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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Brett McLeod.Good morning. It's back to the future on the election front today, with Tony Abbott going on the attack in two of Labor's most troubled policy areas. He's reminded voters it's three years today since Julia Gillard's no- carbon tax promise and invoked the spirit of John Howard in the asylum seeker debate. Let's head straight oour Canberra bureau now, with Jayne Azzopardi. Jayne, the Liberals have toughened their already hardline approach to asylum seekers?That's right. The main difference is this policy will not only apply to new arrivals on their way to Australia, but also to the 32,000 asylum seekers that are already in the country. They will never be able to settle permanently in Australia if the Coalition wins government next month. The rest of the policy, we already know the details of - temporary protection visas, no family reunions and asylum seekers would not be able to appeal to the court 50% they're not found obgenuine refugees. This makes -- to be genuine refugees. This makes the situation very similar as under John Howard. Tony Abbott says he hopes it has the same effect - the same number of boat arrivals - around three a year. That's how he was going to judge the success of the policy. He was also sounding a lot like John Howard as he outlined the details of his policy in Melbourne today. Have a listen.This is our country and we determine who comes here. That was the position under the last Coalition government and that will be the position under any future Coalition government. Tragically, for Australia, and tragically for so many people, it hasn't been the position under the current Government.Earlier, Tony Abbott was visiting the Linfox depot in Melbourne to remind voters about Julia Gillard's carbon tax promise. It's three years today since she said those words, "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead." And Tony Abbott doesn't want voters to forget it. But he's also being under attack over the Coalition's costings. Last night he admitted that the details of those costings will not be released until the last of the election campaign. So Labor Ministers have been out all morning, questioning this. Have a listen to this little exchange on the 'Today' show this morning.When are you going to announce the costings?If you interrupt me...Until the last few days, because if everybody knew what the policies are, they wouldn't vote for you.Are you ready now?I'm ready. The Australian people are ready.We will release all our detailed costings, how much we're spending, how much we're saving and the improvement to the bottom line in the last week of the campaign. And it won't be like you did on the Friday before the election.No love lost there. In the meantime, Jayne, the Prime Minister's in Perth today. What's Kevin Rudd up to?Well, as usual, Kevin Rudd's media team don't give out many details about what the Prime Minister is doing in advance. We do know that he's currently at Perth City Link. And we believe today he's going to be making announcements regarding oil and gas innovation and making Perth the headquarters for that. WA is a troubled state for the Labor Party. There's not a lot of popularity for Kevin Rudd there. There are quite a number of marginal seats that Labor is desperate to hang on to and also hoping to pick up. But polls today show that Kevin Rudd is in trouble. They're falling behind in marginal seats in Sydney and the Central Coast, so he's spending today in Perth, on the other side of the country, and he will be hoping to make a difference there, Brett. Alright, Jayne Azzopardi in our Canberra bureau, thank you. And the big question we're asking today - is the Coalition's new asylum seeker policy too tough? You can share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #YouDecide9, or go to to make your vote count. And we'll tell you the results in Nine's 'Afternoon News' at 4:30. Overseas now - and America has cancelled joint military exercises with Egypt after the country's interim government gave its military the go-ahead to use live ammunition on protesters. As Nine News correspondent Peter Stefanovic reports, the death toll from the clashes has risen to more than 600 people. At 11pm on a Thursday night, the city would usually be bustling with people and traffic, but as it stands at the moment, the streets are deserted because that curfew has been in effect for the last couple of hours tonight. The second night in a row that that curfew has been in place. And it will remain in place for the next month, so long as that state of emergency does stay in place. But being out on the streets today, you do get the sense that there is a feeling that the worst is still yet to come. There's still so much tension there. A lot of police, a lot of military manning checkpoints, checking cars, to make sure that there isn't a repeat of that violence that we saw yesterday. Now, there was another protest here today, by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They went to some of those sites where we did see some of those clashes. They're protesting against that excessive force that's been used by security forces. But that was pretty much the extent of it here in Cairo today. Over in Giza, which is on the outskirts of Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood members torched a government building there and they say that that is just the start of things over there. And there's been some isolated clashes up in the north of the country, around the second city, Alexandria at the moment. So, thankfully, those violence levels didn't get to what it was yesterday. And a short time ago the Health Ministry did confirm the death toll has now risen to 632, and that's almost expected to rise. But in conversations that I've had with people today, again, there is a feeling that the worst is still yet to come and the violence that was seen here over the past couple of days could be a tipping point into something much worse, which could be some kind of civil war. Peter Stefanovic in Cairo there. Back home, and fire has torn through a Sydney unit complex overnight. The blaze broke out just before midnight on the second floor of the Redfern building. It's understood a man suffered smoke inhalation and burns to his hands as he tried to put out the fire. Investigators will return to the scene this morning to try to work out how the blaze started. Police are investigating how a man came to be seriously injured inside his Sydney home overnight. The 52- year-old's neighbour became worried when he noticed the door of the man's Guildford home wide open. He went to check on the man and found him slumped on the floor. The patient was taken to Westmead Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition. The Victorian father convicted of killing his three sons by driving them into a dam is launching a fresh appeal against his sentence. Nine's Karen Huf joins us live in Melbourne with the details. Karen, this isn't the first time Robert Farquharson has tried to appeal his murder conviction?That's right, Brett. Robert Farquharson has become very familiar with the court system since he drove his three boys into a dam on Father's Day, 2005, to get back at their mother. He had one trial, got life, appealed and got a retrial. After a second trial, he was given life with a 33-year minimum for three counts of murder. He appealed that in May last year, saying the jury should have had the option of manslaughter. But the Supreme Court of Appeal rejected that, saying the defence never suggested manslaughter be made an option. Now he's about to seek special leave to appeal his conviction at the High Court. That's about to get under way. It's unlikely Farquharson will be in there in person. We're expecting him to be there via video link with his long-standing lawyer, Peter Morrissey, doing the talking. Alright, Karen Huf in Melbourne, thank you. We've got some breaking news now. There are reports a man has been impaled at East Linfield on Sydney's Upper North Shore. It's understood he was working on a construction site when the accident happened. Ambulance crews are rushing now to the scene and we'll bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. The sentencing of a man found guilty of the manslaughter of a 71- year-old grandmother, Mary Touma, has been delayed after the case was adjourned this morning. Daniel Wood has admitted to shoving the senior citizen during an argument on a Sydney street in 2010. She hit her head when she fell and died in hospital the next day. Mrs Touma was the mother of former rugby league star Joe Thomas. Two whales have surfaced off Sydney's Bondi Beach this morning, putting on a spectacular show for locals. The marine mammals were seen splark about in unison, enjoying -- splashing about in unison, enjoying the calm conditions. Surfers and bodyboarders managed to get within a few metres of the beautiful creatures. Let's have a look at the weather across the country today: Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour - including relatives outraged - claims Victoria's parole system is in crisis after another killer strikes while on release. Plus - a parent's worst nightmare in the United States - a baby abducted and taken on a high-speed chase. And - an incredible story of survival - how this little terrier came back from the dead following a house fire This program is not captioned. $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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News with attitude.Come on.You don't take yourself seriously.I'm obviously a bimbo.Really, what are they thinking?The live chat room... Made of fact J I don't think this at all.Everyone is talking about. Putting a filter between your brain and your mouth.We learned a lot today.'Nine News Now', week days, 3pm. There are growing calls for the Victorian Parole Board to be sacked after a man who had almost 100 criminal convictions pleaded guilty to the murder and attempted rape of a Ballarat mother. Her death came just seven months after Jill Meagher was killed by Adrian Bayley, who was also on parole. Nine's Christine Ahern has the details. Well, this is a shocking crime, one that has applied even more pressure to the State Government and also the Department of Justice, as this young mum becomes the 12th victim since 2008 to be killed by a parolee here in Victoria. 30-year- old Jason John Dinsley broke into Sharon Siermans' Ballarat home and bludgeoned her to death with a cricket bat while her 4-year-old son was also at home. Dinsley had struck up a relationship with Miss Siermans on a dating website, not long after he was released from prison, for the brutal rape of a woman back in 2006. But in the weeks leading up to her death, Miss Siermans didn't contact Dinsley and he became enraged. Yesterday, in the Ballarat Magistrates' Court, he pleaded guilty to murder and also attempted rape. Now, while the crime is shocking, what has angered the community even more is the rap sheet which has been revealed. Dinsley has almost 100 convictions next to his name. He has breached parole at least once. He is a chronic drug ufr and he has failed to -- user and he has failed to comply to strict drug-testing conditions. Yet, despite all of this, he was free to roam the streets and kill Miss Siermans. Of course, a murder that put very much the spotlight on the failings of the Adult Parole Board was that of Jill Meagher, who was raped and killed when she walked home from a Brunswick bar back in September last year, by convicted rapist Adrian Bayley, who was out on parole. And the Mayor of Moreland has travelled over to Ireland to speak to Jill Meagher's family, not only to convey condolences to the family from the community, but also to express the anger felt over the failings of the Parole Board. He has also offered to build a memorial in Jill Meagher's honour. Let's have a listen to what he had to say in Jill Meagher's home town of drogd da.I think our Parole Board has failed. We've left someone on the loose, who was, in fact, acknowledged by his own family that he was potentially a dangerous person out there. And we ignored him.The fact that all of these people, who didn't even know Jill, are shocked and outraged by what has happened to her.Jill's husband, Tom, is considering a move back home to Ireland. In the meantime, he's very much been fighting for reforms to the parole system, and he has met with the Victorian Premier about it. A 22-year-old Queensland man will appear in court this morning after allegedly stealing a brand-new 4- wheel drive from a Browns Plains dealership before ramming a police car at Beaudesert. Police allegedly deployed stingers to stop James Henry Dalling before taking him into custody. They're expected to oppose bail when he represents himself in court. An 8-month-old child is back home with his mother after a terrifying ordeal in the United States. A suspect is now in custody after allegedly stealing a vehicle with the little boy strapped in the back. The highway drama was all caught on camera. This dramatic dash cam footage shows a suspect driving at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. An amber alert was issued for the 8- month-old after his mom says her friend disappeared with her son. The mother had to go back in the house to get something and left the suspect in the vehicle with the child. When she came back out, the suspect, the vehicle and the child were gone.Kristen Howard posted on the suspect's Facebook page, "I just want my baby." The suspect replied, "I'm on a money mission. Nobody can stop me." Hours later, the 2003 grey Ford Taurus was spotted on I75. About a mile later, with police closing in, the suspect crashes off the road into a utility pole. She jumps out and attempts to flee, but is captured by deputies. And 8- month-old Kayden? The way the car looks, I'm surprised he's alive.Reunited with her baby, Kristen Howard is amazed at his demeanour after his ordeal. 22-year-old Samantha Barrett was charged with kidnapping and theft. Still ahead this morning - Michael Jackson's former wife takes the stand. Hear her shocking claims in the lawsuit over his death as it plays out in court. Plus - mammal mania - after almost a century of mystery, we meet the world's newest species. And Melbourne bracing for the latest round of wild weather. Just what the bureau is This program is not captioned. Bupa offers
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This election, you decide. The showdown is on. And this year, Nine News and Twitter have teamed up to have your voice heard. Throughout the campaign trail, have your say and use the official hashtag #YouDecide9 on Twitter. And join the live debate. Election 2013 - it's yours to decide. After an emotional day of testimonyy, Michael Jackson's former wife, Debbie Rowe, will again take the stand today in the singer's wrongful death lawsuit. Yesterday, Ms Rowe said the King of Pop used dangerous drugs to get to sleep throughout the '90s and doctors took advantage of this. Lawyers played this deposition of Debbie Rowe, tearfully describing how her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, depended on powerful drugs to sleep, the same drug that is eventually killed him.Said, "Gotta get some sleep. Will you come with me while I get sleep at a doctor's office?" Sometimes.Rowe, a nurse, told lawyers she insisted on being in the room.I wanted to make sure he woke up.She broke down on the stand. The mother of two of Jackson's children trying to talk through her tears. She described the King of Pop as being "so afraid of pain because the pain was so great." Much of it stemming back to a 1984 Pepsi commercial, where Jackson was severely burned. Michael!His fear of pain was incredible. And I think the doctors took advantage of him in that way. Rowe was called as a witness for the defence, concert promoter AEG Live. Even though she's recently been rebuilding her relationship with one of the plaintives. Her daughter, Paris. After the teen's apparent suicide attempt in June. The trial has revealed new insights into the King of Pop's life and what went on in the days and even years before his death.Would like to run errands.Jackson's children have testified in video depositions about their father.Was there ever a time he came home so tired you had to help him upstairs.I wouldn't be able to, but, no. Earlier in the trial, a jury was played this never-before-seen home video in court - touching family moments of Jackson with his children.What do you want to do in the future?But Rowe's testimony Wednesday was the most revealing glimpse to date of another side of Jackson and his drug use. She said multiple doctors tried to outdo each other, competing for Jackson's favour and among themselves over who had the better drugs. Rowe was asked if Jackson's doctors treated him well. She said, "Dr Murray got in there and killed him. So I don't know." Scientists at the Smithsonian Institute have stumbled across a zoologist's holy grail - a discovery of a new mammal. The olinguito is described as a shy bear cat, hidden in the mountain forests of Colombia and Ecuador. Meet the olinguito. This adorable little fuzz ball is melting hearts and making history.Some people tell me it looks a little bit like a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat. What it is is a new species of mammal.Researchers at the Smithsonian Institution announced today a rare discovery - the olinguito is the first new mammal species found in the Western Hemisphere in about 35 years. The rust-coloured animal is a carnivore but eats mostly fruit. It weighs about two pounds and lives in the treetops in the mountainous forests of Ecuador and Colombia. So, how did it go unnoticed for so long? Scientists said, like so many rainforest animals, it only comes out at night.It doesn't come out of the trees. It's wet. It's dark. It's softened with cloud. It's hard to find these animals.You can also chalk this up to a case of mistaken identity. For decades, scientists thought the mammal was an olingo, a larger member of the raccoon family. But after more testing and investigating, they discovered the olinguito was its own unique species. That explains why it wasn't so keen when scientists tried to get it to mate with olingos.She wasn't just fussy. They weren't even the right species. They may be elusive, but they're not endangered. Thousands are estimated to be living in South American forests, which are under threat. Let's take a brief look at the weather across the country today:

Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - the Melbourne father who killed his three sons launches a fresh appeal bid. Why Robert Farquharson believes he should be freed. Plus - the Coalition's hardline approach to stopping the boats - Tony Abbott outlines his tough new stance on asylum seekers. And - swapping prams for public life - Royal mum Kate Middleton set to press pause on maternity leave. We'll tell what for next.

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Welcome back. You're watching Nine's Morning News Hour. If you've just joined us, these are our top stories. The Coalition has further toughened its already heartline asylum seeker policy, announcing that thousands who have already arrived by boat will never be granted permanent settle: A Victorian man twice convicted of killing his three sons by driving them into a dam is launching a fresh appeal, this time in the High Court. And the US has cancelled joint military exercises with Egypt as the death toll from this week's bloody clashes passes 600. To the details on our top story now - Tony Abbott has brought former prime minister Julia Gillard into the election campaign on day 12, and John Howard. It came as he targeted the carbon tax and asylum seekers. John O'Doherty has this report.Well, Tony Abbott is in Melbourne this morning and, once again, the Opposition Leader has put his truck licence to good use. On a visit to Linfox, he climbed up into a truck cab but he did resist the temptation to take it for a drive. The focus this morning was the carbon tax, which will be applied to heavy transport from July next year, and the Opposition Leader hasn't been able to resist the temptation to point out that today marks three years since Julia Gillard said this.There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.This is the third anniversary of one of the most notorious remarks in Australian political history. Tony Abbott's other focus this morning is asylum seekers, announcing that the almost 32,000 already here in Australia will never be permanently resettled, and they won't be able to appeal their case if they're deemed not to be a refugee. They also won't be able to bring out family members.This is our country and we determine who comes here. That was the position under the last Coalition government and that will be the position under any future Coalition government. Tony Abbott has long said he can stop the boats and this morning he set himself a benchmark for success. The Opposition Leader says the Howard Government averaged three boat arrival as year and Tony Abbott is adamant that he can achieve the same.Tony Abbott, though, continues to face pressure to reveal how the Coalition will pay for its promises. It will be a major theme of Kevin Rudd's attack in Perth today. And Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra for us. Jayne, have we heard from Mr Rudd yet today? Not yet, Brett. He did arrive in Perth late last night and he and his media team are just getting going this morning. They're at Perth City Link for a bit of a picture opportunity. And later on we're expecting him to announce that Perth will be a headquarters - will be the headquarters for a new oil and gas innovation. So, this is about Kevin Rudd's message to Western Australia as he tries to hang on to several marginal seats there. But we can expect him to increase that pressure that we've been hearing all about since earlier this week. The pressure on the Coalition to announce how they're going to pay for their promises. This comes after Tony Abbott last night admitted that we won't be seeing those costings until the final week of the election campaign. That led, actually, to a very fiery exchange on Melbourne radio station 3AW this morning, between Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten and the Shadow Finance Minister, Andrew Rob. Have a look at this.When will you reveal your costings, seeing you have confirmed they exist?When we've released our policies, in a full, complete and considered manner.OK. That's a hopeless answer.(LAUGHS)Well, it is hopeless. Put your numbers out there. If you trust the Australian people...You have got a budget in free fall and we're expected to... You guys love your cliches. Calls! An entertaining little exchange there. But I think, brerbgts this shows that when there's not much money -- Brett, this shows that when there's not much money for either side to be making a big policy naument, these costings will dominate the campaign until they're released.Thank you. The big question we're asking today is - is the Coalition's new asylum seeker policy too tough? You can share your thoughts on Twitter, using the hashtag #YouDecide9. Or go to to make your vote count. We'll tell you the results in Nine's 'Afternoon News' at 4:30. A second appeal process for convicted child killer Robert Farquharson has just begun in a Melbourne court. The Victorian father was jailed for murdering his three sons after driving them into a dam in 2005. A jury found the 43- year-old guilty of the Father's Day crime to get back at his ex-wife. Farquharson has now taken his case to the High Court, after his first appeal against his life sentence was rejected. The US is reviewing its billion- dollar aid contribution to Egypt following this week's deadly clashes. More than 630 people have been killed, almost 4,000 more injured during the military crackdown. The first of the funerals for the hundred of people killed in Egypt have begun. There is disbelief and anger. And the Egyptian army has a lot to answer for. "We have nothing in our hands except for some stones and twigs," says this woman. "I swear by God that all this talk about us having guns is not true." Angry supporters of the ousted president, Mohammed Mursi, believe the army's attempt to wipe them out has cost over 1,000 lives. TRANSLATION: I pray to God almighty to stop the bloodshed. This is what it looks like the day after the army moved in to clear Mursi supporters in Cairo. It really is the aftermath of a war zone. The military pledged to systematically dismantle the protest camps, and it succeeded, with seemingly merciless determination. But after years in the wilderness, the Muslim Brotherhood says it will not be forced back underground.People are already talking about regrouping and, uh, and instead of talking with negotiations and, um, and a settlement that would take the country forward, they are now vowing to break the coup.Mursi supporters have set fire to government buildings. This was Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. Flames of conflict fanned by a belligerent pledge from the authorities that they had authorised police to use deadly force to protect key institutions. The security forces have also been burying their dead. Funerals for officers killed in the camp clearances. They will not be the last. Stripped of its election victory and with its president behind bars, any hope of persuading the Muslim Brotherhood to rejoin the political process has gone. Returning to our breaking news story now - and rescue teams are working to free a man who's been impaled at East Linfield, on Sydney's Upper North Shore. The accident happened on a construction site just a short time ago. The man was driving a bulldozer when it's believed a steel rod went through the front of his cabin. It's not yet known what condition he's in. Melbourne is bracing for wild weather today, similar to the system that lashed large parts of Victoria earlier this week. Gusts of up to 100km/h are expected to pummel the city. Wild weather brought down at least 800 trees across the state on Monday, triggering widespread power outages. Researchers at America's prestigious Mayo Clinic have discovered a link between coffee consumption and the risk of an early death. According to the study, the key is keeping a close count on the number of cups you have each day. More than two-thirds of adults in America start their day... ..with a cup of coffee. So, how many cups of coffee do you have a day?Three or four.One or two.About four.In fact, the average coffee drinker in America has around three cups a day. And tonight a new study says that may actually be the magic number. Above 28 cups per week, there appears to be a significant signal associated with increased total mortality.The headline is, for men under 55 more than four cups a day meant a 56% increased risk of an early death. For women, it was 113%. Recent studies have focused on the benefits of coffee, one suggesting that two cups a day can lower your risk of heart disease. But this is the first to look at coffee's impact on overall life span, and many of us are drinking more coffee than we even realise. The study was based on a cup of coffee in the 1970s, about six or eight ounces. But today's sizes can be much larger. This is the equivalent of two cups of coffee. But there's good news for folks over 55. No matter how much coffee they drink, it has no impact on the length of their life. Still, when it comes to coffee, like so many other things in life, the lesson is everything in moderation. New research has revealed the majority of Australia's high school students are going backwards compared to the rest of the world. Experts now say it's extremely unlikely the country will become an education superpower by 2025 - a key goal for the Government's school reforms. It follows an extensive international study of student test results, showing a steep decline in Australia from 2000 to 2012. Germany, Poland and Korea are among the countries that have shown big improvements over the same time period. A story of hope and determination in the US has taken a cruel twist for a young Paralympian. The athlete who overcame a disability to reach the pinnacle of her sport says she's been barred from competing because there's a chance she could some day walk again. It's incredible.And last year she took home gold from the Paralympic Games in London. All of this without the use of her legs. When Victoria was 11, she contracted a rare neurological disorder of the spinal cord that left her pleased from the waist down and in a coma for three years.I became pleased within two weeks of the initial onset of symptoms.Despite being confined to a wheelchair, she hasn't let that define her. She was nominated as the Best Female Athlete with a Disability at the Awards. She was this week kicked out of the pool over a ruling that she's not pleased enough. One of the medical reports said there's a chance that I might be able to walk again. It's basically penalising me for having hope. After banning her from competition, the International Paralympic Committee release add statement, saying Arlen failed to "provide conclusive evidence of a permanent, eligible impairment". But others disagree.It would be extremely unusual for her to start getting functional recovery seven years after a permanent injury.And Victoria, for her part, is keeping her chin up.I refuse to be bitter. I just hope this doesn't have to happen to any other athlete.Well, she's battled cancer and survived eating rat poison, and now Jenny the fox terrier has shown she's the ultimate fighter. Yesterday, the pooch was carried from a burning home in the NSW Hunter Valley without a pulse, but thanks to the efforts of two paramedics, Jenny managed to survive the ordeal. The local heroes caught up with the 'Today' show a little earlier.We just called to a Church Street address at Cessnock yesterday morning. Apparently a house was on fire. When we got there, there was police, firies, there was mayhem all over the street. Next thing, one of the firefighters came racing out of the house with Jenny, who was unconscious, not breathing and she didn't have a pulse. So, put her down, Shane started doing resuscitation on her and I got - thought about getting the life pack 12 out, or the life pack 15. And I thought, "Up can't do that to a dog." So we just, with oxygen and CPR, and after about five, 10 minutes, the dog started coming around. And started breathing on its own. And he's got a pulse, so Shane then took him in the back of the ambulance in our station officer and raced him to the vet's. And the vet was standing there, waiting for him and in he came and that was it.And there she is, right there.Fullive recovered, virtually.She's 13 years of age, Shane, and has survived a bout of cancer, so she's obviously meant to be here. But you had never actually resuscitate add dog before. I mean, I'm sure I'm thinking what most of the viewers are thinking - humans have very different-shaped mouths to dogs. Did you give her mouth-to- mouth?No! No! I used our bag valve mask.OK. And what does that do? What does that look like?It's just a big bag with an oxygen thing on the end with a face mask on it. I just put that on and started bagging, started squeezing the bag. How long was it before she started getting back a pulse and started breathing on her own?We're think being five minutes. We're not really sure. She just started breathing on her own and I thought, "Yep, we've got her back. We've got a win."As I said, she's obviously meant to be here. The owners must be absolutely thrilled with your work?Yeah, it was a bit distraught at the scene, but once we got her up to the vet, she was fine.Back to business for new mum Kate, just weeks after giving birth to Prince George. Although she's still on maternity leave, the Duchess of Cambridge will attend a charity gala on 12 September. William, who's also a patron of the charity, will be by her side. But all eyes of the fashion world will be no doubt on Kate's post-baby outfit. Good luck to her. Let's go to sport now with Erin Molan. Daniel Geale about to win back some Aussie proud?Yeah, it would be nice, wouldn't it, after the Ashes doom and gloom. The world champion boxer is confident of knocking out an Englishman. And we'll cross to Tahiti, where everyone is trying to beat the evergreen Kelly Slater. This program is not captioned.

Wests Tigers captain Robbie Farah has put pen to paper on a new 4- year deal with the club. Meanwhile, after months of speculation, Bulldogs star Ben Barba has confirmed reports he wants to leave the Bulldogs next year.My family is - my ex-partner and my kids, will be relocating to Queensland. I have left all this stuff up to my management and all that sort of stuff, to ask them what's the possibilities of me going. At the end of the day, when she goes, it will have to happen. How should I say it? It's quite difficult question. I would like to join them, but at the moment I'm still contracted at the Dogs. Yeah, we'll see what happens.Storm coach Craig Bellamy has also opened up about his future. He's on contract with Melbourne until 2017. When I finish this contract, that will be it. Three years to go after this year, so I don't see myself going any longer than that.Why not?I just think, you know, it will be time for someone else to take over here.Tonight, the Rabbitohs play Manly, while the Broncos host the Eels - both on Channel Nine. Melbourne has conceded it's locked in a real arm wrestle to keep the out-of-contract Jack Watts at the Demons. Interim coach Neil Craig says he's a valued player but understands why he would be considering his options, after Watts appeared very non-committal on 'The Footy Show' last night.Do you want to stay there?That's the decision I've gotta make, Crawf. At the end of the year, I will sort of weigh nefrg up.Personally, I see Jack Watts as a critical player for our club to keep and I think he can have a very successful and enjoyable career at the Melbourne Footy Club.The Demons take on Fremantle on Sunday - one of the clubs believed to be interested in the number one draft pick's services. Wallabies half-back Will Genia is looking forward to playing alongside debutant Matt Toomua on Saturday night, even though it means his close friend Quade Cooper only made the bench for his first - for the first Bledisloe low test. He doesn't like to complicate things for the guys inside and outside him. He's got a really good kicking and passing game. He's an exceptional defender, so we can all look to use that as a strength, putting pressure on them in that area. And, um, I think he communicates really well and he organises really well as well. He's obviously full of confidence on the back of the Super Rugby season.The All Blacks will have their first training session in Sydney today. World boxing champion Daniel Geale says he will reap the benefits of a tougher-than-usual training regime when he steps into the ring to defend his IBF middleweight title against Englishman Darren Barker.I definitely think it will come out in the power. It's also - it will also show in my body as well. You'll be able to notice, just looking at me - I have done it a little bit harder, a little bit earlier in the training camp this time. And at the end of it, I'm gonna be feeling better.Geale says if he gets a sniff of a knockout, he will go for it. The fight will take place in Atlantic City on Sunday. A shock at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti this morning - defending champion Mick Fanning beaten in his opening heat. Nine's Carrie-Anne Greenbank is at Teahupoo. Is Mick still in the competition?Hi, Erin. Yes, he is still in the competition, but it was a very close call. He's just competed in the sudden-death heat, which is the second one, but after losing the first heat, if he lost this one, he would have been out of the competition completely. Now, luckily, he did win this event against a local surfer. But if he hadn't, it would have been a big shock to the competition because he won this event last year. The Aussies are doing very well in the first day of the competition. We've got 14 Aussies out of the 36 competitors. Bede Durbidge has won his heat, as has Matt Wilkinson and Joel Parkinson. Teahupoo is important. He had a slow start to the tour. He really needs Teahupoo to make a difference. He lost it by only a very small margin last year after Mick Fanning took out the title. Let's have a listen to what he has to say about the lessons he's learned. So close last year. Was it frustrating?Yeah, it crossed my mind as soon as I paddled out. Losing to Mick last year. I wasn't gonna let that happen. Up learn.Who are you more worried about - Mick or Joel?Um... I'm not sure. You know, Joel tends to get the higher heat scores, but Mick is, you know,Mick's been a more consistent performer over the years.Now, 11-times world champion Kelly Slater is definitely the one to beat. As for the waves today, well, they have been 1m to 2m - not the best Teahupoo has to offer but not that bad either. Definitely good enough to kick-start day one of the competition. The forecast isn't particularly good, so organisers are trying to get as much out of this swell today and potentially tomorrow. But apart from that, the weather has been fantastic. It's been raining the past week, and today is the first day of sunshine. We're not complaining at all.I'm not gonna say tough gig, because I'm sure a lot of people say that. Tim Bresnan will miss the fifth Ashes test because of a back injury. The Australians are trying to repair pride, spending plenty of time in the nets ahead of a 2-day tour match against the England Lions. Phil Hughes is hopeful of a recall, having been left out of the third and fourth testThis is gonna be my first game since I have been dropped. Hopefully I can score as many runs as possible and put my name in front of the selectors for the fifth test.Shane Watson are captain Australia for the 2-day game. Michael Clarke is taking a rest. Sally Pearson will run in the heats of the 100m hurdles today. Zoe Buckman was unable to repeat her semifinals effort where she qualified fastest. Disappointing there, obviously. But, gosh, the pressure. Up couldn't imagine it. Pretty intense. Thank you. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - finance and the latest weather. This program is not captioned. We put a lot
into our Dymples coveralls - fold-over mittens,
stretch cotton fabric... We did skimp on one thing, though. (LAUGHS) The price! It's Australia's lowest. Only $4. Cha-ching! VOICEOVER:
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You can watch '60 Minutes' anywhere, any time, with the free iPad app. Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, extended interviews and interactive content. '60 Minutes', through a very different lens. Download now at the app store. Time for a look at the national weather now. First to the satellite - and a strong and gusty cold front crossing southern parts of Western Australia is producing showers, isolated thunderstorms and small hail.

isolated thunderstorms and small
hail. A weak trough over the northern part of the state is causing the odd light shower, while a high over the south-east of the country is bringing a cool night. Around the country today:

And that's Nine's Morning News Hour. Amber Sherlock will be here at 3:00 and I will be back with the 'Afternoon News' at 4:30. I'm Brett McLeod. Thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Over the last five weeks, Hamish and Andy have handled everything Asia has thrown at them. But that might be about to change, as Hamish comes face to face with his greatest fear.

Here's a sneak peek of the season final from a little village in Cambodia. This is like the night before Christmas except it's the devil coming down the chimney and he has a bag full of spiders.

As you can tell, Hamish is really scared of spiders, so I'd told him the night before that I plan to take him to a spider village, hoping it would help him prepare. It hadn't. I think we're here, yes, there we are. I knew it was after the Macca's and right where the massive spiders

I will smash you in the face. I need to make something absolutely clear. When I went to hit Andy, that's what I'm talking about, it's an irrational fear. I can't think and process my emotions when it comes to spiders.

So the plan was to jump in a van, follow this attractive spider-catching woman to her village, and get ourselves the freshest product available.

I was numb with sheer terror. We took our position, and the trick was to simply dig down... And grab it out before it can bite you.

(BLEEP). Just let go of my arm, ow, let go of my arm. I can't let go of your arm. Seriously let go of my arm. I can't. Okay, you are hurting me more than a spider bite at the moment. I can't, my body's frozen, it's locked solid, Ando. So far this has been the worst day of my life. I feel like I'm going to explode. And it just dawned on me, I still had the spider eating part to go. Well done! Well done! Yes, he would like it well done. The season final of Gap Year Asia, on Nine. This program is not captioned.

# Let's have a little fun today. #

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Ellen DeGeneres!