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(generated from captions) Basically, you're working on one
spring roll a head at the moment. Let's at least bump that up to two. Walter, any chance of a little MG? AUDIENCE: (CHANTS)
Megaguess, Megaguess! Megaguess! Not an MSG. Just an MG, thank you.

Come on! Cynthia's got
a little one on the way. It's a party of 800. $5,000, alright. $5,000. Thank you, Mr Smythe. Never knew his palette
was so exotic. Now, Cynthia. All up to you. It's on me. $150.
Think you've got the $150? Hope so, because then you go home
with 10 grand all up. It's... Yeah!
(SCREAMS) $5,000 for Cynthia.
$5,000 for Matt. 10 Gs all up. Oh, you just got out of that one
with the skin of your teeth.

Let's see the money! Well, the skin of the teeth
in duck, as the case may be. Thank goodness for Cynthia who came along with the plum sauce
at just the right moment. 10 grand. Congratulations! Best of luck with the baby too.
Thank you. Look forward to seeing
a photo of the family get-together. A1 size, I reckon. Thanks for being with us, people. Look forward to coming next time.

This program is captioned live. Tonight, a huge power failure paralyses peak-hour traffic
and trains across Sydney. Syria's chemical horror - he world demands answers over
the gas attack that killed hundreds. the world demands answers over
the gas attack that killed hundreds. The police case
against an accused wife-killer as he's freed on bail. An elderly widow too scared
to walk alone after a brazen bag snatch. And Kevin Rudd's message to the make-up artist
who gave him lip on Facebook. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath. Good evening. In breaking news, a major power failure
has caused havoc tonight across a wide area of Sydney. 60,000 homes and business
were blacked out in the inner west from Belmore through to Petersham,
and south to Kingsgrove. It also knocked out
road and rail services. First to Talitha Cummins
at the Traffic Management Centre. Talitha, how bad is it
getting around Sydney tonight? Chris, it's an absolute nightmare
for drivers and commuters. Ausgrid has now fixed the blackout but it's caused massive
ongoing delays to peak-hour traffic
and rail services. The M5 is jammed after the M5 tunnel
had to be closed in both directions. Road and Maritime Services
is asking westbound drivers to avoid the M5 West Botany Street, Forest Road,
Stoney Creek Road and rejoin the M5. Eastbound drivers should use King Georges Road,
Stoney Creek Road, Forest Road, Princes Highway and Marsh Street to rejoin the M5 East.

Ausgrid haven't said
what caused the blackout but the overriding advice - stay away from the affected area
if you possibly can. OK, thank you. Thanks, Talitha. Live now to Damien Smith who's checking on Sydney
train delays for us. Damien, what's the impact been
on the rail network? Chris,
the blackout caused Sydney Trains to suspend some services
on the Bankstown line, as well as the Illawarra line. Trains were stopped
late this afternoon between Sydenham and Bankstown due to a partial closure
of the Bankstown line. Despite the restoration of power, there is still a still
a backlog of passengers. Extra buses are being put on
to cope. Train tickets are valid
on those routes. Otherwise commuters
are being advised to stay back at the office
if they can until trains return to
the normal timetable. Some trains were running more than
30 minutes late, but they should be back to
their normal timetable very soon. Chris. OK. Thank you.
Damien Smith at Martin Place. The world is recoiling in horror as pictures emerge of what appears to be
one of the worst atrocities of the Syrian civil war. Up to 1,300 people,
including many children, died in what rebels say
were poison rocket attacks on the suburbs of Damascus. And we warn this report includes
images of those killed and injured. (YELLING)

If confirmed, this is the worst
chemical weapons attack in decades.

Estimates of the dead
range from 100 to 1,300 with hundreds more injured. (SPEAKS ARABIC) "We were woken by rockets,"
this man says. "We were suffocating." Bodies litter the floor, ignored, as medics and volunteers
try to revive those still struggling to breathe. Syrian rebels say
a third of the victims are children. (SPEAKS ARABIC) "I'm alive," this girl cries. Her parents and sister are dead. and no apparent contamination
of emergency workers. But experts say all the signs
of chemical poisoning are there. Foaming at the mouth. I've seen the effect on pupils, pupil size. The Syrian opposition says
poison rockets rained down on rebel-held suburbs before dawn. The Assad government
denies using gas. But suffering on this scale
would seem impossible to fake. I hope this will wake up some
who have supported the Assad regime, to realise its murderous
and barbaric nature. The US had previously warned... The use of chemical weapons
would be a game-changer. Australia also condemns it. The use of weapons
of mass destruction, in any circumstances, is intolerable and unacceptable
in any civilised nation. Syria appears unimpressed. UN weapons inspectors
are in Damascus now but they've been denied access
to the target area. A Sydney man
accused of murdering his wife on Halloween two years ago has been released on bail. For the first time, details of the police case
against Brian Bradbury were revealed in court, including allegations he'd argued
with his wife over his gambling. Police say Brian Bradbury
bludgeoned his wife to death but their children and her family
are sticking by him. We continue to support Brian. We believe the truth will come out
at trial and we love him.

Parramatta Court was told that:

..when he killed Lynette Bradbury
on Halloween 2011. His weapon, according to police - a 2kg plastic-coated hand weight
similar to this one. It's alleged he:

Bradbury was already a suspect by the time he agreed with police
to make this public appeal. Please help.

It's alleged
he staged a crime scene, emptying his wife's handbag
onto the floor after returning
to their Oatlands home from work at Westmead Hospital. Police say he texted his dead wife
from work, saying:

Eventually you're going to find
the right person who did this and it is not Brian Bradbury. Bradbury was granted $20,000 bail on the condition he reports
three times a week to police. Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi's
fourth bid for parole has stalled over fears
he'll mix with bad company. Today's hearing was told members of the notorious
Brothers For Life gang where Sanoussi was meant to live. Mohamed Sanoussi has effectively
grown up behind bars. Jailed at 16 for his involvement
in 2 horrifying gang rapes, he's now almost 30 and on the verge of being set free. The Parole Authority was expected
to order his release today after months of weekend leave. But a last minute police report raised concerns about Sanoussi
falling back into bad company. Right now I don't know what the
content of the police material was. The court heard
the Brothers For Life street gang may have held meetings at Sanoussi's
parents' house in Greenacre. As Seven News revealed last night, that's where he is planning to live. A lawyer for the prisons boss said
releasing him there full time...

The Corrective Service Commissioner,
on behalf of the Government, is opposing the application
for parole. Sanoussi's lawyer told the court he's been going to the home
for months without any problems. If Mohamed Sanoussi is released
on parole, he'll be subject to almost 30
strict conditions. If he was to serve out the remaining three years
of his sentence, however, he'd be set free
without supervision. A private hearing was also held
today for another member of the Skaf gang known only as 'H'. The authority formed an intention
to grant him parole too. An 89-year-old great-grandmother has become the latest victim
of cowardly criminals targeting Sydney's elderly - the fourth attack in 10 days. The widow was walking home
at Moorebank, near Liverpool, when a man reached out from a car,
ripping her handbag from her arm. Doris Talbot makes a cup of tea
to calm her still-jangled nerves. I'm still shaky, very shaky. Just after midday yesterday,
after a visit to the bank, Doris is seen turning the corner
into Maddecks Avenue. A red Toyota Seca follows her and as she crosses onto the road,
the thief strikes in an instant. Doris is left dazed. I had my bag over my arm like this and he just put his hand
through there like that and pulled it off. You know, it was so quick. Doris lost around $200,
her keys and lotto tickets. The great-grandmother of 10
deserves a lot better. She's a vulnerable person
in our community that deserves our care and support. The actions of this person,
quite simply, are just cowardice. For the 12 years that Doris
has lived in this neighbourhood, she's taken the stroll
to and from the shops almost every day, without fear. Now all that has changed. Every walk to the shops,
she'll be looking over her shoulder. I just think he's a horrible man.
Whoever he is, he's horrible. And when he's caught,
facing up to 14 years in jail. Kevin Rudd says he has no hard
feelings towards a make-up artist who complained on Facebook
that he was rude to her before last night's debate. The Prime Minister was declared
the winner of the contest against Tony Abbott giving his campaign
a much-needed boost. Kevin Rudd puts a bit of sizzle
back in his campaign... This is a fair shake for Bill.
No spilling. ..and sends a rally cry
to the party faithful. This is the fight of our lives. Seven viewers say
he won last night's fight with Tony Abbott, 56-44. But the event's make-up artist
gave him a serve. Lily Fontana taking to Facebook:

Liberals labelled Mr Rudd
'Mr Rude'. This is a pattern of behaviour
from Kevin Rudd. Whether it's the air hostesses
on the VIP jets, whether it's the staff from the Department Foreign Affairs
and Trade. Ms Fontana later withdrew
the comments and apologised. when you're preparing a debate
with two or three minutes to go and someone walks in and puts
a bit of stuff on your face, you smile. You're in the zone,
you're about to go. I think misunderstandings occur. Mr Rudd had started the night
aggressively... What people want to hear is,
where are you gonna cut? Which jobs? Which services? ..and questioning the funding of Mr Abbott's
paid parental leave scheme got under his opponent's skin. One final point... Does this guy ever shut up? (LAUGHTER) We're having a discussion, mate.
We're having a discussion. It reminded me of a leader
we used to have - Mark Latham. I just never can win a talkathon
against Mr Rudd. As Tony Abbott launched
his health policy, promising to maintain funding
but spend more wisely, and declaring his party
was kicking a controversial habit. I've instructed the Liberal Party to accept no further donations
from tobacco companies. Labor hopes last night's debate brings Tony Abbott down
a rung or two. The Liberals, though,
remain confident that their candidate
is still on the way up. Mr Rudd acknowledged he was down
but not out. People have written me off before. I have a habit of coming back. While Tony Abbott returned to Manly,
Homophobe! Homophobe! We don't want you as prime minister
of this country! ..a rude homecoming. Political editor Mark Riley
is also in Sydney tonight. Mark, a bit more than two weeks
to go. Could Kevin Rudd
really turn this around?

It would be the greatest comeback since Lazarus or at least John Howard if he does. I think Labor believes that his victory last night gives him the chance to build some momentum. But I think they also realise that as much as some voters love Kevin Rudd it might not be enough to compensate for the most thing that many others have developed for Labor over the last several years. Sweeping changes have been announced
for surf lifesavers in a bid to reduce the risk
of drownings during competition. Wearing lifejackets and helmets
will be compulsory but only in rescue and surf boats. The minimum age
for the Australian Championships will also be raised to 15. Last year,
14-year-old Matthew Barclay became the third competitor
to die at the event. They will save lives but you can never guarantee that we can eliminate all risk
in the surf environment. Lobby groups want flotation vests
introduced immediately. Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - the race to free a P-plater
trapped after a deadly smash. Also, the Facebook photos that
infuriated these Sydney parents. And would you let
your 9-year-old do this? The world's youngest wing walkers,

A woman has died
in a head-on car crash at Kemps Creek near Penrith. She was aged about 50
and driving a maroon sedan, which collided with an SUV
on Mamre Road early this morning. The Hyundai was being driven
by a P-plater aged in his 20s. He was trapped
for more than an hour before being freed
and taken to hospital. He's now in a stable condition. A third car also became involved
in the crash, but its driver wasn't hurt. Parents at a southern Sydney school are demanding a teacher
be stood down after he posted photos of his young
students on his Facebook page. The Department of Education admits he's breached its code of conduct, but tonight he remains in his job. Police were at
Hurstville Public School. They weren't needed
in spite of the anger here. My question is very simple -
who hired this person? John Pheeney was
a popular kindergarten teacher with an exemplary 25-year record, until this - one of several photos of students
he posted on Facebook. We're looking at it
as a teacher in a position of trust that has a duty of care. Most fury surrounds the smutty,
but unrelated material that's also on his Facebook page,
including pornographic images. It's affected some parents
more than others. My daughter is in one of the photos. Yeah, I'm just emotional. Sorry. It's my daughter's teacher
and she loves him. The Education Department says
Mr Pheeney has been reprimanded The parents have no further need
to be concerned. Tell that to the parents. I just want them safe at home
with me. It's shaken you enough
to take them out of school? Yep.
Even if they're not in his class. Also on the teacher's Facebook page
are photos of the school principal. It seems they're personal friends. Parents here say they want to know the basis
on which this teacher was hired but say they're frustrated because
they're not getting any answers. They trivialise the concerns
that we have as a community. John Pheeney will keep his job. Whether he can continue
teaching here is another matter. Whistleblower Bradley Manning
will plead for a presidential pardon after being jailed for 35 years
for leaking military documents. It's a lot less than the 90 years
Bradley Manning could've received for passing on secret information
to WikiLeaks. The 25-year-old's lawyer read
a statement on his behalf. (READS)
"It was not until I was in Iraq "and reading secret military reports
on a daily basis "that I started to question
the morality of the situation." Under military law, he'll be eligible for release
in nine years. Daredevil cousins
have taken to the skies to become the world's
youngest formation wing walkers.

9-year-olds Flame Brewer
and Rose Powell strapped themselves to two of
their grandfather's vintage biplanes for a bird's-eye view
of the English countryside - and they loved it.

Mostly screaming, waving and
we did a little superwoman pose. The girls did it as a unique way
to raise money for a young friend
who has muscular dystrophy. Sport now with Jim Wilson and Blake Ferguson
has broken his silence? Chris, a lot of speculation about the Canberra
and Blues star's future. We'll cross live, next as some rising stars of the game
rally around the troubled Raider. Also, could one of Canberra's
favourite sons Laurie Daley is live next. And courage plus as Shane Watson finally breaks
a drought at the Ashes.

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Here's what our community says about our local MP, Mike Kelly. WOMAN: Well, I'm
a health professional and I know that Mike's supporting
a lot of healthcare initiatives and, you know,
that's important to me. MAN: He's honest and passionate and anything he's said he'd do,
he's done for us. Well, I'm not necessarily
involved in politics. I judge people on what they do. And for that reason,
I have the highest regard for him.

If the fund's performed well,
as AustralianSuper has, it'll make a difference,
financially, to me when I retire.

VOICEOVER: Join AustralianSuper

Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen has finally been interviewed
by ASADA. League reporter Patrick Molihan
joins us, and Pat, he wasn't the only one. Jim, yes - it's taken some time, but I believe Asada
finally wrapped up interviews with Sharks players today. Centre Ben Pommeroy and the Sharks
captain had lengthy interviews. It came as former Sharks centre
Blake Ferguson emerged after the latest dramas at Canberra to have a run with Anthony Mudine's
Alexandria Rovers side at Erskineville Oval this afternoon. That was fun but he's angry at being blamed
for coach David Furner's sacking and not sure if he'll walk.

He stood up for me when have I got in trouble. I hadn't had the best year this year off the field. I am delighted to say that my name was not put forward. I will get my management to sort at at the end of the year after I finish playing this season. The last them on my mind is the get-out clause. And there will be plenty of Sydney sides who want him. Now we cross to Laurie Daley talking about the Rovers. I do you interested in the coaching job? I am contras -- contracted to NSW rugby league. I will do anything to help the club but in terms of coaching, no. You another shutting the door though, are you? To in terms of next year? Most definitely. The would be interested in coaching? I will not be coaching Canberra next year. We surprised by the axing? It was a surprise, given that David has been a loyal player and a coach that has given five years of service down there. Obviously there has been some unrest. The board had taken the decision to sack him. I know he will be hurting. Knowing the guy, he will get over it. He still wants to be part of rugby league. These are your tips for repeat League round 24. -- rugby. We appreciate your Shane Watson has hit form
in the fifth Ashes test at The Oval and Australia is on top
against England. Batting at 3, Watson smashed 176 in the Aussies' 4/307 at stumps
on day one. It's Watson's first test century
in 49 innings. All-rounder James Faulkner
received his baggy green from a dashing Shane Warne. Dave Warner lasted just 11 balls, but Shane Watson was in
for the long haul. COMMENTATOR: Powerful shot -
that's going to be four. Mixing brute force
with elegant stroke-making, Watson tore the often-clueless
England attack apart. Full toss - dispatched. Chris Rogers made 23. Michael Clarke a scratchy seven, lucky to survive a bouncer but not Jimmy Anderson's pace. Oh, that's got through. On 91, Watson miscued
a Stuart Broad short ball. Oh, dear.
That's going to be painful. He picked himself up
to break a century drought almost three years long. Real satisfaction there
for Shane Watson. It's only a consolation
more than anything because the most important time was in those first three
test matches. Steve Smith finished the day
66 not out as Australia cruised past 300. Watson dismissed
24 runs short of a double hundred. Terrific catch! And, Chris, a big thank you
to The Hills Sports High School in Seven Hills for inviting me to speak today. The English
and media studies students asked how I got my break
into journalism 26 years ago and my favourite athlete
and sporting moment. I was also given a look
at the state of the art gymnasium that was partly funded by the nearby
Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL.

It was an impressive school. And I talked about Cathy Freeman and Usain Bolt. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - the latest on Sydney's power failure causing extensive delays
for drivers and commuters. And tonight will be a little warmer
than last night thanks to the cloud cover. Tomorrow's forecast, next.

cool and cloudy but things should
start to clear as the day goes on! still pretyy chilly
though with a bit of breeze about....tops around the 12
and 13 degree mark though the region. AGain more snow up
top... no suprsie sertainly feels cold enough to
snow! But the shining light on all of this, this silver
lining if you will is.... The forecast...16 saturday frost
and fine sunday 17 and 19 by

An update now
on tonight's top story - the major power blackout
across Sydney's inner west which knocked out traffic lights and forced the closure
of the M5 East tunnel late this afternoon. Power has been restored to the
60,000 homes and businesses affected and the tunnel has reopened. Train services have also returned
to schedule after long delays
on the Bankstown line as well as the eastern suburbs
and Illawarra line. The Seven Network's parent company has announced an annual loss
of $70 million dollars. Seven West Media downgraded
the value of its magazine business by more than $220 million, but Chief Executive Tim Worner says
TV is doing well. The television business has probably been
the standout performer. To be able to once again secure more than 40%
of the advertising share is a fantastic performance. The company's shares
today closed higher. Checking the rest of finance

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Chris, Camden was the coldest spot
this morning, plummeting to -2 degrees. The city was pretty chilly too,
a low of 8 degrees. We reached 18 this afternoon. Richmond dropped to zero
this morning, as did Campbelltown. Top temperatures
were close to average but the cloud and gusty winds
made it feel cooler. From the satellite we have
cloud through south-eastern Australia thanks to a cold front. Tomorrow, fresh and gusty
south-westerly winds will bring more showers
to Tasmania and Victoria. They'll extend into southern
and central New South Wales. in the Snowy Mountains overnight. A few showers
in Melbourne. A little windy
in Canberra. Fine and sunny again
in Brisbane. On the waters:

The temperature will dip to 10
in Sydney overnight. Tomorrow, the weather is staying dry
but it will be quite windy. A top of 20.

Overnight, minimums of 6
at Penrith and Liverpool. 5 at Richmond. Those westerlies will really pick up
in the afternoon. The winds will start to ease
on Saturday. Fine in the city. 22 in western suburbs. Sunday will be beautiful. A sunny day with light winds. 23 for the city. 24 degrees in the west.

And, Chris, just a quick mention
tomorrow is Daffodil Day, raising money for cancer research
and support services. There will be thousands
of volunteers selling merchandise at shopping centres
and trains stations across Sydney. Even some of the Seven News team
will be lending a hand in Martin Place from midday. More details on our website. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.
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