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(generated from captions) Captions by CSI Australia . Hello I'm James McHale and thanks for joining me for this national edition of ABC News. Today - the violence continues in Egypt.

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The death toll rises amid harrowing scenes of bloodshed and destruction in Cairo.Shaken but not stirred - a strong earthquake rattles Wellington with no reports of serious damage. Tony Abbott revive s Howard era asylum policy in his latest campaign promise.This is our country and we determine who comes here.And meet the curious little animal that's causing a stir in scientific circles. US President Barack Obama has condemned the military crackdown in Egypt. It's claimed more than 500 lives.Washington has called on the Government to lift the martial law it imposed yesterday. Supporters of Egypt's ousted President Morsi have attacked a government building in the capital and they're continuing to count their dead. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from Cairo and a warn ing his report contains some disturbing images.Maintaining the rage and counting the cost. Islamist supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi torch add provincial headquarters in Cairo.While several police killed in clashes with the Islamists were laid to rest. Protesters attacked two police stations outside Cairo and the US urged them to foreswear violence but it also condemned the crackdown by the security fors.We deplore violence against civilians. We support universal rights essential to human dignity including the right to peaceful protest.We oppose the pursuit of martial law.A few blocks from the main massacre, a mosque serves as a stand-by morgue. The room is filled with corpses, funeral this shh! Rouds are wet from melting ice and dis infectant. Some bodies are badly charred, some dismembered and everywhere grieve ing relatives who accuse the military of an outrageous crime. For this mother, the sorrow comes on two fronts. One son is serving in the military, the other lies dead before her. TRANSLATION: My son is serving them and they killed his brother.The Pius seek solace in a holy book looking to higher for justice.Only God is capable of avenging these people. He can do anything.The grief in here is palpable and outside the crowd is chanting, 'The people want revenge.' The coup and now the crackdown have inflict ed a terribly deep wound on Egyptian society.A powerful earthquake has struck south of Wellington in New Zealand with serious aftershocks felt across the country. The 6.5 magnitude quake hit this afternoon causing panic across the capital. The epi centre was 80km south-west of the city and its relatively shallow depth of 10km.We were in the middle of an interview when it happened.Air and rail services in the region were suspended while runways and tracks were checked for damage. Many workers did return to their office s after the quake and roads were clogged as people tried to get home.Further south, the city of Christchurch has opened a temporary cathedral to replace the one damaged by the 2011 earthquake. The cathedral is the only one in the world to be constructed Largely of special ly treated cardboard, it's meant to be a temporary structure but it's designed to last for 50 years. The building cost more than $6 million. Church officials say the reaction to the new cathedral has been overwhelmingly positive.Tony Abbott has put down the next policy plank of his plan to stop the boats, drawing inspiration from his mentor John Howard. Mr Abbott has declared we are in charge of this country and we will determine who comes here. He's promising to restore temporary protection visas, put non-refugees behind bars an shake up the process for assessing asylum claims. Here is political reporter Melissa Clarke.Behind the wheel, and sounding a warning -This is our country, and we determine who comes here.Tony Abbott's travelling down a familiar road with the Coalition's approach to asylum seekers, announcing today its policy to grant only temporary protection visas to refugees and that it would apply retrospectively.The 30,000 people currently here who have come illegally by boat are waiting assessment, won't get permanent residency, they will get temporary protection visas.This is a reise news onment of something the Liberal Party announced a long time ago.The Coalition is emphasising its hardline approach at every step. If asylum seekers throw aware they documentsThey won't go to the back of queue to wait longer for their permanent visa as is the policy of the Labor Party, they won't be in the queue at all.If they're process and rejected they won't be able to appeal.We want to go back to the non-stat industry administrative process.And those found refugees.If they receive welfare benefits be required to work for those welfare benefits.Tony Abbott is staking his credibility on making a difference from day one.If you can't stop the boats, you're not capable of governing this country.It's a high bar to set. The Coalition leader has pointed to the lowest level of boat arrivals under the Howard Government, setting his benchmark should he become PM at redwusing boat arrival s to as little as three a year, within one term of government.The Greens say it has nothing to do with stopping the boats.This is all about punishing people who are already here. It doesn't stop anyone coming by boat, it doesn't give people safety.The only possible reason to make that announcement is for a political desire to look tough and mean just for hell of it.It does create a new point of difference with Labor on asylum policy.More than three-quarter of a million Australians have now filled out the ABC's online Vote Compass election survey and, as the second week of the campaign draws to a close, the focus remains firmly on the budget deficit. Adrian Raschella analyses the latest information.The deficit is consistently front and centre this campaign and the Vote Compass survey shows Australians are split along party lines in how to deal with it. Liberal voters are in favour of reducing the deficit, even if it means fewer public servants, Labor voters are against it. And perhaps unsurprisingly most Canberrans feel the same way. Elsewhere in the workplace, no prizes for guessing that a majority of voters in mining States of WA and Queensland think trade unions have too much power. And it seems car industry subsidies are not shaping up as a vote winner with most rerespondents saying car makers should receive the same or less support, even in SA and Victoria.A away from factories and offices, agricultural business operators like can thon y carp en ter wants something done about rapidly rising expenses.Levees on - Lev yous on your diesel and they seem to change with every invoice you get from your freight company and with the grid lock around the cities and trying to get your freight into store is just costing enormous amount of time.It's too much power in the hands of too few people.Apple grower Bill Shields also wants competition laws thy High on the agenda:One of the issues that the Government won't face up to is dealing with the Coles and Woolies issue in terms of their dominance of the market.If you had one message to Rudd and Abbott, what would you say to them?I don't know.I think it's beyond me.And whether they would listen anyway!Let's hope they listen on September 7.I hope so. The Victorian Government is under pressure to release two reports into the failures of the State's parole system. 12 people have been murdered in Victoria by parolees over the past five years including a Ballarat woman beaten to death in April in front of her 4-year-old son. Jason John Disney as on parole for a violent rape when he killed Sharom Siermans in April. The State Opposition is calling on the Government to explain the failings. The Minister for corrections says he is planning to release a review by former Justice Ian Callinan in the coming weeks however another report from the office of correctional service also not be made public.A court has heard that a man convicted of murdering two brothers in their Sydney home dressed as woman to disguise himself. Albert and Mario Frisoli were stabbed to death in their Ros el home in 2009. This a year Guiseppe Di Cianni was convicted of their murder . Di Cianni had planned the attacks and dressed in women's clothing to hide from CCTV cameras - cameras outside the Frisoli home. They will be sentenced at a latest date. A special dedication and cremeration ceremony has been held just outside the Queensland sugar city of Bundaberg this afternoon.More than two dozen unmarked graves there are a resting places of South Sea Islanders brought to Queensland in a cheap labour program that began 150 years ago. Many men, women and children were often treated like slaves and when they died they were forgotten. But on Sunniside Plantation today they were remembered.An emotional ceremony has been held here in Bundaberg today, to honour the 29 unmarked graves be longing to South Sea Islanders. 62,000 Islanders are thought to have worked in the State's cane and cotton fields for a 40-year period in the 18 luns. Today, Pacific and community leaders have gathered at this property to pay tribute to the unmarked graves. Pastor Roy fenu says it's been an emotional day.I want to thank you for coming and identify yourself with us.I am proud of you today.It's an act of humility, it's an act of identification with us, the Melanesian people that are here today.It's hoped the ceremony is the first of many to recognise unmarked graves in Queensland. And an important part of & Australia's history.It weighs just 1 kilogram and has been described as a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear. But the olinguito is making a big impact in the world of science. It's the first new carnivorous mammal to be discovered in the western hemisphere for 35 years. Meet the olinguito, the newest edition to the ra coon family and now known to be living in the northern Andes. Until now it its existence was overlooked because scientists had mislabeled specimens stored in a museum in Chicago. The discovery was made by a Smithsonian zoologist.In here I have lots of treasures, this is filled with new species and these are olinguitos.He took 10 years to prove his discovery. DNA confirmed the findings. Today's form al announcement was made in the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian institution.I feel really wonderful, relieved, 10 years in coming, we have published the day. We named this new animal.Remarkably, Dr Helgian also found living olinguitos in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Colombia although most of his research was carried out behind the scenes in the world's larlgest museum collection. There are 600,000 specimens here at the natural history museum and although some are more than a century old in recent years it's become possible to extract DNA from them and that's led to new discoveries such as the olinguito.By comparing sample s from different ra coon specimens Dr Helgian was able to pin down the new species.This changes our way of anything about collection because today we can do so much more with them because of again oemics an the DNA studies we can do. We can learn about the species.The olinguito is the first new carnivore in the Western himmis fear since the discovery of the Colombian Wiesel24 reminds us that the world is not yet explored and the age of discovery is far from over.The what sells still out there?What is almost certain is that any future discovery like the olinguito will begin in one of the world's museum collections.Foot age of one of the worltds's moist isolated indigenous tribe s has been released by the Brazilian Government. These images show members of the nomadache Kawahiva tribe, they are known to have very little contact with other indigenous tribes or the outside world. They were first discovered in 199 and it's unknown how many tribe members there are. In recent yes, sir some of their land has been lost to loggers ABC farmenters. The Government has since reserved land for the tribe.

The local share market's ended the week on a sour note reflecting falls among stocks in the US and Europe overnight. Investors are concerned about how soon economic stimulus measures in the US may be scaled back and what effect that will have on global growth. Elsewhere -

BHP Billiton says it faces legal action by US authorities as a result of corruption investigations. The big miner is accused of breaking US anti- bribery laws. For more, resources reporter Sue Lannin joins me now. What exactly is BHP been accused of doing?They're being investigated for alleged breaches of US anti-corruption laws. So this is in relation to development in exploration activities in an unnamed country that BHP Billiton won't confirm but there are media reports it involves alleged bribery of foreign government officials. It also involve s hospitality that BHP Billiton provided to Beijing as part of its sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. So at this stage, BHP Billiton is saying that it's been told by US authorities it faces enforcement action. We don't know what that means, whether that means charges or sanctions, it's still being investigated, the Australian Federal Police also has been investigate ing this case, it's been going on for quied a long timeks since about 2009 and BHP Billiton put out a statement today announcing that it faces this enforcement action and also it says that it is fully cooperating with US authorities.Back home, oil and gas producer Santos has unveiled a half year profit?Yes, they have actually said that half year profit rose 3% to 271 million dollars that's because they basically sold more oil and gas prices rose, but interestingly it's because costs are coming down as the resources boom comes off its peak. Now in fact Santos said today the cost of its new contracts had dropped by about 15%, that is as it renegotiates with suppliers.And iron ore mine er Fortescue Metals announcing another milestone today?We saw yesterday Fort Hood had completed the expansion of its port facilities at Port Hedland, that allows it to export 155 million tonnes of iron ore every year. Now today it's announced tie up with for most plastics which is a big Taiwanese company, so for mosta plastic also help Fort Hood build an iron ore mine in the - fortescue build a mine.The Australian Olympic Committee has enforced athletes not to make a political statement about Russia's anti-gay laws at next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. The laws ban any promotion of non-pra traditional sexual relations, and athletes could risk serious cons consequences if they choose to protest. Since Russia pass its so-called anti-gay propaganda law in June there's been growing backlash from the international community. Community. The law bans any display or discussion of gay relationships where children might see it and it's punishment with fine, jail time and deportation. But the AOC says it's confident no athlete s will be persecuted at next week's Winter Olympics in Sochi.We have confident from the IOC that they have assurances from the Russian Government at the highest level that gays will take place without any discrimination for athletes, for fan force media, anybody attend ing the Games.While the AOC insists athletes won't be silenced they are being encouraged not to take a stands.We have a view that the Games are not a place for discrimination. We also have a view that the Games are not a place for protest. That is written into the IOC charter.Gay rights organisation All Out recently chafl travelled to the IOC's headquarters in Switzerland to deliver a petition with over 300,000 signatures urging action.Right now holding these Olympic s in Sochi with the anti- gay laws is like holding it in Africa at the height of apartheid.And a the IOC has taken noitsd of the noise, it's since sought clarification from the Russian Government over how the law will be enforsds and openly gay winter Olympians are not afraid of any possible ramification s in Sochi.If it takes me getting arrested for people to get attention and for people to lobby against this law, then I am willing to take it.ScrewThere's a lot of ambiguity with this law and I guess just being yourself is going to get yourself arrested that is a statement in itself.But the athletes more immediate focus is first securing qualification for the Games.The Wallabies say they're determined to start the McKenzie era on a winning note and it all begin s tomorrow night with a clash in Sydney. It's been 11 years since Australia last won the Bledisloe Cup but this year new coach Ewan McKenzie says he has the formula to bring back the silver ware.I think we are well set up. We have a mix tur of experience and youth.Many thought Quade Cooper would be McKenzie's first choice fly half, based on the duo's success with Queensland. But he's on theed for Brumbies play maker Matt Toomua.He's played good football all year, that is a good starting point: He's been a man for all occasions. He has all the facets of the game covered.The 23-year-old helped guide the Brumby to this year's super rugby final. It will be Toomua's first taste of Test rugby after injury prevented him from a call-up last year.I had a rough run with injury last year but I feel this year I've gone well.Incull bent number 10 James O'Connor has been shifted to the wing while Cooper will be injected into the match from the bench.He's disappointed, that's unfortunate, that is the nature of the business.The All Black s will be missing star fly half Dan Carter through injury but captain Richie macaw returnsHe is pretty keen and he's been sitting back watching.Macaw sat out most of the season in a bid to pro long hi international career.- prolong his international career. AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou says he expects to take his place on the AFL commission at next month's hearing over the charges against Essendon football club. The commission will hear the chargeses against the club and four of its senior figures including coach James Hird, on August 26.Hird's lawyers have called for the matter to be heard by independent body but Mr Demetriou says the commission is independent and has always acted in the best interests of the game.I don't think so but that will be up to advice from lawyers, but I don't see any reason why I'm conflicted, no.Do you expect to be signature on the commission in judgment of Essendon at the moment?As we sit here at the moment, yes.South Sydney welcomed back Greg Inglis and John Sutton for their clash with Manly at Gosford this evening while the Broncos take on Parramatta in Brisbane. Meantime, Ben Barba's manager has confirmed the bullback has sought a release from the remaining release from his contract with the Bulldogs. Barba has publicly voiced his interest in ing to Brisbane with his young family. The move would put both the Broncos and Titans in prime position to secure his services.To cricket and England's fast bowler Tim Bresnan has been ruled out of the fifth test in London with a stress fracture in his lower back, with Chris Tremlett and Steve Finn in the running to replace him. Australia will attempt to build some momentum for the final Ashes Test with a to two-day tour match against the Lion s tonight in Northampton. Swats cron will take over the captaincy issue s with Clarke and his deputy Brad Haddin being rested along with Peter Siddle and Ryan Harris.Marion Bartoli has token emotion atly about her immediate retirement from tennis, just six weeks after winning her first major title at Wimbledon.The 28-year-old world number 7 spoke with the WTA.I really pushed my body to the limits to win this Wimbledon and I just can't do it anymore. My Achilles was hurting me so much and last week it was my abs and this week it was my lower back and my shoulder again and my Achilles, so it's really my whole body, it's just too tire and exhausted from all of this. So deep inside mitt's time, it's time now to do something else.And on the track in Moscow, runner Zoe Buckman has capped off ain inredible championships which fin irk 7 North the 1,500m final. Buckman finished three seconds behind Sweden's gold medal winner Abeba Aregawi with Jennifer Simpson in second and Helen Biri in third. You're watching ABC News early edition across the country on ABC1. Thanks, James, good evening, I'm Siobhan Heanue. Coming up in the Canberra news, ACT police raided the rebels Bikie gang headquarters this morning. Part of their investigation into last week's drive-by shooting at a Gungahlan tattoo parlour. They also searched two houses that are connected to the gang. They were looking for the gun used in the Gungahlan shooting, but didn't Simon
find it. the Greens candidate Simon Sheik has drawn a good spot on the ACT Senate ballot paper. In the electoral Commission ballot this morning Mr Sheikh shake drew a favourable position to the left of the paper. His main opponent, the Liberal's Zed Seselja is placed three positions from the right-hand end of the paper. Simon Sheik says his position may be worth an extra 2% of the votes. The ACT budget bill has passed after a late sitting of the Legislative Assembly. The Liberals voted against a bill, but it was always going to pass, with the support of the Greens Minister. The budget includes funding for DisibilityCare and the National Education Reform Agreement. Canberra runner Zoe Buckman finished 7th in the final of the 1500 metres at the World Championships in Moscow. She finished three seconds behind Jennifer
Sweden's Abeba Aregawi, with Jennifer Simpson in second and Hellen Biri coming up in the third spot. The details on those stories and the rest of the day's news. That's in the Canberra Bulletin at 7 o'clock. Join me then. the country on ABC1. We. ABC News early edition across We have severe weather conditions right across the south-eastern States at the moment. It's in association with a frontal system that's already start ing to into SA. We've got a low pressure system forming in behind it. That will send another front through the south-east as we head into Sunday. This cloud band is with a trough ahead of it. That could trigger thunderstorms through the southern part of Queensland and northern NSW as we head into Saturday afternoon. Having a look at some of the warnings at the moment we have flood watches out through the north of Tasmania, also through the south-east of SA and the lofty raijs in Adelaide. This is because of the potential of some heavy rainfall over the weekend period. We are also seeing some isolated thunderstorms developing through SA . These thunderstorms are also moving into Victoria and the south-west of NSW. So the lower west, also the Wimmera and the mallee, a severe thunderstorm warning is current that's Father potential of damaging winds in association with these thunderstorms and speaking of damages winds we have severe weather warnings out for parts of SA, most of Victoria, the west and central parts of Tasmania, also the southern ranges and also the Snowy Mountains in NSW and the ACT. The potential of damaging wind gusts ahead of this cold front that will sweep through over night tonight and move out off the north-east coast of NSW by tomorrow evening. Another front moves through with another one set to follow as we into Monday. A very wet and windy weekend on the way through the south-eastern States. One of those front also slip Clip the far south-west of WA with an increase in showers there.There is potential that we could see damaging winds in association with thunderstorms through northern NSW and southern Queensland but away from that southern corner all rainfall are expected to be light, just the chance of a thunderstorm there for Brisbane in the afternoon.That is all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC New s will be in an hour. You can visit our website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company, bye for now. Captions by CSI Australia.