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This program is captioned live. This morning - Tony Abbott announces
the Coalition's tough asylum seeker policy, promising a return
to temporary protection visas.

The death toll from Egypt's
bloody crackdown soars past 600 as police are told to shoot to kill. And whales and dolphins put
on a spectacular show off Sydney.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders.

Tony Abbott has announced
a tough new asylum seeker policy. Refugees won't be offered
permanent residency and will have to work for the dole. For more, we're joined by
political reporter Patrick Condren live from Canberra. Good morning, Pat. Mr Abbott is signalling a return
to the Howard era with this policy?

Ann, this follows on from the
Coalition's sovereign borders policy and it deals with the 30,000
refugees already in Australia but who haven't been processed. Under the plan, if they're found
to be genuine refugees, they will be given
temporary protection visas valid for up to three years. Under the TPVs,
refugees will be allowed to work but family reunion rights
will be prohibited. Mr Abbott is confident that by 2016 his plan would see just three boats
a year arrive in Australian waters. This is our country
and we determine who comes here. That was the position
under the last Coalition government. That will be the position under
any future Coalition government.

What we're saying here very clearly is what the objective of how
we want the process to change, of how we want it to refer back to is there are very detailed,
specific things that would have to be worked through with officials
and others in government. Mr Abbott has revealed that
his costings won't be unveiled until the last week of the campaign. The Treasurer and his shadow
went toe to toe on the issue this morning on 'Sunrise'. I'm not going to give
any on-the-run guarantees. I don't do that, but I say to you in education, we said that we are going to match
the government on education spending over the next four years. What's this really about? It's because if they
really told us early enough what they're going to cut, they're afraid that people
won't vote for them. As you'd expect, Labor has seized on what it claims
is Mr Hockey's refusal to rule out Coalition cuts
to health and education. The Prime Minister
is presently in West Australia.

No doubt, we'll get his response
to the Coalition's asylum policy later today. Thank you,
Patrick Condren in Canberra. The death toll
from yesterday's deadly crackdown by Egyptian security forces
on protesters has more than doubled to over 630.

The United Nations Security Council
is meeting to discuss the situation and US President Barack Obama has cancelled exercises
with Egypt's military. US bureau chief Mike Amor
joins me now. Hello, Mike. The United States
has joined Australia in urging its citizens
to leave Egypt?

Yeah, just far too dangerous, and Australia also used its temporary position on the Security Council to call for that meeting you mentioned, which demanded the violence stopped. Today family members of people missing since the violent crackdown went to a mosque where hundreds of bodies have been laid out on the floor. Many funerals can't be held because police won't issued death certificates - some say to cover up the true number of dead. The Muslim Brotherhood says the number is in their thousands, not hundreds. Later in the day it was reported police raided that mask, clearing it with tear-gas and seizing those bodies. The scenes of the massacre Egyptian soldiers were cleaning up and, it's hard to believe, even celebrating. Barack Obama cancelled joint military exercises next month but stop short of suspending $1.4 billion in US aid. Some say it as a token effort but the truth is that Egypt remains a crucial ally for America and right now the US is just a frustrated spectator.While we want to sustain our relationship with Egypt, our traditional cooperation can't continue as usual while civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. As a result, this morning we notified the Egyptian government that we are cancelling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled the next month.Today the Egyptian government released video which it says it showed protesters firing automatic weapons during yesterday's violence. Another mass protest is planned in the next few hours by supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Egyptian police have been told they can use live ammunition to protect themselves and government buildings, so expect more violence. Thank you.

A 26-year-old man
has been granted bail after allegedly shaking
his 9-week-old baby. The baby girl was rushed to
Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane with serious head and
internal injuries yesterday. Her father was arrested
and charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. His bail conditions prevent him from
having any contact with children. He'll return to court next month.

A Victorian father
who's been found guilty twice of killing his three sons is appealing his conviction
in the High Court. Robert Farquharson was jailed
in 2010 for driving the boys into a dam
to get back at their mother. Kate Osborn has the details.

This is the last roll the dice for Robert Farquharson. He's now been convicted twice of murdering his sons and fathers stay 2005 by driving them into a dam at Winchelsea in south-west Victoria. He claimed he had a coughing fit and blacked out but the jury found it was an act of revenge against his ex-wife. After his last conviction, he went to the Supreme Court of Appeal, arguing there had been a substantial miscarriage of justice because the jury wasn't given the option of convicting him of the lesser charge of manslaughter, but that appeal was rejected. His legal team, though, is so convinced of his innocence that they have gone to the High Court, seeking leave to appeal, and if that's granted, a full hearing will be heard some time down the track. But if it's rejected, then it's the end of the matter, and after six years of legal wrangling, Farkas and will have to serve his 30 3-year minimum term.

There are new details
from ASADA's report into Essendon's supplement program. An AFL charging sheet shows Bombers players were set
to receive 1,500 injections of the anti-obesity drug AOD 9604 and the banned peptide thymosin. Seven News has also revealed
James Hird turned down an offer to save others at the club
from facing the commission. The deal would have required Hird to
plead guilty to misconduct charges. The AFL will hear the charges
against the club on August 26.

Emergency services are on high alert with more wild weather forecast
across southern states. Dangerously high winds are expected
in South Australia this morning. Severe gusts are due to hit Victoria
this afternoon. But the SES will be flat out today
and right across the weekend. The cold front will cause more rain
in Tasmania, adding to already swollen rivers. But it's good news for skiers - the slopes should get
some fresh snow early tomorrow.

Sydney was treated
to a magnificent site off Bondi and Tamarama Beaches
this morning when a pair of migrating whales
popped in. They were joined by a pod
of dolphins for a while too, taking advantage
of the sunny winter weather. Paul Kadak is at Bondi. Good morning, Paul. Wow, what a treat -
whales and dolphins!

Indeed. It was about a 10 that swimmers and surfers spotted the two adults southern right whales. They then made their way into the iconic Bondi Beach. They were just a few metres of the breaker's swimming around there. Experts tell as they like Bondi Beach as well as anyone else because of the warmer shallow water. They are on their way to Antarctica and their feeding grounds, but just not those Wales. We counted about 20 dolphins also frolicking off the beach, and two humpbacks were a bit further off, heading south as well. Pretty busy traffic in the water at Bondi. And they brought local surfers out for a close look? They came within a couple of metres. Legally they have to stay 30 metres away but you don't have much choice when wild animals come up to you. A few of them got out the way, and with good reason - last month a surfer was knocked unconscious when it awhile knocked him with his tale. Thankfully all they got today was a pretty spectacular close-up view. Thank you.

A new mammal has been discovered
by scientists after a case of mistaken identity
which lasted more than a century. The incredibly rare find
wasn't made in the wild but in the drawer
of an American museum.

It lives high up in the Andes and a dense rainforest, so it's far from the easiest animals are fine, but scientists are tonight digest in the olinguito and what this could mean for our understanding of the natural world.Some people tell me it looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat.For more than a century it's been mistaken for a larger cousin in the racoon family, documented incorrectly without anyone realising the differences.It had a shorter, more bushy-tailed, and the more richly coloured body.18 from the Smithsonian Institution travelled to Colombia and Ecuador to see if it had become distinct. DNA testing confirmed it had survived and was the first new carnivore identified in the western hemisphere and 35 years - a nocturnal creature that has reawakened the possibility of further mammals being discovered. But almost half of its habitat has already been destroyed before we even knew the animal existed - a reminder, say scientists, of the desperate need for conservation so that other secrets are not lost, too.

Next in Seven News - the latest on Schapelle Corby's
parole bid. A deadly typhoon hits China. Also, a unique insight into the
world of screen legend Vivien Leigh.

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In developing news, emergency crews
are working to free a young man impaled by a piece of steel
on a Sydney construction site. The man, aged in his early 20s, was working on some machinery
at the Lindfield site when he was struck in the face
with the 1m-long item. The fire brigade
is working to free him. An ambulance doctor
has been flown to the site and paramedics
are monitoring his condition. He's currently stable.

Schapelle Corby is waiting to hear whether she will receive a reduction
on her sentence as part of tomorrow's Indonesian
Independence day celebrations. The governor of Kerobokan Jail
has confirmed she's been recommended for a cut of
up to six months in her jail term. Her lawyers are also working
on her parole application. It's been boosted after the
justice minister told Seven News Corby won't have to confess to knowingly smuggling marijuana
into Bali. The next step
is a letter from Immigration and from Interpol confirming
Schapelle is not wanted elsewhere.

More than 3,000 sailors and marines are on board
the amphibious assault ship, which has docked in Garden Island. It's been taking part in
training exercises in the Coral Sea. The ship came under scrutiny,
angering environmentalists after two of its fighter jets
dumped four unarmed bombs onto the World Heritage-listed
Great Barrier Reef last month.

Three people have been killed and
tens of thousands forced to evacuate as Typhoon Utor
rips through southern China. Heavy rain is battering
the Guangdong province, causing widespread flooding
and mudslides. At least five people are missing. Winds gusts are reaching
up to 150km/h and 1,500 homes have been destroyed.

The private life
of legendary actress Vivien Leigh is going on display in London
later this year. Her grandchildren are allowing
her personal letters and diaries to be released, and her love affair
with Sir Laurence Olivier.

In the archives of the Victoria and Albert Museum, around 10,000 items recording the life of an acting legend are being catalogued. Diaries, journals, letters and scrapbooks that Vivien Leigh kept are going to be made public for the first time.You should die of shame leaving me alone and helpless.You, helpless?The double Oscar-winner kept thousands of letters alongside her diaries, which she began from the age of 16. They include the correspondence between her and Laurence Olivier whose 20 a marriage captivated the public. On an opening night for him, she writes, "my dearest sweetheart, my love is with you for every second, and I know today will be a great, great triumph for you, my darling boy".There are well over 100 telegrams, letters and cards, and they carried on writing after the divorce in 1960, so it really chronicles this incredible, passionate love affair they had. When Vivien Leigh won her second doctor after playing Blanche Dubois in a Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams wrote to her, as saying he was grateful for her bringing it so beautifully to life on screen. Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 has opened trade lower despite gains from the major banks.

Next in Seven News - one of the NRL's brightest stars
asks for a release. More mind games
ahead of Bledisloe I. And Lance Franklin
ready to fire for the Hawks in tonight's AFL blockbuster.

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In sports news, Hawthorn will welcome back
three of its biggest stars for tonight's massive AFL clash
against Collingwood, which is live on Seven and 7mate. Lance Franklin, Luke Hodge and
Grant Birchall are all returning from injury. Sean Sowerby is at the MCG.

Around 80,000 passionate Collingwood and Hawthorn funds are expected to fill the MCG tonight for a match that will go a long way to shaping the top eight. Collingwood remains unchanged for the second week in a row while the Hawks have brought back three of the best. The biggest of them all, Lance Franklin, who always seems to kick a bag against the Pies.We are just looking for an even spread of goal kickers. Hopefully we can break away with that medal.Or four will be boosted by skipper Mick Hodge who will be wearing the gloves to protect his injured son. They were also get back Grant Birchall, who injured his knee and hasn't played since round 13. Richmond will lock horns with Carlton here tomorrow afternoon at the MCG. Richmond will make the finals no matter what and they are going to get that Ricky Petterd and Dylan Grimes but the Blues must win to keep their season alive. Unfortunately for them, Chris Judd, the Brownlow medallist, is out with an injured knee. Mick Malthouse has wielded the axe making five changes. Great news for Sydney Swans - Gary Rowe and will play his first game in 16 months after suffering a badly broken leg, so let's hope he gets through the match.

The Bulldogs appear set to lose
star full-back Ben Barba at the end of the NRL season. Barba has officially requested
a release from his contract so he can be close
to his young children in Queensland. The Broncos are expected to sign
the Dally M Medallist.

I've left all that stuff up to my management to ask what are the possibilities of me going. At the end of the day, when she goes, it will have to happen.

Round 23 kicks off tonight with the Rabbitohs tackling
the Sea Eagles in Gosford. And in Brisbane, the Broncos
host the bottom-placed Eels. The mind games continue between coaches
Ewen McKenzie and Steve Hansen, leading into tomorrow night's
Bledisloe Cup test. Hansen fired his latest barb as the All Blacks arrived in Sydney
last night. He says selecting Matt Toomua
as Wallabies fly half highlights McKenzie's lack of faith
in Quade Cooper.

Obviously, Ewen's got a style
he wants to play and he doesn't think Cooper's ready
to come back yet so, interesting, vindicated Robbie.

The Wallabies will field five
uncapped players at ANZ Stadium.

In cricket, Phil Hughes is fighting to regain
his place in the Australian team for next week's fifth Ashes test. The left-hander
can push his selection claims in tonight's tour match against
the England Lions in Northampton. Hughes was dropped
for the third time in his career after failing in the third test.

This is going to be my first game since I've been dropped, and hopefully I can score as many runs as possible and put my name in front of the selectors for the 5th Test.

The fifth test begins on Wednesday. Australian runner Zoe Buckman has
finished seventh in the 1,500m final at the World Championships
in Moscow. The 24-year-old
faded on the final lap but says she's feeling confident
following the performance. Fellow Aussie Jared Tallent
received his bronze medal for finishing third
in the 50km walk. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the
weather details after this break.

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Returning to our breaking news - the delicate operation to free a man
impaled through the head on a Sydney construction site. Chris Reason joins me now
on the phone. Chris, what's happening?

These are quite extraordinary scenes. In the last two to three minutes, we've just seen the rescue workers remove this guy from the cabin of his Digger. He is conscious, carefully holding a metal spear about 20 millimetres in diameter, that basically speared him, according to witnesses, straight between his eyes. He is still conscious as doctors and medics are working on him. He is actually holding it himself. I don't know if you can see that as he is delicately removed from the Digger, being wheeled into the back of an ambulance - doctors are working on him as we speak. It happened at around 9:45am in Ninfield, in North Sydney, at a construction site, building some town houses. It's believed the guy was breaking up some concrete when some reinforced metal within the concrete basically snapped, and a piece of that metal then steered him through the head. As we say, directly between the eyes. He is still conscious, though. Doctors say he is doing well, and we are basically waiting to see what they will do next. They will probably be rushing into hospital within minutes. Thank you very much up dating as.

Checking the weather:

And that's Seven News to now.

We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
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