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Good morning and welcome to ABC News Breakfast. It's Friday, 16 August. I'm Michael RowlandAnd I'm Beverley O'Connor or. These are our top story - Barack Obama cancels military #k3er sizes in Egypt in retaliation for the violence.The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt's interim government and security forces. This Program is Captioned Live.

The Coalition about to ramp up its hardline stance on asylum seekers but will have to wait for its policy costings.When all our policies are out. We will be able to tell you exactly how much we're going to spend, exactly how much we're going to save.More than a dozen dead after a powerful bomb rocks the Lebanese capital Beirut.And a top read - author Michelle De Kretser takes out the country's richest book prize.Barack Obama has strongly condemned the violence in Egypt. The US President has announced he's cancelling joint military exercises that were scheduled for next month. The official death toll from the crackdown has risen to more than 600.In the latest violence, hundreds of supporters of the the Muslim Brotherhood set fire to a government building near Cairo. Egypt's interior ministry has now authorised police to use live ammunition against any protesters who attack them.Our North America us now
correspondent Jane Cowan joins us now from Washington. Firstly, what is known about the latest conditions on the ground in Egypt?Well, Michael, as you say, there have been these fresh violent protests, several buildings near Cairo have been stormed and They there - there have also They there - been protesters marching in the second largest city in Alexandria and Alexandria and they've clashed with police too. The interim government is warning the demonstrators that the security forces remain authorised to use deadly force, including live ammunition, but the Muslim Brotherhood is urging the protesters to continue.At the same time, obviously, that death toll continues to climb. that is
More than 600 at the moment - that is just the official figure acknowledged by the interim government. The Muslim Brotherhood says it could be much higher as many as 2,000 people could have been killed, they claim. There are stories about families still trying to identify bodies, bodies hundreds of them piled in that mosque in Cairo, many of them badly burned. So nothing like the bloodshed that was seen yesterday but still a very, very tense and volatile situation.And the President, Barack Obama, has broken away from his vacation to express his deep concern about events on the ground there. What has Mr Obama had to say?He has. He's still in Martha's vineyard and interrupted that to get in frornt of the cameras and say the US strongly condemns what happened, it deplores the use of violence against protesters and a return to martial law, it's virtually the same things that his Secretary of State John Kerry was saying yesterday but he obviously thought it needed to come from him and he's gone a bit further too. He spoke for less than 10 minutes but the most significant thing he said was of course that announcement that the joint military training exercise that was scheduled to take place next month with the Egyptian military has now been cancelled.And he's also - he national
is also saying he has his national security team sort of assessing the implications of what the done to see what further action the US might need to take with regard to the US Egypt.
regard to its relationship with Egypt. But the President is making it Egypt. But making it clear that the solution to this has to come from inside Egypt and not from the US. Let's have a look at some of his remarks.America cannot determine the future f of Egypt. That is a task for the Egyptian people. We don't take sides with any particular party or political figure.I no it's tempting inside of Egypt to blame the United States or the West or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong.We've been blamed by spores of Morsi. We've been blameed by the other side as if we are supporters of Morsi.That kind of approach will do nothing to help Egyptians achieve the future that they deserve.Barack Obama there. Finally, I suppose the question still has to be asked - how effective will any US action really be on the ground?Exactly.And the US President is really walking a tight rope now with Egypt. What he's announced in terms of the cancellation of that joint military exercise is an important step but you could also say it's almost the least that he could do because of the optics. Imagine what it would look like to have the US training with the same mill #2ri that is gunning down its own civilians in the streets, yet at the same time Barack Obama is obviously very conscious that the US can't afford to turn its back on Egypt. He's acknowledged in these remarks today that the relationship between the two countries goes back decades, that the US sees Egypt as the cornerstone to peace in the Middle East. But almost more notable than what he has said today is what he hasn't. He said nothing about that 1.3 billion dollars of military aid the US gives to Egypt each year. That is the single most important piece of leverage the US has here and there was shotted question from a journalist at the end of his comments asking about it which he didn't answer.So the US obviously keen to keep that piece of leverage in play at this stage, still dangling it.Thank you, Jane. Late er this hour we will get an update from our correspondent on the ground in Cairo with Matt Brown. But the rest of the news now.Tony Abbott has confirmed he won't release the Coalition's policy costings un until the final week of the election campaign. He has been under increasing pressure from the government to say just how he intends promises. The Opposition Leader is expected to announce he intends to pay for his
promises. The Opposition Leader is expected to hardline measures against asylum seekers hardline measures Rudd will be Perth Rudd will be campaigning in
Perth today, announcing a new initiative to Perth today, the PM will be boost oil and announcing a new initiative boost oil and gas production.
But in a blow to his

But re-election chances a new But in a blow to re-election chances a new poll
shows Labor is set to lose two key marginal seats in NSW. The Newspoll shows a 7% swing against Labor in Robertson and Dobell.Currently held by former Labor MP Craig Thomson.A powerful bomb has exploded in a dense ly populated area of Beirut. At least 40 people have died around 200 others have been wounded. The bomb appear s to have gone off two apartment buildings. The area is a known Hezbollah strong hold and the attack is thought to be in retaliation for its support for the Syrian regime.A wave of car bombs in Baghdad has killed at least 30 people and wounded more than 100. One bomb exploded near the highly fortified green zone which house s Western embassies. Militant groups including al-Qaeda have increased attacks in recent months raising fierce of a return to a full blown civil war. Author Michelle De Kretser has taken out the country's richest book prize. Her novel 'Questions of Travel' has won. It's the second major award having won the Miles Franklin earlier in the year. Journalist George Megalogenis won the non-fiction category for his book 'The Australian Moment'.A quick look at finance, just before the close -

Further to that story about those bombings in Iraq, the US says it's now concerned Iraq is being dragged into neighbouring Iraq is neighbouring conflict s like Syria's ongoing civil war. Iraq says it is trying to stay neutral but during a visit to Iraq John Kerry's says the country's location means weapons an militants are flowing through that country into Syria.Sunni and Shia extremists on both sides of the sectarian divide throughout the region have an able to be able to threaten Iraq's state if they're not checked.And al-Qaeda, as we have seen, has launched an horrific series of assaults on innocent Iraqis, even taking credit for the deplorable bombings this past weekend that targeted families that were celebrating the Eid holiday. This al-Qaeda network we know stretches well beyond Iraq's boarders.Let's turn to Federal politics and our political correspondent Melissa Clarke join s us no Parliament House. Good morning to you. Another busy day for Tony Abbott. We were expecting some new measures regarding asylum seekers today?That is right. Tony Abbott is in Melbourne today and we expect there will be two major topics on his agenda - firstly, asylum seekers and the comba. We're anticipating there will be a focus on the carbon tax because of an anniversary to do with various Labor commentses about it. So you can expect some plenty of attention there. But we can also expect the Coalition to be pushing on with tougher measures when it comes to asylum seekers. Now, we're waiting to hear the details from Tony Abbott and we expect he will be joined by the Opposition's immigration spokesman Josh Morris in Melbourne today. But, - Scott Scott Morrison in Melbourne today. Given that both parties have very similar schemes when it comes to the details of their policies, as we heard in a debate between the Immigration Minister Tony Burke and Scott Morrison earlier in the week, we are expecting the Coalition to return to even tougher measures or try to find ways to step beyond what the Government has proposed at this point in an effort to definitiate itself on what is a key election issue.We saw last night Tony Abbott's starting show a bit of wear and tear in an interview on '7:30'. He was sticking to his guns on costing, it will be on his time frame.He is not going to be pressured into releasing the costings and the overall picture of the Coalition's financial position as they would see it were they in government. Any earlier than they want to. It's become clear that won't be until the last week and just how close it is to polling day itself we will have to wait and see. But speaking through a scratch y voice which clearly all the campaigning and stump speeches is beginning to take its tol toll very early in the campaign, he's still got three weeks to get through, but Tony Abbott told Leigh Sales that they will bring out costings in the last week of the campaign.We intend to keep putting out policies, right up into the last week of the election campaign.So when all our policies are out, we will be able to tell you exactly how much we're going to spend, exactly how much we're going to save and exactly what the overall budget bottom line will be and how much better it will be than under the Labor Party.What about Kevin Rudd today? What are his travel plans?Well, he's over in WA. He was in Kununurra late yesterday and will be down in Perth today. Making an announcement about helping boost the oil and gas sector of the resources industry. We're expect ing he is going to make an announcement about grouping together businesses and research institutions to try and press ahead with that part of the industry in an effort to tackle the changing nature of the economy. We have heard Kevin Rudd talk a lot in his around the country about the stump speeches as he travels need to manage the economy around the country about through the transition now that need to manage the China mining through the transition the China mining boom is the China beginning to slow down.We expect beginning to slow expect this will feed into that bigger expect this will feed Kevin Rudd has been painting as he goes through Kevin Rudd has he goes through the campaign he election.We will talk during the course of the morning.Let's look at the front pages of the major newspapers. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' details those plans by Tony Abbott to slam the door on more than 30,000 asylum seekers.The 'Canberra Times' also explainings how the Coalition's stance will get even tougher by deny ing boat rivals the legal right to ever settle in Australia.A pole published in 'The Guardian Australia' shows Fiona Scott, described by Tony Abbott as having sex appeal, is poised for a landslide victory in the Western Sydney seat of Lindsay.The 'Age' reports on the tragic case of another woman murdered bay man on parole in Victoria.The case is further evidence there is something seriously wrong with Victoria's parole system.Tony Abbott's plan to stimulate Tasmania's economy is detailed in 'The Mercury'.The 'West Australian' has described Kevin Rudd's plan to turn the NT into a special economic zone ad as a major blow for energy industries in WA.The plan is also angered southern Liberal States who fear it will distort the economy. That is according to the 'Financial Review'.But Mr Rudd says in the 'Australian' that it's all about making concrete steps to bring about development in the Top End.The headline of the day goes to the 'Northern Territory News' for PM goes troppo, it takes on Mr Rudd's economic plan that sits above news that Witchcraft Act is still operating in the NT.That NT News is trumpedz by the inside story on page 3 of the Hells. It continues with the theme of Kevin Rudd going troppo with this immortal photo mock-up - that's not a tax cut! But also taking their parodies of Kevin Rudd, News Limited papers on to the inside to attract less criticism of the campaign.It's still there.It's front and centre. He wouldn't be all that happy with some of He wouldn't with some of the polling that is coming out this morning.Also if you're a Bruce Springsteen fan, fan, that we got happy news for you. He was not out here for 10 years but the Boss has just announced a new string of dates to Australia in February and March next year and even better news if you're outside the eastern seaboard he will travel to places like Perth and Adelaide which is sending social media into overdrive. These concerts on the east coast were huge sell-out, critical success as well and according to Bruce Springsteen's tour, they described these gigs in places like Melbourne - (Sings) # Come up for the horizon # Come on up and lay your hands in minds #.We didn't see him for 10 years and now he's coming twice in a matter of months. So that is good news too. But he is not the only person seeking musical talked
inspiration. Tony Abbott you talked about on the campaign trail, he was looking to Katie Perrie yesterday with his hot and cold song. He says that is his anthem, I am not sure of the references but the head of Coles as we well know is a mad fan of Status Quo.Wesfarmers boss Richard Goyder, you might recall that Coles is blitzing the air with Status Quo. Richard Goyder is warning customers and viewers that there's more Status Quo jijs to come. So there is a hope for ageing rockers. If you can't come out on tours a la Bruce Springsteen, you can make a motza with trying to sell products:Says he he says it's been paying for his 2.5 billion dollar cocaine habit - Francis Rossi.Who is that?Status Quo's singer. He had blown all his cash on cocaine!There you have them.If you would like to join the conversation on breakfast this morning please do.

Let's looked at the weather.

These are our top stories on ABC News Breakfast - US President Barack Obama has condemned the violence in Egypt and cancelled joint military exercises. The death toll from the crackdown on protesters has now topped 600 and the UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting for later today.Tony Abbott is expected to announce tough new measures against asylum seekers today. The Opposition Leader has confirmed he won't be releasing his policy costings until the final week of the campaign, government.And author Michelle despite pressure from the De Kretser has won the De Kretser has won literary award for De Kretser has won the PM's it's the second major award for it's the second her novel 'Questions of it's the second major award Travel'. I took out the Miles Franklin earlier in the year. Travel'. I took out Fortescue Metals Group has marked the completion of a 2.4 billion dollar expansion of its port facilities in Pilbara. It Lifts its export capacity to 155 million tonnes each and every year.A year of good pricies can make a world of difference in the iron ore game.We hearby declare this area open by Troy Buswell. Cheers.This time last year, FMG was cutting hundreds of jobs and slashing spending to cope with a dramatic slide in the iron ore price. No it's full team aed - steam ahead with the company opening its fourth export berth at Port headlands.The Chinese economy is growing very strongly at 7.5%. On the size of the economy it is this year, that is a bigger growth number than what we saw in the peak in 2007.The expansion will be complete when Fort Hood's kings mine comes online later this year. But that could be the end of the company's growth at least for now.I think we will settle down debt, get the balance sheet as strong as an debt, get the balance strong as an ox and then we can answer questions like that. We have a range of options.Besides a massive leap in iron ore exports it's also more royalties for the sxth at full capacity, FMG is expected to generate $1.2 billion a year for government coers if.On theage is one thing, price and exchange rate are the key drivers. We're very confident with that. We have good solid export growth.Fort Hood isn't is not the only one expanding. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are also increasing their exports but analysts warn it could great Create a glut in the market and cause the iron ore price to fall.Let's see how markets fared overnight. In the US they were down around 1.5%. In.

Before we go to sport, just link to finance - it's a pretty bad morning if you're running a newspaper company. The latest newspaper circulation figures are out this morn and it's a depressing news for the Fairfax titles. Papers like the 'Age' falling 16% in quarterly figures. That's >>us one quarter.The 'Herald Sun' in Sydney down 10%, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' down 17%.The News Limited papers have suffered pretty heavy falls but it underlines just how much of trouble the papers are in as people increasingly get their newspapers online. Maybe we will chat more about that with Mike Smith later this hour. To sport and let's pre view the Wallabies Bledisloe Cup clash.It is not Essendon. They are not going to allow them on the ground in Sydney. It's the Rugby Championship it starts tomorrow night in Sydney, Australia and New Zealand meet in the Bledisloe Cup match at the Olympic Stadium and Jen Browning has all the details.It's been 11 years since Australia last won the Bledisloe Cup but this year new coach Ewan McKenzie says he has the formula to bring back the silver wear.I think we have a good balance in the team, we have a and have a mixture of experience
and youth.Many thought quaitd and youth.Many thought Cooper would be McKenzie's
first choice fly half based on the due''s success with Queensland but he's opted for Matt Tymoshenko..- Timoa.He's been a man for all educations, he's got all the facets of the game covered.The 23-year-old helped guide the Brumbies throw this year's super rugby final. I will be Timoa's first taste of the test.I feel this year has gone pretty well. In terms of confidence I am pretty excited about it all.Incumbent number 10 James O'Connor has been shifted to the wing while Cooper will be injected into the match from the benchHe's disappointed. That is unfortunately. That is the nature of the business.StTheall black s will be missing Dan Carter through injury awe the captain returnsHe is pretty keen.And he's been sitting back watching.McCore sat out most of this year's super rugby season in a bid to prolong his thrl career. The All Blacks arrived in Sydney this evening wary of a Wallabies team that is eager to impress its new coach.That was last night in Sydney. Canberra Zoe Buckman has finished in 7th 1309 in the 1,500 m final at the world athletics championships in Moscow. Buckman finished three seconds behind Sweden's gold medal winner Abeba Aregawi with Jennifer Simpson in second and Helen Biri in Trinidad and Tobago's Jehue Gordon finished and the Czech's Republics Zuzana Hejnova won the women's event in what was a the women's event far more comfortable fashion streaking home a good couple of seconds ahead. Ukraine's Bohdan Bondarenko's clearest of 2 m 41 was enough for him to win high jump. He celebrated in some style and Caterine Ibarguen's 14m and 85cm won her the gold medal in the triple jump. Try doing that across your living room! The Australians are in Northampton to prepare for a two-day tour match and to get some much needed batting practice they het hit the nets as you would expect them to do. Michael Clarke watching onds an Philip Hughes chewing away assiduously. He amongst many others, Shane Watson up there in Northampton needing to really start scoring some runs and spending some decent time in the middle. Usman Khawaja as well and Philip Hughes spoke to Cricket Australia to pondser how he can get back in that Test side?Obviously playing the first two Tests and being left out for Test 3 and 4 was dis appointing to to be left out. I totally understand and respect where the slectors are coming from. I have had a real good chat with Rod and Darren over the last few weeks. They have been really good and very supportive. I respect where they're coming from and I wasn't in the balance of the last two Test matches. I understand that. But I think this is going to be pi first game since I've been drop and hopefully I can score as many runs as possible and put my name in front of the select Force the effectived test.Russian voel caller Yelena Isinbayeva has clammed slammed gay rights activists. Some competitors had painted their finger nails in rainbow colours in protest over Russian's gay rights prohibition.It's unrespectful to our country to to our citizen because we are Russians. Maybe we are different than European people than other people from different lands. We have our law which everyone have to respect. So because we're really afraid it's my opinion also if we allow to promote and do all this stuff on the street, we are very afraid about our nations because we consider ourselves like standard people, we just lives with boys with women, womens with boys. with boys with women, with boys. It comes from the with boys. It comes from history.So we never had any problems. This problems in u Russia and we don't want to have it in the future.I believe it is 2013 but I am not sure having watched that.We entered a Russian time warp.A Russian news reader has come out on air that he was gay and he's now been sacked.It doesn't help matters when you have prominent athletes and lauded athletes like Isinbayeva who has been at the top of athletic force 15, 20 years, 3-time world Channon, with such I would say archaic views and out of touchWith we will be brave enough to tip a Wallabies win tomorrow thieth?Not me.Patriotic?On the patriotism front we could.Yes, on that front we could. You could tip a win in the first test as well.Always and certainly this year they're hard to beat.I think so. Australia wasn't really out of touch, the memories of the Lions series are clouded by that final test loss - I won't dwell on it for obvious runs but the first was pretty close.He's made some good changes even though they may have some impact.You have to juj Ewan McKenzie, it's a fresh start, new era, a lot of criticism for Robbie Deans over the journey and the style he encouraged. I think let's wipe the slate clean, patriotically, sure, why not, Australia to win!.In this case you're an honorary Australian too.Absolutely, yes.I don't mind the All Blacks really.Thanks very much Steve. ABC News Breakfast can be watched live on the web.Head to the main ABC News website and you will find a link to the program which is streamed live.To the Friday weather, it's been wild in some places,It's been a very wild this week week. Let's look at what's happening today. With we have a high pressure system moving over NSW, it's weakening and allowing yet another front al system to fras the west to the east. Warmer north erly winds front will move across WA this morning reach ing Victoria and Tasmania tonight. A deep low will approach Tasmania towards the end of the week weekend. This will make a very cold start to next week and the ski fields are look at 20 to 40cm of snow by Tuesday.In Queensland today -

We have a severe fire warning for the Channel country and with the high moving into the Tasman it's also directing showers on to the coast north of about St Lawrence.

And great to have you with us this morning on ABC News Breakfast. Lots to come on the program. We will take a look at the morning's newspapers this morning with the head of Inside, Mike Smith.And we will examine the crisis in Egypt with Ben Macqueen from Monash University.Let's get all the day's news with Michael.Leading the news this morning, US President Barack Obama has strongly condemned the violence in Egypt and cancelled joint military exercises scheduled for next month. The official death toll from the crackdown has now risen to more than 600. In the latest violence hundreds of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood set government building near Cairo.
Tony Abbott has confirmed he

Tony Abbott won't release the Coalition's Tony Abbott has confirmed policy costings won't release the policy costings until the final
week of won't release the Coalition's
policy week of the election
campaign.The Opposition Leader is campaigning in Melbourne and is expected to announce more hardline measures against asylum seekers today.Kevin Rudd meanwhile will be across campaigning in Perth. The PM will announce an initiative to boost oil and gas production but in a blow to his re-election chances, a new poll shows Labor is set to lose two key marginal seats in NSW.A powerful bomb has exploded in a densely populated area of Beirut. At least 14 people have died and around 200 have been wounded. The area is a known Hezbollah stronghold and the attack is thought to be in retaliation for its support for the Syrian regime.And author Michelle De Kretser has taken tout country's richest book prize. Her novel 'Questions of Travel' has won the PM's literary award for fiction. Earlier in the year, the novel won the Miles Franklin prize >>e. Less eat g more on the crisis in Egypt. US President Barack Obama has condemn ed the brutal crackdown on civilian brothers and he has called for calm to be restored.We call on the Egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. We call on those who are protesting to do the people. We call on who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks we have seen by peacefully and condemn protester s including on churches. We believe that the state of emergency should be lifted, that a process of national reconciliation should e-Beggin, that all parties need to have a voice in Egypt's future, that the rights of women and religious minorities should be respected and that commitments must be kept to pursue transparent reforms of the constitution and democratic elections of a Parliament and a president.And pursuing that
path will help Egypt meet the democratic aspirations of its people while attracting the investment, tourism and international support that can help its deliver opportunities to its citizens.Violence on the other hand will only feed the cycle of polarisation that isolates Egyptians from one another.Barack Obama there. Muslim Brotherhood supporters have begun to bury those killed in yesterday's violence. Our Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from the Iman mosque in north-east kier yore and a warn ing you may find some of these images distressing. This mosque is just a few kilometres away from the mosque where the main massacre occurred. Even now dead bodies are being brought in, many have been stored under blocks of ice, the victims many of them charred, burned very, very badly whilst the sense of mourning here is palpable, so too is a sense of outrage and anger. Outside on the way in to this mosque, the crowd was chanting, 'The people want revenge.' How will they get revenge? That is the question.The Islamists of Egypt turned to the ballot box and won, they won control of the Parliament and indeed the presidency. They have lost that in a couch and now in a bloody - coup in now in a bloody, bloody crackdown. So the question reverberating outside this mosque, around Cairo and throughout Egypt is where will they now go from here? Egyptians in Australia say they are terrify had the country could now descend into a civil war.One man has has told - mother has told him that many of his friends have been killed.One of my close est friends was killed brutally. And my neighbours, at least five, were killed brutally.She five, were killed told me that they are in a told me that they are in better place now.That life means nothing for means nothing for them. And they believe that those who died are living in a better place because now Egypt is not a good place to live.And in Melbourne, a protest has been held outside the Egyptian consulate calls for an ends to the violence.We ask the Australian Government to take a firm un equivocal position of what is happening in Egypt, not only should they condemn this in the strongest terms but they should call for an immediate return of democracy to the by
country.The days of massacres by governments of their people without the world watching are long gone. What is happening in Egypt is happening before a world audience. We are hearing about it and seeing it inStan tainously. There is noex accuse for the Government to play wait for the results of the investigation.There is no question the military and the security forces attacked peaceful protesters. There is no question that hundreds of people were killed. There is no question that snipers on tall buildings were picking off their targets and shooting them in discriminately. There is no threat to security forces, let's be very clear. This was not a battle between two opposing party, two armed groups. This was a massacre committed by the military who are fully armed. Armed to teeth.That protest in Melbourne. We will cross to Cairo and talking to our correspondent Phillip Williams who has just gone there. This month marks the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first South Sea Islanders to Queensland. They were brought as indentured labourers tricked or kidnapped to work as virtual slaves.Just outside Bundaberg today a special ceremony will be held to commemorate dozens of grave,.John Taylor report s from sunniside station.There are no obvious signs but just behind me is a grave site. Just beyond this marker is the final resting place of 29 South Sea Islanders including a child. It was proven last year after ground penetrate ing radar was used and since then it's been heritage listed after a campaign by property owner and former Federal Labor MP Brian Courtice.It's important to tell the truth, tell the stories of the past. I think it gives the South Sea Islanders that are buried here some dignity and respect that they certain ly earned.It was 150 years ago that people from the Islands in the Pacific like Vanuatu were brought to Queensland to act as cheap labour for the State's emerging agricultural industries. About 63,000 people came here. Some as inden tured labourer, others were kid napped or tricked and they were subject to brutal working conditions and racism. At one stage, the death rate among South Sea Islanders was five times that of Europeans. And when they did die, they were buried in places like this, at Sunniside Plantation in unmarked graves.It is common. There's 15,000 buried throughout Queensland in unmarked graves. No-one has put their hands up to say where they are. This is the first former sugar plantation that has recognised, heritage list and now we're going to have a ceremony to dedicate and commemorate the graves.But today a dedication and commemoration ceremony will take place here involving local leaders and people from the Pacific. Now, it's seen as an opportunity to put these 29 people to final dignified rest and it's also hoped that it will serve as an example for other land holders to acknowledge unmarked graves. The Sydney electorate of Bennelong is of course famous as the seat sitting PM John Howard because of check sections Howard lost in 2007 because of the Chinese community because of check sections of the Chinese community moved the Chinese their support to their support candidate Maxine McKew but after one term it returned to the Liberal Party.This time the Liberal Party.This John Alexander is running against a Jason Lee.Every night in Eastwood the shops are busy in this neighbourhood. Be w an election pending this is a key Liberal seat that Labor wants to win. Eastwood has long days
been a home for migrants, these days one in five voters comes from a Chinese background:Bennelong was the first Aboriginal man to engage with the white settlers and that our electorate is called Bennelong and it's probably THE most multicultural electorate in Australia.This this election I think the Liberal will win.I haven't made up my mind. Probably I won't vote for Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd.I will support Kevin Rudd.Eastwood is in the seat of Bennelong in Sydney's north-west, now car considered a marriagetal seat. The sitting member is John Alexander, the former tennis champion. His opponent is Jason yachtsen Lee, a prominent wrung Australian of Chinese heritage who was involved in the Australian Republic movement. John Alexander is courting all votes including in the Chinese community and Jason Lee is that the Chinese vote
hoping his heritage will help. that the Chinese vote is In Bennelong it's no important. If a candidate doesn't take it into account, think've got no chance. As then member former PM John Howard discovered to his peril in 2007.In that election John Howard last the seat because a large group of Chinese voters campaigned for his rival, Labor candidate Maxine McKew. The next time around Maxine McKew was voted out. Hue Lee is a prominent member of the Chinese community. He was part of the group that supported Maxine McKew in 2007 but he switched his support to John xands.Maxine McKew, we support her initially not because of her herself, because we worked against John Howard. For the last three years, John has been Bennelong's member and he has been very hard working and mix with the community. We believe that he is a really good MP for the area.Not only for the Chinese community but for overall.It's helpful that I have a Chinese background or an Asian background but it certainly doesn't guarantee that just because I look Chinese someone is going to vote for me. They have strong political views.Neither predict
candidate is prepared to predict the outcome.Now, in Australian election companies there's an old tradition of prime ministers heading to the back of the plane and sitting with reporters for a flight.It's an opportunity to have a more light hearted chat and during a flight to WA Kevin Rudd sat down with our very own Andrew Greene and spoke about a new ABC mascot and life as a nerd.This is the ABC election troll. You know how you have the great logo for the ABC, the wave lept sign, this is the new ABC logo.Trivenlg.I model my own hair style on this guy.There has been a lot of talk about the hair. There's some people who are very good at keeping their hair in place - Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop, would you consider taking some stip tips from them?I have said to many people I ap open to advice about hair control.One bloke send me a
text message the other day - no a Twitter saying I should use Araldyte. I am looking at that option!There's also been -Inside it is not a problem.Tony Abbott has admitted to being a daggy dad. We always thought perhaps you were the country's number one daggy dad. Tell us about some of your best daggy dad moment?I see myself more of a nerd from central casting.As for how I'm keen as a dad, you have plenty of kids around who you can ask. I am a pretty good master of dad jokes show though.As a contemplated in post political life. What does a contemplated in post life. What does a nerd do?This life. What is called a leading question from the ABC - they're very from good at those questions. from the ABC - they're hypothetical. The nerd part is not hypothetical. hypothetical!.It's
hypothetical. The not hypothetical. So what does
a hypothetical. The nerd part is
not a nerd do?We read books and write strange articles a nerd do?We write those write strange articles about bunch of books at the moment those books.I am reading a which have nothing to do bunch of books at the modern politics at which have modern politics at all.For the
ends of the modern ends of the campaign can we expect a marathon expect a marathon 36-hour sprint?I was thinking a couple of weeks frankly. We start early and just not sleep.I have no idea how we will finish the campaign. Through the campaign I am just on about being positive what I'm on about. The other mob are running a demolition derby through their paid advertising, they've got their money to do it and basically we don't.Finally, the US President flies on Air Force One. The best we've come up with for the Australian version is air farce 1. Have you got a better name?I think that would be disrespectful to the Royal Australian officers who provide us with terrific air transport.But the nice thing about Australia is that we don't stand on much ceremony, it's very good. I was in - I was in Townsville the other day, pulled up at the traffic lights. And I was in the car and a bloke from the navy pulled up next to me at the same red light, pull s down his window and then began a discussion with me about fleet acquisition programs for the Navy and patrol boat maintenance in Cairns. The light changed to green, he said thanks PM, I feel better about. That I don't think that happens in presidential moat other kaeds.Never missing an opportunity for a little bit of policy speech but that was good fun. Andrew Greene quite brave with some of his questions especially about the hair.Yes, very interesting. The PM has come down on to see the journalists which is as we mentioned at the start of the story very much a campaign tra tradition. I recall zipping around - I use that word advisedly of various campaigns in the past and be it John come back
Howard or Paul Keating would come back to the plane. They didn't always do interviews like that but it was a good chance to speak informally to where
the leaders to get a sense of where their campaign was going and key themes and what was coming up.Congratulations Andrew Greene on scoring that exclusive interview with our PM in row 17 A.The exit seat!Next Monday News Breakfast brings you the second of our special programs from key electorates, that really could be election game in qurn in Eden - Eden-Monaro, held by Mike Kelly with a margin of 4.2%. The electorate stretches from the Snowy Mountain s down to the South Coast. I will be out and about getting the views of the people who live there. That is Monday on ABC News Breakfast.But our top stories on ABC News Breakfast this morning - US President Barack Obama has condemned the violence in Egypt and cancelled joint military exercises. The death toll from the crackdown on protesters has now topped 600 and the UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting for later today.Tony Abbott is expected to announce tough new measures against asylum seekers today. The Opposition Leader has confirmed he won't be releasing his policy costings until the final week of the campaign, despite pressure from the Government.And author Michelle De Kretser has won the PM's mitt - literary award for fiction, it's the second award for her novel 'Questions of Travel'. It took out the Miles Franklin earlier in the year. Now let's look at what's making news in the papers around the country today. Weir joined which by the chief executive of Inside PR and the former editor of the 'Age' Mike Smith. Lovely to see you Mike as always.Good morning.Newspaper proprietors making the news.Yeah, there's a lot of newspaper industry news this morning. My eye was caught by a piece in 2 'Sydney Morning Herald' and the 'Age' by Gay Elkornr a former editor of the Sunday 'Age' who is lamenting the fact we don't seem to care enough about what she says is the blatant bias of the Murdoch newspapers in this campaign. She describes ate tz most biased and partisan coverage of any election since 1975, which was when Whitlam was kicked out, that was when journalists at the 'Australian' went on strike because their copy was being rewritten by editors to slant it against Labor. I think I've got to agree with her. I have never seen a campaign like this by so many newspaper s. In 1975, Murdoch didn't have so many papers. Now he has most of the newspapers in the country and to some extent they're all in the act and I think Gay's point is that it does matter. And she says even some of the media commenterators are dismissing it, saying that he doesn't real e really have that influence anymore. But she says we just don't want to face the fact that our democracy can be hijacked by an 80-year-old American twhiterring regime change.It's the kind of pressure that everyone in Britain felt for so many years, the politicians in Britain did, until the phone hacking scandal which is an interesting point which has now brought that undone in Britain to a degree because they are a little bit quick tore stand up to him.Exactly. But in '75 he was very much a hands on editor in Australia. He doesn't have to do that anymore. There's a culture where News Limited editors know what Rupert wants.Yes, indeed. They never need to be phone calls or editorial conferences, there's a lot of self- censorship involved.There's a couple of good exhibits this morning - exhibit A and B.Let's exhibit A. I think this is exhibit A and B.Let's look at exhibit A. I think this is the 'Northern Territory exhibit A. I think News'.Their headline on Kevin Rudd's plans for Rudd's plans for an economic zone in the NT - PM goes troppo.Is that a news headline? It looks like a comment to me.It looks like a pretty savage comment. Down here at the 'Herald Sun', they've got the story on page 3, what a croc, that is what policy.Similar
think think of his NT policy.Similar to the sort of front pages we have seen on the Murdoch tabloids in week one, the mock-ups of Labor figure s in uni forms and that.It's so easy these days with photo shop.And without dating you horribly, Mike, you have seen a few campaigns over your time. It's interesting to hear you think this is THE most concerted campaign by News Corp.'75 was very bad but it was mostly focussed on one newspaper, the 'Australian'. This time seems to spread through the Murdoch group s at varies degrees. I don't think there's anything wrong with newspapers having a strong editorial view and expressing it. The problem is when it creeps in to the news pieces and the headlines.Also too I think we're in a different environment people are absorbing their
news. We have really reduced news. We have our attention span. So that headline is far more powerful these days than potentially 20 years ago where people may have tried to find out more information.That is right. It is not just the headline, its poster outside the news at and the retail shops that's continually putting that message out. And Gay Alcorn goats quoetds some research that despite the news going online the power of traditional immediate is still very strong. There's other research that shows people are spending a lot more time with traditional news - television and the newspaper. Newspapers are under so much pressure. There's new sales figures that are out disastrous.It they're horrible for Fairfax and nofrmtThe only thing newspapers have got for them in the future I think is credibility and trust.That should be their branding, but if we look at some of this research that came out earlier this year, trust in newspapers is declining. And it in some newspapers it's down to abysmal levels. If you look at 'The Telegraph' which has probably been the most blatant anti-Rudd newspaper during the campaign, less than half their readers, their own readers, have trust in their newspaper.And it's been declienting in the last three years.Allied to this, Richard Farmer, a veteran political journalist in Canberra who now writes for Crikey has been looking at the stories journalists write.I defy anyone to read everything in a campaign. But I have found Richard Farmer's guide on Crikey each day he gives it one point to any journalist who writes a really good and interesting story and the score so far as of last night is Ross gittins has three points, he is the plain speaking economics commentator, never one word of jargon in his stuff. Denis at kins in the 'Courier Mail' has got two points, he got a point yesterday for being the first to pick up on Abbott switching to negative and this's been followed by other commentators today. Laura Tingle a fantastic commentator has another good piece in the paper this morning about the sign fieldsing of the campaign.The campaign about nothing.Paul Kelly and Tim Colebatch - if you look at the other end of the scale where he takes off a point if it's a real a really bad or biased story. Down the bottom is Gemma Jones of 'The Telegraph', that is a dreadful stories in her news Hort report of Labor policy, condemning it in open ing paragraphs and paragraphs.Three reporters
from Daily Telegraph in that

from Daily dubious bottom part of the dubious bottom part of ladder.In previous years you would not have allowed that ladder.In previous years kind of would not have allowed kind of commentary.If she has
that view and kind of that view and she has a
position as a political commentator, give her some space for a comment piece let's keep the news clean.And cartoons now with Bill Leek.This pretty much sums up the campaign of the last few days: We have both Rudd and Abbott talking to their backroom boys, this is their contest of ideas and they have the same idea we have to ram home the idea that the other bloke is a dangerous lunatic.That is where it's go. - going.Thank, Mike, good to see you.Thank you.Let's go to sport. Good morning again to Steve.Good morning. And we will start with rugby s, not AFL and not off-field ierks on the AFL. Five uncapped players are in Australia's side for the Rugby Championship opener against New Zealand tomorrow in Sydney.New wallabies coach Ewan McKenzie has resisted the temptation to bring Quade Cooper straight back into the side, include plumping for Matt Toomua to start in his debut.The other four Brumbies player also start from the bench in the Bledisloe Cup match, incumbent number 10 James O'Connor is to the week wing and on Quade Cooper will start on the bench.There.There is no Dan Carter but Richie the captain comes back from injury. Zoe Buckman has finished in spot in the 1,500 m.She finished three seconds behind the gold medal win er. Trinidad and Tobago's Jehue Gordon came home very strongly in the men's home 400m hurdles in a thrilling sphinish while if 400m hurdles in sphinish while if Czech Republics's Zuzana Hejnova won the women's event in far easier fashion. Ukraine's Bohdan Bondarenko, well, he cleared 2m and 41cms enough to win high jump. And just briefly in some cricket news Australia is in Northampton preparing for the 2-day tour match and getting some much needed battling practice. Michael Clarke was there with the rest of the side as Australia pond er s its line-up for that Test. Shane Watson, Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith spent time in the nets. Tim Bresnan the fast bowler for essential out for the rst rst of the season with a test fracture. You don't like to dance on any grave but there's some good news.We will take at
it!Vanessa is here with a look at the weather now.A high pressure system over NSW is weakening, this is allowing another frontal system to move right across the country. Warm Northerly winds a heads of the trough will move across the western parts of SA this morning, reaching Tasmania up to NSW tonight. Queensland -

We will send a shoutout to the normal person sitting next to you, Virginia Trioli. Is having a birthday.You might recall she embarrassed me hugely by ser naigd me on my birthday about three weeks ago. Virginia has very carefully decide ed not to be here on her birthday. Happy birthday va have, vu but a slight warning on Monday we may have something special planned for you when you're back. A belated birthday.A birthday should last a week so I think you have meant write of time.See you soon after this break.

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Welcome back to ABC News Breakfast. I'm Beverley O'Connor.And I'm Michael Rowland, it's great to have your company. Today - Barack Obama strongly condems the blood shed in Egypt and cancels military cooperation as the death toll continues to rise.We will get the late forest our correspondent Phillip Williams in Cairo very shortly.Also ahead - two down, three to go. We look back on week tw two of the election campaign with insiders presenter Barrie Cassidy and condemn flaeting those bad hair daysI have said to many people I am open to advice about hair control.One bloke sent me a text message the other day, no, a Twitter saying I should use Araldyte.The PM chats with Greene about the hairy moments on the campaign trail. That is late er in this hour.We have some help for you, PM. We will get to you later. Double strength!.But let's change gears and go to our top story - Barack Obama has strongly condemned the violence in Egypt. The US President has know, announced he's cancelling joint exercises ved Sheddualed for next month. The exercises ved Sheddualed next month. The official death toll has risen to 600.Hundreds of support spores of the Muslim Brotherhood set fire to gooft ed bying near Cairo. Egypt's interior Minister trihas now authorise authorised police to use live - ammunition against any protesters that attack them.Going forward I have asked my national security team to assess the implication of the sackses taken by the interim Government and further steps that we may take as necessary with respect to the US Egyptian relationship.Let me say that the Egyptian people deserve better than what we have seen over the last several days.And to the Egyptian people let me say the cycle of to
violence and escalation needs to stop.Barack Obama there. Our correspondent Phillip Williams joins us now from Cairo via webcam. Phil, good morning to you. What is the laits on the streets there?- the latest on the streets there?It's all Kwai met the capital tonight, as far as we know.But of course people are preparing for tomorrow. In a few hours time when we have Friday prayers and Friday prayers is often the catalyst for protest and we are certain the Muslim Brotherhood will want to deep up the pressure on the Government. So we would expect some protest in the street nufrmts the police have been authorised to use live fire, as if they haven't anyway, that could up the ante also. So we expect possible more violence, more bloodshed in the streets tomorrow, hopefully that won't come to pass. On the international front, we now have these developments not just with but
Barack Obama and his reaction but also the UN Security Council is to meet in closed session and discuss this whole issue as wells. It's becoming much more of a global issue. I am sure much to the disdain and upset of the interim Government here. But it is being taken very seriously outside of the country of course seriously here but it depends very much on where you stand as to whether you think what the Government has done is good or bad.The really disturbing thing looking from the outside in, Phil, is just how quickly this death toll has been revised upwards.Yes. At the start of the day it was 145, this is the official toll. Now we're looking at 638. And that is coming from the Health Ministry. Now, we know that there's a huge discrepancy between what the Muslim Brotherhood says - they've been counting thousands, they say. But perhaps that figure is somewhere in between an there's a very good reason for that. That, is quite a lot of the bodies were taken not to hospitals where they get counted officially but to local halls, local mosques. There's a reason for that halls, local mosques. There's reason for that too. Especially for reason for for those shot at the reason for that too. for those shot at the encamp ms because for those shot at because they don't frus the hospitals, they don't because they don't frus officials. So they're wanting hospitals, they to keep the bodies inth at officials. So place where the relatives to keep the bodies inth place where the relatives can
pick them up, where they can't be disposed of or they can't be written off as having died in some other way. They simply don't trust the authorities that's why but You get these two very different counts. I suspect we will never flow because, even when you add those extra bodies, there are still possibly people that have picked up bodies taken them away to villages to be buried but it's certainly has escalate ed very quickly from just over 100 officially to over 600 now and I would imagine by morning or the next 24 hours it will be several hundred more.You mention that global reaction, the US President Barack Obama has announced those planned military cooperation exercises with the Egyptians have been kafns eled. The State Department of the United States is leaving open the option of looking at the more than 1 billion dollars in military aid it funnels to the Egyptian Army every year.Is this sort of message, though, likely to get through to the military?They will take all this into consider before they take all the action they did. They made it clear from the beginning this is an Egyptian problem to be solved by other Egyptians, in other words words butt out we have to solve this on our own. They know they will be on the nose internationally but what can the international community do? Certainly they can withdraw aid but if the Americans withdraw the 1.3 billion that they offer in mainly military aid then there's other aid coming from the Saudis an UAE of about $8 billion that's been promise manied the last few months. So there is replacement there. It will hurt the Egyptian Government to have that happen and it's a worry too for the security now of American citizens here in Egypt, in fact the State Department has issued an advisory, advising herns to leave the country and telling people not to come if they are American citizen because they fear there will be a backlash against Americans. I can tell you that when we've been in either camp, this is the strange thing which ever side we've been on over the last few weeks the Americans in particular have come into great criticism because both sides have felt that they've been against them. Now clearly both sides can't with b right but what that does tell you is perhaps the diplomacy the Americans have been playing hasn't been terribly effective.Finally any word on the whereabouts of the man really central to all of this - that is the ousted President Mohammed Morsi?No. It would be inconceivable to think he is not still in the country and no doubt in some sort of secure military facility but, no, he hasn't been seen for quite a while, since various delegations from foreign countries including the EU did actually meet with him. But he hasn't been seen for some time. He certainly hasn't been seen publicly. There's been no image of him since he was taken on 3 July. He is out of the picture in that sense. He is apparently able to access the media, so he will know what is going on and no doubt be horrified with what's happened in the the last couple of days. In terms of being able to influence it, no..To Federal politics now and Melissa Clarke joins us from Parliament House. Let's take a look at the Coalition policy which is said to be detailed a little later on today. It looks like they want toe go one step tougher than the Government?We are expecting Tony Abbott will be joined by Scott Morrison in Melbourne later on this morning to talk up their asylum seeker policy. They're going to focus on temporary protection visas and it's long been Coalition policy to grant any asylum seekers who arrive and are found to be refugees temporary protection visas not permanent residency in an effort to, as the Coalition describe s it, break the business model of people smugglers who offer up permanent resident - residency as a prize to encourage people to try to reach Australia by boat.That has not been policy but - that's long been policy but we expect the Coalition to announce today that that will apply to asylum seeker s who Australia over
have already arrived in Australia over the have Australia over the last, say, 12 months or so who haven't yet had 12 months or had their claims 12 months or so who haven't yet had their claims vinylised -
finalise. had their claims finalise. There's quite a backlog in finalise. There's quite backlog in the system at the moment because you might Governmented that a freeze moment because you Governmented that a freeze on
pro processing claims which they had hoped would discourage people from arriving by boat. So we're talk about around So we're talk about 30,000 asylum seekers who are already in Australia who would have these temporary protection visas applied not just to anyone arrive after September 7 should the Coalition b) elect. We are also expect ing the Coalition to try to return to the Howard era policy of limiting access to Australia's just a system when it comes to reviewing assessments that are made on refugee claims which is something that was done in the past but has since been challenged in the courts in numerous times. Again this is not new policy from the Coalition but we do this time have the Coalition this morning, acknowledging that it is illegally - a legally difficult move to try to restrict that access to review mechanisms nonetheless they will be attempting to do that.And Julie Bishop was out and about this morning. Was she outlining some of that detail?She was going through some of the detail and she was also acknowledging that although we now know this will apply to the backlog of asylum seekers, the principal element behind it is not new policy. She told this to Channel 9 this morning.It's the policy that with we have had since 2001 and temporary
that is to put in place temporary protection visas for people who are found to be asylum seekers, rather than permanent residency which is what Labor offers them. That is the product that the people smugglers are tell selling, they're selling permanent residency in Australia. We will provide temporary residency, so should a temporary protection visa, so should the situation in their home country im, then they will be sent back to their home country.Julie Bishop tli.'S still a bit confused for voters to really try to discern between the two parties:It certainly is.And particularly since we know that a lot of the central ten of the two parties are the same when central ten ent of the - tenets
of the when it comes to the primary part of offshore processing when it comes to the part of offshore processing and
the Government says its Papua New Guinea solution is starting to work, that we're already seeing a tapering down of asylum seekerser arrivals by boat. But if we look at these key elements, it might not necessarily key the Coalition policy being harsher, depending on your point of view. So we have on the one hand the Coalition saying if asylum seekers arrive here by boat and they're found to be refugee s, they will be processed offshore but they might be able to be - they might be able to live in Australia on temporary protection visas. The Government on the other hand is saying also that they will be processed offshore, but that they will be processed offshore according to the law of the country that they're sent to, so in this case it would be Papua New Guinea. So there is no chance of them ever settling in Australia. However, they could have the chance of glet ing permanent residency or in another country in the region. mechanism,
When it comes to review mechanism, certainly the Coalition is acknowledging it would be difficult but that they will try to limit access to the Refugee Review Tribunal. Under the Government's system, they're being pro processed in another country under another country's law to any rights to appeal will have to go through PNG's legal system, not Australia's legal system. So regardless of which party come s to power Australia's Refugee Review Tribunal would have a much lower case load as they would then only be able to deal with cases of asylum seekers who arrive by plane or other mechanisms or if the Coalition's effort to restrict access to it fails through court challenges.And, Mel, too, Tony Abbott last night really take Mack it very clear he will not be dictated to in terms of the timing on his costings?Tashts has been asking every day when the Coalition release their costingsings, given they've said they will be released in good time for people to see. Now with we're really only three weeks to go in the election campaign he is increasingly coming under pressure to reveal those figures. Last night on ABC's '7:30' program he was again questioned on this by Leigh Sales and made it clear that in released
fact those costings won't be released until the last week of the campaign.We intend to keep putting out policies right up into the last week of the election campaign. So when all our policies are out, we will be able to tell you exactly how much we're going to spend, exactly how much we're going to save and exactly what the overall budget bottom line will be and how much better it will be than under the Labor Party.. We will talk later, Mel, thank you.Still on politics and the Coalition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella is facing a potentially tough challenge to hold on to her regional Victorian seat of Indi. Hit's been a very safe Conservative seat but an Independent candidate is getting some heavyweight support including from retiring MP Tony Windsor.James Bennett spoke with the Independent candidate Cath McGowan in Wodonga and Sophie Mirabella in Wangaratta about the fight in the seat. Why are you interested in Federal politics?I have always been particularly got interested in politics. this one is I have particularly got me involved this one is I have a number
number this one is I number of nieces and number of nieces and nephew s in Melbourne and in me..They are excited about who is doing something and what's going on. That is the long and the short of the story.Is part of your campaign based on this idea that being a safe seat it's been takentor granted, people are not getting what they might they might otherwise in a marginal or an Independent seat? That.That is certainly one of the issuesis it's a safe seat and people do feel like their vote is being taken for granted but it's about the people who live here who have a vision for the future and to be the member for this region what does it mean about food, wine, Touche tourism and agriculture and how do you manage climate change and job and sustainability within a changing world. I think lots of people are look at the major parties saying row you are not speaking for us.People if successful, which way would you voteIn it's such - it's a moving feast. As you would have heard Mr Abbott is saying he won't deal with Independents so that is a quandary.So, yeah, I think it's hypothetical question that I will have to negotiate when I get there.What about campaigning support for you? Would the benefit of the experience of Independents like Tony Windsor help?It is. Certainly Tony Windsor was supportive but people like Malcolm Frazer have come out and said she's a good candidate so I have had support across the political perspective which has been really interest. But the real knowledge in this particular electorate lies with the by Cath McGowan's campaign community.The buzz generated by Cath McGowan's campaign has
even seen a leaked email from Sophie Mirabella's office suggest ing they're genuinely suggest ing worried about being outgunned on the campaign trail by the Independent candidate. But the Independent candidate. But Liberal frontbencher who has held Indi since 2001 saying it's a campaign for the local seat, like any other.Campaign intrigue interests in some people. I am not focussed on the campaigns of other candidates, they have always been Independents and at other companies. What I am focussed on is ork working with local people on strong local plans for this community and working for the election of a Coalition Government because only through strong economic management will we be able to deliver the safes to pay for the things that matter in this electorate.What are the things that matter?Well, the things that matter in this election are diverse, but we do need a b