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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. Cairo massacre - an overnight curfew in Egyptian cities after hundreds of protesters were killed in Cairo. This Program is Captioned Live. From the Top End to the deep south, Kevin Rudd unveils his plans for the Northern Territory while Tony Abbott appeals to voters in Tasmania. A rogue Afghan soldier has been tracked down and shot dead. He wounded three Australian diggers back in 2011. Lawyers for Bombers coach James Hird question the legality of the release of the ASADA report. Hello, you are watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at weather first for Taking a quick look at the weather first for tomorrow -

The Australian share market is starting to shrug off the opening weakness with resources and banking shares performing reasonably well but the Lords All Ordinaries up marginally at this stage. A live event coming up. Peter Slipper is holding a media conference outside his office on the Sunshine Coast. He is a Member for the seat of Fisher. He sent out a media he
alert early this morning saying he was going to announce whether he intends to contest the election on September 7 or not. He is emerging there now. A lot of anticipation ahead of this announcement.Thank you very much for coming. The purpose of my sending out the media alert was to announce that I have decided recontest that I have decided to recontest my seat of Fisher at the September 7 election following the approaches from many local people. I have to say that I'm particularly proud to have been elected on eight occasions as the Member for Fisher and it's a great privilege to serve in the Australian Parliament. As Speaker, I endeavoured to bring about reforms to the Parliament to make the Parliament a place that all Australians could be proud of. Unfortunately, the Ashby-gate affair in which the LNP candidatate Mal Brough and other ALP and LNP figures were deeply involved have meant so far I have not been able to complete the reform process. What is particularly interesting is Mal Brough, unlike some others adversely mentioned by the judge, did not seek leave to appeal the judge's adverse findings against him. I have to say I'm particularly proud of the many achievements that so far I have been able to bring about for the Sunshine Coast, including recently the $46.8 million for the TAFE health centre, learning centre, Bruce Highway upgrades and also, of course, the $800 ,000 recently for the development of the Sunshine Coast regional tennis centre at Caloundra. I do want to place on record that I am totally opposed to LNP plans to sell off the Sunshine Coast University Hospital which the community here on the Sunshine Coast expects to be a public hospital available for local people. There be done in people. There is much more to be done in Fisher. We have a be done rapidly be done in Fisher. We have certainly we have rapidly growing population certainly we have needs in the area of infrastructure to meet the needs of area of infrastructure to the needs area of infrastructure to meet population. It is a the needs of our privilege to serve as the Member for Fisher privilege to serve as Member for Fisher and I'm hoping to continue to hoping to continue to receive the support of people at the next election. I have to be honest, though, and say this is a David and Goliath effort. This is my most difficult election ever because I'm up against the major parties. But one of the reasons I'm standing is to provide real choice for local people. I'm happy to answer a few questions if any of you have any questions. I suspect that you might have one or two.REPORTER: You talk about your work to bring the Parliament to be a place people can be proud of but what about the information exposed in the Federal Court about the content of text messages you sent to staffers as a parliamentarian? Let me say to you that if any of you had your text messages looked at, I'm sure that you wouldn't want necessarily the substance of them made public but you also ought to know they were private text messages sent to someone some four months before he became a staffer in my office, someone Inga and I considered to be a personal friend.Do you still they were appropriate, is you can look at your own messages you would send. They were personal, private messages between two people who were friends and not between an employer and an employee.Do you give yourself any chance of retaining the seat? As I said to you, it is a David and Goliath effort. Every election is a challenge. You can't take the support of people for granted. I never have. I've been elected on eight occasions. I've stood on nine occasions. I'm well aware of one of the wonderful things democracy, where every three democracy, where years members of Parliament have their jobs, shall we say, re-advertised and people are able to stand. I think that's a really good thing because it means that, as Australians, we live in a country that has freedom, assistant and a way of - stablity and a way of life that makes us the envy throughout the world. People have the opportunity of choosing the government of their choice. That's one of the things that makes us truly the lucky country.Do you hope to keep the Ashby affair in the public spotlight at least for another month or so? Look, the thing is that Mr Brough was deeply involved in the Ashby-gate affair. The Federal Judge made adverse findings against him and against others. What is particularly significant is that while others sought to appeal the Judge's adverse findings against them, Mr Brough did not seek to challenge the Judge's adverse findings against him.People say you are running because you just want the money.That's an irrelevant consideration and that suggestion is entirely inappropriate and incorrect.Who will you say you are directing preferences to? Preferences - sorry, I wasn't quite sure where the question was coming from. Look, one doesn't decide what happens with preferences until nominations close. They have closed but, of course, those who have nominated will not be announced until tomorrow. I'll be making the appropriate decisions at the appropriate time.I guess 20 years is a long time to give up in this seat? It is a great privilege, actually, to serve in the Australian Parliament for more than 20 years. I have to say that it obviously has a great impact on family and friends and parents and particularly the last 18 months have not been easy for Inga and me and my children and my parents and my parents-in-law and my friends. But, I really appreciate the support of my wife Inga and my entire family and I'm happy to continue to serve the people of Fisher and the people of the Sunshine Coast in the Australian Parliament if I'm privileged to, for the ninth occasion, be elected as the Member of Fisher on September 7.Do you think the people have lost confidence in you as their local member? Well, in you as their local Well, I mean, every three years members of Well, I mean, every years members shall we say, re-apply for their jobs. shall we say, re-apply their jobs. I'm very confident to be judged by the people of Fisher. The messages that I get back from the community, Rares'
particularly since the Justice Rares' decision, is people have seen through the plot that was set up against me. But let me say nobody can take anything for granted. It is a great privilege to be the Member for Fisher. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving local people and I'm hopeful of being given the opportunity of continuing to serve the people of Fisher in the next Parliament.Mr Slipper, you face court in December on the allegations of misusing their Cabcharge - your Cabcharge documents. If you seat
were successful in winning the seat again, what would you do during that time? Would you stand aside for the trial? You've really got to look at the facts of the matter. You have a Minchin protocol and lots of members of Parliament have disputes with the Department of Finance over the use of entitlements. I mean, frankly, the entitlements regime is quite a maze, and so when the then Senator Minchin had to repay money, he set up something called the Minchin protocol which meant disputes between members of Parliament and the Department of Finance are dealt with administerively and, for instance, Tony Abbott recently misused Comcar and air fare entitlements and he was just able to repay that money, close to $10,000, no questions asked.Why do you say ...Can I finish my answer please? Peter Reith was allowed to repay $50,000 no questions asked. There are hundreds of instances of members of Parliament who have disputes with the Department of Finance and those matters are handled administer tifl. I wrote to the Department of Finance on four occasionings - occasions with a view to being given equivalent treatment to that extended to Mr Abbott and Mr Reith and many others and I really don't understand why perhaps a quarter of a million dollars has been spent investigating my travel and they're prepared to spend another $70,000 on a seven -day trial over a figure of $964 which is disputed. Obviously I'm not going to talk about the substance of the case but all I'm seeking ...(INAUDIBLE).... but all I'm seeking is equivalence of treatment. What was the question? Do you have a theory why your case has gone this far? It is very interesting the investigation into me occurred shortly after I accepted the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.Do you see a vendetta here? It is not for me to say that, but it is up to each of you to draw your own conclusions.If Mr Brough wins the seat of Fisher, will the Ashby affair come back to haunt him? There is a complaint made Federal
by Mr Perret to the Australian Federal Police about Mr Brough's involvement with former staff members in downloading my diary. That is a matter for the frap rr and - Australian Federal Police and I imagine the Federal Police will look at that matter, as I understand they said they will, once the applications for leave to appeal lodged by Ashby and Ashley's then solicitor, have been determined by the Federal Court.How would you characterised Mr Brough's role over the last couple of years? Sorry? How would you characterise Mr Brough's role? I suppose considering that when I had my electorate office in Caloundra Mr Brough came to me as a constituent and I assisted him and signed him up into the then Liberal Party. I'm a bit disappointed by Mr Brough's actions. In particular he sought to stake me out as the LNP Member for Fisher. I have been a member for decades. have been a member of the for have been a member of the party people up simply for the for decades. He signed a lot purposes of gaining people up simply for preselection. You ought to
remember, of purposes of gaining the merger, remember, of course, prior to the merger, Mr Brough - it was after the merger - it was after referred to the LNP as a it was after the merger referred to the LNP as a party
built on referred to the LNP as built on lies and deceit built on lies and deceit and as built on lies and an abombation nation.Now you are an Independent, how you will fund the campaign? It is a challenge. A David and Goliath campaign. We are up against the major parties. We will do the will do the best we can and we are hoping for a good result on September 7.ING Inga, I don't imagine it has been easy for you, did you counsel Peter not to run in this seat? I'm supporting Peter in his decision to go forward. One of the things I did want to say is the last 18 months have been extremely difficult, made quite difficult in some respects by actually you guys. I've had helicopters come down over our house, telly lenses look into the home. I've had somebody, from one of the local TV stations, who put the hand on garage and the bonnet of my car in the garage and caressed the which I found strange. They were obviously seeing whether to assess whether the temperature was hot or cold.We saw the hand mark because there was dust on the bonet, we hadn't cleaned the car.This is a direct hit on our marriage. Our marriage is real. I have stuck by Peter. I love Peter. There is so many things you guys don't understand about him. He'd made some mistakes, yes, but he's actually a really nice, decent, kind-hearted guy.What mistakes? That's a nice thing to say.I'm answering the question. You just don't really understand him. I think that's really sad. Dealing with the media has been very difficult. I do want to say to people that our marriage is real. I've had to listen to rumours spread throughout this community about how our marriage is not real, that we've divorced and all those sorts of things. So, I think one of the reasons I'm standing here is to tell you and to tell the people of the Sunshine Coast and Fisher that I am standing by my husband, that I do love my husband, that I took my vows seriously when I married him seven years ago on 12 August 2006. That's one of the things I guess I really want to say to you. Yes, I am supporting him. He has made some mistakes but he is a really good guy and, through all of this, through the hell, through our marriage being targeted specifically, he has continued - I don't know how he's done it - to go out day after day and represent the people of the electorate of Fisher. He just got 46.8 million for the Sunshine Coast health and wellbeing project. How many local MPs have got that amount of money for a project? He has still been fighting for the Bruce Highway. He has fought for the tennis centre. It goes on. Regardless how many people out there would go out and put up with the absolute rubbish he has put up with every day doing what he has to do and getting money in for this electorate, and for the Sunshine Coast, because he Sunshine
wanted to actually help the Sunshine Coast.Are there any further questions?What
mistakes do you think Peter has made? Look, we've all made mistakes my friend. I'm sure you've made mistake. Any mistake I've made, including some mistakes I haven't made -.He married me.- you guys -.He married have tried to report -.He married me.- you have tried to report but we all make mistakes. We are the collection of our life's experiences. Life is a journey and not a destination. Any further questions for me please? Mrs Slipper, will you answer that? He was crazy enough to marry me.Is that what you are talking about? She is obviously joking about that.Any further questions? (INAUDIBLE)Initial polling? at
I don't think that polling was at all professional. I don't think it was a professional poll and if you can selectively phone a few people and I can see Cathy here sort of smiling nicely, the real poll that counts is the poll on 7 September. I'm putting my name forward because I want to continue to serve the people of Fisher here on the Sunshine Coast and I'm very happy to accept the verdict of the people of Fisher on 7 September as I have been on the other eight occasions when I won and, I must say, on the one occasion when I lost.You are very cagey about preferences? I'm not being cagey at all. I to you that one determines preferences when one knows who has actually nominated. We don't know whether Mr Brough has nominated, do we? Thank you very much. Have a lovely day.That was live from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland from Buddina, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Peter Slipper announcing he will re-contest the seat of Fisher at next month's election and his wife Inga speaking very passionately in his defence and talking of the hell they'd been through over the last several months with the different controversies. He had been the LNP member for the seat of Fisher but was approached by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard to take up the job as Speaker and became an Independent after that. As I mentioned, he has been the subject of controversy over recent months about texts he had sent and the use of taxi dockets. I will just mention that Tony Abbott is popping up once again today. We have already carried two media conferences with him today, one in Launceston and then he was at the Hobart airport. He is at another function right now, presumably in Hobart itself and may be launching the campaigns of a couple of local members there. It looks like Tony Abbott is stepping up for that media conference there. In Tasmania there are five seats, four of those seats are Labor-held seats with pretty healthy margins. The weakest is at 6.7% and Andrew Wilkie holds the seat of Denison. This is the State Opposition Leader Will Hodgman speaking now.... our party faithful, the people who support our great party and will no doubt provide our candidates with every support over the next 23 days as we head towards one of the most important elections, Federal elections, this country has ever seen. Thank you all very much for being here today. Tony and I have come down from northern Tasmania where we made a major announcement about our plan, the Federal Coalition's plan, for Tasmania's economy. It is a plan that has been worked on long and hard by our Federal team here in Tasmania and the State team has been delighted also to contribute to what Tasmania needs. That's a plan to get our economy moving in the right direction and to create some jobs and to give Tasmanian businesses some confidence. It was very well received, Tony. Importantly also there has been some discussion at a national level over the last day or two about Greens in government. Of course, we know better anyone here in Tasmania how bad they are for our economy and for people's confidence. When I said four or five years ago I'd do no deals with the Greens to get into Government, some people wondered why that is. I think Tasmanians well understand why we made that decision.APPLAUSE. It wasn't for our party. It wasn't for our party, it was for our State we desperately love and want to see heading in the right direction. Tony, you have made some comment about our star candidate in the north, Andrew Niklich and his credentials. I don't think you could find a better campaign office than the one in Hobart. It is beautifully positioned, it is going to be activity. I wish the two going to be the hub of our activity. I wish the candidates all the very best. Would candidates all Would you join with me Would you join with me in welcoming Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. APPLAUSE I'm delighted to receive this microphone, a baton, as it were, from the hands of the person I hope will be the next Premier of Tasmania. Thank you and
so much Will.APPLAUSELadies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming out today. Thank you so much for the support you are giving to me and to our splendid team here in Tasmania. This is a critical election for our country and Tasmania is a critical political battleground over the next 23 days. We are competitive in every seat in Tasmania.APPLAUSEWe can't take any one of them for granted but we have a chance in every one of them. It's all there for us to go out and campaign for over the next 23 days. It is so important, so important, that we do everything we can to win seats in Tasmania because, my friends, this is the most critical election in a generation. It is the clearest choice in a generation. The Coalition's positive plans, on the one hand, versus more of the same from Mr Rudd and a divided and dysfunctional Labor Party. We have a great country. We are a great people but We are a great people but we simply cannot afford another simply three years like the six years we three years like the we have just been through. I want to assure you, I want want to assure you, I want to assure you that if the Coalition is elected on September 7th, we will build a stronger economy so that everyone can get ahead. We will scrap the carbon tax. We will get the Budget ...APPLAUSE.... back under control by ending the waste we have seen so much of over the last six years. We will build the roads and infrastructure of the 21st century and, my friends, we will stop the boats and don't we need to stop the boats because Mr Rudd says he has a plan, but his plan hasn't stopped the three boats that have arrived in the last 24 hours. Mr Rudd says he wants a new way. Well, the Australian people understand that if you want a new way, you've got to choose a government.APPLAUSEI am so proud that for the last three years, I have had the same strong united team and the clear, well thought through plans. That's what we have had for three years, contrasted with a Labor Party which is constantly in turmoil and is now making it up as it goes along. They're making it up as it goes along. Now, today in Launceston we were able to release a specific plan for Tasmania, a plan for Tasmania which has been many, many months in the making. A plan for Tasmania, a growth plan for Tasmania, that has been masterminded by our Senate team. I want to thank my distinguished friend and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Eric Abetz for the work he has led to produce a growth plan for Tasmania. I want to think Richard Colbeck, Steven Parry and particularly, David, I want to thank you because our plan for Tasmania is the result of the hard work, the consultations and the policy insights of our Senate team working hand in hand with Will Hodgman and the State party here in Tasmania.APPLAUSE We will highway. We will spend an additional $24 million to ensure that we have ensure that we have a world class Antarctic - a world-leading Antarctic research centre here in Hobart. I am very pleased to say that international
we have just been out at Hobart international airport to make sure it really is an airport.APPLAUSEBy committing $38 million to extend the runway so that it actually can take international jets.APPLAUSEThis is a very important part of addressing the transport difficulties, the overall transport infrastructure problems of this great State because if we can get more air freight in and out of Tasmania, that is going to be such an important benefit for the great businesses of Tasmania that for too long have had to compete with one hand tied behind their back. But it doesn't stop there. There will be an economic council for Tasmania, a joint economic Commonwealth
council involving the Commonwealth and the State, so that this State is focused on wealth creation as well as redistribution. It is so important that we focus on creating the wealth as well as simply how it is distributed and there will be a major projects approvals agency here in Tasmania, a one-stop shop, for Commonwealth approvals. We will invite the State Government, we hope very soon it will be a State Government much better led, we will invite the State Government to participate in this so that not
have a one-stop approvals shop, not just for the Commonwealth but for State and Commonwealth Government here in this State. Because we've got to get things going here in Tasmania. Tasmania has got to be a dynamic economy as well as a beautiful national park. We've got to get things going and this one-stop shop be a door that people with major proposals can knock on. There'll be major proposals can knock There'll be someone standing by the door to hold the proponent's hand and take them through the process as an advocate, as an advocate. This won't just be a box-ticking exercise. It will be a support exercise so that, for the first time in almost a generation, we start to get things going in this great State Tasmania. APPLAUSE

It is a growth plan, tailor made for Tasmania. It is a growth plan that has been tailor made by Tasmanians, for Tasmania, and which the national Government will enthusiasticly implement should we win the election on September 7th. Now, ladies and gentlemen... yes, I hear the confidence out there! (LAUGHTER) .Not complacent, not cocky, but very confident. Thank you very much indeed. I'm delighted to be standing beside our two candidates for the two southern seats in Tasmania. Bernadette Black, our candidate for Franklin and Tanya Denison, our candidate for Denison. (APPLAUSE) .Dennison for Denison. And Tanya, as a mining engineer now with your own business, you are very well placed to contribute to the economic revitalisation of this great State.And Bernadette Black, what a marvellous story - a nurse, a mother, a campaigner, not just a mother, but a Mother of the Year. And one of the things I like so much about the team that I am so honoured and so proud to lead is that right around our country, we have candidates of enormous capacity, enormous talent and commitment, candidates who reflect the length and breadth, the richness and diversity of modern Australia.It's, in my experience and I've now been contesting elections since 1994 - when I first came into the