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This program is not captioned. To. It seemed to government has to the state of emergency. This is a direct deadly crackdown by the military. Hundreds of protesters were killed when security forces clashed with supporters of ousted President, Muhamed Morsi. Since Mohamed Morsi stepped down last month, protesters have been camped out across the city. His supporters have been two major camps. They were demanding he be reinstated. Tens of thousands of people camped out. The police moved in and got the university protesters out of the way, when they came to the mosque, that is when trouble began. It started with bulldozers and tear gas. On the other side, they were throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails. It quickly degenerated into gunfire. It went to ours. The result was a horrendous death toll. There were police snipers on the roof. The military released these incredible pictures, it shows militants with handguns and also with assault rifles behind the lines. They fired at police, and they are using this as a reason why they had to come in so hard. Worldwide reaction has been swift. The UN came out, also the US, which provides $1.3 billion to each of the moment, saying they will not cut that. They are saying this is not the way to go about things. They need free and fair elections, people have the right to demonstrate in the street.Today's events at -- deplorable. They run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion, and genuine democracy.There are conflicting reports about the dead. The health Ministry numbers from Egypt say that 278 people have been killed in the protests. It is an incredible number. The worst day since the original uprising. The military at the moment has imposed emergency law a kind of martial law, people are told to stay off the streets of law they will be arrested. -- or they will be arrested. There is a curfew in place. We do not know how the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the residents in Cairo will react when they wake up. We are on the ground in Cairo. We will cross live to him. That is coming up at 5pm. Back on now, three students have been injured after a wall collapse at a high school in Blacktown, west of Sydney. We are at the scene. Good afternoon. What can you tell us?Incredibly lucky, here. Two girls are in hospital with minor injuries. A year 12 student with back injuries, a Year 8 student with minor leg injuries. When you see the picture of this huge concrete wall that came crashing down, it is hard to believe they were not more seriously injured. In one was killed here. It was 1pm at the college here in Blacktown. It it was lunchtime. This will gave way in for whatever reason. It came to rest just inches away from dozens of students, three of those worksheet. Those two girls taken off to hospital by paramedics, a third was treated here, and able to go home. Very worrying for the students who were near it, and who witnessed this. Obviously, parents are traumatised. We spoke to the assistant principal of the school, let's listen to what she had to say.We are not aware. We have asked the building services to come on-site, and investigate. We have caught the essential services, the ambulance, the police, to also come in to make sure that everything that needs to be done is being done. Parents have been alerted. Some of the girls have been taken by ambulance, to make sure that everything is fine.I spoke to one of the young girls fathers, who is with his daughters in hospital. He was extremely thankful that she is alive. He is also extremely angry about this. About how close his daughter came to suffering serious injury. The question now turns after this lucky escape, to how this happened. The school will be bringing in engineers to assess the wall overnight, to make sure that everything is safe or students before they had back to school tomorrow.Thank you. It has been a big ticket item day for both leaders, for both leaders -- on the campaign trail. Tony Abbott was in Tasmania, promising $438 million to upgrade Hobart 's international airport and a highway.Tasmania has the potential to be so much better than this. That is why it we have a plan, a growth plan, that is being tailor-made for Tasmania.But Mr Abbott 's views on the same sex and at issue caught up with them, as he spoke to his daughters idle, popstar Katy Perry, on radio.When are you coming back?Come on, let us talk about their marriage.Mr Abbott is not for gay marriage.I love you as a human being, but I cannot give you my vote.Mr Abbott is now back, campaigning on the mainland. A top end revolution, that is what Kevin Rudd is planning for northern Australia, pledging a 10% company tax cut for the NT, and an expansion of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. We caught up with the PM in between some big announcements. We are flying to WA, this morning at the Prime Minister announced his plans for northern Australian. He joined the now. How are you?Where about 32,000 feet. I just get in and do my thing, which is explaining what we have done, and what our plans for the future are. But that is our plans for northern Australia. I have great confidence in their strategy but. They will make up their own mind. One thing about Australian people, you cannot fall them, they will make their judgement very practical -- trick them.We hope into Brisbane, cans, Melbourne, Sydney. How much sleep are you getting? Plenty.What is your secret question mark --?It has nothing to do with politics, I find a book and I read it.What are you reading?It is nerdy. I am reading a book about 16th century European religious politics.Just some light reading. Politics has changed, it doesn't matter what century. The important thing is to wake up freshly, and be positive. The positive about what the future can hold. That is what people around Australian are like. They want to know whether you can make their lives better. Not just whether the other guy will make it worse.Thank you very much for your time Prime Minister. A major coup for police in Adelaide, finding millions of dollars worth of drugs in bushland, outside the city. It is part of an ongoing investigation, and locals are not surprised by the discovery. We may appear to be in some remote bushland, but the search is happening just 45 minutes out of the city of Adelaide. It is here where police have uncovered $85 million worth of drugs beneath the ground. It started on March 26, when arson detectives spotted two men acting suspiciously while on a routine patrol. Further investigations found they were digging up $21 million worth of methamphetamine, and since then, police have made three more fines in drugs, including 21,000 ecstasy tablets, 1kg of cocaine.We would expect that due to the nature, there are people high up the ladder for this.Police are wondering -- widening the search area. Local people say they are not surprised by the search. They say they regularly see people acting suspiciously.We have an awful lot of goings-on around here will stop cars in the night. We have a lot of burnt out cars out here. There are all these cars coming and going.So far, police have only arrested the two men. They found out -- they believe more senior Colonel figures are involved. Two pilots have been killed in a car that plane crash in Alabama. The air bus clipped trees as it was preparing to land, exploding into a viable. Huge flames erupted just before dawn. -- fireball. It crashed just short of the airport, about 1000 feet from several homes.It shook the house. A big fireball.Three of them. Three pieces that rolled down the hill.With daylight, a clear picture how the Airbus broke apart and burned. A win here. Engines there. No section intact. Back in the neighbourhood, they could not believe their eyes when they came outside. The big jet had broken trees, raining debris all over the lawn. That is alumina -- aluminium. It the flight ended up too low, slamming into a ground on the hill short of the runway. Investigators arrived quickly.The tail section of the aircraft is still smouldering. For that reason, we cannot get in and get the black box.With a triple seven crash in San Francisco, and now this jet is doing the same in Birmingham, the number of crashes during landing is becoming quarrying. In the past decade, 46% of debt -- deadly crashes have been during landing. They are wondering if it is something wrong with our flight system. Stuck on a ledge in the middle of the night, the elderly bushwalkers who did not think they would make it home. Also, a Brisbane mother whose twin toddler starved to death, could walk free from jail. What you get when you cross a jellyfish with a This program is not captioned. If you're thinking you can't do
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Three women, aged in their 70s and 80s, have spent the night lost in the Gold Coast hinterland. The group set off in Lamington National Park yesterday morning, but failed to return last night. SES search team found them this morning.I nearly cried when I saw him.The women said they huddled together to keep warm. The Queensland mother who killed her twins by under feeding them has been sentenced to eight years for each child, but she could soon walk free. The 35-year-old mother was sentenced to eight years jail, but because she has served five, she is eligible for immediate parole. That comes after the guilty plea to manslaughter. The trial was abandoned last week. Today, the Justice found she did not intend to kill the children, but she said it was a gross departure from the minimum standards that the community expects. They died from under feeding, in the south Brisbane home in 2008. The prosecution today described what happened to them as catastrophic, said they were helpless and honourable. The woman's defence lawyer told the court that she wanted to apologise for the sad as she inflicted on everyone. The children's grandmothers were in court. This is what she had to say.I am happy with the outcome. I am happy for my daughter, she has served time in prison, and now she will be able to live a lie.The 35 your old mother is eligible for parole, but you still need to apply to the parole board. It could take weeks. But she gets out, she plans to live with her mother, and also wants to strengthen the bonds with the remaining four children. According to urban legend, eating carrots will make you see in the dark -- dark. However, these bunnies have had extra help. Scientists in Turkey injected rabbit embryos with a fluorescent jellyfish protein will stop the resulting litter of eight yielded to glow in the dark bunnies. The point was to prove that genetic manipulation is possible in rabbits. It has also produced the ultimate kids accessory, a cute cuddly animal that doubles as a nightlight. Stay with us. Up next, a major health breakthrough. A new drug that makes cancer scales -- cells destroy themselves. We cross to the ski fields to check conditions. Fatcat. We meet the overweight pet put on a diet to save his life. This program is not captioned. HUMMING SOUND HUMMING SOUND GETS LOUDER CRUNCH! Maltesers. The lighter way
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Tomorrow, Australia's got talent, extreme.We have a $20,000 jackpot. To visit.Sydney scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. They have developed a new class of drugs that attack one of the fundamental building blocks of cancer cells, causing them to collapse. Until now, scientists have been unable to develop it drug that only destroys Jim cells, and not other tissues in the body. Tests show the drugs are effective against every type of cancer tested, that includes difficult to treat childhood cancers. It is hoped the trial will begin at the end of next year. It is time to take the Starr report. Let us go live to Perisher. Good afternoon. How was it looking?I am calling it the best day of the season so far. We had 23cm fall overnight. The clouds cleared earlier, will we had blue skies, and a beautiful fresh top to bottom colour. We did have 45 open. More snow is on the forecast over the next couple of days. Conditions are only going to get better.It is not only human to struggle with the Battle of the Bulge. Unfortunately, some pets suffer from overheating. A cat in the US is so big, he is being put on a special diet he is exceptionally large. One of the biggest cats and workers here have ever seen.I have been told, probably in the top three or four. Someone brought in this fatcat who weighs £28. Most weight £12.It is two to three times what he should wait.Carrying him feels like lifting three and a half gallons of water. To help slimming down, workers are trained to step up his exercise.Have him walk up and down the hallway, instead of putting it to dish it, we put it further away so that he has to walk to get his food.Because of his size, the is at a high risk of developing diabetes, and has difficulty walking and grooming himself. You can see that vets had to shave some of his matted hair around his neck, legs and back. He has been put on a production diet, as workers try to work on correcting his previous owners bad habits, that got the cat to this point. They probably fed him table scraps. He may have had an unlimited amount of food will stop --. . He did not know when to stop, and kept eating and eating. Now, this is where he is. It can be deadly. It is a serious thing.We will have an update on today's top stories. Next, including death toll rising. We will cross live to our reporter in Cairo. The latest on the unfolding state of emergency. A rogue Afghan salter who shot three Australian diggers is tracked down and killed -- soldier. A new card skimming gang targeting card ATMs. Prince William opens up about being a new dad. This program is not captioned.

I' m Kerryn Johnston with a Newm Kerryn Johnston with a WIN News Newsbreak
I' m Kerryn Johnston with a WIN r
Newsbreak A Yarralmla cafe has been robbed. Staff members were tied up and held at gunpoint during the frightening ordeal. A new al. A new
frightening ordeal. A new exhibition looks
at the Australian War Memorial looks at the impact of war on Canberra. And in sport, Canberra walker Jared Tallent takes Tallent takes bronze walker Jared Tallent takes bronze in the 50 kilometre walk at the C metre walk at the World C the 50 kilometre walk at the World Championships. Details in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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Australia could be in full and another royal visit with Prince William announcing that he hopes to bring his wife and his baby down under next year. Speaking at the Anglesey show in Wales, he also said goodbye to the people of the wash Island, where he is preparing to finish his 3-year tour of duty as a rescue pilot. The beginning of the goodbye. Anglesey has been home to the Duke and Duchess for three years, and as Prince William prepares to take his career, along with Kate and Prince George, to pastures new, time to say farewell and thank you for having us.You, again. So naughty. It was by no means a quick cheerio either. He seemed keen to thank everyone at the Anglesey show. And everyone wanted to ask him about Prince George. It is clear that they have felt very much at home in Anglesey and have enjoyed the privacy that Anglesey has afforded them. To thank them for that, flight lieutenant William Wales switched to Welsh.Thank you Anglesey, he said, we are proud to have lived here, the mother of Wales.Then back to his mother tongue or a message from his wife and son.She and George would have loved to have been here. He is pretty loud and of course extremely good-looking. I have to say that I thought such duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally and demanding, but looking after a 3-week old baby is right up there. Marriage, then fatherhood, now the Duke is contemplating a career change. He has flown countless missions. And helped save many lives.I just want to say thank you for rescuing me.Was it you? On the beach? Yes. Sharon West got to thank the Duke in person, a year after getting into trouble. It is clear the Cambridge 's will be missed when they leave. The top stories: The death toll from deadly clashes in Egypt has risen to 278. The interim government has imposed a state of emergency and Australians are being warned to get out of the country. There has been a huge backlash over thousands of dollars compensation paid to a Muslim baby murderer, because his prison food was not halal. The skin is targeting your money at cash machines. Returning to the unfolding state of emergency in Egypt, where hundreds of thousands -- hundreds of protesters have been killed in clashes with security forces. Good afternoon to you. What is the situation now?At the moment it is really quite calm, bearing in mind it is early in the morning, about nine o'clock. People are only just getting to work. You tend to feel that there is a bit of underlying tension about. It may not be helped by the fact that just about every street corner in Cairo has either got to police or the military patrolling it. They do not want a repeat of the events that happened over the last 24 hours. There have been widespread reports of violence. It was the worst violence that we have seen in Egypt is the 2011 uprising. In the last 24 hours, security has used fire, they have used machine-gun fire, teargas and to clear to opposition camps that have sprung up around central Cairo after the former president was booted out about four weeks ago. The camps have been in place ever since then. It was not just in Cairo that violence erupted. It was also the second city, Alexandria, and/or -- and over in Suez as well. It was quite difficult for the police in those areas to bring it under control. It was the best part of the day before it was brought under control. The state of emergency has been declared. It will be around for the next 30 days. That basically means a curfew will be in place. It also means the police and the military have extra powers. It will be easier for them to arrest people. There are some discrepancies with the death toll that you mentioned. You mentioned 300 people, that is what the health Ministry is reporting. The Muslim Brotherhood is reporting that as many as 2000 people may be dead. Although that is quite unlikely at the moment. But several hundred have been injured. A Sky News cameraman who was among the dead. An incredibly sad story. A day of heated violence. The worst since 2011. It is not going to help the stability of Egypt at the moment. Very disturbing images that we are seeing. We will leave it for now. All the latest developments from Cairo, that is coming up at six o'clock. Australian troops have tracked down and killed a rogue Afghan soldier who wounded three diggers at a patrol base. He was on duty and -- in a guard tower, when he turned an automatic weapon and grenade launcher on Australian and Afghan forces. He fled in an armoured vehicle and has been on the run for two years, but troops caught up with him on Tuesday.He was killed by small arms fire when he attacked the Afghan National Security Force elements involved in the operation on Tuesday night, Afghan time. The Defence Force says it is committed to tracking down other rogue soldiers involved in the so-called Green blue attacks.Three students in a high school in Sydney Pozner west have been injured after a wall collapsed. Lease and paramedics raced to Nagel College, a Catholic girls School in Blacktown, where they treated the girls before taking two of them to hospital.A war should not fall over on its own.I drove by, I messaged one of my friends inside, she told me what happened. I am not sure how severe the injuries are. Two students suffered leg injuries. They are reported to be in a stable condition. A Queensland prisoner serving a life sentence for brutally murdering his newborn baby has been awarded $3000 in compensation after claiming the jail forced him to eat vegetables. There has been a huge backlash about these.It is certainly an issue that has got the community divided. Raymond Akhtar Ali is serving a life sentence for the murder of his newborn daughter. He is a prat hissing Muslim, and as such, it's only halal. He was served food that was not allowed. When he complained, he was served only vegetables. He has now been awarded compensation, $3000. I have spoken to a flour butcher, and he says that no matter what crime and person has committed, we should respect their beliefs.If you are in prison, you lose your liberties, but I do not think it is a matter of liberty. It is a matter of being a human being. It has certainly divided opinion.Is the decision likely to be appealed? Queensland's Attorney-General has indicated he would certainly like the decision to be appealed. He spoke about it this morning.We have to stick up for common sense. It is not common sense to a war that particular modest -- monster $3000.The Attorney-General is now seeking a legal opinion of his own to find out whether he is even at able to appeal this decision. We will go to Victoria, where a man has pleaded guilty to the attempted rape and murder of a Ballarat mother. No doubt an emotional day in court for the victims family.Is right. There was a large contingent of Sharon Siermans was made family in court to hear the guilty plea of Jason Dinsley. He played guilty to her murder and attempted rape in Ballarat early this year. All the while, her 4-year old son was inside the house. The only relief for her family was the early guilty plea. But their grief has been compounded by the fact that he was on parole when he committed his murder. His lawyer you spoke outside the court, saying that he had shown some remorse. He has not try to duck away from what he has done. He made it clear that he did it.When he first spoke to me, he said he wanted to own up.He does have an extensive criminal history. 99 criminal convictions. He was on parole for the brutal rape of a number were men when he committed this murder. That was in 2006. She was raped in her own home. He served seven years in jail and he was on parole when he met her in and in -- on the internet. She did him. That enraged him. Given the issue of parolees committing serious offences, his lawyer you admitted that he is in for a lengthy sentence. A blast from the recent political past has delivered another twist in the election campaign, disgraced former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper will re- contest his Queensland seat as an Independent. He quit the job last year to fight allegations of fraud and sexual harassment by former staffer James Ashby, which were later thrown out of court. His wife is standing by her man.I love Peter. There are so many things you do not understand about him. He has made some mistakes but he is actually a really nice, decent, kindhearted guide.Peter Slipper is still due to face trial over the alleged misuse of charge dockets. There were big picture promises from both leaders on the campaign trail. Kevin Rudd want a top end turnaround, calling it a special economic zone with company tax cuts. He also wants expansion of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme.We a national imagination to grasp the economic potential that northern Australia holds, not just for itself but our entire continent, and beyond that imagination, having concrete plans to make it work. Tony Abbott accuse the Prime Minister playing catch up on northern Australia, while he was in Tasmania. The opposition leader pledged $438 million for the upgrade of Hobart's airport, the Midland Highway.It is a growth plan that has been tailor-made by Tasmanians, for Tasmania, in which the national government will enthusiastically implement, should we win the election. Ladies and gentlemen, I hear the confidence out there. The leaders are on the move again.Tony Abbott is heading to Melbourne, while Mr Rudd will be campaigning in WA. We are being warned to take extra care when using ATMs and it fears that our cards could be skimmed and our cash stolen. This could happen to any of us. A scary thought.It is, especially when you consider the fact that most of the people who fall victims to the criminals do not realise it when it is too late. The latest warning is a bit of an urgent warning. People need to be wary of these Romanian crime syndicates that are particularly targeting Australians at the moment. They are flying out here. They have released this footage of men that are fitting the skimming devices to ATMs across the country. They are so small that they are hard for people to notice. The police showed us a bit of a comparison of how far this technology has come. In the past we were dealing with someone as -- something as obvious as this, this is one of them that has been used at the present time.It only takes an instant for that device to read the information on your card, and only a couple of seconds more for the criminals to be able to strip your account of all the money. If you do want to look after your account, always use a hand or a newspaper to cover when you are putting the PIN into the ATM, and also they are continuing their investigations. They have recently arrested one man of Romanian descent, but they tell us that more arrests are in a minute. -- are imminent. A bit of a snub for Quade Cooper.
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The Raiders say either Sam Williams or Anthony Milford will replace injured captain Terry Campese for Saturday's game against the Bulldogs. The Eels have announced a new partnership with the NT Government that will include one premiership match in Darwin and one trial in Alice Springs every year. We have got a lot of issues in the NT. We are in Parramatta Stadium and some of the issues seem long way away, it when you are on the ground in the NT, and you see the social issues are folding, you look to clubs, such as Parramatta, to assist us in helping find a way forward.And after 14 years at the top Dragons star Nathan Fien has announced he will retire from the NRL and captain-coach local league team the Thirroul Butchers next year. Collingwood is confident of upsetting top of the table Hawthorn in tomorrow night's blockbuster at the MCG after knocking off top eight rivals Sydney and Essendon in the past fortnight. Utility Steele Sidebottom is backing defenders Lachie Keefe and Nathan Brown to handle Hawks forward Lance Franklin, who is due to return from a hamstring injury.He usually kicks goals against us. Our defenders have their work cut out. It is a little battle between the gazelles -- between the defenders and Buddy.Ben Reid is likely to start as a forward. Brumbies fly-half Matt Toomua will get first crack at cementing the playmaker role for the Wallabies under Ewen McKenzie. The 23-year-old will make his test debut against the All Blacks on Saturday, with Quade Cooper earning a bench spot.Yeah it goes without saying that it's exciting, but at the end of the day, it's about how I play, and how we play that counts the most.The Brumbies have 10 players in the 23-man squad. New Zealand arrive in Sydney shortly.
Fast-tracked for citizenship, Fawad Ahmed has been included in Australia's 1-day cricket squad to face England after the Ashes series. Our test team meanwhile is trying to pick up the pieces from their confidence-sapping loss in the fourth Test. Time heals all wounds, but the batting collapse at Durham will take some getting over.I still can't believe it happened so fast. With what happened and it finished yesterday. If we'd hung in there through that tough Broad spell we could've come back today and finished it but then at the end of the day we lost.Soul searching that's gone on since hasn't provided easy answers. Our batsmen were intimidated by england's bowlers and fans.When I came back and I walked out in Manchester and I got booed I felt like I was real nervy, I felt real small, I felt like everything was against me, and I can imagine how some of the guys felt yesterday when they were coming out, and we lost those quick wickets.Warner is keen to open again with Chris Rogers. And he's had plenty of opportunity to watch Ian Bell, who's scored three centuries by keeping it simple.I think 80% of his 500 runs he's scored in the series have been through cover and point. Because they're through loose balls, and that's all he's doing is waiting. Warner admits reigning in is easier said than done. The Aussies believe only a few key moments have gone against them in the series.We've got to work out how we can identify those key moments, and block it, and then see the rest of the day out.Batsmen are on notice, England's bowlers would love nothing more than to end some Aussie careers. A tiny team in England will field some of the best names in world football this season. Every player at Farnborough FC has changed their name by deed poll, so the likes of Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and Diego Maradonna will now be wearing their yellow and nlue. Even coach Spencer Day has legally changed his name to Jose Mourinho. They did it to raise sponsorship money to save their club, but hope it also improves their standard of play, and might just intimidate the opposition. That is commitment. That is seriously dedicated. Tonight on the footy show?Yes, a big show. And also the AFL show in Melbourne. The weather after the break.

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Good afternoon. In WA, this front and loud band tracks across the south-west with very strong winds and showers. The rest of the country was mostly settled as a result of the site. In Sydney, skies were clear. Melbourne had a mostly sunny day with calm winds. Tomorrow this front will progress of cross the bite, crossing SA during

of cross the bite, crossing SA

during the

during the day

during the day and

during the day and arriving

during the day and arriving in victory and Tasmania towards the evening. Winds will be very strong with warnings issued for all coastal areas. But rainfall will not be too heavy.

In finance, the all ordinaries were down four points.

That is our afternoon news for this Thursday. Annex major bulletin is coming up at six. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Hello, everybody,
and welcome to the... Hey! There we go. The lights have come on.
There you go. Clap harder.
We need lights to go harder. That's it. (LAUGHS) There you go. We've got the lights working
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Tonight may as well be the night. We've been going that long. We've got to get the $1 million
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we have Brittany Bertram. Plans to win a Nobel prize,
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got worse for Dan Dick, with food poisoning,
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and held him captive. And Sandy Roberts got seven
speeding fines in 48 hours at the same railway crossing. Sandy! When does it sink in? (LAUGHS) Good stuff. Alright. Brittany Bertram, you ready to play? Yes!
Let's go. Come on.

Hello, Brittany Bertram.
Hi, Eddie. 18 years of age,
from St Kilda in Victoria. First-year science student
at the University of Melbourne. Yes.
That's the way. What you want to finish up doing?
When do you finish your degree? I want to study medicine
and then maybe go on to do... a part of
Doctors Without Borders. Good on you. Great stuff. Penny is your nanna. Hi, Penny.
Hello. How are you?
Good, Eddie. That's the way.
Good luck tonight. With Brittany here, who stalked
Lady Gaga for a week. Yeah. And you're going to end up
being a doctor? Yeah.
Fair enough. (LAUGHS) What happened? Well, I went to her show twice
and on the second time that we went, we followed people from the show
back to her hotel room and then we proceeded to go to her
hotel room for a week every night and then we spent a whole day there and we sang songs
in front of her hotel and after six hours she came out
and she spoke to us and she said that we sang lovely
and she posed for photos with us. It was incredible. And then she said,
"Will you please go home?"
No, she left. She ran away. Hey, nine months
you planned a party... Yes.
..for the release
of the second 'Harry Potter' movie. The second-last.
The second-last one. The party lasted a week. You converted a whole house
into Hogwarts... Yes. ..including moving portraits and
eight different meals and snacks. Yeah. Yeah. It was with a friend. You're not obsessive at all,
are you? No. There's my tattoo. Oh! Hold that up
so we can get a shot of that. And you are going to be a doctor?
Yeah. No, I'm just...
I can have other interests. I know. I know.
I think it's fantastic. Good on you, Brittany. OK.
$1 million. Are you ready to win?
Yeah. Let's play Hot Seat. Go.

Well done, Brittany.
Good luck. For $100. (READS QUESTION)

Lock in C. Lock in C, doctor. Correct, for $100.



Well, yesterday I went to
a Mad Hatter's tea party, actually. Why am I not surprised?
So lock in A. (LAUGHS) Correct, for $200.

Where did you go to
a Mad Hatter's tea party? It was for a five-year-old's
birthday. It was a five-year-old's birthday. Yes.
OK. $300.


I'm...I'm pretty sure it's B. I know nothing about sport. It's going to be embarrassing to get
this wrong but let's go with B. Lock in B.
Let's go with B. Royal Ascot is a horse race,
for $300.

Held at the end of June. The horse race was initiated
by Queen Anne in 1711. $500.


I have no idea so I am going
to pass, please, Eddie. You can pass, Brittany. I wouldn't
want to crush your dreams. You can come back.
Thanks. OK. Good on you, Britt. See you.
See you soon.

Hello, Kate. Hello, Eddie.
How are you? Kate van Merkestein. Stein?
Stein. Kate van Merkestein.
Mm-hm. Is 32, from Trentham in Victoria. The state forest up there,
past Kyneton. Beautiful place up there. Joanna is your partner's mother. Hi, Joanna. Hello.
Hello. Welcome to the show.
Thank you.
Good luck. Hey, tell me about this. You worked in a museum in Venice. Gave Elton John a private tour. Yes. I used to work
at the Guggenheim. Fantastic.
Yeah. And he has a house there
with his husband. Husband, yeah. David Furnish.
Yes. And so he used to come in
quite a bit.