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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This is Afternoon Live on ABC News 24, hello I'm Kim Landers. Our top story - an earthquake shakes New Zealand's capital Wellington, cutting power, disrupting transport and forcing the evacuation of some buildings. The damage we have is pretty superficial. We have areas where there's falling glass and superficial damage within buildings. We don't know the extent of that. There've been no reports of severe injuries from the magnitude 6.2 earthquake, but there have been plenty of aftershocks.

Also this afternoon - back to the future, Tony Abbott signals a return to temporary protection visas for asylum seekers if he wins government. International pleas for restraint in Egypt as the official death toll climbs above 500. And, the final countdown - the Wallabies get set to talks on the All Blacks in Sydney tomorrow. A powerful earthquake has shaken New Zealand's capital Wellington making high rise buildings sway and sending terrified office workers diving under desks. The 6.2 magnitude quake struck in Seddon. It was felt from Christchurch in the South Island to Auckland in the north. There've been reports of no injuries or major damage from the quake. In Wellington buildings were evacuated, and hundreds of people stood outside on the foot paths. Buses services in the capital are operating again, but raillines are still closed. Wellington airport's runway has been inspected and reopened, but there are flight disruptions. Across the Cook Strait on the tip of the South Island, Emergency Services are still gathering information about possible damage in the Marlborough region, particularly in Seddon, which is closest to the epicentre. Residents in that area are being asked to check family being asked to check on their
family and neighbours. This is family and neighbours. how one family and neighbours. This how one news how one news reported the earthquake minutes after it happened. I was in the newsroom as well for the one last month and it felt very similar. Perhaps a little longer in duration. longer in duration. It was a very sharp unpleasant jolt. Equipment fell over in the newsroom. A filing cabinet that's about four and a half feet tall near me, that fell over and that would weigh some considerable weight. The impact was felt and it was strong enough for everyone to run for doorways or get under their desks. Jenny Andrews is a councillor for the Marlborough District Council and joins me now on the phone. What area are you in? Where were you when the quake hit? I was in the District Council building, second storey and it did shake quite severely. There's actually one happening as I speak. The aftershocks are continuing? They are, yes. Quite strong. Are you in blen emor Seddon? Seddon is half an hour's drive from Blenheim and there's an earthquake centre set up. The earthquake struck 2:30 local time. Kids would have been at school, people at work. Were kids able to get to safety? They've been doing their drills and children are confident and, of course, they will be shocked, but they know the drill. Have you had reports of any damage or injuries in that region? Not injury, but in Seddon I believe there's a cafe that had windows that blew, smashed right out. People in the area, you're at the tip of the South Island. People are well accustomed in New Zealand to doing earthquake drills and there have been so many tremors in the last couple of years. Was this slightly stronger than the most recent ones? I think it was stronger, to be honest. And you say there've been aftershocks, on what frequency are they coming? are they coming? A wee bit less at the present time, but as we went to air one was just happening then. People must be quite rattled that there has been so much seismic activity in recent times? Of course, and we do have an elderly population and you do worry about them, but there is always goodness and people checking on them within the community. Is that your message - tell people check on your friends and neighbours and make sure everybody in the local neighbourhood is OK? That's correct, and have equipment ready if needed. You mentioned you're getting no reports at this time of major damage, but would local authorities now be setting out and checking, making sure that for example power is reconnected to those who need it? Yes. Some firms are on generators, working on generators. There is a high school formal tonight which has been cancelled and the winery s in Seddon have been OK. They've said that they've managed alright so far. That's good news for the people who love those Kiwi wines. It's true. Jenny Andrews from Marlborough District Council, thank you for joining us this afternoon. To other news now, and the Federal election campaign has sparked another hardline plan to deal with asylum seekers. The Opposition granted
Leader is promising those granted refugee status in Australia will be put on temporary protection visas and be put in a work-for-the-dole program indefinitely. In a return to Howard-era policies, Tony Abbott has declared we will determine who comes here. He's also visited a major his campaign
trucking company to continue his campaign against the carbon tax. The Prime Minister meanwhile has been campaigning in Perth announcing the city will be the headquarters for Australia's first oil and gas innovation partnership. Nick Dole will be with us in a moment, but first a look at the leaders' day. Are you on one of these big fellas, or a smaller vehicle? I'm one of these big fellas here. Good stuff. I got out of the truck after being in it for five hours and I felt wrung out. It might be easy for you mate, I'm not sure it would be for me. There aren't that many women in the transport industry? There's a few of us. Hopefully you'll have a better government mate. That's what we want to do. Well, we're working as hard as we can. What I believe is important is you don't walk past and you don't pretend there is a problem. No-one in this country should be forced to sleep rough. So true. Are you in year 7? Have fun! See ya, guys. For more, political reporter Nick Dole joins me now. He's in Canberra. The Prime day in Western Australia, Prime Minister's spending questions remain Prime Minister's spending the
day in Western questions remain over a policy
he day in Western Australia, but
questions remain he announced when he was in Darwin he announced when he was Darwin yesterday? That's right and yesterday he was in the Top End and announced plans to potentially drop the company tax rate by a third in the tax rate by a Northern Territory, part of his plans for Northern Australia. He has been in WA today campaigning in Perth, because there are key seats that Kevin Rudd wants to hang onto like Perth and also he wants to win seat like area. He was getting questions about the level of consultation that had been engaged in even with his own Cabinet and a few comments from Government ministers today have raised some of those questions. Bill Shorten says he only learnt of the idea on the day it was announced, although Anthony Albanese says he was consulted. Gary Gray the Resources Minister today declined to say whether or not he actually thought that was a reasonable level of company tax reduction and Allana McTeernian the Perth candidate said there was a lot of work to do on the process. It has raised questions as to how carefully has this process been gone through. Kevin Rudd was asked that question in Perth earlier this afternoon and this was his response. Not at all, do you know why? It is a first-class policy for the Northern Territory's future. If you think it's about an internal debate about processes, which I assume is where our political opponents would want to take it, I'm not going there. Do you know why? The Northern Territory wants their Territory developed and I'm standing 100% behind the policy. The Treasurer stands 100% behind the policy. The Finance Minister stands behind 100% behind the policy. Everyone in the south can bleat as much as they like. I'm concerned about developing the north. That is Kevin Rudd speaking in Perth. I understand he's currently doing a street walk through the electorate of Swan. Nick Dole our political reporter in Canberra, we've seen more policy detail from the Opposition today on of border protection? Yes, of border protection? Yes, and essentially this sort of wraps together essentially together or formalises a number of the things the Coalition has been talking about for the last 3 years or so. Essentially there'll be an extension of the temporary protection visa program. Scott Morrison the Immigration Minister says there's around 30,000 people, a backlog he describes it, of people who are waiting to have their futures determined. Under a Coalition, none of them will be given residency rights permanent ly in Australia. The Coalition also wants to essentially circumvent or at least streamline some of the appeals processes, because at the moment Scott Morrison says many of these cases are taking too long to be finalised because there's appeal after appeal. Although he does agree there would be some legal challenges potentially associated with that, that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are both confident that the Coalition can overcome them. On top of that there would also be a compulsory work-for-the-dole scheme for those who are granted humanitarian visas or temporary protection visas. If they're getting welfare they would have to work for it under this plan. Both Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott say this will not only clear this so-called backlog, but also create more of a deterrence for people to come by boat. Tony Abbott announced details earlier today in Melbourne. Obviously John Howard back in the day made quite famous the phrase " we will determine those who come to Australia and the circumstances in which they come". If we have a listen to Tony Abbott now, we can hear him perhaps channelling John Howard's thoughts. This is our country and we determine who comes here. We want to end the tick and flick approach of this Government that has seen nine out of ten people found to be refugees when that doesn't match what we're seeing in other places around the world. We want to end the process where nos are turned into yeses in 80% of cases by these processes and where our court and appeal systems are being gamed and used and promoted by the people-smugglers to put people on boats. And the Immigration Minister Tony Burke, we take a media conference from him in the last hour or so. He essentially says this plan won't work, because it doesn't create a deterrent, he says. It only deals with the people already here in Australia. Political reporter Nick Dole in Canberra, thank you. Let's take a look at some of the other stories we're following today with Richard Davies. A Victorian father who drowned his three sons in a dam has lost a High Court bid against his murder convictions. Robert Farquharson was lost a High Court bid to appeal
against his guilty of against his murder convictions. guilty of murdering his three
sons when Robert Farquharson was found
guilty of sons when he crashed his sons into a dam near Winchelsea on into a Father's Day in 2005. He was sentenced to a) minimum 33 years in jail. The High Court has dismissed his bid to appeal against his convictions, meaning he will remain in jail for the full 33-year term. The Victorian Government is under pressure to release two reports into the failures of the State's parole system. 12 people have been murdered in Victoria by parolees over the past 5 years, including a Ballarat woman beaten to death in April in front of her 4-year-old son. Jason John Disney was on parole for a violent rape when he killed Sharon Siermans in April. The State Opposition is calling on the Government to explain the failings. The Minister for Corrections says he's planning to release a review by former justice Ian Callinan in the coming weeks. However, another report from the Office of Correctional Services will not be made public. ACT police have searched motorcycle club headquarters in their investigation into a drive-by shooting at a Canberra tattoo parlour. Four bullet holes were found in the front doors of a tattoo parlour last week with the owner claiming the shooting was related to an outlaw motorcycle gang. This morning, police executed search warrants in Canberra's south targeting the Rebels's clubhouse and two nearby homes. No items of interest have been found and no arrests have been made. Last week we went out to a call via Crime Stoppers and a further call went out yesterday in relation to a suspicious vehicle seen at the location of the suspicious location of the shooting. As a
result of the information we are here executing search warrants today. We are looking for the firearm that we suspect was involved in the shooting. A court has heard a man convicted of murdering two brothers in their Sydney home dressed as a woman to disguise himself. Mario and Albert Frisoli were stabbed to death in 2009. In June this year, their former associate Giuseppe Di Cianni was convicted of the murders. In sentencing submissions, the court heard the attacks were planned and he dressed in women's clothing to hide from CCTV cameras outside the home. They'll both be sentenced at a later date. A Senate inquiry into health impacts of air quality has recommended all coal wagons be covered. Initiated by The Greens, the inquiry looked at key pollution sources like wood industry.
heaters, cars and the mining industry. The report says while air pollution has improved over the last 20 years, it's still a significant problem for certain parts of the population. It recommended all coal wagon fleets be covered and the establishment of buffer zones around populated areas. The local sharemarket is coming under pressure today, reflecting weaknesses on US and European markets last night.

I'll be back with more news later this hour. The US President Barack Obama has condemned the military crackdown in Egypt which has claimed more than 500 lives. Washington has cancelled a joint military exercise with Egypt and called on the government to lift the martial law it imposed yesterday. Supporters of Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi have attacked a government building in the capital and they're continuing to count their dead. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from Cairo and a warning, his report contains some disturbing images. Maintaining the rage and counting the cost. Islamist supporters of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi torched a provincial headquarters in Cairo. While several police killed in clashes with the Islamists were laid to rest. Protesters attacked two police stations outside Cairo and the US urged them to forego violence. It cancelled a planned military exercise Egypt. We planned military exercise with against civilians. We Egypt. We deplore violence against civilians. We support against civilians. universal rights essential to human dignity, universal rights essential right to peaceful protest. oppose the pursuit of martial law. oppose the law. A few blocks from the main massacre, law. A few main massacre, a mosque serves main as a standby morgue. main massacre, a mosque as a standby morgue. The room is as a standby is filled with corpses. is filled Funeral shrouds are wet from melting ice and disinfectant. Some bodies are badly charred, some dismembered and everywhere grieving relatives who accuse the military of an outrageous crime. For this mother, bitter sorrow comes on two fronts - one son is serving in the military, the other lies dead before her. TRANSLATION: My son is serving them and they killed his brother, they killed his brother. Others look to a higher power for justice. Only God is capable of avenging these people. He can do anything. The grief in here is palpable and outside the crowd's chanting "The people want revenge". The coup and now the crackdown have inflicted a terribly deep wound on Egyptian society. Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr says the Egyptian ambassador was called into the Department of Foreign Affairs this morning to discuss the crisis in Egypt. Senator Carr has expressed concern about the loss of lives. Our unequivocal condemnation of the loss of lives, the deaths of demonstrators for which security forces are responsible and must be held responsible. The other message was we expect steps towards reconciliation in Egypt and those steps must include among other things protection of the minorities in Egypt. We're very concerned that the forces unleashed by this violence will result in more anxiety, justified anxiety by the Coptic Christians. But at this stage, the message is a simple one. There should be no more loss of must be reconciliation between
installed as a result
the interim government installed as a result of the interim installed as a result of a
military coup and the Muslim Brotherhood, which lost government as a result of that coup. There can't be a continuation of a peaceful political evolution in this country without such a reconciliation. A wave of car bombs in Baghdad has killed at least 30 people and wounded more than 100. A bomb explode ed near the Green Zone. Groups including al-Qaeda have increased attacks in recent months raising fears of a return to a full-blown civil war. The United States says it's concerned Iraq is being dragged into neighbouring conflicts like Syria's ongoing civil war. Sunni and Shi'ia extremists on both sides of the sectarian divide throughout the region have an ability to be able to threaten Iraq's stability if they're not checked, and al-Qaeda as we have seen has launched a horrific series of assaults on innocent Iraqis, even taking credit for the deplorable bombings this past weekend that targeted families that were celebrating the Eid holiday and this al-Qaeda network we know stretches well beyond Iraq's borders. Time for business news, and the local sharemarket has taken a bit of a hit today? The market fell sharply this morning following losses on US and European markets overnight and local shares are still in the red this afternoon.

Wesfarmers down 3% and David Jones almost 2% lower. Banks weighing on the market. ANZ has fallen almost 3% despite reporting a rise in the profit update. Tony Abbott last night reconfirmed the controversial fringe benefits tax rules would be dumped under a Coalition Government.

ANZ Bank has reported a 7% rise in net profit to $4.7 billion over the 9 months to the end of June, which it says is in line with forecasts. The bank says profits are rising as it pushes further into Asia and reduces costs within the business. And the bank's chief executive Mike Smith says the medium term outlook for Australia is good with low interest rates, a lower dollar and the looming end to the election campaign. Major oil and gas producer Santos has reported a small rise in half-year profits as the falling Australian dollar helped sales. It saw a 3% rise in earnings to $271 million and shareholders will receive a 15 cent dividend. Revenue from falling sales was actually higher falling volumes of oil and gas thanks in part to the lower Australian dollar. thanks in Australian dollar. The company
says thanks in part to the lower Australian dollar. says its LNG gas project in Gladstone, Queensland is on track to Gladstone, track to start production in 2015. In other results out today, APN news media has reported a profit of $12 million after tax for the 6 months to the end of June. That's a huge turnaround from the company's 319 million loss during the same period the year before. The company won't pay an interim dividend. Finally, BHP Billiton says it may charges from US authorities over a corruption investigation. The US securities and exchange commission and Department of Justice have told BHP that action may be taken over the hospitality it provided at the Beijing Olympics and in connection with exploration and development efforts. The issue first surfaced in 2009 when authorities requested information from the miner regarding interaction it had had with foreign government officials. BHP Billiton says that due to the nature of the investigation it's not able to provide further information or predict outcomes. I'll be back with the market's closing figures next hour. This month marks the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first South Sea Islanders to Queensland. Just outside Bundaberg today, a special ceremony is being held to recognise the unmarked graves of dozens of forgotten men, women and children. John Taylor reports from Sunnyside Station. There are no obvious signs, but just behind me is a grave site and beyond marker is the final resting
place of 29 South Sea Islanders, including place of Islanders, including a child. It was proven last year after ground penetrating radar It was proven last year ground penetrating radar was
used, ground penetrating used, and since then it's been Heritage listed after a campaign by property owner and former Federal Labor MP Brian Courtice. It's important to tell the truth, to tell the stories of the past and I think it gives the South Sea Islanders that are buried here some dignity and respect that they certainly earnt. It was 150 years ago that people from islands in the Pacific like Vanuatu were brought to Queensland to act as cheap labour for the State's emerging agricultural injuries. About 63,000 people came here. Some as labourers. Others were kidnapped or tricked and subject to brutal working conditions and racism. At one stage, the death rate among South Sea Islanders was five times that of Europeans and when they did die they were buried in places like this at Sunnyside Station in unmarked graves. It is common, no-one's put their hand up to say where they are. This is the first former sugar plantation that has recognised Heritage listed and now we're going to have a ceremony to dedicate and commemorate the graves. But today, a dedication and commemoration ceremony will take place here involving local leaders and people from the Pacific. It's seen as an opportunity to put these 29 people to final dignified rest and it's also hoped that it will serve as an example for other landholders to acknowledge unmarked graves. Severe weather developing across much of the south-east. Particularly South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and also the southern parts of NSW, including the ACT. There are two components to this severe weather. The potential of damaging winds. Gusts through parts of South Australia, particularly through the south-east, most of Victoria, many parts of Tasmania and also the southern ranges and Tablelands of NSW, looking at the potential of wind gusts around 1-120km/h. Significant winds expected over the next 24 hours. Flood watch through the south-east of South Australia and the Lofty Ranges in Adelaide due to a front-line system moving through at the moment. It is producing widespread, generally light falls, but there's a low pressure system following this front. This low is going to send another front through the south-eastern States on Sunday. We've got 2-3 days of quite moderate to heavy falls through some areas. A flood watch Tasmania. Through the south-east and the Lofty Ranges of South Australia, also through parts of south-western Victoria and we are going to see this rain very widespread across the next 2-3 days although the coldest air not moving through now until about Sunday or Monday at this stage. Elsewhere, though, relatively clear conditions. We could see cloud moving through parts of South East Queensland and NSW during Saturday. Little in the way of rainfall from it, but those strong winds, cool conditions and widespread rainfall across most of the south-east. The ancient Greeks are credited for giving the world philosophy and democracy, but also gave us our idea of and democracy, but perhaps they beauty. There's a new also gave us our idea beauty. There's a new theory
our perception beauty. There's a our perception of true beauty has been shaped by flawless sculptures like the world-famous Venus Di Milo. Behind me is the Archibald fountain, which features a magnificent statue of the God Apollo. Ancient cultures have shaped our modern society in more ways than you might imagine. Dr Alastair Blanshard is an expert in the origins of modern beauty and joins me now. Our society seems to be becoming increasingly more preoccupied with image, but this isn't a new obsession, is it? That's absolutely right. The Greeks themselves who gave us democracy, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy also gave us the beautiful body and it's the pursuit of the beautiful body we've inherited along with other wonderful attributes. How do we differ from the ancient Greeks in the quest for the perfect body? For the ancient Greeks, the perfect body was something that was desirable, but they didn't regard it as attainable. What's unique for us, almost unique within recorded human history is that for the first time we're actually able to achieve the bodies that the Greeks could only dream about that thanks to protein supplements, amino acrid tablets, isolating muscles and working out at the gym we can achieve those bodies that were
a fantasy. What determines this a this idea of a perfect body - who this idea of a perfect who decides? For us, we look to the media, we look to art galleries, all sorts of places to try and get our image of the perfect body. Mountains like the one behind us inspire us as we jog around Hyde Park, but the Greeks say beauty resides in proportion. If you can get your body in proportion, that's where you find beauty. As tall as your outstretched arms, your palms are four fingers wide - those sorts of things were their inspiration. How have you seen this obsession affect societies, is it positive or negative? It's a bit of ambivalence. We think about the contemporary diseases like anorexia, but more recently big-orexia, the desire to take supplements and damage your body and make your body look like this unattainable ideal for the Greeks. The Greeks would be appalled at what we're doing to ourselves. There you have it, some interesting insights into the origins of our obsession with beauty and our modern culture, although I think there is wisdom in the saying that beauty is only skin deep. Don't forget you can watch ABC News 24 at any time, even when you're away from your television. Still to come on Afternoon Live - the crucial role women are expected to play in the future of AFL. The top stories on ABC News 24 - a 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck on New Zealand's South Island. It hit 10 kilometres south-east of the town of Seddon at a depth of 8 from
kilometres. The quake was felt from Christchurch in the south to Auckland in the North Island. It was followed by several aftershocks. The Greens and human rights lawyers have criticised the Coalition's latest announcement on asylum seekers saying it's just a scare tactic to gain votes. The Coalition has announced it would strip asylum seekers of their right to appeal to the refugee tribunal. A Victorian father who drowned his three sons in a dam has lost a High Court bid to appeal against his murder convictions. Robert Farquharson was found guilty of murdering his three sons when he crashed his car into a dam near Winchelsea on Father's Day 2005. He will remain in jail for his full 33-year term. US President Barack Obama has condemned the military crackdown in Egypt which has left at least 600 people dead. Washington has cancelled a joint military exercise with Egypt and called on the government to lift the martial law it imposed yesterday. Supporters of Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi have attacked a government building in the capital. A powerful earthquake has struck south of Wellington in New Zealand with a series of strong aftershocks felt across the country. 6.2 magnitude quake hit this
afternoon with at least 7 aftershocks felt afternoon with at least aftershocks felt from
Christchurch in afternoon with at least 7
aftershocks Christchurch in the South Island to Auckland in the South Island. A microzoning scientist joins me on the phone. Those initial reports was it was a magnitude 6.2, has that been revised up? It has been revised up to 6.6. It's quite a stronger quake? It's quite similar to the quake we had a few weeks ago and it's been the biggest event for a while. What can you tell us about where the epicentre was and at what depth this quake was? This quake was shallow like this one a few weeks ago, but unlike that one, the epicentre was on land, so previously the epicentre was offshore that previous 6.5. That means, of course, the ground shaking in the immediate region surrounding the quake would have been higher this time. It was quite close to the town of Seddon for instance and they would have felt this earthquake much more strongly than the one a few weeks ago. How many aftershocks have been registered and how powerful have they been. There've been numerous or several aftershocks greater than magnitude 5 and that's normal following one of these events especially in the immediate hours following. We expect that to continue for some become gradually less some time, the aftershocks become gradually less frequent,
but we certainly expect further shocks in the next few days. Any clues on how long that might last? You're another couple of days at might last? least? At another couple least? At least. It will least? At least. It will be ongoing for a number of months, but the frequency of aftershocks will decay rapidly after the next week or so. Is this an area that's particularly prone to seismic activity? That's right, it known faults in
is. There are a number of known faults in the Cook Strait region and onshore here in the South Island, so certainly a capable
large number of known faults capable of generating earthquakes up to magnitude 7.5 or so and it has historically also been an area of active seismic activity. We've had previous squarms in the area and background seismic activity. No tsunami alert was issued? That's right. The epicentre of this quake was on land, which means there was no danger of a tsunami. Thank you for joining us this Tony Abbott has revealed more details of his plan to stop the boats. He's drawn inspiration from his mentor John Howard promising to restore temporary protection visas, put non-refugees behind bars and shake up the process for assessing asylum claims. Here's Melissa Clarke. Behind the wheel, and sounding a warning. This is our country and we determine who comes here. Tony Abbott's travelling down a familiar road with the Coalition's approach to asylum seekers announcing today its policy to grant only temporary protection visas to refugees and it would apply retrospectively. The 30,000 people currently here who have come illegally by boat are waiting assessment won't get permanent residency, they will get temporary protection visas. This is a reannouncement of something the Liberal Party announced a long time ago. The Coalition is emphasising its hardline approach at every step. If asylum seekers throw away their documents. They won't go to the back of a queue to wait longer for their permanent visa as is the policy of the Liberal Party. They won't be in the queue at all. If they're processed and rejected, they won't be able to appeal. We want to go back to the non-statutory administrative process. For those found to be refugees and granted attraction protection visas. If they receive welfare benefits, be required to work for those welfare benefits. Tony Abbott is staking his credibility on making a difference from day one. If you can't stop the boats, you're not capable of governing this country. It's a high bar to set. The Coalition leader has pointed to the lowest level of boat arrivals under the Howard Government setting his benchmark should he become Prime Minister at reducing boat arrivals to as little as government.
a year within one term of

more guarded, warning it policy of denying more guarded, warning it of denying resettlement to all asylum of asylum seekers arriving by boat asylum seekers arriving by will take time. This is I think the Liberal will take time. This desperately trying to get this think issue back on the agenda because we have the Papua New Guinea plan in place and it is starting to have some effect. It will take time to have full effect. The Greens say it has nothing to do with stopping the boats. This is all about punishing people who are already here. It doesn't stop already here. It doesn't anyone coming by boat, it doesn't give people safety. It does create a new point of difference with Labor on asylum policy. The Australian Olympic Committee has encouraged athletes to avoid making political statements about Russia's antigay laws at next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. The laws ban any promotion of so-called nontraditional sexual relations and athletes could risk serious consequences if they choose to protest. But gay rights groups are pressuring the IOC to take a strong stance. Since Russia passed its antigay propaganda law in June there's been backlash from the international community. The law bans any public discussion or display of gay rights and relationships anywhere children might see it, and it's punishable with fines, jail time and deportation. But the AOC says it's confident no athletes will be persecuted at next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. We have comfort from the IOC that they have assurances from the Russian Government at the that the Games will take place without discrimination for athletes, for fans, for media, athletes, anybody attending the athletes, for fans, for anybody attending the Games.
While the AOC insists athletes won't be silenced they are being encouraged not to take a stand. We have a view that the Games are not a place for discrimination, we also have a view that the Games are not a place for protest. That's written into the IOC charter. The organisation All Out travelled to the headquarters in Switzerland to deliver a petition with over 3,000 signatures urging action. Right now, holding these elections in Sochi is like holding an Olympics in Johannesburg at the height of apartheid. It flies in the face of what the Olympics are about. The IOC has sought clarification from the Russian Government over how the law will be enforced. And openly gay winter Olympians aren't afraid of any possible ramifications in Sochi. If it takes me getting arrested for people to pay attention and for people to lobby against this law, then I'm willing to take it. There's a lot of ambiguity around this law. If being yourself will get your arrested, that's a statement in yourself. And overnight, Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva spoke out in defence of her country's antigay laws. It's my opinion also. We will allow to promote and do all this stuff on the street. We're very afraid about our nation, because we consider ourself like normal standard people which just lives with boys with women and women with boys. It comes from the history. We never had these problems in Russia and we don't want to have it in the future. Time for sport, and the Wallabies captains have spoken ahead of tomorrow's Bledisloe Cup. Will Genia says Quaid Cooper has responded well to being named on the bench. Ewen McKenzie was widely expected to name Cooper at flyhalf for the clash against the All Blacks but has opted for Matt Toomua. Genia says Toomua has what it says to perform at the top level. He doesn't like to complicate things and has a good kicking and passing game. He's an exceptional defender, so we can look to use that as a strength putting pressure on them in that area. I think he communicates well and organisations really well, as well. He's obviously confidence on the back of the
SuperRugby season and well. He's obviously full of
confidence on the played in the final, as SuperRugby season played in the SuperRugby season and having Collingwood's top four hopes played in the final, as well. Collingwood's top four hopes go
on the line this Collingwood's top on the line this evening when on the they take on the top of on the line this evening ladder Hawthorn at they take on ladder Hawthorn at the MCG .
Interim Brisbane ladder Hawthorn at the Interim Brisbane Lions coach
Mark ladder Hawthorn at the MCG .
Interim Brisbane Mark Harvey says he's not interested in replacing Michael Voss as the interested in Voss as the club's full-time
coach. Voss as the coach. Harvey says he feels for Voss and his family after experiencing a similar situation at Fremantle in 2011. Harvey says he won't be a candidate for the Brisbane vacancy or any other head coaching role. Being a senior assistant coach I've grown in that job, that's where I see myself in football now. I've been through a similar can
snow. You like to think you can coach the team when you've just about got it ready to be on the verge of doing something special. Voss falls into that category. South Sydney welcome back Greg Inglis and John Sutton for their clash with Manly at Gosford this evening. While the Broncos take on Parramatta in Meantime, Ben Barba's manager has confirmed the fullback has sought release from the remaining two years of his NRL contract with the Bulldogs. Barba is currently sidelined with an ankle injury, but has publicly voiced interest in moving to Brisbane with his young family. The move would put both the Broncos and the Titans in prime position to cure his services. And England's fast Fowler Tim Bresnan has been ruled out of the Fifth Test in London with a stress fracture in his lower back. Australia to build momentum for the fifth and final Ashes Test with a 2-day tour and final Ashes Test 2-day tour match against the England Lions starting tonight in Northampton. Shane Watson will take over the captaincy duties will take over the duties with Clarke and his deputy Brad Haddin being rested along with Peter Siddle and Ryan Harris. Phillip Hughes is hoping to impress and gain selection in the Fifth Test. I respect where they were coming from and I wasn't in the balance of the last two Test matches and I understand that, but I think this is going to be my first game since I've been dropped. Hopefully I can score runs and put my name in front of selectors for the Fifth Test. Marion Bartoli has spoken emotionally about her immediate retirement from tennis, just six weeks after winning her first Major title at Wimbledon. The 28-year-old world No.7 spoke with the WTA. I really push my body to win this tournament and I just can't do it anymore. My Achilles was hurting me so much and last week it was my abs and this week it was my lower back and my shoulder again and my Achilles. So it's really my whole body, it's just too tired and exhausted from all of this. So deep inside me, it's time now to do something else. And that's sport for now, but I'll be back with another update next hour. While the AFL remains embroiled in the scandal over Essendon's supplements program, the game is marking an important part of its history this weekend. It's the 80th anniversary of one of the earliest recorded women's matches. A game between women representing Carlton and Richmond at Princes Park in Melbourne in August 1933. A football historian says women are becoming increasingly crucial to the future of AFL. To discuss this I'm joined by Associate Professor Rob Hess from Victoria University. There are plenty of female fans of the AFL, but give us an idea of how deeply their involvement goes in the sport? If we look at history and the earliest reports of the game back in 1858 when the game began back in Melbourne, newspaper commentators went out of their way to observe that almost half the crowd were female. So right from the origins of the game, women made up between 40-50% of the crowd and a similar proportion of membership of clubs. That's quite a phenomenal unique aspect of the game which is not matched in any other football code in the world. These days it's extending to umpires and trainingers and staff? Yes, across the board in administrative roles and in some coaching roles as well and even as we know there are female AFL commissioners. The AFL does want a nationally televised women's competition by 2020, is that realistic? I think it is, because the people in charge of women's football have now commenced training squads for 12 and 14-year-olds to develop them as elite footballers in the lead-up to 2020. It's not a case of plucking people off and thinking you can have a
national competition. There's a lot of planning, forethought and resources been making sure when the women
participate in making sure when the competition they will be the participate best female footballers in competition they will best female footballers in the best female land. If this land. If this first game between women was 80 years ago why has it taken so long for a strong women's competition to develop? It's an interesting phenomenon given phenomenon given the quite spectatorship of women. I investigated why that was and found out that women's games had been played since 1915 in Perth, but they were very much stop-start. They'd play maybe a season or a game and not play again for many years after and part of the reason for this was they were denied access to the facilities that men Campbell Newman deered. When could women play the game? Only on a Saturday and the men's competitions were playing on a Saturday. It was only when the season ended that women could get access. When they played it was seen as a novelty and laughed off by commentators, but the women themselves took it seriously. In the game in 1933, for example, an advertisement was put in the paper. 80 girls turned up to practice for the match that was going to take place. In more recent times, of course, there've been the supplements scandal. What impact do you think a scandal like that is going to have on the level of women's support or the willingness of mums and dads to actually let their kids participate? It's a one. The brand of the AFL itself has been damaged and they are the keepers of the code they are the code in many respects. There's a love and a latent a love and a latent interest by people in Australian rules football to actually want to play the game. That love of the game won't be diminished, but the brand of the AFL itself has been damaged and there might be second thoughts about having a youngster involved in an elite Football Club when these scandals go on. Football historian RobHess thank you for joining us. The Northern Territory cash for container scheme is again in danger of folding, with some doors.
recycling depots closing their doors. Plants operation in Alice Springs, Elliott and Tennant Creek have already shut. Territory Metals says the type of sorting demanded by drink companies is costing collectors too much. For more, I'm joined from Darwin by reporter Phoebe Stewart. How did this program which has had a troubled past, how did it hit this latest road block? Just to give you quick background, the Territory Government has been running the scheme for the last 4 months. Up until last week when it won an exemption from the mutual recognition act to overcome a legal ruling against the scheme. The drink companies took over control of the scheme, but yesterday depots closed their doors. They said drink companies are asking too much. They're asking for depots to sort all of their products into 24 different categories instead of 8 and this costs too much to keep running. This has left the Territory with one recycling depot in Darwin. The Territory Minister in charge of the scheme says he's very disappointed and says the Government is helping negotiations between the drink he
companies and the depots. But he hopes it will be sorted out soon, but if it isn't he'll introduce legislation later this year. They've got to come to the party here and pay a fair and reasonable cost to the collection Deppoes and that's where the argument is at the moment. My understanding is the beverage industry want to pay collection depots less than they pay in South Australia. That's not fair. In South Australia they have to do eight splits, in the Northern Territory 24. That's costly. This is their arrangements they put in place and it is something we're hoping to be able to straighten out with changes to the legislation. Phoebe Stewart, what's been the reaction from the public there to this latest hitch? Cars were lined up at Darwin's only depot and people are really disappointed. They're enjoying the opportunity to recycle and enjoying the opportunity earn money for the recycling
and here's a earn money for and here's a few of them. earn money for the and here's a few of them. I thought it had been sorted out thought it had when they went to thought it had been sorted when they went to court, but when they went you never know. I guess it's difficult, isn't it? We're just collecting for charity and it's making it harder for everybody. It's ridiculous that it can't be Australiawide to tell you the honest truth. It should not be anything to do with a State Government, it should be completely Australiawide. Look at all the cans coming in here. Just tonnes and tonnes of them. I am saddened, yes. As a whole, we should try and recycle as much as we could. Hopefully it can be sorted out thanks to our reporter in Darwin, Phoebe Stewart. It weighs just one kilogram and it's been described as looking like a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear, but the olinguito is making a big impact in the world of science. It's the first new carnivorous mammal to be discovered in the western hemisphere for 35 years and although its natural habitat is the cloud forests of Columbia and Ecuador, the team that discovered it found it closer to home. Meet the olinguito, the newest addition to the raccoon family and now known to be living in the northern Andes. Until now, its existence was overlooked because scientists had mislabelled specimens stored in a museum in Chicago. The discovery was made by a Smithsonian zoologist. In here, I have lots of treasures. This is filled with new series and these are olinguito. This doctor took 10 years to prove his discovery. DNA confirmed the findings. Today's formal announcement was made in the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian institution. I feel wonderful. Really We've published
relieved. Ten years in coming. We've published the paper today, we've named this new animal. Feel wonderful. Remarkably, the doctor found living olinguito in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Columbia, although most of his research was carried out behind the scenes in the world's largest museum collection. There are 600,000 specimens here at the Natural History Museum and although some are more than a century old, recent years it's become
possible to extract DNA from them and that's led to new discoveries such as the olinguito. By comparing samples from different raccoon specimens, the doctor was able to pin-down the new species. This changes our way of thinking about collections because today we can do so much more with them, because of DNA studies, we can learn about the species. The olinguito is the first new carnivore in the western hemisphere since the discovery of the Colombian weasel. The story reminds us the world is not yet explored and for mammals the age of discovery is far from over. The olinguito makes us think, what else is still out there? What is almost certain is that any future discovery like the olinguito will begin in one of the world's museum collections. Foot age Indigenous tribes have been released by the Government. Members of the nomadic Kagwahiva tribe are known to have little contact with Indigenous tribes or the outside world. They were first discovered in 1999 and it's unknown how many tribe members there are. In recent years, some of their land has been lost to loggers and farmers. The Government has since reserved land for the tribe. Time to check the weather now and severe weather developing across much of the south-east. A cold front sweeping into South Australia at the moment bringing widespread rain and the potential for damaging winds, but those damaging winds are expected to be felt through most of Victoria, the southern Tableland and ranges of NSW, and across parts of Tasmania, but we also have a flood watch for the south-eastern districts of South Australia as well as the Mount Lofty ranges. Not only this front, but another one following it and a deep low pressure system is going to maintain shower activity across the south-east of South Australia. We're expecting 50-60, potentially 80 millimetres of rainfall across this region into the south-west of Victoria over the next couple of days. For Victoria, the south-west corner a flood watch for a couple of the river basins and a flood watch reissued across river basins of Tasmania. The strongest winds
are more Tasmania. The strongest are more likely in association
with Tasmania. The strongest winds
are more Potential gusts of with this front-line system. Potential gusts of around 100 Potential gusts of around stronger winds about to 120km/h, particularly those stronger winds about the higher parts of stronger winds about the parts of the region. Then low pressure system will deepen and maintain low pressure system and maintain strong winds
across Tasmania low pressure system will deepen
and across Tasmania through the
weekend. and maintain strong winds
across Tasmania weekend. It will also see that rainfall weekend. It will also rainfall persist through South Australia, Victoria and into Tasmania. On Australia, Victoria Tasmania. On Saturday, that front moves into the Tasman, a bit of cloud with it, but little rainfall. We could see isolated thunderstorms through parts of South East Queensland and the southern inland and bordering areas of NSW.

showers redevelop as we move
into Sunday. This is as the next frontal system moves through as that deep low starts to move closer to Tasmania. That's going to bring another burst of quite heavy rainfall and we'll see a continuation of these widespread showers and in behind it much cooler air, also sweeping up into the as
south-east, even as far north as Queensland as we move into Tuesday but still expecting to see those very windy and wet conditions to end off the weekend in the south, Live on News
Kim.You're watching Afternoon Live on News 24 and when we come back we've have the latest from the campaign trail on a day that the political debate is being dominated by asylum policy.

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Live.This is Afternoon News 24. Hello, I'm Kim Landers. Our top story today - Landers. Tony Abbott resurrects a Howard Government policy promising to take an even tougher stance on aslyum seekers.This is our country and we determine who comes here.Refugee advocates say the policy could breach Australia's United Nations

Also this afternoon - a 6.6 magnitude earthquake shakes New Zealand's capital disrupting traffic, public transport and unbowed
power supplies.Bloodied but vow to
unbowed pro-Morsi supporters vow to return to the streets of Cairo after Friday prayers. And scientists discover a new mammal described z a cross between a cat and a teddy bear.The fell election campaign has sparked another plan to deal with aslyum seekers. The Opposition Leader is promising that those granted refugee status in Australia will be tut put on temp ray protection visas and put into a work for the dole program indefinitely. In return to Howard era policies, Tony Abbott has declared we will determine who comes here. He's also visited a major trucking company today to continue his campaign against the carbon tax. The PM meanwhile has been campaigning in Perth. Announcing the city will be the headquarters for Australia's first oil and gas innovation partnership. Nick Dole will be with us in a let's take a look at the leader's day.Are you leader's day.Are you one of those big fellas or a smaller vehicle.I'm on one of these ones.Good vehicle.I'm on one ones.Good stuff. I got out of the truck ones.Good stuff. I got the truck and I the truck and I felt literally wrung out mate. It might be easy for you wrung out mate. It easy for you mate, not for me. There easy for you mate, women
There aren't all that many women in the transport industry?There's women in industry?There's a few of us, yeah.Hopefully you'll have a better Government, mates, that's what we want the to that's what do.We're working as hard as we can. What I believe is important is you don't just walk past and pretend there's not a problem. No-one in this country should be forced to sleep rough.Are you in year 7? Have fun.For the latest on the campaign I'm joined now by Nick Dole who is in Canberra. The PM's continued his charm offensive in WA?Yes he has indeed and just this afternoon a short time ago he's been making has way through a shopping centre in the highly got a
marginal seat of Swan and he got a very good reception, lots of baby kissing and photographs with many of the people who came out to see him no, doubt thrilled to see the PM and all the cameras as well but Swan is definitely a seat that Labor is hoping to take back, it's currently held by the Liberals Steve Irons on a margin of 2.5%. Apart from hoping to win Swan, Labor's also hoping to take Hasluck and hopefully hang on to the seat of Perth, formarily held by Stephen Smith but even though his focus today was on WA he was getting a lot of questions about the policy that he announced yesterday in the Top End, of course Kevin Rudd announced that by 2018 hi wants to see a much lower company tax rate in the Northern Territory and today some of these ministers have really said a few things which raise questions as to how much consultation was taken place, Bill Shorten said he didn't even know about the announcement before it was made and the resources Minister has said that this is a policy direction but there's stale lot of detail to work out so some reporters at a media conference earlier today in Perth asked Mr Rudd whether or not this was a policy on the run and this is his response.Not at all. It is a first class policy for the Northern Territory's future and if you think that it's about an internal debate about processes which I assume is where our political opponents would want to take it, I'm not going there. The Northern Territory wants their Territory developed and I'm standing 100% behind the policy, the Treasurer stands 100% behind the policy, the Finance Minister stands behind 100% of the policy. Everyone can bleat about it in the south as much as they like. I'm concerned about developing the north.While Kevin Rudd campaigns there in the west, Nick Dole, less eat it's Act a seat on the other side of the country and there's now polling data out on the Queensland seat of Forde?Yes, this is the seat currently held by the LNP but that Labor is hoping that Peter Beattie will win, of course, it was an extraordinary revelation early when the PM announced the former Queensland Premier would be taking on the LNP's candidate in that seat and certainly Peter Beattie said it would be a tough fight and this latest poll certainly indicates it will be very tough for Peter Beattie to win that seat. This is a JWS research poll published by the 'Financial Review' today and it's currently showing that the LNP is leading 60-40 on a two-party preferred base nis the seat of Forde, I should paint out the margin of error is 4.2% but even by that measure there's a very large gull f between these two gentleman so attempt it looks like Peter Beattie will have to work even harder to take the seat of taking the seat of Forde and seats like Forde, peebl has said, really if he doesn't win Forde he doesn't think that kab can win.Yieks for Peter Beattie there. To the Opposition now. Seen more policy details from Tony Abbott on this issue of border protection?That's right. Essentially we've seen a binding together of a number of ideas that this Coalition has been putting out for the last three years or so. Essentially there would be an extension if you like to the TPV program and Tony Abbott and zoms Scott Morrison say that the 30,000 or Morrison say that the 30,000 people waiting for their people futures determined will futures determined with the granted any right s to permanent residency. On top of that, there would be a compulsory work for the dole scheme for those who are here getting welfare and there would also be a streamlining or I guess a circumstance vention guess a circumstance vention of some of the appeals processes because the Opposition says at the moment too many of these things are going from appeal to appeal and he thinks that some people are abusing the system, Scott Morrison that is, so let's hear a little from those two gentleman starting off be with Tony Abbott who is sounding a t lo like John Howard did in the mid-2000s?This is our country and we determine who comes here.We want to tend tick and flick approach of this Government ha has send nine out of 10 people found to be refugees when that doesn't match what we're seeing in other places around the world, and wee want to end the process where nos turned into yeses by 80% of those processes and where our court and appeals systems are being gamed and used a promoteed by the people smugglers to put people on boats.Kim, Tony Burke the Immigration Minister was asked about this policy in a media conference about an hour or so ago and said this would have no real effect when it comes to creating a deterrence so Tony Burke really thinks that this policy is more about Ing those already here.All we have from the Coalition today is a situation where they have made an announcement, to show how tough they, they've made an announcement to show that they can be mean just for the announcement of it, knowing full well even under their own description that it's Ireland envelope rapt to whether or not people will get on a boat.And Tony Burke also thinks that the Coalition's plan may be counterproductivity. He says under this plan it would mean that all appeals potentially could end up in the High Court and Tony Abbott - Tony Burke says essentially that would be counterproductive because that might create a backlog in the High Court.David Manne is a lawyer and migration agent with the Melbourne based refugee and immigration legal centre. He too is citizening the on
Coalition's latest announcement on asleerk policy.It's profoundly concerning and likely to seriously violate certainly rights that refugees and aslyum seekers should be afforded. One of the crucial problems here is that people iminto,
would be held in terrible iminto, terrible uncertainty as refugees in their lives and at the same time denied some very basic rights for example the right to travel documents, the right to travel and also really concerning here is the denial of the ability to have a durable solution, what's called a durable solution, where people are able to settle in safety with some sense of security for the future so the importance of naturalisation for example, of people who are found to be rfng rveing would be denied. We know these policies don't work, they don't deter people but they also seriously harm and violate the rights of people.The US President Obama has condemned the military crackdown in Egypt which has claimed more than 500 lives. Washington has cancelled a joint military exercise with Egypt and called on the Government to lift the martial law imitself imposed yesterday. Supporters of Mohammed Morsi have attacked a Government building in the capital and they're continuing to count their dead. A warning - this report contains some disturbing images.Maintaining the rage and counting the cost. Islamist supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi torched a provincial headquarters in Cairo, while several police killed in clashes with the Islamists were laid to rest. Protesters attacked two police stations outside Cairo and the US urged them to... But it also condemned the crackdown by the security forces and cancelled a plan military exercise with Egypt.With edeplore violence against civilians, we support universal rights essential to human dignity including the right to peaceful protest. We oppose law.A few blokes from the oppose the pursuit of martial law.A few blokes from massacre, a mosque serves law.A few blokes from the main massacre, a mosque standby morgue, the room massacre, a mosque serves as a standby morgue, the room is
filled with standby morgue, the room filled with kourpss, funeral filled with kourpss, shrouds are wet from shrouds are wet ice shrouds are wet from melting
ice and disinfectant. Some ice and bodies are badly dismembered and everywhere grieving relatives who and military of an outrageous crime. For relatives who accuse the
military of crime. military of an outrageous sorrow comes on crime. For this mother bitter sorrow comes on two front, one
son sorrow comes on son is serving in the the other lies dead before her. TRANSLATION: My son is serving them and they killed his procedure brother,.They strategic solace in a burned hold you book while others look to a higher power for justice. TRANSLATION: Only god is capable of avenging these people. He can do anything.The grief in here is palpable and outside the crowds chanting "the people want revenge." The coup and now the crackdown have inflicted a terribly deep wound on Egyptian society.To discuss the situation in Egypt I'm joined now by Professor Sycl, e Professor, Islamists in Egypt are calling for a Friday of anger after this crackdown on protesters, is this psychole of violence set to continue?I think it's tightly likely simply because that no - followers of Muslim Brotherhood feel a lot more bruised than they were before and of course there are elements among them that you could like to seek revenge and they well use today's prayers, that's Friday prayer, in order to once again demonstrate their defiance of the martial law which has been imposed in the country.How do you think that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters will fight back against this crackdown?The initial stage obviously is going to be peaceful resistance and maybe they'll continue demonstrations but at the same time there maybe elements among them that would like to attack various buildings as they have already done and certain police stations and of course the military and the police will retaliate and that will result in more blood smed and so we're going to see a very vicious cycle of violence and counterviolence.What does this say about political Islam because after all the Muslim Brotherhood, its political win, it did win a Presidential election election in Egypt, are the moves against it all about making sure that political Islamists don't have power? This country?

The objective of the military and indeed the civilian government it has installed has been to do whatever they can to marginalise the Muslim Brotherhood so it would not be able to achieve any electoral triumph in the future. It's going to be difficult for the Egyptian authorities to kill an ideological group. The United found
States and its allies have found through bitter experience with the Taliban they haven't been able to marginalise or eliminate the Taliban over the last decade or so. The United States want to negotiate with the Taliban. It's extremely important for the Egyptian authorities to be more inclusive in trying to incorporate the Muslim Brotherhood into the political system rather than trying to seek to marginalise it and arrest many of its leaders. How do you break this nexus between the interim government which is promising to hold future elections, but those who are still dissatisfied with the fact that Mohamed Morsi was even tossed out in the first place? Under the current circumstances it's a very difficult job. One suggestion I have is for the former Amir of Qatar who had good relation s to play a mediating role and perhaps he is one of the few people in the region who could play an effective role in terms of bringing the two sides together. One can't really be terribly hopeful about that, as long as the martial law prevails and as long as the military continues to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood and as long as members of the Muslim Brotherhood engage in arsenic attacks and, of course, on a tax on protestations and charges and so on. Professor Amin Saikal great to get your thoughts this afternoon. Let's take a look at other stories we're following today. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake has struck on New Zealand's South Island. It hit about 10 kilometres south-east of the town of Seddon at a depth of 8 from
kilometres. The quake was felt Island
from Christchurch in the South Island to Auckland in the north and was followed by several aftershocks. Traffic was brought to a stand still in the capital Wellington, with just some minor damage reported. One house in Seddon right One house in Seddon right near the epicentre partially collapsed the collapsed and lost its