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Live. ABC News 24, Live.Hello, you're ABC News 24, I'm Joe O'Brien. ABC News Within the next half ABC News 24, I'm Joe Within the next half hour or so
we're expecting Within the next half Opposition to unveil more details we're expecting the Federal
Opposition to details of its asylum seeker Opposition to unveil more policy. Under the plan the details of its asylum policy. Under the to
Coalition would remove access so asylum
to the Refugee Review Tribunal so asylum seekers any legal avenue of appeal for the refugee assessment. the refugee assessment. The Opposition says that would affect about 30,000 asylum seekers already in Australia on bridging visas or in other forms of detention. Opposition refugee status will be placed
on an indefinite work for the dole scheme.So we're expecting Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison to step up shortly in Melbourne. In the meantime let's cross to Canberra to our political reporter Kerrin Binnie. We're expecting this announcement soon but the Opposition has already revealed some of the details to the media this morning?That's right, and this is essentially an extension of what the Coalition has already announced, its 3-pronged attack safe to do so, the issuing of temporary protection visas and rigorous offshore processing. So temporary protection visas is what we know about today. They will be essentially retrospective and Julie Bishop spelled out how this plan will work on commercial television this morning.The 30,000 people that offered a permanent residency that are currently going to be
after the election by Labor, they will be given a temporary protection visa and in those circumstances when the protection visa and in situation in their home country improves they circumstances when improves they can be sent home. For example, Sri Lanka, there was a civil For example, Sri was a civil war, it ended in 2009. So people can go back home to Sri Lanka.So that was Julie Bishop on Channel 9 this morning. So it sounds like basically the best that any of these people can hope for is a temporary protection visa and under the Howard Government apparently there was a review of that after 5 years. But there's no suggestion at this stage that there would be even that for these people?No, that's right. And as you heard Julie Bishop say there, her plan is or the Coalition's plan is to put everyone, including those that are already within the detention network in Australia on to those protection visas and she used the example of Sri Lanka, so when conditions improve in the various countries they would essentially be sent back. So they would only - there's no permanent residency and the Coalition have in the past been talking about taking the sugar off the table for asylum seekers and this is obviously another plank of that. There is no chance of getting permanent residency in Australia if you come by boat.There's already been talk of possible legal challenges to this if the Opposition was to put this forward if it wins government, even the Opposition is conceding there would probably be legal challenges to this.And not only to this but also one of the other planks of the plan is to essentially try to remove some of the review processes that could be under way and that's where there could be some legal challenges and Scott Morrison has acknowledged that but says they will try to work through any potential challenges that would arise and essentially try to do a work around so that they can implement the policy those challenges.And has there already been some kind of response from the Government to this announcement? It's only been kind of revealed this morning.That's right and in fact opposite Julie Bishop on the Today Show on Channel 9 this morning was the Home Affairs Minister, Jason Clare. The Government's made its own dramatic shift in recent weeks for the PNG solution, that is that anyone arriving by boat after July 19 will be sent to PNG or Nauru and settled in PNG. So a similar concept. You won't be resettled in Australia if you come by boat from the Labor Government and Jason Clare this morning on the Today Show was saying that it looks like that policy is starting to work and has also criticised the Coalition's latest announcement saying it's nothing new.In the first week after Kevin Rudd announced that change over 1,000 people came to Australia by boat. This week it's about 300. So we're seeing an impact. This is a reannouncement of something that the Liberal Party announced a long time ago.Jason Clare there speaking on Channel 9 this morning. We know that the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is in Melbourne about to make this announcement, where is the PM today?The PM is in Perth and Tony Abbott's already done a job in Melbourne. He's been talking about the carbon tax and the 3-year anniversary of the pledge by Julia Gillard that there would be no carbon tax under a government that she led. So trying to capitalise the feeling about the carbon
tax led. So trying to capitalise on
the feeling about tax in the community. as you tax in the community. But also, as you mentioned, Kevin Rudd is also in Perth and he's due also in Perth and he's due to speak also in Perth and he's speak later on. Of course
there's a 2-hour time difference. But his announcement today is going to be about the petroleum - a gas and - essentially a gas infrastructure commission that will bring together some 35 businesses and research devrup groups to look at boosting the gas industry and that will be based in Perth working with other resource-rich States like Queensland, also the Northern Territory which was also hot on Kevin Rudd's top priority list yesterday.OK, Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. So we'll cross straight to Melbourne as soon as the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the Opposition's immigration spokesman Scott Morrison step up for that asylum seeker announcement. It sounds like it's going to be the most significant asylum seeker announcement from the Opposition during this election campaign of 2013.Opponents of Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi are calling for mass rallies. The movement also wants Egyptians to form watch groups to protect State buildings. It comes as the US State Department warns its citizens to defer travel to Egypt and telling those living in Egypt to leave. And a warning, this story contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.The dead were brought from the two pro-Morsi protest camps that were cleared by security forces on Wednesday.But before they can be buried the deaths must be registered at the morgue on the other side of the city.What I have been told by the of people is these were killed, they were not of people is these they were not a normal death, they need to be medical check and this check needs to be done they need to be by a and this check needs to by a special organisation of the Government and the justifications, they're saying, is there are just not enough doctors to do the check.Mourners and ambulances jammed the ancient narrow streets that lead to Cairo's only mortuary.There was an endless flow of bodies pushed forward on a tide of human grief.The authorities will only issue a burial permit when the death is recorded. Never before have they been asked to record so many in one day.It's been chaotic here. It's been difficult to afford much dignity to the dead. What's important to the relatives is the official record of the manner of death. Many of these people have been shot.The mortuary was overwhelmed, bodies were left on the filthy streets outside as relatives were forced to wait their turn. TRANSLATION: My relative was shot in the back with live ammunition. That destroyed his liver. He was killed in Rabaa. We have a medical report from the hospital proving this and now we have a burial permit. This was a tense, volatile place.Any prospect of peace seemed more distant here than it has at any time since Mohamed Morsi was ousted from power.And of course there's concern about what could happen after Friday prayers there in Cairo in the next 18 hours or so. So we'll be across that later today and through the evening on ABC News 24.A powerful bomb has exploded in a densely populated area of Beirut. At least 20 people have died and 120 others have been wounded. The bomb appears to have gone off between 2 apartment buildings destroying several nearby buildings and cars. The area is known - the attack is thought to be in retaliation for its support for the Syrian regime.The Deputy PM Anthony Albanese has been in western Sydney this morning. He spoke to reporters a short time ago. Let's take a listen to that now.To be here at Blacktown City Stanhope Gardens here Blacktown City for this great
announcement Blacktown
Stanhope Gardens here in Blacktown City announcement of $9.5 million
for for a tennis centre here with for a tennis Michelle Rowland, the Member a
for Greenway. Michelle has been a strong advocate for this project that will bring more than 50 jobs in construction but importantly, will give a home for Tennis Australia here in NSW in the heartland of western Sydney. This will provide facilities that will benefit our elite young tennis players as they come up but will also benefit the whole of the community, particularly those young people in western Sydney who will have access to world-class facilities right here, including both plexi cushion courts that are used for the Australian Open but also clay courts so that they can get that range of experiences across a range of tennis surfaces. I look forward to seeing this vision become a reality over coming years. This, like all of our announcements, was in the Budget, is included as part of the economic statement that was confirmed by PEFO. And this stands in stark contrast to our political opponents. Joe Hockey this morning on 'Sunrise', that he wouldn't make any comments on the run about further cuts to education and health. We know that the Opposition is hiding from costings, hiding from scrutiny. We know they have a range of cuts planned, the school kids bonus gone, Medicare locals gone, support for superannuation for low income earners, gone. The increase from 9 to 12% gone. The 6-year funding for the Better Schools plan where the money is to help disadvantaged schools be they public schools or Catholic schools or independent schools, gone. Under Mr Abbott's plan. But we know also that they have in mind at least $70 billion of further cuts to essential services, in education, in health and in infrastructure and nowhere is their attitude towards making cuts more important here in western Sydney than with regard to the national broadband network. I, after this event, will be switching on over 5,000 homes to have access to the NBN around Richmond and Windsor. The national broadband network is absolutely vital for ensuring that people in outer suburban communities are able to compete with people working in the central business districts, be it Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. It's about making sure that people have access to the Internet needs that we need today but also into the future. It's about embracing the future rather than embracing the past. Now Malcolm Turnbull, who was given the job of destroying -OK, we'll just break out of that there because the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has just stepped up for that media conference with Scott Morrison.Mr Rudd changed the border protection policies that worked back in and since then worked back in August of 2008 and since our borders has gone from our borders has gone from good to bad to worse and it's just to bad to getting worse all the getting worse all under getting worse all the time
under Mr Rudd. We've had 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat, we've had more than 800 boats, we've had $11 billion plus in border protection blow-outs and tragically we've had more than 1,000 deaths at sea. All of this has flown because Mr Rudd was not man enough to leave well enough alone when it came to border protection. So the message that Scott Morrison and I give the Australian people is that if you want to stop the boats you've got to change the Government and if you can't stop the boats you're not capable of governing this country. Now a couple of weeks back Scott and I launched Operation Sovereign Borders. We announced Operation Sovereign Borders which is our policy to stop the bots - boats and to prevent new arrivals. Today we announce our policy to deal with the old arrivals, that's to say the 30,000 people who have come illegally by boat and who have not yet been processed by the current Government. And the key to our it's been a strong and consistent position for 10 years now, is that people who be
come illegally by boat will not be granted permanent residency, people who come here illegally by boat will get temporary protection visas. So after they have been assessed, the 30,000 people currently here who have come illegally by boat are waiting assessment, won't get permanent residency, they will get temporary protection visas. There's also going to be new fast track processes for the assessment of people who are here illegally by boat and I'll get Scott to talk about those in a moment but the essential point to make is that this is our country and we determine who comes here. This is our country and we determine who comes here. That was the position under the last Coalition Government, that will be the position under any future Coalition government. Tragically for Australia and tragically for so many people it hasn't been the position under the current Government. I want to thank Scott for his extraordinary work in this area. Scott has been a remarkably effective shadow minister. He's shown tremendous strength, tremendous consistency and forth rightness but he's also shown a touch of compassion which you have to show when you are dealing with an issue as sensitive as this so I'd ask Scott to support these remarks.Thank you very much, Tony. As Tony said, there are twin challenges for an incoming government and if the Coalition was elected these are those challenges. Firstly, you've got to stop the boats and that's what Operation Sovereign Borders is all about. The policy that we're handing out today is about dealing with the legacy backlog of Labor's border failure over the last 5, 6 years. Over 50,000 people have turp - turned up. Around 15,000 of those Labor had given permanent visas to already. There are 30,000 people now who are still in that system and are waiting a decision that they will get on the other side of the election. Kevin Rudd wants you to pretend that these 30,000 people are not here. Those 30,000 people will be the most enthusiastic about a Labor victory because those 30,000 individuals will have the opportunity of a permanent visa under Kevin Rudd that they will not have under an Abbott-led Coalition government. That is because temporary protection visas are important not just as a deterrent to stop boats coming, but also to deal with of
this very significant challenge of the 30,000 people that Kevin he has the chance on the Rudd has already let in and side of the election he has the chance on give them a he has the chance on the other
side of the election give them a permanent visa with give them family reunion rights, family reunion rights, with pathway to citizenship ability to come pathway to ability to please. Temporary protection visas have been our please. Temporary visas have been our policy for over visas have been over a decade. What's announced over a decade. here in this policy today goes over again how those policies and how and how those visas will operate. They will run for a period of up to 3 years, the specific period of time that will be given will be done on a through
case by case basis working through the Department. What will happen at the end of that period of a temporary protection visa is there is the opportunity to once again assess someone's refugee status and if they're found not to be refugee at that point well, they will be put on a removal pathway. Those who are given temporary protection visas will, if they receive welfare benefits, be required to work for those welfare benefits. Work rights were part of the last temporary protection visa scheme under the Howard Government and they would be consistent with our international obligations under this scheme. Also under what you've got today, no longer will anyone waiting at a camp or waiting offshore, family members of Australians whether they've come from Africa or Myanmar or other places, no longer will it be the case that someone who comes on a boat will take the place of someone who would otherwise get that visa under our refugee and humanitarian program. Under the Howard Government over special humanitarian visas were being given a year. That figure in being given a year. in 2011/12 under the Labor Party fell to just over 700. Thousands of people have been denied the protection that Australia would have decided to give them as a sovereign country and they have been denied that under this government because this Government is handing out those visas to people who come on boats. That will end under an Abbott Government. Thirdly, those who throw their documents away and can be reasonably found to have done that, they won't go to the back of the queue to wait longer for their permanent visa as is the policy of the Labor Party, they won't be in the queue at all. If you throw your documents away then under section 91 W of the Act we will use the powers there to deny status in those cases. And fourthly, we will end Labor's tick and flick approach to assessments. Over 9 out of 10 people who are coming by boats are being recognised under Labor's scheme as they've hardwired appeals back through the Refugee Review Tribunal back into the courts. What this has produced is cases where even where there is a no decision being provided by case officers, under this Government's appeals process around 80% of those noes are being turned into yeses. No wonder Australians are questioning whether this is a fair dinkum system which has been operating under this Government. So we will, based on the detained fast track system in the UK, which I had the opportunity to look at first hand earlier this year, we will put in place a similar system. What that will do will enable us to triage the case load of 30,000 people and start working through that system to process those where a decision can be made readily and prioritise those who on an initial screening looked to be likely negative. So we can get on the job with removing people far more quickly than this Government has been able to do and there's been some very impressive results of that in the UK where we have 62% of people with negative decisions being removed within 3 months and twice as likely to enable people to be removed in the UK in detention than they are when left in the community. The final point is this, and this relates to the point of offshore processing, you would have seen in the economic statement that the Government is looking to spend $58 million on establishing a detention centre in Singleton, not in Nauru rkts not in Manus Island, but in Singleton. Offshore processing is not done in Singleton, it's done in Manus Island and it's done in Nauru. And that's why the Coalition will scrap Labor's plans for a $58 million detention centre in Singleton and $58 million detention centre Singleton and we will use that Singleton resource to expand Singleton and we will use that I had the opportunity to announce when I was in Nauru several weeks ago. So that's how we will be able to fund that commitment.So they're the commitments and I'll hand over to you.Mark.Mr Abbott, the standard you've set today is if you - if I've got it right, if you can't stop the boats you're not fit to govern, so is it your commitment that if you don't stop the boats in the first term of an Abbott Government you will resign?It is my commitment to make a difference from day one and it is my commitment to bring about, again, the happy situation that was brought about by the Howard Government in its last 2 terms.How long will it take you to stop the boats and if you haven't stopped them within your first year, again, will you see yourself as not being fit to be PM?Over the last 5 years of the Howard Government there were, on average, 3 boat asyear. Under the Rudd/Gillard Government we have, on many occasions , had 3 boats a day. So I will regard myself as having succeeded very well if we can get back to a situation of having 3 boat asyear. Obviously our ideal is to have zero boats. That's our ideal. But my commitment is to reestablish the quality of border protection and the effectiveness of border protection which operated under the Howard Government.Mr Abbott, how long will it take you to get to 3 boat asyear? If that's your benchmark how long are you giving yourself to meet that benchmark?I'm confident we can make a difference from day 1 and I'm confident that by the time we are well term we will have reestablished the levels of border term we will have the levels of border protection
that operated under the Howard Government.By the 2016 election we should have it down to 3 boats a year, is that what you're saying?That's my confidence.Are you going to be moving people who are currently in community detention into more formal detention and if so how are you going to do that given that those centres are full at the moment? I note you're saying people who won't - refuse to be return ld go to Christmas Island, that's close to capacity, where's the room going to come from?I'll make some general observations and then I'll throw to Scott. Operation Sovereign Borders, which we announced a few weeks ago, is designed to deal with people who are coming here from the time that the Coalition goes into Government should we win the election. The policy that we announce today is designed to deal with the people who are already here, who have come illegally by boat. Now, the point is that if you are here already and you are found to be a refugee you will get a temporary protection visa, you won't get permanent residency. If you are here already and you are found not to be a refugee you will go back into detention until you go somewhere else but you won't come, io you expect expect to get permanent residency in Australia. You just can't get expect to permanent rezdy in Australia if you come illegally by boat.The detention network will be retradge done. Those who would be in detention would be those who were being fast tracked because they're going through an assessment process and those in detention would be those also who have got to know and are waiting removal. The detention network will be retasked to task those two key tasks. What the Labor Party is doing is building more detention centres in Australia for more people coming on boats to be in Australia, not on Nauru and Manus Island. That's where the distinction is.Joe Hockey wouldn't say whether your spending cuts would include cuts to health and education, can you rule that out now?We'll have a lot more to say about health and education in the next couple of a
weeks. We've already had quite a bit to say about both health and education, for instance, we've said that we will match Labor's school spending over the forward estimates period because we want the argument about schools to be about quality, about schools to be an argument funding. On health, we've about quality, not about funding. On health, we've already said that we want to move more strongly in the direction of community-controlled public hospitals. We have said that we will absolutely quarantine medical research from cuts, we've said that we want to get drugs more swiftly through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee process and on to the PBS so we've had a lot to say on these policies. I don't rule out that we might be spending money more wisely in these areas but certainly I don't intend to make cuts in these areas.Mr Abbott, you went to a business this morning that's been a fairly strong supporter of carbon pricing. In fact back in 2011 Lyn Fox put their name to a statement, and their trucks featured widely in the ads. Isn't it the case they don't think about direct action, and would prefer the current scheme to remain?If I may say so actions speak louder than words and the fact that I was at Lin Fox this morning says something about where people's views are. As we move into the election in 22 days time. about Lin Fox is that Lin Fox time. The interesting thing have achieved very dramatic reductions in have achieved very reductions in their carbon emissions and they've done that because it was the right thing for them to do both for them to environmentally and economically and they didn't need a carbon tax to do it. I mean back in 2007 long before anyone had thought of a carbon tax, long before Julia Gillard's notorious there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead pledge 3 years ago today, Lin Fox had said we're going to get our emissions down because it's good for our business as well as good for the environment. So I think Lin Fox are a terrific example of direct action at work.Were you surprised to learn today that your candidate for McMahon in western Sydney, the former police officer Ray King, admitted at the royal commission into police corruption that he was socialising with a large-scale heroin dealer?Look, he certainly was before the Wood Royal Commission back in the mid '90s, as so many NSW policemen were, know adverse findings were made against him.He admitted to socialising with a heroin dealer?No adverse findings were made against him and that's the key thing. No adverse findings were made against him.Isn't it an adverse finding?There are all sorts of reasons for all sorts of things happening. No adverse findings were made against him. He was promoted three times subsequent to the Wood Royal Commission and he finished his career as the Liverpool local area commander, a very, very highly respected policeman and I'm very proud to have him as our candidate and I recommend to the people of McMahon that if they want someone to serve

Parliament, as he has served our country with distinction in the police force, if they want someone who will definitely vote to repeal the carbon tax, who will definitely vote for stronger border protection policies, Ray King's their man. Are you buoyed by the fact that Labor's approval rating in Central Coast, NSW Central Coast seats like Robertson and Dobell keep slipping?The short answer is polls come and go. The commentary obsesses about them. I think this is going to be a very close, very hard-fought election and now it could go either way. Of course if it goes Labor's way almost certainly it will be a weak to the Greens but to the that is still a real to the Greens that is still a real prospect
with 3 weeks with 3 weeks to go. My own

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