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This program is captioned live. This morning -
deadly crackdown in Egypt - hundreds killed, thousands injured as government forces move in
to crush protesters. Singer Katy Perry challenges
Tony Abbott about gay marriage. And another twist
in the Essendon supplements saga. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. Horrific images are coming out
of Egypt this morning after government security forces
attacked protesters camped out in the capital, Cairo. More than 270 people
are confirmed dead but it's feared thousands
have been killed in the crackdown. As we go to air, a state
of emergency has been declared, and curfews are in place
as the city burns.

Egypt is unravelling, it's hope of democracy, obscured behind tear gas and bullets. At first light, Egyptian security forces which ousted the ee lecktd president, Mohammed Morsi 6 weeks ago, moved in to finish the job and break up two camps of protestors who demanded that the former president be reinstated. Bulldozing into one university. It was over quickly. But at the other protest, they held fast. Security forces fired on them with tear gas and then automatic weapons. Egyptian security forces here are clearly using live ammunition. They are firing into the side streets. We are in front line positions, we are protestors and security protestors. This looks like it security protestors. This looks like it security protestors. This looks like it is about to get ugly. This man guided us through the streets warning of government gunmen. Already two journalists had been killed.Even if you want to take a cover, to take the picture.Why, there are snipers?Yes. He says he came here because he believes his vote was stolen. vote was stolen..We are fighting for principle. For the President we elected. OK. Never - it doesn't matter who it is.He showed us a field hospital. Chaotic and grim. It's impossible to know how many people have been injured, let alone killed today. This man was shot in the upper the upper thigh with a live round. Some of the Some of the injured are being taken to ambulances and hots. Others are being treated on the ground.There is more to this story, police uncovered ammunition hidden in coffins in a protest camp and video from an Egyptian newspaper, showed demonstrators on and firing. Protestors pushed an arm oured vehicle off a bridge. Five soul soldiers were inside. Today may be just the beginning. Churches were wurnd and attacked government buildings. Egypt's military backed government, a close US ally today choose to try to crush the Muslim Brotherhood. It's Unclear if the iron fist will

Australians are being urged
to leave Egypt over fears the violence
will continue. Correspondent Angela Cox
joins me now. Hello, Angela. Not surprisingly
there's been worldwide outrage over the scenes in Egypt? Good morning, Ann.

There has been global condemnation with world leaders demanding
an end to the bloody violence. As night fell,
parts of Cairo were burning despite the fact that a curfew
has been imposed and many of the streets are empty. The Australian Government says
the violence is a terrible tragedy and has called for restraint from
the military and also protesters. Foreign Minister Bob Carr says he feels apprehensive
about Egypt's future. He says he's not aware
of any Australians being caught up in the bloodshed. But the Government
has upgraded its warnings - advising against
all unnecessary travel to Egypt.

The advice to Australian tourist is reconsider your need to go to Egypt. For those there, we recommend - we recommend that Australians in Egypt return. It's as simple as that.

US Secretary of State John Kerry
has also condemned the violence and he warned
the world is watching closely.

Today's events are deplorable and they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy.

The US is walking
a very fine diplomatic line - it wants to support the democratic
process but also wants stability - which is what the military provides. Egyptian activists here
are demanding President Obama pull US aid to
Egypt's military - and most of it in the form
of military hardward like tanks. But Mr Kerry is refusing to say whether America will take steps
to pressure the military to stop its bloody crackdown.
Ann. Thank you, Angela. Tony Abbott has started day 11
of the election campaign with a bizarre radio interview
with American singer Katy Perry. Political reporter Patrick Condren
joins now from Canberra. Good morning, Pat. The Liberal Leader
is a fan of the pop star? Ann, it seems so. Mr Abbott interrupted
his campaigning in Tasmania's marginal seat
of Bass this morning to be interviewed by Katy Perry
on 2Day FM and got more than he bargained for. When are you coming back? We need you, we want you. Oh, come on, that's not
a political question. Let's talk about gay marriage. I'm sure you probably are, Katy, but it's one of the things
that's been a hot topic lately. But not really something he wants
to pass though. Yeah, well, um, I love you
as a human being but I can't give you my vote then.

Mr Abbott also said he'd like to
adopt Katy's song 'Hot and Cold' as his anthem. Not sure that's a good idea given it's about not being able
to make your mind. # 'Cause you're hot then you're cold # You're yes then you're no # #You're in then you're out # # You're up then you're down # You're wrong when it's right # It's black and it's white # We fight, we break up # We kiss, we make up.

Ann, Mr Abbott is heading to Hobart for an airport runway
funding announcement. Thank you, Pat.

Kevin Rudd is in Darwin announcing plans
to develop northern Australia. Political reporter Alex Hart is
travelling with the Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd started this campaign promising to be Mr Positive. But it seems it's no more Mr Nice guy. Last night Labor unleashed a wave of ads. He accused Tony Abbott of being Mr Negative. It's after a shift in initiative. Labor say it's a sign of things to Dom as the party tries to close the gap on the opposition with just three weeks of this campaign left.Tony Abbott has spent three years being negative, aggressive and personal. Now what he is trying to do is do is duck and Weave.Mr Rudd said at the beginning he wanted a positive campaign. What we have seen from people associated with the Labor Party is non-stop negativity. Mr Rudd is starting his day here at the Robertson Defence Force barracks in Darwin. It's in the seat of Solomon. A marginal held seat which Labor lost. Mr Rudd would dearly love to win it back. After here, he heads to one in your a, he will be heads to one in your a, he will heads to one in your a, he heads to one in your a, kunnarra. Thank you,

Schapelle Corby's parole process
appears to be moving along with her fight for freedom
a step closer. The convicted drug smuggler's
been behind bars for nine years. Grant Taylor joins me
from outside Kerobokan jail. Good morning, Grant. There's talk Schapelle could be out
as early as Saturday. Is this possible?

Technically, there is a chance that that could be true but nobody here really is expecting that. The situation is as of Saturday, Independence Day, here, we are expecting that Schapelle will be given another round of remission from the government off her overall sentence. That Should mean that finally she will have served two-thirds of her sentence, you became eligible for parole. We know that Schapelle has applied for parole. Just this week, she has had parole officers visit here at Kerobokan Prison where that meeting went very well. The parole officers asked to view Mecedes Corby's home where Schapelle will be staying but at this stage the final decision is with the Indonesian government. There is some opposition to her being given parole within government ranks. The Australian Government is viewing some of these signs as being very positive but so far, not too much news. We spoke to Bob Carr

I've had no advice of progress
with her parole application. It's an application
that we've supported but I've had no advice
that it's about to be granted by the Govwenmentt of

Zblnchts she actually accepts Gwilt for her - the crime she has been convicted of and also acts as a justice clash ray tore. We are seeking more clarify kigs on that, whether the government will be seeking that from Schapelle and hopefully by the end of day, things should be clearer.Thank should be clearer.Thank you very much,

Essendon has been hit
with fresh substance abuse claims with bringing the game
into disrepute. Skyrocketing legal costs are sending
the club further into debt with the saga likely to drag
on for months. Tom Browne joins me now
from Melbourne. Tom, what are these new claims?

Good morning, Ann, according to explosive leaks from the ASADA report this morning, at least according to reports, Essendon may have sourced a mystery supplement from Mexico that they can't guarantee to ASADA or the players what in particular was in it. Now, by way of background, this is a bit bizarre, it's understood that a muscular dystrophy patient sourced the materials from Mexico. They got back here and a chiropractic ter administered them allegedly to the Essendon players. According to my sources, the report also contains some concerns and allegations that supplements were obtained or sourced on the Chinese blackmarket with no guarantees what was in them as well. This points to the size and scale of the AFL case. It's a bit of a clue if you like. In terms of the response this morning to these mystery Mexican supplement claims, we have spoken to Richard incorporate, the former boss of ASADA and Tim Watson. Let's hear their response.This is a very complicated matter that has been going on for several months. One of the corner stones of it, there was a range of substances which were given to players where perhaps adequate records weren't being kept. So the story overnight is not a surprise. We as parents, are assuming that all those drugs that had been part of this supplementation program had been tested in some way.

And lawyers for Bombers' coach James
Hird have sent a letter to ASADA?

James Hird has stepped up his attack on the whole process. They have written to ASADA, demanding an independent hearing they want an independent transparent hearing in front of the media and the public, for example, two weeks after the finals. There is every chance now, this could be headed to court over the next few days as the Hird and Essendon camps possibly test that commission hearing date on 26 August. We will certainly follow that closely.For sure, Tom Browne in Melbourne. Thank you.

Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Sydney scientists make a
breakthrough in cancer treatments. Also Prince William reveals when
baby George will visit Australia.

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A breakthrough in cancer research
by scientists in Sydney offers new hope for sufferers. The treatment TR-100
targets a protein which is one of the building blocks
of cancer cells. It causes the cell structure
to collapse and destroy itself. The discovery was made
at the University of New South Wales while looking into the deadly
childhood cancer neuroblastoma. TR-100 can also kill
melanoma cancer cells. Researchers are hoping to trial the drug on children with
high-risk neuroblastoma in 2015.

To finance now and joining me is Martin Lakos
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, Martin. It looks like Europe's recession
may be ending?

Yeah, Ann, good morning, it is good news for the 17 nation Eurozone countries. Their GPD be number came out overnight. Up 0. out overnight. Up 0.3% out overnight. Up 0.3%. It's not evenly spread right across every nation but it does mean there were some improvement. some improvements, this doesn't include the UK. The Euro stocks index which is part of the large Stock Exchange there was up strongly, for the fifth day in a row. It's on a 12 week high. Investors are getting a little more encouraged by that sort of news.

How's our market trading?

That didn't rub off on our market. US markets down, European markets down. We have got the energy sector down, materials up and banks also steady. Ching, we are well and truly in the middle of the reporting season. So a whole range of results for the market and analyst lifts to be absorbing.Thank you, Martin. Thank you, Ann.

Australians could meet little
Prince George next year after William revealed he and Catherine are planning
a trip Down Under. The Duke of Cambridge
let slip their intentions, as he chatted
with a South Australian couple at the Anglesey county fair.

Goes on and on and on, doesn't it? Queues of people. They all wanted to know
about the new royal baby of course and Prince William had come
with an answer prepared. He is pretty loud and, of course,
extremely good looking. I have to say

that I thought search-and-rescue
duties over Snowdonia were physically and mentally
demanding but looking after a 3-week-old
baby is right up there. William has been flying
search-and-rescue missions here for three years. Sharon West had been
in trouble swimming at sea last year when his team arrived. Hello.

I want to say thank you
for rescuing me. Was it you on the beach? Yes.

You come over. How are you? You alright? Yes. I am glad you made a full recovery. A lot of time you never meet up. We come here to say thanks to you
and the team. The whole team.

William and Kate have enjoyed
their time in Wales,

His tour of His tour of duty here ends next month, what he will do next remains unclear. But today's appearance had the feeling of a fond

Next in Seven News - a war of word erupts between the
Wallabies and All Blacks coaches. And the in-form Pies looking to
claim another big scalp in the AFL.

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Good news for Hawthorn - their superstar Lance Franklin
will be back form injury in tomorrow night's AFL clash
against Collingwood. Sean Sowerby is at the Magpies'
final training session ahead of the MCG blockbuster.

More than 75,000 diehard fans are set to converge on the MCG. Hawthorn, up against Collingwood. Now, the Collingwood fans have turned out in droves here this morning for their training. The Pies are looking sharp but they will need to be with Hawks superstar, Lance Buddy Franklin, coming back from hamstring tightness but the Pies say they will be ready.He usually kicks goals against us. So our defenders will have their work cut out. As I said, we are playing Hawthorn, it's a little battle between themselves, the defenders are playing against Buddy, I've ee sure we have got the guys to control him.With just three matches to go in the 'Home and Away' season. Collingwood is looking for a top four finish.It will help but I think for us, the last three weeks, we have just pretty much worried about what we can control. Collingwood is coming up wins over reigning premiers the Sydney Swans but also Essendon, but the Hawks haven't lost to the Pies since that heartbreaking 2011, prelim final. It will be a huge match tomorrow night in front of a huge crowd. We can't

South Sydney says Greg Inglis will play in tomorrow
night's NRL clash against Manly in Gosford. Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire says
his star fullback is fully recovered from a knee injury.

and Greg's ticked off a lot of boxes
along the way. I thought he could have played
last week. Five-eighth John Sutton will undergo a fitness test
on his injured ankle today.

and already All Blacks coach
Steve Hansen has returned fire at Ewen McKenzie. The Wallabies coach is set to name
rookie Matt Toomua as his starting fly half today with Quade Cooper on the bench.

Is he feeling a bit mentally
challenged that he doesn't know
which five-eighth he wants to play. When Robbie Deans was coach he was probably saying, 'I'll pick
you Quade, I'll pick you' and our information's telling us
he's going to pick the other bloke. I'll defend the things
that need to be defended. I'm not here to be the punching bag
for anyone. Richie McCaw's Kiwis will hit Sydney
this evening. In cricket, David Warner says the Australian team is gutted
by its recent test batting collapse in the fourth Ashes Test in Durham. The opener admits there's no excuse
for such a poor batting display. It was gutting, um... It took me probably half an hour
to get over my dismissal

It's our fault, the batters.

The Southern Stars have begun
their Ashes campaign with a draw in their test match
against England. The multi-format series
includes one-dayers and Twenty20 internationals. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

Checking today's weather - a trough is bringing
a cooler change to Queensland. South-westerly winds behind a front
are easing across the south-west as they bring a few showers
to southern Victoria and Tasmania. Winds are strengthening over
south-west WA, with a few showers. Around the capitals - fine in
Brisbane. Sydney will reach
a sunny 19 degrees. Some cloud
in Canberra, 14. Hobart, late showers
and 15 today. Melbourne's
expecting 17 degrees. 18 in
Adelaide. Windy with showers
increasing in Perth, 19. 31 degrees
for Darwin today.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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