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(generated from captions) Let's check in with our newsroom
one last time. What's the latest? Thanks, guys. Up next at 4:30pm - we'll cross live to Wellington after New Zealand's North Island
was rocked by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. It was felt as far away as Auckland. We'll have incredible pictures of a Sydney worker
who survived a freak accident at a construction site. Tony Abbott's tougher new policy
on asylum seekers - find out how he plans
to stop the boats. The United Nations calls for an end
to the violence in Egypt, where the death toll
has soared above 600. And we'll show you a spectacular
sight off Sydney's beaches as some surfers experience
a close encounter with two southern right whales. That's next
in Seven's Afternoon News. See you soon.

This is all very special. Thank you, guys.You have to cut the cake.

Standby now for Seven's 4:30 News.
See you Monday. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media - VOICEOVER: Now at 4:30, this is Seven's Afternoon News
with Rebecca Maddern. Good afternoon. We begin with a massive earthquake
in New Zealand, which has cut power and caused the
suspension of air and rail services. The 6.6 magnitude quake
rocked the capital, Wellington. It's been followed by
a series of powerful aftershocks. Live now to TV3 reporter
Rachel Tiffen in Wellington. How badly has Wellington been hit?

Our nerves are shattered but thankfully, no major damage reported. The 2:30pm quake was a big one. It is reported at 6.6. It had me under my desk very quickly and out on the streets so very in D damage along with every other man And his Dog, the city was packed with people who had been evacuated. Just looking around in wonder. We have had a few quiet weeks since last month's quake and here we go again. Emergency services were out patrolling, engineers on foot rechecking buildings. We have hundreds of building in Wellington that have been identified as earthquake prone and need strengthening. They will be back to square one. Thankfully no injuries but some people were trapped in elevators for some minutes which must have been terrifying. I spoke to another man who was in a crane. He described the quake as like riding a six metre waves. Further south in Seddon, the closest and shipped to where it was scented, there was more damage than here in the capital. Damage to roads, bridges, widespread slips. About 12 people won't be able to go home tonight.Have people been told to stay out of the capital for safety reasons?People have been sent home from work early. Most of us would like to be sent home early on a Friday, just not for this reason. I think until those buildings have been checked to ensure they are safe to go back into, that will be on hold. It is good it is Friday, they have the weekend to do that, but as I say, an abundance of frayed nerves here in the capital. We had another one just an hour ago they registered 6.2.We really appreciate your time. Make sure you and your friends stay safe.

Now to Sydney - where a young construction worker
is lucky to be alive after being impaled in the head
with a piece of steel. Live to Chris Reason. Chris, it's an incredible
survival story. It happened on the north shore of

Sydney. A young 19-year-old working on an escalator in a building site where they were trying to build town houses. He was breaking Concrete when he found himself steered through the head, the centre of his forehead, by a one metre-long piece of reinforcing rods. The stuff that works in the centre of the concrete. You can see there on the pitches, not just remarkable that he survived this incident but that he was conscious and even able to hold the Rod himself in place while they gently removed him from the cabin. His co- worker said it was remarkable. They raced over when they heard him screaming, tried to settle him down. They did the right thing and did not remove it and will break the -- waited for the paramedics. He is in hospital waiting for an operation. Critical but stable. Everyone is playing he pulls through. The hospital says he should be OK.

Chris Reason reporting from Sydney. Now to the election campaign - and Tony Abbott has today announced a tougher new policy
on asylum seekers by targeting those already here. He says none will get
permanent residency. Mia Greves is travelling
with the Liberal Leader. Rebecca, this new policy doesn't just affect
those planning to come by boat. Mr Abbott says it's aimed at the 30,000 people
already here waiting to be processed. If they have genuine claims
to refugee status, they will be granted
Temporary Protection Visas, valid for up to three years. They'll be expected to work
while they're here, for the dole, but there'll by no pathways
to permanent residency and no family reunions. And Tony Abbott's not just adopting
John Howard's policy, he's using his words. This is our country
and we determine who comes here. That was the position
under the last Coalition government, that will be the position under
any future Coalition government. The Government has their
no-advantage rule, the Coalition has no shame. Tony Abbott took
another trip down memory lane, criticising the 3-year anniversary
of Julia Gillard, under the government she leads. This morning, he reinforced his vow
to scrap the tax while visiting Linfox truck depot
in Melbourne. Oddly, the company had previously
flown the flag for Gillard's policy in a Government advertisement
in 2011.

We did a review
of our carbon footprint and we set a target
of a 15% reduction by 2010 in our rate of carbon emissions. We achieved that rate -
in fact, we achieved 28% reduction. They've done that because it was
the right thing for them to do, both environmentally
and economically, and they didn't need a carbon tax
to do it. It's Tony Abbott's second trip
to Victoria in a week and rather than hit a marginal seat, the Liberal leader spent lunchtime
in McEwen in Melbourne's
outer-northern suburbs. Labor holds the seat by 9.2% but Tony Abbott came out here
with a plan to win over the mortgage belt seat with a local sports funding
announcement. Rebecca, despite another
positive Newspoll in favour of the Coalition, Tony Abbott says he still believes
this election could go either way. On the other side of the country, Kevin Rudd has been defending his
plan to develop Northern Australia after a senior minister admitted
he didn't even know about it until yesterday's announcement. Live to political reporter Alex Hart
in Perth. Alex, who did the Prime Minister
consult about the policy?

The Prime Minister said

The Prime Minister said he had a lengthy discussion with his treasurer and finance minister but admits are the meanest -- ministers were not brought into the loop. He says that is appropriate given he is in the middle of a campaign. It brought him here to Perth. The Prime Minister was a hit during a shopping mall walk here in a suburb of Paddington. He had plenty of photos taken, babies thrown in as well. His plan to develop more than Australia has not gone quite as well. Particular his arm costed proposal to reduce the tax rate in the NT. The Workplace Relations Minister was asked about his policy on radio this morning.

When did you first hear
about this plan? Yesterday. No, yesterday. He did tell you
before he announced it? What I know is... I don't expect to be told
every policy on every issue. You would expect
during an election campaign that when a final policy is put out, the ministers are informed of that
at that time. This is a failed attempt
at catch-up. This is a document
that was a thought bubble, conceived, no doubt, on the plane
on the way up to Darwin. Mr Rudd has taken another swipe
at the Coalition over its policy costings?

Kevin Rudd sees on comments from the shadow treasurer this morning. Joe Hockey would not rule out cuts have to health and education to pay for the Coalition's promises. Tony Abbott later ruled them out but Kevin Rudd was far from satisfied.

Will you guarantee
you won't cut health or education? I'm not going to give any
on-the-run guarantees, I don't do that. I don't rule out that we might be spending money
more wisely in these areas, but certainly I don't intend
to make cuts in these areas. My guarantee is to build on our
investments in health and education. Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman's
guarantee is that he will cut
health and education. Thanks, Alex. Alex Hart reporting in Perth. And coming up in 10 minutes,
Jeff Kennett gives his verdict on how Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott
performed this week. We have spectacular pictures
this afternoon of migrating whales and a pod of
dolphins in the waters off Sydney. They were first spotted this morning
around 9am and came close to surfers
near Tamarama Beach. Live to Talitha Cummins
in Sydney. Talitha, what an experience
it must have been. Exhilarating, but at the same time frightening,
I'd imagine, Bec. The two adult
southern right whales came incredibly close
to these surfers off the popular Tamarama Beach on what was a beautiful morning
in Sydney. At one point
they seemed just metres away. Now, according
to National Parks and Wildlife, humans should stay at least 30m
away from the mammals but it's a bit hard to keep that
distance when they surface so close. And you can see the surfers trying
to scramble out of the way. The whales are on their migration
back to Antarctica after going to warmer
Queensland waters to breed. The southern rights
can reach up to 18m in length and are regularly seen
off the coast of Australia from around mid-May to mid-November but it's not often we see them
coming so close to swimmers. It wasn't just whales entertaining
the crowd this morning. Nearby, our Seven News chopper pilot
spotted a pod of dolphins frolicking in the waters between Bondi
and Tamarama. We counted around 20 of them, making the Bondi to Bronte
coastal walk even more spectacular. Some incredible sights
from a very busy and beautiful day on Sydney's waters. Bec.

Strong winds are lashing
southern Australia this afternoon. Let's get the latest from Seven Network meteorologist,
David Brown. That's right, Bec,
and good afternoon. The Bureau has posted
a severe weather warning for damaging northerly winds
in excess of 100km/h over South Australia,
Victoria and Tassie. To date, the strongest recorded wind
is 111km/h at Mount William
in western Victoria. On radar, it's pouring in Adelaide
with the odd embedded thunderstorm. This system should reach Melbourne
before midnight. Let's take a look
at the weather wall. In Brisbane,
it's a fine and mild afternoon becopming unsettled
this time tomorrow. In Sydney,
a rather pleasant 18 degrees, becoming windy tomorrow afternoon. Melbourne, it's been a blowy day,
perfect drying weather. Very windy tonight before the onset of some
soaking rain after ten this evening. And in Hobart, it's a windy 14,
rain tomorrow. I'll be back with tomorrow's
national forecasts and warnings in about 45 minutes. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - speeding fines cancelled
for almost 1,000 drivers. Why they're getting a reprieve. And thousands of Americans
sail into Sydney Harbour.

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Almost 1,000 speeding drivers
have been let off after a recommendation from Victoria's
road safety camera watchdog. Official warnings will be issued
to 987 people after the commissioner found signs
warning of temporary roadworks were confusing. But police say the circumstances
are unique. The cameras were operating
correctly. The infringements were issued
lawfully. The law had been broken. Police remain concerned
about excessive speed through roadwork zones. Whales and dolphins weren't the only
spectacular sight on Sydney Harbour this morning. The 30,000 tonne American naval
ship, the USS 'Bonhomme Richard', came through Sydney Heads
and docked at Garden Island. The 3,000 crew are taking
some shore leave after taking part in training
exercises with Australia's navy in the Coral Sea.

The Australian share market
has lost ground today following nervous markets overseas. At the close of trade, the ASX 200 was down 38 points.

On the Seven News Money Monitor
this afternoon - Wall Street took a big hit
overnight, and it's affected
our shares and superannuation. Here's our finance expert,
Scott Pape. Wall Street got whacked last night,
dropping almost 1.5% overnight, and as Bec just mentioned, our market followed suit. The big loser was ANZ. It dropped 3% today, despite releasing
some decent earnings figures. They dropped because they told analysts but let's keep things
in perspective. As this chart shows, over the last 12 months,
ANZ shares have risen 23%. Now to my tip of the day, which will be particularly
interesting if you're house hunting over the weekend. You may have heard a lot of talk
in the media lately about how the current
historically low interest rates will create another property boom. Of course, most of this talk
comes from real estate agents. But asking a real estate agent
whether it's a good time to buy is kind of like asking a hairdresser
if you need a haircut. So, let's separate fact from fiction and the best way to do that is to track the number of unsold
homes currently on the market. The thinking goes that if there's a
build-up of unsold homes then prices will eventually drop
to get rid of the glut. Take a look at this chart. In blue are the amount of houses
on the market around the country from April 2008 to now. In red, the amount of units.

As you can see, the stock of property has been
steady for the past six years. But there's an exception -
Sydney and Perth. This is the picture over
in the big state. You can see the number of properties
has certainly dropped - less stock on the market indicates
more buyers chasing fewer homes.

It helps explain why the average
property price rose by 11% in the last year. And it's a similar story in Sydney. But aside from a lot
of media speculation, there's not a lot of evidence,
at this stage at least, that low interest rates
are pushing prices higher.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, Jeff Kennett's verdict on week 2
of the election campaign - how he scores the leaders. And wipe-out for Taj Burrow
as Teahupo'o bites back on a dramatic opening day.

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yes, it's only week two - Seven's political analyst
Jeff Kennett gives his verdict on the leaders' performance. Week two started with the debate. The big losers were the journalists.
How boring were they? I gave the debate to Tony Abbott because he looked more comfortable
and he didn't rely on notes. One thing that did capture
a lot of attention this week was Tony Abbott's description
of his candidate, Fiona Scott, who's running
for the Sydney seat of Lindsay. ..I think, I can probably say,
have a bit of sex appeal. (AWKWARD LAUGHTER) And, uh... How politically correct
have we become? Is there any life
left in society? You know, women describe
Hugh Jackman as sexy. Men describe Jennifer Hawkins
the same way. If only this campaign
was a bit more sexy and if someone would actually
call me sexy and mean it. But onto my scoresheet. The economy remains king and no sign of restraint
from Kevin Rudd. I fear Tony Abbott
is raising expectations for big-spending items when Australia must be cutting back. So not impressed with either. On teamwork, both sides have had
issues with candidates this week so no points there. As for certainty and consistency, Kevin Rudd is stuck
on a spin cycle. His top-end tax plan echoes
an earlier Coalition plan which Labor previously criticised. For that reason,
I'll give a tick to the Coalition and, with that, the week,
but narrowly. As the candidates
criss-cross the country this week, one of the most significant
developments of the week was the Coalition's commitment
to put the Greens last and Labor's failure
to do the same thing. On current polling, that means Labor can only win
as a minority government with Greens support and I believe that would be
a disaster for Australia. Disagree if you like. Head to our website:

See you next week.

Sport with Ryan Phelan is next. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Hello. As many as 3 thousand
public sector jobs could be saved... under a deal between
the Public Sector Union and Federal Labor. The union suspended all election
activities earlier this month... when the Government announced
further public service budget cuts. But now Labor's agreed
they'll find other ways to save cuts. But now Labor's agreed
they'll find other ways to save cash. Police have stepped up their
efforts to find out who shot up a Gungahlin
tattoo parlour last week. Detectives raided a Rebels bikie
club house in Wanniassa... and 2 nearby homes this morning.
No one's been arrested. Fraser M-P Andrew Leigh's
lashed out. .. over the Coalition's latest asylum
seeker policy details. Opposition Leader Tony
Abbott's revealed if elected 32 thousand
asylum seekers already in elected 32 thousand
asylum seekers already in Australia... would be handed
temporary protection visas. Firefighters rushed to put out a
blaze in a garage... at a home in Ballantyne
Crescent in Franklin this afternoon. And Raiders coach Dave
Furner's confident Sam Williams can fill the gap
left by Terry Campese... in

Good afternoon. Hawthorn will welcome back
three of its biggest stars for tonight's massive AFL clash
against Collingwood. Lance Franklin, Luke Hodge
and Grant Birchall are all returning from injury. Live coverage on Seven and 7mate. Carlton coach Mick Malthouse
has dismissed speculation that his club could benefit if Essendon is stripped
of its points. I'm not worried about
how it pans out. All we worry about is week to week whether we finish
9th, 10th, 11th or 8th. That is in our control. The Blues are ninth, eight points out of the eight. They face the Tigers tomorrow
at the MCG. The Bulldogs appear set to lose
star fullback Ben Barba at the end of the NRL season. Barba has officially requested
a release from his contract so he can be close to
his young children in Queensland. The Broncos are expected to sign
the Dally M medallist.

I left all that stuff

I left all that stuff up to my management, to ask them what the political -- possibilities are Rodney going. At the end of these day, it will have to happen.

Round 23 kicks off tonight with the Rabbitohs
tackling the Sea Eagles in Gosford. And in Brisbane, the Broncos
host the bottom-placed Eels. The mind games continue between coaches Ewen McKenzie
and Steve Hansen leading into tomorrow night's
Bledisloe Cup test. Hansen fired his latest barb as the All Blacks arrived
in Sydney last night. He says selecting Matt Toomua
as Wallabies flyhalf highlights McKenzie's
lack of faith in Quade Cooper. Obviously Ewen's got a style
he wants to play and he doesn't think Cooper's ready
to come back yet. So, interesting. Vindicated, Robbie. The Wallabies will field five
uncapped players at ANZ Stadium. In cricket, Phil Hughes is fighting to
regain his place in the Australian team
for next week's fifth Ashes Test. The left-hander can push
his selection claims, in tonight's tour match against
the England Lions in Northampton. Hughes was dropped
for the third time in his career after failing in the second test.

This will be my first game since I have been dropped and hopefully I can score as many runs as possible and put my name in front of the selectors for the Fifth Test.

The fifth Test begins on Wednesday.

Australian runner Zoe Buckman
has finished seventh in the 1,500 metres final at the World Championships
in Moscow. The 24-year-old faded
on the final lap, but says she'll take plenty
confidence from the performance. Fellow Aussie Jared Tallent
received his bronze medal for finishing third
in the 50km walk. The Billabong Pro is under way
at Teahupo'o with reigning champion Mick Fanning
a first-up shock loser before surviving a sudden death heat
in round two. 11-time world champion Kelly Slater
safely advanced to Round 3 along with defending world champ
Joel Parkinson. Fellow Aussie Taj Burrow
wasn't so lucky. Oh, he's snapped his board.
Oh, my goodness. That is. It must have had a crease
or something. He went over the falls. Brazilian Adriano de Souza
also bowed out despite nailing this spectacular
ride across the roof.

We will be back in spectacular fashion for the football forum a bit later.

This afternoon's top stories
are next, including Tony Abbott driving home
a tough new asylum seeker policy, as Kevin Rudd's mobbed
on a street walk. And a close encounter with whales
for surfers off a Sydney beach.

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Tony Abbott has reaffirmed
his commitment on border security, saying he'll reintroduce
temporary protection visas. Live now to Andrea Nicolas
in Canberra. Andrea, this isn't just aimed
at deterring new arrivals? No, Rebecca. If you've come here illegally
by boat and aren't yet a permanent resident, you never will be under
a Coalition government according to Mr Abbott. He says around 30,000 people
in Australia waiting to be processed shouldn't be allowed
to jump the queue. If they're found
to be genuine refugees, they'll be granted
temporary protection visas for up to three years. While they're here,
they'll have to work for the dole. It's not really a new policy - more
like a return to the Howard era. Today Tony Abbott even sounded
like him. This is our country
and we determine who comes here. We will decide
who comes to this country and the circumstances
in which they come. But the Government says it pales
in comparison to its policy? Yes. Immigration Minister Tony Burke says
under the PNG solution, asylum seekers won't be allowed here
at all. If you arrive by boat now
without a visa you won't be settled in Australia therefore, the question
of what visa class will apply to you is completely irrelevant. The Government
has their no advantage rule, the Coalition has no shame. Andrea, Tony Abbott was channelling
the past on another issue today? Yes, Rebecca. He was quick to remind everyone that today marked
the third anniversary since Julia Gillard's
pre-election promise that there'll never be a carbon tax
under a government she leads. Today, Mr Abbott was driving home
the message that he'd scrap the tax while visiting Linfox truck depot
in Melbourne. Oddly, the company endorsed
Gillard's policy in an ad in 2011, boasting a reduction in emissions. But Tony Abbott says it
didn't need a carbon tax to do it. Bec.

Kevin Rudd has ramped up his attack
on the Coalition's policy costings after Tony Abbott was forced
to rule out cuts to health and education. Live to political correspondent
Alex Hart who is travelling
with the Prime Minister in Perth. Alex, what did Mr Rudd have to say?

Good afternoon. The Prime Minister seized on commence today from the shadow treasurer Joe hockey on Sunrise this morning. He wouldn't rule out cuts to help them education to pay for the Coalition's election promises. Tony Abbott later did the given rubber was far from satisfied. Will you guarantee you will not cut health or education? I am not going to give any guarantees. I do not rule out that we might be spending the money more wisely in these areas but certainly I do not intend to make cuts in these areas. My guarantee is to build on our investments in health and education. Tony Abbott's Treasury spokesman's guarantee is that he will cut health and education. And Kevin Rudd has been forced to defend his northern Australia plan? Yes. He has been campaigning here in Perth for the first time in his campaign and he managed to avoid the bad weather and went on his first shopping mall walk on the campaign. He posed for selfies and held babies. His plan to develop northern Australia has not gone down so well, in particular, the proposal to reduce the company tax rate that that the NT and two ministers they did not have -- admitted they did not know about this before they announced that. When did you hear about this plan? Yesterday.He did telly before he announced it? I do not expect to be told every policy on every issue. You would expect during an election campaign that when the final price of a policy is put out that the ministers are informed of that at that time. We did you find out about that policy? And no longer the relevant minister. We will leave it there. In the last half-hour,
Jeff Kennett gave us his verdict on how the leaders have performed
this week. Now Labor heavyweight Paul Howes
gives his to Sally Bowrey.

It has been an interesting

It has been an interesting week. And an interesting last seven days. How would you rate this week? It has been a pretty gaffe-prone week for Tony Abbott and he once again has demonstrated that no matter how disciplined he can be in the opening stages of the campaign he can't avoid putting his foot in his mouth. By contrast, Kevin Rudd has right across the country announced some exciting and interesting policies and a Labor has had an interesting and good week on focusing on these issues while Tony Abbott's week has been bumbling around the country making mistake from seat to seat, state to state and we will see that for the rest of the campaign. On Kevin Rudd, obviously his NT company tax plan, is that just a play for votes? As anyone taking it seriously? This is something the Labor Party has been talking about for over 100 years. In 1913 Andrew Fisher went to his election with a similar policy developing the north of Australia with nation-building initiatives. And we have also heard the asylum seeker policy from Tony Abbott today. What is your take on this? It is a hard line he is taking. I find this race to the bottom on asylum seeking politics very depressing and there is not much I disagree with the Labor Party on but our current position is not something that I would be out there advocating for loudly. Equally this race to the bottom politics we are seeing from Tony Abbott just depresses me there we are continuing not a lot of leadership in this space.

continuing not a lot of leadership
in this space. A young worker has survived
an incredible freak accident after a metal pole became impaled
in his head at a Sydney construction site. Amazingly, the 19-year-old was able
to speak during the whole incident. Chris Reason was there.

Good afternoon. Extraordinary scenes here in Sydney's North Shore where and 19-year-old worker at the controls of the excavated you can see behind me was speared through the forehead by a one metre long and two centimetre wide piece of steel reinforcing. Extraordinary not just because he managed to survive the ordeal but because he run managed -- managed to remain conscious that out and held onto the rock himself and kept its stable and steady while a rescue operation happened around him. -- robbed. It happened at 10:45am and his workmates were heard him and rushed to help. I walked over to him to see if he was alright and I just said, do not move. It has penetrated through his skull and he is holding on to it. I said do not move it. The paramedics said they did exactly the right thing by keeping him calm and did not try and remove the metal bar themselves and kicked it in place and waited for the professionals to arrive. Paramedics managed to control his pain and reassured him and then carefully removed him from the cavern of the excavator and into the ambulance before moving into hospital. Doctors say that the fact he was conscious and able to hold the bar himself a good signs. It indicates little if any brain damage but it is believed that the 19-year-old was breaking concrete slabs in that workspace behind me when a piece of that metal reinforcing went under pressure through the cabin and into his forehead. The paramedics say that is one lucky man today. The United Nations has called
for an end to the violence in Egypt, where hundreds are dead
after clashes with security forces. The official death toll
has soared to 638 but protesters claim at least
2,000 people have been killed. The United Nations Security Council
has urged all parties to show restraint. The United States has cancelled
its joint military exercise. He's frantically looking
for his brother who hasn't answered his mobile
since early yesterday and laid out
on the floor of this mosque are hundreds of reasons
to fear the worst. Mohammed's search is over - he has found his brother-in-law,
killed by a gunshot to the chest. He was very good, he was talented,
he speak more than four language, he...he... ..he was very good person. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed
the death toll is in the thousands and that the official estimate,
which has tripled in 24 hours, should not be trusted. There is every reason to believe that the Egypt authorities
are trying to downplay the carnage wrought by the police and army
on the streets of Cairo yesterday. We've done a tally in this mosque. I lost count at 350 corpses. And this is just one of the places
that the dead have been taken to. The Muslim Brotherhood say that funerals
have had to be postponed because the police will not issue
death certificates. They don't want
to acknowledge the number, they don't want to acknowledge that they have killed them
with live bullets. The army has been cleaning up
the site of the massacre. The true version
of what exactly took place here is a story that may never be told.

Surfers off Sydney were treated
to a spectacular sight this morning when a pair of whales surfaced
close by. Live to Talitha Cummins in Sydney. Talitha, what a morning for locals? It sure was, Bec. The Seven News chopper pilot spotted the two migrating
southern right whales off Sydney's popular eastern beaches
just after 9:00 this morning. They were enjoying Sydney's warmer,
shallower waters near Bondi before making their journey
south to Antarctica. And it wasn't too long
before the whales had some company. A pod of dolphins was spotted frolicking through the surf
close by. We counted at least 20 of them putting on another magical display
for the Seven News chopper. But the next pictures, Bec, are what really captivated
the Seven News room this morning. The two whales came within a couple
of metres of surfers at Tamarama. Legally, you have to
stay at least 30m away from these beautiful creatures, but I guess you don't
have much say in the matter when the wildlife comes to you. Now, southern right whales migrate
to the southern coasts of Australia each winter, and it's not uncommon
for them to be found resting just beyond the breakers, which is where these lucky surfers
ran into them today. They are quite slow swimmers giving us plenty of opportunity
to capture this beautiful pictures. A magnificent sight
and a rare experience that I'm sure those surfers will
remember for a long time to come. Bec.

Ahead in Seven's Afternoon News - thousands of US Marines sail
into Sydney Harbour for a weekend of shore leave. And what a week it has been
for James Hird and Essendon - the Friday Footy Forum is next.

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American navy ship
the USS 'Bonhomme' made a spectacular arrival
in Sydney this morning. More than 3,000 sailors and marines are on board
the amphibious assault ship, which is this evening docked
at Garden Island. They've been taking part in training
exercises in the Coral Sea, where the ship came under scrutiny onto the World Heritage-listed
Great Barrier Reef when they were running low on fuel. Time for the Footy Forum - let's bring in our sports nuts. Welcome back Nathan Templeton
in Melbourne and Ryan Phelan in Sydney. Nathan, let's start with what promises to be
like a grand final Tonight between Hawthorn and Collingwood.

Hawthorn Hawks are at the top off the table but Collingwood are peaking at the right time. They may just be. But Hawthorn Hawks get a couple of big names back and Luke Hodge and Buddy Franklin. But Luke Hodge has a fractured thumb and missed a week but the club says he will play. Collingwood are in great shape and have won their last three matches, smashing the Sydney Swans last week but I think Hawthorn Hawks have the award over them. They have won by an average of 40 points. 80,000 are expected here to match and we could have that many again tomorrow when Richmond take on Carlton, two more traditional powerhouse clubs. The Richmond Tigers are ready for the first final series in 12 years and the Blues have lost their way. They lost to the poll rocks last week. Their chances at the finals are all but lost. -- Bulldogs. Mick Malthouse is not having much fun. I think Tigers will win that one. Over to you, Ryan. A similar story in the NRA will this week. It is. The South take on Manly tonight. That is South Sydney versus Manly and they are ahead the way but have been faltering in the past few weeks. Coming up against Manly, a side that has played well against them in the past, it is going to be a cut-throat game. If South Sydney do not win this match, they will be in jeopardy for losing the top two spot. Seeing these pictures on the screen or -- you are seeing how Indigenous fathers. It is a campaign to raise awareness of life expectancy in the Aboriginal community so it is wonderful to celebrate and the Brisbane Broncos kick-off against Parramatta tonight. South Sydney against Manly, I am tipping Manly and a close match tonight. And obviously a big weekend of sport but Ryan, the Rugby Championship kicks off as well this weekend with Australia playing New Zealand. Indeed in the best thing is that you were making see is the new coach of the Wallabies and Steve Hanson, the All Blacks coach has been getting stuck into them. He won the Kinsey has almost brought a blue-collar element back into rugby but it is almost like the Australian cricket team at the moment, isn't it may find? It as. The results haven't been great. It was great to see Ewan McKenzie getting stuck back into their Kiwis with the dress sense. Bring it on. -- juror cent. That was our siren so that means we have to leave. Have a great weekend of footy. After the break - we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Hello again. A severe weather warning is current for much of South Australia,
Victoria and Tassie for damaging winds
to 100km/h tonight. In Adelaide, it's been raining
for most of the afternoon. The rains and winds should ease
to showers overnight. In Melbourne, gusty northerly winds
this evening before some rain arrives
before midnight. Sunday is shaping up to be
a shocker and in Sydney,
the fine and mild spell rolls on, becoming windy tomorrow afternoon. From the satellite, an active cold front is pushing
through South Australia. Strong to gale force northerly winds
ahead of it. The strongest winds will clear out
to sea tomorrow morninig. And as we can see,
Tassie is in for a soaking. Up to 50mm of rain in the north. In the west, another front
is pushing up towards WA, so the winds and showers shoulds
increase about the south coast. The tail end of this front is expected to trigger
scattered thunderstorms over South-East Queensland
during the afternoon.

Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -
afternoon thunderstorms developing. Sydney, another fine and mild day,
windy in the afternoon. Melbourne, gusty northerly winds with a shower or two
tending to rain tomorrow night. That's the latest weather. More at 6:00 and at 7:00 on 7TWO,
Bec. Thanks, David. Yes, don't forget our new bulletin, Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO with added coverage
of our top stories. That's the Afternoon News
for this Friday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases... ..150 contenders... ..$200,000 Who will play for all this cash?

Block three.

Congratulations, Jen Keiner. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host... Hi, Saash. Hi, Katie. Hi, Chels. ..Andrew O'Keefe.

Hey, Jen.
Hi. Aw! Welcome, welcome.
Welcome, everyone. Jen Keiner,
doing the deals with us today. Jen Keiner,
the international flight attendant. Do you enjoy that?
Oh, I love it. Is it as glam as it sounds?
No. It's not like
the golden days of TAA? Yes. Long overnights
and carrying your Gucci bags. Yeah, those days are over. Do you get some good layovers
here and there? Yeah, we do. We used to get
a lot of different destinations. But at the moment it's just
two destinations, but I love it. I do love it, yeah.
Good, good. So obviously you're not short
on travel, so what are you here for? So we... A couple of the crew and I... Two friends and I,
we started a little charity when we used to fly to
Johannesburg for work. Oh, yeah? It's called Help African Smiles.
Is it a dental charity? No.
No, it's not. Just to make them smile.
Help African Smiles. Make them happy. Yes, yes. So we want,
I want to get the money today... What do they do this charity? Us, we have a website,
we raise money and over in the creche
there's 200 children. Oh, OK, so it's like a childcare
centre in South Africa? Yes. There's 200 children, half of them their parents can't pay
for their schooling so we try and raise money so that
they can get their schooling and pay for the food so that they
can get a good meal every day. Terrific! Well done! Good stuff. And you've been quite successful
in raising some funds so far? I think over the last
couple of years we've raised a total of $20,000, which is unreal. Really great. But there's always something else
to do, you've got the building,
you've got the teachers and you've got the books
and you've got the lunches. Yeah, so, what we want to do, because they are struggling
paying for electricity so we want to put solar panels
on top of the creche so they don't have to pay
for electricity anymore, which costs about $5,000. We can do that! $5,000,
easy-peasy here in the Deal-a-Drome. Yeah? We can build a 20-storey,
just covered in solar panels. We can run Johannesburg off it. Let's go get the money, shall we? Miss Kate, Miss Chelsea,
Miss Saasha. Who's going to help you out? Which case? Number 4, please.
Number 4. Thank you, Katie. Kate McGinnity.
She's a great way to fly.

Hey, you! Come to me. Welcome. Hey, Macster. Good on you, Jen. Deal time!

Could this case contain
the top prize of $200,000? To find out let the dealing begin.

Alright, Jen,
let's do this for the kids. It's all for the kids.
It is. A very noble cause. And you've got your great mate
Alicia on 17. Hi!
How are you, Alicia? Very well, Andrew. How are you?
Terrific, thank you. You don't fly as well, do you? I don't fly but I would love to fly. Really? Fly with Jen?
Absolutely. I mentioned that, you know, you've got 200 kids at school in
Joberg who can't afford to be there. There's a lot of social
and medical problems they're dealing with day-to-day
there, are they? Yes, absolutely. Mostly HIV. HIV is the big one. I think 30% or 40%
of the kids there have HIV. Same with their families as well. And do they have access to
retrovirals and things? No, they would have to pay for it
and it's very expensive. Extremely expensive. So it's more than just
education really. Oh, absolutely. It's everything.
Absolutely everything. Oh, good on you, Jen. I love it.
I love it very much indeed. Like I said, a noble cause. And you don't get all that
many of those at the Deal-a-Drome, let's face it. Let's go, Jen. Six cases.

Where do we start, buddy? I just can't believe I'm on here.
It's really good. You're on here. Believe it! I'm going to go number 3, please. 3 is Catherine.
That would be wonderful. Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Jen.
Thanks. I think I have $200. Thank you, Catherine. A good place to start
if you're right. Awesome.
One dollar. Even better.

A dollar.

15 would be great. Yeah, 15.
Hey, Assima.

Hello, Andrew. Good luck, love. I think I have the car. OK, Assima.
Someone's got to have the car.

It's... ..$150. Thank you.

Two good picks. Alicia, next?
Oh, my turn? I want you to pick the next one.

22. Alright. Laura?
Thanks, Andrew. Good luck, Jen.
I think I have 50 cents. Cheers, Laura, that sounds good. It's... Oh! Wow. That's alright. Don't worry.
Bad pick. It's only one loss. Let's limit it to one. The other Laura, who I met before. 23 would be awesome, yeah.
Good luck, Jen. Thanks, darling.
I think I have $500. Thank you. $20. Good work. Yeah. We're definitely better off
when you're piloting the plane. Two to come.
Yep. Um...let's go number 1. Yes, please. Number 1. I think I've got the $20,000.
OK, Jackie. In the maroon zone. Oh! Oh, wow.
That hurts. That hurts, yeah.
That hurts. 75 grand, you know,
we can live with that. $200,000, that's wounding.