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Live.Egyptian security forces clear out anti-coup protesters from a Cairo mosque ending day-long siege. Tony Abbott set to reveal details of his controversial paid parental leave scheme. Kevin Rudd to crackdown
announce new measures to crackdown on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. And Bledisloe Cup hopes in tatters as the All Blacks record their 100th test win over the Wallabies. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, hello, I'm Miriam Corowa. Let's check the weather around the country.

Security forces in Egypt have stormed a mosque where hundreds of opposition supporters had barricaded themselves in. The country's PM said he wanted a return to democracy but no reconciliation with protesters who had blood on their hands. It came aspectiers emerged of unit raised
armed man standing with his arm raised in protest in front of a group of army tanks before being shot.Egypt's security forces want to take back every piece of ground occupied by their enemies. This afternoon, the police made their way into Cairo's Fatah mosque. They came up against barricades of chairs and benches put up by Islamist protesters hiding inside. Officers used tear gas to force out the demonstrators. BBC Arabic filmed these shots during the offensive. It is not clear who was firing. Overnight, the mosque became both refuge and fortress. Islamist protesters fled there after yesterday's day of violence. They tried to protect themselves from the military outside. From what we understand, there are still people inside that mosque. They've been there all night. They're now surrounded by the riot police. Minutes later, we heard gunshots. We had to leave. These pictures said to have been filmed yesterday in the north-eastern city of have been posted online by Muslim Brotherhood supporters. We can't verify them independently but checks suggest they are genuine. A man in a grey T-shirt approaches the tanks with his arms extended. He stops. We'll freeze the pictures here. The man is shot and he falls to the ground. We're not sure if he We're not sure if The residents of neighbourhood have watched neighbourhood have battles on TV. Their streets are calm. Many here support the military. This woman the military. This woman runs a clothes shop. TRANSLATION: There's destruction and shooting and people are dying everywhere. The curfew will protect people. In the past we could live safely. All the terrorists were hiding thanks to Mubarak.The brotherhood marching here in Cairo yesterday was banned during the Mubarak years. Egypt's new Government appears to share the Mubarak view.It accuses the movement of terrorism and says it is now considering outlawing the organisation once more. reconciliation with those whose hands are covered in blood. There can be no reconciliation for anyone who has raised arms against the country, against its people.This country now enters the fourth day of its state of emergency. The Egyptian state is keeping its forces on the streets. Its aim now appears to be clear - the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood.Our ABC correspondent Philip Williams is in Cairo. He joins us now via webcam. What's the latest on that situation around the mosque in the centre of Cairo? It seems that it is all over, that it's all clear. We had had some reports that there were still some protesters inside after the Government had claimed it was all over, but we do believe that they have probably all left now. A day of great tension around that mosque because many inside were barricaded. They had some wounded and the bodies of those they
shot from the previous day and they were afraid to come out. They were afraid for two reasons: that they would be arrested by the police and dragged off for interrogation and perhaps worse, and also there was a huge mob of several thousand people there really baying for them. They were really wanting to create great harm to those shelters inside
harm to those shelters and every time somebody did voluntarily leave, or was forced to leave, those mobs had to be kept away by to be kept away by police and by troops. Sometimes they had to fire in the air. Also we had the spectre of the gun fight between possibly one gunman or possibly more in the minaret in the actual mosque itself before the troops finally pushed their way in using tear gas. A very dramatic day here. Fortunately, it appears there hasn't been loss of life that we were's aware of at the mosque although the day before was very bloody indeed, probably over 200 dead.We've also seen a step up in the rhetoric from the Egyptian interim government with a threat they may dissolve Muslim Brotherhood. Where could that leave the country? That leaves it completely divided and without the ability for any reconciliation if that goes ahead. That means that the Muslim Brotherhood's political aspirations are dead in the water because this Government will not allow it, it appears. It it's made it pretty clear this is the intention, that the brotherhood will effectively be driven underground as it had been for about eight decades beforehand. What that means in the longer term we simply don't know, but if the experts are right and about roughly one third of the country supports the brotherhood or did support the brotherhood, where does that leave their sentiments, where does that leave there political aspirations? This country, sadly, is drifting further and further apart. There are simply almost two Egypts now or several Egypts in fact because there are some people just caught in the middle, don't like what's happening on the Islamist side, don't like what's happening with the military and the interim government and some people feel that their revolution they had in January 2011 has effectively been hijacked by both parties. Huge dissatisfaction, anger, frustration on all parts and no apparent solutions ahead.Likely that will continue to see those protests in Cairo but also elsewhere around Egypt? Yes. The brotherhood has said they want to keep up the pressure. More protests for a week, now. What capacity do they have? The leadership has been weakened of course because many have been arrested. Some of them have had their children shot in the last couple of days. But they're still issuing edicts and saying they want to continue their protest for another week. That will be a really a big test of their strength to see if they can muster thousands in the streets again after the terrible slaughter of the past week
where we've

where we've lost perhaps 900, 800, perhaps over 1000 people 800, perhaps over 1000 dead, mostly pro Mursi supporters, mostly brotherhood supporters. Can they against that background, again the fear of that sort of attack, muster those numbers in the street when they're clearly now being identified by the interim government as terrorists, that they are answer encouraging acts of terrorism, and that they are basically being identified by the Government as an enemy. Will it happen? It will probably happen to some degree but will they be able to muster the numbers to really cause the government problems, we'll have to wait and see.There have have some reports of journalistings being detained. Are there concerns for safety of the foreign journalists.Very much so. We avoided the area around the mosque today deliberately. We went to another mosque very close by. We could hear the gunshots. We could hear the commotion going on, but the reason why we did that is because several - we had reports of a lot of aggression towards foreign journalists, of Italian journalists being Beaten Up not by the troops and by the police but by the crowds there who appear to believe that the foreign journalists have been on the brotherhood's side, that seems to be a common sentiment, and they're very angry with basically any foreigners at the moment, especially Americans. Americans on both sides of the line are particularly targeted at the moment. We've got to be very, very careful where we go and when we go and this was not
a good place to be as and when we go and this a good place to be as a a good place to foreigner today.Our ABC correspondent in Cairo, Philip Williams.Thank you.Meanwhile, police in Sydney are urging police people planning to protest today against the violence in Egypt to do so peacefully. Yesterday around 200 people gathered outside the Egyptian consulate in Surry Hills to condemn the bloodshed seen in Cairo in the last week. Today's protest at Town Hall is expected to draw a bigger crowd. And to the Federal election now. Tony Abbott is campaign in Melbourne today and is expected to announce details of his paid parental leave scheme. Our political reporter with
Narda Gilmore is travelling with the Opposition leader and she joins us now. Good morning Narda. What are the details we're expecting to hear for this announcement with Tony Abbott today? Good morning, Miriam. This is one of the Tony
biggest centrepiece policies of Tony Abbott's campaign and a lot of the details we already know. The promise, the commitment of the paid parental leave scheme, they have talked about in the past but there's been some vagueness about exactly when this would start. Previously, the Opposition leader has said it will be of
delivered within a first term of a Coalition Government. Today they are putting a date on that. If elected, the coalition would introduce this on 1 July 2015. The promise is a paid parental leave scheme for a woman going on maternity leave, she would be entitled to six months at her full salary. That's compared to Labor's scheme which currently exists which is 18 weeks at the minimum wage. Today the Opposition leader will be releasing figures, a breakdown woman
of what that will mean for an woman on an average income of $65,000 a year, basically, they're saying that would be $32,500. They've put a figure that they would be a woman on an average wage would be $20,000 better off under the coalition's paid maternity leave scheme that under the Government's current scheme which exists. They were also at paint pains to pint point out women under the coalition's scheme would be entitled to superannuation.Have there been any details in terms of how this policy will actually be funded? That is the big question, Miriam, and that's what everybody has been waiting of
to hear. We do know that part of the cost of this scheme will that
be offset with the 1.5% levee that the coalition will impose on big business. That's businesses earning over $5 million a year. That doesn't cover all the costs, though, and there's been some question mark over how the coalition would pay for scheme. Today would pay for the rest of scheme. Today we're expected hopefully scheme. hopefully to hear that detail when it is up and running. hopefully to hear that when it is up and running. It
is expected to when it is up and running. is expected to cost $5 billion a year is expected to cost $5 a year to keep going. It is expected a year to keep going. It expected Government will - the Opposition leader will point expected Government will - to, if he was in Opposition leader will to, if he was in government, obviously they would be scrapping obviously scrapping the Government's paid maternity leave scheme, so scrapping the Government's would be a maternity leave scheme, so that would be a big saving. There would also be savings associated with family tax benefit Part A and B. Apparently, this has been to the independent Parliamentary Budget Office and had a full costing done on it. When the coalition releases those details, and everybody can see line by line how it will be funded, we're not sure, possibly today when Tony Abbott makes this announcement official. There has been criticism of this scheme. Business aren't happy about it. There's some within the coalition, particularly the nationals, that have also it
raised concerns suggesting that it is just too generous, but Tony Abbott is making no apologies. He says that this proves that he gets it when it comes to working women, so this is definitely his big pitch to women and young families.Our political reporter Narda Gilmore there on the campaign trail with Opposition leader Tony Abbott. Any parent who wants to receive the Family Tax Benefit Part A will soon be forced to fully immunise their child un toughening of rules being announced today by Labor. The government says it will no longer allow conscientious objectors in a move it hopes will reduce instances of diseases such as measles and whooping cough. Political reporter Andrew Greene is travelling with the PM and filed this report from Adelaide.Here in the city of churches which also happens to be a city of several key electorate battlegrounds, the PM is today turning his campaign attention to health policy and he's announcing a toughening up of the rules on child immunise nation. Labor says it now wants to make it compulsory for all parents who Benefit Part
wish to receive Family Tax Benefit Part A to have their children fully immunised. As of July last year, this has been compulsory if families want to receive the fax supplement, but there has been a special category of conscientious objectors - tax. Today the PM is announcing that this will no longer exist and all parents who want to receive this Government money will have to have their children fully immunised. We understand the PM will be joined by his Therese, for a morning event and then they will be off to Sydney for their campaign. Kevin Rudd says that his policy at
announcement today doesn't come at any extra cost to the budget.Political reporter Andrew Greene. A citrus grower Andrew in the NSW Riverina is calling for in the NSW Riverina for an urgent overhaul of Australia's food labelling laws. Vito Mancini is drafting a proposal on behalf of growers for the Federal Government to un pick the confusion consumers face when products like juices face are labelled made in Australia. At the same time, new research shows consumers are looking to buy Australian-made products more than ever. Here's consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge.These juices are commonly found on supermarket shelves around the nation. They're a staple on breakfast tables Things that just happen naturally.But are they really what consumers believe they are? It may say made in Australia but the imported goods, the significant good inside the bot at the time could well be fully imported.Vito Mancini says some of the labelling is misleading. If the item has product of Australia or Australian grown, it's wholly produced here, but if it says made in Australia without a green logo with a Kangaroo, only 50% of the product value needs to be Australian.The juice may be foreign but as long as the cost of putting it in the bottle is the majority cost of the product, means it can be called made in Australia.We know that there have been various proposals put forward not about the value but the Constitution of the product, that's been one suggestion.The people behind the Australian made logo have been calling for change. We think there will be some movement in the next Government to helping tidy what's up an unfortunate area of confusion for consumers.Any scope for the Government to change the legislation must be balanced with what consumers are looking for and also for what industry can achieve.And it seems country of Origin labelling is becoming more important to consumers. New research commissioned by the Australian made campaign surveyed more than 1000 people. It found 55% say buying Australian-made products is more important to them than it was 12 months ago. These days it seems there's never been a more important time to buy Australian. Amy Bainbridge, ABC News. Bad weather has forced rescue teams in the Philippines to abandon their search for survivors from the wreck of a passenger ferry. Almost 900 people were on board when it collided with a cargo ship near the port of Cebu and sank. At least 32 people have confirmed dead with 170 others still missing.Small boats doing the sweep of waters where the ferry sank in the fading hopes of any more survivors. More realistically, this is now a search for bodies. Diving teams have been accessing the wreck where it is thought most of those who were missing will eventually be found. We dived 110 feet below. I think not so clear. Not so clear. But we can see the ship.The saint Thomas was carrying nearly 900 passengers and crew when it was in collision with a cargo ship. Survivors and rescuers have talked about the terrifying moments as the ferry ban to list to one side and then sink within half an hour. Happening at night, most of the victims were trapped below decks in their cabins, unable to escape their cabins, unable in time. Hundreds their cabins, unable to in time. Hundreds of other passengers in time. passengers were forced to leap into passengers were forced to into the sea, many without lifejackets. As relatives of lifejackets. those still missing gather at hotels in Cebu waiting for any news, hotels in Cebu waiting news, so an investigation has been launched been launched into the cause of the collision in a country renowned for maritime mishaps. In this archipelago of thousands of islands, ferries are vital to the Philippines but they're notoriously plagued by poor safety standards. Vesters will be looking into this whether this later tragedy will join that catalogue of missed a ventures that could have been avoidedAsylum seekers policy has become one of the most pointed clashes of the election campaign. Australia is not the only country struggling with those seeking refugee status. Nearly twice as many asylum claims were lodged in the UK as are lodged here, but in relation to population more applications are received in Australia. That's one reason the asylum debate in the UK is being eclipsed by concerns over immigration levels from within Europe. Europe correspondent Barbara Miller explains.He looks now like he doesn't have a care in the world. But when Liiban Shakrat came to the UK from Somalia on a false passport, he shouldered the weight of his entire family's expectations. If I go back, you know, straight away, you know, it is going to be in
disaster.Liiban Shakrat lived in the community while his asylum claim was processed. As do around 90% of asylum seekers in the UK. Roughly 10% are put in detention centres, processed under a fast-track system.We found that what the fast-track is in reality is it fast-track to removal from the country. Few rife in the place in the Few fast-track you have very little opportunity to Few rife in the place in opportunity to present your case and if fast-track you have very little case and if your case is refuse bid the home service, very little opportunity to prepare for an appeal.Around 10 years ago there was a massive spike in asylum seekers reaching the from which
UK via France until the camp from which they made their nightly attempts to hitch a ride across the channel was closed. The drop off in the number of people seeking asylum has coincided with a surge of migrants from new European Union countries, in particular, from Eastern Europe, and it is around that issue that the political debate is now focused. This is the man capitalising on concerns over the influx of immigrants.We have a massive oversupply in the unskilled labour market at a time when a million of our 16 to 24-year-olds can't fine work.After being made redundant from his job as a cleaner, Liiban Shakrat is also struggling to find work. A stark reminder that getting your papers can be just the beginning.Barbara Miller, ABC News.Nine building contractors and policemen have been killed by insurgents in an attack on a camp in western Afghanistan. The contractors were working on a foreign funded road building project in Henan Province. Police say a Taliban rocket arm with rock wet propelled guns and automatic weapons attacked the camp. Herat province.Ewan McKenzie's Wallabies' reign began in disappointing fashion as Australia stumbled in a 47-29 Bledisloe Cup loss to the All Blacks in Sydney. Indonesia led 25-19 at the break after Australian scrum half Will Genia kept the home side in the game by scoring a stunning 70 metre individual try. The Wallabies fell behind in the second half when Ben Smith scored two tries to seal the win and a hat-trick for himself. Smith is the first All Black to score three tries against Australia in eight years. Round 21 of the AFL has seen Carlton edge out Richmond Adelaide
by 10 points at the MCG. Port Adelaide was too strong for the Gold Coast, Brisbane outclassed GWS, the Cats ran riot over the West Coast, and North Melbourne has added more misery to Essendon's difficult AFL season. Nick Bailey reports.This match had a familiar feel in the context of Essendon's season. There was a defiant speech pre-match from the chairman. The nature of some of these allegations go way beyond what we believe is the truth.Also familiar with the stutter ing onfield performance from the Bombers. In a quiet opening term. Jake Melksham's fine effort was the Bombers's only goal for the quarter. North wasn't faring much better. Didn't get near TEssendon lost Dyson Heppell for the match at quarter time and soon after Nathan Grima went down with a foot injury. But it was Essendon's defence being tested as both enjoyed a similar number of scoring opportunities. Only North Melbourne was making them count. It gets there. That's what we came to see.Time and again Essendon missed while the Roos found the middle and their halftime lead was 16 points prompting an onfield address from the There was no improvement in the
second from the Bombers' skipper. There was second half for Essendon. North had three more goals in second half for no time at North had three more goals no time at all. The no time were making the simplest of opportunities look difficult. North had all the answers North had all the answers and the Kangaroos found themselves 40 points in front with a quarter to play. Open goal. Daniel wells kicks his some
fourth.Essendon tried to save some face with a couple of early goals in the final term but the damage had been done and North Melbourne finished the match off well to ensure another heavy loss for the Bombers who could now slip to 8th by next week.Cronulla has snatched a last-minute Victory against the Dragons after prop photograph photograph landed a miracle try in the final minute. Andrew Fifita. The Dragons look set for an upset in front of their home crowd until Fifita stormed over in the 80th minute. Kicked ahead. Try to the Sharks. A miracle win. What about that? We dug deep and fluky place and plays you never see again. We didn't really practice. It was a fluke.In other matches the Cowboys won their third straight match downing the Titans 22-10. In bad news for the Titans, Luke O'Dwyer is out for the season and Greg Bird may be as well after suffering serious injuries. Earlier, the Kandahar Bulldogs had a 28-16 win over the Raiders thanks to a Sam Perrett hat-trick. Canterbury. Sally Pearson has claimed a silver medal at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. American Brianna Rollins won gold with in second in 12.55 seconds. An impressive result given her interrupted preparation. I've been injured twice this year. Coming back from that is always a struggle. I Coming back from that a struggle. I still managed to get on the podium. That's what I'm happy about.Olympic champion Usain Bolt completed another sprint double racing to his third successive 200 metres title in the year's fastest time. clearLet's take a look at the satellite. A cold front pushing into the south-east is causing showers and a few thunderstorms to develop in south-east SA, Victoria and Tasmania with potentially damaging winds ahead of the front. Skies are mostly clear elsewhere due to a high. Looking around the

That's the news for now. I'm Miriam Corowa. Stay with us and I'll have a check of the headlines next. And then it's time for Asia-Pacific Focus. You're watching ABC News 24. Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories on ABC News. Egypt's security forces have used gunfire and tear gas to clear out a Cairo mosque after a long stand-off with Muslim Brotherhood supporters barricaded inside. All the protesters have now been taken out of the mosque and many have been arrested. The Government is now considering legally dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Abbott is set to announce details of his paid parental leave policy today which will take effect from mid 2015 if the coalition wins the election. Under the new policy, mothers earning up to $150,000 will be full salary for six months. full salary Officials in Afghanistan say nine building contractors and a policeman have nine building policeman have been killed by insurgents at a construction camp in the country's west.