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B, 50c. The most recently introduced. Locked in 50c. Oh, Jess. $2, $2, $2. Yeah.
Damn. You were miles off there. Uh, 50 cents and 5 cents
were both introduced in 1966 when decimal currency came in
after pounds and shillings. So they were there, basically,
right from the word go, although there was
a round 50 cents to start with, before the hexagonal one. Then $1 in 1984.
Got rid of the $1 note. And then eventually we got rid of
the old green $2 note in 1988. We got the little $2 coin.
Oh, OK. That's interesting. So I'm sorry about that, Jess.
You were nowhere near it in the end. But you won $1,000.
Yes! Congratulations! There you go. Jess Nesbitt won $1,000. Catch you next time on
the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Sydney crippled by a massive power blackout. Nerve gas atrocity - Syria accused of an attack on its own people. Mind your manners - political fallout from the people's forum. An easy target - the elderly woman rubbed -- rorbed on a Sydney street. And the unexpected side effect of having a flu job. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton. Good evening. We begin with breaking news on a major power blackout that has thrown large swathes of Sydney into chaos. -- the M5 east is being reaoepd traffic is backed up across the south-west and inner west. We go live to Kevin Wilde at the Transport Management Centre. How are they handling the crisis?Well, all hands are on deck in the -- and the Roads Minister is here. The good news - just got the thumbs up from officials that west bound on the M5 east tunnel has just been reopened. The bad news - the Bankstown inner west line is still clouds. We don't know when those trains will be reopened. And obviously the power black skwraut which occurred this afternoon, we don't know -- blackout which occurred this afternoon, we don't know the cause. Workers were dealing with two cables and that was the drama. The investigations will continue into that. There also is a problem across traffic lights. They're back on but there is all of the problems for people tonight. If you're on a bus it could be an extra 45 minutes home. If on a train, it will be a lot longer. If you're in a car it will be a lot longer, even if you're waiting for the M5. Good news there but if you're stuck it's going to be a long ride home.We'll leave you there. I want to go to Damian Ryan in our haerplt. How is it looking from there -- from our helicopter. How is it looking?Awful. We're seeing red, brake and brake lights of cars and truck. They're going nowhere. The pain began at about 4:35 this afternoon when power was lost between dullish hill and bill more. Power was back on by 5:25. But the damage had been done. In the middle of this, -- this mess, the M5. Arguably Sydney's busiest road, and the M5 tunnel east was closed and we had this bizarre sight this afternoon - the middle of peak, not seeing one car on this, the city ice busiest road. As Kevin mentioned, the tunnel is now being reopened but it has left a hell of a mess. Trains were knocked out. The Bankstown line was affected. As Kevin mentioned, the traffic lights, they're also switching on here. Police were pharpbing the points duty, trying to -- maning the points duty, trying to keep the city going. We are seeing lines of traffic. We saw the traffic flying over on to the Harbour Bridge. There's a huge build up going south. As Kevin mentioned, this will be an awful ride home for all - for thousands and thousands of people, whether on a bus, train or car.Yes a rotten night. As we saw from some of those slots, sporadic lights around there. That's what -- shots, sporadic lights around there. 60,000 homes were blacked out this afternoon because of this massive power failure. Kevin, a rotten drive home, train ride and bus home for so many people. The tunnel is being slowly reopened. The traffic will take some time to get moving. We'll update you later on the situation in Sydney. We'll go overseas now. Ignored for too long, the people of Syria are tonight the focus of world outrage. Victims of a suspected nerve gas attack apparently perpetrateed by their own government. More than 1,000 people are feared dead. First a warning: To show you the scale and horror of the attack, this report contains some very graphic scenes including distressing im The result could be the turning point for this civil war because sickening images like this won't go away.The only explanation keu really see to this is this look -- I can really see to this is this looks like this fellow's nerves are being destroyed potentially by something like sar - - sarinThe conservative number of -- number of dead is 400. It could be as high as 1,400. The Syrian government is denying it. UN inspectors are in Damascus demanding access to the areas -- areas.If those are found accountable We have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for usSince then, more than a million refugees have fled Syria and today that red line may have been crossed. He was back in the classroom today, the Hurstville public school teacher whose Facebook page had pictures of his students and a disturbing array of sex toy photographs. Parents say Pheeney tpepb should be suspended but the education -- Fein tpaoeb tpaoeb -- Pheeney should be suspended but the education is standing by him. Every one of these parents is angry and worried.It's closer to my heart because my daughter is in one of the photos. Yeah, I'm just emotional. Sorry. This is her daughter's kindergarten classmate. Another photo Pheeney posted on his Facebook page. Inappropriate conduct, these parents say, but it's what else was posted around their children's image that's alarmed them.I was gut wrenched and In't believe it.I cannot find any reason whatsoever why that photo is in that Facebook. Parents complained to the Education Department, which responded. "I apologise this has occurred. The photographs have been removed." No matter what Mr Pheeney's intentions were when he posted the photos of his students on Facebook, parents here want the school to investigate further. While that happens, they're demanding the kin teacher be stood down.-- kindergarten teach before stood down. Yeah. Education bosses stand by Pheeney, adamant the teacher, with 20-years experience, made an innocent mistake.Has an exemplary record of performance and conduct in the department. This case -- in this case he's made a grave error and he acknowledged it.As Mr Pheeney continued to teach, today parents close to trust thank you instincts. I just want them safe at home.A woman has been kill -- a woman has been killed in a 3-car crash at Kemps Creek in Sydney's west. The woman, believed to be a 50-year-old from Campbelltown, died at the scene. A second driver was trapped before being taken to Westmead Hospital. The driver of the other car wasn't injured. Police are warning elderly Sydneysiders to be vigilant following the robbery of another senior seud -- citizen in the south-west. This time the women was an 89-year-old woman, targeted in broad daylight as she walked home from the shops. Emma Dallimore is a tiny, elderly woman. -- Doris Talbot is a tiny elderly woman and is no doubt she fell victim because the robbers considered her an easy target.It's because I'm small and grey-mayored. It's -- that's what I think. They wouldn't have tackled a big, strong manThis is the moment Doris Talbot's handbag was ripped from her arms. It happened quickly as she walked home from her local shops. A car veered on to the wrong side of the road and the thief reached out the window.Put his hand right through there like that. Gone in an instant.Oh, yes, it was so quick.She deserves to be able to walk these streets without fear. She's a vulnerable person in our Community Services that deserves our care and support. The actions of this person, quite simply, is cowardice.Unfortunately, Doris doesn't remember what the robber looked like. The only real lead police have the car he got away in described as a red Toyota from the early 1990s and investigators believe it's the key to solveing this case.I do hope he'll get caught. Yes, I do.Mining magazine great Clive Palmer through a bombshell into the election campaign today, reviveing accusations of Liberal Party involve tphplt a conspiracy to destroy the reputation of former Speaker Peter Slipper. It came as both leaders faced intense scrutiny over their treatment of others. Tonight, Mr Abbott.The day began with fallout from last night's feisty people's forum debate between the two leaders in Brisbane, especially a brief return to Tony Abbott's old attack dog persona. One final point.Quickly.Final point...We got a glimpse of what happens when he snaps last night for a pwroef moment. He's a very aggressive individual.It was deja vu.There are thousands of...Just shut up.But before Labor's spin machine got into top gear, Kevin Rudd had a deja vu moment. Freelance make-up artist Lily Fontana, who prepared the Liberal leader and the Prime Minister for the cameras last night, revived memories of an upset RAAF stewardess in Mr Rudd's first stint as PM.I think misunderstandings occur.In a Facebook post she wrote. "One of them was absolutely lovely, engaged in genuine conversation with me, acknowledged that I had a job to do and was very appreciative. The other did the exact opposite. Oh, boy, I have never had anyone treat me so badly whilst trying to do my job." Political opinions aside, from one human being to another, Mr Abbott, you minute win hands down.When preparing for a debate with two or three minutes to go, and someone walks in and puts a bit of stuff on your face, you smile, you're in the zone. I'm not all that happy getting make-up put on the best of days. Tphao look, -- Look, I was pleased to be looked after by her last night.Lily later removed the post, saying she regretted making the comments. Mr Abbott's announcement of the day at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital was on health policy.There's money here for an expansion of general practice training, money here for an expansion of internships in - particularly in a private hospital settingMr Rudd, -- Mr Rudd, in the Victorian Labor-held marginal seat of Corangamite, promised to streamline administrative requirements for small business under Labor's paid parental leave scheme.Wear on about the little guy.About then a big guy, Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer, who's set up his own political party to contest this election, dropped his bombshell. Alleging that Mal Brough, former Liberal minister and close friend of Mr Abbott, asked him in April last year to bankroll a court case against then Speaker Peter Slipper. He said to me that we needed to destroy Peter Slipper. He said he had all the evidence that would put Slipper away for a long time. I said it wasn't a matter that I thought involved my interestsThe case in which a former Slipper after theer James Ashby alleged sexual harassment was dismissed by the Federal Court. Justice Steven Rares called it an abuse of process, predominantly intended as a political attack on Mr Slipper. There's been an appeal. Mr Brough is the Liberal-National Party candidate for Mr Slipper ice seat of Fisher.These are -- Slipper's seat of Fisher. These are very serious allegations about Mr Brough. I want to say brought and straight out pwo I -- that I deny the comments made by Mr PalmerThis afternoon there's startling opinion poll news. The Guardian Lonergan Poll finding Mr Rudd behind in his own seat of Griffith with 48perts of the --% of the vote compared to 52% of Liberal Bill Glasson. Australia's biggest supermarket, Woolworths, will release a report tomorrow showing the average family now spends more than $10,000 a year on groceries. It also shows compared with 25 years ago, that we're drinking less and eating less beef. There's no doubt Australia's changing and our society's shift is almost perfectly reflected in our trolleys.Lot of Asian flavours and bit more Italian.We're shopping more aufpbltWe go out every -- aufpblt We go out and buy for the evening.Compared to the incomes, Australians spend 3% less on food than in 198 -- 1994. Housing takes a big Karmichael Hunt pblg, an average of 18% of the wage.I think it's supermarkets have worked to proaoeud vied more value to customersIn the 1980s, most popular was chief. Now it's chicken. Then potato was the staple side dish. Today, it's been replaced bypass ta and rice consumption has doubled.10 years ago we sold rice in 1kg bags. Now it's in 10kg bags. It's almost as if the Australian population say to new ethnicitys, "Welcome to Australia."It used to be meat and three vegetables - carrot, -- carrots, potatoes and brussel sprouts. Then in the 1990s we became more Mediterranean - zucchini, eggplant and capsicums. Then around 10 years ago we became more Asian - chillys and others. We're changing now. To superfoods such as sweet potato, and blue berrys and this. Who's this?Who knew how to pronounce the -- this three years ago?Stay with us. In the news ahead - we'll have an update on the traffic chaos which has crippled parts of Sydney following a make power outage. Also - the sraobg Ian This program is not captioned. and a prayer. Let's get an update on the traffic Kay -- chaos that's been caused by a major power fail - - failure. Kevin Wilde is at the Transport Management Centre. How is it looking now?Some good news. The M5 east bound is open so we have it west and east bound. Anyone stuck in that traffic delay, things are improving. Unfortunately, almost two hours after the trains went out on the Bankstown line, they're still out and we don't know how long it will be fixed. It's taking 45 minutes and probably longer on a bus going out through to Dulwich Hill. The situation is still very difficult if you're stuck at the moment. The lights are back on but traffic and trains, still a lot of pain tonight.Thank you for that. Bradbury, the man accused of murdering his wife Lynette at their Oatlands home, has been granted bail. Lynette's family cried tears of relief as the decision was handed down. The 52-year-old was bashed to death on Halloween in 2011. There's new evidence tonight thank you the flu jab can have a live -- life-saving spin-off. An Australian study revealed vaccination can nearly halve the risk of a heart attack in middle- aged people with diseased arteries. It seems this can do more than just prevent flu. Vaccination can also protect those at risk of heart attack.Heart attacks are Australia's number one killer for men and womenResearchers looked at more than 550 hospital patients in Sydney's west. Taking blood samples and swabs. Around 50% had suffered a heart attack. The study revealed the flu vaccine nearly halved people's risk of attack.Those who were vaccinated were 45% less likely to have had a heart attack than those who weren't vaccinated. Previous studies have shown that infections such as the flu can cause blood to thicken or lead to inflammation in diseased arteries. Influenza infections and other infections can cause the arterys to get sticky and causing blockageThe flu vaccine is available for free to certain groups including people over 65. Experts say these findings provide a powerful argument to expand the program.This growing body of evidence really does show we need to ree -- re-evaluate whether we expand our program to in cloud those say, 50 upward.Experts say more lives could be saved if patients were being -- being given the flu strabgs Ian before being discharged from hospital.I do have one every year.I think it's very effective.Here's beautiful pictures. A slow-moving mist has crept up -- up on a town -- crept up on a crowd in northern Canada. It rolled in from the Newfoundland mountains covering the Community Services in a blanket of fog. Two British girles have become the youngest formation wingwalkers in the world. Spinning at over 160km/h, the 9-year-old thrillseekers performed somersaults over Gloucester.I'm really glad I have done it now.Would you do it again? Definitely.The fearless cousins undertook the feat for charity. It's as Australian as the kangaroo. The Chiko roll, the deep-fried fast food that's helped make us the nation we are today. Now, a cry for help. The Bathurst frack treu could be closed by its American owners. What would they know about our treat? Thankfully the State Government is offer a hand, a multimillion-dollar tax break. We can all breathe easy, Australia! Feel like a Chiko roll right now? It's a 3-course meal. Good evening. Paul Gallen faces ASADA as the Shark stars go in to bat for coach Flanagan. A young Tigers player ready to make Benji Marshall's place. And Shane Watson takes a hit and delivers plenty of his own.And wear in for more old and blustery winds. This program is not captioned. Every single day that I work, I treat somebody who is struggling to pay for a medical bill.

Treatment for cancer could run tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands
of dollars in the US.

I was devastated when I heard that privatisation
was going to occur at my hospital.

This program is not captioned.

they'll stick around a little later.
Gallen guilty received a call up to front ASADA today, seven months after the investigation began. The Sharks' coach, Shane Flanagan, has also been feeling the pressure. Today his players backed him to the hilt. The procession of Sharks to front ASADA included Ben today. The interview process starting to wind up. The heat's been on Flanagan after allegations of a secret bank account. The coach was back doing what he does best. At his -- and his players say they have faith in him.He's one of the reasons why I come to Cronulla, the first time I met him to now, the good thing with him is I have a friendship with him outside football. He's one of the reasons why I stayed here. He's got every player, every plan, I think everyone around Cronulla's support and - yeah, and he knows thatThe Sharks have revenge on their mind after being tphraobged -- Darren Lockyered 40-0 by the Roosters last time they met. Karen -- Carney should have -- Carney should have extra motivation, against the player who took his Origin spot.I don't take notice of that. My form is better than the start of the year. He started the season well and was in a form sideAt the Tigers, exciting half Luke is set for a call up into the top-grade side. It could force a positional change for under fire Marshall. The Tigers' star trained at dummy half but fall -- full-back and centre are options. Wallabies coach McKenzie has kept faith with the team beaten 47-29 in the Bledisloe Cup opener. Scott Fardy replaces the injured McMeniman but apart from that there are no changes to the squad for Saturday's test in Wellington. We've been given a rare glimpse of Shane Watson at his destructive best. He blasted 176 on the opening day of the fifth Ashes test. Australia began day two on 4 for 307. Before a ball was bowled, an important victory for Australia's batsmen, all day and playing for their careers.We're gonna batWarner couldn't settle on a batting paradise. Watson quickly found his groove in his new position at number three.Another good shot.The right-hander eating England's debutantes woke woke and Kerrigan alive.Full toss, despatched.Rogers played a solid supporting role, eventually going for 23 and Michael Clarke soon followed.That's got throughA vicious Broadwell tried his best to rough Watson up -- Broad tried to rough Watson up. He reached triple figures for the first time in almost three years.I have been asking myself a lot of different questions over the last five test matches about where I'm at with my cricket. It's nice I've been able to put it together but it's not so nice it's taken so longWatson charged to 150 and was threatening a double century but couldn't clear the fielder this time.A terrific catchThere's a bit of rain in London today but Stephen Smith is keen to get back in the middle as soon as possible. He's unbeaten on 66 and, like Watson, desperate for a drought-breaking century. All the action live from 7:30 on GEM tonight.Following our national news on GEM at seven.Tphaoepbld. Coming up - the latest -- tphaoepbld. Coming up - the latest -- indeed. Coming up - the latest on the traffic delays and the weather.Thank you. Keep the jackets out. We're in for more gusty winds tomorrow. Southern NSW is expecting up to 25mm in the next few days which will fall as snow in the alps. Now it's: I real have the forecast contin
Coming up: Can harness racing th
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throws his support behind a local to
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Returning now to the major traffic and transport chaos in Sydney tonight. -- Kevin Wilde is at the Transport Management Centre. Is the situation improving?Not in on the trains. The Bankstown line is partially closes with buses replacing trains. The good news in terms of traffic, the M5 in both directions, east and west, have been reopened in the last half an hour. There will still be extensive delays for people going home on the M5 or if trying to do a bit of a rat run. We don't know where the powerline broke down and what caused it. But when it comes to the trains it's bad news. We don't know how long before the trains will be up and running again. It could be several hours.Thank you for that. The stock market clouds lower today. The All Ordinaries was down 23 points. Our dollar is buying:

The average petrol price in Sydney: The price cycle is at the its -- is at its lowest so fill up now. Here's the weather.It was a cold and partly cloudy day. Last night's clear skies were perfect for viewing the full moon but shraobged spectacular but the temperatures -- looked spectacular but the temperatures plummeted. Camden fell to minus 11 -- 1. There was a big wind chill factor. Tomorrow westerly winds will generate some showers across the south-east which will fall as snow across the NSW and Victorian alps. Brisbane will be sunny and 24, Canberra, windy and a shower two. A few showers for Melbourne with a top of 15. Across NSW, northern NSW will be fine a top of 22. Coastal areas will be windy especially around Newcastle and Wollongong.

We can expect a partly cloudy day and it will be windier than today. With gusts up to 70km/h along the