inspector of custodial services finding the riot was entirely predictable.We had too many lockdowns. There were staff shortages. The young people were simply not being given the type of regime that, frankly, legislation and common sense both require.A Supreme Court case challenging the legality of the move to Hakea found the state has the nation's lowest ratio of youth custodial officers to detainees. It means education, rehab, and recreational programs are severely curtailed. Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis blames his department.The department clearly, since going back to the start of last year, failed in its duty to recruit and train enough youth custodial officers.Advocates for youth justice reinvestment say it's time to stop young people ending up in detention.We haven't been investing sufficiently in diversion programs.One diversionary program is Liveworks. Young offenders and those at risk are taught basic construction skills. Most have never worked, let alone in a team. It's about dealing with the problem in the community and having the community become part of the solution rather than wanting to move the kid on to incarceration. Jason is a Liveworks success story. As a child, he was left at home for days at a time. Arrested, eventually, for armed robbery. The 19-year-old is now an apprentice carpenter.You get rehabilitated back in the community, get out of the institutionalised kind of feeling.Institutions are also expensive. It costs about $600 a day a detainee in custody. Diversionary programs - about $77 a day.It's going to be the rearranging of the resources or the rearranging of the mindsets.The West Australian Government is reviewing diversionary programs with a view to invest in more. The detainees are due to be moved out of the adult prison by the end of the month. The events of the past 24 hours have triggered a war of words within the Syrian community here in Australia. A protest against the Assad regime is now getting under way in Bankstown in Sydney's west - you see some of the people gathering there. Rebel supporters say the gas attack is the work of a bloodthirsty dictator, work of a bloodthirsty dictator, made possible by the inaction of Western governments. But expatriates loyal to Assad say the video evidence is fake. Just a warning - once again, you may find some of the pictures in our report confronting. These images have shocked the world, but they just make Dr Tamarka Hill angry. The Australian doctor has worked in Syria's field hospitals, helping treat civilians and rebel fighters. He says the world is letting President Assad do his worst.It is calculated, for sure. And definitely he's not doing it only by himself.But was it a cruel, calculated attack by a bloodthirsty regime? Or a terrorist act by extremists?It started with FSA, and now there's al-Qaeda and all these Islamists from around the world.Some claim the whole attack was faked.Why would they be walking around without masks? Isn't there "gas" in the air?It's causing outrage. air?It's causing outrage. The Australian Syrian community is bitterly divided.How can you expect a child to fake expect a child to fake death? This is not fake. This is real. Absolutely real. And it's hurting.Even in Australia, there is little common ground on Syria.We all want to go back to our country. go back to our country. We want it back the way it was. These people are destroying it. These people, if they care about their country, why don't they sit on a table and have a dialogue?Australia is officially calling for an immediate and transparent investigation to establish the facts.Firstly, about how many people have been killed in this most recent incident. Secondly, to establish the facts about whether chemical weapons have, in fact, been used.I don't want to rush to conclusions as to facts, because there are all sorts of reports that ll sorts of reports that come out of war zones like this.But Australia's stance is becoming tougher.If the Assad government asserts that it's innocent of any wrongdoing, it can have no objection to a full international investigation. Calls tonight to allow UN weapons inspectors into the area remain unanswered. A emain unanswered. A very worrying situation, Kathy. Worrying indeed. Thanks, Anton. Greece's temporary public broadcaster has launched its first live news program, following the abrupt closure of its state channel ERT. Since June, ERT's sacked workers have sacked workers have refused to leave their posts, producing shows that have been streamed via satellite. But Europe's public broadcast association has put a stop to it. For nearly two months, Greek channel EDT was mainly screening documentaries and old movies. But now, a few familiar faces have emerged as part of a 2-hour breakfast news show, 'Morning Briefing'.

She's referring to the Greek government's decision to pull the plug on its former channel, ERT, as part of cost-cutting measures in the midst of a crippling financial crisis. But the sacking of ERT's 2,700 staff prompted more disarray for the government, with one of the coalition's allies defecting in protest.

Refusing to accept their dismissal, ERT workers have taken over its facilities, producing 24-hour programming via satellite and the internet. The staff here once included the anchors of EDT's new show.

ERT has been able to broadcast with the help of the European Broadcasting Union, but that's now ceased due to EDT's new show. ERT employees say they're disappointed, but not 're disappointed, but not deterred.

SBS is currently in talks to eventually screen EDT programs as part of its international news schedule. EDT is also looking to expand its international distribution via satellite, which could be available in Australia within the next fortnight. Craig Foster joins us next with sport, including stand and deliver - a test ton puts Australia in the Ashes frame at The Oval.


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Australian economists are waiting to see how we'll feel the effects of a change of pace in the US economy.The US Federal Reserve has suggested that its financial support for the American economy could be eased, possibly from as early as next month.

Chinese data showed renewed strength in the world's second- biggest economy. cond- biggest economy.

We're talking sport next, with Craig Foster. And a bittersweet day for Australia at the Ashes?That's right, Anton. The ICC is yet to announce whether Australian coach Darren Lehmann stralian coach Darren Lehmann will face punishment for labelling Stuart Broad a "cheat" just hours before the fifth test at The Oval.

"cheat" just hours before the fifth
test at The Oval. Cricket Australia is set to talk to Lehmann regarding his comments on a day which saw Shane Watson his hit first -- hit his first test ton in almost three years. Australia 4/307 at stumps. The cheating accusations directed at Stuart Broad stem back to the first test, when the England all- rounder was caught at slip but refused to walk. Lehmann is now urging Australian fans to taunt Broad during the return Ashes Series later this year. The England camp refuses to be unsettled.I mean, that's nothing to do with us, what he says. We're not really interested in anything like that. The latest round of tensions failed to overshadow Shane Watson's magnificent return to the crease. He made the most of the oval's placid pitch, scoring boundaries with ease. Watson destroyed England's lame attack at the expense of spinner Simon Kerrigan in his debut test appearance.You could definitely sense he was very nervous, especially after those first couple of overs.Not even a nasty bump ot even a nasty bump from a Broad bouncer at 91 could stop his rhythm.It certainly got me thinking about something else apart from the nervous 90s and trying to get through that. Just thinking about more trying to get my neck around to be able to get my eyes to see the ball.Watson's century arrived in 114 deliveries, before he went about building a huge total. He was eventually dismissede total. He was eventually dismissed for 176 - his highest test score and first in almost three years.

I've had a lot of soul-searching more than anything throughout this last month, especially - more than any other stage throughout my whole cricket career.Chris Rogers provided a century partnership with Watson. Steve Smith starts day two unbeaten on 66.

Former Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett says James Hird should have been stood down by Essendon in the wake of the drugs scandal. Kennett also took aim at the AFL backing Hird's request for CEO Andrew Demetriou to be excluded from any hearing. A short time ago, the league's club presidents called for the matter to be resolved outside the courtroom.We wish to unanimously express our confidence in the AFL Commission and the AFL management. In the meantime, we call upon all parties to exercise restraint and discretion in any public comments about this matter. And with the safety and welfare of players and their families and the integrity of the game as the paramount considerations.

paramount considerations.The comments come as a setback to the Bombers, who have requested charges relating to the use of supplements be heard by an outside tribunal. Panthers group chief Warren Wilson has accused Football Federation Australia of being short-sighted after a bid to buy the Western Sydney Wanderer was rejected. Wilson, who oversees the Penrith NRL club, says he's still interested in purchasing a stake in the A-League hasing a stake in the A-League side, despite the setback. Warren Wilson wasn't a happy man today. The Panthers Group boss responding to claims Football Federation Australia rejected his approach due to a conflict of interest.Complete and utter nonsense. Why would you buy something, pay money for it, and then let it fall apart? That's just dumb as I can - it just doesn't make sense. st doesn't make sense. Doesn't pass muster, that one.The huge impact the Wanderers made on the football landscape last season has made their brand highly desirable. Any fears the Panthers' NRL affiliation would have seen the football arm of the group playing second fiddle would have been misplaced.They would have placed.They would have been playing under the Wanderers' banner, but part of the Panthers group. There would have been great leverage there.FFA clearly had an issue based on the Panthers group ased on the Panthers group being linked with a rival code. According to David Gallop, it's about getting the right fit for the wand Wanderers and the A-League itself. The Panthers' bid didn't get past the first hurdle. Should Football Federation Australia reconsider, they'd be happy to re-enter the bidding process.Quite happy to have a chat, if they want to reopen the door. Away they go.It seems the Wanderers' juggernaut shows no sign of slowing on or off the field. Western Sydney winning its third straight pre-season game, defeating Wellington Phoenix 2-1 last night. To the Champions League, where Arsenal's place in the group stage looks assured after a comfortable victory in the first leg of its qualifying play-off tie.

The Gunners are on the verge of qualifying for the group stages for the 17th consecutive time after a comprehensive 3-0 win in Istanbul. Second-half goals to Kieran Gibbs, Wales international Aaron Ramsey and a penalty to Olivier Giroud securing Arsenal a valuable first- leg advantage.

In the English Premier League, Branislav Ivanovic has courted controversy as Chelsea secured its second win in as many games by accounting for Aston villa. The Chelsea right back escaped a red card in the 70th minute at Stamford Bridge after catching his opponent with an arm, infuriating Villa boss Paul Lambert. He later scored the winner. Brazilian superstar Neymar scored his first consecutive goal for Barcelona, as the Catalans came from behind against Atletico Madrid to salvage a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup. Under-fire Wallabies rookies Jesse Mogg and Matt Toomua have been retained in an unchanged back line for Saturday's must-win Bledisloe Cup clash against the All Blacks in Wellington.

Hugh McMeniman has a shoulder injury, Scott Fardy set to make his test debut at blindside flanker. Despite an 18-point loss in the first test, Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie hopes the inclusion of Fardon in the number 6 jersey will put pressure rsey will put pressure on the All Blacks in the line-outs.There's a bunch of things he brings to the

the line-outs.There's a bunch of
things he brings to the table. Given he's 29 and basically staying out his test career, he'll bring the desperation and determination that comes with finally getting the opportunity.Meanwhile, the All Blacks have sprung a major surprise, by thrusting Tom Taylor into a debut start at fly-half at the expense of 10-test veteran Colin Slade. That's the day in sport. Thank you, sport. Thank you, Fozz. Stay with us on World News Australia - still ahead - Beijing takes on the bard - why the Chinese are choosing Shakespeare over more traditional Eastern r more traditional Eastern plays.

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Japan's Sakurajima volcano has marked its 500th eruption, covering nearby Kagashima in ash, and leaving residents to begin a clean- up operation.The 1,000m volcano on the island of Kyushu is one of the most active in the world, erupting on average once or twice a day.

most active in the world, erupting
on average once or twice a day. A low south of Tasmania extends frontal cloud across south-eastern Australia. A weak low in the north is marked by cloud across the Top End. A strong ridge of high pressure covers most of the central continent, and a westerly flow is bringing patchy cloud to the Bight.

English theatre classics are getting an international makeover at this year's Edinburgh Festival. One of the plays is apAsian production of Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus', and it's a sell-out. But there are questions over why the Chinese aren't performing anything Chinese.

(MUSIC PLAYS) Heavy metal meets Shakespeare in Beijing People's Art The's production of 'Coriolanus', a tragic tale of power, betrayal and revenge that's currently playing at the Edinburgh International Festival. Its director chose the 400-year-old play for its contemporary relevance. TRANSLATION: The relations between common citizens and those in power are always in struggle with each other. Those in power will always regard citizens as fools.This production of Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus' is one of many shows at Edinburgh this year that sees theatrical companies from the East presenting classic stories from the West, as opposed to works from their own culture. I wonder why.

I put the question to the actor performing in this Taiwanese production of 'Metaforfsis', another show at Edinburgh this year. TRANSLATION: It really depends on the art agent. They need to be very brave. We've done that before. We've brought our own story to the West. Most agents pick the Western works.If it is a case of Western producers insisting on companies from the East performing classic European works, is there not a risk of a return to orientalism, a romanticised, patronising view of representing Asia?nising view of representing Asia?I think there is a danger of that. I hope we haven't fallen into I hope we haven't fallen into that trap. I'm just pleased, at the moment, that there is as much focus on Asia in Europe as there is.Maybe in the future, companies from the east will present more work from the East.

And maybe at next year's festival, a Peking Opera will be accompanied by a thrash-metal band, not Shakespeare.

Recapping our top stories - the UN is demanding access to the sites of the alleged gas attack in Syria. The Syrian Syria. The Syrian opposition claims that 1,400 people were killed in the attack. France says it will seek reaction with force if chemical arms are confirmed. Formerly one of China's most powerful men, Bo Xilai has appeared in court on charges of bribery, corruption and abuse of power. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is trying to seize campaign momentum from last night's people's forum in Brisbane, vowing he's already known for his comeback capabilities. But a new poll in his own seat of Griffith shows he's losing to the LNP's candidate. And the war between Essendon and the AFL has escalated, with Bombers coach James with Bombers coach James Hird launching Supreme Court action. nching Supreme Court action. Don't forget 'The Feed', which is about to kick off over on SBS Two. Join Steven Fennell for a sideways look at the day's news. He's getting ready for the program, which begins at 7:30. That is the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at 10:25 on SBS One.Have a great evening. Goodnight. a great evening.
Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Here is a broadcast by Tony Abbott
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We'll get the budget under control
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and we'll keep interest rates
as low as possible

by reducing debt.

We'll help small businesses and
create more jobs by lowering taxes

and by cutting red-tape costs
by one billion dollars a year.

We'll deliver more jobs by building
a more diverse, five-pillar economy,

making use of our strengths
in manufacturing, agriculture,

services and education,
as well as mining.

We will generate two million new jobs
over the next ten years.

We will scrap the carbon tax

because that's the quickest way
to reduce power prices

and help families
with the cost of living.

And we will deliver
an experienced and united team

that will restore strong, stable,
responsible government.

These are the Coalition's
top policy priorities.

Our plan will offer real hope
for a better future,

real rewards for effort,

and real opportunities for
all Australians to get ahead.

That's our pledge,

to deliver a stronger Australia
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Authorised by B. Loughnane
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