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(generated from captions) After D-day, ATA girls
were initially banned

from ferrying planes
to the continent,

but one girl
was to break that rule.

The trailblazer who ensured that
women would fly to Northern Europe

was Diana Barnato Walker, who else?

She was, by this time,
married to Derek Walker,

Wing Commander Derek Walker,

who was stationed with the Allied
Headquarters in Brussels,

and arranged for his commanding
officer to provide a letter

allowing him to bring
his newlywed wife to Brussels.

It was vague as to whether
she would be flying
her own Spitfire, but she was,

and they flew wingtip to wingtip
out over the white cliffs
of Dover in October 1944.


And then the 'Mail'
got wind of this, the 'Daily Mail',

and said that Derek Walker had taken
his wife to Brussels for a honeymoon

and he was docked
three months' pay,

so that might have
at least paid for the fuel.

Diana's honeymoon was short-lived.

This is a piece of Derek Walker's
Mustang 5, in which he crashed

on November 14th, 1945
and was killed.

Diana, the epitome of the
fun-loving ATA girl, remained single

and devoted to flying
for the rest of her life.

By 1945, the Allies had achieved
total dominance in the air.

Fewer planes needed to be delivered.

As war ended,
the ATA was wound down.

I was very wicked,
I never wanted the war to end,
so I could go on and on and on.

Whenever possible I get near enough
to pat a Spitfire and a Hurricane,

and look into it, too...

Still amazed
at how tiny the cockpit is.

But then I was young at the time.

For many, it was the end
of the best years of their lives.

The ATA was the main thing
in my life, I'm sure it was...

It was difficult to get into...


a lot of hard work
to get going in it and...

Yes, I was sad to leave it.


The best part of my life, I'm sure.


For Pauline Gower, heading
the Women's Section was
to be the achievement of her life.

She died in childbirth in 1947.

Lettice Curtis, the most
accomplished of the women fliers,
dreamt of becoming an airline pilot,

but all the de-mobbed RAF boys
put an end to that.

I think she dreaded
whatever was to come.

She remained unmarried,
except to aviation,

she worked for
the Fairey Aircraft Company,

but she was never a civilian pilot.

There was never any question...

that that opportunity
would come along.

One of the pilots, Jackie Sorour,

did become Britain's
first commercial airline pilot.

Was it BOAC to Paris or New York?

No, it was from Bristol
to the Channel Islands, I think,

and she was constantly
mistaken for a flight attendant.

The unique moment

when women fliers almost gained
equality with their male
counterparts soon disappeared.

For women to be flying
the whole range of aeroplanes,

from ancient bi-planes
to super-fast Spitfires
and lumbering great Lancasters,

is just unbelievable stuff.

It could never, never happen again,

where girls could fly
all these military aeroplanes
without any aids whatsoever,

and go from one aeroplane to
another without any instruction,

because I flew 76 types.

My days of glamour have gone now...

I'm just trying to get
safely through old age!

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Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Michael Tomalaris. Protesters back on the streets of Cairo, as violence breaks out elsewhere in Egypt. New Zealand escapes major damage after another major earthquake. Tony Abbott gets tough on asylum seekers, as Labor's campaign stalls. And the healing power of horses.

This program is captioned live. Violence has erupted again in Egypt. Egyptian security forces have killed for supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi on the Suez Canal. Soldiers fired teargas to block protesters from reaching a government building. Protesters are now back on the streets of Cairo. Friday prayers may be a time for reflection, but in Egypt right now, they're also a rallying call. The Muslim Brotherhood is urging followers to head towards Cairo's Ramsis Square after morning prayers, for what it's calling a Friday of Anger. The military taking no chances. But flashes of violence have already started to emerge. The call for further protests comes after families gathered to identify those killed in the latest crackdown. Hundreds of decomposing bodies sprawled in a mosque amid blistering heat.What happened yesterday, this is a massacre from General Sisi. They've killed my brother, my sister. You're not going to get away with this. This is murder. You can't kill your own people and get away with it.Funerals have also been held at Cairo's police mosque after least seven soldiers and a policeman were killed in attacks by armed men in the Sinai Peninsuala. And in the Cairo suburb of Giza, the Muslim Brotherhood has been blamed for setting this government building on fire. Outrage over the violence continues throughout the world. From the streets of Yemen all the way to the White House.The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt's interim government and security forces. We deplore violence against civilians.In Canberra, the Egyptian ambassador was summoned by the department of foreign affairs.We want no more loss of life to occur, and we want a political reconciliation between the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, who were in government until the military coup, and the interim government that's been installed as a result of the military coup.But the ambassador claims protest leaders incited the violence because it suited their political purposes.You have to see this as part of the reality, and that's where we are today. So it was kind of arranged and they were prepared for this.After meeting in emergency session, the UN Security Council is urging both the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood to exercise maximum restraint. Manny Tsigas, World News Australia. A powerful earthquake rattled major cities across New Zealand today. The 6.6 magnitude quake caused widespread alarm this afternoon. No serious injuries have been reported, but damage is still being assessed.. It was centred 10km southeast of Seddon at a depth of 11km. Seismologists say it was more powerful than the quake that rattled the region in July. For the second time in less than a month, people across Wellington were forced to find shelter.We were actually in the middle of an interview. We just jumped under the desk.We were sure to do, we just ran out. we just ran out. I'm not sure if that building is e if that building is safe or not.The 6.6 magnitude quake and the aftershocks centred around hocks centred around the Seddon.We had to counter e had to counter the shop by holding onto the rails.Many rushed to flee the city centre, e the city centre, only to find the roads gridlocked. The railway system was shut down while workers inspected the tracks, leaving others stranded and looking d and looking for any way our possible.I just want to get home and make nt to get home and make sure my kids are alright. Authorities initially said all structures remained intact. No injuries were ct. No injuries were reported. Rose remained closed. All of this was too much for people still reeling from the images from Christchurch during the July 21 quake. It will take cruise weeks to determine the damage to buildings, including the Stadium weather we test between the all Blacks and the Wallabies is scheduled soon.I'm still shaking. That was ill shaking. That was terrifying. To the federal election now, and as the second week of the campaign wraps up, the focus is back on asylum seeker policy. Tony Abbott has unveiled a tougher immigration policy. And Kathy Novak joins us with the details. Thanks, Mike. Well, who could forget these words from the 2001 election campaign.We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come. That sentiment is getting a revival as Tony Abbott promises that no asylum seeker arriving by boat will ever get permanent residency in Australia. It's a familiar Coalition catchcry. And it's back.This is our country and we determine who comes here. Tony Abbott's borrowing from 2001, unveiling new elements of his asylum seeker policy.Everyone who is running for Parliament is a patriot in his or her own way.The new Coalition policy relates to the 30,000 asylum seekers who've already arrived. Those rejected as refugees would be deported or detained indefinitely with no appeals. Those accepted wouldn't get permanent residency. They'd work for welfare, without family reunion rights, on temporary protection visas and be assessed again after three years.If they're found not to be refugees at that point, well, they will be put on a removal pathway.If anyone's destroyed their passports, they won't go to the back of a queue to wait longer for their permanent visa, as is the policy of the Labor Party, they won't be in the queue at all.The only possible reason to make that announcement is a political desire to look tough and mean just for the hell of it.The Government has their no advantage rule. The Coalition has no shame. Labor's also pursuing the Coalition over its plans to cut spending after shadow treasurer Joe Hockey refused to rule out cuts to health and education.I'm not going to give any on-the-run guarantees, I don't do that.Certainly I don't intend to make cuts in these areas. He's still under pressure to unveil his costings.We can't tell you everything now because inevitably we've got to have something to say for the next three weeks of the campaign.You have the man who wants to be the alternative Prime Minister saying to the Australian people: 'Yes, I'm going to cut things, but, no, I'm not going to tell you what they are'. That is really an extraordinary position. The polls suggest things aren't going Labor's way. In the Queensland seat of Forde, Labor star candidate Peter Beattie looks to be seriously struggling. There's some tension in the Labor camp and suggestions Kevin Rudd's going his own way.Hi folks, how are you?His uncosted promise yesterday of a 10% company tax discount to NT businesses in five years caught some by surprise.I am proud of what we put forward, it is putting forward a clear direction for the future & you can have as many process debates as you like.He says he conferred with the Treasurer and Minister for Finance. Apparently not Workplace Relations. When did you first hear of this plan from him?Yesterday.What, in the media? No, yesterday.He did tell you before he announced it. But what I know is...Did he tell you before he announced it?Neil, I actually don't expect to be told every policy on every issue.In Perth, the Prime Minister's trying to win over the locals, and avoid awkward moments on the subject of sex appeal. Julie Bishop created one with home affairs Minister Jason Clare.I think Jason is the Rob Lowe of politics. You know, West Wing. The Rob Lowe.It's only week two. Karen Middleton, World News Australia. As both parties talk tough on asylum seekers, SBS has learned that, as of the end of this month, all adults processed here and found to be genuine refugees will be cut off from the Humanitarian Settlement Scheme. Scrapping the program to help resettle new arrivals will save Labor $28 million. The changes were part of the fine print in the economic statement the government released before the election. And Mike, a little later we'll take a look back at some of the lighter moments of week two. Thanks Kathy. There were quite a few. Also coming up after the break... The daily coffee hit, but just how much is too much?

The new VF Commodore
is the most advanced car ever created in this country. Inside, you're surrounded
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Technology that keeps you focused. Technology you can talk to. (PHONE BEEPS)
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The car that's always turned heads
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Indian navy divers have recovered four badly burnt bodies from a submarine that exploded and sank in a Mumbai dockyard two days ago. Fifteen other missing crewmen are feared dead. The submarine's forward section was destroyed by fire, and divers are now attempting to pump water from several sections to refloat it. An investigation is under way into the cause of the deadly blast.

deadly blast. If you can't get by without your daily head of caffeine, be careful. It could shorten your life. A hot cup of coffee is an essential part of the day for millions of Australians.I don't do a day. Three, but they are good ones.One.

Three, but they are good ones.One.
scientists in America have said that more than three weeks is associated with mortality. They make it difficult to sell so associate properly with blood sugar. The study showed that for men under 55, more than four cups a day run of 56% increased risk of an early death. For women, it was over 100%. It is not clear whether the caffeine is whether the caffeine is harmful itself, or whether those who drink will cost you more drink will cost you more likely to be at risk from other lifestyle factors. Previous studies have found that the caffeine has a protective effect against cancer, heart disease and dementia. But how much?If you're at the ch?If you're at the two cups a day Mark, you will enjoy some of the protective benefits without having excessive amounts.But it seems that baby boomers can drink as much as they like, since no adverse effects were found for heavy coffee drinkers over 55. Still, experts say that like everything else, it should be consumed in moderation.

consumed in moderation.
It weighs under a kilo and has been described as looking like "a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear", but the Olinguito is making a big impact in the world of science. It's the first new carnivorous mammal to be discovered in the Western Hemisphere for 35 years. Until now, its existence was overlooked, because scientists mislabelled specimens stored in a museum in Chicago. This man took 10 years to took 10 years to prove his work. He has now found living specimens in South America. There are 600,000 specimens here at the Natural History Museum, and although some are more than one century old, in recent years it has become possible to extract DNA from. That has led to new discoveries, like the olinguito. It is the first new mammal discovered since the Colombian weasel.It reminds us that the world is not yet explored. The discovery of mammals is far from over. What else is still out there?Back to the election, and the campaign is only two weeks old, although it may already feel longer than that. We take a look back at a week dominated by some memorable moments on the campaign trail. If we can have a real debate on the issues, just you and me.This debate is between Mr Rudd and me. The Australia we all know and love has been love has been built by you, the Australian people.I think I can probably say they have a bit of sex appeal.In front of my colleagues, he said I looked like George Clooney.I had a dad moment.No ball or a small air, sir.Sorry about that.Nobody is the suppository of all wisdom.Stopping the boats.Split one of his six point stopping the boat spine, is naturally stopped the boats.Why was she born so beautiful? Why was she born at all?My daughters think you are the most wonderful thing. We need you, come back.That's not a political question, let's talk about gay marriage.Somebody help him. I will tell you, point to is this. He everybody, or my God, look, a mouse riding a cat. Then you run away.I like your make-up too, is ake-up too, is very good.Real debate.We must not have all our eggs in one basket.If you want a new way you've got to choose a new government.And there are many more moments like that still to come. Let's check the finance figures. And the Australian share market has closed lower, dragged down by falls in the financial and resources sectors. ANZ has made a cash profit of $4.8 billion in the nine months to June, up 11% on the same period last year. The resource giants fell on profit

last year. The resource giants fell
on profit taking, and shares in energy producer Santos were up, after its half year net profit rose by 3%.

last year. The resource giants fell
on profit taking, and Tokyo's Nikkei ended 0.75% lower, tracking falls in the US. Markets in Europe are mixed in early deals. Wall Street tumbled on disappointing corporate earnings results. The Australian dollar is weaker against all the major currencies, with the exception of the New Zealand dollar. And on the commodity markets gold is higher, oil is down a little.

markets gold is higher, oil is down
a little.

a little. Coming up,

a little. Coming up, the weather, and, how staring into these eyes is making a difference to some US war veterans.

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Many Americans veterans who've survived war zones overseas struggle to find peace at home. But some are finding solace in the healing power of a horse. Why horses help, that is the mystery. But they do, or dead. A generation or so, and another American war ago, Bob Evans went off to fight in Vietnam's. Then he came home again. He found that working on found that working on horses is the thing that soothed him best.I realise there was some ealise there was some kind of deep emotional connection that actually opened people up. tually opened people up.Now he is passing it forward, inviting these Iraq war veterans for war veterans for a 3-day program. Behind the corral fence, racing thoroughbreds, now retired from the game. For these men, it is memory that hurts them. Watching their best friends die in action.The best bother anybody could ask for. Out in the corral, Nevin 's guide him in making a connection. Aust man. Man nection. Aust man. Man is a horse.They didn't want anyone to ask me about any good experiences or bad experiences.These creatures don't ask. If anything, they stunned for life. For breath. -- they stand. For it a strong hard beating in the