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This program is captioned live. Murdered by a criminal on parole - a young Victorian mum killed after yet another blunder by our justice system. Slamming the door on asylum seekers - the Coalition promises tough new restrictions on anyone arriving by boat. Get out of the classroom - the education expert is telling the Federal Government to stop interfering in schools. Talk about edgy art - the Melbourne street sculpture that's a danger to the public. The Boss is coming back - Bruce Springsteen announces he's heading Down Under again. Whoa hoo!! And we've got a $20,000 jackpot in Free Fuel Friday. (Sings) # Dancing in the dark...# Jackets at elbow length, Dicky. Well, the Boss is still relevant in this decade as well.He looks good, though, doesn't he.Yeah, he does. Dancing like that.Jackets at... Yeah. There you go. Took long enough.The only thing that is missing is the Winnie blues in the shirt. Look at that look at that!! That is all coming up today.It is great he is coming back. All the details later today.Morning Amelia. Morning Fordo.Morning all of you. She nearly ran me off the road this morning in her hurry to get here.I was very keen to get here.Either that or keen to run Karl over. Good morning, Friday 16 August. Always good to have your company. Let's have a look at the weather this morning. It is news time. There is lots happening.There absolutely is. Good morning, and good morning to you at home. US President Barack Obama has cancelled joint military exercises with Egypt, after the country's interim Government gave the military the go-ahead to use live ammunition on protesters. Hundreds of people have been killed since security forces broke up two camps of supporters of former President Mohammad Morsi. Nine News correspondent Peter Stefanovic is in Cairo. Pete, good morning. What is the situation like there this morning?Good morning Amelia. Well, it is very quiet at the moment but usually this time of the evening in Cairo it is bustling with people around, the traffic is usually full but the quietest evening would have everything to do with the fact that a curfew is in place. That will remain in place for as long as that state of emergency is in play. At the moment we are being told that it will remain in play for about the next 30 days or so. Even today it was much quieter on the streets than it has been, but even when you go outside and you walk around and you talk to people you do notice there is this underlying tension all around central Cairo at the moment and especially so when you go to those areas where those gun battles took place here yesterday. When you go to those funerals that took place today, there were several funerals that took place today, and there is this fear at the moment because neither side is really willing to give an inch at the moment. They are not going to back down. The general feeling is that things will get a lot worse before they get better. Having said that, there were some skirmishs that took place, some isolated pockets of violence that took place. The supporters of Mohammed Morsi torched a building in Giza. That is where the pyramids are. That is in retaliation to things. They say this is just the start of things and there were some isolated pockets of violence up in the north of the country as well. As I said, at the moment still even though it is quiet at the moment, still very tense.Yeah, and very confronting images there as well. Pete, the violence has prompted a very strong reaction from the US.Yeah, it has. I think this was always going to be expected, that the US would condemn the violence that has taken place here over the past coup of days or so. There is a bigger issue at play and that is the relationship between the United States and Egypt. That relationship is seen as vital to the stability of this region. As you mentioned there, the United States President has condemned the violence and he has also cancelled the joint military exercises that take place between the two countries every two years. Here is a bit of what President Barak Obama had to say a little bit earlier today.While we want to sustain a relationship with Egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets, and rights are being rolled back. As a result, this morning we notified the Egyptian government that we are cancelling our by annual joint military exercise. There is now more pressure on the United States from some parties to even give up the $1.3 billion in aid it gives to Egypt every year. Alright, Pete, thank you for the update. We will check back in with you a little later non the morning. There are growing -- later on in the morning. There are growing calls for the Victorian parole board to be sacked after a man, who had almost 100 criminal convictions, pleaded guilty to the murder and attempted rape of a Ballarat mother. The tragic case comes just seven months after Jill Meagher was killed by Adrian Bailey, who was also on parole. For more, we're joined now by Today reporter Christine Ahern. Chris, a lot of anger about the State's parole crisis. What is being done?Yeah, this is just another case of Victoria's parole board failing. 30-year-old Jason Dinsley broke into Sharon Siermans's ball rot home and beat her to death with a cricket bat while her 4-year-old son hid in another room. Now, Dinsley had struck up a relationship with Sharon on a dating website but when she stopped seeing him in the weeks before her death, that enraged him. Yesterday in the Ballarat magistrate court Dinsley pleaded guilty to murder and also attempted rape. If this crime wasn't shocking enough, what has been revealed is that Dinsley had 100 convictions against his name. He had already broken parole once. He was a chronic drug user and only last year he had finished a sentence for the brutal rape of a woman back in 2006. Sharon Siermans now becomes at least Victoria's 12th person to be killed by parole' since 2008.They are awful figures. Just on the case of Jill Meagher, we understand a memorial is going to be built to remember her. What more can you tell us about that? Well, the mayor of Morland who respects the community where Jill Meagher was killed has travelled over to Ireland to meet her family, not only to offer his condolences but also to express the anger that has been felt by the community over the failings of Victoria's parole board and he has also offered to build a memorial for Jill Meagher in the community of Morland. Jill Meagher was raped and murdered by aid Baillieu as she walked home last September. - Adrian Bailey. As she walked home last September.I think our parole board has failed. We have let someone on the loose who was in fact acknowledged by his own family that he was potentially a dangerous person out there and we ignored him.I think people who didn't even know Jill are shocked and outraged by what has happened to her. Jill Meagher's husband Tom has also met with the Victorian Premier to talk about his anger at the parole board and also just what can be done. Alright, we will leave it there for now. Thank you for that. To federal politics now. Voters will be kept in the dark on the Coalition's final costings details, right up until the last week of the election campaign. Nine Political reporter Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra with the details. Jayne, good morning to you. This is despite growing pressure from the government for Tony Abbott to spell out exactly how his party will fund those pre-election promises.That is right, Amelia, and there are some pretty expenses promises in the mix. Cuts to the company tax rate, paid par rental leave program, skrabing the carbon and mining taxes while keeping the compensation and the coalition have not given us any idea how they are going to balance the books. We got some sense that Tony Abbott is going to keep the government's planned increase to the tobacco excise and they might also keep the bank levy, but we don't really know much about anything else. Tony Abbott is promising it won't happen on the last day of the election campaign but it might not be too much before that. Have a listen. Every policy that we put out will be costed and funded. We intend to keep putting out policies right up into the last week of the election campaign.Jaynes on another issue, the opposite will today release some details on a new hard line approach on asylum seekers.Yeah, this is sounding even tougher than the government's PNG solution mainly because it applies to asylum seekers, 32,000 of them, who are already in the country. It would basically deny them the right to ever settle permanently in Australia. They would haven't the right to family reunion. Also, they would lose the right to appeal to the courts if they are found not to be refugees and some of them would have to work for the dole. The key point is going to be those temporary protection visas. On another note it looks as though the government's PNG solution may be having an effect because in the last four weeks the number of boat arrivals has dropped by around 36%. Just finly, Peter Slipper's wife has become a one-woman PR machine. Tell us about that.She needs to be, because Peter Slipper announced yesterday that he will be standing in this election as an Independent to recontest his seat of Fisher. It has been a tough time for the couple with those sexual harassment claims that have gone through the courts but his wife was standing beside him yesterday.Our marriage is real. I have stuck by Peter, I love Peter. There are so many things you guys don't understand about him. He has made some mistakes, yes, but he is actually a really nice, decent, kind-hearted guy. Well, it will be the voters of Fisher on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland who there will have the final say about whether that is enough to allow Peter Slipper back to parliament. Well said. Thank you. And Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and former Treasurer Peter Costello will join us on the show a little later.

little later. An AFL charging document, obtained by the Newscorp, has revealed Essendon players were set to receive 1500 injections of banned peptides and more than 16,000 doses of colostrum under its supplements program. The revelations come as lawyers for Essendon prepare their defence, ahead of the August 26 hearing, to charges they've brought the game into disrepute.There will be no Coroners cut here in trying to reach -- corners cut here in trying to reach deadlines for the AFL, not necessarily deadlines for the club. Meantime, Essendon captain Jobe Watson has been warned not to antagonise ASADA, after he agreed to put his name to a statement saying the Bombers players felt fully vindicated after the AFL announced no drug charges as yet. Fire has torn through a Sydney unit complex overnight. The blaze broke out just before midnight, on the second floor of the Redfern building. It's understood a man suffered smoke inhalation and burns to his hands, as he tried to put out the fire. Investigators will return to the scene this morning to try and work out how the blaze started. Newspaper circulation figures published today have made for grim reading for News Corp Australia and Fairfax. Fairfax was worst hit with its flagship daily the 'Sydney Morning Herald' losing 17% of its sales

17% of its sales year on year, while Melbourne's 'The Age' bled 16%. News Corp's the 'Daily Telegraph' and sister paper the 'Sunday Telegraph' in Sydney both plunged more than 11% in sales. Brisbane's 'Courier Mail' and Kerry Stokes's the 'West Australian' were among the better performers - down 8%.

among the better performers - down
8%. Let's have a look at the markets for you now.

Londoners are giving up the fish, chips and mushy peas for a new food fad. A pop-up restaurant is cooking up crickets, worms and other household creepy crawlies. Pestaurant was set up by a pest- control company to celebrate its 85th birthday - and it's going down a treat.Crunchy and, like, kind of crispy flavour.It is better than crisps.Yeah.It is better for the kids, isn't it?Not sure about that. For dessert, the insects are dipped in chocolate. There you go. Anything goes down a treat if it is dipped in chocolate. You can stomach just about anything. I was always a great believer you could feed a kidney vegetable if it had enough melted cheese on the top. Or deep fried.I think we should get some of these things in to test and eat.Are you up for it?Sure. We can talk to Neil Perry about that.Done!!That is going to happen after 8:30 this morning. We are going to be eating all sort of insects and lovely things. Let's have a look at the national fly around for you this morning.

around for you this morning.
For all of you waking up in the northern territory: Alright, on a Friday it is always a big day in sport. What is happening, Ben.Yeah, that is right. A little later we will have the Drop Kicks segment with the guys looking at the weekend, but after the Greek it is talked up as a State of Origin- like encounter in the NRL and Hawthorne stars return to take This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show, a bit of Salt and Pepper.Take as girl back!!Let's have a look at the front

front pages now. The 'Herald Sun' says free to kill. A parole bungle after a woman is murdered while her 4-year-old son hid in another room. 'The Age' reportsSharon Siermans was beaten to death by a man with at least one more year to serve on parole. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reveals Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's plans to strip 32,000 asylum seekers, who have already arrived in Australia, of their right appeal to the courts, saying they will never settle here. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports Egypt descends into bloody violence, with more than 450 people dead and the country teetering on the brink of a civil war. The 'Adelaide Advertiser' says Egypt erupts in a blaze of fury in one of the country's darkest days with hundreds of people dead. The 'Australian' reveals Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's epiphany about the Top End, detailing his plans to cut the corporate tax rate in the NT by a third. The 'West Australian' reports the Prime Minister's plans to cut the tax rate will be a blow to WA's ambition to be the regional hub for two frontier gas companies. The 'Mercury' says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has made his first pitch to Tassie voters, offering a $230 million grand plan to stimulate the economy including a greater federal presence in the state. The 'Northern Territory News' details Attorney-General John Elferick's plans to "get his witch on" as he prepares to repeal a 300- year witchcraft act. That is him there looking better.That always cuts through the NT news. That is the one we are leaning forward on. Nightmare from Elm Street.A bit of that.

Nightmare from Elm Street.A bit of
that. The table-topping Hawks will be even more dangerous tonight when they welcome back stars Lance Franklin, Luke Hodge and Grant Birchall back from injury for their clash with Collingwood. This is tonight's clash with Collingwood we are talking about. Despite the Magpies recent form.Two weeks prior to that they were not so flash, they got beaten by Gold Coast up there and took the best part of the game to get themselves over GWS. Sounding confident. Collingwood need a win tonight to keep their slight top four finals hopes alive. The Rabbitohs say they're expecting a State of Origin-like encounter when they face Manly tonight in Gosford. This game is in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW. The Rabbitohs sit just one spot above the Sea Eagles on the ladder and will be boosted with the return of superstar Greg Inglis and John Sutton. Relief for Wests Tigers fans - Robbie Farah finalising his new 4-year deal with the club which is estimated to be worth $3.5 million. The All Blacks have arrived in Sydney ahead of Saturday's Bledisloe Cup opener. The Wallabies naming their side with Quade Cooper to start from the bench in his first international game back. He's not too happy about that. Brumbie Matt Toomua taking the number 10 jersey in his Wallabies debut.Kind of a dream for every Australian rugby player to pull on a green and gold jersey so I am very privileged. Toomua is one of five uncapped players in the 23-man squad. To cict now. -- cricket now. David Warner admits Australia's batsmen cracked under pressure during the second innings collapse in Durham. I am pretty sure that the guys were feeling the pressure, but we are professional athletes and we have to adapt to that.Yeah. Warner says he's keen to open the batting again with Chris Rogers. Just six weeks after claiming her first Wimbledon title France's Marion Bartoli has tearfully announced her retirement from tennis. Bartoli said her continuous struggle with injury was behind the decision. Best of luck to her. And great news. And Aussie Zoe Buckman has finished seventh in the women's 1500m final at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. Buckman was unable to repeat her semi-finals effort where she qualified fastest. However, this is still one of the best results that we have ever had in track and field and there she is, Zoe, incredible effort and let's just hope we get as many sponsors and people behind her as possible to push her along because she has clearly got it. That is great. Did I hear you say come on the Wallabies one more time but with real fashion.Come on the Wallabies!!!That guy is so new he didn't even have a mike on him.It is going to be fantastic. After the break - the Hollywood gossip with Richard Reid. Hello, Richard.It is the day you have been waiting for, Kim Kardashian comes out of hiding - that is right!! The mom and Kanye finally emerge two months after little North weapon West made her appearance. Details coming up. This program is not captioned.

A great song that one. Now gossip from Richard Wilkins.I am not sure that is true. Richard Reid is in the heart of Hollywood and he is full of it today. You teased us into the break. Kim Kardashian - new mum - finally walks out of her front door.Oh, it is true. Two most after giving birth little North West, I know the name - the paparazzi were there waiting for her. Kim and Kanye showing up for a doctor's visit of course with nanny in tow and I got to say Kym looks pretty good. I got to say all of the magazines are, "Kim can't lose the baby weight." "Kim if hiding." "Kanye depressed." They look like your average family. It looks like they will sell the photographs to any sort of magazine.Is the baby really called North West?Yes, you have to accept that, it is called North West.I am having trouble wrapping my head around that.I know, I know. It's been a hard two months.Reese Witherspoon finally has her hands on the script of 'Legally Blonde 3' - how is it?It is terrible! Oh, my God, it has been 10 years since they made 'Legally Blonde 2' and that was pretty bad. Reith and her writing partner have been trying hard to come up with a concept. Finally they let someone else do it. It is bad again. Reese Witherspoon says there is not going to be another 'Legally Blonde' movie - there!Oh. I know.A biggie. Brad Pitt hears a word that he doesn't often here. That would would be "no", his application to be on the board of directors of the Los Angeles Art Museum has been denied. A spokesperson said on the hush, hush, "Brad may have a lot of money to buy art, but he doesn't necessarily know what good art is."Smack down! That gotta hurt.Thank you, Richard. Look forward to your next bulletin. Bye.Thank you, Dickie. Coming up on Today - pollie Jason Clare has been dubbed our sexiest pollie. What does he manage of that?We reunite Jenny the dog with the paramedics that brought him back to life. That sounds amazing, doesn't it?It does, a lovely story. Bruce Springsteen is coming back to Australia. I know, I know, he was just here. Hold me back. I am going on a 5- concert marathon this time around. The Boss! I am doing a bit of that. Why wouldn't you when that sort of sex appeal is on the stage. You got to wear the high-wasted jeans as well.The Boss is back. Top of the hour and now the news with Amelia.There is growing anger towards the Parole Board this morning after a man with a horrific history pleaded guilty to the murder of a Ballarat mother. He was on parole when he broke into the vint's home and bludgeon her to death with a cricket bat. Her death in Prince of Wales came sent months after Jill Meagher was killed by Adrian Bayley who was also on parole.I think our Parole Board has failed. We have let someone on the loose who was, in fact, acknowledged by his own family that he was potentially a dangerous person out there and we ignored them.These people who didn'tin' know Jill are shocked and outraged by what has happened to her.There are plans to build a memorial to honour Jill's memory and other victims of violent crimes. The United Nations is set to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the bloody clashes in Egypt at the request of Australia, France and Britain. Meantime, the violence in Cairo is likely to continue after security forces were give.If green light to use live ammunition on protesters. Our correspondent Gwen Stefani joins us now from Cairo. -- pert Stefanovic joins us now from Cairo. Have protesters returned to the streets there inThey have. It was supporters of the Muslin Brotherhood. Hundreds of them, in fact, turned out to many of the sites where violent clashes took place yesterday. They were protesting against excessive force used by Government officials. Thankfully, the violence levels did not match the levels that we saw yesterday. There were other pockets of violence that took place in other parts of Egypt today. Notably, out in Giza which is a suburb on the outskirts of Cairo there. A government building was torched by members of the Muslim limb brotherhood. They said there this is just the start of things to come and there were more pockets of violence that took place in the north of the country around alsand draoe Yes., so there is a general feeling here at the moment, and you get that when you walk around Cairo at the moment, and you talk to the Egyptians and you go to places where those violent clashes took place yesterday. There were some funerals that took place as well today from both sides from nose police officers who were killed in the -- from those police officers who were killed in the clash yesterday and the members from the Muslim brother hod and they are not really backing down and neither side is ready the give an inch at the moment. There is that feeling, as I said, that things are going to get worse before they get better. Pete, we will leave it there for now. Thanks for the update. Melbourne is bracing for wild weather today similar to the system that lashed large parts of Victoria earlier in the week. Gusts of up to 100km/h are expected to pummel the city. Forecasters say wins are expected to pick up from around 8:00 this morning. Wild weather brought down at least 800 trees across the State triggering widespread pouter outages. Tony Abbott has revealed the Coalition won't unveil its full costings until the last week of the election, keeping voters in the dark about how the party will pay for its pre- election promises. The opposition leader is under growing pressure from the Government to spell out his budget plans after announcing $17 billion in savings and $30 billion in new spendings.Every policy that we put out will be costed and funded. We intend to keep putting out policies right up into the last week of the election campaign.Today Kevin Rudd heads to the Coalition-dominated Western Australia. Tony Abbott is back in Melbourne. New research has revealed the majority of Australia's high school students are struggling and going backwards, compared to the rest of the world. Experts now say it is extremely unlikely that the country will become an education superpower by 2025, a key goal for the Government's school reforms. It follows an extensive study of student test results showing a steep decline from 2000 tow 2012. Germany, Holland and Korea are among the countrys that have shown a big improvement over that same time period. Let's have a look at the finance for you now.

Well, she's battled cancer and surviveed eating rat poison and now Jenny, the Fox Terrier, has shown she is the ultimate fighter. This very lucky pooch was rescued from the burning home in Cessnock in the Hunter Valley yesterday. Jenny had no pulse when she was carried out by paramedics who commenced CPR immediately saving her life. The pooch was checked by a vet and was later returned to her very happy family. How is that for a good-news story for a Friday morning? Lucky Jenny.Beautiful.Lovely.Nice, Amelia. Thank you.You are welcome. Sports news now to cheer you up. Parramatta coach Ricky Stuart hasn't ruled out the possibility of troubled player Chris Sandow returning to the team this year as he battles off-field gambling issues.We are working hard for Chris to get back to where we know he can get to in regards to his football. Finally some good news for Tigers fans. Robbie Farah has finalised a new deal with the club. It will last four years and it is worth more than $3 million we are told. Kohlschreiber is confident of upsetting Hawthorn at the MCG. It will be a ripper. They have knocked off top-eight rival Sydney and Essendon in the part fortnight. Utility Steele Sidebottom is becoming defenders Lachie Keefe and Nathan Brown to handle the Hawks' forward Lance Franklin, who is back tonight, returning from a hamstring injury. Natalia Cooper will start from the bench in his comeback to international rugby. Brumby James Tamou will -- Matt Toomua will make his debut in the Bledisloe Cup opener against New Zealand on Saturday night. And world No. 1 Novak Djokovic is on track to become the first player to win nine world tour singles. He beat Yuan Monaco and Kevin Federline through to the third round of the tournament following a straight- sets win over Philipp Kohlschreiber from Germany. So there you go. Coming up, we will talk to Nathan Brown and we will ask him about Michael Voss's sacking this week from the Brisbane Lions. Who will be coaching them?Thank you, Fordo. Next the edgy street that is causing disapproval by naibgds because it is too dangerous.Art used to be fun.You wouldn't want to get up too Closing Ceremony and personal. What about the watermelon? You just happen to be walking past and bang!On a hot day you could fry an egg on. ThatThat could be very practical, you are right, Amelia. Now a check of the weather for the first time this morning with Stevie. Stevie, which one is you?Lisa, I am not in shot just yet, but I will get my gear on soon. It is Friday morning and we are going Bollywood in Canley Vale this morning. 4 billion tickets each year are sold to Bollywood productions. More people watch boll wod films than Hollywood films and it is all about the dense. We will check out it out today. The school that teaches kids from four and up. Now to the all-important weather see what is happening. There is plenty around, particularly on the last day of the week. We will start in the main centres.

On the rainfall map showers extending along southern parts of the continent, mainly dry elsewhere under the influence of high pressure but northerly winds are pulling a cold front through Victoria this morning and Melburnians waking up can expect more strong wound gusts of up to 100km per house. Motorists are being warned this morning there could be debris on the roads. Meantime, we are going

could be debris on the roads.
Meantime, we are going Bollywood.

could be debris on the roads.
Meantime, we are going Bollywood. Perhaps the most iconic aspect of Bollywood films, apart from the fact they are 3-hour-long musicals, is the use of the dance themes. They talk about love and forbidden romance, revenge sagas, tragedy - you name it, they do it. This morning we have got all of the colour and the movement of Dance Bollywood. I got to get my hips into shape, Karl and Lisa, and I will be ready to go.Keep going, Stevie.I need a bit more warming up. Oh!In our next hour, Richard's one on one chat with music legend George Benson. That is cool.That takes you back. Next, we wrap up the week in politics with Julie This program is not captioned. The innovation from Schwarzkopf - Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir. With nourishing oils
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. It is time now for In The House and joining us is Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare and Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, two of the sexiest politicians in the world, according to this latest survey S that OK? Am I allowed to say that? Well, I am lost for words.You are not, you get told that all the time. I think competent government is sexy.Oh, that is boring.But it is a safe and good answer. (LAUGHS) .We will get to that later. Let's start with the Government's new asylum seeker policy you will announce today. How will it work? It is the policy we have had since 2001 and that is to put in place Temporary Protection Visas for people who are found to be asylum seekers, rather than permanent residency which is what Labor offers them and that is the product that the people smugglers are selling. They are selling permanent residency here in Australia and we will provide temporary residency, so should the situation in their home country improve, then they will be sent back to their home country to help rebuild that nation. There is nothing new in the policy despite being on the front page of a number of papers.There is a difference in that the 30,000 people who are currently going to be offered a permanent residency after the election by Labor, they will be given a Temporary Protection Visa and when the situation in their home countries improve they can be sent home. For example, Sri Lanka, there was a civil war that ended in 200 so people can go back home to Sri Lanka. With won't be offering perm innocent residency. The other point is there will be work rights. There is a mutual obligation, if you are here on a Temporary Protection Visa, you are expected to work.Is there a statute of limitions on that? If someone has been here, say, 10 years and they have established a life, had children, what happens then?If they have already got a permanent residency visa, you can't take that away. But the 30,000 people currently in detention that Labor will offer a permanent residency offer to them, they are not telling you that now. We are giving temporary visas. That this is how it was supposed to work. If they were genuine seek seeings, when the situation improves, that I can go home. That is what we had under the Howard government and it takes away the people smuggling, the model that they are selling, and that is permanent residency.On that point, it is a month today since Kevin Rudd announced that the rules have changed and the people will be settled in Papau New Guinea. In the first week after Kevin Rudd announced that change, over 1,000 people came to Australia by boat. This week it is about 300. So we are seeing an impact, we are seeing a big impact.Jason, why are you -- As you pointed out, this is a re- announcement of something that the Liberal Party announced a long time ago. If we are going to tackle this, stop people risking their lives and getting on a boats, you are right, you have to tell people, don't get on a boat because you won't be settled in Australia. That is what will remove the incentive for people to get on a boat in the first point. One more point, jewellery, because you had a long go, under our policy you will be settled in Papau New Guinea, under the policies you have put forward people will still potentially be settled here in Australia and that creates the risk that people smugglers will thrive on.Why are you opening up new detention centres in Australia when you say they are going to Papau New Guinea? You know they are not. You are opening new centres in Australia, so clearly you are expecting peep tolg be settled in Australia -- people to be settled in Australia? Tell the truth. Why don't you say that?Let's be clear about this - if you come to Australia by boat without a visa, you will be sent to Papau New Guinea, processed and settled there. It is an important message to say not just here in Australia but in the pipeline - because people smugglers make a fortunate out of this - if you come to Australia, you won't stay.Are you still opening new centres in Australia, can we --You have to have capacity in Australia.What does that mean?You need capacity if people, in by plane. If you come by boat, you go to Papau New Guinea, that is why we are expanding Manus Island.Newspoll shows that Labor will get wiped out in marginal seats oen the Central Coast. Kevin Rudd is having problems in Queensland where he is meant to save the day. His popularity has crashed below his flagging national support. That has got to be a worry. We are behind. We started as the underdog and we still are. No-one should write-off Dev O'Neill on the Central Coast who is a great campaigner. We haven't got to the most important day in the campaign. That will be when Tony Abbott releases his costings that explains where the costs are. That is judgement day. That is when the people of Australia will get a really clear idea what they get with Kevin Rudd and what they will get with Tony Abbott.We will get to that in a second. It looks like you are going to get belted. Looking at that time marginal seats, especially in the northern parts. We are behind. If this was the Melbourne Cup we are on the turn and not every horse --Five lengths behind.Not every horse in front at the turn wins. We have three weeks to go. Tony Abbott has made three big gaffes this week F he makes more gaffes, people will start to look at this bloke --Coming to the Central Coast, the seats of Dobell and Robertson is where you have seen the Labor machine in full force. This is to be Linda O'Neill seat and Craig Thomson seat. We have Tamara and Lucy there doing a fantastic job. I was on the Central Coast on the weekend. Good feedback and a lot of people interested in the campaign. The usual issues, cost of living, the carbon tax, border protection - they want to see, a strong, stable, certain government and that is what we are offering.Quickly, I think it is fair enough for Australians to sit back when they are dough their own budgets at home to say, "When are we going to see the costings", we need to see them would and truly before the election. Not just a few days out. We need to see them if you are going to be able to manage the economy.I agree.Can you give us an idea.Karl, let's have a look at what the Government is doing. I will answer your question. In 2010 they released their policies at 5pm the night before the election.And you criticised them for that.And I am still criticising then. We won't do this. We need to put out our policies and say -No, no.-- just a minute, Jason. Yesterday Kevin Rudd announced a massive policy in northern Australia. He changed it three times in the press conference. He did do that, he changed it three types.You are the Government and have all of the resources of Treasury and you have put out a multibillion-dollar policy with no costings.Jewellery, you costed your policies. Tony Abbott said you have costed them and he is hiding them out here. They are tucked under the chair.Hang, hang on.You haven't answered Karl's question. Stop interrupting me and I will. Every --Would you like me to answer the question? Yes, answer the question. Good. Thank you. Are you ready now?The Australian people are read yes.Are you ready now?What day is it?We will release all our detailed costings - how much we are spending, how much we are saving and the improvement to the bottom line in the last week of the campaign and it won't be like you did on the Friday before the election?That doesn't give voters a lot of time.Hang on, what about the Government? Can I just say, what about the Government? Why are we focusing on the Opposition when the Government --We need to get to stuff that doesn't mean anything.Light, fluffy and bubbly. You have the wrong people for that. No, I think we do, actually. Look at this list of the sexiest politicians in Parliament. Jason has topped the list there. Look at that. A late runner down the outside as you mentioned in the Melbourne Cup, Stephen Smith. That salt and pepper look is working for him. Malcolm Turnbull in third and Peter Garrett? He was sexy on the stage - who!

Wyatt Roy! Is he five?You know what happens when you get on a list like this, the old centre folds.My wife said I think Stephen Smith should be at the top of this list. Is that Jason? Jason! Is that you?! Do you acknowledge that Jason has sex appeal, Julie?I am sure his mum voted for him in that 'Cleo' magazine poll.What was your wife's reaction?She thought Stephen Smith should be at the top. A bit more liquid paper in my hair.I think Jason is the Rob Lowe of the politics scene.He is getting shy. Are you blushing, Jason.It is getting hot in here, take off all your... No.Thank you. The but buzz is next. We will be back. (LAUGHTER) This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Presenting
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Welcome back to Today. This is The Buzz, an express edition. There is a z in China that has come under fire after trying to pass off a fluffy dog as a lion.That is funny. (LAUGHTER) A clearly marked sign claims the animal is an African lion. The visitors became angry when it was clear that a Tibetan mastiff dog was inside the cage. We have some vision - it is not the best vision, the clearest vision, but is this a lion roaring?(dog barks)I think you are right.They have a big problem.I think it is safe to assume that someone has been dudded there. They have a snake enclosure and it is marked "snakes". They are not snakes. They are rats.That is what snakes eat.Some weird stuff going on in this zoo in China. I think we all experience, after seeing the missions going head to head, wouldn't it be nice in a world where people showed a bit of love.Agreed.Even in a world where they are supposed to be fighting. Yeah, yeah.Have a look These two.

News This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: The Parental Lock
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The Big Marn is on camera 3! The
extents of that man's talent clearly know no bounds.We are all in trouble now!!Yeah. The good news is he will be featuring in Drop Kicks which is coming up. Also coming up the smooth sounds of George Ben son. Richard's chat with can 10-time Grammy winner coming up. First, it is news time.Thank you very much, good morning. The parole system in Victoria is under further scrutiny this morning, after a man with a string of criminal convictions pleaded guilty to the murder and attempted rape of a Ballarat mother. For more, we're joined now by Today reporter Christine Ahern. Chris, good morning. What can you tell us about this awful case?Jason Dinsley has a year to go on his parole when he broke into Sharon Siermans's Ballarat home and beat her to death with a cricket bat while her 4- year-old son hid in another room. Dinsley had struck up a relationship with Sharon on a dating website not long after he was released from prison for a brutal rape of a woman back in 2006. She shopped seeing him in the weeks before her death and that had enraged him. Yesterday in the Ballarat magistrate's court Dinsley pleaded guilty to murder and also attempted rape. Now, if this crime wasn't shocking to the community enough, what has been revealed is that Dinsley had almost 100 convictions next to his name. He had already breached parole at least once. He was a convicted drug user and had failed to adhere to strict conditions on parole relating to drug tests. Despite all of this he was free to kill Sharon Siermans. The young mum becomes one of at least 12 Victorians since 2008 to be killed by parolees.It is horrible story and coming after the death of Jill Meagher last year. That is right. The mayor of Morland which represents the community which Jill was killed has travelled over to Ireland to meet with her family not only to convey the condolences of all of the community who still feel the pain of her death, but also to convey the Angeer that the community still feels over the failings of the parole board. She has also offered to build a memorial in Brunswick. Of course Jill Meagher was raped and murdered when she was walking home last September from a barbie convicted rapist, Adrian earnest Bailey. Let's have a listen.I think our parole board has failed. We have let someone on the loose who was in fact acknowledged by his own family that he was potentially a dangerous person out there, and we ignored it.I think people what didn't even know Jill are shocked and outraged by what has happened to her. Jill Meagher's husband Tom has also met with the Victorian Premier to discuss just what can be done to fix the Victorian adult parole dood. Thank you very much for that. Overseas now. The Muslim Brotherhood is calling on its supporters to again take to the streets in Cairo where more than 600 people have died in violent clashes in the past 48 hours. Despite the military being given the go-ahead to use live ammunition on protesters, pro-Morsi supporters say they won't give up.People are already talking about regrouping and instead of talking about negotiations and a settlement that would take the country forward, they are now vowing to breach the coup. Australia, France and Britain have secured an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the bloodshed. The Coalition is preparing to launch a tough new asylum seeker policy, making it virtually impossible for refugees who arrive here by boat to ever settle permanently in Australia. Nine Political reporter Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra with the details. Jayne, good morning to you. This new plan would affect almost 32,000 people already in detention here.That is right, people ya. That is the new part of this policy. All of those people who are already in detention will have the right removed for them to ever permanently settle in Australia. It also means that they won't be able to appeal to the courts if they are not granted refugee status and some of them would have to work for the dole. The biggest point of difference, I suppose, between the Coalition's policy and what the government has planned is these temporary protection visas. Earlier on the program we heard from the deputy liberal leader Julie Bishop and Jason Clare. It is the policy that we have had since 2001 and that is to put in place temporary protection visas for people who are found to be asylum seekers.It is a month today since Kevin Rudd announced that the rules have changed and that people be settled in PNG. In the first week after Kevin Rudd announced that change over, however 1,000 people came to Australia by both. This week it is about 300. We are seeing an impact, a big impact. There is still a long way to go. Immigration of course is central to this election campaign but so is the economy and Labor today is go going to be increasing again the pressure on the Opposition to say how they are going to cost their policies. Last night Tony Abbott was asked about this again and he admitted that we won't be seeing how the Coalition's numbers add up until the very last week of the election campaign. He said it won't be on the last day, but it won't be too long before that which doesn't give the government or voters a lot of time to sift through the numbers. Indeed. Alright, Jayne, thank you. We will check in with you a bit late thorn morning. -- late iron this morning. The Victorian man found guilty of murdering his three sons by driving them into a dam eight years ago will today try and overturn his conviction. In 2010, Robert Farquharson was sentenced to life behind bars for killing his young sons on Father's Day, to get back at his ex-wife. Today will be the second time the 43-year-old has attempted to appeal his conviction. Checking finance for you now:

Checking finance for you now:
Fordo, a big morning in sport, to over to you.Absolutely, thank you. Time for a look at all the weekend's sport with our two resident Drop Kicks - Darryl "Big Marn" Brohman and Richmond legend Nathan Brown. Good morning everyone, a round of applause for the boys. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Oh, OK, that is enough Karl!! Brownie, we have to ask you a lot of emails over the last few day, Michael Voss punted this week from the Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions, a fair call or rough justice -?I think it was pretty rough but a footy club that knows where it wants to go and probably thinks that Michael Voss sbts the man to take them to the next premiership. It would have been a hard call, obviously a legend of that club, three 3-time captain of a premiership side. Somebody has got some really steel behind them to make that call because he is a scary man. It opens the door for them to go to another football club and I think the person he is and how good a coach he was and player, he will easily walk into a role somewhere else. It was really surprising considering how well they were going towards the back end of the season with the young players.Let's get on the the good stuff. Big one at the MCG - Hawthorne and Collingwood and some big names return fog the Hawks.Yes, some massive names returning for the Hawks and they need them because the Pies have been outstanding. They have beaten Sydney, GWS and Essendon in the last three weeks and they belted Sydney last week. So the Pies are just building an Arsenal for September. Dane Swan was terrific but obviously Franklin and Mitchell and these guys come back in for the Hawks. It will be a super game. It is really windy down here, 100km/hr winds, whether that plays havoc with their Hawthorne forward pack I don't know, but I am going to stick with Collingwood. Let's have a look at the picks.

Big Marn tonight's game a big one, some saying it is going to be a like of State of Origin.I don't think it is going to be like a State of Origin. The bunnys have lost three of the last four. But Greg Inglis is back and John Sutton is back and Sam Burgess out. They are going to miss Anthony Watmough. He is out of the side. It will be a cracking game of football. I think souths can get up.Stressful times for the bunnies considering they have been the surprise package for the year.Yeah, they have.Now right when it is mattering they are starting to -They have had their better player out, Inglis has been out and I suppose we will find out tonight. Sutton has been their second best player he has been out for a couple of weeks. They have been down on troops. I think they will bounce back tonight.Richard Wilkins watching on intently as we go to the Big Marn's tips. Talk us through it.

What can you say about the West Tigers? The only good news is that they haven't sacked Mick potter. Which is good. I think he will hang on.Good luck with your tipping this weekend. Brownie, thank you, sir. We will talk to you buys next week.Over to you, Karl.They are the Drop Kicks.We say that with love!!A lot of affection here. (LAUGHTER) How could you not have affection for those two.Here is your best local forecast. We are checking out one of the most popular dance forms in the world this morning - Bollywood which take as little bit of classical Indian, the moves that the kids are learning here this morning, and fuses all sorts of dance styles from around the world like hip hop to add a bit of colour, movement, excitement and to tell stories through this amazing form of dance. We are going to tell the story through our amazing maps this morning. It is a little more direct but this is what is coming your way weatherwise right around the country.

The main message behind Bollywood is that life is hard so people need a little bit of break, some colour, some movement excitement and some positive energy to move on and be able to relax in life. These sorts of dances sort of express love in all sorts of different forms. How about that. There is always one random little kid on the side line not quite getting the movement. I am talking about myself. (LAUGHTER) Yeah, he is adorable. You do it beautifully, Stevie. Isn't that a great dns and great energy?I love it.Great sparkles as well. Love a sparkle.Hear, hear to all of that stuff. Coming up we have the news that have Springsteen fans squealing with glee and the first television interview with one of the greats, George Ben son, coming up next. This program is not captioned. SONG:# On Broadway...#
# Good morning again. Well there have been whispers in the hallways and rumblings in the alleyways that we're about to see one of the world's greatest ever live performers back in Australia. And this morning we can confirm that Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band will be back on our shores for a full national tour early next year. It took us a decade to get him back to Australia earlier this year, but such was the success of that Wrecking Ball Tour from the perspective of fans, the promoter and Springsteen that the return visit is just a mere matter of months away. And it keeps getting better! Steve Van Zandt will be back in the band, joining Tom Morello who filled in for him in March. Happy days! I'll tweet all the dates and details. Tickets on sale Monday week. How cool is that? Back twice 234 a year. Fabulous. Ok, next up someone who is in the country even as we speak and kicks off his tour tonight and has a new album out, a tribute to Nat King Cole - I'm talking about the great George Benson. (Sings) # See the neon lights are bright on Broadway...#When did you first realise you had a gift?I never did until people starting telling me that what I was doing was important. Mostly guitar players at first. They would say, "Man, what was that thing you were playing?" And I said, "You know how to do that", and they said, no, I don't. And I thought, what, I'm doing something different?Tell me about that time in the 07s after all of the hard work, after a life time in the business really when all the stars lined up.It was truly incredible to wake up and find myself the third biggest artist on the concert circuit in Europe in the mid-70s. Pink Floyd were the first then mike Jackson and then myself and then later -- Michael Jackson and then myself and then later Tina Turner came. We were on fire. (Sings) # When I fall in love # It will be forever.#You started singing nat king coal when you were a little fella?7 years old.If there was anything to use as an example of what greatness was, NatCole, I heard his music come on the radio, I knew I was listening to something special and truly great. I was in love with this great voice and the way that he approached songs, so romantic and so mysterious, like this in the case of Nature Born and even Monday that Lisa, there was something -- Mona Lisa, there was something in there that transcended what was on plastic. Hit was art. What would he think of this album? I always thought if he was alive and something happened to him and he called me up and said, George, could you hand it it for me tonight?", that is what I am doing for him now.Is there anything that stands tall as your greatest achievement or your finest hour - or is that yet to come?Hopefully it is yet to come. I am very happy with the accomplishments that I have made. Nobody could be happier. Especially my mother. She became my biggest fan in the world and she would be walking to me about George Benson, and id sarbgs "ma, me, I'm your son, you don't have to say George Benson to me!". One day a guy asked her, "Can you find George for me, I I am trying to get a ticket to his concert."Nd aid she said, "Why don't you you do what I did and go and buy one."He said, he makes you buy a ticket to see his concert! And and she said, "I have to buy a ticket to see Michael Jackson, if you want to see him you have to buy a ticket." What a sweet man and an awesome talent. All the dates and details are on our website and Facebook page. His album - 'Inspiration: A Tribute to Nat King Cole' - is out now.So smooth and he can play that guilt tar.Absolutely.On board way or anywhere else. A great live act. Thank you, Dicky. Coming up, former Treasurer Peter Costello joins us live.And the Melbourne street art causing an outrage for being a danger to the public.And it is somebody's birthday today - Madonna, happy 55th. (Sings) # This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Despite a nasty cold, Audrey here
is a certain type of person.

She's a 'soldier on' person, thanks to the powerful relief
of Codral.

This program is not captioned.

Yes, a quick hit from Hollywood and prepare has come up with another novel angle to promote her new movie.Oh, yes, Oprah is saying, if you don't go and see my movie, 'The Butler', I will have a nervous breakdown. That's right. She went onto say when she made that movie 'Beloved' like 15 years ago, it was such a bomb, she was devastated. She vowed never to grace the silver screen again. So she is saying now she is in this movie 'The Butler, you better go and see it or all bets are off, she might end up in the nut house.Big wraps on that one. I can't wait to see that one about the butler in the White House. Thank you. We will check in with you later.Bye.Plenty of stories around, Dickie. Here are the other top stories. Murdered by a criminal on parole - a young Victorian mum killed after yet another blunder by our justice system. Slamming the door on asylum seekers - the Coalition promises tough new restrictions on anyone arriving by boat. Get out of the classroom - the education expert who is telling the Federal Government to stop interfering in schools. Talk about edgy art - the Melbourne street sculpture that is a danger to the public. The Boss is coming back! What?! Bruce Springsteen announces he is heading Down Under again - woo-hoo! We have got a $20,000 jackpot in Free Fuel Friday. (Sings) # Dance flag the dark #A very good morning and very happy Friday morning to you. It is 16 August. It is great to have your company this morning. Also making news today - there is anger in Queensland with news a mother who starved her twin toddlers to death could be free in just six months. And, AFL documents reveal Essendon players were allegedly set to receive 1,500 doses of banned supplements. Let's take a look at your Friday weather now. In Friday's edition of The Buzz - with what does a zoo do when it can't afford a lion? Dress up a dog of course. Here is Karl with the top story this morning.Thank you, Fordo. Looking forward to that. It is the most basic job of the state - to keep us, its citizens, safe, but yet again the people responsible for keeping dangerous people off the streets have failed. This woman was murdered by a career criminal out on parole. The violence race cyst had nearly 100 convictions against him. Today's Christine Ahern is in Melbourne for us this morning. Anger is growing, understandably, at the Victorian Parole Board.That's right, Karl. This is just another case of the failings of the Victorian Parole Board. In this example, 30-year-old Jason John Dimsley had at least one year to go on his parole when he broke into this woman's Ballarat home and bludge end her to death with a cricket bat while her 4- year-old son was at home. He had struck up a relationship with the woman on a dating website just after he got out of prison for a brutal rape of a woman back in 2006, but the lady n the weeks leading up to her death, had stopped seeing Dimsley and that end raged him N the Ballarat Magistrates' Court Dimsley pleaded guilt to murder and attempted rape. What makes this more shocking to the community is revelations that Dimsley had almost 100 convictions next to his name. He had breached parole at least once. He also failed to adhere to strict conditions in relation to drug testing. He was a chronic drug user. Yet, Karl, despite all of this, he was free to roam the streets and kill this woman. She becomes the young mum becomes the 12th victim in Victoria to be killed by a paroleio since 2008.It defies any kind of lodger as well. Of course Jill Meager was murdered by a career criminal out on for role. Her family have been specking out, meantime?That's right. The Mayor of Molan represents the community where Jill Meager was killed has travelled over to Ireland to meet with Miss Meager's family, not only to pass on the condolence tprps all of the community back here, but to convey the anger that everyone still feels over the failings of the Parole Board. He's also offered to build a memorial in Brunswick in Her Honour. Jill Meagher was of course raped and killed as she walked home from a Brunswick bar in Victoria. Let's listen to what the Mayor of Molan had to say.We let someone out who was acknowledged by his own family that he was a risk and we ignored them.The people who didn't know Jill are shocked and outraged by what happened to her.Jill Meagher's husband has met with the Victorian premiere to discuss with him what can be done.More on that story with 38W's George Mitchell. That is coming up. Thank you, Chris. Talk to you soon.A Brisbane woman who starved her twin toddlers to death could walk free in just six months, sparking widespread outrage. The 35 who cannot be named is eligible for immediate parole on her 8-year manslaughter sentence. Her twins were almost 18 months old when they were found dead in 2008. Just when Melbourne thought it was all over, the powerful winds that swept through the city earlier in the week will return this morning. Forecasters are expecting gusts of about 100km/h reaching up to 120km by the afternoon. The Weather Bureau is warning drivers to be careful of debris on the road and is urging people to secure outdoor furniture.To the election campaign now and with the economy now the key battle ground, the Coalition has confirmed it won't release costings for its policies until just before the election.We will release all our detailed costings - how much we are spending, how much we are saving and the improvement to the bottom line in the last week of the campaign and it won't be like you did on the Friday before the election.Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop on the show a little earlier and now for more, we are joined by former treasurer Peter Costello. Good morning to you, Mr Costello.Good morning, Lisa.So why do you think the Coalition is reluctant to come clean?I think this has been the standard practice of Oppositions - I ran into it myself when I was in government at the last election 2007 we got the Labor policies and about the costings the day before. I think that has become the model for successful Oppositions that you put then out as late as possible. In relation to this particular campaign, of course, you don't want to put them out too early because you haven't finished making all of your policies yet, but that has become the standard practice and it worked for Labor in 2007, so I assume the Coalition will do that in 2013.But it is very frustrating for voters who are trying to make up their mind and the Coalition has had three years to prepare for this. Surely Tony Abbott knows where he is going to make those costs to fund his many pre-election promises or is this a classic strategy when you are holding back a whole lot of bad news for voters?I don't think it is a question of holding back bad news at all. I think it is just the which in which successful Oppositions have shown that you can operate the rules, as I said. But you have got to remember this, you know, we are pretty clear on what everybody is going to do here. We know that the mining tax is going to be abolish the carbon tax is going to be abolished. On the other side, apparently the company tax is going to be cut to two thirds in the Northern Territory. So both sides are putting these positions out there and I have got to say to you, just as Rudd didn't cost any of his promise yesterday, none at all, then the Opposition is saying that it will cost all of its promises before the election at a later stage - it seems to me as if there is not much difference between the two political parties. I think Kevin Rudd's promise was for 2018, which is beyond the forward estimatess. (LAUGHS) .The promise you have when you are not really making a promise.Lisa, let me make this - it is kind of the promise you make when you say I will balance the budget in 2016-17 which is not just after this election but after the next one as well. But there must be some bad news coming because there has been reports of a coalition budget black hole something between $380-70 billion. By your count, how much does Tony Abbott have to find?I don't really see it like that because the Government is saying, "Oh, well, there must be billions here or billions there", don't forget this - the budget deficit that the Government is shooting for is $30 billion in one year. In one year. Let's put some perspective about this. That is what they are saying it will be next year and then they say, "If you look at Tony Abbott over the next four years, there might be a few holes." I have actually given up looking at these and, by the way, I have done 12 budgets, so I do know a little bit about budgets, I have given up looking the out years. As far as I am concerned the only year that counts is the forecast year, the current year. Look at that, that is what counts. Even that, by the way, the Government was out by $30-40 billion. So let's put this all in perspective. There is a question and some concern that there will be a raising of the GST. Certainly Labor insist that Tony Abbott will raise the GST if he is elected. Tony Abbott has said he can't without the approval of the states and territories. But given the states and territories have a lot to gain from GST increase, it is not outside the realms of possibilities this they would agree to a rise under a Tony Abbott Government, surely?Well, I introduced the GST in 2000 and set it at 10% and set this mechanism in place. Everybody said, by the which, it would increase. What are we now? 2013, 13 years later --That is enough of a buffer, surely?There has been no increase and if you want my view in relation to the GST, I wouldn't increase it because here is what I think would happen. I think you would increase it and they would just waste the money anyway. I would be very opposed to it. I would say that to Tony Abbott, I think that is probably the view that the hard heads in the Coalition would have. Why increase it? You would just be giving more money to the states and the probabilities are it would be wasted.Possibly because there is a budget black hole and the economy is slowing down, but you would know better than me.Well, I just in relation to that, Lisa, don't blame the states for the Federal Government's black hole. They are perfectly aware and responsible for that.Isn't it the way the game works, they all blame each other, Mr Costello.Part of that is true. You know that is right as well. (LAUGHS) .Great to get your insight. Thank you for your time this morning. Thank you.The Victorian father jailed for life for the murder of his three sons will appeal his conviction in the High Court. He was convicted of deliberately driving into a dam and drowning his sons. His appeal granted him a retrial where he was again convicted. AFL document obtain bid News Corp has revealed that Essendon players were allegedly set to receive 1,500 injections of banned peptides and more than 1,6,000 doses of clost troll under a supplements program. The revelations come as lawyers prepare their defence following charges they have brought the game into disrepute.There will be no corners cut here in trying to reach deadlines that may be deadlines f