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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live.The PM announces a further half a billion dollars for the car industry to support jobs.I believe in industry policy. I policy.The
believe in manufacturing refuses to
policy.The Opposition leader refuses to match the funding.This is panicked decision-making on the run. A new crisis unfolds in Egypt after a day of bloodshed.A travel issued with Australians told
not to go to bloodshed.A travel warning is
issued with not to go to southern Beirut. And the Wallabies try to break a decade of dominance break a against the All Blacks in Sydney tonight. Live across Australia this is ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Richard Davies. Let's look at tomorrow's weather first... The PM Kevin Rudd has announced a $500 million boost for the car industry between 2016 and 2020. After a BBQ with Holden employees in Adelaide, he thanked them for the sacrifice they have made in supporting a pay freeze. Workers have agreed to a 3-year pay freeze and a cut to their conditions in a bid to keep the Elizabeth plant in Adelaide open. Mr Rudd says the Labor Party has been committed to the industry from the start.For more we are joined from Canberra by our political reporter Kerrin Binnie.Kevin Rudd is billing this as shoring up the long term future of the car industry? That is right. By giving this money from 2016-2020, it is half a billion dollars investment into the car industry. It is not counted in the forward estimates because it is too far out. There is no indication of where the money will come from just yet but he has committed a re-elected Labor Government to implementing that policy should it be re-elected. Kevin Rudd, as you mentioned, said this is about the long term viability and beyond the 2020 date for this cut-off of the $500 million, there will be at least $300 million a year in assistance. This is what he had to say earlier today.I believe in industry policy, I believe in manufacturing policy and that is why I make no apology at all to anybody out there, any right wing economist about what we're doing to support the future of Australian manufacturing in general and the car industry in particular.I can see no greater contrast. We are building Australia's car industry for the future. Mr Abbott is cutting it to pieces by pulling out $1.2 billion from the industry and its workers and their jobs when they need it most.The Opposition Leader has already criticised Labor's plan? That is right. The details of this plan were around this morning before the official Kevin Rudd
announcement this afternoon by Kevin Rudd in Adelaide. Tony Abbott was in Perth this morning and he was asked about what he thinks of the issue and he says this appears to be policy on the run from Kevin Rudd and says he hasn't agreed that the Coalition would in fact match that funding and says that he is not ever going to give the car industry any sort of blank cheque as he terms it.As for this latest announcement by Mr Rudd, well, it is more policy on the run. It is a bandaid on a bullet wound in the context of the hits that Mr Rudd has already imposed on the industry and just at the moment, Mr Rudd looks like a bloke frantically running down the motor manufacturers running down the street after the blank cheque in his the motor blank cheque in his hand. It is no way to run a Government, this is panicked decision-making on the run.We have also learned that the Coalition's announced a panel to oversee their costings. What are the details? That is right. This big debate about how the Coalition are going to pay for their policies has been around since the start of the campaign and even before that the Government was talking about the Coalition costing its policies and trying to get some sort of detail about where there will be cuts. We heard today from the PM again, saying the word cut, cut, cut a few times. The Coalition, in an attempt to dampen this argument from the Government, has set up a three-person panel to look at their costings. They say they have been looking at them for seven months already and the men that will be on that panel, a former Treasury official Jeff Carmody, Len Scanlon and Peter Shergold. Joe Hockey has told us today, they have already been looking at their policy costings and working with the Coalition for at least seven months.It has been another busy day on the campaign trail. What are both leaders up to this afternoon? Tony Abbott has flown into the Pilbara this afternoon and he has been met by Andrew Forrest on the ground in the Pilbara and he has made an announcement this afternoon that he has pledged $45 million for Andrew Forrest's generation one scheme and now this is to help Aboriginal people get training and a job and says this $45 million will go towards providing practical training to indigenous people to give them a guaranteed job, to use Mr Abbott's words. He has also announced that the Coalition, if it wins the election, it will review all indigenous training and employment schemes within six months of coming to office and Mr
that review would be headed by Mr Forrest. We are expecting to hear from Tony Abbott later on this hour hear this hour in fact on that announcement. As
policy making that announcement. As for the other side, Kevin Rudd announcement. As for side, Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide and this afternoon he went to the Port Adelaide match between Port and the Gold Coast Suns and watched a bit of that match. I think he is staying in Adelaide tonight. Tomorrow that is another story. We will see where they end up tomorrow.Thanks Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. To other news - and a distressing new crisis is unfolding in Cairo. Hundreds of people have reportedly barricaded themselves inside a mosque and are refusing to leave because of fears for their safety. The stand-off was triggered by the sighting of a group of people outside the mosque door. Egyptian security forces are now besieging the building which has been used as a field hospital during the violence this week.Supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi have been taking to the streets to protest against the deaths of more than 600 demonstrators earlier this week. The interior ministry says police had been authorised to use live ammunition to quell the unrest. A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood has promised further protests. When the noon prayer ended, the fight for Egypt's future began again.This was a mosque in Cairo. They chanted "We don't care about life, we sacrifice ourselves for religion".They set off for Ramses Square less than a mile away, the Muslim Brotherhood's plan was for 25 demonstrations to converge on the square.Some of them were spoiling for a fight, demanding the death of General Sisi, the armed forces chief who ordered the removal and imprimpment of the elected President Mohamed Morsi. Once the armed were seen as the protectors of Egypt. They still are by many Egyptians but not by these men anymore.Elsewhere in Cairo, armed men in the demonstrations heading for Ramses Square opened fire.For around an hour the protest in the square was angry but peaceful.Then, rocks were thrown at a police station nearby. The interior ministry warned that live fire would be used if the security forces were attacked.It all escalated quickly. First, tear gas, then automatic weapons from the police station. (Rapid gun fire)I didn't see demonstrators with guns but the official media hearsay many in the crowd were armed. The his, like angry deadly insects, is from bullets coming very close. It wasn't just happening in Cairo. This was Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast, Egypt's second city. Clashes and deaths have been reported from across the country.In Cairo, the wounded dying and dead were ferried out of Ramses Square, more and more of them. Dozens of casualties were treated and they kept in.The euphoria that followed the removal of the old dictatorship and the revolution in 2011 seems like a long time ago now. Supporters of the army's actions, and there are many in Egypt, won't have much sympathy for the casualties.Clashes broke out in different places in throughout the afternoon. The
army throughout the army and its supporters say they are saving the army and its supporters they are saving the state from
armed they are saving the opponents also include secular people who opponents
armed Islamists. The army's opponents also people opponents also include secular violence and the military coup. people who are disgusted by the violence and the military They fear Egypt's old They state is coming back.Egyptians need peace, politics, not guns. The politics, positions are getting politics, not guns. positions are entrenched. Tonight this fire near Ramses Square is spreading entrenched. Tonight this to a blood near Ramses Square is to a blood bank in the Red to a Crescent building next-door. Egyptians Crescent Egyptians are fighting out their arguments in Egyptians are fighting streets.At least 28 people have died and more than streets.At least 28 have died and more than 200 are
missing after have died and more than missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship in missing after a ferry with a cargo ship in the
with a cargo ship in Philippines. The coast guard says nearly Philippines. The coast says nearly 600 people were
pulled from Philippines. The coast guard
says nearly pulled from the water after the accident near the port of pulled from the water after Crew on board accident near the port Crew accident near the port of Cebu.
Crew on sank within 10 minutes of hitting Crew on board the ferry said hitting the ship. The ferry had into
requested a change of course into the harbour requested into the harbour but it is unclear into the unclear if the other ship into the harbour but it is agreed. Both captains unclear if the other agreed. Both captains of the
vessel survived and are vessel survived and are waiting to be questioned by authorities. Australians are being warned not to travel to southern Beirut after a deadly car bomb which killed at least 20 people on Thursday. The foreign the minister Bob Carr has issued a statement saying there is a risk of further attacks and Australians shouldn't travel there. Australians already in southern Beirut are advised to consider leaving. Funerals have been held for some of the people who died in the blast, which also injured more than 300 people.The bombing is believed to have been in retaliation for Hezbollah's armed support of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

Zimbabwe's main Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai has with drawn a legal challenge against the outcome of last month's disputed election. A spokesman for Mr Movement for Democratic Change, says the party doesn't believe it would receive a fair hearing. Official figures show that President Robert Mugabe was re-elected with a strong majority but Opposition figures say the vote was marred by fraud.In the US, there are reports the National Security Agency has breached privacy rules thousands of times. The allegations stem from documents leaked by the fugitive Edward Snowden. North America correspondent Michael Vincent reports. These latest set of documents that the 'Washington Post' has printed show that the NSA breached privacy provisions more than - thousands and thousands of times, including its own regulations of what it is authorised to record. For example, in this case many were actually breaches of foreign phone intercepts. The phones belonging to foreigners and Americans who came to the US, the 'Washington Post' that unfortunately the NSA's technology didn't allow them to determine that the phones were coming into the US and they would coming into the would need a warrant. Small stuff but also big stuff that the US was monitoring phones of people that they weren't supposed to be. The other revelation from the latest set of documents was that the NSA workers had been given specific instructions that when they were writing documents to officials who were meant to have oversight of their work, they were to put in remove details and put in generic information rather than the specific information. The NSA has said "We weren't attempting to cover anything up here, it was trying to make the information uniform" but questions have been raised again. To the Japanese, it is the perfect protein-rich dish to restore flagging energy on a sweltering summer day. Japan is addicted to eating eel. Now there are fears that the Japanese eel is on the verge of extinction with a catch slumping 90% in recent years. Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo.Slimy, yet succulent, unattractive, yet appetising. The eel has long been savoured by the Japanese especially during the energy-sapping summer months.TRANSLATION: is full of protein and it is good to eat during summer so we don't get weiry from the heat.This northern summer there are fears that Japanese eel is heading towards extinction. Little is known about the species which starts its life cycle in the ocean and spawns only once in its Katsumi Tsukamoto
lifetime. Veteran researcher Katsumi Tsukamoto was the first person in the world to collect wild eel eggs from the sea.TRANSLATION: The Japanese people are eating too much eel. This kind of attitude is wrong. We have to take responsibility for the eel's survival.Unfortunately, for the wild eel, this is where most of them end up, in a restaurant kitchen.In the past five years, the price of eel in Tokyo has doubled. There is a real fear here that eel could drop off the menu at restaurants like this altogether in the years to come. It is a real worry for a nation that gobls up 70% of the global eel catch - gobbles.Even famous eel chefs like Takashi Nishimura fear Japan's appetite for eel is threatening the species' future. He relies on farm deal which itself hasn't been a reliable supply because it depends on wild stocks for replenishment.TRANSLATION: I think it has been overfished. The catch has dropped by 90% in the last decade. It is heartbreaking for me.Japan has now designated the eel as a species at Rick of extinction but this listing is non-binding, meaning eel will continue to appear on menus and plates across Japan. - risk. A citrus grower in the NSW Riverina is calling for an urgent overhaul of Australia's food labelling laws. Vito Mancini on behalf of growers Mancini is drafting a Federal Government on behalf of Federal Government to unpick
Federal Government the confusion consumers face when products like juices are labelled "Made in Australia". At the same time new research shows consumers are looking to buy Australian made products more than ever. These juices are commonly found on supermarket shelves around the nation. They are a staple on breakfast tables.But are they really what consumers believe they are? It may say made in Australia but they are imported goods. The significant good inside the bottle could be imported.Riverina citrus grower Vito Mancini says some of the labelling is misleading. If the item has "Product of Australia" or "Australian grown" it is wholly produced here but if it says "Made in Australia" without a green logo with a kangaroo, only 50% of the product value needs to be Australian.The juice may be foreign, but as long as the cost of putting it in the bottle is the majority cost of the product, it means it can be called "Made in Australia".We know there have been various proposals put forward not about the value but the constitution of the product that has been one suggestion.The people behind the Australian made logo change.We
have been calling for change.We think there will be some movement in the next Government to helping tidy up what is an unfortunate area of confusion for change the legislation scope for change the legislation must be balanced with what consumers are looking balanced with are looking for and also for what industry can are looking for and what industry can achieve.It seems country of origin labelling is becoming more important to consumers. New research commissioned by the Australian made campaign surveyed more than 1,000 people. It found 55% say buying Australian made products is more important to them than it was 12 months ago.These days, it seems there has never been a more important time to buy Australian. Let's check the sport with Sacha Mirzabegian.What is happening in the AFL? Plenty. Carlton has kept their finals hopes alive with a victory against Richmond. At Docklands Essendon is looking to reverse its fortunes with a win over North Melbourne while Port cemented 8th spot after holding off the Suns at Football Park. The Power had the better start despite kicking into the wind. They had a 24-point lead at the first change. Slams it home!The Suns outscored the Power in the second and third quarter to claw their way back into the match but Port strung together three quick majors late in the final term to seal the 4 points. In Melbourne the Tigers were out of the blocks quickly as they outscored the Blues by five goals in the first quarter. Carlton managed to bridge the gap. They took the lead early in the third term and the Tigers faltered to hand the Blues the win.The Cowboys go head to head with the Titans tonight, while the Dragons play the Sharks. The bull don't haven't let Ben Barba's potential move to another club affect their chances in this afternoon's match against the Raiders. The Bulldogs needed a win, while the Raiders could have claimed 7th position with a victory. The Dogs set up a 20-6 lead at the main break and they went on with it in the second half with Sam Perrett scoring his second try early in the second half. He went over for a hat-trick not long after to extend the Dogs lead to 22 points. The Wallabies take on the All Blacks tonight in Sydney in the side's first match of the Ewen McKenzie era. McKenzie's named five players in his squad. They include Matt Toomua who will start in the No.10 jersey with Quade Cooper to come off the bench. They haven't held the cup since 2002 but captain James Horwill says that is in the past.History is history. There is nothing we can do about it. We have to take confidence of the belief we have in this team, we have picked players been playing well in super rugby and guys that have been playing as recently as two weeks ago, some of the guys in their team. We need to of the guys in need to worry about putting of the guys in their team. best foot forward and need to worry about worrying about best foot happened in the past best foot forward and not long it has been since we worrying about what has
happened in the won the long it has been since won the trophy.The English Lions are 7/269 at stumps on the opening day of their match postponed
against Australia. Rain postponed the start of play but the Lions won the toss and elected to about the. Nathan Lyon took three wickets while Steve Smith has 2/8 after two overs.The ball is coming out well. It gives me a bit of confidence going into the last Test. A lot of confidence out of Durham also, I thought I bowled well and it is good to back it up here. We have to do it again at The Oval.Sally Pearson has posted a season best time of 12.62 seconds to win her heat of the 100 hurdles at the world championships in Moscow. She is the second fastest qualifier into the semis. Month far Yass has completed the long - Mo Farah has taken out the 5,000m. He also won gold in the 10,000 race earlier in the week. It is amazing. I got what I wanted. It wasn't easy from last year to this year. I have to work twice as hard. Being a family man and being away from my family and kids. It hasn't been easy but it makes it worth it.Just over a week out from the US Open, a few more contenders have added their names to the mix to take out this year's final grand slam. Novak Djokovic and No.2 ranked player Andy Murray and Federer have crashed out of the
Cincinatti Federer have crashed out Cincinatti Masters. John Isner ousted Djokovic in three sets. Isner will meet Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro in the last four after putting an end to the serve's bid to complete the career golden Masters slam. Tomas Berdych swept past US Open champion Murray in straight sets. Rafa Nadal survived the carnage to advance to the semis with a three set defeat of Federer. The win keeps him on track for a possible rise to second in the world behind Novak Djokovic if he can win the event. Let's hear from Djokovic.No, I just played very bad match overall. It was a terrible match. From the beginning to the end, except the start of the second set, I was just a different player, totally. Today I wasn't able to capitalise on my opportunities and serve - and in important moments double faults and that is the way it is.A content Novak Djokovic there. I will be back with more sport in an hour.It has been another busy week on the campaign trail which was dominated by debates and dad moments. Editor Nick Vevers has put together the highlights of an eventful week two.Kevin Rudd says he's not phased by his underdog status entering the second week.He remains the underdog after another poll shows he is behind today. We're the underdogs. He is writing his victory speech and there is a long way to go.I will do whatever I humanly can in Government to bring this about.I have got the gorilla vote obviously.Running for office has rarely been so tough.You will always find problems which emerge.The economy was the main theme when Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott met for their first election debate.Who was the winner? The Australian people will decide.It wasn't a knockout blow but then again there never really are in these things.Surely four weeks before an election he can stop being evasive.People who are at home watching this deserve better. The Treasury and finance departments have released their official budget update.It is D-day for Mr Abbott when it comes to announcing his own budget bottom line. The GST won't change, it is not going to change.There will be no change to the GST in an Abbott Government.I will do what I say we will do. Tony Abbott saw sex appeal in a Liberal candidate and Kevin Rudd sees sexual harassment.Tony Abbott is facing renewed questions about his social views after making what the Government is calling offensive comments about same sex relations.I had a dad moment.You got things under control? Day 11 of the campaign included some sniping.The PM heads to the Top End today.Tony Abbott is back in the electorate of Bass.I am talking about how you grow the Territory economy.Mr Rudd is playing catch-up but he is not fair dinkum.What are you hiding Mr Abbott? Well, please. A trough and a deep low in the Bight is causing showers, alpine snow potentially damaging winds and a few storms in Victoria, Tasmania, SA and southern NSW. That is ABC News for now. Don't forget you can keep up to date on all the stories wear following by visiting our web site. The address is on your screen... I will be back in a moment with an update of the main headlines and then stay with us after that for 'One Plus One'. I'm Richard Davies, you're Captions by CSI Australia.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live. The top stories from ABC News - the PM has announced an extra half a billion dollars for the car industry until 2020 and further support beyond that. He made the announcement to Holden workers who have agreed to a pay freeze and a cut to their conditions in a bid to keep the Adelaide plant open. Mr Rudd says the funding boost highlights the difference between Labor and the Coalition.Egyptian security forces are reportedly using tear gas against the ousted tear gas against supporters of the ousted President Mohamed
Morsi who the ousted Morsi who are sheltering in a Morsi Cairo mosque. 100 deaths have been reported in cities across the country. Dozens of people have gathered have gathered at the Egyptian consulate in Sydney for a peaceful protest against the bloodshed. Australians are being warned not to travel to southern Beirut after a deadly car bomb killed 20 people on Thursday. The Foreign Minister