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Tonight on The World - the interim government in Egypt has declared a month-long state of emergency after a deadly day of unrest. We go to Cairo for the latest as the international community condemns the violence.Compromise from all sides, the President Morsi supporters but also the military. That's what needs to happen. We don't support this violence, we condemn it completely. It's not going to solve the problem.This is an awful tragedy for the people of Egypt who deserve better and had hoped for more. This Program is Captioned Live. Also ahead, it is half past 3 in Afghanistan and a former Afghan soldier who wounded three Australian troops has been killed apparently as he attempted another attack. It's early afternoon in Syria where a team of chemical weapons investigators from the UN is headed after months of delay. And in Germany new figures show the Eurozone is now out of recession after 18 months of contraction, though analysts caution against too much is early afternoon in Cairo Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon. It is early afternoon in Cairo and
Egypt is in turmoil after its worst day of Egypt is in turmoil after worst day of bloodshed in decades. A violent crackdown worst day of bloodshed the military on spour - on supporters of President Mohammed Morsi has started a fear of civil war. The Egyptian Ministry says more than 500 people are dead and thousands injured. Egypt's Vice President Mohammed ElBaradei resigned saying he couldn't support the Army's actions. We will go live to Cairo in a moment but first here is Matt Brown. Exactly what happened at the priest at the camp near Rabaa al-Adawiya is disputed but pictures of the burning ruin make it clear this was a deadly encount er. The Army had moved in soon after dawn. The support ers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi had vowed to resist and the Government released pictures it said showed they were using gun as well as rocks. An Internet news outlet broadcast images apparently showing Egyptian police shooting at demonstrators.TRANSLATION: We are facing a massacre or a war of genocide. This is unprecedented, even in con ventional wars.Witnesses saw dozens of bodies as well as many wounded at a field hospital set up near the mosque. The violence has spread beyond Cairo. In Egypt's second city Alexandria rival protesters turned on each other, showing little mercy or restraint.TRANSLATION: An injustice has been done to Islam and to Egypt.The home town of the ousted President saw more clashes. There are also reports of churches like this one in North Sinai being attacked by Morsi supporters. With the nightmare of Syria's civil conflict so close, Turkey is warning of dire consequences for Egypt.TRANSLATION: I remind everyone about the situation in our neighbouring country. That is what happens when you confront civilians with weapons.The US condemned the violence but it wants to maintain a close relationship with whoever is in power in Egypt.Today's events are deplorable and they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy.A state of emergency is now in force with dusk 'til dawn curfews for the next month. But it's hard to see how the Government will be able to contain the growing rage in Egypt. The UN Secretary General released a statement condemning the violence in Egypt. He said -

An Australian man was caught up when An Australian man was up when the violence started and police saw him filming with his phone. 24-year-old Dylan Bradbury spoke to the ABC Bradbury spoke to the ABC from Cairo earlier today.I knew I was dragged right into the middle of it and they got me on the ground, I'm trying to hold on to this phone. Finally got police
it off me. They took me to the police station. Guy kicked me in the chest. Saying "We want you to delete what you recorded. You know what handcuffs are? We will put you in handcuffs and keep you here for two days". 30 seconds later, a minute later, they said "You can go now".Joshua Hersh is a journalist in Cairo and he saw some of yesterday's unrest. He joins us on the phone now. In your view, was it a massacre or a battle between two opposing forces? Well, without getting into the heated terms of massacre or not, it certainly was an imbalanced battle, there was no question. There had been a fair amount of footage on State Dell television showing some of the protesters within the camp, the Muslim Brotherhood protesters, There
firing automatic machine guns. There is reason to doubt the videos are true, they might be, might not be, but there is no reason to assume they are totally false. But as far as man power and fire power and disportionate number of casualties, the preponderance security
of force was on the side of the security forces.We hear a state of emergency has been security forces.We hear declared. How is that acted out on declared. How is acted out on the streets? Right now, it is the first Right of the state of declared, people are still sorting through the declared, people are sorting through the rubble in Rabaa and trying to figure out what had happened and what's going to happen in the coming days. It has been relatively calm so far. There has been a curfew overnight, flights aren't able to land at the airport and a number of institutions are closed late at night but at the same time we have to see. Everyone expects more protests, more marches, and the emergency laws empowered the State Police to take whatever action they think is necessary. When that happens, there is no telling what happens.At this point in time, there is no sign of the pro-Morsi supporters? That's not true. They plan to have a massive march and rally this afternoon. There is no question there will be many more of them. At the same time right now most of their activity has been around collecting up the Rabaa
pieces of what happened at Rabaa al-Adawiya. A number of my colleagues have been at the mosque where the sit-in was, they have been counting bodies, there has been hundreds of bodies there.Where is situation going to go from here? I know it is a pretty fluid situation, but what is your expectation? One of the problems going and coming out of it is this country in the last month or so has been extraordinarily polarised. The two sides, those who support the military and think their takeover of government was legitimate and the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters who believe it was a coup and the government has been derailed, they not been able to see eye to eye on anything. Now of course that political impasse has been heightened into a directly violent confrontation. So the question is how can these two sit down if they weren't able to sit down last week, how can they sit down today after such deadly incidents? What can you tell us about the sectarian number
attacks that took place on a We
number of churches yesterday? We are still trying to figure out what happened, although it seems relatively clear from the independent reports we are getting that Muslim Brotherhood supporters or sympathisers or allies, who knows what exactly the connection is, did participate in attacks against churches, not in Cairo but in other cities where there are communities of Coptic Christians, the upper Nile and delta region. We are trying to Muslim Brotherhood
figure out what happened. The Muslim Brotherhood has claimed, it
somewhat hard to believe, that it was State security who did those. It is not improbable. The history of sectarian violence on both sides has been pretty clear.There has obviously been something of an international outcry since the events of yesterday. How has this been absorbed by the military and the interim government? You know, they at this point it is glancing off them. The international community led by the Americans and also the EU, a number of other countries spent the last week and last several weeks trying very hard to convince the military to sit down with the Muslim Brotherhood to come to some political agreement and specifically not to take the action they took yesterday, not to clear the protest squares through in a one-day type through violence, through force is clear that didn't in a one-day is clear that didn't work. What
more effect they is clear that didn't more effect have seen the military and security forces have seen the military security forces are entreched security and they are looking inward rather than outward.Joshua thank
Hersh on the ground in Cairo, thank you for speaking to us.My pleasure.Here in Australia, Egyptians living in Sydney and Melbourne took to the streets to protest against the brutality which has affected so many people in their homeland. Reporter Philippa McDonald reports.In Melbourne, Australian Egyptians stood shoulder to shoulder to express their shock and distress at the brutality. There were tears for the dead including Ahmed Huwart's brother-in-law.Shot dead. Yesterday in Rabaa.Omar Al Nawsra is a doctor at a major Sydney hospital. His sister's family and his brother were among the pro-democracy protesters in Cairo.My brother said, he was screaming in the phone "They are killing us from where everywhere. Snipers in the roof, helicopters". The shot just missed him. My brother-in-law is arrested.Six weeks ago, Dr Al Nawsra had himself taken part in demonstrations calling for early elections. Now he fears his country will become a failed state.This right, under any human right you can't accept what happened in Egypt. The sorrow in your heart can't be described.In Sydney's south-west pharmacist Ahmed Oef is no longer able to fight back the tears. He shows me social
photographs and videos on social media including photos of a neighbour and his best friend.My closest friend.What happened? He was there in Rabaa. He is a pharmacist. We were there at uni together. He was killed is a member of the Freedom and Justice Party and organised is a member of Justice Party and organised a
protest in Sydney last night. Another is planned on Sunday. The message was clear.Down, this
down, military coup.They say this is what they warned the world about. For some more analysis on For some more analysis on the situation in For some more situation in Egypt, I'm joined by Shashank situation in Egypt, by Shashank Joshi. He is a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London. He specialises in international security in the Middle East and he joins us from our Bureau there. Thank you so much for joining us on The World tonight.Thank you for having me.There are mixed views obviously as to whether this was the security forces who were keeping some sort of peace or a massacre. Can I ask you for your view on the violence? The death toll has exceeded expectations in 450 deaths we understand. What is your take on what happened? Well, the latest figures are over 500. I think there is no plausible narrative of events in which we could say the security forces, the army, the paramilitaries were keeping order. Both of these camps were prior
relatively ordered and peaceful prior to the assault that took place yesterday. What then occurred was in discriminate fire taking place from outside the camp into the camp including both sniper fire, the torture and detention of journalists and doctors and burnt and beaten bodies across wherever you look. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, having seen the reports of first hand journalists in the area, that this was a massacre and that there is no real rationale for calling this anything other than a conscious, premeditated act of violence directed against one political faction. Of course, the army was warned about this again and again and again by all of its international inter lock turs who could see where this could go.The army seems to have closed the door on the criticism that's been around today internationally. Does it not intend to heed any opinion? It would appear not. We need to remember, of course, there was a diplomatic process under way led by the US and the EU, backed by the pro-Brotherhood cataries and the pro-Army emirates. It was close to compromise. There was a deal the Brotherhood had provisionally accepted according to statements by the EU envoy. The army knew in undertaking this act, it was first of all violating the express exultations of both those outside actors and it knew perfectly well the Vice President would resign because he told them and it knew what the result would be because this is the third massacre of Brotherhood supporters we have seen since the coup last month. The short is answer is no they have no intention of heeding this outside advice.Their actions, you are saying, was solely to try to destroy the Brotherhood or to fight them basically? It would seem so. The Brotherhood was contained within these sites and it wasn't going anywhere fast. The most troubling interpretation of yesterday's events the army was intentionally of yesterday's events is that the army trying to provoke a violent the army was response from the Brotherhood trying to provoke a response from the Brotherhood in the hope that, by in the hope that, by Ellis illiciting such a response, they illiciting such they would discredit the participation in Egypt. If that was their Brotherhood from any further
participation was their intent, participation in Egypt. If that was their intent, at this point it is plausibleable it it is plausibleable it is a recless it is plausibleable recless way of dealing with a movement that is a majority chunk of Egypt and isn't going to be squeezed out any time soon.What about those who say the Muslim Brotherhood's aims are sectarian in nature as evidenced by the attacks on the churches and the Christian institutions? I think they would be absolutely correct. We have seen some deplorable attacks on Coptic Christian church, not just churches, also various police stations across Cairo and Egypt where 43 policemen have died. There is no doubt whatsoever the supporters,
Brotherhood and their supporters, or at least those allied to their aims, have used violence including sectarian violence. But I think there is two points to raise in response which is to say first of all that's dwarfed by the State violence directed against them and, second of all, to cast the army as a saviour of minority is short sighted because in 2011 the army massacred 20 Coptic Christians. The army is no less sectarian than the Brotherhood. We need to see that for what it is.Where do you see the situation heading if the military only wants crush the Muslim Brotherhood, not to engage them or let the ballot box decide? Well, the optimistic situation I think is a rigged election. An election that is sufficiently managed that the Brotherhood excluded from a share of power.
But it is allowed excluded from a share But it is allowed to contest. The more dangerous situation, one I would have discounted as implausible only a week ago, is an Algeria-type situation. That is aggrieved Islamists from the moderate Brotherhood and further along to those like al-Qaeda decide to mount a campaign of extended resistance against what they see as a despotic State that is worse than Mubarak. We saw more people die yesterday than the last several years of Mubarak's dictatorship. That is no longer an implausible situation. Prolonged civil conflict in Egypt that spreads well beyond Egypt's borders to neighbouring countries and affects even Israel.Shashank Joshi, thank you for joining us on The World tonight.You're welcome.Stay with us on The World - still to come, an Afghan soldier who attacked Australians is killed. In a few minutes' time, chemical weapons Inspectors to enter Syria. Later on the who died
program, 2.5 million Japanese who died in the Second World War honoured with a shrine. The convicted US soldier Bradley Manning has apologised for leaking secret intelligence documents to WikiLeaks. Manning made the unexpected remarks at his sentencing hearing in a military court. The army private said he was sorry for hurting people and the US. It's the first time Manning has expressed regret for his leak. He faces up to 90 years behind bars after being convicted of espionage. North and South Korea have agreed to restart the Kaesong joint industrial zone after a series of talks on the fate of the complex. Operations at Kaesong, which is in North Korea, have been suspended since April when the North withdrew its workers amid rising political tensions. A five-point agreement has been reached but it remains unclear when operations might resume. It's also believed the two countries have agreed to prevent future suspensions of the 123 factories within the zone. A former Afghan soldier who shot and wounded three Australian soldiers almost two years ago has been killed. Mohammed Roozi opened fire at a patrol base in November 2011. He was shot when he attempted another attack on Tuesday night.This combined operation followed months of focused intelligence and professional work by the Australian Defence Force in concert with the International Security Assistance Force.An Afghan soldier working alongside Australian and ISAF forces was slightly wounded in the operation.Iraqi police say at least 33 people have been killed and more than 80 wounded in a series of bombings in the capital Baghdad. This is the aftermath of a car bomb that exploded just outside the city's heavily fortified Green Zone killing four and wounding 12. Today's attacks targeted 12. Today's attacks districts in central, northern and southern Baghdad. Iraq is northern and Iraq is experiencing some of its worst Iraq is experiencing its worst violence since US its troops left 18 months its worst violence since troops left 18 months ago. Sunni Islamist militants including al-Qaeda are waging an insurgency against an insurgency against the Shi'ite-led government.Chemicals weapons inspectors from the UN are expected to be on their way to Syria soon after months of delays. This follows claims the Syrian Government used chemical weapons in attacks against rebels. While the Government agreed to the inspection, there is scement simpb about what it can achieve. Five months after the Syrian Government invited the UN to investigate one alleged attack, Inspectors are now ready to depart. It has taken this long to negotiate access to two other undisclosed sites. With war waging all the while, experts say the delay will make evidence harder to find.They've crossed a window where it's going to be difficult for them to find the degradation components they are looking for. They are probably there if they've been used but the allegations are they were used so sparingly that it's going to be tough for them.If they find evidence of chemical weapons, the UN has agreed No matter what the inspectors find, it is not likely to have much impact here in find, it is not likely to Security Council. The US, much impact England and France say they England and already have evidence of England and France say they chemical weaponses being used and they are doing little more than arming the the other hand Russia and China have refused to take the other hand Russia have refused to take action
against the Syrian government.The information that the inspectors could gather would not be decisive, it would not show who used chemical weapons even if evidence was found. Some months ago this looked like an important turning point in diplomacy over Syria. Now frankly it looks game.Like the UN's failed peace plan and the yet-to-material ven va peace dark
conference, this is another dark cloud over the UN's handling of the fighting in Syria. Australia's Prime Minister has vowed to kick start the Top End. Kevin Rudd's unveiled a radical and uncosted plan to turn the Northern Territory into a special economic zone. It would attract business with a lower company tax rate but the Opposition reckons the policy is both a catch-up and a backflip. Mark Simkin reports. He is on the campaign trail but way, way off the beaten track.Thanks for your cooperation. Going well.Kevin Rudd ventured north, pimp pitch - pitching a radical plan.I am talking about how you grow the economy of the Territory.The ultimate vision is to turn all of tropical Australia into a special economic zone but Constitutional hurdles mean the immediate focus is the Northern Territory. Kevin Rudd wants to simplify investment rules, make it easier to start major projects and introduce tax in senitives.I believe in the Territory. I love the Territory.Kevin Rudd hasn't costed the economic offensive. Arguing the details still need to be finalised.I'm on about how you paint a picture for the future of Australia and the Territory which has got meat attached to it.Aged meat. The Coalition proposed a similar chewed
plan months ago and Labor chewed it out.Ideas that actually don't even pass the laugh test.This is a plan that will divide Australia.What have you got? Tony.More like Tassie Tony. The Opposition Leader's now pushing a plan to stimulate the opposite end of the country.It is a growth plan tailor made for Tasmania.On northern Australia, he reckons he has been vindicated.Mr Rudd is playing catch-up but he is not fair two sides agree, they fair dinkum.So even when two sides agree, they disagree.
After he two sides agree, they again, Kevin After he became Prime Minister
again, Kevin Rudd politics of negativity dead and buried. Two weeks into the campaign it seems like they're alive and kicking.Mr Abbott's plan to cut, cut and cut plan to cut, cut and cut to the bone. Cut, cut and cut to the bone. Cuts, cuts, cuts to the bone.In case you missed it .... ADVERTISEMENT:There'll be more cuts. Who's next in line? You? Authorised G Wright ALP Canberra.Labor has rolled out two TV ads.What jobs are you going to cut? Authorised G Wright ALP Canberra.Well, please what's going on here? What I said was we would run ads which were based on policy. Those ads are based on policy.These are heavy machine guns.All guns are blazing.

A major issue for voters this federal election is asylum seekers and Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have made conflicting claims about the success of the Howard era Pacific Solution. The ABC's John Barron checks the facts . One fact in the heated immigration debate is not in dispute. Between 2001 and 2002 the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat to Australia plummeted from to one. During that time, the to one. Howard Government's Pacific Solution got up and running. But now Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd are making very different claims about its long-term impact.70% thereabouts of those people sent by Mr Howard to Nauru and elsewhere as part of the Pacific Solution used it as a weigh station and within a couple of years were in Australia anyway.Tony Abbott says that's not true.30% went home. 30% went to a country other than Australia and, yes, 40% did come to Australia but the Prime Minister owes it to the Australian people to get his facts right.So what are those facts? Did 70% or 40% settle in Australia? 1,637 people were detained on Nauru and Manus Island between 2001 and 2007. 705 of them were permanently resettled in Australia. That's 43%, very close to Mr Abbott's 40 %. So what about Mr Rudd's figure of 70%? Where does that come from? 70% is the number of people resettled in Australia and other countries. Mr Rudd is wrong. This figure includes 401 people who were resettled in New Zealand and 47 others who went elsewhere. The bottom line is, of those 1,637 people sent to Nauru and Manus Island, 43% ended up in Australia. Mr Abbott's claim is the one that checks out. That's a fact check. For more find us online or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Typhoon Utor has made land fall in mainland China bringing high winds and rain to the south-eastern province of Guangdong. Winds up to 150 km/h in the storm centre lashed the coast and a cargo ship sunk off Hong Kong. Nearly 160,000 people were relocated in southern China ahead of the typhoon's arrival. The storm has barrelled past Hong Kong where it forced the closure of financial markets, schools and businesses as well as disrupting hundreds of flights after killing at least six people in the Philippines.Time to take a look at the international weather.Graham Creed with the global forecast. We have more strong winds on the way through south-east Australia, it is in association with a cold front. It will slide through SA as the day progresses introducing widespread showers across the southern half of the State. The potential of damaging winds through parts of SA, Victoria and Tasmania but rainfall through the eastern States really won't develop until very late in the afternoon or into the evening. Dangerous fire weather conditions through the south-west of Queensland. A low-pressure system approaching New Zealand. That's going to trigger strong winds particularly the North Island. Widespread showers but nothing showing up as overly significant. Plenty of sunshine and mild conditions across much of the Pacific. The heaviest of the rainfall around Timor and New Guinea. This is where we could see isolated falls. Most other areas light falls. Most other areas and isolated shower and

see heavy rainfall particularly thunderstorm activity. We could border areas of see heavy rainfall border areas of Vietnam and border areas China and through the South Eastern region. Anywhere south Eastern of Hong Kong, thanks to the remnants of the typhoon. It will trigger localised flooding and landslides. Hot temperatures through much of China, Korea and across into Japan. Just starting to become a little bit unsettled through Japan and the potential of some heavy rainfall in the far south of Taiwan. As we move to India, widespread showers about. Heaviest about the central parts of the east coast but again Pakistan looking at the potential of some fairly widespread rainfall and we could see some localised heavy falls in association with that. Through Europe, anywhere from about the UK through to the far north of Russia a band of showery conditions, nothing in the way of heavy rainfall though. Most other regions looking relatively clear, dry and mild to hot. Through Africa, the equatorial belt is active. We have a fairly strong wind change moving into the far south of South Africa so that will see some cold and blustery conditions with widespread showers for Cape Town. For the US, we have got fairly unsettled conditions again through the south-eastern region, the potential of some heavy falls from Tex - Texace through to the Virginias but Florida mostly clear conditions, remaining hot through the western inland. South America, Ecuador and Columbia likely to see heavy rainfall in association with severe thunderstorms. You are watching The World ABC News 24. I'm Jane Hutcheon. A reminder of our top stories - Afghan troops have killed a three Australians in an former soldier who three Australians in an insider three Australians in Mohammed
attack in November 2011. Mohammed Roozi was located and shot by Afghan forces in a shot by Afghan joint operation with Australian troops earlier this week. The convicted US soldier Bradley Manning has apologised for leaking secret intelligence documents to WikiLeaks. The army private said he was sorry for hurting people and the US. He faces up to 90 years behind bars after being convicted of espionage.The Muslim Brotherhood is calling on supporters to take to the streets of Egypt to protest yesterday's bloody crackdown. The Brotherhood claims 2200 people were killed when security forces stormed two anti-government protest camps. The Government has now updated its death toll to more than 500. Earlier I spoke to Mike Hanna. I asked him how the military-backed interim government has responded to international criticism of its actions.Both the interim government and the military have been totally un apologetic. The acting in interor Ministry says it was necessary to further the role of democracy. He praised security forces for their behaviour. From the interim government, no sign of any apology, no sign of anything out of the ordinary in the events that took place in the past 24 hours. Very different of course from the supporters of the Morsi camp. Those who formed what is called the anti-coup alliance opposed to the interim government and to their military backers. They are inSix cystent what happened on Wednesday is a mass - insistent that what happened on Wednesday is a massacre. The figures from the Ministry reveals the death toll has risen to over 400 civilians, over 40 security force officers were killed, thousands injured. Once again those in the pro-Morsi camp insistent the death toll is far higher, some sources putting it at over 2,000. That's the situation of claim and counterclaim one is seeing in the day after the tragic events of the past 24 hours.Is there any truth to the reports supporters were armed and using guns? The military provided footage that it said shows some groups within the pro-Morsi groups were armed. It shows flash same
points from muzzles. At the same time as well next to those flash throwing stones. Once flash points are people throwing stones. Once again,
this throwing stones. Once this is part of an this is part of an ongoing insistence, propaganda campaign from being sides. The police said they obtained weapons and ammunition from some of those ammunition from some of pro-Morsi groups. Once again from the side of those supporting the deposed President, an absolute insistence the bulk of the protests were indeed peaceful, that the real violence came from the side of the security forces. Once again, claim and counterclaim. What actually happened lost in the grey fog of propaganda being put out by both sides, Jane.I suppose the view of a lot of international analysts would be that this issue would have been better sorted out through voting as opposed to force. What about the view on the ground there in Cairo? Well, that is iredeemably split as the confrontations over the past days have shown. The confrontations are not only between those who support the deposed President and his political movement and the military or the police, it is also between civilian groups who are in favour of the military action and so certainly the society itself is split right down the middle on this particular issue. You mentioned the question of votes. Those who are against what they see is a military coup point out Mohammed Morsi came to power through the ballot box. He was voted in as President with some 51% of the vote. The people as a whole, the country approved of the Constitution which the military and the interim government have now suspended, so certainly the ballot box has played a role within the past 12 months. It is just a role that the military and those in the interim government have chosen to ignore and sweep aside. Those who support the military action insistent that the Morsi government was undemocratic in nature. Those who support the Morsi government or indeed who are opposed to the military action absolutely insistent that what happened was at the very basis of democracy was undercut by this military happened through the ballot box. takeover, a denial box. That argument will takeover, a denial of what box. That argument will go on and on. Meanwhile, no sign whatsoever where there will be a return to voting, whether the ballot box will once again come into play, the protestation of the head of the interim government there will be elections early next year treated with a great deal of scepticism by many within the Egyptian public.As the violence was going on, there were reportedly attacks on Christian institutions, churches, how widespread were those? Those were dangerously widespread in many areas outside Cairo. Some churches did come under attack. Those members of the churches insistent that the attacks were coming from supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Copts, who are a very significant proportion of the population of Egypt, seen by many supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood as being behind or certainly supporting the military action in unseating President Morsi, so they became a particular focus of attack and, once again, this inter-religious violence, very dangerous indeed, warnings from the acting government that this must stop and certainly blame what it
from the interim government on what it says are supporters of Mohammed Morsi in terms of these attacks on Christian places of worship.Mike Hanna, many thanks.

More than 285 million people around the world are blind or visually impaired. Most could be treated but too often people are beyond the reach of even a basic eye exam. Now researchers think new technology could be the solution to the problem. Cataracts cloud Mirriam Waithara's world leaving her almost blind. In this remote and poor part of Kenya, there are no opticians to pick up the problem. 90% of the world's blind and visually impaired live like this. Far beyond the reach of treatment. For these researchers, even trying to assess the problem means mobilising large teams and expensive equipment. But a solution might be at hand.Much of the equipment you can see in here that's used normally to examine someone's eye we have boiled down to using on something like this.At the school school, Andrew of Hygeine and Tropical
Bastawrous has de London School

Medicine, Andrew Bastawrous has invented a phone app.Getting the patients to the hospital is the problem and what we can do using this is technicians can go to the patients, to their homes, examine them at their front doors and diagnose them there and then.It is designed so anyone can use it. I have had five minutes training so will put it to the test. First, the camera is used to look for way cataracts. Working out which
way the pointing is used to test way the shrinking letter is pointing is used to well someone can see. A clip-on
attachment well someone can see. A attachment lets the phone look at the back of the eye to attachment lets the phone the retina for at the back of the eye the retina for disease. Back on at the back of the eye to check
the retina the dirt tracks of the dirt tracks of Kenya, health care workers are already health using the kit. 5,000 health care workers are using the kit. 5,000 pairs of using the kit. eyes, including Miriam's, are being examined with the being examined with the phone and standard eye exams. Do they give the same results? Analysts here at Moorfield's eye hospital in London are pouring over both sets of images to ensure the phone is giving the right diagnosis. Experts say vision loss is curable in 80% of people, that a simple way of finding them will be a massive breakthrough.This is potentially a game changer and could make a huge difference. If someone is vision impaired, it has a huge impact on that individual but also on their family. If you are a breadwinner, you capital see, you can't work, then the whole family is in crisis.The phone helped find Miriam's cataracts and she was taken for surgery which has transformed her eyesight. Millions more are waiting for treatment. This will find will something as simple as a phone will find them.Pakistan's Prime Minister has defied to defeat terrorism as the country celebrates 66 years of independence from Britain. His comments come amid escalating tensions between Pakistan and India over the disputed Kashmir border. As Pakistan stops to mark the anniversary of the independence from Britain, there are few causes for celebration. Domestic terrorism, violence and struggling economy are some of the issues plaguing the country.TRANSLATION: The nation is resilient, and committed to following the principles of unity, faith and discipline. The golden rules laid down by the father of the nation that will with the help of God solve the country's problems.Right now the main problem appears to be India. Both countries accuse each other of unprovoked attacks in their shared border region of Kashmir. It has prompted angry scenes like this. At a joint press conference with the UN Secretary General Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pledged to respond with restraint and responsibility.We have to defuse tension and de-escalate the situation. Our objective is peace.Ban Ki-moon didn't say whether the UN would help the two nuclear-arm ed rivals find a solution but there was plenty of praise for Pakistan's commitment to the war against terrorism.I assure the Prime Minister that the UN will continue to support Pakistan in this fight against terrorism and in efforts to promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all the people.It's a comment clearly aimed at the Prime Minister. Before being elected in May, Mr Schar pledged to end the country's involvement in the unpopular US-led

The Yasukumi Shrine remembers the 2.5 million Japanese who died in the Second World War including General Hideki Tojo who authorised the attack on Pearl Harbour during the US - drawing the US into the war. The shrine has been a major obstacle in Japan's attempts to mend ties with countries, especially China and South to
Korea, who say it pays tribute to war criminals. Japan's Prime Minister distanced himself from the ceremony. The Yasukumi Shrine remembers the 2.5 million Japanese who died in the Second World War including General Hideki Tojo who authorised the attack on Pearl Harbour drawing the US into the war. The shrine has been a major obstacle in Japan's attempts to mend ties with countries it occupied during the war, especially China and South Korea who say it pays tribute to war criminals. Japan's Prime Minister stayed away from the remembrance service.TRANSLATION: I asked my special aide to make the offering on my behalf with a feeling of gratitude and respect for those who fought and gave their precious lives for their country.In spite of the regional sensitivities, some of Japan's politicians took the independent decision to go to the shrine to mark the 68th anniversary of the surrender in the Pacific.TRANSLATION: It is purely a national matter how Japan honours the war dead. It is not a matter subject to criticism or interference from remembering
other countries.For some remembering their war dead is a matter.TRANSLATION:
very personal matter.TRANSLATION: My father here every
died during the war so I come here every year to pray for him.Others feel a sense of gratitude to their soldiers who served their nation.TRANSLATION: There are different opinions but I am here today to honour the war dead because I believe that we are here now thanks to those who fought for the country.

Scientists in Britain are reporting a milestone for cancer research. In the largest ever analysis of cancer genomes, they've identified 21 of the genetic mutations that can turn healthy tissue into tumours. There are more than 200 types of cancer. It is hoped that by understanding the genetic signatures left behind by cancers, better treatments can be developed. Eerie sight of cancer close up. This picture shows the kidney. This one in picture shows cancer cells in the kidney. This one ovary. Investigating how cancer actually starts is crucial ovary. Investigating how actually starts is crucial to preventing ovary. Investigating how cancer
actually starts preventing it or beating actually starts is crucial to preventing it or beating it.
The most preventing it or beating The most important clue may be The most important clue genetic. The steady rhythm of machines analysing DNA at the Sanger Institute near Cambridge. Part of a massive international effort to understand how what happens to our DNA affects our chances of suffering from cancer. Each of our cells has a strand of DNA, the body's genetic code. It's made up of pairs of what are called made up of pairs of what called bases, put together in a very specific order but sometimes these can be damaged or altered and these changes can lead to cancer. We know smoking can do that. Inside lung cancer the genetic pattern is altered in a particular way, a pair of bases is swapped over. It is a signature of the mutation caused by tobacco. A different signature or pattern or genetic change is left behind by the ultraviolet light that can lead to skin cancer. The scientists have found many other sikts of - signatures of this kind which can cause different types of cancers but for reasons that aren't known but can now be investigated.This is the largest study of its kind. What we are very excited about is that through our findings we have opened a door and encountered many different paths that can lead to cancer formation.An animation of the moment a cancer cell divides. This latest research will not directly lead to new treatments but Professor Andrew Biankin, a surgeon specialising in cancer was involved in the study and the
says it creates new options for the future, especially with early warning.The implications it has to patients is that now we can think about not just treatment but we can also think about early detection and prevention, so if we can start to understand what's actually causing those cancers specifically, which chemical processes are doing that, we can start to think about how we intervene.This study has achieved something unimaginable a few years ago, analysing 5 million jen dik changes - cells. The fight against cancer is slow and frustrating but understanding how cancer starts should in the long run make a real difference. The Eurozone has emerged from months
recession after a record 18 months of economic contraction. Total output grew by 0.3% in the second quarter of 2013. That's slightly more than forecast. But the overall figure masks the mixed picture across the zone. While Germany, France and Portugal have seen their economies expand, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands saw This
their economic output fall. made
This is a recovery very much made in Germany. Made in the high-tech labs of Lancom Systems, for instance where they design Internet hardware. Stefan Herrlich has watched his business boom by a quarter in the last year.This year again we are running at double digit growth rates, so no recession, no feeling of that whatsoever.German consumers are spending, helping lead the whole Eurozone out of recession. Manufacturing is strong, the result they say of government policies a decade ago that created a more flexible economy. Without German growth, the Eurozone would still be in decline, but one country does not make a recovery. Just three miles away is the Dutch border and there the figures show they're still in recession. Nobody believes that today marks the end of Europe's economic problems. Still, in France, the Eurozone's second largest economy, there was an unexpected jump in growth created in part by higher Government and household spending. The job centres are still dealing with near-record unemployment but today's figures are welcome.People right now want to invest even if the crisis is not over.But in Brussels they caution that the big problem, massive Eurozone government debt, remains.Unequivocally it is good news for the Eurozone that there is growth again but we shouldn't forget that there is still a crisis going on, this is no time for complacency. Good growth will help us tackle the crisis but there still is a crisis we need to tackle.On the streets of Spain where the unemployed sell garlic to survive, that crisis is clear to see.TRANSLATION: They say that things in Europe are improving. That's what they say on TV. But here in Spain I don't see anything getting better.But that's how economic better.But that's recoveries work. He won't feel it yet recoveries work. it yet but Spain's recession appears to be petering out, so too other parts of the cash-starved south. This may be a slow stumbling Eurozone recovery but any recovery of this large trading bloc is better news for Britain and the rest of the world.Now to sport with Amanda Shalala. The Wallabies have named their squad for this weekend? One big change, Jane. Ewen McKenzie has left Quade Cooper out of the starting 15 for Saturday's Bledisloe Cup test against New Zealand. Instead Matt Toomua will make his international debut in the number 10 jersey.It's been 11 years since Australia last won the Bledisloe Cup but this year new coach Ewen McKenzie says he has the formula to bring back the silverware.I think we are well set up, a good balance in the team. Got a mixture of experience and youth.Many thought Quade Cooper would be McKenzie's first choice fly half, based on the duo's success with Queensland. But he has opted for Brumbies played good football all year, playmaker Matt Toomua.He that's a good starting played good football that's a good starting point. He has been a man He has been a man for all occasions, got all the facets of the game occasions, got all of the game covered.The 23-year-old helped guide the Brumbies to this year's SuperRugby final. It will be Toomua's first taste of Test rugby after injury prevented him in from a call-up last year.Had a rough run with injury last year but this year has gone well. I am excited.James O'Connor has been shifted to the wing while Cooper will be injected into the match from the bench.He is disappointed, you know, that's unfortunate, that's it, that's the nature of the business.The All Blacks will be missing star fly half Dan Carter through injury but Richie McCaw returns.He is pretty keen. He has been sitting back watching it.McCaw sat out most of this year's SuperRugby season in a bid to prolong his international career. The All Blacks arrived in Sydney this evening wary of a Wallabies team that's eager to impress its new coach. The Australian women's cricket team is off to a better start than the men in its Ashes campaign being played over all three formats with draw in the only test. Jodie Fields shone for the Southern Stars with an unbeaten 78. Australia set England 249 runs to win off 45 overs. England didn't take up the run chase after Ellyse Perry ran out the player of the match, opener Heather Knight. The hosts finished on 2/93.I was really happy with the performance of the team over the four days. I think we have lots of positives to take into the ODI matches.Fawad Ahmed is poised to make his debut for the Australian men's team after being included in the limited overs squad for upcoming games against England and Scotland. He is bowling well so this is his opportunity and we're very keen to see him and see how he fares in international cricket. It's a wonderful opportunity for him. He takes Xavier doety's place.Marion Bartoli has stunned the tennis world by announcing her retirement. The world number 7 was beaten in the second round of Cincinnati Open over night and afterwards revealed she was calling it quits. She finishes the career with one Grand Slam singles.I have been injured since the beginning of the year. I really pushed my body to win this one and I can't do it any anymore.Former Australian men's basketball coach Brett Brown has been unfailed as the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. It is Brown's first head coaching role in the NBA after spending seven seasons as an assistant at San Antonio. He guided the Boomers from 2009 through to last year's London Olympics. Brown is the 76ers' 8th coach in the past 10 years and concedes he faces a big challenge trying to rebuild the team.Can you imagine if we can get this thing right? Really? If we can get this right with a culture and history this has and the pride and toughness has and the pride this city has and the pride and toughness this city has, that is very luring.West Coast AFL veterans luring.West Adam Selwood and Adam Selwood has announced retirement while Nathan Fien is retiring from the NRL.Thanks very much. He is pretty proud and extremely good looking. That was how the Duke good looking. That was how Duke of Cambridge has described his three--week-old son Prince George. Speaking during a visit in Anglesey Agricultural Show, Prince William revealed he will be leaving Wales and moving elsewhere when his posting comes to an end next month.It is remote and rural and that's been a big part of its attraction. For three years the Island of Anglesey has been a haven for William. A community which welcomed him and left him and his wife alone. But William's life is changing. He and Catherine have a baby now, George, born three weeks ago, and his three-year tour of duty as a search and rescue pilot end next month. This today was both a farewell and a thank you. William met people from Anglesey who have become friends and one, Sharon West, whose life he saved in his rescue helicopter.I wanted to last
say thank you for rescuing me last year.Was it you from the beach? Yes.You have a sister? Yes.How are you? Are you alright? Yeah.Gratitude is what William wanted to express. He started with a few words in Welsh.(Speaks in Welsh). Hang on, hang on, wait for it.Then a reference to Catherine and their son.She and George would have loved to have been here. He is pretty loud and of course extremely good looking.Finally his thanks to the people of Anglesey.From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my wife and me so welcome when we little doubt
arrived here.His words left little doubt that leaving Anglesey will be a wrench. Whatever he decides to do the relatively relaxed and unobtrusive life they have been able to lead here. Anglesey will miss them and it's beyond doubt they will miss the tranquillity and relative normality of Anglesey.You've been watching The World on a night after the international community condemned the violence in Egypt. More than 500 people were killed as security forces broke up protest camps in the capital. A former Afghan soldier who shot and wounded three Australian soldiers almost two years ago has been killed. The Eurozone emerged from recession. For the details of those stories and more, log on to our website. To keep - you can keep up to date on Twitter. I will be back with national headlines shortly. For now, goodbye.

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The top stories from ABC News - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is calling on supporters to march in Cairo in a few hours to protest yesterday's brutal crackdown on anti-government demonstrators. The Brotherhood says 2200 people were killed during the violence while the official national toll now stands above 500. The state of emergency has been declared and Egypt's Vice President Mohammed ElBaradei has resigned, saying he couldn't support the Army's actions. Witnesses say the morning after the crackdown has been calm.The first day after the state of emergency was declared, I think people are still sorting through the rubble both literally at Rabaa and trying to figure out what happened and what's going to happen in the coming days. It has been relatively calm so