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(generated from captions) stand-by morgue. The room is filled with corpses. Funeral shrouds are wet from melting ice and disinfectant. Some bodies are badly charred, some dismember and everywhere, grieving relatives who accuse the military of an outrageous crime. For this mother, bitter sorrow comes on two fronts. One son is serving in the military; the other lies dead before her.

My son is serving them and they killed his brother. They killed his brother! The pious seek solace in a burned holy book while others look to a higher power for God higher power for justice.Only these people. He can do anything. The grief in anything. The grief in here is palpable. Outside the crowd's chanting "The people want revenge". The coup and now the crackdown have inflicted a terribly deep wound on Egyptian society. About 20 people have been killed and at least 200 injured in a bomb blast in Beirut. It happened in an area traditionally seen as a Hezbollah stronghold. Are linking the attack to the war in neighbouring Syria. A warning, this story too contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. They struck at the heart of Hezbollah's stronghold in Lebanon. A powerful car bomb went off close to a complex used by this Shia armed group but this was a crowded area. Dozens of civilians were killed and injured. Many others were trapped in buildings which were engulfed in flames. It wasn't the first attack in this district. A month ago, dozens were killed in a car bombing in a nearby neighbourhood. There was no claim of responsibility at the time, but many linked it to Hezbollah's role in Syria's war. Now this Ishah brigade admited it carried out the operations. Little is known about the group.We send the second message to you Hezbollah and others like you but you are not understanding our message and we promise it won'ting the last. This isn't the first fallout from the Syrian war. Lebanon is divided between those who oppose the Syrian government and those who support the Syrian opposition but the divide is not just political. The war in Syria has unleashed sectarian tensions. And those tensions have spilled across the region. Lebanon included. Hezbollah is not the absolute security of its heartland. The problem is that it has become now an open pro drag taste in two conflicts, one within Lebanon and one within Syria. Those two conflicts have meshed into one. Lebanon's stated policy has long been to disassociate itself from its neighbour's conflict but the main political players have chosen err otherwise. Even in Syria it's no longer seen as a fight between the Syrian government and the rebels. When you talk to those in the opposition, they will tell you in their eyes the regime has already fallen. They say they are fighting the allies of the Syrian President Bashir al-Assad, namely, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. For Hezbollah, Syria's war is a conspiracy and it has long justified its involvement as a form of survival. But the group responsible for the explosion promised more attacks if Hezbollah continues to fight government. This
alongside the Syrian government. This may not be the last bombing. There've been more kor bams in Iraq. In Baghdad, at least 30 people died and 100 were injured. One bomb exploded near the highly fortified Green Zone which houses western embassies. Militant groups including al-Qaeda have increased attacks in recent months, raising fears of a return to a full-blown civil war. The Australian Olympic Committee has encouraged athletes not to make a political statement about Russia's anti-gay laws at next year's Winter Olympics in Socchi. The laws ban any promotion of what's called non-traditional sexual relations and athletes could risk serious consequences if they choose to protest. But gay rights groups are pressuring the IOC to take a strong stance. Since Russia passed its so-called anti-gay propaganda law in June, there's been growing backlash from the international community. The law bans any public discussion or display of gay rights and relationships anywhere children might see it. And it's punishable with fines, jail time and deportation, but the AOC says it's confident no athletes will be persecuted at next year's Winter Olympics in Socchi.We have comfort from the IOC that they have assurances from the Russian government at the highest level that the games will take place without any discrimination for athletes, for fans, for media, anybody attending the games. While the AOC insists athletes won't be silenced, they are being encouraged not to take a stand.We have a view that the games are not a place for discrimination. We also have a view that the games are not a place for protest. That's written into the Olympic charter, the IOC charters. A gay rights organisation recently traveled to the IOC's head quarters in Switzerland to deliver with a petition with over 300,000 signatures urging Olympics
action.Right now holding these Olympics in Socchi, with these anti-gay law on the books is like holding an Olympics in Joe mans burg at the height of apartheid. It flies in the face whaft Olympics are supposed to be about. The IOC has taken notice of the noise. It's since sought clarification from the law
Russian government over how the law will be enforced and open gay win tear Olympians aren't afraid of any possible ramifications in Socchi.If it takes me getting arrested for people to pay attention and for people to lobby against this law, then I'm willing to take it.There's a lot with this law, it.There's a lot of ambiguity with this law, and I guess if with this law, and I just being yourself will get you arrested just being yourself you arrested that's a statement
in just being yourself will get
you arrested in itself. But the athletes' more immediate focus is first securing qualification for the games.

Overnight, Russian pole vaulter Isanbayeva spoke out in defence of Russia's proposed anti-gay laws.It's my opinion also, if we allow to promote and you know, do all this stuff on the street, we're very afraid about our nations, because we ... um ... consider ourselves like normal standard people, which lives with boys with womans, womans with boys, you know, everything must be fine here. It comes from the history. So we never had any problems, I mean these problems in Russia and we don't want to have it in the future. She's the face of the World Championships in Russia, least for the moment. We're just about to go to sport. Before we do, I will just mention that the Prime Minister is expected to step up for a media conference in Perth at some stage there's no fixed time nor that, so he could pop up at any minute. Hopefully that won't happen, hopefully we won't be crossing to black but we plan to cross live to Perth just as soon as the Prime Minister steps up for that media conference. Time now for sport with Amy. Amy, Wallabies coach Ewen Mackenzie faces his first big Test form?There will be a lot of people watch nag game very close lip. The Wallabies themselves say they're determined to start the Mackenzie era off on a winning note and it all begins tomorrow night when they clash with New Zealand in Sydney. It's been 11 years since Australia last won the Bledisloe Cup. But this year, new coach Ewen Mackenzie says he has the formula to bring back the silverware.I think we're well set up. We have a good balance in the team. We've experience and youth. Many thought Quade Cooper would be Mackenzie's first-choice fly half, based on the duo's success with Queensland but half, based on the he's opted for Brumbies playmaker Matt Toomua.Played good football all year. That's a good starting point. He has been a man good football all year. That's been a man for all occasions. Has got all the facets of the game covered.The 23-year-old helped guide the Brumbies to this year's SuperRugby final. It will be Matt Toomua's first taste of Test rugby after injury prevented call-up last year.Obviously had a rough run with injury last year but I feel in year has gone pretty well. In terms of confidence I'm pretty excited about it all.Incumbent No. 10 James O'Connor has been shifted to the wing while Cooper will be injected into the match from the bench.He's disappointed you know, unfortunately that's t that's the nature of the business. The All Blacks will be missing star fly half Dan Carter through injury but captain Ritchie McCaw returns.He's pretty keen. And he's been sitting back watching.McCaw sat out most of this year's SuperRugby season in a bid to prolong his international career. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says the AFL Commission is the right body to hear the charges against the Essendon Football Club and four. Its senior figures. Andrew Demetriou says he homes the matter will be resolved at the commission meeting on August 26. James Hird's legal team has called for an independent body to hear the charges, but Demetriou says there's no conflict of interest.To the best of my knowledge and in the time I've been involved in football, has always acted in the best interests of the group. It's independent. It adjudicates on every rule and regulation in the competition. It also adjudicates sometimes from time to time when it has to deal with issues where the rules are challenged. It habits independently. It - it acts independently. It has no vested interests from clubs. I think in the main it's acted independently very successfully.

Wests Tigers fans have received some good news with captain Robbie Farrah extending his contract with the club. It will see him through to the end of the 2017 season. Meantime, Ben Barba's manager has confirmed the fullback has sought a release from the remaining two years of his NRL contract with the Bulldogs. Barba is currently sideline the with an ankle injury but has publicly voiced his interest in moving to Brisbane with his young family. The move would put both the Broncos and Titans in prime position to secure his services should he be granted a release. England's fast bowler Tim Bresnan has been ruled out of the of the fifth fst in London with a stress fracture in his lower back. With Chris Tremleett and Steve Finn in the running to be his replacement. Australia will have a two day tour match against the England Lions starting tonight in Northampton. Shane Watson takes over the captaincy duties with Clarke and Haddin being rested along with Sid ymed and Harris. Phil Hughes is hoping to impress and gain selection in the fifth Test.I respect where they were coming from. This is going to be my first game since I have been dropped. Hopefully can I score as many runs as possible and put my name in front of selectors for the fifth Test. Canberra's Zoe Buckman has finished in seventh smot in the 1,500m final at the smot in the in
World Athletics Championships smot in the 1,500m final at the in Moscow. Buckman finished just 3 in Moscow. Buckman gold medal just 3 seconds behind gold medal winner, Abeba
Aregawi, with Jennifer Simpson second and Hellen Biri third. Marion Bartoli has spoken emotionally about her immediate retirement from tennis just six weeks after winning her first major title at Wimbledon. The 28-year-old world No. 7 spoke with the WTA.I really pushed my body to the limits to win this Wimbledon and I just can't do it any more. My Achilles was hurting me so much. And last week it was my abs. And this week it was my lower back and my shoulder again. And my Achilles. So it's really my whole body, it's just too tired and exhausted from all of this. So deep inside me, it's time now to do something else. Sorry to see her go but she will be remembering that Wimbledon title for a long time to come.Thanks Amy.The olingito weighs just 1 kg and has been described as a cross between a cat and a teddy bear. It's making a big impact in the world of science. It's the first new carnivorous mammal to be discovered in the west for 3 5 years. Meet the newest addition to the raccoon family and now known to be living in the northern Andes. Until now, its existence was overlooked because scientists had mislabelled specimens stored in a museum in Chicago. The discovery was made by a Smithsonian zoologist.In here, I have lots of treasures. This is filled with new species. And these are olangit, to s. This doctor took 10 years to prove his discovery. DNA confirmed the findings. Today's formal announcement was made in the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian institution.I feel wonderful. Well relieved. 10 years in oimed named this new animal. Feel wonderful. Remarkably, the doctor also found living orlongitos in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Columbia although most of his research was carried out behind the scenes in the world's largest museum collection. There are 600,000 specimens here at the Natural History Museum. And although some are more than a century old, in recent years, it's become possible to extract DNA from them. And that's led to new discoveries such as the olongito. By comparing samples from different raccoon specimens, the doctor was able to pin down the new species..This changes our way of thinking about collection. Because today, we can do so much more with them. Because of genomics, because of DNA sturdies, we can learn about the species.This is the first new carnivore in the western hemisphere since the discovery of the Colombian weasel.The story reminds us that the world is not yet explored. For mammals the age of discovery is far from over. The olangito makes us think, what else is still out there? What is almost certain is that any future discovery like the olongito will begin in one of the world's museum collections.

A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand's South Island near the capital Wellington. The quick with aing a tud of 6.2 struck close to the town of Seddon at a depth of 8 kilometres. It's about 60 ks away from Wellington . There've also been several powerful aftershocks but so far no reports of widespread structural damage and no tsunami threat was issued. The Greens and human rights lawyers have criticised the coalition's latest announcement on asylum seekers, saying it's just a scare tactic to gain votes. This morning the coalition announced it would strip asylum seekers of their right to appeal to the refugee tribunal. At least one human rights lawyer says the policy breaches Australia's United Nations obligations. The UN Security Council has urged all parties in Egypt to end the violence and exercise maximum restraint. More than 600 people have died in protests seekth the return of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. The 15 member Security Council was briefed on the situation behind closed doors on the request of council members France, Britain and Australia. And a bomb has exploded in a densely populate the area of Beirut, killing at least 14 people and injuring around 200 others. It destroyed several nearby buildings and cars. The area is a known Hezbollah strong homed and the attack is thought to be in rethalation for its support of the Syrian regime. A series of strong earthquakes and aftershocks have struck New Zealand's South Island. The strongest hit near the town of Seddon.

Joining us now on Joining us now is the principal of Joining us now on the phone is the principal of thorndon school in Wellington's Welcome. What school in Wellington's CBD.
Welcome. What was it like when this hit?It was very dwsh it was distressing, upsetting and - it was a major shock. - it was a major shock. I'm still probably sound a little bit shaken at the moment. It takes a little while to recover after something like that.Was school in session?It was. We finish at about 3. So our last major quake was on a Sunday during our school holidays. And we had a little - we didn't have any significant damage to the school. We had it checked out by engineers. But once we had the students back at school, of course, we took the opportunity while everything was fresh to go over all the earthquake procedures and drills and things like that. So it was gratifying to see how well the children responded, getting under the tables, doing their turtle, and then evacuating out to our field and so I think the student, although some were quite distressed, managed and handled it really, really well. Very pleased. So were you in the office or were new one of the classrooms when it happened?Um ... I was in my office, which it suspended above a bridge arrangement. And it was swaying significantly. I was under my table fairly quickly. The reports you've got from all the teachers is that the kids were able to - talk us through what actually happens when an earthquake hits in a school?Our procedure is if the kids are inside the classroom, they should get underneath of the table or if they're not their tables, hold onto the leg close of close to a table or space, of the table or if they're close to a table or space, get
into into a turtle position with their head down, their hands over their neck area. Yep.Not looking to the side 'cause glass might break and could come into into their faces. Hold that position until the all clear is given by their teacher. So the teacher then goes out and makes sure that the pathway to the assembly area is clear of danger. And then they evacuate to the assembly area and we take a roll to make sure that everybody's present and safe and because we've got a lot of public servants amongst our parents, being in the CBDa lot of them had to evacuate their buildings and so a lot of them made their way to school. So we had quite a lot of parents here before 3 o'clock.And so did the teachers say that the kids, it all went pretty smoothly with the kids diving straight under the tables?Yeah. Once the major part, the shake was over ... Once you started stopped swinging?Yeah, I got into one of the classrooms. The kids were still under the tables, all in the emergency position. Waiting for their teacher to give them the all clear. So you know, from what I saw, it was great. We have like suspended lightness and things and they were still swinging back and forwards at that stage. There was quite a lot of things going on. What kind of effect does it have on kids? I guess it's hard for some people in Australia to understand, but when there are repeated tremors. I was in Christchurch after the earthquake in and was struck by constant tremors through the days following in Christchurch. That's something that the people of New Zealand live with?You do - it increases your sensitivity to those little tremors. You know, yeah, Wellington always historically has been a place that's had some shakes. But since Christchurch and since the last major quake on the Sunday quake, people have been responding a lot more - they're a lot more sensitised. They're a lot more alert. A small shake will - you can see on people's faces that they're ready. Whereas they were quite blase about shakes previously. We heard that there were - and up mentioned that there were some buildings, there was some glass damage in some buildings in the city. There were no broken windows or anything like that at your school?No, I nt can't see any damage. There was a knew things fallen off shelves, but other than that, we're good. We have prepared ourselves for tsunami evacuation because we're in the tsunami zone. But there was no tsunami warning. It didn't tick off the criteria for a tsunami evacuation.Thanks for talking to us. Good to hear there it was no damage at your school.That's fine, cheers. Let's cross live now to Perth, where the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has just stepped up for a media conference there with on behalf of several gentlemen. He's in
Perth.Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the three WA era partners represented today by Dr Tom Hatton and his Shirley Inveld ever the CSIRO, Vice-Chancellor Paul Johnson of the University of Western Australia and deputy Vice-Chancellor Graham Wright of Curtin University and acknowledging APIA chief operating officer Steadman Ellis who's also the chair of the WA era industry advisory group and the industry members present, I'd like to welcome you here to the Australian resources research centre. I'm CEO of the Western Australian energy research alliance which next month will celebrate 10 months of working collaboratively between the CSIRO, Curtin and the University of Western Australia. Most of our work is linked to the upstream oil and gas industry and trying to make a real difference in terms of research, development and education. We've been built over that 10 years with the support of Western Australian and Commonwealth Government funding. Quite recently, last year in September, Minister Evans announced 48.4 million dollars in Commonwealth education investment fund support to establish a national geosequestration laboratory based here. Which is responsible for the science around keeping carbon dioxide underground for a thousand plus years and therefore taking it out of the atmosphere where it's obviously a greenhouse gas of concern. Only last week, Minister Car rshs announced for our partners two major things in relation to the supercomputer centre just slightly up the hill there and also funding in terms of the science and industry endowment fund for the advanced resources characterisation facility. On behalf of the WA era joint venture and its collaborators. I'm delighted that the prnld and senior ministers are here today to make further important announcements and invite him to do so. Thanks, Kim.It's great to be back in Perth. Great to be back here at this fantastic facility. To key Kim Bills again, who I have known for many, many years in different capacities. In fact, if you want the real oil on what I was like as a junior diplomat back in 1981, we joined the Foreign Service together. He went on to pursue a very predictable, stable and successful career. I've taken the roller-coaster called political life. Wise man, Kim. It's great to be back in WA which is the centre of Australia's economic dynamism. Also here at the Australian resources research centre, which sef a centre of extraordinary innovatity research. It's always exciting to see what we're doing new for the future. Also good to be hear with my ministerial colleague, Kim Carr and car ree Grey, with John Bisset, our candidate for Swan, and Senator Mark Bishop as well who's with us too. Other distinguished guests I want to acknowledge here today, Peter Robertson from Shell, Shannon O'Rourke from Woodside, Steadman Ellis from APIA, John Dagastino from Shell, also the Vice-Chancellor of the UWA, deputy Vice-Chancellor of John Curtin University, Steve Rogers from AIMS and our friends from CSIRO as well. There is a fantastic facility for future. What I've been talking about is how we transition Australia into the future. How do we deal with the great challenges which from the end ing of the China mining boom and build a new industries and new jobs. Future? That's the core economic challenge for the future. You can pretend to ignore t I don't think that gets you very far, or you can anticipate it and do things about it. That's what we're on about. We manage the great transitions in Australia's economic history, we've done it in the past and now we must do it again. So far in the last week, those of you who every been traveling with me you will know I've been outline ing we will be building the new industries, jobs and skills of the future. I've spoken about how we pre-position and position our young people to have the skills necessary to enter into vocational education an training. We every been speak being how we acquire new speak being how we acquire industries and jobs in agribusiness such as the expansion of the Ord into its third stage. We've been developing northern aupz and the northern territory by ensuring we have the most beneficial business conditions possible, including how we provide appropriate tax support for companies headquartered in the northern territories and also the pocket of doing something similar with zonal tax rebates in WA and in Queensland as well. Northern Australia, critical to the future. On top of that, we have of course now been talking about skills and the formation of our future work force through a network of 500 apprenticeship training centres right across Australia's school system. So we are doing practical things from across the industry sectors, across the skills sectors, to anticipate, respond to and get ahead of the transition which is necessary from the end of the China mining boom. Of course, as we build our infrastructure for the future, there is a different script, offered by our political opponents, which is as we build for the future, their response is to cut, cut and cut. Let me just give you a a couple of examples which are highly relevant here in Perth. If I look across Perth and WA we're building National Broadband Network. Mr Abbott says he will cut the National Broadband Network and throw people back onto clapped-out copper instead. We're in the business of building the schools of the future through the Better Schools Plan. And I know in Gary's electorate and in the electorate of Swan, this means a huge investment in local schools. And Mr Be a bolt says he's going to cut billions out of that. For the families going to schools, we're building the support systems for them necessary through practical things like the Schoolkids Bonus. But what instead we have in response is cutting the Schoolkids that a family is therefore Schoolkids Bonus to zero, so effectively over time $15,000 worse effectively over worse off. We're building the health and hospital systems of the future. We're building Medicare locals, including in this part of Perth as well. 50 front-line health workers but Mr Abbott's response is to cut abolishing
that to zero, including abolishing the entire Medicare local network. When it comes to building for the future including the fairness of our workplaces through the Fair Work Act, we believe that's the right balance. Mr Abbott response he wants to cut penalty rateness and overtime when he talks about changing the Fair Work Act back to what he describes as the centre. election. We build for future, they cut, cut and cut to the bone. Here in in this great facility in Perth we're talking about how we build this as a new great centre for the future economy of WA and Australia. We're talking about how we take the great skills in the mining services sector and the oil and gas services sector and turn those into whole new industries and with new jobs which service the global mining industry, not just the physicality of extraction here or offshore, but selling the services through the mining services industry right across the world. You see some of the extraordinary technology skills on offer here and being sold already. Today I announce we will be investing some $30 million to establish the national floating systems research centre here in Perth. We believe this is going to be a huge potential export platform for services for the future. If you look at rocks mechanics, that's about how you most productively locate the best way of accessing an oil and gas reserve with least cost to the company service is now beginning to be sold around the world from service is now beginning to here. Thank you to our sold around the here. Thank you to mechanic here. Thank you to our rock terrific ex opponent mechanic over there, he terrific ex opponent of what he
does. Big terrific ex does. Big rocks, little rocks, hard rocks, soft rocks, it was great. That equals new. That equals new industries that equals new opportunities for young people. And I think it's terrifically exciting. Also, Australia's on track to be one of the first nations in the world to deploy floating LNG technologies, building industries and jobs for the future.I'm proud to build a new industry with new jobs for the future. No. 2, a new oil and gas innovation partnership will be located in Perth. We're investing $16 million in this, to drive innovation, to lift competitiveness and create a world class innovation precinct of the. This is so important because Gary in particular as our resource and Energy Minister knows and is a great exponent for the industry here in the west and nationwide, the oil and gas industry is investing $200 billion over five years and creating 100,000 jobs. By 2025, this will add even further as well as providing a further base for tax revenue for the nation.