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This program is captioned live. More bloodshed in Egypt. Reports that dozens of protesters have been killed after police opened fire on crowds. Labor facing a wipeout. New poll figures show the party falling behind in key marginal seats across the country. A big night of footy, Hawthorne with a statement win over Collingwood. And the Broncos keep their finals hopes alive. The stars versus the paparazzi, some of Hollywood's biggest stars take to the stand to push for tougher privacy laws. And meet the you tube star who has collaborated with some of music's biggest acts. Good among, it's Saturday 17 -- 17th August. The Hawks getting up over Collingwood. And in Gosford Souths and Manly went hammer and tongs. And Erin is nominating GI for an academy award.That was a soft one. To the weather: Showers increasing in Melbourne and Adelaide, rain for Perth and 19.News time now. Let's get cracking with it.Good morning. Two weeks into the election campaign and Kevin Rudd is staring down the barrel of defeat with polling of key marginal seats handing Tony Abbott a decisive win. Nine political reporter Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra with the details. This makes for deprim reading for the Prime Minister.He won't be a happy Vegemite look teing papers. There a Newspoll in the Australian that shows seats of Lyon and New England will go to the coalition. They were previously held by independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. Probably more distressing for Kevin Rudd is a JWS research poll in Fairfax papers which polled 8 of the country's most narpblg mall seats. All but one are set to go the coalition's way. That includes the seat of Ford in Brisbane where Labor installed their star candidate Peter Beattie. He tweeted yesterday after seeing the poll he is in for the fight of his life. And it includes Windsor in Sydney, the woman Tony Abbott said had had sex appeal is beating the Labor candidate there. As week 2 wraps up what are the leaders up to today?Tony Abbott arrived in Perth last night. We don't have too many details about what he is up to today. We believe he could be heading to regional areas. There are a number of seats that the coalition will be keen to snatch from Labor. Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide this morning and major announcements are expected for the car industry including $500 million to support car manufacturers and research and development. That comes after Ford said it would cease operations. There is concern about Holden. This had allow Rudd Rudd to talk about jobs and the economy, which is what he wants this election to be about.Thank, Jane. There has been more bloodshed in Egypt overnight with another 60 people killed in violent clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The country remains in a tense state of emergency following days of chaos that's claimed more than 600 lives jofplt these are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood called to turn a day of rest into a day of ragement they vowed revenge against the military who cleared out their protest camps resulting in the deaths of 100 people.I'm a terrorist if you terrorise my religion shout the crowd.We're here for Islam, not for a person, not for anybody. I don't belong to any political fashion.Where is democracy? Where is our voteAfter that they killed all people who were against them. They killed all of them.The army tried to seal off the main routes through Cairo to stop the Morsi supporters from rallying. Thousands tried to get across the bridges of the Niall. Some appeared hemmed in at both ends by security forces. They wanted to reach the main squares and other parts of the city but the army wasn't having any of it. This was in eastern Egypt N turn State TV showed what it claimed were armed Morsi supporters, keen to illustrate its forces are not targeting unarmed civilians, the army taunting the crowds with their authority. Everyone seemingly ready to fight another day.Shots have been fired the a home in Sydney's north-west overnight. But three people inside have escaped injury. Miss were called to the scene at Putney just before 2:00 am after residents reported hearing gunfire. Officers will send off evidence for ballistic testing. A man and two women were inside the home at the time. Witnesses say they heard a car drive off just after the shooting. The strong winds which lashed Melbourne and parts of Victoria yesterday are moving east this morning. The Bureau says it should be a relatively calm day but winds are expected to pick up again tomorrow as another cold front pushes through. The state's strongest wind gusts at 141 kilometres an hour were recorded in the alpine region at mount hot enthusiasm around 9:00 last might. Gusts reached 105k an hour over the bay. This week has been the city's windyest in six years. Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby could find out today if her sentence will be cut by six months. There are positive signs that the 36-year-old could be edging closer to an early release with prison officials confirming her par role assessment is in its final stages. While we... Today media are allowed onto the grounds as prisoners take part in activities and has find out if they've been granted any sentence remissions. On previous occasions Schapelle Corby has been a no show. But an appearance might be beneficial for the coninvestigated drug smuggler as her lengthy par role process continues to show jail officials she is rehabilitated and able to integrate with outsiders. She along with one of the Bali nine ren may Lawrence have been recommended for 6-month sentence reductions. If she is not granted par role she will remain here until mid 2015. A ceremony will kick off celebrations this morning in a couple of hours time. US President Barack Obama has been making the most of his week long holiday in Martha's vineyard in Massachussetts. America's first family took a bike ride through the holiday destination.Having a good time?Having a great time as always. Helloing everybody.The Obamas head back to the White House tomorrow. Thousands of Elvis expressly fans have decided it's now or never to make the pilgrimage to Graceland on the 36th anniversary of his death. They paid their respect by lighting candles and placing flowers on his grave. (SINGS) # I can't help falling in love with you.Where are you were? From Sydney.This school teacher says she is such a big fan she has her students dancing to the King in the classroom and that's alright by them. (SINGS) # That's alright...I wish I knew that song!I heard it off one of those golden oldies. It seems like green is the fashion of the day.A nice green turban there. Very style lirb. Love the king. Weather and sport news?Yes, yes, include preview of tonight's Bledisloe Cup clash. A This program is not captioned. $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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Good morning, Sydney. Pretty as a picture. Sunny today, windy later. At the moment it's 15.That's magnifico.Hawthorne has -- Hawthorne crushed Collingwood in a dominant 45 point win. Both sides came out firing, booting 31 goals in the highest scoring half of football in two years. Buddy Franklin with a game high four majors.Gun barrel straight in a round about sort of way!The Hawks extending their lead to 8 on top of the table. All but consolidating a top two finish. Eels star Jarryd Hayne will undergo scans Monday after reinjuring his troublesome knee in last night's 22 point loss to the Broncos. Greg Inglis meanwhile guided his side to a win over Manly.Greg Inglis and John Sutton fit and firing once again. It was GI who led the charge.Here is Nathan Merritt at the 150.Greg Inglis inspiring the bunnies. South Sydney scored three second half tries to reignite their premiership campaign.Every game is important to us. We want to make sure our performance is what it can be bement they showed that tonight. The Broncos kept more than just the ballet live. As was the case for the bunnies, Brisbane's number 1 was the star of the show. Josh Hoffman unstoppable.He is still going.So is Ben Barba. With the impending signing of the Canterbury fullback next season the coach has options with Hoffman.A good fullback. Centre, wing, a good player.But when asked about Ben basha, Hoffman and the club remained tight lipped. In contrast Ricky Stuart was open to questions. The 10-point loss all but handing the Eels back to back wooden spoons. It's been a tough year. It's to the players' credit their team spirit and camaraderie has been a great credit to them. The Wallabies will be out to break an 11-year Bledisloe Cup drought. With the second and third matches both played in New Zealand captain James Horwall admit it is will be almost impossible to recover from 1-0 down in the series if they lose tonight.We're playing at home. We know how tough it is to win in New Zealand. We have to make the most of playing on our home patch.It will be Ewen McKenzie's first time in charge of a new look side. Can't wait to see Quade Cooper after almost a year out of the Wallabies. He will come off the bench. He is exciting. When he is good, he is good.You are feeling some optimism there. A new coach and new personnel and we can all start to believe they can win the bledzlo cup. -- Bledisloe Cup.I love it. Weekend weather now with Emma Friedman. She is back and excited to be back with us. Aren't you? We're exited to have you.Great to be back. A little under the weather last week pardon the pun. We're at Port Stevens this week on the New South Wales mid north coast - a bit of a drive from Sydney. We're at Nelson Bay on the beach of the Hal ixfax Holiday Park - a super spot to bring the kids and family for a holiday. It is a little bit blowy here and cooler than most of New South Wales over the last couple of days. We will look at the capital cities and see what is happening with the weather this morning..

Here is a bit of a look at Port Stevens for you - a region about 2.5 hours' drive from Sydney on the New South Wales mid north coast. A beautiful a beautiful area of bays, towns and coastal spots. A really relaxed chilled out vibe here - a perfect location for a family getaway. Plenty of scenery to explore with water and beaches. We will also tell you how you can book a holiday to a destination like port Stephens. A little more info on that later in the morning. Winter coats not being stored just yet.You will give us notice when we can get rid of them, won't you? Yes, of course. I will duly advise you.The winter coats are starting to feel a bit heavy on the shoulders.I look forward to putting them back in storage in the cupboard and the boots. This program is not captioned. They've given me
a measly 15 seconds to inform you of my new website:

It's a place where men can go
to tackle man life problems, like sadness and anger. I'm Dr Brian Ironwood. End

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Welcome back. It's been another day of violence this Egypt with dozens reported dead after clashes between police and Morsi loyalises. Pete, what is the latest there?Hi, Cam, things have quietened down considerabley over the last couple of hours since the curfew. Police choppers still patrol the streets from the sky at the moment. But things are very different. Only hours earlier the Muslim Brotherhood called for a day of rage today. It called for thousands of people to protest against the excessive force used by security forces this week against members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Initialy it had been a peaceful protest but within an hour tensions started to rise and then suddenly gunshots began. Gas canisters were launched off the roofs of buildings by plain clothes police. Police warned protesters today if they did target state buildings or police it would be met with live ammunition as a response and they certainly backed up the threat. Bullets were flying around Ramsay Square which is not too far away from Tahrir Square. More than 60 people were killed today. The bodies of the dead and wounded were taken to a mosque that was transformed into a makeshift hospital. For the third time in two days we have seen chaos on the streets of Cairo. The pictures in the mosque are terrible. It's sch a volatile situation. From a distance it seems there is no way to resolve this conflict. Do you see any sign this violence could come to an end some time soon? Into I don't think so. Not any time soon. Have you two of the biggest institutions in Egypt at the moment, one being the Muslim Brotherhood, the other being the military. Neither side is ready to back down at the moment. It was only a short time ago that the Muslim Brotherhood called on its supporters to continue rallying for the rest of the week. It wants to protest against the curfew conditions in place at the moment so we could be seeing plenty more of the violence that we've seen here over the past few days. But just going off today, the scenes were absolutely extraordinary. As I said, we can only really see this continuing for the short - for the long term, because there is no talk of peace just yet. Have you two sides who are basically at war with each other at the moment. The only talking about done at the moment is with weapons on the streets while had that death toll is continuing to rise. Obviously a very, very dangerous situation. Pete, keep your head down, stay safe, we will cross back to you in an hour.Richard Wilkins is reviewing the new skiify flick Elysium, that's after the news, sport and weather. This program is not captioned. (APPLAUSE) VOICEOVER: The Oreo Cookie
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(SINGS) # You make me # Feel like # I'm living a teenage dream # Don't ever look back.He feel it is, doesn't he?You have probably seen this face before. 400400 on YouTube and counting. He has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in the world. We catch up with Keenan later on the show.Once he gets into the groove there is no stopping him. Stop, stop, stop! No, he is going.Good morning. It seems Kevin Rudd and Labor are in serious trouble as week 2 of the election campaign wraps up. Polling of the country's most marginal seats show the coalition headed for a decisive win. The figures published in Fairfax papers today hand the opposition victory in -- victory in 7 of the 8 electorates in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The Labor losses include Ford with captain's pick Peter Beattie is a challenger. Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide today where he is expected to announce a $2 million boost to the car manufacture industry.A further 7 people have been killed in Egypt overnight including a policeman. Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets in a day of rage yesterday vowing revenge against the military, who cleared out their protest camps. Over the pass few days the violence claimed the lives of more than 600 people.After that they killed all beam who are snnt. They didn't have any guns. And they killed all of them.The chaos spread across the country. Armoured military vehicles sealed off the main streets of the capital. Three Sydney men have been charged over the theft of lizards and snakes from a reptile park on the New South Wales Central Coast last month worth $40,000. Police arrested the trio yesterday at a car park in brook land north of Sydney and accused them of planning to sell the reptiles each for $5,000. One man was remanded in custody to face court today. The other two have been released on bail to face court in October. Doctors say it could be days before it's clear whether a teenager pierced with a flying rod will make a full recovery. The rod sank 6cm into his skull while he was in the cabin of an excavater.I said don't move. It's penetrating through the skull. I said please don't move it until the all ambulance gets here. It's still unclear whether the front window of the machinery was open or whether he was wearing head protection gear. A male P-plate driver has been killed after crashing into a tree in Brisbane's sous overnight. He was the only person in the vehicle and died at the scene. Australia's baby Boomers are refusing to leave high powered positions to make way for the next generation of workers. A survey found the number of executives and managers who intend to continue working beyond retirement age has increased from 24 to 34% in two years. This shift is mostly due to financial concerns. It's estimated almost half of all Australians aged 65 or over don't have enough superannuation to retire comfortabley. Now for the latest in sport here is Erin.Eels star Jarryd Hayne admits he feared the worst after reinjuring his knee in last night's loss to the Broncos. Playing at five-eighth he copped a hit on his troublesome knee midway through the second half and told the trainer he was no good. He later told Channel Nine it was nothing to worry about and the injury hasn't damaged his World Cup chances.Hopefuly just damaged the old injury. Bit of scar tissue around it from the surgery.In Gosford South Sydney snapped a two- match losing streak with the bunnies coming from behind to defeat Manly 22 had-10. Nathan Buckley has conceded it's now impossible for the Magpies to finish in the top 4 after last night's 35 point loss to Hawthorne at the MCG. It's the Pies' fifth straight defeat to the Hawks but Buckley believes his team continues to show improvement.Losers talk about the things they can't control and winners just improve the things they can. We will look at it Monday. And we will rest our players up and review it strongly Monday.Lance Franklin made an immediate impact on his return from injury for the Hawks booting a game high four goals. Sydney surfer Nathan Hedge scored the big why he upset of the bill wrong Pro in tar hilty. -- Tahitei.Controversy on whether you got that score or not and your response was?I don't know. Who cares? I got it. It's over now. Julian Wilson and Josh Kerr also secured victory in their second round heat. Sally Pearson has cruised into the semifinals of the 100m at the World Championships in Moscow posting a season's best time of 12.62 seconds.Everyone knows who I am and what I do every single year. Definitely gonna bring it.We obviously don't have vision of that but we will look for some. The Bledisloe Cup opener is on tonight, Australia V New Zealand, looking to end an 11-year drought.It's terrifying! You do that well. Terrifys the Wallabies too! New hope out there.You just holtd on to that! Weekend weather now with Emma Freedman. Morning to you. We are waking up in Port Stevens this morning at the Halifax holiday Park. All of these kids are staying at the park for the weekend and having so much fun, especially with a bit of early morning fishing. Rob is baiting up some lines and the kids are getting ready to have a fish off the beach. It's a great spot to catch bream and flat head. If you wanted to book into the Halifax Holiday Park you can find details later in the morning. But we also show you some of the other things to do in the region, including taking in nature. Now to the weather map:

The nature around Port Stevens is absolutely stunning. Some great nature walks to do. This is one and you can see red gums, ferns and paper bark. Lots of birds,finches and black cockatoos. They also care for sick and injured koalas. We are baiting up ready for a big day of fishing on the beach. The sun is shining especially for young Flynn here who is celebrating his 6th birthday.How good would it be to catch a flat head and eat it on the beach?Never too young to start. It's called a reverse auction, where buyers bid down the price of your home. A lot of people are making money selling this way. We find out why in the next half hour. And Richard Wilkins reviews the new Matt Damon movie, 'Elysium'. Matt Damon, 'Elysium'!

This program is not captioned.

Damon, 'Elysium'!
Matt Day mop stars in the latest sci-fi epic called 'Elysium' and it's set 150 years in the future where the gap between rich and poor has widened bond belief. But can Damon's hero save the day? We find out right now in Richard Wilkins' movie of the weekment Hello, madam.'Elysium' is a space station that sits 120k out in orbit. It's the ultimate gated community. Matt Damon's character is an ex-con living in a completely over populated and ruined LA.What's in the bag?Hair product - mostly. Thank you, citizen.No, thank you! Yes, in the year 2154 there are only two classes of people, the poor and the wealthy, the latter living on a huge space station called 'Elysium' where there is no poverty, no disease, no war, no worries. And keeping the haves save from the haves, Jessica played by Jodie Foster.If you're somebody and have money you can have your skin branded as an 'Elysium' citizen.So that's the deal. The story line follows Max's efforts to get it 'Elysium' and get himself healthy.I need to goat 'Elysium'. There is one scene in the movie where I had to look away. They are drilling something into your head. What is that?The character gets irradiated at work. Suddenly he needs to get up to 'Elysium' because they have the technology to save him.You can save everyone. When can I go?It's an exciting, spectacular, enthralling yarn that raises plenty of discussion on the current plight of our planet.It's not so different from the world we live in now in terms of the extremes of wealth and poverty that exist on earth.If you like your sci-fi this is a goody. It's called 'Elysium'. It's a scary thought.

Not usually my cup of tea but if Matt Damon is in it you know it's quality controlled.Never disappoints.Never does. We look and the new swimwear range from New York in the next hour.But up next do we pay enough respect to our founding fathers? The memorial for Admiral Philip, the founder of This program is not captioned. (BELL DINGS)

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Good morning, Melbourne. There is a sprinkle of showers around today. Right now, that is a beautiful start to your Saturday, a top of 15. Bruno Mars bringing it to Melbourne this morning. He is as important to just about anyone in Australia's history, Admiral Philip, who sailed here in 1788 arrive teing Rocks in Sydney. Without his voyage our country would be completely different yet it's never been recognised. The only record of his land something a block of demountable toilets. Very disappointing. What would you like to see happen?At the very least there should be some kind of memorial to Philip here and some recognition other than a very brief mention on a sign just over there that talks about something else. There is a brief mention at the bottom that this is the landing sitementWhy is it important?Well, I mean, Charlie Perkins said some years ago - the Aboriginal leader - said white fellas need their dreaming too. It's important that we are now acknowledging Indigenous history but we also need to acknowledge our history, our arrival here. Our history and Philip, a remarkable man and his contribution to the establish the of this country.There is also the question of whether that does mark the spot. How likely is it that that is the exact spot?There was a debate over this for the first half of the 20th century. Then we have gone quiet for the last 50 years. The research we have now, the contemporary documents, some memoirs written by people later in their life, maps, paintings point very strongly to the landing having occurred here. I this think most of the authorities would now acknowledge this is the probably - probable landing site.What kinds of things would he have had had to endure and conquer to go on to create that first settlement and become the first Governor of New South Wales?It's a voyage of 8 months by sea. There was nowhere on earth more distant than where they chose to locate the new settlement. He was carrying about 750 convicts. They didn't want to come. Their hygiene wasn't necessarily the best. They had come out of prisons. Some had been in prisons for a number of years. He is battling with people who don't want to come and with people whose hygiene is not terrific. They then have the problem of trying to survive at sea with salted food. They had no modern way of preserving food so it was preserved in salt which means they're not getting the vitamins they need. A long voyage - the British had not - the British Government had not really Col niced any country prior to that. Traditionaly the British Col niced through private initiative. In America of course it was people seeking religious freedom N India it was the British east India company. This was the first time the British Government had established a colony. They had no precedent for that. There is no food here that they can eat. There is some fish and kangaroos. But kangaroos were very difficult to catch with the firearms they then had. Fish could also be difficult to catch. So it's really about 15 years before the colony became self-sufficient. Until that point in time the meat and in the early years, all of the food, has to be shiped from around around the world. If they need is in short order they have0 go to Batavia or Indonesia. This was enormously challenging as an exercise. They pulled it off. There were periods when they were a bit short on food. But that it came off is a remarkable tribute to the people who planned the expedition and then to people like Philip who had to make it happen.I take it we're lagging Great Britain in bringing a memorial to this man. They're going to honour him in an extraordinary way.It's announced in the press yesterday that Westminster Abbey will have a memorial to him put into the floor of the Abbey. It's certainly significant that the British would do so. It's appalling of course that if the British would acknowledge him that way - the best we can do... I mean, there is a fountain way up in the bow tan call gardens in a corner no-one visits very often and it's unconnected in any way with any site that had anything to do with Philip or the landing.I think you make a significant point. Keep up the campaign. Let us know how it goes. We will stay in touch. Thank you very much, Professor.Thank you. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook should we commemorate the point that Arthur Philip landed in Australia.I think it's something about putting the dunnies right near where that Pommy landed. I think we should start a campaign to keep them there!And a bride bailed out on her wedding day, that's coming up. And a quick hit of goss? This program is not captioned. SONG:
# I want to float up to the skies # And sail above the sea

# Only if you're with me # Hey, I'm gonna live it up # Gonna set me free # Hey, I'm gonna live it up # Gonna set me free # Why, why, why... # VOICEOVER: The new Aero bar
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Not quick enough. I've been Googleing how to save the first actress from...Is it Amanda Seyfried?Ms Seyfried says she doesn't want a boyfriend. She single and happy and loves the company of her dog Fi nn. She says that is fine with her. I don't know. She also goes on to say that she loves taxidermy - she is quite a fan of that - and has several stuffed animals in her home. But not to worry, when Finn dies she won't have him stuffed because she loves him. That should be an option for people.Look at the focus there. He doesn't want to eat that hamburger. He was practising being stuffed.Matt Damon needed a long shower after shooting new scenes for 'Elysium'. Why is that?It's a gross one. Put down the cheerios. They were in Mexico shooting a scene and they said go down to Poo River. It was one of the world's largest rubbish dumps. There they were and there it was. Then it got really bad. When the helicopter came over. The fans throw up things. Just think Breakfast at Tiffaneys. (SINGS) # Poo River!My Google just came through - it's Syfred!Syfred. Not Syf reed. Here are the top stories on Today. More bloodshed in Egypt. Reports dozens of protesters have been killed after police opened fire on crowds. Labor facing a wipeout. New poll figures show the party falling behind in key marginal seats across the country. A big night of footy, Hawthorne with a statement win over Collingwood. In the NRL the Broncos keep their finals hopes alive. The stars versus the paparazzi. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars take the stand to push for tougher privacy laws. And 400 million hits and counting. Meet the YouTube star who has collaborated with some of music's biggest acts. Alright, it's Saturday, 17 August 2013. Kefplt eenan does a great lipsync.How many you tube previews?400 million. Violence in Egypt has intensified overnight with another 07 people killed as tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue their fight on the streets of Cairo. It follows the deaths of more than 600 people over the past few days. The protesters and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi were killed when local military and police used armoured vehicles to smash protest camps.Where is democracy? Where is our vote? After that, they killed all people who are innocent. And they didn't have any guns. They killed all of them.Enchances -- entrances into Cairo have been blocked by the military and troops armed with machine guns are patrolling the city. Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide today. The Prime Minister is expected to announce a $2 billion boost for our car manufacturing industry. Tony Abbott meantime is campaigning in Perth, boosted this morning by new figures showing the coalition is headed for a decisive win in key marginal seats across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We cross to our political reporter Jayne Azzopardi for details shortly. At least 17 people are dead and many more missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship and sank near a port in the Philippines. Several had hundred people were aboard the vessel which went down in minutes. Many of the passengers including children were asleep while others struggled to find their way out in the dark. The coastguard and a naval ship spent is the -- spent the night searching for survivors. It's believed a fire at a take away in Sydney overnight may have been deliberately lit. Crews were called to the blaze in Merrylands West last night at around 10:00. An adjacent supermarket was also damaged. It's still unclear how the blaze started. The dangerously high winds that hit Melbourne and parts of Victoria yesterday have died down for now. The Weather Bureau is warning they will pick up tomorrow as another deep low pressure system pushes through. The state's strongest wind gusts at 141 kilometres an hour were recorded in the alpine region at Mount Hotham around 9:00 o'clock last night. Four hikeers in the US have been injured in two separate grizzly bear attacks. The first was at yellow stone National Park when a group of hikeers was charged by a mother grizzly the second attack on two habitat researchers was just 80 kilometres away.In both cases the bears were either startled or corners and reacted by charging and taking a bite at an individual and moving on fast.Authorities have warned holiday makers visiting the park to take care. School attendance rates are being blamed on Australia's slide down the international education rankings. According to the Education Department about 33,000 teenagers are absent from school every day in New South Wales alone. While some have genuine reasons for skipping class, others - other excuses include reluctance to participate in sports days or even leaving early before a holiday. The Australian council for educational research says achievement levels of Aussie students has dropped in recent years while other nations improved. There you go. Someone who never would have skipped school is Erin Molan. Here is Erin with the sports headlines.You clearly don't know me that well.I think a lot of people would have been wondering what bear spray is. It's just capsicum spray.Is it packageed at bear spray?It is. You can buy it in Australia - for koala bears. I know they're not bears.Please don't email us. We know they're not -- their not bears.Geelong will try to close the gap between them and Hawthorne. The Hawks opened up an 8 point lead. The Pies rallied late kicking three of the last five goals but the damage was done, Buddy finishing with four.That is perfect. Gun barrel straight in a round about sort of way.The loss ending Collingwood's hopes of a top 4 finish. Another knee injury to play maker Jarryd han has compounded Parramatta's horror season. South Sydney are back on the winners list, defeating Manly 22-10 in Gosford. Two of their biggest stars back in the red and green, Greg Inglis and John Sutton fit and firing again. It was GI who led the clarpblg.On from Greg Inglis. Here is Nathan Merritt.Greg Inglis inspiring the bunnies. Down 6 at half-time South Sydney scored three second half tries to reignite their premiership campaign.Every game is important to us. We want to make sure our performance was what it can be. North of the Tweed, the Broncos kept more than just the ballet live. Gets it away on the outside.As was the case for the bunnies, Brisbane's number 1 was the star of the show. Josh Hoffman unstoppable. He is still going. He will score a simple try. Way too good.So is Ben Barba. And with the impending signing of the Canterbury fullback next season the coach has options for Hoffman.A good fullback, good centre, good wing. A good player. When asked about Ben Barba, Hoffman and the club remained tight lipped. There was talk about him coming here next year?In contrast Ricky Stuart was open to questions. The 10-point loss all but handing the Eels back to back wooden spoons. It's been a tough year. It's to the players' credit their team spirit and camaraderie has been a great credit to them. Nathan Lyon was the pick of our bowlers on the opening day of Australia's tour match against the England Lions at Northampton. The spinner admits he would much rather be playing cricket between tests instead of training sessions.We know we have to do a lot of work going into the last test. We bowled close to 80 overs. It was tpwan to get out in the middle and put our skills to work. The fifth and final Ashes test gets under way Wednesday night at the Oval. Live coverage on Gem. Sally Pearson is well on her way to defending her title at the World Championships.Any pictures?Not as yet.We can all imagine that beautiful flowing style she has got any way.She said she is bringing it. She always brings it.She does. Remember when she won and we had had to wait?Agonising.She wasn't sure, was she?You were with child at that stage.Maybe more emotional. Coming up on Weekend Today we look at the latest craze in real estate, the reverse auction.In this market it's important to come up with new strategies and ways of exposing things.How does it work?You bid down the price. I don't know exactly. I'm confused. I'm no good at this sort of thing.I start you at $5 million. Anyone at $3 snrbgs - sold at 250,000 is that how it works?I don't know. We will bring that to you.Emma, you might explain it?I can't shed any light on that one! But we're having fun here at Port Halifax this morning. You can stay in a tent, caravan or even a luxury caravan. We will check it out later in the morning. There are over 2000 holiday parks to explore. We will look at more after the forecast:

The Halifax Holiday Park is pet friendly. Many people have brought along their pooches on their holidays. They are in all different shapes and sizes. It's fairly early in the day and they are getting along, which is good. If you want a pet friendly holiday experience search the Tooroo website. We have had had fishing, some pets and then we will look at some of the luxury cabins.It's a beautiful spot, Port Stevens. Live to Egypt - after another day of violence, that's in three minutes time. First to the election. Labor is facing grim poll numbers this morning. Joining us live from Canberra, Jayne Azzopardi. Good morning, now polling in key marginal seats looks to favour the coalition at this stage. What detail do you have?Three polls are are out this morning. None look any good for the Labor Party. Let's start with the one that won't be a surprise. This is a Newspoll in the Australian this morning. It looked at the two seats that have been held by retiring independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor. This is Lyne. That's Rob Oakeshott's seat. The coalition are not in trouble. New England, Tony Windsor is retiring. Barn bee joys has more than 50% of the primary vote. That won't surprise the Labor Party too much. They wouldn't have expected to win these seats. But some seats in Sydney will have them worried. Bennelong, this was John Howard's old seat. The sitting Liberal member is John Alexander. Kevin Rudd has been here twice. That won't help. McMahon in Western Sydney is held by Treasurer Chris Bowen. On these numbers he would lose his seat. Next is Kingsford- Smith. It was Peter Garrett's seat. The Labor candidate is behind. Jason Claire is ahead in his seat, 52-48 but it's close. Another are poll in the financial review this morning is arguabley even worse for Labor. They looked at eight marginal seats in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The coalition will win all but one. Included in that is the seat of Ford. Labor has parachuteed in star candidate Peter Beattie there. He is facing a thrashing. Then in Lindsay in Western Sydney, Fiona Scott contesting that for the Liberals, the candidate that Tony Abbott said had sex appeal. Not national polls but in individual seats it's worrying for the Labor Party this morning.It certainly is. It seems like the initial rush of love for Kevin Rudd is waning quickly. He is expected to announce further bailouts for the autoindustry today?We're expecting a $500 million package for the industry to support manufacturers and research and development.Ed for has announced it will end manufactureing in Australia. There is also concern about Holden. It's looking at marginal seats around Geelong and Adelaide. This is not new money. It's already allocated in the budget. There is no new money until after 2018 but it will allow Kevin Rudd to focus on jobs and the economy. It's also perhaps trying to address some of the anger in the audio industry after the government announced changes to the fringe benefits tax.It is a money bucket. They throw a lot of money at the autoindustry. Surely there is a better way. This campaign is a real test of stamina.Tony Abbott was on the east coast of Australia. Last night he was in Perth. That's where he is starting his day today. We are expecting him some regional areas in WA. There are a few marginal seats. He will be focusing on jobs and improving local roads. Kevin Rudd is in Adelaide. He left Perth yesterday and will be making the autoannouncement there. It's likely both leaders will move on from those cities later tonight. Not a lot of time spent anywhere in this campaign.How are you holding up? Still fresh?I'm alright. Joining the Abbott camp tomorrow. Fun and games there.Well done. Thank you very much. We will speak to you a bit later on.Just three weeks to go. More violence in Egypt with dozens reported dead after clashes between police and protesters loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood. Pete, what is the latest? It looks like things are escalating, not getting calmer?No, they're not. Even though the curfew is still in place I can hear the police helicopters above. We're hearing reports as we speak that police have surrounded a Moss income central Cairo because Islamists are inside there. There may be some kind of gun battle going on there at the moment. That's gone about two or three hours past the curfew at the moment. It has been an intense day. It all started just after lunchtime after Friday prayers. The Muslim Brotherhood had called on a day of rage. It wanted all of its supporters to get together and protest the excessive force by the military over the past couple of days that resulted in so many deaths in Egypt over the past two days. It was peaceful, relatively peaceful, for about the first 45 minutes to an hour. But then tensions started to rise. People started to get really angry. For one reason or another the gun fighting began. There were police wearing civilian clothing that launched gas canisters into the crowd as well that. Dispersed some of them. By the Die Hard supporters stuck around. Nearby mosques were turned into makeshift hospitals. More than 60 deaths have been reported so far. There are other reports of up to 80 people being killed. That number is sure to rise. And there are more than 100 injured as well. An incredible turn of events with the ugly violence over the past couple of days, which is just continuing. The reaction around the world has seen condemnation from the UN, the European Union. Foreign Minister Bob Carr has condemned the violence. Where does the Egyptian Government go from here? What are the signs over there?At the moment it's at a standstill. You have the two biggest organisations in Egypt at the moment, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the military, but neither party wants to talk to each other at the moment. They are basically fighting each other on the streets. As long as that happens I don't think anyone will get anywhere. The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to stop things today. It has said it wants to rally every day this week in protest against the curfews in place - all part of the state of emergency declared a couple of days ago. You get a sense of underlying tension, and that that will only continue. Until the two parts get together and talk, I can only fear and only assume that the death toll will rise. What does it feel like to be had there?Well, I mean, out there today, amongst those protesters, you just get a sense that something bad is going to happen. Especially when the military helicopters started circleing above, the crowd started goading them. It was almost as if they went there for a fight today. It wasn't just the security forces that were armed today. There were also members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were there with weapons as well and firing those weapons into the buildings. I wasn't there for that particular point. But the pictures were broadcast on state television today. It is almost like the wild west here at the moment. It's very unpredictable and volatile. You can only assume that will continue. Thank you very much, Pete. We will see your reports on Nine News tonight.Reverse auctions - that's where buyers bid down the price of a house - find out how it works in three minutes time. Schapelle Corby could find out today if her sentence will be cut by a further six months - all as part of the Independence Day festivitys in Bali. Vovo is in Bali and filed this report.We will see today if Schapelle Corby will emerge from her cell to take part in Independence Day celebrations. It's a day when media are allowed onto the grounds when prisoners take part in activities and find out if they are grand a sentence remission. On previous days Schapelle Corby has been a no show but an appearance might be beneficial - to show jail owe frbs she is rehabilitated and able to integrate with outsiders. She along with one of the Bali 9 Renae Lawrence have been put up for six month sentence reductions. The ceremony will kick off celebrations this morning - that's in a couple of hours' time. Tracy Vo there. It's a new and very different way to sell a home. One real estate agency is embracing the reverse auction. While it may have buyers and sellers puzzled at first it's already showing promise. Putting things in reverse in order to move forward.Within a couple of weeks the house was sold.It's the unique way of selling a home faster and it's stepping up a gear.This market, it's important to come up with new strategies and new ways of promoting things. Because there are so many homes on the market.We all know what happens at a normal auction or a forward auction. Potential buyers try to out do each other by raising their bid each time. A reverse auction is, well, the opposite. The opening bid is decided on by the seller. That figure is dropped by a certain amount every single day until a buyer jumps in and snaps it up.I could not believe the response that I was getting back.Dawn Fitzgerald had tried everything to sell until she became the first home owner in Queensland and possibly Australia to use the reverse auction technique. With the help of Natgroup.We sold it within three weeks.Dawn's house was posted online with an openinged by of $283,000. The price dropped by $1,000 every business day. Until she accepted an offer of $271,000. Pretty much sit back and let it happen. You get the result you want. As a buyer, if you wait too long for the price to drop you stand to miss out. Buts a seller, if you start too high you have to be prepared to wait a little longer for an offer.Any gimmick you can use. Go for it.But property lawyer Tim O'Dwyer warns a reverse auction should be taken as seriously as any other property sale.Make sure you know what is happening. How much you are going to pay. And what happens if it doesn't sell.Unlike a normal auction, a reverse auction can be condition national.It is a bit more flexible. It can still be subject to personal finance.Now Natgroup is launching its second reverse auction at Regents parb. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms.It's alsoed online now. The price started off at $475,000. It's been dropping $1,000 every weekday.I don't think it's something that will be suitable for everyone. It needs to be suitable for those willing to take a risk.But the CEO says the reverse auction isn't the only technique in the pipeline. Whatever it takes to get the audience and get a reaction is what we're after.It's a win-win situation.It's interesting. I like the idea. Because you can make cold calculated decisions as a buyer. Alright. I'm with you but I'm not in the shot so I thought I would stay quiet.Happy to share it with you! It's one of Australia's great charity rides. Hundreds of motorcyclists leave our capitals this morning heading to Alice Springs in the annual Black Dog Ride to raise awareness of depression. Simon, looking the part. How long has this been going now? The been going about four years T all started, a bloke in Perth by the name of Steve Andrews, one of his best mate's wife's committed suicide. He jumped on a bike and rode around Australia by himself. He found interest all the way, people asking him what he was doing. He raised so much awareness from that alone he thought of this.You know what? It's interesting and a fun way to raise money and awareness. It's done a great job to raise awareness about depression. Is there a budget or target this year?Mate, last year we raised about $160,000. We have already hit about $280,000 so far this year. We will be collecting along the way. When you think about depression as an illness - and that's what it is - about 1 million Australians are living with depression today. 100,000 of them are young people and only half of them even try and get treatment. The treatment is out there. We're riding for Life Line and mental health fist aid. We will raise awareness and hopefuly spreading the word that you can get help if you have depression. You just have to start talking about it. Even though it's a fun way to raise funds you have to give a lot of your time. Do you have a particular motivation on the trip?I think we all know people who suffer depression. I know people in my family who have had depression and friends. I know one friend who tried to take his own life. I think everyone here - there are some 200 here at castle hill this morning - I think they all have a connection somewhere. Most people watching this would have a connection. It's important that people start talking about it. I think that's what motivates all of us to take part in the ride. Yeah, it will be a week in the saddle and we will be sore by the end of it. But it will be worth itYou are looking very CHiP s this morning.It was a Harley Davidson from the US. The police here tryed it, didn't like it so I picked it up at auction. It's a great bike and will be coming all the way this year. It should be fun. Is there a place to go - it's on the screen. Stay safe. Mate. We will speak to you at the end.Good on you, guys. See ya.Well done, looking more Baker than Poncirello this morning. Coming up, the dispatcher who saved a bride on her wedding day.

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Good morning. It is news time. Thank you. Good morning to you at home. Kevin Rudd and Labor's re- election bid is facing an uphill battle with new polling at the end of week 2 of the campaign showing Tony Abbott headed for a decisive win. Figures published by Fairfax show a coalition victory in 7 of the key marginal seats across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Labor losses would include the election of Ford where captains pick and former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie is running. The Prime Minister is campaigning in Adelaide today and is expected to announce a $2 billion boost to the car manufacturing industry. Tony Abbott meantime is in Perth. Up to 70 protesters and police have been killed overnight as the bloodshed in Egypt continues. It follows the deaths of more than 600 people in violent clashes between the military and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Where is democracy? Where is our vote? After that they killed all people who are innocent. Then they - they didn't have any guns. They killed all of them. There have also been outbreaks of violence in Morsi's home town in the country's north east. Protesters have reportedly hurled stones and petrol bombs. A 17-year-old man has died after crashing his car into a tree in Brisbane's south-east overnight. It's believed the P-plater lost control on a straight stretch of road at Burbank just before 10:00. He was the only person in the car. A man and two women have escaped injury after shots were fired at a home in Sydney's north-west overnight. Residents in Putney reported hearing gunfire and a car driving off just before 2:00. Evidence collected from the scene has been sent off for ballistic testing. Now to the case of the Peru six and the family of the doorman who died after falling from a hotel window say they have evidence to prove he didn't commit suicide. They claim the group of six young Australians pushed him after a dispute arising from a noise complaint and they are planning a press conference to explain. It comes as a barrister close to the case say they still face being placed on Interpol's most wanted list if they don't return to South America to give evidence. Spiderman's Broadway musical continues to deliver more real life drama with a 5th person hurt on stage since the mega production opened in 2010. A 23- year-old actor was taken to hospital after his ankle was caught in a stage lift. There have been three other incidents including an actor who plunged into the orchestra pit when his harness snapped. Two others suffered broken bones in a sling shot stunt. 300 runners have stripped off for a good cause, baring all at London zoo. They left their clothing at the gate. The idea for the attention grabbing run came from the collective name for a group of tigers which is called a Streak.My sister was watching. Which is quite interesting. All of her girlfriends. And some other friends. The support has helped.There are estimated to be as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild due to habitat destruction and poaching. And for all of the latest in sport news now here is Erin.Thank you, Elizabeth. Appreciate that.Very formal this morning!The wallet of Manly coach Geoff Toovey might be lighter today. He could face fines for unleashing on the referees. He was filthy this effort wasn't ruled a try.There has got to be an investigation into this. Someone has to be accountable for this. And the penalty count. It ended up 10-5. There were a koul of even-up ones at the end. Aren't we meant to have the best referees for the game?Not a happy man N Brisbane the Broncos kept their semifinals hopes alive with a 22-12 win over palmia. It only gets worse for the Eels with Jarryd Hayne liching off after reinjuring his knee. Hawthorne can sale the -- seal the minor premiership. The Hawks jumped 8 points clear on the table after their 30 point win over Collingwood. Coach Alistair Clarkson says if they can repeat their performance they will be competitive against any side.Both sides are really hard at it. Really pleased that under that type of finals pressure we were able to stand up.Buddy Franklin was back to his brilliant best finishing with a game high if you are goals. A couple of big upsets in the world of tennis this morning with the world's two top players bowing out of the Cincinatti masters. Birdive will play the winner of Federer and Nadal in the final. John Isner powered past Novak Djokovic in three. The loss ending the Serb's bid to become the first man to win all nine masters titles. Inroad couldable. The Wallabies will be out to break an 11-year Bledisloe Cup drought. The second and third matches are being played in New Zealand and the captain admits it will be all but impossible recover if they lose tonight.We know how tough it is to win in New Zealand. We have to make the most of playing on our home patch.It will be union McKenzie's first game in charge. You were at the NRL last night in Gosford. I know it's bad news for Roosters fans but the bunnies looked good. Geoff Toovey will get fined $10,000 but it's worth it. He made some good points. Souths deserved to win but Manly was not given a chance to win that game. There is something to address, I think, in a fresh season. But the bunnies are looking fantastic. Layla, how good would it be in three weeks' time when the bunnies play the Roosters.A big Friday night.It could decide the minor premiership. Amazing.Good on you. Not a Canberra mention there! Very restrained! Coming up - celebrity mums Halle berry and Jennifer Garner have joined forces to stop the papps harassing their families.I love my kids. They are beautiful, sweet and innocent. I don't want a gang of shouting, arguing law breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day every day to continue traumatising my kids.Weather time with Emma Friedman. Good morning again. It's a mixed bag around the country but you have got it nailed where you are?It's pretty good up here at the moment in Port Stevens on the New South Wales mid north coast. The weather is looking fair. There are a few showers lingering but we're lucky this morning because sun is peaking through the clouds and it's not too cool now the sun has come up. I'm standing on the balcony of one of the luxury cabins here at the Halifax Holiday Park. If you're not into caravaning or catching but you want to visit a holiday park this is the option for you - the beach is just over that hill about 20m away. To the weather:

Come inside to visit a family this morning who are staying here' Halifax Holiday Park. Eva and Flynn are doing some arts and crafts. Mum and day enjoying a cup of tea. Some magazines in here as well. In here you can find some listings on it. Ooroo. Or download the app on your smartphone or iPad or visit the website. Flynn, you are doing such a great job with that art work. I am loving the gymist and the ribbon twirling. This is the way you would want to camp at a holiday park. Three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, modcons. You don't have to worry about the creepy crawlies. The beach is just outside. Get the kids down there and out of your hair. Time for what is making news. Robin Bailey from Brisbane radio. New figures showing our kids are falling behind the rest of the world in education. Some experts are putting this down to schools being too soft on students, that we've become a culture where everyone gets a ribbon and they're not suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?I dislike the every child get a -- gets a ribbon thing. It's lazy. There is no resilience with children. Lazy - that's with the parents. So find what your kid is good at. Everyone is good at something. As parents we have to find that and foster that rather than saying you ran the 100m, but you came last, "Don't worry, you got a participation ribbon." Our Government is saying by 2025 we want to be in the top 5 nations in the world in maths and science but we're lacking, we're not academicly achieving. I think it's because kids are not allowed to fail. Unless you put in the work to realise the mark you wanted you won't get better. I think we mollycoddle our kids. What do we do with them when they get to 30? It's much easier to teach a child at 10 than an adult of 30 that same lesson of resilience.You can't teach them at 30! You've got to get them before then. Learning how to handle failure is a life skill. You will learn it as soon as you hit the work force. I agree with you. I think they should tougher -- toughen up the programs. What about the idea of $5 million to be spent across 7 local government areas to install more CCTV? It means you are more likely to be caught on camera than ever about. -- ever about.In this day and age we have to make a decision: Do we want crime reduced? The Canada Bay council in New South Wales spent $460,000 on CCTV cameras. Their crime was reduced by 53%. That's dramatic. That's the proof in the pudding. We know these cameras work. I don't quite understand why people get so up in arms about their privacy in public places. I get it if you have cameras in your home. But if you're in a public space surely you want to be safe. The cameras can be used to protect you. If you're not doing anything wrong, who cares? Smile and keep walking.In public spaces I agree. I wish they would protect our privacy, though, because the whole concept of it is disappearing. Finally, a new book has raised the question: Can women really have it all? Take a look.From Magazine articles to best selling books to the hit TV show modern family.Stay at home mom...And movies like I don't know how she does TI have given everything I have to this job and I love it. I do. But I can't dump any family at a moment's notice any more.The heated conversation of what having it all really means rages on. Now the President of Barnard College has a message for women: Stop trying to be so good at everything.The myth of having it all is purely that. It's a myth. No woman can have it all. No man can have it all. No human can have it all.Yeah, some people look like they have it all. They look like they're coping. But there is a lot of pressure on men and women. Robin, you're a career woman and a mum. What do you think? I absolutely agree. You can't have it all. It's like the duck gliding across the water looking fabulous, yet their feet are going at a million miles an hour. The thing about men and women, why do we want it all? It's like failure. It's OK to say we're not coping. It's OK to say we want to make different choss and something has to give. I think we're our own worst enemy. I look at some career women, they look gorgeous, their nails and make-up are done. I think good on you but it's taken you an extra hour. Is that an extra hour away from your family? At the end of the day who cares? It doesn't matter. We have to be happy within ourselves. We have to stand in front of the mirror every morning and say I love myself unconditionaly. Because then you let yourself off the hook. As long as you're not hurting other people or letting down your family everything else is OK. At times we just have to say, no, we can't do it. I'm not super human. I'm trying my best and that's got to be good enough. I'm so passionate about this. We make it so hard on ourselves. At the end of the day surely we're all just human and doing our best. That's got to be enough.When you boil it down, family is all you've got. So look after it. Thanks very much for that. Making sense as usual.Thank you. Halle Barry and Helen Garner have had a win with the two celebrities teaming up in an effort to stop photographers.This is a daily reality for LA celebrities when they're just trying to take their kids to school or pop down to the grocery store. Today Jennifer Garner pleaded with California law makers to make it stop. Jai love my kids. They're beautiful, sweet and innocentment don't want a gang of shouting, arguing law breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day every day to continue traum tiesing my kids. Thank for the opportunity to testify today. I would be happy to answer any questions.So search for Jennifer and Brad's children the results are seemingly never ending. If a 6-year-old is saying please don't take my photograph?They won't listen?They will take the photograph. Because it tells a story.Just watch Britney and her son hounded in a 2000 documentary Celebrity. P apparazo Henry blames a new breed of no holds barred photographers that have hit the streets.I personally feel disgusted with the fact there are these types of photographers out there that have no respect. Back when I started it used to be just a handful of photographers. Nobody knew that we existed.Now Jennifer and fellow actor and paparazzi target Halle are posing a bill that :.We're not just whiny celebrities. Who thinks they are whiny celebritys?No-one told them they had to children and live in LA, go to New York or go to the popular playgrounds or schools. These are the choices they made.You have to take responsibility for what you do. You cannot be in a papparazzo hot zone and expect not to get photographed. It's ridiculous. It's like going to the crocodile's den and expecting not to be eaten. We're moms here who are trying to protect our children.They have a bounty on their heads every day. Literally every day there are as many as 15 calves photographers waiting outside our home.Ben after flex recently opened up to Bill Weir about this.I don't think it's healthy for society and I know it's not healthy for my kids. I really object to the commercialisation of images of children.The paparazzi make maybe a few hundred bucks a snap. It's solid gas money, not strike it rich money. Celebrity magazines publish the shots nearly every week.Hate me for all you like. I'm the photographer. It's the general public. The general public craves it.Babies and weddings in particular are the most popular things we showcase.The recent overexcitement over Little Prince George in Jolly old London proves if not explains the global obsession with celebrity off spring. We care about children of all of our friends and family. The thing about celebrity is they feel like friends and family even though you don't know them.Does the general public care or feel about what surrounds a general paparazzi snap They swarm up, yell, jockey for