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(generated from captions) Let's check in with our newsroom
one last time. Thanks, guys. Up next at 4:30 - he warning to Australians
as a state of emergency is declared in Egypt,
following the Cairo massacre. Kevin Rudd visits Australian troops, revealing a rogue Afghan soldier
has been shot dead. Pop star Katy Perry enters
the election campaign as a smitten Tony Abbott speaks
to her on radio. How your shopping bill has helped
one of the big supermarket companies make a $2 billion profit. Students hurt in a wall collapse
at a Sydney school. We have the latest on the injuries. James Hird's legal action, as information is revealed about
a mystery Mexican drug. And what Prince William let slip
about a visit to Australia. That's next in Seven's
Afternoon News. See you soon.

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This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: Now at 4:30,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern. Good afternoon. The violence in Egypt we brought you as breaking news
this time yesterday has turned into a shocking massacre. Officially,
278 people have been killed in clashes between security forces
and protesters in Cairo. But supporters of the overthrown
president, Mohammed Morsi, say more than 2,000 are dead.

It will be remembered as the day the army tried to bulldoze
the Muslim Brotherhood out of the picture. The Islamists would not
give ground voluntarily so the security forces were
instructed to take it by force and, it appears, at any cost. Tonight, the Muslim brothers
and sisters have been moved on but, unlike their camps, their protest movement
has not been crushed. It looks set to survive
this bloody eviction. (GUNFIRE) After six weeks,

the patience of the generals
had run out and so they ordered the dispersal
of those who have embarrassed them by challenging the coup
that toppled an elected leader and imposed military rule instead. (GUNFIRE) The sound of gunfire, live rounds
among the barrage of tear gas as the security forces
moved against the camps erected by supporters
of ex-president Morsi. The operation began at dawn and many hours later,
as daylight waned, it was clear that dozens of Islamists had paid
for their defiance with their lives. The security forces declared
the sit-in protests vanquished and announced the imposition
of the state of emergency here. An hour before
the implementation of a curfew here and there is still
intermittent gunfire. Smoke is billowing from the scene
of the massacre. There was a ghastly inevitability
about all of this with protesters willing to die
and security forces willing to kill. The question was never
if there were going to be fatalities but how many.

As the casualties mounted, some of the protesters
condemned America and the outside world for failing to intervene
to prevent the massacre. This evening, as the sun set
over deserted streets, Egyptians will have been reflecting
on an appalling day and dreading
what tomorrow might bring.

Australians in Egypt
are being urged to leave, with fears the bloodshed
will continue. The Department of Foreign Affairs
has issued a new travel warning following the military crackdown. Anyone planning a trip to Egypt
is advised to reconsider.

Given the capacity of the situation
to detoriate quickly, our advise for Australians there would be to take a path back to
Australia as soon as possible. Australians who can't leave
are urged to avoid any protests.

The Prime Minister's
taken his campaign to the Northern Territory, announcing plans to give businesses
there a break on tax. Live to Andrea Nicolas in Canberra. Andrea, his new policy's
already hit a snag?

Rebecca, the Prime Minister
made no apologies for playing favourites this morning while speaking in Darwin. He said the Northern Territory
was a special case, because it's so far away
and therefore more expensive. So he pledged if elected, his Government would cut corporate
tax for NT businesses by a third. But when asked how the policy
would be funded, he was drawing a blank. How much would it cost? Well, ah, we're working
all that through, because we are concerned
to differentiate the point that was just made
by someone else about the number of companies
that work here in the NT. It appears there's no costings. It appears there's not even
a substantial document. And Mr Rudd took time out
for our Territory-based troops? Yes, he started his day
heaping praise on soldiers at Robertson Barracks
on the outskirts of Darwin. They're stationed in
the marginal seat of Solomon, won by the Coalition
at the last election. No doubt it's a target for Labor, but today Mr Rudd was focused
on delivering some good news. The former
Afghan National Army soldier who wounded three Aussie troops
in 2011 has been killed.

Ruzvi was killed by
a small arms fire when he attacked the Afghan
security force elements involved in the operation
on Tuesday night, Afghan-time.

Earlier Mr Rudd came under fire
from the Liberals for his party's latest ad campaign
attacking Tony Abbott. He had pledged
to keep his tactics positive, but it's clear
with just three weeks to go, it's no more Mr Nice Guy. Rebecca.

Tony Abbott denies
he's trying to win the youth vote after an early-morning
radio interview with American singer Katy Perry. However, it didn't go to plan with the superstar challenging him
over his stance on gay marriage. Political reporter Mia Greves is
travelling with the Liberal leader in Tasmania.

Good afternoon, Rebecca. Well, we've covered many issues
so far in this campaign, and now one from left field - Tony Abbott told her in
a radio interview this morning that his daughters are the fans, but despite sounding
a little starstruck himself, Ms Perry couldn't convince
the Liberal Leader to change his mind
on legalising gay marriage. KATY PERRY: Oh, come on.
That's not a political question. Let's talk about gay marriage.

(LAUGHS) JACKIE: Mr Abbott isn't for
gay marriage. I know you probably are, Katy, but it's one of the things
that's been a hot topic lately, but not really something
he wants to pass, though. KATY PERRY: Yeah, well, um... I love you as a human being
but I can't give you my vote, then. Mr Abbott also admitted to her
that he liked her song 'Hot N Cold', but perhaps he should've had
a better listen to its saucy lyrics, before suggesting it as his anthem. (SINGS) # You change your mind # Like a girl changes clothes... # It's a catchy tune and there are
some interesting lyrics. It's Tony Abbott's second trip
to Tasmania since the election was called. And he's offered
plenty of sweeteners for the Apple Isle,

to extend its runway for larger freight planes to land. Rebecca, with unemployment here
well above the national average, Tony Abbott is hoping
his plan for growth will be enough to win over voters
in Tasmania.

Three teenagers have been hurt when a wall collapsed
at a high school in Sydney's west today. The brick wall gave way
at Nagle College in Blacktown during lunchtime. Two of the injured girls,
aged 14 and 17, were taken to hospital
as a precaution.

Parents have been alerted. Some of the girls have been taken
by ambulance just for further tests to make sure everything's fine. Investigators have been called in to determine the cause
of the collapse. A Brisbane mother who
starved her twin toddlers to death has been sentenced
to eight years jail but can apply for parole today. The judge found the woman's mental health affected
her ability to parent. Carly Waters was in court.

Good afternoon. The mother sighed with relief from the judge ordered she be eligible for parole from today, taking into account time already served and the fact he does not believe she intended to kill the twin tablas. Initially charged with their murder. The Crown accepted her earlier plea of guilty to manslaughter. The twins died in 2008. Their 11-year-old sister discovered their bodies. They died from now on nourishment. The court was told the mother or underfed them for more than a month, only giving them baby formula and while the judge said she felt in her responsibility as a parent he took into account she was depressed. Here is what her mother had to say. I am happy with the outcome. I'm happy for my daughter that she has served her time in prison and now she will be able to live her life without ridicule by other people. The 35-year-old has already spent more than five years behind bars. During that time, she was placed in the protective unit due to the nature of the crime. Today, she told the court that she feels sorry and sadness for the pain she has caused others. Let's check how the weather's
shaping up this evening with Seven Network meteorologist,
David Brown.

Thanks, Bec, and good afternoon. High 20s are likely
in parts of South Australia tomorrow as northerly winds strengthen
across the state. In Victoria, a severe weather
warning has already been posted for damaging northerly winds
to 100km/h tomorrow. In the west it's a cold, wet
and windy day. Hail and thunderstorms are likely in
Perth a little later this afternoon.

From the weather wall, it's a different story
along the eastern seaboard.

In Brisbane,
it's a warm and sunny afternoon. Another day in the mid-20s
is on the way. Sydney - it's clear and cool
and somewhat breezy. A touch warmer tomorrow.

In Melbourne -
a perfect late winter day.

We are not confused. That is definitely Melbourne. Yes, well, we will forget about Hobart, won't we? I'll be back in about 45 minutes with the national forecast and warnings, hopefully. All the lights have gone out in Hobart. No they have not. the supermarket that's
really cashing in on shoppers, ringing up a big rise in profit. And later, what Prince William let slip
about a visit to Australia.

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Police in South Australia have made
one of the biggest drug busts in the state's history. They revealed today that $85 million in illicit drugs
has been found buried at Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills.

The quantities of drugs
we're talking about here are 10.5kg of methamphetamine,
21,000 ecstasy pills and close to 1kg of cocaine. Two men have been arrested. Police are looking
into interstate criminal links.

Sydney police have issued a warning
to bank customers after uncovering a sophisticated
ATM card-skimming operation. This scanner and camera
are practically undetectable but they can be beaten. Cover the hand
that is keying in that PIN. They may still gain the data but that is virtually useless
to them without the PIN. At least 15 ATMs have been targeted. One man's been charged
over the scam, believed to be run
by a Romanian gang.

Three bushwalkers have been rescued after spending the night lost
in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The women,
aged in their 70s and 80s, walked down a closed track
in Lamington National Park. With no food, water or mobile phone, they huddled together in the cold
before being found this morning.

I'd just like to say,
thanks very much, everybody, and we were so happy
to see all your faces. The ladies say
they'll be back bushwalking soon but want others to learn
from their mistake.

Deep discounting at the supermarket
and on petrol hasn't hurt the bottom line
for Wesfarmers. The owner of Coles supermarkets has
today announced a rise in profit, to more than $2.2 billion. Seven News finance expert
Scott Pape is here with the details.

Wesfarmers has its fingers in most
of the big retail pies in Australia from supermarkets and department
stores to hardware and fuel. Today, the WA conglomerate
posted some decent figures - a $2.26 billion profit. That's up 6.3% on last year. But it wasn't enough
to stop its shares dropping by 2% The results from Coles
were anything but down down. Its food and booze earnings - which account for about 40%
of its total earnings - were up 11% to $1.37 billion. The Kmart business, which was
all but dead a few years ago, has lifted earnings 28%. More good news were in store
for Bunnings, whose sales were up 7.5% and showed no battle scars
against Woolies' new hardware chain, Masters Hardware. And then there's Target,
which is really struggling and the problem child
of the Wesfarmers retailing empire. That's not just me saying it - today its boss admitted to analysts
that the business is "broken" and at least two years away
from turning the corner. So who is winning the supermarket
war - is it Coles or Woolies? Well, you are.

Even though we hear about
the rising cost of living, that's not translating
to filling up your trolley. What would have cost you $300
in 2011 now costs $286 and that's a significant saving. Bec, back to you. And let's have a look at
the sharemarket figures, and the market closed slightly lower after gains in the miners and banks were offset by losses
in Westfarmers.

At the close of trade,
the ASX 200 was down 5 points.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - Prince William's plans to
tour Australia with his family. And a war of words between the
coaches ahead of Bledisloe 1.

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An inmate has suffered
serious injuries after being stabbed
at a Melbourne jail. Paramedics were called
to Port Phillip Prison in the city's east this afternoon following reports a man
had been stabbed several times. He was taken by road ambulance
to The Alfread Hospital. He's in a serious condition. It looks like baby Prince George
will be coming to Australia next year.

Prince William spoke about plans
for a royal tour while talking to Aussies in England. Good afternoon, Bec. This is the news
we've been hoping for. It seems Prince William
has confirmed that he and Kate will bring baby George
to Australia next year for his first foreign royal tour. Prince William was at
his first public outing at Anglesey since George was born, where he and Kate were living
for three years. He apparently told
an Aussie couple - Max and Maxine Davies
from Victor Harbour -

that they are very hopeful
of coming to Australia next year. Of course, you'll remember
Diana brought William to Australia when he was just a bub too. Like any proud new dad,

Prince William was gushing
about his newborn but he did admit that fatherhood
is quite a challenge. He said
George was keeping them up at night and they are looking forward
to the stage when he sleeps through. He even compared it to his role as a
search and rescue helicopter pilot. He's pretty loud and, of course,
extremely good looking. I have to say that I thought search
and rescue duties over Snowdonia were physically
and mentally demanding but looking after a 3-week-old baby
is right up there. Today's outing had the feeling of
an unofficial farewell to Anglesey, which has really been
a private haven for the Duke and Duchess. Kate would shop
at the local supermarkets while William went to work. But now, royal duties beckon. Having said that, it seems like they want to try
to keep life as normal as possible, even when it comes to
Prince George's first baby photos. Apparently they've decided
not to bring in a professional. Kate, apparently,
is quite a hand at photography and the word is

that she'll be taking
some candid snaps and they're expect to be released
shortly. Sport with Ryan Phelan is next, but first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Police haven't ruled out the
involvement of bikies... in a shooting at a Gungahlin tattoo
parlour last week. It's as officers hunt for a dark ute
spotted on Anthony Rolfe Avenue. They believe it could be
linked to the attack at Tatts Avenue. They believe it could be
linked to the attack at Tatts On... Tatts Off. If you've
seen it.. call crimestoppers. A massive manhunt's
underway to find an armed thug... after a brazen robbery
at a Yarralumla cafe this morning . The masked bandit
stormed Beess and Co just after 6.30... and threatened 3
frightened workers with a gun. He tied them up and stole cash..
. before he ran out the back door. gun. He tied them up and stole cash..
. before he ran out the back door. gun. He tied them up and stole cash..
. before he ran out the back door. A giant bed has popped up in
Civic... as part of a 4 day event to highlight homelessness in the
Capital. Community leaders are taking turns to make sure someone's
always manning the bed... to help raise money for the Common Ground
project in Gungahlin. And Brumbies playmaker Matt
Toomua is set to make his debut as fly half for the
Wallabies.. . in Saturday's first Bledisloe cup test. He's one
of 10 Brumbies players named in the 22 man side.

Parramatta have struck a deal to play one NRL home game in Darwin
for the next four years. Under the $4 million deal, the Eels will also play trial games
each season in Alice Springs. For now though, their focus is the Broncos
in Brisbane tomorrow night and trying to avoid
the wooden spoon. It's just all about
playing for personal pride and playing for the club. It's been very difficult season.
It's tough for everyone. Meanwhile, Dragon half Nathan Fien's
announced he'll retire at the end of the season. The Wallabies have confirmed Matt Toomua will start ahead
of Quade Cooper in Saturday's Bledisloe Cup clash. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has taken a shot at Ewen McKenzie's
selection strategy. Is he feeling
a bit mentally challenged that he doesn't know
which five-eighth he wants to play? When Robbie Deans was coach,

he was probably saying, "I'll pick you Quade,
I'll pick you" and our information's telling us
he's going to pick the other bloke. I'll defend the things that need
to be defended. I'm not here to be
the punching bag for anyone. Richie McCaw's Kiwis will arrive
in Sydney tonight.

Fawad Ahmed has taken his first step
towards a possible test debut this summer.

The Pakistan-born asylum seeker is part of an 18-man
limited overs squad to play England
after the Ashes series. Meantime, Dave Warner says the test team
is still searching for answers after collapsing in Durham. It was gutting. I just can't believe
it happened so fast. At the end of the day, we lost
and it's our fault, the batters. The Southern Stars have begun
their Ashes campaign with a draw in their test match
against England. The multi-format series includes one-dayers
and Twenty20 internationals. Jared Tallent has won
Australia's first medal of the World Athletics Championships
in Moscow. He won bronze
in the men's 50km walk. Ireland's Robert Heffernan
took the gold. For Tallent, it was another
consistent performance. It's my fifth medal at a Worlds
or at an Olympics. Two silvers and three bronze now so hopefully, one day,
I'll get the gold. The 28-year-old plans to compete
at the Rio Olympics. And reigning wimbledon champion
Marion Bartoli has shocked the tennis world

announcing her retirement following a loss
at the Cincinatti Masters. Sorry. And it's time for me
to retire. Thank you. The decision comes less than six weeks after winning
her first Grand Slam. The Frenchwoman says injuries
have caught up with her. Essendon is facing explosive
new allegations in the ASADA investigation
into their supplement program with claims players were injected
with a mystery substance purchased in Mexico. Coach James Hird and three other
senior club officials are already facing AFL charges

of bringing the game into disrepute. On the field, Collingwood's bid
for the top four faces its toughest challenge, meeting ladder leaders Hawthorn, who will be boosted by the return
of spearhead Lance Franklin from a hamstring injury. Yeah,
he usually kicks goals against us so our defenders
will have their work cut out. And Eagles premiership defender
Adam Selwood and injury ravaged utility
Mark Nicoski have announced their retirements.

Later with the AFL that will have more at six o'clock a little bit later. This afternoon's top stories
are next, including warnings to Australians as a state of emergency
is declared in Egypt. what he said about
his notorious hair flicks.

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We begin this half-hour
with the situation in Egypt following a massacre that's killed
hundreds of demonstrators in Cairo. A state of emergency
is being enforced following the brutal crackdown
by government security forces. Officially, 278 people were killed but supporters of overthrown
president Mohammed Morsi say it's more like 2,000.

Egypt is unravelling, its hope of democracy obscured
behind tear gas and bullets.

At first light,
Egyptian security forces, which ousted the elected president,
Mohamed Morsi, six weeks ago, moved in to finish the job
and break up two camps of protesters who demand that the former president
be reinstated. Bulldozing into one
at Cairo University, it was over quickly. (CHANTING) But at the other protest,
they held fast. Security forces fired on them
with tear gas and then automatic weapons. (GUNFIRE) Egyptian security forces here
are clearly using live ammunition. They are firing
into the side streets. There are front-line positions
between protesters, security forces all over Cairo and this one looks like
it is about to get very ugly. Adel Sadiq,
a 37-year-old customs broker, guided us through the streets,
warning of government gunmen. Already, two journalists
have been killed. Even if you want to take a shoot,
take a cover to take the picture! Why? There are snipers
trying to shoot? Yes. Sadiq says he came here because
he believes his vote was stolen. We are fighting for principle,
for the president we elected, OK? doesn't matter who. (GUNFIRE) Sadiq showed us a field hospital -
chaotic and grim. It's impossible to know
how many people have been injured, let alone killed, today. This man was shot in the upper thigh
with a live round. Some of the injured are being taken
to ambulances and hospitals, others are just being treated
on the ground. But there is more to this story. Police uncovered ammunition
hidden in coffins in a protest camp and video from an Egyptian newspaper
shows demonstrators armed and firing.

Protesters pushed
an armoured vehicle off a bridge. Today may be just the beginning. Islamic extremists
who back the Muslim Brotherhood burned churches and attacked
government buildings nationwide. today chose to try to crush
the Muslim Brotherhood. It's unclear
if the iron fist will work.

Australians are being told
to reconsider travelling to Egypt. The Department of Foreign Affairs
is also urging Australians in Egypt to return home.

We recommend Australians in Egypt
return. It's as simple as that. Certainly while they're there, they should avoid scenes
of demonstrations or protests. The Foreign Minister has called
for restraint from Egypt's military.

Kevin Rudd's taken his campaign
to the outback, travelling to the Kununurra
in north-western WA.

But not before making
a big announcement to get voters Political reporter Alex Hart is
travelling with the Prime Minister.

From Brisbane to Darwin and now here, Kevin Rudd has travelled halfway across the

halfway across the country to spread his plan to develop northern Australia. A key part is providing funding for the expansion of the odd River irrigation scheme. The main element is a proposal to reduce the company tax written NT start in five years' time to encourage more investment in the top end.It would be great to have a company tax rate here about one third lower than that of the rest of the country. For territory-based businesses. Despite being critical of the Coalition for not providing policy costings, he did not provide any. He also seemed to be a bit confused about details of his own plan. On top of that, Labor was very critical of a similar coalition proposal that was leaked back in February. Tony Abbott was quick to wane. I'm pleased that Kevin Rudd has finally woken up to the potential of northern Australia. This is something that the Coalition has been talking about for the last three years and Kevin Rudd is playing catch-up politics'. Mr Rudd was forced to do than the Labor Party's decision to run negative attack ads on television last night after Mr Rudd himself promised to be Mr Positive on day one of the campaign.Mr Rudd said at the beginning he wanted a positive campaign yet what we have seen from people associated with the Labor Party is non-stop negativity the stock what I said was we would run ads that were based on policy.Those at a based on policy. Those ads talk about $70 billion worth of cuts to jobs, education and health.The Mr Rudd will spend a night in Perth. It is the first time the has been to the West Australian capital during the campaign. And after making his
Northern Territory announcement, Kevin Rudd spoke to Alex Hart aboard the media aircraft
that's following his campaign.

The prime minister was kind enough to join the campaign bus last week. Today, one step higher.

Today, one step higher. He's on the campaign plane. Prime minister, to what to Rio the pleasure?They told me the soft drinks were better back here.You're going to the Diet Coke?When you're on the road, you exercise routine collapses. You want to Coke zero. That is not an advertisement for poker.A big day today. The top end. Very important part of Australia?It's huge. I love northern Australia. It is so much of the world of Australia up in this neck of the woods and I have a very simple view that we should try and put out a helping hand and do what we can. To what you can.Almost two weeks into the campaign. You have a very busy schedule. How do you keep going? What is your secret?I go to bed, I read a book that has nothing to do with politics and that sort of pups the brain out in about 15 minutes than a wake up and say, where the hell am I?We have noticed their hair flick.It is time to go to the barber. Cathy's my hairdresser in Brisbane and I have been going to catch the for about 10 years and she operates out of the garage in man the West. I still don't see Cathy in her garage at Manly West. Sir show me his future. What hash take for this conversation?I'm suggesting Kevin loves Seven.About # Alex have our heart. Tony Abbott has made a second visit
to Tasmania this election campaign, with more sweeteners to try to turn around the economy
of the Apple Isle. Political reporter Mia Greves is
travelling with the Liberal leader. Good afternoon, Rebecca. Well, Tony Abbott believes there are
huge opportunities here in Tasmania, to snatch the four Labor seats and that of independent MP
Andrew Wilkie here in Hobart. And there were blue T-shirts,
banners and cheering when he launched the campaigns today for the seats of Dennison
and Franklin. His pitch to Tasmanians
is that he won't leave them behind, announcing a tailor-made
economic package. It is a growth plan that has been tailor-made
by Tasmanians for Tasmania and which the National government
will enthusiastically implement should we win the election. That plan includes establishing
a government agency to fast-track major projects, which would be based in Launceston and $38 million for Hobart Airport so it can extend the runway to allow larger freight planes
and international jets to land. This is a vital piece
of Tasmanian infrastructure. It will be upgraded
under a Coalition government. And Tony Abbott denies
he was trying to win the youth vote after having a chat
to American singer Katy Perry on radio this morning. Mr Abbott says
his daughters are the fans, but the singer made her point, telling Mr Abbott
she didn't agree with him on his stance against legalising
same-sex marriage. KATY PERRY:
I love you as a human being, but I can't give you my vote, then. But despite their differences,
Rebecca, the pair intend to have lunch should Mr Abbott
become prime minister. Schapelle Corby's parole process
appears to be moving along, with her fight
for freedom a step closer. Seven's Grant Taylor
is outside Kerobokan jail. Grant, what's happened today?

Good afternoon. More good news for Schapelle Corby. Confirmation from Indonesian's justice minister that another part has been cleared. It was feared that to qualify for parole, should have to first to admit her guilt on those smuggling charges, guilt that she has always denied. She has never taken any responsibility for that. Not guilty or long, she claimed. The minister confirmed to Seven that that will not be a requirement that will stand in her way towards her release. We understand there is an the a couple of minor procedural things that have to be done. All indications are currently pointing to her release and definitely some time before Christmas. Possibly even sooner than that. Deep discounting at the supermarket
and on petrol have proven not to have dampened
the bottom line at the retail giant, Wesfarmers. Strong results from Coles, Bunnings
and Kmart helped to increase profit
by more than $2.2 billion last financial year. But it wasn't all good news
for the company, with the earnings from Target stores
plunging by more than 44%.

Bank of Queensland customers will be
reimbursed more than $34 million after embarrasing errors dating back
almost a decade were discovered. Around 4% of customers were hit with
inaccurate fees and interest rates. They can expect to receive their
refunds by the end of next year. The bank will have to spend
more than $11 million cleaning up the mess.

Australian researchers have made
an incredible discovery that could change the way aggressive
childhood cancers are treated. They've developed a new drug that attacks cancer cells
from the inside. Anastasia Salamastrakis explains. Rebecca,
this is a major breakthrough and the culmination of 30 years work for researchers at
the University of New South Wales. By focusing on an aggressive form
of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, they believe they've found
a new way to fight cancer. They've been able to destroy

the internal structure
of cancer cells without harming
the heart or muscles. These new drugs essentially cause
the cancer cells to self-destruct. Buildings on television collapse when you just put the right dynamite
charges around them. Well, we're doing essentially
the same thing to a cancer cell. The drugs have been
successfully tested on mice with neuroblastoma and melanoma. Now the next step is human trials and they're due to start
at the end of this year on children with neuroblastoma. 2-year-old Zoe Emin

has been fighting that disease
most of her life. She's now in remission but with a high relapse rate, this breakthrough is welcome news
for Zoe's parents. It's just a huge breakthrough
for cancer in general, especially this disease of Zoe's. There's high hopes this will lead to new and more
effective chemotherapy

Next in Seven's Afternoon News -
Prince William back on duty. What he said about a possible
royal tour of Australia. And James Hird's legal action as claims are made
about a mystery Mexican drug.

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if you're under 75. And, when it's needed most, they'll give my family
access to up to $30,000. Sign up today
and Apia will thank you with a $50
Caltex Fuel Card. No wonder
everyone's talking about Apia.

Essendon has been hit with
fresh substance abuse claims two days after being charged
by the AFL with bringing the game
into disrepute. This time it involves
a mystery drug from Mexico. Live to Nathan Templeton
at Windy Hill. Nathan, what do you know about it?

The claims are that Essendon players were injected with this mystery substance which was bought in Mexico via Melbourne man to treat his muscular dystrophy. The authority was concerned about this substance and Essendon could not explain what was in it and this is an example of that is why the AFL has charged the club with bringing the game into disrepute because even if the players have not taken substances that are specifically named on any banned list, the image of them taking these substances is just such a bad look for the game. That does seem to make sense. Also, James Hird's lows have sent a damning letter to the authority? -- lawyers. They caught the report and ham- fisted attempt to stitch him up, James Hird. His lawyers have said - - cent Al list of demands to the AFL. They do not want the commission to hear their case, they want an independent tribunal. They do not wanted on 26th August, they want it to map weeks after the finals. They do not want the chief executive involved, they say is to conflicted and they wanted public and open to the media. They're not playing ball at all. Essendon and the AFL are on the court -- on their way to a fight and it will probably go to court. Australians could get a chance to meet the most famous baby
in the world when Prince William, Catherine
and Prince George visit next year. The Duke of Cambridge
revealed his travel plans while speaking to crowds
at a county fair.

They all wanted to know
about the new royal baby of course and Prince William had come
with an answer prepared. He is pretty loud and, of course,
extremely good looking. I have to say that I thought search-and-rescue
duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally
demanding but looking after a 3-week-old
baby is right up there. William has been flying
search-and-rescue missions here for three years. Sharon West had been
in trouble swimming at sea last year when his team arrived. Hello.

I want to say thank you
for rescuing me. Was it you on the beach? Yes.

You come over. How are you? You alright? Yes. I am glad you made a full recovery. A lot of time you never meet up. We come here to say thanks to you
and the team. The whole team.

William and Kate have enjoyed
their time in Wales, His tour of duty here ends next
month, what he will do next remains His tour of duty here ends next
month, what he will do next remains
unclear. But today's appearance had
the feeling of a fond farewell. Home has been a rented farmhouse
and life has been relatively normal. Things may be very different
in London as Kensington Palace. William, who was given a lesson
in the art of falconry said Wales had been a special place
for him and Kate. His tour of duty here ends
next month. What he will do next is unclear. But today's appearance had
the appearance of a fond farewell.

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Sensitive Pro-Relief
Challenge for superior
lasting relief.

Hello, again. Cold, wet and windy weather is ripping across south-west WA
as forecast. Temperatures are set to hit
the high 20's in parts of South Australia tomorrow as Victoria prepares for squally
northerly winds touching 100km/h. In Adelaide, the mercury cracked
18 degrees today. At the moment it's 17.

Windy tomorrow
with a few passing showers. Melbourne,
a rather pleasant winter's day. Wild tomorrow

with the odd shower or two
developing in the evening.

A touch warmer tomorrow. This cold front is driving showers,
thunderstorms and hail over the south-west corner of WA.

In the east, it's been rather pleasant
under this massive high.

Tomorrow, warm to hot air
fromt the interior will stream across South Australia as the northerly winds strengthen. Showers will follow on
a cold and gusty westerly. Northerlies to 100km/h
are expected to affect large parts of Victoria and the north-west corner of Tassie,

Forecast in Brisbane - another fine and mild to warm day
is on the way. Sydney, dry, freshening
westerly wind and 21.

very windy indeed - strong- to gale-force northerlies with some showers developing
in the evening. Hobart, dry and windy. Adelaide, windy, a few showers. Thunderstorms are likely
tomorrow night. That's the latest weather. More at 6:00
and at 7:00 on 7TWO, Bec. Thanks, David.

Yes, David. All the latest developments
on today's top stories can be seen in our new bulletin, Seven News at 7pm, over on 7TWO.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Thursday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions by
Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases,
150 contenders, $200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 4. Congratulations, Chantelle Lehman. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now... Cluck, cluck! Please welcome your host,
Andrew O'Keefe. Hello, Mel. Hi, Candi. Hi, Kate.

Hello. Hi!
How do you do, Chantelle? Good.
Welcome, everyone. Welcome! Chantelle Lehman and... It's Nelson.
Who? Nelson.
Nelson? Nelson the parrot?
Yes. Right. Hello, Nelson. He doesn't talk?
No, he doesn't. Oh, rats. Parrots are very good
at that, aren't they? At imitating sounds?
Oh, yes. Now, Chantelle is a zookeeper
and in particular, a bird fancier. Yes. Right, where did
this bird thing start? About four years ago, I started volunteering
at the zoo that I work at now. Did you? Good on you.
I fell in love with the birds there. So, you've taken this
to a new level, I understand? You're really right into
your ornithology. Yes. Yeah, have you travelled around and done a bit of
professional twitching? Only in Queensland. We do a lot of national parks
and go bushwalking a lot out there. A fair bit of birdlife
up there, I'd imagine. Yes, heaps. So, what are we playing for,
Chantelle? Hopefully, $200,000.
Terrific. Of course, of course! We're all playing for $200,000. What do we do with $200,000?
Buy ourselves a macaw or something? It's Chris's 30th birthday
very soon. Terrific. So, hopefully we're going
to go for a trip to South America. Ah! Well, you could see a macaw!
That would be terrific. Yes, exactly. I'd love to. Alright, let's do it.
Yes. Come on, South America.
Here we come. Peru? Peru.
Let's go, Peru or bust! Now, Miss Mel, Miss Mac
and Candi are our Dealettes today.

Where are we going, cases wise? Number 2, please.
Number 2, Miss Katie Mac!

Look at the plumage, the bearing. Oh, this is a wonderful specimen!

Thanks, Katie. Thanks, Chantelle. Thank you.
Good luck. Look at him! (CHUCKLES) Deal time!

ANNOUNCER: Will the selection
of this case pay off to the tune of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin.

So, truly,
you just started as a volunteer? Yes. So, you didn't have any... Any qualifications
in zoology or anything? I did go to uni
and study wildlife science. Oh, OK, so you're well-qualified.
Yeah. What does wildlife science
teach you? It teaches you
a lot of different things. You can either go onto zoology
or take zookeeping work or you can go out into the field and do some more research,
kind of thing, and study animals in the field. Oh, terrific.
What a lot of fun indeed. Now, you're here
with your boyfriend Chris on 21. Hi, Chris. How are you?
G'day, Andrew. How are you? I'm very well indeed. And I hear that you're very much
into the natural sciences as well. Yes, absolutely.
I'm a horticulturalist myself. Terrific. Where do you work? At the University of Queensland.
Oh, OK. What, in a research capacity? Yeah, research mostly, yes.
Terrific. Great area to be in.
Look at the two of you! You should be in pith helmets
or something, shouldn't you? A bit of little rugger shorts
and pith helmets with a swagger stick under your arm cutting a swathe
through a forest somewhere. We've kind of cut the trend.
(LAUGHS) Well, hopefully you'll cut a swathe
through the podium today. We need just enough money
for a couple of tickets and a fair bit of travel
around Peru. Yes. And hopefully environs
as well, yeah? Let's do it, Chantelle.
Best of luck to you. Six cases. Where do we start?

I'm going to go
with 17 to start with. Hey, Ryan.
Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Chantelle. I think I've got $2,000.
Thank you, Ryan. It's 500 bucks. Nice stuff, thank you. Very nice start. 13, please.
13, Tia? I think I've got...$4,000. Sounds OK, Tia.

It's $10,000. That's alright too.
That's OK. For round one, anyway. Um, number 5, please.
Ashley? I think I have $50.

It's...$10. Nice work. You can see those
little flashes of blue. Like kingfisher tails, aren't they?
Three to come. 24, please.
It's Sheena. I think I've got $3,000.
Thanks, Sheena.

It's... ..$5! Keeping the sheen on the game.
Very nice. Very nice!

19, please.
Lee? I think I've got $200. Thank you, Lee. It's $1!

One to come.

Oh, I don't know. Number 6, please. I think I have $4,000.
Thanks, Beck. I hope so. $2,000 it is. There you go. Good round! Very nice indeed.
Well done! So, what did you lose? You lost four little swallows,
a pigeon and a goose. But all the big ones
are still there. I mean, your cassowary,
your condor, your emu. They're all in play. Offer is?


Not a bad first offer, yeah? I know.
I'm going to have to go no deal! Oh, I like it. I like the wings.