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(generated from captions) overseas sales
and making a living from writing. Rachel, Nicole and Fleur
are living that dream, though they're not
Colleen McCullough, yet. Are you making money
out of writing books? I've been very fortunate, yes. It's certainly been
a worthwhile endeavour. But, I think if you set out
with the wish to make money, the end product is
not going to be as good. People who think it's a goldmine, Don't give up your day job. I've been at this game 10 years
and it's like agriculture - you're the end of the food chain. I didn't ever think this could ever
possibly happen to me, and it's wonderful. That's all we have time for,
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Live.A $500 million car industry rescue package as Kevin Rudd appeals for SA's vote.On an ancruel average of $300 million a year we're going to be with the industry indefinitely into the future.Tony Abbott dismisses the Government's plan saying the Coalition will not match that offer.This is panicked decision making on the run. The death toll in Egypt continues to rise as thousands defy a state of emergency to protest against military violence.A travel warning is issued telling Australians not to travel to southern Beirut after a wave of attacks on civilians.And a score to settle, the Wallabies look to their back row for redemption ahead of tonight's Bledisloe Cup opener in Sydney.Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24, hello, I'm Richard Davies. Let's take a look at tomorrow's weather around the country now.

The PM Kevin Rudd has announced a $500 million boost for the car industry between now and 2020. At a barbecue Adelaide
with Holden employees in Adelaide he thanked them for the sacrifice they've made in supporting a pay freeze. Workers have agreed to a 3-year pay freeze and a cut to their conditions in a bid to keep the Elizabeth plant open in Adelaide. Mr Rudd says the Labor Party has been committed to the industry from the start. Well for more we're joined from Canberra by our political reporter Kerrin Binnie. Kerrin, Kevin Rudd is billing this as shoring up long-term future of the industry.That's right. And this began back in 2008 when the first package was announced and that has been added to, as we know, over the past couple of months. And that takes it through to 2016. This additional $500 million will be in in 2016, so that is beyond the forward estimates so the PM doesn't have to say where the money's coming from just yet. And that's a 4-year - that $500 million will be over 4 years through to 2020. And Richard, beyond that, the PM and the Industry Minister Kim Carr were today saying that there will be an ongoing commitment of about $300 million a year on average post 2020 to the industry. Let's have a listen to some of how Kevin Rudd explained it a little bit earlier. in industry policy, I believe little bit earlier.I believe
in industry in manufacturing policy and
that's why I in industry policy, I believe
in that's why I make no apology at all to anybody that's why I make no apology all to anybody out there. all to right-wing economist about what we're doing to support the future of manufacturing in future of Australian manufacturing the car industry in
particular.I can see no greater, particular.I can see greater, frankly are building Australia's car industry for the future, are building Australia's Abbott is cutting it to Abbott is cutting it to pieces by pulling out by pulling out $1.2 billion from the industry and its workers and their jobs when from the industry and they need it workers and their they need it most.And Kerrin, they need the Opposition Leader they need it most.And the Opposition Leader has
already they need it most.And Kerrin,
the Opposition Leader already criticised Labor's
plan.That's the Opposition Leader has
already plan.That's right, the of this plan were out the official announcement from the PM earlier on today so Tony Abbott was asked about it at his media conference his media conference in Perth. And there he said that it is essentially policy on the run from the Government and that it's giving a blank cheque to the car manufacturers and the Coalition won't be going down that same path.For this latest announcement by Mr Rudd, well, it's more policy on the run. It's a band aid on a bullet wound in the context of the hits that Mr Rudd has already imposed on the industry and just at the moment Mr Rudd looks like a bloke frantically running down the street after the motor manufacturers with a blank cheque in his hand. I mean really it's no way to run a government. This is panicked decision making on the run.Tony Abbott campaigning there in the country's west and what are both leaders up to this afternoon?Well, Tony Abbott, we hear, has just touched down in the Pilbara region in WA and not sure what he's up to up there but obviously he will be having a pitching
talk to locals up there pitching to voters and Kevin Rudd has been to the football match in Adelaide at the Port Adelaide verse Gold Coast Suns match that's been under way down there. And we're expecting the PM to stay in Adelaide for one more night but I'm not sure where Tony Abbott's going to be staying, whether he's going to be flying back to Perth or staying in the Pilbara region.To other news now and
a distressing region.To other a distressing new crisis is unfolding in Cairo. Hundreds a distressing new crisis unfolding in Cairo. Hundreds of people have reportedly barricaded themselves inside a mosque and are refusing to leave because of fears for mosque and are refusing their safety. The stand off was their safety. apparently triggered by the sighting of a group of people outside the mosque door. Egyptian security forces are now besieging the building which has been used as a field hospital during the violence this week.And after a week of bloodshed in Egypt, is there any hope of reconciliation between the army and supporters of the deposed president? Or is the gap between them unbridgiaible? Frank Gardner explains.Egypt's crisis is a stand off between the country's two most powerful institutions - the military and the Brotherhood.Their supporters were out in force again today. Their numbers far smaller than those who called for an end to the Muslim Brotherhood's year in power. Their president, Mohamed Morsi, lost the Brotherhood a lot of popularity but it's still the oldest and most influential political organisation in Egypt. Since he was ousted his supporters feel cheated.They've been hitting back at police stations, churches and symbols of government. Egypt is turning increasingly violent.We do know that Al-Qaeda and other more militant groups will seek to exploit this situation. They will throw their political moral support behind the Brotherhood yet at the same time attempt to recruit from the more disenfranchise ed young members of the brotherhood to join their ranks instead. That's a big concern.The Government says this footage shows Muslim Brotherhood supporters firing at the police despite calls from their leaders for only peaceful protest. The army is huge, rich and largely respected. Egyptians are taught that it won the 1973 war with Israel. Its thousands of conscripts are drawn from the slums that make up the back bone of Egyptian society. It also controls perhaps up to a third of the economy.It is a big employer, it has many economic interests, it's not just about defending the national boundaries, borders, it's also about defending the national identity.The army is also seen as distinct from these men, the police and security forces blamed for recent massacres.At least 28 people have died and more than 200 are missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship in the Philippines. The coastguard said nearly 600 people were pulleded from the water after the accident in the Port of Sabu. Crew on boards the ferry said it sank within 10 minutes of hitting the cargo ship. The ferry had requested a change of course in through the harbour but it's unclear if the other ship agreed. Both captains of the vessels survived and are waiting to be questioned by authorities.Australians are being warned not to travel to southern Beirut after a deadly car bomb which killed at least 20 people on Thursday.The Foreign Minister Bob Carr has issued a statement saying there is a risk of further attacks and Australians should not travel there. Australians already in southern Beirut are advised to consider leaving.Funerals have been held for some of the people who died in the blast which also injured more than 300 people.The bombing is believed to have been in retaliation for Hezbollah's armed support of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad. The country's submarinior intsh intoorior Ministry said the blast was the deadliest in the area in almost 3 decades.In the US there are reports that the National Security Agency has breached privacy times. The privacy rules thousands of times. from documents leaked by times. The allegations stem from documents leaked by the
fugitive from documents leaked by fugitive Edward Snowden. North America correspondent Michael Vincent says some of the breaches were breaches were serious violations of the law.These latest set of documents that the 'Washington Post' has printed show that the NSA breached privacy provisions thousands and thousands of times, include ing its own regulation as to what it is authorised to record. For example, in this case many of them were actually breaches of foreign phone intercepts. The phones belong to foreigners and Americans who had come the US, 'Washington Post' reports unfortunately the NSA's technology didn't allow them to quickly determine those phones were in the US and that they would then need a warrant. So some small stuff but also some big stuff that the US was monitoring phones of people that they weren't supposed to be doing. The other revelation from these latest set of documents is that the NSA workers had been told, had been given specific instructions that when they were writing documents meant to have oversight of their work, that they were to put in - remove details and put in generic information rather than the specific information. So the than So the NSA has said we weren't attempting to cover anything up here, it was about trying to make the information uniform. But certainly here, it was about trying But certainly a lot of questions have been raised once questions again.North America correspondent Michael Vincent there. Cambodia's booming garment industry is one of its biggest contributors to its fast-growing economy. But not everyone is benefitting. For the workers themselves both wages and factory conditions have deteriorated.Cambodia's now a major player in the multibillion dollar global apparel industry.In less than 3 years the number of garment and shoe factories here has nearly doubled to 450.But the safety of factory workers, their wages and even the buildings in which they work are being brought into question. In one case a local government official fired a handgun at striking workers last year.Boat was shot through the chest. She's now back at work stitching together shoes and sat down with us during a lunch break. TRANSLATION: When I was shot I didn't think I was going to live. I knew I was seriously injured. When I finally woke up I was hopeless.The man who shot her is still on the run.With the global Thursday - thirst for fashion and the spending that goes along with it, conditions in factories like this probably won't be changing any time soon as companies seek to maximise their profits they also look to keep labour costs as low as possible.The workers are mostly women and earn about $120 to $150 a month, that includes extra hours but is still not enough for many.The majority of them around 80 to 85% of them employ under , you cannot say no to overtime, you cannot exercise completely or freely the right to collective bargaining or right to strike.The price of manufacturing in Cambodia is now attracting buyers from many countries, bringing with it different ideal of factory conditions and workers' rights.Up until now it's really been reputation sensitive buyers that put pressure on a factory to make the change. In the early 2000s almost all of the factories here had a reputation sensitive buyer. Most of those were American buyers. This year in 2013 is the first year we're going to see the percentage of the garment exports to the US falling below 50% of the total. So with less pressure from the buyer pushing for better worker conditions, the Government will need to do more. The relative cost of clothing has not gone up in 10 years but the expense of manufacturing has steadily increased. So until the consumer is willing to pay more the pressure will remain on apparel companies to get the cheapest labour they can.Almost 16,000 asylum claims were lodged in Australia last year. In the UK it was close to double that amount but when you look at those figures per head of population Australia is receiving more applications than Britain. asylum debate
That's one reason why the asylum debate in the UK being overtaken by concerns
over levels asylum debate in the UK is
being overtaken by over levels of migration from over levels of migration correspondent Barbara within Europe. Europe correspondent reports.He looks now like he correspondent Barbara Miller doesn't have a reports.He looks now doesn't have a care in the world. But when Liiban came to the UK world. But when Liiban the UK from Somalia on a passport he the UK from Somalia on passport he shouldered the weight of his entire family's weight of expectations.Whatever we they put expectations.Whatever they expectations.Whatever we had they put on me. Imagine if I go they put on me. Imagine back, you they put on me. Imagine if I back, you know, straight you know, it's going to you know, it's going to be disaster.Liiban lived in the community while his asylum claim was processed. As do around 90% of asylum seekers in the UK. Roughly 10% are put in detention centres, processed under a fast-track system.We found that what the fast track is in reality is fast track to removal from the country. If you arrive and you're placed in the fast track you have very little opportunity to present your case and if your case is refuse ed by the Home Office again very little opportunity to prepare for an appeal. Around 10 years ago there was a massive spike in asylum seekers reaching the UK via France until the camp from which they made their nightly attempts to hitch a ride across the channel was closed. The drop off in the number of people seeking asylum has coincided with a surge of migrants from new European Union countries in particular from Eastern Europe and it's around that issue that the political debate is now focused.This is zblsh dshThis is the man capitalising on concerns over the influx of immigrants.We have a massive oversupply in the unskilled market at a time when a 24-year-olds can't find
work.After being made redundant from his job as cleaner redundant from cleaner Liiban is also struggling to find work. He's hoping to hear soon about a supermarket vacancy.It wasn't only me who got interviewed, it was like 1 job for 30 people. So they will take the best one, I hope I'm the best.A stark reminder that getting your papers can be just the beginning.Bird and plant life is being severely threatened in Britain with some species declining by 60% over the last 40 years. That's a result of a survey by UK wildlife organisations with the decline being attributed to changes in habitat. And while the problems have had an impact on farming, it's not just rural areas which are affected.Think of a city or a town and for most wildlife isn't the first word that springs to mind. To the compas - - exasperation of Matthew Frith.The way we articulate the city and describe the city is one where nature has no place and to me that's really frustrating.At the London Wildlife Trust's community garden in East London local residents are encouraged to get closer to nature.We use this space, we use it hard to bring people in, get them to connect with the natural world, to feel, touch, smell plants, to watch butterflies, to upon dip. As the human population has grown, so the amount of green space in towns and cities has decline ed along with the wildlife that relies on it. Sometimes the impact is obvious. Pave over a garden and you lose a lawn, plants and trees. But sometimes the impact is more subtle.Swifts, for example, like to nest in roofs. But newer buildings are less likely to have gaps through which they can fit meaning fewer nesting sites. It's one theory as to why numbers have plummeted.The huge amount of disposable food that we chuck out, our littering tendencies, that has provided food for foxes. The way we manage our open spaces, they have taken advantage of that. There are over 13,000 species have been recorded in the city. All we seem to hear about is, you know, pigeons, rats and foxes and that's about it.No in allotment
north-west London David's for hedgehogs, now on the top 10 allotment has become a haven
for 10 list of endangered for hedgehogs, now on the top species.One of 10 list of species.One of the problems
with hedgehogs in the cities is with the building cuts off their corridor s so they get isolated in smaller and smaller groups. They need shelter more than anything.Getting people to put something like this in their garden it's quite tricky, isn't it really?This is not ideal for a small garden but little pile of logs could be nice and neat.Graham Atherton is an environmental consultant. He's noticed a change in attitude amongst those who build our towns and cities.I think there's more desire from developer s, certainly more awareness of what they have to do to make sure that environmental credentials are of the highest order.On the roof of Manchester City Council an eco friendly space has been set aside. Simple but effective.Different habitats for butterflies, for insects so the timber here, the cut down timbers create little crevices and areas that wildlife can settle in. So this is what's really crucial about these areas that we try and provide bio diversities.It sounds a daunting challenge but plans to boost urban wildlife are in place although their effectiveness could take years to assess.

Carlton and hold a small Carlton have come from behind and hold a small lead over Richmond. The Tigers began well but the Blues fought their Richmond. The Tigers but the Blues fought their way
back into the but the back into the match and took the lead back the lead early in the third quarter.While Port Adelaide is looking to cement 8th spot with a win over the Gold Coast Suns at Football Park. The Power had the better start despite kicking into the wind as they had accumulated a 24-point lead at the first change.

While in Melbourne the Tigers were out of the blocks quickly as they outscored the Blues by 5 goals in the first quarter. But Carlton managed to bridge the gap and took the lead early in the third quarter.In the NRL the Canterbury Bulldogs hold a 24-6 lead over the Canberra raiders. The Bulldogs need to win to maintain 5th spot on the ladder while the Raiders could move up to 7th if they claim victory. Here are some of the highlights.Not the black.
best highlights, they were all black. So we'll try and bring those to you later. The Wallabies take on the All Blacks in Sydney tonight in the side's first match of the Ewen McKenzie era. McKenzie's named 5 uncapped players in his squad. They include Brumbies rookie Matt tum wa who will start in the number 10 jersey with Quade Cooper to come off the bench. The Wallabies haven't held the cup since 2030 - 2002 but captain James Horwill says that's irrelevant.History's history. There's nothing we can do about it. We've got to take confidence of the belief that we have in this team that we've picked players that have been playing well in Super Rugby and, you know, guys that have been playing them as recently as 2 weeks ago, you know, some of the guys in their team. So we need to worry about putting our best foot forward and not worry about what's happened in the past, how long it's been since we've won the trophy and things like that.The English Lions are # - 7/269 at stumps in their 2-day match against Australia. After rain postponed the start of play the Lions won the toss and elected to bat. Australia's Nathan Lyon took 3 wickets while Steve Smith has 2/8 after 2 overs.Do feel quite good, the ball's coming out quite well. So it does give me a little bit of confidence hopefully going into the last Test. Got a lot of confidence out of Durham. I thought I bowled quite well there and the ball come out quite nicely. So it's good to back it up here and Northampton, have to do it again at The Oval hopefully.We're going to return to the NRL now and the Bulldogs hold a 24-6 lead over the Canberra Raiders. The Bulldogs need to win, as I mentioned earler y ier, to maintain 5th spot on the ladder while the Raiders could move up to 7th if they claim victory. Here are some of the highlights.They're missing Kasiano and Eastwood in the foort pack today. Here's Reynolds, he goes straight through. He draws and passes and the Bulldogs go 100 metres in what could well be a 12-point turn around.

It went to Perrett. He put it down.Might need to look at this. Ashley Kline is happy, he this. Ashley Kline is happy, says try. Australia's Sally Pearson has posted a season-best time of 12.62 seconds to win her heat of the 100 metres hurdles at the world championships in Moscow. The time puts her into the semifinals today as the second fastest qualifier. In other results Britain's Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah has completed the long distance double by taking out the 5,000 metres event. He also won gold in the 10,000 metres race earlier in the week. The events he claimed gold in at the London Olympics.It's amazing. I got what I wanted and it wasn't easy from last year to this year because I've got to work twice as hard and, you know, being a family man and being away from my family and my kids and it hasn't been easy but, you know, it makes it worth it.Well returning to politics now and it's been another week on the campaign trail which was dominated by debates and dad moments. Editor Nick Vivas has put together the highlights of an eventful week 2.Kevin Rudd says he's not phased by his underdog status entering the second week of the election campaign.Kevin Rudd says he remains the underdog after another poll showed he is behind.The lead verse spent the day at opposite ends of the country.

We're the underdogs, Hee there's
writing his victory speech, there's a long way to go.I will do whatever I humanly can in government to bring this about.We're going to go down into the front area.I've got the gorilla vote, obviously. Running for office has rarely been so tough.You will always find problems that emerge.The economy was the main theme when Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott met for their first election debate.So who was the winner. The Australian people to decide. They will sort it out.There was no knock out really
blow but then again there never really are in these thing.Surely 4 weeks before an election he can stop being evasive.People at home watching this deserve better. The Treasury and Finance Departments have released their official Departments official budget update.D day for Mr Abbott when it official budget update.D for Mr Abbott when it comes to announcing his own Budget bottom line.The GST won't change. It's not going to bottom line.The GST change.There will be no change in the GST in an Abbott Government.I will do what I say we will do.Where Tony Abbott saw sex appeal in a Liberal candidate Kevin Rudd sees sexual harassment.Tony Abbott is facing renewed questions about his social views after making what the Government is calling offensive comments about same-sex relations. Suggested to me I had a dad moment.Bridgie babe, you've got things under control have you?Day 11 of the campaign included some sniping.The PM headed to the Top End with announcements on economic development and infrastructure.Tony Abbott is back in the electorate of Bass.I'm talk agent how you grow the economy of the Territory.Mr Rudd is playing catch up but he's not fair dinkum.What are you hiding, Mr Abbott?Well, please.

I reckon I should quit while I'm ahead. A trough and a deep low in the Bight is causing showers, Alpine snow, potentially damaging winds and a few storms in Victoria, Tasmania, SA and southern NSW. Queensland should expect showers:

You're watching ABC News 24, do stay with us, 'Australian Story' is coming up next. I'm Richard Davies, enjoy your afternoon. Captions by CSI Australia.

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