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(generated from captions) Checking finance now, and the share market has
closed lower as earnings results
fail to inspire investors. The ASX 200 was down five points.

His memory is failing and his eyesight's not as good
as it used to be but that's to be expected when you hit the ripe old age
of 123. Public records show Bolivian
goatherder Carmelo Flores Laura is the oldest living person
ever documented. A baptism certificate
at the country's registry lists his birthdate as July 16,
1890. He credits his longetivity to
a lot of walking. He's also never eaten rice
or noodles and doesn't drink alcohol. Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Chris, it was a chilly start
to the day thanks to the fresh
south-westerly winds. The temperature dipped to
11 overnight and it reached 19 degrees today,
so a little cooler than yesterday but still one above average.

The winds eased this afternoon
with lovely sunny skies returning.

From the satellite - it's looking mostly clear
around the country. thanks to a ridge
of high pressure. A cold front will sweep into South Australia,
Victoria and Tasmania bringing wild winds and showers and that system will push
towards NSW early on Saturday, generating light rain in southern
NSW, colder conditions and snow. Windy in Adelaide and Hobart. Late showers and windy conditions
in Melbourne, too. Brisbane can expect
another sunny day.

It'll be a tad chilly in Sydney
tonight. It's warming up tomorrow, though - sunny and a lovely 21 degrees.

The clear skies and light winds will see temperatures drop
to two or three degrees in the west. Local frost and fog are possible
tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is looking beautiful,
though, with fine weather -
21 degrees in most spots.

We're expecting some morning rain
on Saturday. It should clear up in time for Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup so the clash will be dry but rather windy. Sunday's looking great, though. It'll be sunny and warm. Conditions will cool down next week with temperatures returning
close to normal for this time of year, Chris. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. On Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, the boss of PolitiFacts dispels
the myths about the economy during the election campaign. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Welcome to the program.
I'm Helen Kapalos. Tonight, our suburbs
overflowing with handguns. Gangs, bikies,
small-time criminals - waging war in quiet, family streets. But first, a story
which will make your blood boil - the baby killer who's been awarded
thousands of dollars compensation from the government. Why? Because he didn't like the food
in jail. Derryn Hinch is with me
and he's not happy. Thanks, Helen. Either I am going mad or this country
has lost its marbles, especially when it concerns
our legal system. Listen to this. A child murderer
has been awarded compensation because the food in jail did not
cater for his Islamic beliefs - was not halal. Halal food bans pork, and all animals must be slaughtered
in a certain way. I didn't know
you had to kill cabbages. The baby killer is a Muslim. For four months, in
the Maryborough Correctional Centre, he was fed a vegetarian diet. He complained to QCAT, the Queensland
Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and got $3,000.

When I tell you
what this callous bastard did, I think you'll agree he's lucky
to even get bread and water. In some countries, he wouldn't
still be alive to even get a meal. Raymond Akhtar Ali
ran a halal butcher's shop. He was married but started an affair
with a 22-year-old employee, Amanda Blackwell. The Supreme Court was told
she became his sex slave. He got her pregnant. When the baby was born in secret,
this devout Muslim killed the child, and the butcher butchered the baby. The dismembered body was buried
around his house. In 2000, Ali was sentenced
to life imprisonment and this killer,
due for parole next year, had the audacity to complain
about the jail food. So he was fed vegetables. So what? This is a sick joke. Helen.

Thanks, Derryn. Now we look at violence
of a different kind, but which is equally likely to catch
innocent children in the crossfire. Police here
and right across the country are alarmed at the growing number
of handguns finding their way into our suburbs. In some areas,
there are more gun crimes now than at any time
in the past 100 years. David Richardson reports.

A small-time drug dealer waits
to do a deal on a suburban street. It could be any street in Australia
on any night of the week. A customer drives up
and in a second the deal is done. Drugs for cash. The buyer drives away, unnoticed by the hundreds of people
living just metres away. The small-time dealer
adds to his slowly growing empire. But what this local drug dealer
doesn't know is his rival from a neighbouring suburb
wants his turf, his drug connections and he's armed
and willing to kill for them.

There are so many shootings on
our streets because, quite simply, there are so many handguns
out there. Police have confirmed 300 Glock automatic 9mm pistols
have been smuggled into this country from West Germany
and the United States in boxes of car parts and only a handful
have been recovered. They believe the bulk are in the
hands of the ultra rich bikie gangs but even a small-time local hustler, a small-time thug
with a pocket full of cash could easily get one
and then use it.

More than 70 shootings this year
in New South Wales alone. 12 in July - 8 people killed. But it's the spate of drive-by
shootings in suburban streets which has most law-abiding people
across the country worried.

They're junior gangbangers. The fact there is
quite a number of them and not coordinated
to one or two gangs does make it a lot more difficult
for the police to break it all down, in one sense. Former New South Wales
assistant police commissioner and one of the country's
most successful investigators, Clive Small, has been tracking
Australia's gun wars. Not one war but two parallel
and overlapping worlds of violence with the smaller gangs
now affiliating with the big boys.

We need to remember that
there's not one grand conspiracy but a whole number of mini groups
apart from the bikies that are in this so-called war. It's actually a series of wars. At the top of the tree,
pulling all the strings - the outlaw bikie gangs fighting
at least three different wars across the country,
dozens in the suburbs. (SIREN WAILS)

Basil shot in the neck at Bexley. Treated by paramedics, a 25-year-old Hells Angel
lies wounded, shot in the legs. What we do have is the Hells Angels
and the Comancheros in one battle and that, if you like, is the biggest, most organised
and the most threatening.

The Hells Angels and Comancheros are fighting for control of Sydney
and New South Wales with weapons, like it was a movie.

This power gel explosive,
used in the mining industry, was found with a massive haul
of guns and ammunition seized by NSW Police. It as stored in a rental car
in an inner city car park. The Hells Angels
owned all these weapons - from a key ring to a shot gun to
a Chinese-made SKS assault rifle and Ruger machine gun.

Normally it would take
a 30-round magazine and can fire as quickly
as you pull the trigger and fires a .223 calibre cartridge. We've grown up
seeing this on the television but it's not the streets of LA
or the streets of San Francisco. Now it's a street or suburb
anywhere in New South Wales or indeed, Australia. NSW police minister Mike Gallacher
admits smashing the bikie gangs
and ending the war is difficult. None of these people respect
postcodes or state boundaries and they move, they keep moving. Using a motor vehicle is
an indication of their preparedness to keep the things rolling
all the time.

In Queensland,
the war is being fought out as Hells Angels move in on turf run
by other bikie gangs and it's erupted
in crowded shopping centres.

Bald, very muscley heavily tattooed
wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. This Gold Coast shopping centre
was thrown into chaos when shots erupted
in July this year. A woman hit in the crossfire. An innocent bystander hurt. The war has also seen
bikie businesses firebombed, a familiar sight across the world.

NEWSFILE: There are fears of
an all-out war between Melbourne's feuding
bikie gangs. And the Hells Angels again feature
in Victoria's bikie wars with the Bandidos'
large drug territory being the ultimate target - it's worth millions.

Bikies are the biggest crime problem
we have. Organised crime is worth $15 billion
in this country alone. It's worth fighting
and killing for.

It's the worst we've had
since the '20s and '30s. There's no real comparison to this. Investigative reporter, author and advisor to governments
on organised crime, Bob Bottom, thought he had seen it all. He hadn't.

We've seen gangland murders
and there's been a lot of murders but this is a sort of conduct
that really upsets people because it's drive-by shootings
in ordinary streets.

The people being shot
are not victims, they're criminals who are willing to
shoot their opponents just to save being shot. They need to be treated
as criminals, not victims.

Police raids on bikie properties
and clubhouses uncover a mini treasure trove
of weapons, drugs and cash. In one clubhouse - even a fake bomb. Experts believe the authorities
are not doing enough. My belief is - and I've studied organised crime
and police actions in Australia for over 50 years - I believe that the authorities
are not seriously pursing it and I think there needs to be
an all-out... War? War, so to speak.

In Quebec in the past few years, the Hells Angels have taken
that city to the very depths of hell itself - bombings, shootings,
innocents killed. But it began in Canada
just as it has in Australia - the odd shooting
in a suburban street. What we're seeing now
is just the beginning - the death toll could go much higher. I think at the end of the day
it's almost certain one or more bystanders, innocent
citizens are going to be killed.

Which has led to an urgent call for a new national police agency
to smash organised crime and if that fails... If the governments
can't act properly, we need is a royal commission to evaluate our efforts to tackle
organised crime in Australia. 370 bikies have been arrested
and face more than 700 charges but critics want the police to get
tougher with the local gangsters even the shooting
victims themselves. And that includes -
and I know this sounds very hard - that includes treating the families
of those who were shot as part of the offending
population... Do you really want to play
that hard? Absolutely. That is the only way
you are going to win. They're playing harder than that. They're shooting people. So we have to play hard ball? We have to play hardball. David Richardson reporting there. Now let's lighten things up a little and meet a young singer-songwriter who's not only too young
for reality TV, he may be too talented. Not only that, he's not interested. He wants to becoming a recording
success the old-fashioned way.

# There was a little boy one day # Oo woo oo woo... #

That boy is just 13
and destined for big things. I just loved his voice straightaway
and I just thought, "Wow." Jaron Natoli
has only just started high school and already he's been head hunted
by one of music's biggest names - Stuart Epps.

It was one of those moments
when I thought, "Wow, this is something special.
This is someone special."

This record producer
has worked with the likes of Elton John, Robbie Williams,
Led Zeppelin and Oasis. And now he's invited Jaron
to meet him in London. I'm very keen to work with Jaron.

I'm pretty proud
that i get to go overseas and work with Stuart. That'll be a pretty big experience. With a '70s rocker look, the talent to write
powerful ballads, as well as play
piano, guitar, bass and drums, it's hard to comprehend
that Jaron's only in Year 7. I like music because if I'm writing a song,
I can tell a story.

He started at a young age joining his musician dad, Chris,
on stage.

Over the years, this duo has had
plenty of jamming sessions in their home studio. This Melbourne boy
has made two albums and is working on his third.

And there's no practise regime.
It's just play. In a world where reality TV
and YouTube rein supreme, when it comes to uncovering talent, Jaron prefers a different approach.

I think when you go on those shows,
they try to change you - change you as a musician. And I just wanna stay away
from that. I always tell him, "Whatever it is you do,
just work hard." They have to have staying power and have to be able
to pack the punches in all sorts of other areas
that are important and, obviously, we hope
that Jaron has all those qualities. Let's face it. It's any 13-year-old boy's dream
to be a rock star. Hopefully,
the hard work will pay off. I just wanna keep making albums
and be touring around the world and keep being a musician.

A quick update before the break. Kevin Andrews, the owner of will and services company had appealed his conviction over a 3-year reign of terror and which he belittles staff, including Tracy Bonner. The charges have been upheld and Andrews was ordered to pay the original fine plus additional cost, now totalling more than $130,000. The judge slammed him and described his behaviour as a high water mark of degradation, humiliation and verbal abuse of employees. After the break, Australia's dopiest
drink-driving mothers, caught on camera,
some with kids in the car.

Being a warehouse means
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just $6.94. Bunnings is all about lowest
prices and great value for money. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices
are just the beginning.

This is the Australian
Government's message for anyone associated
with people smuggling. People who have recently arrived
by boat have now been sent to
Papua New Guinea. They will not be settled
in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee
is now worthless. It's buying a ticket
to another country. Tell your family and friends - the rules have changed. For more information, visit:

Thanks, Kochie. Now to the mothers who were not only stupid enough
to risk their own lives, and the lives of other motorists,
drink driving, some even had their own children
in the car. One was caught on camera
crashing her car, drunk, outside her child's kindergaten. A western Sydney mother
who's been jailed for 18 months for drink driving
with two children in her car. It sends a dreadful message. It's not only irresponsible, it's showing them
an example of a behaviour which they find acceptable. A Sydney mother
is facing several charges after allegedly drink driving. We've all seen the ads. Kids form their attitude to alcohol long before they ever had a drink
themselves. If a parent has the greatest
influence over a child's life, what message does this send?

Mother of two, Toni Abberton
blew an alcohol reading of 0.446. Her wrap sheet
will also carry the dubious title as Queensland's and Australia's
worst female drink driver. You had three children in the car.

Christine Mayne had a reading
of 0.368.

How much had you had to drink?
Not much. At seven times over the limit, 44-year-old Gold Coast mother
Helena Myris was busted while en route
to pick up her child. And just a few weeks ago...

It's believed the 37-year-old mother
parked here and then stumbled her way through
the playground to pick up her child, who is in kindergarten. When she came back out,
she got back in the vehicle and it's alleged she smashed into
three teachers' cars. But that was just the beginning
of her appalling behaviour. Captured here on a student's phone,
it's alleged the heavily intoxicated mother
kicked, scratched and bit police as they wrestled her
into a paddy wagon.

You getting this?
Yeah. The kids filming think it's funny. Other parents
picking up their children didn't. She should lose her license. The mother had
a blood alcohol reading of 0.335 - almost seven times
over the legal limit. The problem
when adults drink and drive and when parents drink and drive, is that they're showing that sort
of a model to their children. Geoff Munro, national policy manager
at the Australian Drug Foundation says, at 0.05,
you're twice as likely to crash. At seven times over the limit, it's almost inevitable
that a person will have an accident.

At 0.335,
for an average Australian woman, that means
she would have had to have consumed around 18 mid-strength beers, or seven bottles of wine, or a staggering 19 shots of spirits.

Even in an emergency,
there's no excuse for drink driving as 47-year-old Jane Hatch found out. When her son suffered
a severe asthma attach, Jane raced him to hospital. On arrival,
she was arrested by police. She's now been banned for driving
for six months.

It's breaking the law, it's setting an example that is not something you want
anybody else to follow.

If anyone knows the risks
of drink driving, it's Julie Seggie from the trauma unit
at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. Next week, they'll launch
the bstreetsmart campaign, where 18,000 students
will see firsthand, in real time, re-enactments at accident scenes.

If they know what's going to happen
to them and their friends, then they're going to think
about it.

But, as we've shown, it's the parents, in many cases,
that need to go back to school. For Julie Seggie,
her message is dead simple.

Don't do it, it's not worth it. It's not worth the trauma that you are going to create for
yourself and for your loved ones.

Just don't do it, it's not worth it.

David Eccleston with that story. Up next, the son not even
a mother could love. He forced his own mum
to live under the house, and that's not all.

Tony Abbott has admitted
that his plans will hurt people, like families, because he's cutting
the Schoolkids Bonus, he's cutting billions of dollars
from education funding, and he's already admitted
he'll cut 12,000 jobs. But, to pay for his promises, Tony Abbott is still
$70 billion short. $70 billion. Which means there'll be more cuts. Who's next in line? You?

Mmm. Yum. That looks good. Hey.
(GASPS) Put that away.
It's all done for you. Deliciously-steamed fish
in under five minutes. So dinner's as good as...
BOTH: Done. (SONG) # Birds Eye. #

Now with the latest news headlines,
Chris Bath. Thanks, Helen.
Making news in Sydney tonight - a Sydney mother has told Seven News
about her bones being crushed during a vicious dog attack
in Cronulla. Sarah Miller was walking her dog when they were attacked
by a Staffordshire bull terrier. The dog turned to me and just start
going, "Chomp, chomp, chomp." He was just dragging it,
just shaking it like a toy, you know what I mean?

Forever and ever
it felt like it was just horrible. Two teenage girls have been
treated in hospital after a wall collapse
at a Blacktown High School. The cause is still
being investigated. US pop star Katy Perry has weighed
into the election campaign US pop star Katy Perry has weighed raising the gay marriage debate during a radio interview
with Tony Abbott. Australians are being urged
to leave Egypt after the savage government
crackdown on pro-Islamic protesters claimed the lives
of more than 300 people. A new warning has been issued
for people using bank and credit cards
at ATMs in Sydney. Police have discovered
a card-skimming gang targetting areas including Mona Vale, Caringbah,
Riverwood and Windsor. Sydney's weather - there's the chance of some early
morning fog in the west ahead of a fine day tomorrow and a top of 21 in the City. 22 at Penrith.

That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening, Helen.

Tomorrow night, the son not even
a mother could love. The man who fleeced his mother
for everything she had and forced her
to live under his house.

verbal abuse of employees.I have nothing to show for the last 50 years.Where is the money that she did she?I can't look at him as my son any more.

Don't forget, the 7:00pm news
has just kicked off over on 7TWO. I'm Helen Kapalos. Enjoy your
evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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I haven't heard any different. I was just wondering if there's
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something positive to focus on. All I can say
is that I care about you very much and I would never
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I said I was sorry for yesterday. Yeah, just because you want my
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No, Chris, I don't like you.


When you weren't at the house, I thought you must have gone to
the hospital.

Well, Roo's in visiting Pippa
so I thought I'd get some fresh air. Good.

Part of me had hoped that coming
back here would solve everything.

it mightn't have solved everything but it was still the right decision. How?

Well, you've made sure
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And I got to spend some time
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Be worth it for that alone, eh? (BOTH LAUGH) Absolutely.

Oh, this beach
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I just...can't help
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Pippa needs her dad.

Oh, I just miss him, Mr Stewart.


What are you staring at? Nothing.
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Hey. You're the guy that dumped
that gorgeous babe, uh...April? You are mad. Well, we're back together now,
actually. Never did get that
beauty and the geek thing.

You look like
you've had a big night. Did you go out clubbing? Ward 6 of the
Northern Districts Hospital. It was going off. Bloods, bedpans, tucking in
patients, fluffing pillows. It was sick. You're a male nurse. Wow. You must be surrounded by women
all day. Kudos. Thanks. I think. Anyway, I need to sleep,
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I am not to be woken up except in
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(GROANS) Sash, go away! We have an emergency. Zombies?
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Have you not seen
what's going on out there? Chris is trying to flirt with Indi.

Unless he's trying to
eat her brains, I don't care. Aren't you worried?
No. Indi's had to deal with
male attention her entire life. I know, but she's never been
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No, no, no, no. This is different. OK, Chris has some sort of
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last time he was in town.

Gee, that wouldn't have been long
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