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Today on Nine News Now - anger as a Queensland father, accused of violently shaking his nine week old daughter, is granted bail. Also, the delicate rescue operation of a young man with a steel rod impaled through his skull. We also have some disturbing health news that may make you reconsider that cup of coffee this afternoon. Also, Duchess Kate is about to head back to work but is it too soon to be leaving baby George? And Madonna turns 55 today, which has us asking - are your 50s the new 30s?

We begin with a shocking alleged crime. A 26-year-old man has been granted bail in a Brisbane Court after being charged with shaking his newborn daughter. Live now to reporter Joel Dry, who is at Mater Private Hospital. Can you update us on the condition of the baby?The little girl remains in a very bad way. She was rushed here from the Gold Coast yesterday, suffering suspected leading on the brain and also breaks in her arms and ribs. Her shocking injuries quickly sparked the attention of police and a short time after they arrested her father, a 2060 role to be cannot identify for legal reasons. He was charged with grievous bodily harm and also assault occasioning bodily harm. He appeared briefly before a Gold Coast magistrate this morning and was in fact failed after police did not oppose that they will. He will appear before court in September. There were of course a number of strict conditions on that bail, one of them being that he is to make no attempt to contact his little girl without the permission or being in the company of the Department of child safety. But, given this -- series nature of these allegations and the shocking injuries, it's difficult see that permission will ever be granted. A terrible story. Thank you. Surgeons are working to remove a one metre steel rod that's wedged in the skull of a Sydney teenager. The 19-year-old was operating an excavator at a construction site on the city's North Shore, when the rod impaled his forehead right between his eyes. He managed to stay conscious during the delicate rescue operation and was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition. A Victorian father who killed his three sons by driving them into a dam has been denied the chance to take his appeal to the High Court. The mother of the three boys has audibly cried as the High Court of appeal announced its rejection of the attempt to reveal -- attempt to appeal. It's taken nearly a decade of my life.It's finally at rest. It's where it should be. My boys are at peace. My boys are at peace... The man's barrister said there was a case for negligent manslaughter, not murder.He suffered from a medical condition and had been warned not to drive. He of course claimed he had a coughing fit and blacked out accidentally. But the court took only a few moments to reject that application for appeal. The woman's new husband also voiced his relief. That's the end of the line for the man, now left to serve the rest of his jail sentence. He is likely to be in his late 70s before he is eligible for parole. Melbourne is bracing for strong winds. Damage has already been caused in Ballarat, where a tin roof was blown from the city's showgrounds. There are also widespread power outages, with more than 6000 properties affected. The SES is advising people to secure items and keep away from falling powerlines. Tony Abbott has dragged the asylum seeker issue back into the election campaign on day 12. The Opposition Leader has vowed to reduce boat arrivals to just three a year, while ramping up his already hardline policy. John O'Doherty is on the Abbott campaign trail and filed this report. Tony Abbott has travelled north to meet with the party faithful. Although Labor holds the seat with a margin of 9.2%, the Opposition is confident the recent boundary distribution will work in their favour. One issue the Coalition says is of concern to voters here is asylum seekers. Tony Abbott hopes his hard-line policy, announced this morning, will go down well with voters. The Opposition has announced that the asylum seekers here will never be resettled and will not be allowed to bring out family members and will not be able to appeal the decision, if found not to be genuine refugees. This is our country.We determine who comes here. That was the position under the last Coalition government and that will be the position under any future Coalition government. Earlier today, Tony Abbott again put his truck licence to good use. He climbed up into the truck cab but resisted the temptation to take it for a drive. The focus this morning is of the carbon tax, which will be applied to heavy transport from July next year. Tony Abbott didn't miss the point -- the chance to point out that today is three years since Julia Gillard said this. There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.This is the third anniversary of one of the most notorious remarks in Australian political history.Although Kevin Rudd has promised to terminate the carbon tax by moving to an Emissions Trading Scheme, Tony Abbott isn't letting go of the attack, insisting it only be Coalition that will remove a price on carbon completely. Heck were targeted Kevin Rudd today, but the Prime Minister was easy zeroing in on the Coalition's refusal to talk about costings. -- a heckler. This warning the Shadow Minister revealed the Coalition has its policy costings ready to go but won't be revealing them until the last week of the campaign. For Labor, are important political ammunition. The costings war has been dominating the campaign. We have a statement today from their finance spokesman saying they have all the details of their cuts ready to go it won't tell anybody. But Kevin Rudd is also under pressure to reveal how much his policy, to develop northern Australia, is going to cost. The NT wants their territory developed and I stand behind the policy, the Treasurer stands behind the policy, the finance minister stands behind the policy. There is some suggestion senior ministers to know about the plan to drop company tax by one third for businesses based in the NT. When did you first hear of this plant? Yesterday. They have known the details for a long time. The PM spent the day trying to win over the West, visiting a rail project partially funded by the Federal Government, with Labor's star candidate running for the peak -- seat of Perth. Labor has a good chance of keeping the seat but not everyone was happy about his visit. Tonight, the Prime Minister is heading to Adelaide. The question we're asking today - is the Coalition's new asylum seeker policy too tough? Share your thoughts on Twitter. Or go to this website to make your vote count: A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake has shaken central New Zealand, causing some minor damage to buildings in Wellington. There are no reports of major damage to buildings. Public transport has been suspended. Dozens of aftershocks rattled the area after the quake, the latest to hit New Zealand in as many weeks. US President Barack Obama has called for restraint in Egypt, reprimanding both the military-backed government and protestors over the civil unrest. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood, who support the deposed President Mohammed Morsi, are now targeting Christian churches, accusing them of siding with the government. President Obama has cancelled a long-standing military exercise between the US and Egypt as the official death toll rises to 638.

It's striking terror into the heart of the Christian community in Egypt. By some accounts, dozens of churches attacked. Some accusing Christians of siding with the military. An angry mob burst through the gates. Others looted. We spoke to one woman. Her church dowsed in gasoline.

Others fearful it's not over.

Today, President Obama weighing in. We call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully. I condemned the attacks I have seen, including on churches. In the wake of the military's crackdown, with more than 600 dead, resident Obama cancelled the joint military exercise but didn't stop flow of $1.3 million America Egypt every year.-- President Obama. They are helping to keep peace in the violent region and help to fight terror. Fax not lost on the families of the dead. This is murder.You can't kill your own people and get away with it. All day at this makeshift morgue, empty casket streamed in and bodies streamed out.You can fill the anger rising in the air.Every minute, new bodies are carried out. As we pushed our way inside, the stench of death surrounding us, this woman tells us America will pay the price for this massacre. She said the next terrorist will come from the families of those who were killed here. And on the way out, a chilling message. They chanted, Egypt's piece is dead. The death of a well-known daredevil has raised serious questions about the risks of wingsuits. Mark Sutton, who made that incredible sky-diving entrance at the opening of the Olympic Games in London, was killed during a stunt in Switzerland. He had the world holding its breath. Jumping from a helicopter dressed as James Bond and gliding with that union jack parachute, right into the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony last year. But Mark Sutton wore another kind of suit. The wingsuit. What people can do Indian could be as dangerous as anything James Bond ever did. He even had his own YouTube channel to show how the suit allowed him to fly faster and move around majestic mountains. But today, the 42-year-old lept from a above the Swiss Alps, plunging at 150mph were. He slammed into the side of a mountain, dying instantly. Investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. This man has done similar jumps many times. Here he is gliding around in Mt. Look closely and you can see a plane flying by. The people doing it accept the risks.If you are doing it, it's because you are leaving your dream. If you die, so be it. The sport is undeniably cool, allowing humans to take flight.It is like plunging -- it is like threading a very difficult needle. The best can hit a balloon this close to the ground. So thrilling because it looks so dangerous. Tonight, a deadly reminder it really is. Two whales have delighted onlookers in Sydney today, making a splash off Bondi Beach. They first surfaced early this morning and appeared to be as curious about us as we were are about them. Surfers and body boarders were able to get within metres of the magnificent mammals, as they cruised around in the calm conditions.

Still ahead - washing detergent tragedy. A child dies after swallowing a pod that looks like a lolly. Now there are urgent calls for the packing to be changed. Also in showbiz, Lady Gaga's controversial new naked magazine spread. And the incredible horses that have been healing war veterans for generations.

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A new trend in the laundry is raising alarm bells. You may have seen the brightly coloured detergent pods that you use in the washing machine. Well, consumer groups say they look just like lollies to kids and now, tragically, a little baby boy has died after swallowing one.

The colourful pods filled with detergent look just like candy. You can see that here. They are attractive to children. It was a 7-month old Florida boy who died after apparently swallowing one. This is a growing problem. Last year, poison control centres received 6200 calls involving children and the detergent pods. This year, more than 5700 cases. Consumer groups have been calling for changes. What we would like to see is a coding on the product to keep kids from swallowing. Something that makes it taste it.A market leader makes a type of pods, not swallowed by the infant. It has now changed its packaging from what looked like a candy jar to a new Orange container. And there is a triple latch. All in an effort to keep it out of little hands. Now to a new report that will no doubt worry many parents. Australia's high school students are struggling and going backwards compared to the rest of the world. Experts now say it's extremely unlikely the country will become an education superpower by 2025, a key goal for the government's school reforms. It follows an extensive study of student test results, showing a steep decline from 2000 to 2012. Germany, Poland and Korea are among the countries that have shown big improvements over that same time period.

It's the classic story about the heartfelt bond between soldier and horse. A bond that goes way back to the early battles. But now a Vietnam veteran is proving that bond still exists today and is using it to heal returning soldiers' invisible wounds.

Why are courses help? That's the mystery. But they do. Or did. -- horses. A generation or so and another American war ago, this man went off to fight in Vietnam. And then came home again. He found working with horses is what's used him best.I realised then that there was some kind of deep emotional connection. -- is what's used him best. Now he is passing it forward, inviting these veterans for a 3-day program.Behind the fence, racing thoroughbreds, now retired. And for these men, its memory that warms them. For this man, it was watching his best friend died in action.The best friend anybody could ask for.But then he is sent out and he is guided by making a connection. It begins.I didn't want anybody to ask you about experiences in Iraq, any bad experiences. -- ask me. But these creatures don't ask.They don't remind of the past. If anything, they stand for life. For breath. For a strong heart, beating in the present. I feel on top of the world.That was amazing. Good stuff. I'm not here to fix anyone but I am here to give them an experience that can change their life.Maybe that's why horses work. As a gift from a man who believes in America. Next, all the showbiz. Including Oprah's big TV surprise on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. And what is probably the most awkward Jennifer Aniston interview ever. Plus, our first glimpse at a postpregnancy Kim Kardashian. And Kate Middleton back at work. But is it too soon? That's next.

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Let's get all the showbiz news now with Kristy-Lee Lorraway, 'Today Show's entertainment producer. Oprah is back in the news again today. She appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel?She did. We can all remember in 2010 when she famously gave away cars to everybody in the audience. She has done it again but on a smaller scale. She was on the show promoting her new film and this is what she did. I have to say, Forrest is just the greatest...Hold on. I just got that feeling again. You, right there.Lady in the Louvre. Come up here. I want to say this to you. You get a car! Please take out back to see her new car.How overwhelmed would you feel to be sitting in the audience and all of a sudden get a car? Apparently she took out the back and said, I don't know what came over me but sometimes when I don't eat I feel very generous. I love it! And Jennifer Aniston has had a very awkward interview? She has.Sometimes journalists get a bit stuck when they are interviewing like this guy seems to be asking all the wrong questions. He is from the UK, the DJ. This is what he said. Something I wanted to ask you, as probably the most famous, hottest woman in the world, with me and my mates, especially the ones with girlfriends, their girlfriends allow them to have a list.They have five names on the list. How does it work with famous people? Do you have a list of normal people that you fancy?It does make sense. No.Only because you are probably in the top five of most guys in the UK. Girls wouldn't mind if... She didn't really handle that well.Can you believe it? Earlier in the week, she was wearing a beautiful floral dress. But last night she wore a black dress. I don't know what's going on. She seems to be hiding her waist. I'm wondering if she is pregnant. I feel sorry for her.She can't eat a sandwich without people expecting her to be pregnant. But she is getting married. She always looks great. Another beauty. Jennifer Hawkins. She is so busy.She has a swimming costume range, a shoe range and now she will have a tanning range. She said down the city last night. She was wearing a beautiful dress. Her skin looked stunning. If I had those legs... If I could spray that can those legs, I would be very happy. I stood next to her and that is not a great experience.She is gorgeous. I have got a bit of it on. It looks good. OK and Lady Gaga has been in the press a lot. Tell us about her latest shoot. This time she is really getting perkier. She is on the cover of a magazine with nothing on. She's very skinny. She says she had surgery earlier in the year and that's why she has lost so much weight. But I would have thought if she was sitting on her backside not exercising, she would put on weight. I know it's supposed to be art but I think that sends the wrong message.She needs to fatten up. Apparently we have seen our first glimpse of Kim Kardashian?Everybody has been waiting for her to get out since she had her baby. She has stepped out. She headed to a medical centre with the baby. They had to cover her up will stop they are still trying to find out if she will have a magazine deal. But I think she looks fantastic. Really good. Let's hope they donate money to charity. Fingers crossed!Bruce Springsteen is in Australia again?He was here in March.First time in 10 years. He loved it so much, he has decided to come back next February and March. Great news for fans. And he will be chatting to 60 minutes on Saturday night. Thank you. To some oil news.Kate Middleton is going back to News sooner than expected. -- Royall news. She said to make the first public engagement since the birth of Prince George. Here are the details. This will be at a special air dinning ceremony for a UK-based charity. -- special ceremony. It is to conserve Africa, wildlife and flora and fauna of that amazing continent. The pet did get engaged in Africa. That's why Kate Middleton is wanting to join. -- the pair. Two questions spring to mind. What will she be wearing? People will want to know how she is looking. How the baby bump is going. The other big question, who will be looking after the little Prince? I'm taking very short odds that it will be Kate's mum. It's a fairly lengthy interview. It was at Kensington Palace. The program itself is about Prince William's passion. And it's bound to be very well received. But this was an operation between ITV in the United Kingdom and CNN. The interview has described Prince William as being the most animated that they had seen him. Really quite exciting. I suppose he is probably a bit tired but he does talk about how fatherhood has changed him as a person forever. I suppose lots of dads will feel that in common. But we will also hear a bit more about how they are coping and getting on at home and one of the things he says is that going back to Africa, what we were talking about, or the charity and why he feels so strongly about it, he also says he would like to pass on Africa as a continent as it is now, for his son to be able to see it without the loss of further species. He is really talking about how he hopes that through his profile and fundraising, he can save animals on the verge of extinction and pass Africa on to future generations. Still to come - your election news in under 60 seconds. Plus, parents beware. We have the dangerous toys taken off the shelves to protect our kids. Also, how drinking too much coffee could send you to an early grave. We'll you how many cups the experts say is now safe.

how she was brought back to life.

And she's trim, fit and still very sexy. Madonna turns 55 today, so we're asking if the 50s the new 30s. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Another opportunity to say it with chicken, like, "Thank you
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You're watching nine years now. In under 60 seconds, here's your election headlines. Tony Abbott today announced a further asylum seeker crackdown, more than 30,000 people awaiting processing will never be granted permanent residency. His words were strikingly similar to the words of John Howard in 2001.This is our country. We determine who comes here.a heckler disrupted the Prime Minister 's day in the west, as did questions about how a Rudd Government would pay for the new Northern Australia plan.It is outside the estimates, as we finalise the policy, next year, that's when you'd have it.It's every parent 's worst nightmare, your child getting injured or choking on an unsafe toy. Consumer affairs Victoria is doing something about it. They have seized 28,000 unsafe products across the state in the past year. You may have seen some of these toys in homes right throughout Australia, but many don't need basic safety standards -- meet. The Victorian government has seized almost 30,000 toys and products from retailers and importers right throughout the state.When we're talking about projectile things, guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, that type of thing, all unsafe. But all unsafe. But also, especially for the smaller children, making sure that Tories can't get lodged in their throats. This is the size of a child's oesophagus -- that Tories. Anything that can fit down that two can be swallowed.Many of these products put babies at risk, such as prams, cots and pushed shares.When it comes to nursery staff, we have to make sure our kids are safe -- pushchairs. This one doesn't have adequate safety restraints. If you look at the cot behind me, it is not compliant because of the spacing between the bars. Children can get caught and they could get stuck.This is quite concerning. We see the statistics every year, there are deaths and injuries every year from toys that the parents wouldn't even think could cause a child and injury.A body corporate could be hit with fines of $1.1 million. Consumer affairs Victoria is urging parents to buy from reputable retailers and make sure the products meet Australian safety standards. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? New research, out today, says the number you consumed during the day affects how long you live for. More than two thirds of adults in America start their diet with a cup of coffee.How many cups a day? Three to four.One or two.About macro figure four.The average coffee drinker in America has around three cups a day. Tonight a new study says that could be the magic number.Above 28 cups a week there appears to be a significant association with total mortality. For men under 55, more than four cups a day meant a 56% increased risk of an early death. For women it

risk of an early death. For women

it was

it was 113%.

it was 113%. Recent

it was 113%. Recent studies

it was 113%. Recent studies have focused on the benefits of coffee. One suggesting that two cups a day can lower your risk of heart disease.

can lower your risk of heart
disease. But this

disease. But this is

disease. But this is the

disease. But this is the one

disease. But this is the one that has finally looked at overall lifespan. And many are drinking more than we realise. It was based on a cup of coffee in the 1970s, six or eight oz. But today's sizes can be much larger. This is equivalent of two cups of coffee. But good news for people over 55. No matter how much they drink, it has no impact on their life duration. But when it comes to coffee, like everything else in life, everything in moderation. They say every dog has their day and one lucky hound in NSW is set for printing more after the heroics of two paramedics. -- plenty more. He was struggling but then was brought back using CPR. Jenny the fox terrier is the ultimate fighter lucky to be alive after she was caught in a house fire the NSW Hunter Valley.On arrival we were informed a dog was present in the house and we rescued her.Things weren't looking good, unconscious and not breathing, she didn't even have a pulse when firefighters saved her. But waiting outside were two quick thinking paramedics.We launched CPR, after five or 10 minutes, the dog started coming round.Jenny started breathing again.She started breathing on her own and I thought, we got a win. She was rushed to the nearest clinic.The vet was standing there waiting for her. That was it.In her 13 years, Jenny has already battled cancer and narrowly survived after eating rat poison. Now she's overcome yet another close call and is back with her family, enjoying a new leash on life. Well, next we head into the chat room and we're talking about Madonna. She is 55 today, so is she proof your 50s are your new 30s? Or are her outfits and behaviour embarrassing for a woman her age? Duke and Duchess is being judged for going back to work already, we want to know what you think. And no joke, students are being forced to wear these helmets This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Another opportunity to say it with chicken, like, "Thank you
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.."My apologies
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We'll go to the chat room in just a moment, but first some breaking news and a Melbourne man has been found guilty of murdering a Victorian sex worker. Steve Constantino claimed she died in a sex act gone wrong, but the prosecution said the 49-year-old killed her to avoid repaying a debt will stop the body of Joanna Martin was discovered wrapped in a blanket and dumped near the Westgate Bridge in October, 2001. Now time for chat room, and today I'm joined by Ben Fordham in Sydney and Jo Hall in Melbourne. Welcome to both of you. Hello.Hello.First upto-date, is 50 the new 30? Celebrities like Christie Brinkley, Kim Cattral and Madonna are looking amazing. Should these women be ageing gracefully or should we be promoting this?They are ageing gracefully. They are happy and they look fantastic and they are having a good time. Let's not spend too much time worrying about them and judging them and telling them what they should be doing. In 10 years from now I assure you, Joe and Amber, we will be saying 60 is the new 30 and 10 years after that it will be 70 is the new 30. If people are having fun and enjoying themselves, leave them alone.Some of those women look amazing, but Madonna comes across a bit desperate, doesn't treat?Are you asking me?I hope you're not asking me.What do you think, Joe?I think that turning 50 is great when it means you're not over the hill. I am the same age by Madonna and I feel inspired by her evolution. There are times when she dresses inappropriately and I certainly wouldn't do it! But she is confident enough and she looks incredible. You should be able to present yourself however you like, and there are so many options open to be useful for both women and men. Some people say I look better now than when I was younger, probably because of the hairstyles and the fashion!I remember when Madonna launched her children's book with a really mumsy outfit and it didn't look right.I am just is guilty as anyone else of this, you look at photographs in a magazine and you think what is she doing. But really, what are we doing? Sitting back, and the person having the last laugh is the person actually in the magazine, making the records and the money and has the rest of us sitting around and saying she shouldn't be dressing like that. We need to get a life and let her enjoy hers.A similar topic next. We're looking at women and why they seem to be so critical of other women, especially in their motherhood choices. First there's the case of a man that got a nanny to recover from post-natal depression, but she decided to keep her despite being a stay at home mum -- nanny. All her friends have shunned her. Are they jealous or is she a bad mum?This will probably put me at odds with a lot of watchers, but women are very critical of other women and this goes on a lot. I remember a discussion we had on the today show when we were talking about what women were wearing in film clips, I remember having a debate with Lisa Wilkinson, a very intelligent woman, but I said to her, blokes would never have this conversation. We would never be watching and saying I can't believe what Brad Pitt's wearing, I can't believe what Jay Z's wearing, we just say good luck, if only I could enjoy the same kind of success and the same kind of like he has. Why are we so judgemental, why are women so judgemental?We can't answer that. On one hand these women, the friends that shunned her, are jealous. If you make a decision in motherhood that is different to someone else's decision, you feel like you have to justify it... So people don't think you're a bad mother. A lot of it is reasserting your own... The way you're doing it is right, I think, but by doing that you're telling other women there doing it wrong. Duchess of Cambridge has just announced she is returning to official duties, some have commented it is too early.Here we go, women bagging women again. Joe, stick up for her.It is fantastic she is going back to work. We shouldn't be judging people on these things. It's like people are critical if you have Caesarean sections instead of natural, or bottlefeeding instead of breastfeeding. It is very personal. No one should judge. For some people returning to work is a financial decision, they have no choice in it, they need to keep incomes. Some fathers stay home when mums go back to work. My twins were just five weeks and I came back to work. I was lucky to have my sister as their nanny and I only work two days. But some viewers were writing in and saying, why aren't you home with your babies? It didn't make me a bad mother.Of course not.Women are easier targets as well. Prince William is about to go back to work, so where's the focus on the blokes? Why aren't the blokes in the firing line?I think it is because it is a breastfeeding issue.But children are born with two parents and daddy's going straight to work and he doesn't need to, let's face it, but two people question his motives? Of course not, we just access it because he's a bloke.I came back at four and a half months, and it's a cultural thing, in America, where they only get 12 weeks if that, they said, you took a really long time. It depends on where you live and who you talk to and the cultural aspect.I'm taking a year off when I have my first! Unigate.I don't care about Jodie, I'm taking a year -- you need it. You're a workaholic, I don't know what you're talking about. Next up, take a look at this photo. Spare a thought for these kids in Bangkok, is this the most bizarre way to stop kids cheating? On Facebook, this is what you've been telling us.

I sort of thing they could have come up with something a bit more high-tech than the boxes. What about you, have your kids ever been caught cheating?When I first saw that I laughed out loud. How do they concentrate?I know, when you move... Awful.One of my boys got in trouble for chewing gum, you can't do that you have to be escorted to the toilet and back as well. But this is what happens to my middle son, and I know you're going to accuse me of being gullible, so I will get that out right here and now. But he was so nervous before his legal exam he forgot to hand in his phone, and then it rang and fell out of his pocket. He ended up with no points for that subject. Fortunately he passed and got into the course he wanted at uni. It was a bad thing either it. But as a Man U totally believe him.Had a couple of his smarter mates texting him the answers?-- as a mum, you believe him.I was always looking at my mates' answers. I would end up blaming them for the bad results! It does look a little ridiculous, but if you want to make sure kids aren't cheating, there's no way of doing it with those ridiculous.You were just think they would come up with something more high-tech.You know when a dog has stitches or an operation, they need one of those cones around their heads to look completely absurd.We will leave it there.Have a good weekend.I can see you writing on your hands.We have to go, always a pleasure, see you. Still to come, This program is not captioned. (APPLAUSE) VOICEOVER: The Oreo Cookie
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