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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - we take a look back with Paul Bongiorno on just which leader won the second week of the election campaign. We cross live to a tense Cairo bracing for more violent clashes after more than 600 people were killed this week. A teenager in a stable condition after a metal rod was impaled in his scull in Sydney. And tensions spill over on a big Friday night of football. mean something to people. # #

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But you did good.

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From the Network Ten News Centre. I'm Danielle Isdale. This is the Late News. He rode in on a white hours. Peter Beattie is struggling to save the day for Labor in Queensland. The puppies like the PM, but the polls don't. No matter how many times Tony Abbott misspeaks we look at the best and worst of week 2. Friday prayers are wrapping up in Cairo, there are fears that the capital could erupt. The world watch as the US weighs number of Our traditional help can not continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. And an AFL blockbuster - Hawthorn and Collingwood lock horns.

and Collingwood lock horns. Also ahead - residents shaken do the core. Another quake strikes a nervous New Zealand - sending terrified workers diving for cover, and locals fleeing the capital. Plus we hit the waves with some of Australia's best surfers as they ride on to the big screen. 'Friday Night Football' has it all. Adam Hawse was across every minute - he'll bring us the latest. Get involved using #TenLate. To our top story. We are not halfway there, but the Federal election campaign has brought up cringe worthy comments. The Opposition is surging ahead of Labor in key marginal seats. One of Kevin Rudd's star recruits is failing to shine. Ursula Heger has the story. Kevin Rudd was pulling a crowd in a Perth shopping centre.Joshua.But it appears luck is not going his way. The star candidate in the seat of Forde. Peter Beattie, is lagging behind in the polls.This is a tough poll. I knew I was going to be the underdog, I didn't realise it would be this difficult. I'm a fighter.It's a big blow to Labor's hopes in the must-win state. Instead of a bounce to Labor Peter Beattie trails his opponent by

It's saying We have a problem. We enter the election as the underdogs. This is plain and simple. We remain the underdogs in this campaign. In Melbourne Tony Abbott was playing down the lead.We are doing OK. Rolling out asylum seeker policy, and harking back to the Howard era. This is our country.We determine who comes here. Sound familiar. You are right.We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come. It will mean 30,000 boat people currently waiting to be assessed will at best be placed on temporary protection visas. None will be given permanent residence yip.They decided to be mean for -- residencey. They decided to be mean for the hell of TIf you can't stop the boats, you can't run the country.He clarified.I regard myself as succeeding if we get back to a situation of having three boats a year.No word on the cost, but the Opposition says health and education won't pay the price.I don't intend to make cuts in these areas.Costings that the Coalition will not release until the last week of the campaign. Joining us now is national affairs editor Paul Bongiorno. Bad news for Labor with the polls. We saw gaffes from the Opposition Leader. Who do you think won week two of the campaign.When Peter Beattie said Labor has a problem, Labor clearly didn't win week two of the campaign. I don't think we can under-estimate the damage to Kevin Rudd and Labor of Tuesday's budget update. That confirpd the $30 million deficit -- confirmed the $30 million deficit blow out and rise in unemployment. Labor hopes to turn that saying "Tony, come clean, what will you cut and what taxes will you raise to get to surplus earlier as you promise. It didn't work, Tony Abbott ha the devastating comeback "You can't lecture me, you haven't got your budget numbers and costings right for six years.Why haven't Tony Abbott's blunders registered with voters. What has gone right with Tony Abbott's campaign.He didn't have a good week. The same sex marriage, the fads. I do think during the week Tony Abbott and his colleagues looked shifty on the costings. But toney Abbott's messages were tight and his lines right on - right on the money. And I think that Kevin Rudd wasn't able to match that, he looked tired and wafling earlier in the week. He tightened up later in the week. He'll have to do better. That's what I'll put on his report card until next week.We have a long time to go yet. Thank you Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. Later we'll look at the election highlights. Now it's time for news with Amanda Hart. The man convicted of murdering his three young sons on Fathel's Day lost his final avenue of appeal. Robert Farquharson drove a car into a dam, drowning the boys in 2005. Today he failed in his High Court bid for a third appeal. Outside the boys mother spoke of her relief.It's taken nearly a decade of my life. Suddenly it rests.Robert Farquharson is serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 33 years. A Melbourne man has been found guilty of murdering sex worker Johanna 'Jazzy-O' Martin. The jury took less than two days to find Steve Constantinou deliberately strangled the 65-year-old. He claims she died in a sex act gone wrong.I had to get rid of her. I panicked. I swear on my children I panicked, didn't know what to do.The prosecution said he murdered Johanna 'Jazzy-O' Martin to avoid repaying a debt. A young man underwent surgery after a freak accident in which a metal rod was impaled in his skull. He was operating a digger when the steel rod when the in his skull directly between his eyes.

between his eyes.It's a 16mm bar, it's horrific.His family requested the hospital not give out a public update on his condition. Damaging winds are buffeting Melbourne tonight. The State Emergency Services has received 300 calls for help, mostly for fallen trees and building damage. The alpine region recorded gusts of up to 128km/h. Conditions will ease after midnight. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou fended off questions about his future amid suggestions he's been head-hunted. He was coy when asked if he'd been offered a job with the association of tennis professionals.Have I ever been interviewed?I have been spoken to about a particular role now, yes.He denied he has a conflict of interest in judging Essendon over the supplements scandal. A WA surf video drew rave reviews after a sold-out premiere in Perth. 'Barnacles and Stripes' follows Australian surfers riding some of the best ways across WA's coastline. It inclue pros Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Marg river surfer Brett Hardy, and up and comers like Shaun Green. The film was the culmination of two years and many hours of hard work by the creator and Channel Ten cameraman, Carsten Reimers. Words have turned into weapons in the biggest free- styling rapid hip-hop contest in the southern hemisphere. MPs took to the stage in trying to convert rhythm to $12,000 cash.There was turf wars on the streets, people were not happy with things. Is a way of sorting it out without getting physical.A battle round was prepared. The competition is pard of the inaugural World Adelaide Festival. A quick look at the weather.

the weather. Still ahead - it was a case of mistaken identity. Scientists have discovered a cute and cuddly species of animal. Just when it seems the situation in Egypt couldn't get worse, as we go to air anger is building again. Supporters of ousted President Mohammed Mursi are carrying out further demonstrations, morgues are full of bodies yet to be identified. Here are some pictures that have just come in where thousands are gathering, and there are tensions building. Security is tight in Cairo and surrounding cities. At any minute scenes like this could turn ugly. Jessica Turner has more on this story, and some images in this report are confronting. A new dawn for Egyptians. They hold little hope for peace, with this being called the Friday of anger. More rallies are planned for mosques around Cairo after prayers this morning. The government has authorised the use of deadly force to protect themselves and key state institutions from attacks. It's now estimated more than 600 people were killed when security forces moved in on protest camps. The Muslim Brotherhood claims that the death toll was more devastating. Up to four times more than what we are being told.We will want a revolution and we want...Bodies are still being identified in overcrowded makeshift morgues. The interim President has justified the use of force saying restraint was used. International condemnation has been constant. US President Barack Obama has called off joint military exercises laned for next month, and is now -- planned for next month and is reviewing the aid donation.Traditional cooperation cannot condition with civilians being killed in the streets.Body by body is being buried. That's a long way off. Now to live pictures coming in from Egypt. Thousands have taken to the streets following Friday prayer. We have seen in the past few moments thousands of people on a key bridge in Cairo moving forward. There is smoke that we can see. We have seen men with guns. And there are reports coming in that there is gunfire all over the place. You can see a large crowd gathering. There are reports of constant gunfire, tier gas, stone and fireworks. There are reports of people writing down their names on their forearms in case they are shot. We can see clearly that the marches that were to come after Friday prayers are clearly happening. This is building up to something. We will go back to this story as the situation develops. Go stay with us - still to come on Ten's late news. All-too familiar scenes in New Zealand as an earthquake rattles the capital, sending workers fleeing into the streets. Who thought the election could be trendy? We tell

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Let us know your thoughts on the issues we are covering tonight at tep late news. Check out our store -- Ten Late news. Check out our stories. We check ot voter trends, but first the rest of the -- check out our voter trends, but first the rest of the world. A 6.2 magnitude quake struck in Wellington. Some workers hid under their desks desks, other office blocks were evacuated. Some fled the city. There were injuries from broken glass. Luckily there was no reports of serious casualties. It comes weeks after a similar tremor struck the city. What do you get if you cross a teddy bear or a house track. Apparently a new species called on Olinguito. First discovered 35 years -- the first new species to be discovered. It is found in Columbia and Ecuador. Skulls were found in museum draws, but it was understood to be a different animal. Love letters between two of Britain's greatest actors has gone an display for the first time. The congratulations between Vivien Leigh, and Sir Laurence Olivier shows their tem tu use relationship in a separate light. The couple continued to write to each other well after their relationship ended. I'll update our top stories later in the show. Now to a special report about what got Australians all atwitter during week 2 of the election campaign. Tony Abbott went into Twitter overdrive with remarks. It had old favourites making people reach for their Smart phones. The debate was a hot topic. If tweeters were uncertain of which hashtag to use, Tony Abbott provide add frontrunner.No-one is the suppose itry of all wisdom.Suppose itry becoming an unlikely Twitter trend before the Opposition Leader surpassed himself.I can probably say has sex appeal.Two simple words about Fiona Scott making a handy hashtag. And the top one. Whether the compliment was creepy tapped into what Tony Abbott wished was not an online theme - his treatment of women. Julia Gillard's misogyny speech is the top video, viewed on YouTube 2.5 million times. I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man.An amateur mash-up on the treatment of the former PM also in the top five. Google revealed the figures as it launches its own election channel, encouraging private film-makers to join the political fray. We have seen more than 2 million views of content in Australia. There's a huge explosion in YouTube interest and vast amounts of the content posted. The parties represented on Australia votes too, but the top collision video had more than 400,000 views, Labor's best is yet to reach 90,000. Here to give us insight on news of the week is Sophie Neil from the Triple J Hack program. There's a few fumbles getting attention.The Daily Show in the States is one of the best. You can't get better. They have been impressed with our elections. The host John Oliveer things in the short period of time we have to campaign, compared to the states, that we have managed to pack in a large amount of whacky moments so far.Here in America you would have thought job done, the man is humiliated. In Australia they only have one month of the electoral buffet, so the reporter - how shall I put it - he tossed another question on the Barbie. What are the other five points?It is under the Labor Party.The other five points. I answered the question. You said turn back the poets. You told me it's a six point plan, what are the other five.We have a plan to stop the boats, I aped that.No other points?Help him, somebody help him. Look, I'll tell you point two is this - hey, everybody, look, I'm mouse riding a cat, and you run away.They are loving our election. John Oliveer was stoked to find out about Stephanie Bannister and her comments about Islam and he compared her to a famous US politican.The real test does it have an underinformed right wing woman that she's unprepared for and at times seeks to barely comprehend. I'm asking does Australia have a Sarah pailin.A mother accused of an antiwoman contamination square will stand as a One Nation canned daylight.I do not oppose Islam as a country. Less than 2% follow the haram.She's not just Sarah Palin, she's a Turbo Palin.It takes a lot to impress the Daily Show, but we've done it.I love this story. I'm a breastfeeding mum. The Australian women's cricket team is in the United Kingdom, they did better than the guys and this chick, Sarah Elliott hit 100 runs in between breastfeeding her 9-month old. She went off in between and hit 100 runs. Sarah possibly could have hit more. She woke up four times the night before. Imagine if you sleep through, how many could she have hit.She'd be unstoppable. Quick thinking Canadian police made headlines.A young mechanic in Toronto was working and put out on his twitter account can someone bring me marijuana. I'm working from open to close. Not clever. In a public forum. The local police quickly saw the tweet, tweeted

Everyone thought it hilarious.By the next day the poor guy lost his job and his boss tweeted back to the police thanks very much.So stupid.Yes.Public forums. Thank you.No worries.Turning to the markets now:

Steven from CommSec joins me now. The dollar and the market had tumbles, what's behind the falls. We saw one of the worst performances in the US. Shares off by 1.5%. One of the reasons for this is all the expectations of the stimulus, which has been in place in the US for the last couple of years coming to an end and slowing down. This has been keeping investors on edge. A main reason why the Aussie dollar fell. Four months ago it

why the Aussie dollar fell. Four months ago it fell. And it's a reason why the Aussie market fell a bit today.Any surprises from the Reserve Bank address today?

Reserve Bank address today?Well, generally speaking, when a Reserve Bank official talks, economists tend to listen. It's comparable - for the excitement level for an economist, a concert for teenagers for Justin Bieber or One Direction. Minus the excitement some what. We have you a few things announced. One of the main things the Reserve Bank will introduce a $300 billion liquidity facility to help financial institutions deal with capital requirements set globally. In terms of interest rate setting the market is facting in a 10% chance that you'll see a rate cut next month. Chances are slim. Let's get back to the live pictures out of Egypt, where thousands of protesters are marching in a day of anger as they described it, following Friday prayer. What we have seen in the past moments is dozens and dozens of people in a fairly determined March walking across a key bridge in Cairo. It's difficult to say exactly what the nature of the squirmishes are as they develop. What we know is there's been calls for the protests. There's also been authorisation to use live anun igs on demonstrators. What we can see are men with guns shoot -- ammunition on demonstrators. What we can see is men with guns. We'll bring you further details as they come to hand. Amanda Hart has joined me and Adam Hawse, and we'll get into the sport.A full-strength Hawthorn reminded everyone why they are favourites to win the flag. Their showdown with the Pies is next. Greg Inglis is back, and so is Souths. While while the tackle-shy Eels give the Broncos finals' hopes a kicka long. And why the All Blacks are worried about the Wallabies - a full Bledisloe Cup preview is next. What are you doing right now?

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preview is next.In a moment more details from Cairo, but first Adam with the sport.Hawthorn made it five wins in a row over Collingwood, and reinforce said premiership credentials with a comprehensive performance at the MCG the the Hawks adding muscle. Lance Franklin slotting

slotting four goals including his 300th at the home of football.Two full-strength Powerhouses squaring off in finals-like atmosphere and howling wind. After rough stuff and a tug on the Pigg tails Travis Cloke broke the drought. Pies celebrations shortlifeed as Cyril plyed tricks to of a different trade. Hawthorn pushed the boundaries and the margins. The Hawks soon had the numbers every contest until beens threaded one through to narrow the deficit. In the second Rioli put on the afterburners as the margin Blue out. Along with everything else. With a storm brewing Magpie fans braced as Buddy bagged a second. Collingwood pegged back a few, including one on the half-time siren. The game ruffled. Captain and coach plotted a black and white demise. They needn't bother as the Magpies continued to let the game slip, allowing Franklin to bring up a milestone and the Hawks to kick further ahead. Collingwood came out strong in the final term, but the damage had already been done. Hawthorn's putting up win number 17. To the NRL and half-back Adam Reynolds and Greg Inglis steered south to victory over Manly. The Rabbitohs 22-10 victory ended the Sea Eagles 6-match winning streak. Greg Inglis and John Sutton returned from injury for South. Anthony Watmough was a surprise late inclusion for Manly. Glenn Stewart went on the blipdside. Daly Cherry-Evans found the turbo switch to give the Eagles a start. The Rabbitohs lead the league with tries from kicks. Adam Reynolds tried to cross field. Matt copying rates a many back line the best of the business. This try back the his claim. The attempted tackle left Inglis limping, not enough from keeping the Wolfman David Williams from the door. Greg Inglis was one of the four Rabbitohs to stop Steve Matai from grossing - before the South base ended without a try. Improvised or planned Greg Inglis put the rebound off Luke's kick off the post. Luke's Timeing triggered a tie for Dylan Farrell, putting the result beyond doubt to see South back on the premiership trail. Brisbane moved to within one point of the top eight following a 22-12 win over cellar dwellers Parramatta. Broncos prop Josh McGuire opened the scoring earlier. The Eels applied when Jarryd Hayne weaved magic to set up Ryan Morgan for a 6-all score line. It was a stroll for the Broncos, especially Josh Hoffman.He comes out after him. He's still going. Way too good. More bad news for Parra with Jarryd Hayne forced from the field with a knee injury. It's not considered serious. It's the start of a new era tomorrow night when Ewen McKenzie takes charge of the Wallabies against the All Blacks. This will be Ewen McKenzie's first outing as a test coach. The world champions are wary.They try to have something up their sleeve, I suppose. I guess in the last couple of years playing the Reds, they bring something new. You have to be ready for that.The next two Bledisloe Cup matches in New Zealand - it's virtually a must-win game for the Wallabies. Joining us to discuss the game is Ten's common dator Gordon Bray. Thanks for your time. The Wallabies have been rolled by the Lions, the All Blacks dominated since 2002, do you give us any hope of success.I'm speaking with my head and heart, the Wallabies are in with a good start. Eight changes from the starting team and understand coach Ewen McKenzie, there's a spring in their step.It's a new era under Ewen McKenzie. He made a big call going with Matt Toomua over Quade Cooper. Was that mart smIt is a smart choice. The All Blacks would have based their plans --way that a smart plan. It is a smart choice. The All Blacks would have based their plans around Quade Cooper.We will see Quade probably in the second half, and he can do a lot of damage when things free up. With Robbie Deans gone, what difference do you expect to see in

do you expect to see in Australia's
play. I want to see Jesse Mogg, Israel Folau, and James O'Connor get the boll in their hands as much as possible. Caux rar has been a Wallabies nemesis, -- Richie McCaw. He has been the Wallabies Nehma sis. Will he play.He'll be ready. Australia can count on him. He'll lead from the front. He's an important player. Australia has to be aggressive. When Australia gets physical they put themselves in the ballpark.I can't wait to hear you call tomorrow night. Thank you for joining us on Ten Late News. Taj Burrow is the first big name to bow out of the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. Not helped by his equipment, which cracked under pressure as he lost it Anthony Walsh. Countryman Mick Fanning with better luck in his repechage round.Never fun to be in the second round. But put some good waves together.Big guns Kelly Slater and Robert Farquharson progressed to Round 3 along with Anthony Walsh, pulling off a perfect 10. Baseball pitchers are used to getting strikes. When Scott Wearne from the Melbourne Aces bowled he used a baseball to clear the pins. No problem, particularly his an extra ball gives you a double shot at a spare.Not bad. Ton up, throw the ball down. Well done.I don't like the shoes. I can't do it. I need the kidy's bumper lane and I still struggle the.Do it with a baseball.I hope the Wallabies win Play of the Day tomorrow. Knock over the All Blacks. You can see it on Ten.Great game. Follow us on Twitter. Still to come - the weather and Bedtime Bytes. And the latest from kaivero where thousands are taking to et -- Cairo where thousands are taking to the streets in a night of anger. (CHILDREN CHATTER)

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streets in a night of anger.We'll go to Amanda Hart with a recap. Violence is again escalating in Egypt with thousands of protesters taking to the streets of Cairo following Friday prayers. A state of emergency is in force and police have been advised to use live ammunition in self-defence if crowds turn violent. We have seen civilian men firing weapons as tensions rise.The Muslim Brotherhood is calling the demonstrations today a march of anger after the deaths of more than 600 protesters this week. In a blow to Labor's re-election chances, it's facing a wipeout in marginal seats, including the NSW Central Coast. The Coalition is surging ahead of Labor in key marginal electorates. One of Kevin Rudd's star recites, Peter Beattie is failing to shine in the electorate of Forde. A Sydney is lucky to be alive after a freak workplace accident in which a metal rod was impaled in his skull. The 1 metre piece of steel rocketed from the debris, embedding itself 6cm between his eyes. The 19-year-old has undergone surgery. A jury has found Melbourne man Steve Constantinou intentionally strangled and killed 65-year-old sex workers Johanna 'Jazzy-O' Martin. The chronic gambler claimed she died in a sex act gone wrong. The prosecution argued he murdered Johanna 'Jazzy-O' Martin to avoid a debt. Steve Constantinou admitted to telling false stories about the death. After a two week trial the jury returned a verdict a day after dlsh rating. Damaging winds -- deliberating. Damage from wind in Sydney. Gusts of up to 128km/h. The Weather Bureau says conditions will ease after mid-night. Taking a look at the weather across the country:

Before we go tonight - let's do Bedtime Bytes. What we are reading on line. I'm pleased you mentioned the wind in Melbourne - I wonder if it has affected what my Bali Hyatt is. What is a jaflechute. It's a situation we are in at the moment, for a period in two hours in Melbourne. You can order a jafle and it will fly down to you with a parachute and land there. You do it by Pall pal, say where you'll be with the location and you get a flying toasted sanga.Who is dropping it out of the sky.A company. It's a new thing. I wonder if the wind affected TChoppers going around.Maybe it comes from building.Melbourne's First Float Eatery.I'm on food. Imagine sitting at a breakfast table, filled up your bowl with your serial, muesli, expecting crunch and surprises. You go to have a big bite and what do you see - some mouse teeth in the serial. How do you see that.Ism look at the picture. It looks like a nut tore something.I would never see that - - nut or something. I would never see that.This woman complained to the company and they said "Don't worry, we'll give you $3 in compensation". That's disgusting. We found the world's crumbiest zoo in China, it's a bit like national lampoons, they passed off a dog as a lion. Other dogs were in the weapon enclosure. Wolf enclosure. They found out the lion was a fraud because it started barking. The staff told customers it's a special type of lionHow do you get away with that. We have been animal driven in the Bedtime Bytes. That's shocking. That's all from us at the team at the Late News, thank you for joining us. We'll leave you with a look back at the week that was in new, have a good evening., goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Bloodshed returned to the streets of direo. Hundreds are dead. A State Emergency Services declared. A city in turmoil and a troubled nation once again torn apart. -- Is it OK to pick you up.Half of the young kids are affected because it's a new disease or cancer - we are learning so much about. You don't find out the kids have it until stage 4.What would you love them to do if they got enough money.I'd like them to get rid of my cancer so I don't have to come to the hospital and keep getting these treatments.Emergency crews are at the scene of a cargo plane crashing in Alabama. The UPS aircraft game down 6pm whilst on approach to the airport.Their hotel and all their belongings disappeared into the dust.If this election is about who will lead the 12th largest economy, you'd be forgiven for not noticing today.No-one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced is the suppositor of all wisdom.They are young, they are fiesty. I think I can probably say have a bit of sex

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Coalition's tough stance on asylum seekers. Is Facebook making us sad? The push to get more disabled people into the workforce. The NASA scientist who thinks he can build a better bra. And who'll be sitting in your chair? We'll reveal the final five who will be joining us -- joining us at the desk. This is The Project. Good evening. Welcome to The Project and please welcome back the gorgeous Waleed Aly and the stunning Lehmo. Oh, thank you! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Fascinating you said that.Good to have you back. Feel like I haven't seen you in a long sometime. It's been forever. A couple of weeks. But we've made it. I don't know, we've been fine without - no, I didn't mean that... We will be without you next week. Yeah, back one day and you tell me to get stuffed. Next week we have lucky people joining us on the desk every night. As long as you entered the competition. What are the headlines? Making news today, Friday August 16 - a young construction worker's lucky to be alive after being impaled by a metre-long piece of steel. -- between the eyes by a metre-long piece of steel. The freak accident happened as the 19- year-old cleared a Sydney building site with an excavator. He was taken to hospital with the steel rod still embedded in his forehead. He said -- said to stop, pause the machine. He yelled out. "There's a bar." We thought at first he was having a joke and it's actually protraouding from the centre of his forehead. s forehead.
Kevin Rudd's been heckled by a Tony Abbott fan while on the campaign trail in Perth. The PM ignored him and continued to work the crowd, but Joshua Kyriakos Kailis refused to apologise for swearing and called for Rudd to resign. 'Cause I don't think Kevin Rudd deserves to be Prime Minister. I think he's overdone - you know, overstayed his welcome, past his expireation date. The Victorian father who drowned his three sons in a dam on Father's Day in 2005 has lost his High Court bid to appeal his murder convictions. The boys' mother, Cindy Gambino, cried as Robert Farquharson's application was rejected, and says she feels lighter as a result. My boys are at peace. My boys are at peace. A call for more rallies in Cairo has raised fears of fresh violence after nearly 600 protestors were killed by security forces across Egypt. The UN has started closed door talks on the crisis as the US President, Barack Obama, led the international condemnation of Wednesday's government crackdown. We deplore violence against civilians. We support the universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. This is catastrophic. 00 people. It could only get worse from here. Whatever side of this you want to be on, imagine yourself as the Muslim Brotherhood who have been, for decades saying, "We want to get involved in the political process peacefully. We'll have elections." Democracy comes, they have an election, they get kicked out. They protest the fact they were kicked out, this happened and then try to tell them they should still engage in the political process democratically. Through peaceful means. Whether you like them or not, it's a hard sell.How reflective is the military of the rest of the country? The military is very trusted. In Egypt as an institution. What staggers me is that after this it still is S so that shows these are hard differences. You just don't overcome them that easily. I think what's happened in Egypt is they're back to before the revolution. I'll be surprised if they progress from them. I think they've taken a step backwards from there. Back home. And Australia's hardest workers are living in Darwin, where 20% of people put in 49 or more hours a week. New stats show the city also has the country's highest employment rate, and most people work in construction or for the public service. Does that mean they're harder workers or work long stphr maybe because it's hot it takes longer to get stuff done. A lit more knackeredHave a break. According to the survey Hobart was the least hard working but it's coal. They want to get it done. Darwin are the lardest drinkers in Australia. On Facebook, "In Darwin, bust your get to 12 but work until midnight." If you watched the show last week you would have seen Kevin Rudd getting maths wrong. He said, "How many are five?" And held up 10 fingers. He's been at it again. I'm proud to partner here this group including from industry and the research institutes to build a new institute of jobs for the future. Number two.