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Live.The PM announces a further half a billion dollars Live.The PM announces for the car industry to support for the jobs.I believe in industry policy. I believe in manufacturing policy. manufacturing policy.While the Opposition Leader refuses to match the funding.This is panicked decision-making on the run. Egyptian security forces have surrounded a mosque raising fears a raid could lead to more bloodshed.Australians told not to travel to southern Beirut after a car bomb rips through the city. And the Wallabies try to break a decade of dominance by the All Blacks in their first Bledisloe Cup Test. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Kumi Taguchi. Let's take a quick look at the weather for tomorrow... The PM, Kevin Rudd, has announced a $500 million boost for the car industry between now and 2020. At a BBQ with Holden employees in Adelaide, he thanked them for the sacrifice they have made in supporting a pay freeze. Workers have agreed to a three-year pay freeze and cut to conditions in a bid to keep the Elizabeth plant in Adelaide open.Mr Rudd says the Labor Party has been committed to the industry from the start .For more we're joined from Canberra by political reporter Kerrin Kevin
Binnie.Thanks for your time. Kevin Rudd billing this as shoring up the long term future of the industry? That is exactly right. That is the way he is painting it. This plan he has announced today will run from 2016-2020 and it is half a billion dollar investment. It will go towards car component manufacturers, Ford, Holden and Toyota in an effort for them to stay in Australia and stay in business and keep manufacturing cars. Kevin Rudd says there are about 50,000 jobs connected to this industry and this money will be well spent. Let's listen to some of what Kevin Rudd had to say on the issue a little earlier today.I believe in industry policy, I believe in manufacturing policy and that is why I make no apology at all to anybody out there, any right wing economist about what we're doing to support the future of the Australian manufacturing in general and the car industry in particular. I can see no greater, frankly, contrast. We are building Australia's car industry for the future, Mr Abbott is cutting it to pieces by pulling out $1.2 billion from the industry and its workers and their jobs when they need it most.The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, already criticising the plan? That is right. Tony Abbott was asked about it Perth today. The details about it in his door stop in out this morning Perth today. The details are out this morning about Kevin Rudd's Abbott Rudd's announcement. Tony
Abbott is making a point of difference, saying he Abbott is making a point difference, saying he won't be Kevin Rudd is to giving a blank cheque Kevin Rudd is to the auto industry but hasn't spelt out exactly Kevin Rudd is to the exactly what the Coalition would do to support the car makers and the car component manufacturers if and when the Coalition becomes the Government of the day. Let's have a listen to some of what Tony Abbott had to say.As for this latest announcement by Mr Rudd, well, it is more policy on the run, it's a bandaid on a bullet wound. In the context of the hits that Mr Rudd has already imposed on the industry and just at the moment, Mr Rudd looks like a bloke frantically running down the street after the motor manufacturers with a blank cheque in his hand. Really, it is no way to run a Government, this is panicked decision-making on the run.The Coalition also announcing a panel to oversee their costings. Do you have any details of that? That is right. Joe Hockey has been out this morning on the ABC talking about costings and of course it has been a hot issue that has been going on, or an issue that has been bubbling along throughout this election campaign and even before hand, how is each party going to pay for their policies? And the government has been pressuring the Coalition to release its costings and where it will find money to fund them. Joe Hockey, the Shadow Treasurer this morning announced - revealed that they the Coalition have a panel of three experts that they have had looking at these costings at the Coalition costings for some seven months. Those men are the former Treasury official Jeff Carmody, the former Queensland Auditor-General, Len Scanlan and the former head of the PM and cabinet Peter Shergold. They have already been working with the Coalition for quite some time.Any other news from the campaign trail today? Any news from both of the leaders? Tony to Tony Abbott, after his visit the Pilbara region and was met the Pilbara there by Andrew Forrest, of course, the mining magnate from Fortescue Metals and there, he announced that the Coalition would announced that would put $45 announced that the Coalition would put $45 million into Andrew Forrest's generation one scheme, which is aimed at getting training and jobs for Aboriginal people. Mr Abbott has also committed that the Coalition, if it wins the election, will review all indigenous training and employment schemes that are already underway within six months. The person that will head that is Andrew Forrest himself. He will head that review if the Coalition wins Kevin
Government. On the other side, Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide tonight. He went to the footy this afternoon and watched Port Adelaide and the Gold Coast Suns. I have had my head down so I am not sure who won the match or who Kevin Rudd may or may not have been going for. I assume being a Queenslander it would have been the Gold Coast Suns.I assume so. Thanks Kerrin.The Wallabies take on the All Blacks in Sydney tonight in the side's first match of the Ewen McKenzie era. The Wallabies haven't held the Cup since 2002. Morgan Kasmarik is at the Olympic Stadium for us tonight. Thanks for your time. It looks windy there and sounds noisy and like a party atmosphere. What is going on there at the moment? There is a fantastic atmosphere here since the Wallabies haven't won the Bledisloe Cup since 2002. Understandably there are a lot of excited people wearing golden jerseys around here. People started arriving in the early afternoon even though the match doesn't kick off until just after 8 o'clock and luckily the beautiful day in Sydney has turned into a gorgeous evening but it is windy and it could be a problem. The All Blacks will be missing their star fly-half Dan Carter who was nifty with the boot but so is his replacement, Aaron Cruden, he kicked 17 points with the boot in the super rugby final against the Brumbies a few weeks ago. The Wallabies will be looking to avoid any penalties this evening.You ever mentioned the 10-year drought. What is the Wallabies game play? They have a younger side, is there a sense they can do it this time? There is. It is really a new era for the Wallabies. Not only is there five fresh faces, five uncapped players in the 23 but there is also a brand new coach in Ewen McKenzie. He replaced Robbie Deans last month as Wallabies head coach. Ewen McKenzie actually knows first hand what it is like to win a Bledisloe Cup. He was the assistant coach between 2000 and 2002, the three years that the Wallabies won the Bledisloe the Cup over a decade ago. what it takes to Cup over a decade what it takes to win a Bledisloe Cup Cup over a decade ago. He knows
what it takes Bledisloe Cup and he has
brought in what it takes to win a Bledisloe Cup brought in five uncapped players, including starting Matt Toomua at fly-half. He picked Toomua Matt Toomua at picked Toomua over Quade Cooper who was in his picked Toomua over Quade who was in his Queensland team at No.10 and Matt Toomua was
very at No.10 and very impressive for the Brumbies throughout the super rugby season. He will make his debut at fly-half tonight and there is a lot of expectations on him. Also very exciting, a new back three with Jessie Mogg at full-back and on the wing, Israel Folau who Israel Folau who has made a fantastic start in rugby union moved
and James O'Connor who has moved to the wing and everyone thinks that will be a better fit for him.Away from the intricacies of all the coaching and captains and players, have you had a chance to chat to some of the people and what do they say? I have. There has been - I think there is going to be a lot of black jerseys in the stadium tonight. For every black jersey there is a gold jersey. The Australian fans have come out strongly and I had a chat to a few of them on my way in.Ewen McKenzie has picked the best team he has available to him and Toomua will be a great asset to the team.A new team, new coach, new era of winning for Australia.The Wallabies by a quarter of a point.No, by 10.Quade Cooper learn how to play the game. It is called a tackle.Go the Wallabies.It will be a wonderful game.Go Wallabies.Obviously lots of Wallabies fans there. This is the only game on home soil out of the three-match series? Yes it is. Next week the series moves to Wellington, so the Wallabies will only have one game. It switches around every year, whether there is two home games in Australia or two home games in New Zealand. Sydney will be the only home game for the Wallabies this year. Disappointingly they haven't beaten the All Sydney since 2008. Hopefully Sydney since they will overcome that and have a winning start for Wellington next week and the third one won't be until October.Ever a fantastic night tonight and go the Wallabies!

We have take you to Tony Abbott, he's just addressed the media in the Pilbara. He's at Andrew Forrest's Fortescue Metals mine there. We will take you to that speech now.REPORTER: Why put a cap on it? Because we are living in fiscally constrained times and I am bound by the charter of budget honesty to strictly provide a funding for all the programs that I announce. I have got to say, though, I am confident that should we win the election and put this program into place, that there will be what the economists call second round affects which would enable us to very significantly expand this, should it work as well as I am confident that it can. Just to take up a comment of Andrew's, Noel Pearson has a great phrase, the tyranny of low expectations. The great thing about indigenous employment in the mining industry, such as companies like this, is that the indigenous staff are earning standard high wages, doing standard good jobs. These are indigenous people who are employed in thriving businesses in the real economy and one of the signs that real reconciliation is being achieved will be a much greater presence of Aboriginal people in the real economy, not hived off to the side in what sadly for a while did seem to become the norm, Aboriginal people being employed in Aboriginal organisations.REPORTER: How does it compare to the close the gap targets to half -As you know, the focus of the closing the gap program has been on health indicators and educational indicators and that is great. I think that is very important. In the end, we will only close the health, the housing indicators if kids go to school and adults go to work. The quickest way to get better outcomes for Aboriginal people is to significantly improve employment outcomes Aboriginal people because if you're in a job, particularly a good job, with a company like Fortescue or BHP or Rio, you earn a very good wage, you have got tremendous self respect, you're part of a great team and your whole life is transformed under those circumstances.Can I just say, the mining industry has stepped up. Industry across Australia, if you look at the members of the employment covenant, there is 330 of them. They are not in the mining industry. The tens of thousands guaranteed jobs aren't coming from the mining industry. We stress the mining industry because we have been successful because we embrace our local communities but the real potential to remove the disparity exists in urban Australia where, by multiple the jobs exist.REPORTER: On where the money is coming from to pay for it. June last year when you announced $10 million in funding, that was coming from existing indigenous programs. Is it the same deal here? This is extra money we here? This is extra money that
we will find. There is $10 million we will find. There million that we committed
before from existing programs and an extra $35 million to make it $45 million.Of the 5,000 jobs, have you got any commitments from employers at all, will that be something that you enter into afterwards? This is the whole point. Maybe I didn't make myself sufficiently clear in my remarks, but thanks to Andrew and Warren Mundine and Noel Pearson and other people who are associated with the original employment covenant movement, various employers right around our country, the mining industry, but lots of other people, Crown Casino for instance -Lyn fox.Yes that was one of them. A significant number of household names, Australian businesses have committed to providing so far some 61,000 jobs to indigenous people, long term unemployed Indigenous people, provided those people do the training. This is to ensure that the training is funded so that those jobs provided through the Australian employment covenant can actually be filled. We have had 61,000 job offers. We now so
have to get the people trained so that those jobs can be filled. If we can get an initial cohort of 5,000 Aboriginal people off long term unemployment, into the sorts of jobs that are available in these great Australian businesses, we start to transform the whole culture of dependency, which as Noel Pearson and others have so eloquently remarked, Pearson and others have eloquently remarked, is the poison which is killing our people.When do you poison which is killing people.When do you think that will people.When do will happen practically? Presumably you will wait until after Presumably you will to after the review, that is due
to report back in six months? No this money is on the table effectively from day one.Are you confident these programs are the right ones to train people for these jobs? There is $150 million a year that is currently spent in indigenous employment programs. That money will continue. Those programs will continue. This is something over and above the existing programs. I am confident that this will work well. I am confident that this has the potential to totally transform the provision of indigenous employment services over time and I think has the potential to transform the provision of employment services to long term unemployed people for generally. We will get cracking with this $45 million for the 5,000 places from day one. Andrew will lead the review. The review will look at the indigenous employment program for generally. We will take the lessons from the review and we will apply them to the system but what I want to stress to people is, there is not going to be business as usual in this area from a Coalition Government. We have had so much good will over the last couple of decades. We have had so much investment, we have had disappointing outcomes, to be perfectly frank,. There are some bright, bright shining points of hope and the mining industry has been one of those bright shining points of hope but we have got to do better. We have to try to extend the good work that is being done here more generally and that is what this is all about.Will you keep the same employment target in the close the gap targets then? My employment target is that every indigenous be
person who wants a job should be able to get a job. That is my employment target and I want to see indigenous employment at approximately the same rate as employment in the general community and I want to see indigenous people employed across our economy in roughly the same percentages as the rest of our people are.May I make a quick comment on that. Fortescue is a business, so we look for return on investment. Why we have supported the Coalition's action here is that it gives an excellent return on investment to the Australian taxpayer. If you can bring someone who is a major cost to the taxpayer into being a major contributor, repay that investment well within the first year and then do it every year, that is a fabulous investment. Secondly, indigenous people per se, when they are given the opportunity and expectation to step up and take responsibility, then they do. Our experience at Fortescue is that our turnover rate amongst all our workers is the least amongst indigenous people. When given an opportunity, they take it and go. Thank you very much. If I could just - a few brief observations if I may on another topic. I just want to, before Andrew goes, thank him for everything he has done. Now I am here with Melissa Price, our candidate for Durack. Our excellent candidate for Durack. I just want to make this observation in response to the news today that the Australian Labor Party is going to give its second preferences to the Greens in every State except Queensland, where it is going to preference the Katter I want to preference the Katter party.
I want to say betrayal I want to say that this is a
betrayal of people of our country. betrayal of the decent people of our a sign that Kevin Rudd has put politics above a sign that Kevin Rudd politics above jobs. He has politics above jobs. He his own job survival above his own job survival expanding jobs for the people

ourselves what do the Greens of Australia. Let's just ask stand for? They want to close down the Forestry industry, they want to close down the fishing industry. They want to close down the coal industry, they have tried to close down the live cattle trade. This is the party that Mr Rudd is giving his second preferences to. He has turned his back to. He has turned his back on jobs to embrace politics. I think there would be lots of decent Labor people right around our country who will be shaking their heads in shame and embarrassment at yet another squalid deal with a party that is not interested in jobs for Australian workers, is only interested in closing down the industries that are so important to the jobs of the Australian people. Just ask yourself this question - would the Greens approval of what is happening here? I mean, really? Do we really think that the Greens would ever allow a development like this to go ahead, yet because developments like this have gone ahead, Fortescue alone now employs 10,000 people, including over 1,000 Aboriginal people. It is selling $10 billion a year of Australian iron ore to China and elsewhere, that is good for the people of China, it is good for the people of Australia and in particular, it is good for the workers here, all of the retirees who have invested money in Fortescue but this is the last thing that any of the Greens would want to see. Shame on you Mr Rudd for doing this deal and I challenge, again, decent Labor people to reclaim their party from those who have sold its soul to the Greens.REPORTER: You said the other day the Greens were economically irresponsible. The Greens and Labor have published some of their costings online. The Coalition hasn't done How can people judge whether the Coalition is economically responsible? Well, they will judge us. They judge us every day and the point I make is that in good time before the election, people will know exactly how much we are going to spend, exactly how much we are going to save and how much the overall budgetary
position position will be stronger under the Coalition. position will be stronger the Coalition. Our policies have by and large been costed by the Parliamentary Budget Parliamentary Budget
Office and where the Parliamentary Budget Office for all sorts of reasons hasn't been able to do the work, we have got a panel, an expert professional panel which was announced today, Peter Shergold, Len Scanlan, and Jeff Carmody. A very senior and serious panel of people with vast experience in public sector economics.Isn't it true that the fiscal impact of your policies won't be released until the last week? How is that in good time before the election? Again, Joe, let me just remind people that the very costly policies that we have announced so far, the policy to scrap the carbon tax but keep the carbon tax compensation and the policy to cut the company tax rate from 30% to 28.5%. They cost $17 billion over the forward estimates period and I have already announced sensible savings in my budget reply and in my 'National Press Club' speech in January that add up to $17 billion. So far, the significant spends are all covered by the significant saves.On another industry that is important to Australia, the defence industry. There is concern that the so-called valley of death (inaudible) and starting on the subs is approaching. Will the Coalition build a fourth AWD or bring forward some other projects? I have been to the Williamstown naval facility, the Williamstown ship yard, now run by British aero space and I have seen the work that is being done on the carriers and some of the work that is being done on the air warfare destroyers and certainly I have been briefed by them on the difficulties that arise when a Government doesn't manage the ordering process properly. Yet again, because this Government is incapable of proper fiscal management, we have had irregular - an irregular flow of orders to dock yards, ship yards like the one at Williamstown. This is not a problem I can solve from the Opposition. It is a problem that I am acutely conscious of and I believe that it ought to be possible to better manage defence procurement because the last thing we want to do is build up a work force only to let it go and have to build it up again in 18 months or a year. It is no way to run an industry but unfortunately we have people in charge who don't seem to be very good at working with industry to bring about the best possible outcome. Thank you. That was the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott speaking from the Pilbara in WA's north for a quick wrap of that we're joined by Kerrin Binnie again.The Opposition Leader there unveiling an indigenous employment strategy. Your first thoughts on that? That is right. That been talking about since 5 o'clock been talking about since conference in the Pilbara o'clock this afternoon. conference in the Pilbara at a
mine that o'clock this afternoon. That
conference in the mine that is owned mine Metals mine that is owned by Fortescue Metals and at was the Fortescue Metals Metals and at that was the Fortescue Metals boss
Andrew Forrest. He Metals and at that conference
was the Fortescue Andrew Forrest. He is a part of this Andrew Forrest. He is a part this new scheme from Tony Abbott. He is pouring this new scheme Abbott. He is pouring $45 Abbott. He is million into Andrew Forrest's existing Generation One scheme which is existing which is designed to get indigenous people into training and into employment. Tony Abbott landed there this afternoon in the Pilbara and we can see those pictures now. He also got up on a truck and had a look around a mining truck. The crux of this announcement, as well, is that an incoming Coalition Government will also get Mr Forrest to review within six months all of the Government agencies, indigenous employment schemes and see what is working and what is not and Mr Abbott says it can't be business as usual, there is so much investment with some disappointing outcomes. Those will be reviewed by Andrew Forrest after the election Tony Abbott wins that September 7 election.Tony Abbott in WA all day, earlier in Perth. What came out of that visit in Perth, was it very much a lead-up to this press conference just now? This morning Tony Abbott was campaigning in some seats in Perth, around Perth and recommitting that some funding to a highway that the Labor Government has already committed. Tony Abbott says he will match that commitment and there were some local announcements there. One of the other big things today that has happened is on the other side of politics, in Adelaide Kevin Rudd was at the Holden factory. He had a BBQ with Holden workers and then made an announcement that the Government will, if re-elected, pour $500 million into the car industry as well. Half a billion dollar investment from 2016-2020 Kevin Rudd says they are committed long term should they remain in Government and there will be about $300 million overall on average per year to the car industry and that is to keep the car industry working and up and running in Australia. In recent months we have had Holden and Ford questioning their presence here in Australia and they are staying for now and Kevin Rudd wants to make it stay that way to save something like 50,000 jobs is the figure he put on it right around the country not just in key places like Adelaide but also Adelaide and Geelong but also other parts of the country that have not only are producing cars but the components and industries associated with the car another
industry.Kerrin Binnie another very busy day in politics. A Saturday, a weekend but not a day off for anyone. Thanks for the update. The top stories from ABC News - the PM has announced an extra half a billion dollars for the car industry until 2020 and further support beyond that. Holden workers have agreed to a pay freeze and cuts to conditions in a bid to keep the Adelaide plant open. Mr Rudd says the funding boost highlights the difference between Labor and the Coalition.Egyptian security
forces are reportedly using tear gas against supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi who are sheltering in a Cairo mosque. 100 deaths have been reported in cities across the country. Dozens of people have gathered at the Egyptian consulate in Sydney for a peaceful protest against the bloodshed. Australians are being warned not to travel to southern Beirut after a deadly car bomb killed 20 people on Thursday. The foreign Minister Bob Carr has issued a statement saying there is a risk of further attacks. Australians already in southern Beirut are advised to leave. Carlton still have a shot at the finals after staging an impressive come back against Richmond. The Tigers flew out of the blocks in an explosive first quarter, kicking 8 goals to 3 but the Blues worked their way back into the game. Carlton took the match by 10 points. Taking you back to that situation in Egypt. After a week of bloodshed is there any hope of reconciliation between the army and supporters of the deposed President or is the gap between them unbridgeable? Egypt's crisis is a stand-off between the country's two most powerful institutions - the military and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their supporters were out in force again today, their numbers far smaller than those who for an end to the Muslim