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Hello. I'm James McHale. Thanks for joining me for this national edition of ABC News. Today - state of emergency in Egypt.

This Program is Captioned Live.

Hundreds dead after a violent crackdown on protest camps in Cairo. Kevin Rudd in the north and Tony Abbott in the south making their pitch to voters. The farmers gathering to provide support and relief in tough times. And genetic research breaking new ground in a struggle against cancer.

There has been global condemnation of Egypt's bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. At least 270 people were killed and thousands more injured when security forces raided two protest camps. A month-long state of emergency has been declared in the country and the crisis is a major challenge for the US as it tries to justify its continued support for the Egyptian regime. ABC correspondent Jane Cowan reports. It had been a site of mass protest for weeks. In a few short hours, it was reduced to a burning wasteland. The crackdown had begun soon after dawn when the army smashed through barricades. As the death toll climbed and the injured were rushed to makeshift hospitals, an Internet news outlet released footage showing Egyptian Police firing apparent live rounds at protesters. Among those killed was veteran cameraman Mick Deane who was working for Britain's Sky News. The Egyptian Vice President Mohammed ElBaradei resigned over the loss of life. In the wake of the bloody crackdown, the violence spread beyond Cairo. In the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, police stations, government buildings and churches were attacked.TRANSLATION: An injustice has been done to Islam and to Egypt and to the people. May God bring justice. But Egypt's interim government praised security forces for state
showing restraint and imposed a state of emergency with dusk 'til dawn curfews for the next month.TRANSLATION: The Government has stresed it will respond firmly to any attempts to attack public property.Across the region there was an outpouring of anger, from Gaza to Jordan.TRANSLATION: They are killing our children in the name of freedom and justice. They should all receive the death penalty.World leaders expressed unanimous condemnation led by the US.Today's events are deplorable and they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy.The bloodshed puts the US in an increasingly awkward position. It wants a close relationship with whoever is in power in Egypt and the Obama Administration has been reluctant to call the deposing of Mohammed Morsi a coup because that would oblige it to cut off the more than $1 billion in aid it provides each year to the Egyptian military. But the violence at the hands of the interim Government is becoming harder to overlook. Australian Egyptians gathered in Sydney as news of the attacks on the Morsi supporters in Cairo broke. Around 300 people expressed anger and concern outside Lakemba Railway Station as people heard of the security forces' attacks on the pro-Morsi camps.(Chanting) Many of those at the protest say they were shocked by the extent of the violence. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Australia say there'll be more protests in the weeks to come.

Kevin Rudd's unveiled a radical plan to develop the tropical north. The centrepiece is a special economic zone in the Northern Territory featuring a company tax rate significantly lower than the rest of the country. Greg Jennett reports. Ready.I've been with mortars for three years.Aim. Build.That's a serious piece of machinery.If full weaponry of economic development is being unleashed on northern Australia.I'm talking about how you grow the economy of the Territory.He is talking about the most radical zonal stimulus package the north has ever seen.Here a special economic zone. In the Ord, expanding the area by a third. In northern Queensland, strategic growth plans for the next 20 years.A re-elected Labor Government would look to slash the company tax rate to around 20% for firms based in the Northern Territory and only in the Territory. The Constitution makes it almost impossible for States to get the same deal.All the criticisms will come but I'm on about how you paint a picture for the future of Australia and the Territory which has got meat attached to it.Labor is devouring the same zonal tax break idea it had derided only six months ago when the Coalition floated it.Ideas that actually don't even pass the laugh test.Stir it around, what have you got? Troppo Tony.These days Tony Abbott's trying to develop Tasmania.A growth plan for Tasmania.With proposals for roads and Hobart Airport.$38 million to extend the runway so it actually can take international Northern
jets.Generously ceding his Northern Australia ideas to his opponent.The Government was out there pillorying our proposal for the consideration of things like zonal tax rebates and so on, so all I can say is Mr Rudd has entirely changed his tune.Adopting rivals' policy might sound like cooperative politics. It's anything but. The campaign has taken a sharp veer towards the negative with new advertising and tit for tat exchanges.ADVERTISEMENT:What are you hiding Mr Abbott? Labor has gone for two new versions highlighting what it says are secret plans for spending cuts.Mr Rudd said at the beginning he wanted a positive campaign. Yet, what we've seen from people associated with the Labor Party this
is non-stop negativity. I think this is an indicator that Labor has no record to defend and nothing to say about our future.There is now a plan for a Northern future, but it's not yet costed. An investigation is under way into the death of a worker at a Department of Mines and
mine site in the Pilbara. The Petroleum says Petroleum says a contractor believed to be in his mid 20s sustained fatal injuries at Fortescue Metals Group's Christmas Creek iron ore mine site last night. He was working in an ore processing plant. FMG says it will assist in the investigation and mining and processing operations at the mine have been suspended. It's the first death in the industry since August 2011. A senior member of the Hells Angels bikie gang is behind bars after an investigation into an international drug supply ring. Police say the syndicate was responsible for importing more than half a tonne of chemicals used to manufacture ice and speed. Now 34-year-old Maziyar John Ebrahimi has been arrested. Ebrahimi is the President of the Hells Angels Chinatown chapter which was shut down a fortnight ago. The arrest comes after the gang's Sydney chapter President, Felix Lyle, was charged with drug supply offences earlier this year. Three other men have also been arrested. Ebrahimi has already faced court where he was refused bail. He will remain in custody until his next court appearance in September.

A Brisbane woman whose twin toddlers died of malnutrition has been given eight years jail but she'll be eligible for immediate parole. The 35-year-old mother who can't be named pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of the 18-month-old boy and girl who died in 2008. A Supreme Court trial heard she was suffering at the
from a major depressive episode at the time. Leonie Mellor reports. The woman, who cannot be identified, gasped and wiped tears from her eyes as Justice Peter Lyons found she did not intend to kill her two children. Their decomposing bodies were found by their 11-year-old sister in Brisbane home in 2008. They died of malnourish ment. In sentencing Justice
her to eight years jail, Justice Lyons ordered she be eligible for parole immediately. She has spent five years behind bars in the protection unit of the women's prison. Her remaining children are in foster care. Justice Lyons says the woman's remorse, early plea and cooperation with police and the fact she did not attempt to deter blame counted. The woman's lawyer said she haunted by if only. She also wanted to express her remorse, her sorrow for the sadness she had caused. Outside the court, the woman's biological mother expressed relief of the sentence. They are looking forward to moving on with their lives and being involved with the lives of their grandchildren. A firefighter and resident have been injured in two separate incidents in Queensland overnight. The firefighter fell through the roof of a garden shop in Rochedale early this morning.One firefighter sustained minor injuries. He has been taken to the PA Hospital for observation.At Caboolture north of Brisbane a man in his 60s received serious burns to most of his body in a fire at unit complex.Upon arrival we found large volumes of smoke and fire coming from the premises.Police are investigating the cause of both fires.A lack of rain in regional Victoria is taking a toll on struggling farmers and is causing a rise in cases of depression and suicide. But they're doing something about it by getting together to support each other. Kirsten Veness reports from an event in Warnambool. This is a gathering of about 600 farmers and community members which is significant in itself. It's hard to get farmers off the farm. That's the point of the night. It's called Farmer's Night Off. It was organised by Farmer Power. They approached the group Beyond Blue to hold this night and they've done that because of the difficult times this region has been through with the dairy industry, also the rain came late this year, but even more so, in the past eight weeks, there have been three farmer suicides. There is a great concern in the community that something needs to be done so that's why this night has been held. Garry Smith is one of the organisers and here is what he has to say about why the night has been held.Not many of them have been off the farm and it has been really tough financial and climatic conditions. We just got together and said "What can we do?". We thought what a great just to give the farmers a night off and get them off the farm for a night and really try and relieve some of the stress and the financial stress they've been facing over the last 12 months.Jeff Kennett of Beyond Blue and, of course, the former Victorian Premier was the keynote speaker of the night. Here is what he had to say.The dairy industry in the south-west has gone through very difficult times, although I think we are starting to see a window of hope again with rains, better prices and of course the fall in the Australian dollar. But for a lot of farmers, it's still going to be a struggle because, of course, income follows good weather by some months. We're here to try and direct our attention to good living, good health and I hope we can in some small way encourage them to keep up the good fight.Organisers, the group Farmer Power, are happy with how the event went and are hoping to have a lot more like it. They want to put agriculture on the agenda and they are hoping to have a voice and the politicians take up their cause, particularly ahead of the election. NSW Police are warning people to vigilant with their credit cards with an investigation under way into an international ATM skimming syndicate. A crime gang with links to Romania is believed to have targeted 15 ATMs, mostly in southern Sydney and the northern beaches. The Fraud and Cybercrime Squad says a small transmitter and a camera may have been used to steal about $100,000. They say there is concern the syndicate is planning to spread beyond skimming on a global scale. They come here after other countries, generally North America and come out here. That's the pattern of travel. Once here they will travel from one capital city to another. We are working closely with our colleagues in other States. This isn't limited to Sydney. They are working in other capitals on the Eastern seaboard but, at the present time, mainly in Sydney.Fire has badly damaged medical facilities on the Pacific island of Nauru. The blaze destroyed four buildings, the medical storeroom, X-ray facilities, the medical records office and the pharmacy. The wards have been left untouched but some patients have been moved. It is thought the fire was caused by an electrical fault. The convicted US soldier Bradley Manning has apologised for leaking secret intelligence dual documents to WikiLeaks. Manning made the unexpected remarks at his sentencing he was
hearing. The army private said he was sorry for hurting people and the US. It's the first time Manning has expressed regret for his leak. He faces up to 90 years behind bars after being wicket convict - after being convicted of espionage.A new round of face-to-face Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have begun. Initial sessions are likely to focus on borders and security but no breakthrough is expected. Some Israelis reacted angrily to the freeing of 26 prisoners as part of the deal. But Palestinians are rattled by an expansion of the Israel settlement program, an issue that defeated the talks last time. Low-key early negotiations are set to continue for several weeks. Scientists in Britain are reporting a milestone for cancer research. In the largest ever analysis of cancer genomes, they've identified 21 of the genetic mutations that can turn healthy tunnel kans - healthy cells into tumours. It is hoping by understanding it, better treatments can be developed. This picture shows cancer cells in the kidney. This one in the overry. Investigating how cancer actually starts is crucial to preventing it or beating it. The most important clue may be genetic. The steady rhythm of machines analysing DNA at the Sanger Institute near Cambridge. Part of a massive international effort to understand how what happens to our DNA affects our chances of suffering from cancer. Each of our cells has a strand of DNA. The body's genetic code. It is made up of pairs of what are called bases put together in a very specific order, but sometimes these can be damaged or altered and these changes can lead to cancer. We know smoking can do that and inside lung cancer, the genetic pattern is altered in a particular way. A pair of bases is swapped over. It is a signature of the mutation caused by tobacco. A different signature or pattern of genetic change is left behind by the ultraviolet light that can lead to skin cancer. The scientists have now found many other signatures of this kind which can all cause different types of cancers for reasons that aren't known but can now be investigated.This is the largest study of its kind and what we're very excited about is that, through our findings, we have now opened a door and encountered many different paths that can lead to cancer formation.An animation of the moment a cancer cell divides. This latest research will not directly lead to new treatments but Professor Andrew Biankin, a surgeon specialising in cancer, was involved in the study and says it creates new options for the future, especially with early warning.The implications for patients is now we can think about not just treatment but we can also think about early detection and prevention, so if we can start to understand what's actually causing those cancers specifically, which chemical processes are doing that, we can start to think about how we intervene.This study has achieved something unimaginable only a few years ago, analysing 5 million genetic changes in cancer cells. The fight against cancer is slow and frustrating but understanding how cancer starts should, in the long run, make a real difference. It has been a subdued finish for the Australian share market after treading water for most of the session.

The Australian market was down today despite news overnight Europe had snapped its 18-month long recession. For more we are joined by ABC finance reporter Neal Woolrich. Europe showing some modest signs of growth at last, but can we finally say the crisis is over? They were signs from Europe, James, the latest report showing GDP for the June quarter was up 0.3%, so modest growth there but, as you say, it snapped an 18-month losing streak for the Eurozone. But really it was fairly narrowly based the growth in Europe. Germany reported 0.7% growth for the quarter and France 0.5% growth. The rest of the Eurozone remains in recession and some fairly big countries as well are still in recession, such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. It is an encouraging sign from Europe but the crisis is by no means over and the biggest problem Europe will still have to work out over several years is the big Government debt in a lot of countries in the Eurozone.In local news, Wesfarmers shares down despite a solid rise in profit.Yes, it was a strong profit report from Wesfarmers. Profit was up 6% for the financial year but their shares were down 1.5%. There is probably profit-taking in there. Wesfarmers shares have had a strong rally over the past 12 months. There were good results from some divisions, in particular the Coles, and also Bunnings, profits were up there. On the other side of the ledger, its Target store chain, its profits were down and there was a decline in earnings for the coal mining business. There was mixed result for Wesfarmers but overall a strong result and shares were down just a little bit today.Thank you. The Wallabies team set to face New Zealand has been unveiled. Ewen McKenzie named his first team as coach. Brumbies rookie Matt Toomua will start in the number 10 jersey on debut with James O'Connor on the wing. Quade Cooper has earned a recall but will start from the bench. The Wallabies face New Zealand in the first Bledisloe Cup Test on Saturday night in Sydney. Lance Franklin is set to return from a hamstring injury for Friday's clash with Collingwood at the MCG. Collingwood needs the win to have a chance of moving into the top four with three games remaining in the regular season. Pies utility Steele Sidebottom is backing their defensive line to keep Franklin under control, despite Buddy's impressive record against him. He has kicked 50 goals in the last 12 games against the Pies.Yeah, he usually kicks goals against us. Our defenders have their work cut out. We are playing Hawthorn and it is a battle between themselves, defenders are playing against Buddy and I'm sure the guys can control him. The Australian women's wicket team is doing better than the men in the Ashes. They've drawn the only Test in Buckinghamshire. Skipper Jodie Fields shone for the Southern stars with 78 not out. Australia declared at 5/231 leaving England a target of 249 off 45 overs. England didn't take up the run chase after Ellyse Perry ran out Heather
player of the match, opener Heather Knight. England finished on 2/93.I was really happy with the performance of the team over the four days. We have positives to take into the ODI matches.Australia has a 50-over game against England A at Berkshire on Saturday. The first one-day international is on Tuesday at Lord's.

The Australian women's and men's basketball teams both Zealand
enjoyed victories over New Zealand last night in the Oceania Championships. The Opals won 66-50. The winner of the two-game series will qualify for next year's World Cup. Making a comeback after a long absence with a hamstring injury Lauren Jackson scored a game-high 22 points.I'm just happy I got that game out of the way. Obviously it has been like 10 months now and it feels so good to be out there and pain-free.The Boomers defeated the Tall Blacks 70-59 with NBA guard Patty Mills shooting 20 points. The men's and women's teams will meet New Zealand again in Canberra on Sunday. Jared Tallent has won Australia's first medal at the world athletics championships in Moscow. The Australian race walker claimed bronze in the 50km event. The two-time Olympic silver medallist managed a patient performance. He finished behind Ireland's It
gold medalist Robert Heffernan. It is his second world championship bronze.Great to win a medal. I am disappointed. I wanted to win the gold. It is my fifth medal at the worlds and Olympics. Two silvers and three bronze now, so hopefully one day I'll get the gold. Push on to Beijing in 2015 and Rio in 2016.Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has stunned the tennis world by announcing her retirement. The world number 7 was beaten in the second round of the Cincinnati Open overnight and, afterwards, revealed she was retiring. She says she is physically unable to play on. The 28-year-old finishes her career with eight WTA singles titles.You are watching ABC News early edition. We will cross

Thanks, James and good evening. I'm Virginia Haussegger, coming up in Virginia Haussegger, coming up in the Canberra news, we'll have more on Kevin Rudd's radical plan to develop the tropical north. The centre-piece is a special economic zone in the Northern Territory, teaturing a company tax rate significantly lower than the rest of the country. Three staff were tied up by an armed staff were tied up by an armed robber at a Yarralumla cafe in the early hours of this morning. The man entered the Beess and Co Cafe on Bentham Street at about 6:30 wearing a balaclava and brandishing a gun. Police say he was only in the shop for a matter of minutes before for a matter of minutes before making off with money from the till. The Australian War Memorial has unveiled an exhibition highlighting the courage and sacrifice of Canberrans during times of conflict. The exhibition titled 'Salute Canberra's Military Heritage' also celebrates the city's enduring ties with the military over a century. It shows military over a century. It shows how residents responded to the threat of Japanese air strikes in 1942. Ten Brumbies players have been named in the 23 player Wallabies squad for saturday nights Bledisloe Cup Test saturday nights Bledisloe Cup Test in Sydney. Matt Toomua will make his Test debut starting at fly half, Tevita Kuridrani, Scott Fardy, Nic White and Scott Sio will also make their debuts from the bench. We'll have the details on those stories have the details on those stories and the rest of the days news in the Canberra bulletin at 7 o'clock.

A cold front triggered some damaging winds through the south-west of WA today. Gusts to around 90 km/h in areas south of around Perth and also offshore from Perth. As this front moves east, we are also starting to see severe weather warnings for the potential of damaging winds. They've been issued through the Central Coast of SA, so around kangaroo Island, Air Peninsula region. Those winds could reach the east of the State as we head into tomorrow. Much of Victoria under severe weather warning for damaging winds, also the West Coast and central plateau of Tasmania looking at damaging winds in association with this front. We could see the warnings become more widespread as we move into Friday because winds will freshen in NSW. This trough will also have an impact. It is expected to produce some strong and gusty winds through the channel country in Queensland. We have very hot air moving through the region and very low humidities, temperatures around 35 degrees. That's going to lead to dangerous fire weather conditions for the channel country and high fire dangers for most of the surrounding districts. Although we are expecting to see cloud, very little in the way of rainfall with that. That will be the story for NSW, not a great deal of rainfall with this front. We will see widespread showers developing through SA, developing through the south-west and west of Victoria during the afternoon and also about the north-west of Tasmania. Rain developing with potential of accumulated moderate heavy falls across the north and west of Tasmania in the coming days. Strong winds, mild temperatures ahead of this frontal system.

Graham Creed, thank you. That is all for this bulletin. The next edition of ABC News will be up in an hour. You can visit our website or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

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