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. Renae Lawrence receives a cut reduction of six months. For the ringleaders, there's no news on their appeal for clemency. Australia's struggling car industry has been in the spotlight with the Prime Minister pledging hundreds of millions to support manufacturers. Kerrie Yaxley is with Kevin Rudd in Adelaide. How has the PM's announcement been received.The Holden workers with the Prime Minister when he announced it seemed at least with it. Basically Kevin Rudd wants to give $5 million to the struggling car industry, between 2016 and 2020. Basically to help keep companies like Holden operating in Australia. Now, the funding will be reviewed every five years, and the government has not worked out how it will pay for it, because it doesn't start until 2016 - which is beyond the forward estimates. Tony Abbott's first reaction to the announcement was to describe it as policy on the run. Here is the Prime Minister and then Tony Abbott.I believe in industry policy, manufacturing policy, and that's why I make no apology to anybody out there, any right-wing economist about what we are doing to support the future of Australian manufacturing in general and the car industry.What I'm not going to do is rush down the street after Holden and Toyota waving a blank cheque around. What a humiliating, undignified position for the Prime Minister of Australia to be in.And that was Tony Abbott speaking from WA, where he's announced more funding for Perth roads. It's been revealed that the Coalition has been working with three former senior bureaucrats on its policy costings. We won't see those costings until the last week of the campaign.Meanwhile, a new poll out and Labor seems to be in serious trouble, Kerry.It paints a grim picture for Labor. JWS Research polled eight of the key marginal seats finding the Coalition well in front in seven of them, including Forde in Queensland, where former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie was

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie
was recruited To win. Labor, according to the poll looked set to lose Corangamite in Victoria. And Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury's seat in Lindsay, and Greenway, in Western Sydney, where the Prime Minister visited last week. That is too close to call. Despite all of this the Prime Minister says he can win this election. This is what he had to

Minister says he can win this
election. This is what he had to say to troops at the Labor Party headquarters when he dropped in today.I will not draw breath for the next three weeks - have absolute confidence that we can and will win this.And, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott will go head to head once again. It's been confirmed that there'll be another debate Wednesday night in Brisbane. Thank you Kerrie Yaxley. A 40-year-old cyclist in Brisbane has died after a truck rolled on top of him. The vehicle overturned after it hit a rail bridge in the city's South. Joel Dry has the details. For an early morning bike ride, it turned to tragedy for a family, with a cyclist trapped under a truck and killed at Dutton Park, south of Brisbane. It's understood the semitrailer was travelling on Annerley Road when the driver misjudged the height of a rail bridge, slammed into it and rolled, crushing the unfortunate cyclist - trapped on the inside lane.A man in his 40s from Greenslopes was riding a bike on the road at the time. The truck landed on top of him.Nearby residents heard the crash and rushed to assist the driver get out of his cab. Sadly it was several minutes before anyone realised a cyclist was stuck under the rig.We looked around, he came around with me and saw the bike. We put his hand on his hair. Poor fella. He was stressed.The driver was unhurt, but visibly shaken and taken away in an ambulance. Locals say that a truck would run into this rail bridge at least once every couple of months, and often at dangerous speeds. Police will investigate whether either of those factors played a part in this death. Speed, however, is almost certainly likely to have been a factor in a second death on a Queensland road. A 17-year-old male was killed when he ran off the road, crashing into a tree at burr bank, also south of Brisbane. That was about 10 Bachelor of Medicine last night. Frens will investigate both -- about 10pm last night. Forensic Crash Unit will investigate both accidents. Four teenages have been charged after a pursuit involving a stolen car in Perth. It's alleged the teens broke into a number of properties in the eastern suburbs when officers spotted the car. A police helicopter tracked them as they drove through red lights and overtook a semitrailer on other sections of road.

The pursuit ended after police deployed stingers at Kelmscott. Two of the teens tried to escape on foot. They were eventually taken into custody. At least another 80 people have died in Cairo as backers of ousted President Mohammed Mursi continued to clash with security forces. The death toll stands at more than 600, and is likely to climb with thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters vowing revenge against the military. The crowds arrived angry, looking for a fifplgtNo more army in -- for a fight. No more army in Egypt. A fight is what they got. Army helicopters hovered overhead - the Muslim Brotherhood angry at the overthrow of their elected President - erupted in anger. They chanted. They chanted thugs. Many dared the military to shoot.We are people. We don't have weapons, OK. This is my answer. I'm ready to die. It's better to die here.It's better to die here?Yes.In the middle of an interview the first sign of trouble.I'll cut this short.You can hear gunfire coming 100 feet away from us. Look at the bridge. You can see people running for their lives. Casualties were carted away. We split up - one team staying behind, my producer and I going to a second location where our vehicle was surrounded by 50 armed thugs.They had guns, knives, surrounded the car and accused us of being spies. Eventually they let us go.The city became a battlefield. This gunfight outside the hotel. Elsewhere some jumping for their lives off a bridge. Here a tank stares down and fires on a man. Bloodshed at the critical passage way of the world's oil. More than 200 are missing after a ferry sank off the coast of the Philippines. The boat carried 870 passengers when it collided with a containership. 28 people have been confirmed dead. That number is expected to rise. WorkCover is investigating how a young man was impaled through his head by a metal rod on a Sydney building site yesterday. The 19-year-old was clearing rubble with an excavator when the rod snapped, smashed through the cabin into his fore head. The teen underwent surgery and is recovering in hospital. In the news ahead - a car explodes in Sydney - damaging nearby homes. Also, Oscar Pistorius to be formally charged with premeditated murder. They call it the toughest event on This program is not captioned. So, you living with
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Homes have been damaged after a car exploded in Sydney's south-west early this morning. Residents in the Maquarie Fields street heard a loud explosion after midnight. The wreckage of a silver Subaru is being examined. Police think it was deliberately torched. Oscar Pistorius is likely to be formally charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend when he returns to court next week. Monday, the day Reeva Steenkamp would have turned 30, prosecutors are expected to present a 5-page indictment against the Olympian. The trial will begin early next year, and Oscar Pistorius faces a life sentence if found guilty. A Chinese doctor could only stand by and watch as workers demolished a mountain home created on top of a high-rise building in Beijing. The man spent $100,000 transforming his penthouse but was forced to tear it down after officials said the work was done without permission. Two cosmonauts set a record for the longest spacewalk by Russians, spending 7.5 hours rigging 36 metres of cable outside the International Space Station to prepare for a new lab that will arrive in a few months. The old record was over seven hours set at the old space station. American astronauts hold the record of nearly nine hours, set in 2001. Tens of thousands of fitness freaks got down and dirty in Queensland, taking on a challenge known as one of the toughest in the world. It was the State's first Tough Mudder event. Nine News reporter Kirsty Johansen also took on the test. Well, they definitely call it Tough Mudder for a reason. There's nothing easy about this 20km military-style obstacle course - scaling 3 metre high walls, jumping into freezing ice baths, crawling through mud and getting shocked by 10,000 volts of electricity. It's the first time the hard core event made its way to Queensland.Mud, fun, teamwork. Camaraderie.It tests you in ways no other event does. It's as much about mental grip and physical strength.It's not all about winning, some obtackles virtually impossible to complete by yourselfIt's a tick off your box challenge in your life. This will be the biggest Tough Mudder event in the world, with 23,000 participants putting themselves through the ultimate test in physical and mental endurance this weekend. Sport is next - you'd be a Tough Mudder, and my father was a mudder as well. An NRL coach's extraordinary tirade. We'll tell you what has Manly's coach, Geoff Toovey fuming. And a perfect ride for This program is not captioned.

The Canterbury Bulldogs have run away with a

The Canterbury Bulldogs have run
away with a 28-16 win over the Canberra Raiders. Sam Perrett capping the victory with a hat- trick. Nice play. The Bulldogs sit in fifth on the ladder. Manly coach Geoff Toovey has given an all-time spray so the referees after his team's 22-10 defeat by the South Sydney Rabbitohs. A fired up Geoff Toovey left no doubt about his opinion of the match officials and a lopsided penalty account. It can be tough to be on a winning team. Losing was unbearable for Geoff Toovey, who blew up at the refs.Oh, come on. Come on, that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. There's got be an investigation into this. There's - someone has to be accountable for this.He was furious Steve Matai was not awarded this try.Unless I'm blind. I can see the ball on the ground. What was the decision - can someone answer that.The Sea Eagles got away to an easy lead but the Rabbitohs were not about to let it go easily. Greg Inglis's first game back could have ended early. Thankfully to Rabbitohs fans he recovered from a knock to the knee. They put a hand on it. Greg Inglis scored for South Sydney.South gave everyone a reminder why they are flying high this season, with a 22- 10 win. In Brisbane the Eels suffered a double blow. Jarryd Hayne's knee injury looks serious. Scans will tell the full story. The opposing full-back was the Man of the Match in the Broncos 22-12 win. He steps in, comes in. He's still going.Brisbane are not giving up on the top eight just yet. In Rugby Union the Wallabies will be out to break an 11-year Bledisloe Cup drought when they take on the All Blacks at the ANZ Stadium. It will be Ewen McKenzie's first as coach after making eight to the team which lost the first test to the British and Irish Lions last month. The world's top two tennis players have been knocked out of the Cincinatti Masters. World number one, Novak Djokovic going down to Isna. Ending a bit to become the first man to win all nine Masters titles. Andy Murray was knocked out, beaten by Czech Tomas Berdych in straight sets. There's something in the water at Teahupoo that suits Mick Fanning, bursting into the fourth round of the Billabong Pro on the back of a perfect 10 ride. He turned on the tubes for everyone. Hawaii's John John Florence also scored a perfect 10, and Joel Parkinson is yet to surf his third round heats. In the AFL after a week in which it was charged for bringing the game into disrepute - Essendon is up against North Melbourne at Etihad stadium. The Kangaroos winning by 16. Carlton's final hopes are alive after the Blues upset Richmond by 10 points at the SCG.It's a blue boot. It was Casbolt getting the Blues over the line.A knee injury to Jack Riewoldt, which could have him in doubt to next week's clash with Giants. Lots of optimism for Wallabies fans. The start of a new era.Let's hope so.Stay with us for the This program is not captioned.

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Quick check on the weather details for you now. A low is directing a trough towards South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. That's bringing showers and storms. Tomorrow - a cold front will cross South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW, generating showers and the odd storm. Looking at the capitals:

And that is Nine's afternoon news for this Saturday. Our next bulletin is coming up at 6:00. I'm Georgie Gardner. Bye for now. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Australia's Got Talent wowed the nation. Spread the happiness, Tommy. With everything from the incredible. I going to bill your salty Ray?To the outrageous. Go! But you ain't seen nothing yet.

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He is so gorgeous and clever. I love his furry trousers.

You do make a judgement straight away on what they look like. I sometimes think, "I don't like the look of this person". And the best thing is when they do something that your changes your mind. Hello sir, how are you? Welcome to Australia's Got Talent. Are we going to be amazed? You are going to be amazed.

I absolutely loved it. It's a complete 'no' from me.

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Mega, mega, mega talent. The best is still to come.

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SONG: # Get away # Get away
You gotta get away # Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh... # CATRIONA:
Hello and welcome to Getaway. Tonight we have
some fantastic holidays that will capture your spirit
and hold your heart. Will Jason find his way
around Venice? Now it's not funny. We're
actually going around in circles. I think we are actually lost. Enjoy the perfect island escape
in Malaysia with Kelly. It won't cost too much and it's everything you can
dream of. And get onboard Jules' luxury cruise as it continues through
captivating Russia. Hop back on,
have a beautiful meal, a kip. And then wait for the next
fascinating village to slide up to your balcony window.

# Get away # Get away! #

OK, listen up. Here's the deal. The executive producer of this show,
or in other words my boss, caught wind of me whingeing that he only ever sends
Natalie and Catriona to Italy. So take a guess where I am! Welcome to Venice! Arguably one of the most beautiful
cities in all of Italy. But here's the catch -
he's only given me 24 hours and 100 euro to take it all in. It's never gonna happen.

Venice - one of the most romantic, one of the most talked about and
unique cities in the whole world.

This 1,500-year-old city in the
north of Italy is simply stunning. Sitting on 117 different islands, Venice is unique in that
it's a pedestrian-only city. OK, I've got it. Here's the plan.
I'm gonna get lost in Venice. I mean, according to this map, there are so many laneways,
canals and squares, this island is like
a giant labyrinth. So get yourself a good pair
of walking shoes and a map and just go exploring.

Venice has something different
around every corner and walking around it is not only
one of the cheapest things to do, it's also great fun.

I think we've been here before.

Now it's not funny. We're
actually going around in circles. I think we are actually lost.

Uh, square? San Marco.

Ah. It's the producer calling
because we are actually lost. Josh. Yeah, we're lost and we're coming
back over the third bridge to find you now. JOSH: Yeah, we're back
where we were. OK. You're back where you were.
That's a good help. Alright. Thanks, Josh.
We'll see you soon. Don't worry too much
if you actually do get lost, 'cause sooner or later
you WILL find a square from which to get your bearings. This area is called Rialto. It's where they first settled
in Venice. It's the oldest area
in the whole city. This church you are looking at here
dates back to the 12th century. Not a bad spot to chill out
and have some gelato. So far my costs for the day?
Zero euros.

Now, sooner or later,
your legs are gonna get tired, and you are in Venice, so you're gonna want to see
the place from a gondola. But, let me tell you,
they are not cheap. So our tip is to try one of these. It's called a vaporetto.
It's like a bus or a local ferry.

It doesn't cost
anywhere near as much, and it still goes up and down, so you get to see the whole
of Venice from the water - even up the Grand Canal. The thing is,
it's packed with people so you only need to know one word - sorry in Italian,
which is 'scusi'.

You can buy a 12-hour ticket
allowing you to ride any vaporetto for about 25 bucks.

If you've got your heart set on
a gondola, you can always try this. It's called a traghetto and
basically it's a passenger ferry. It just goes
straight across the canal. The thing is, it's a bit rickety. I don't know if I trust this thing.

Eventually that tummy
will start to rumble, and in Venice,
these things come at a price, so there are a few things
to be aware of. One, avoid places with touts outside
and musicians playing. Chances are, it will be a tourist
joint and it will be very expensive. Two, whatever you do,
don't sit down. As soon as you do, the price of
your coffee will more than triple! Instead, if you want to save
a few euro, do as the locals do
and eat standing up. It's called cicchetti, and, look,
it may not look super flash, but at the end of the day,
it is Italian, so you know it's gonna be good, and it means I didn't
spend much money. So, boss, if you're watching, I just had an amazing holiday
in Venice and I've still got
a pocket of change.

JASON: After the break, Kelly takes a dream island holiday
in Malaysia.

It's just the perfect place
to kick back.

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