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(generated from captions) is not the evend, this couple of hundred of people killed?I the future of feel very apprehensive about the future of Egypt, a lot of Egyptians in Australia the future of Egypt, a lot various faiths Egyptians their concern about Egyptians in Australia of
various faiths happening in the country they've come from.That is why we underline the need for a peaceful resolution, a compromise between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood and and the Muslim Brotherhood an end to the loss of life, the resort to violence, respect for minorities. I think that is a very important theme that needs to be underlined as well.There were some ejichings Australians protest ing yesterday in la kem ba. What is your message to them ?My message to all Australians with an interest in this is simply that the Australian Government will urge the - the Australian Government un reservedly condemns violence, the loss of life. We urge a are return by the government of Egypt to a peaceful engagement with the demivators and we want minorities in the country to be pro protected.That was Bob Carr speaking there at Sydney Airport earlier. We will go to more on Egypt in a moment but I might just mention that the PM, Darwin.
Kevin Rudd, has touched down in Darwin. So that is a live shot you can see from Darwin. He is at the Robertson barracks there for the moment. He's in the - he is campaigning in the marginal base seat of Solomon this morning. It's expected that he is going to go - that there is going to be a immediate qua conference there at the Darwin cenotaph in the next hour or so. So we will cross live for that media conference. Then he is headed to WA. He is going to the Argyle Dam wall south of kun nuclear a over the - Kununurra over the border of WA into the NT. There's some live shots of
the PM at the Robertson barrack s in Darwin. We will cross back there as soon as the PM holds that media conference.Continues with our coverage of the terrible conference.Continues with coverage of the terrible e) vents coverage of the vents in Egypt over the last 24 hours. US Secretary of State John Kerry is urging the John Kerry country to end the state of emergency.Today' events are deplorable and they run counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy.Egyptians inside and outside of the government need to take a step back. They need to calm the situation and avoid further loss of life. We also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law and we call on the Government to respect basic human rights include ing freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law. Jeremy Bowen is in Cairo. He says the situation is not good news for Egyptians. This is a time for dire warnings and what's happening is the outcome of the winner takes all mentality that has seized Egyptian politics in the last year or so since President Morsi was elected. While he was in office, before he was ousted, he said he would govern for all Egyptians but he didn't, he governed for his supporters announcement the army has ousted him and moved against his people, they're trying to say do the same kind of thing. The head of the armed forces says he wants to restore democracy but the ferocity of the esalt on had Muslim Brotherhood says they want to eliminate them as a political force. This is got not good news for Egyptians. It is such a polarised country New York City a there's - poleressed country now. E

This is being watched from orlt participates of the Arab world.

About 18 months ago it looked as if the big winner of the Arab uprising was the Muz with election victories not just here in Egypt. Now there's a backlash going on and we might see it elsewhere in the region. The two most prominent countries, Egypt and Syria, in this part of the Middle East, are now - Syria sin the throes of a terrible civil war and Egypt has a sifrbleing conflict. What has happened today is not doing anything to solve Egypt's crisis. What it's doing is deepening it.The BBC's Jeremy Bowen reporting from Cairo. The UN secretary-general has released a statement condemning the violence in Egypt. He said: News of the clashes sparked protests in southwest Sydney last night by Australian Egyptians. Dozens of protesters gathered at Lakemba railway station to demand international condemnation of the massacres. The first peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in three years have begun in Jerusalem. The initial session is likely to focus on borders and security but no imminent breakthrough is expected. Israel has released 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal to restart negotiation but the talks have been overshadowed by Israel's plan to build more settlement homes in the west bank and Jerusalem. Washington
correspondent Jane Cowan says very few details have emerged from the talks so far. We know they have started and the Israeli Government has released they have started and pictures of Israel's chief negotiator shaking hands her Palestinian counterpart. These talks obviously presided over by the Australian educated special envoy but beyond the fact they've started we don't know much because they're being conducted under a virtual media black-out. Even the exact location of the talks in Jerusalem is being kept secret and we're not expecting to have any sort of update on the progress of these negotiations. Both sides of course expressing deep skepticism about the possibility of any breakthrough because of these continued Israeli settlements and also the anger in Israel over had release of the Palestinian prisoners.Jane Cowan reporting from Washington. Back to Australian politics now, the National Party has begun a blitz of regional WA. Recent internal polling suggests it could win two seats and a Senator in the State at this election, largely at the expochBs the Liberals. James Glenday reports. The Nationals' campaign has come to the safe Liberal seat of due rack which covers the north of WA including the Ord developments here near the town of Kununurra. In the west, the Nationals maintain a very separate identity to the Liberals and it's here they think they can make some of their biggest gains largely at the expense of their Coalition counterparts. There's no Coalition agreement in WA and so it's not surprising that there will be a number of 3-way contests. The party hopes to win due rook and hold O'Connor. The Nationals leader Warren Truss is being joined on the campaign trail by Senate candidate David Wirrapunda. They'll make local campaign announcements as they head south through here, in had Kimberley, to Albany in the south of the State. Kununurra is bait of a frenzy of political activity now. You've got the National thrz yesterday and the Prime Minister due to touch down in Kununurra later today and we're expecting to see some pictures around 2:00 Australian eastern standard time, 11:00 WA time. The Government says its Papua New Guinea solution is beginning to have an impact on asylum seekers. Immigration Minister Tony Burke has told 7:30 there's been a significant fall in the number of people trying to reach Australia by boat. What's happening is many of the people who had come to Indonesia with the intention of paying people smugglers are now either refusing to get on and some are actually either registering with the UN HCR or heading home. If you geback over, say, the last seven or something like that to the first or something first seven days of the you find a significant tapering down. Depending on down. days you go, you'll get a days you go, different percentage, between 40% or 20%. Tony Burke last
speaking on the 7:30 program last night. Fire has badly damaged medical facilities on the Pacific island of Nauru. The blaze has destroyed four buildings. The medical store room, X-ray facilities, medical records office and pharmacy. The wards have been left have
untouched but some patients have been moved. It's still unclear how the fire started. We'll hear more on that through the day no doubt. A man has been shot in the hand in Sydney's southwest. Police were called to a street in Heckenberg around 9:30 last night after reports of gunfire. They found to man with injuries to one of his fingers. Police are waiting to interview the man but believe it was a targeted attack. A man has suffered serious burns to most of his body in a unit fire north of Brisbane. The man in his 60s was carried unconscious from a flat in Caboolture. He's in a critical condition in hospital and a firefighter received minor injuries when he fell from a roof while fighting a blaze in a garden shop at Rochedale in Brisbane's south. Four people have escaped uninjureded from a house fire in Melbourne's west over night. The blaze badly damaged the 41 part of a house in Sunshine North. The four occupants there noticed the power had been cut before a smoke alarm went off. Investigators are still trying to work out how the fire started. US soldier Bradley manning has apologised for leaking thousands of secret documents to WikiLeaks. Manning was addressing his sentencing hearing before a military court. He said he was sorry for hurting the United States and for the unexpected results of his action. Manning is facing up to 90 years in jail. India's navy chief is holding out little hope of finding any survivors from two big explosions and a fire in a submarine berth near Mumbai. It's not clear what caused the blasts ruled out. The families of the blasts and sabotage hasn't been
18 sailors ruled out. 18 sailors who were on board have been told to prepare for the have been the worst. India's Defence Minister says the incident is Minister says the incident is a shocking tragedy. Packer's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to defeat terrorism as the country celebrates 60 years of independence.

As Pakistan stops to mark the end of its independence from As Pakistan

The nation is resilient, courageous and committed to following the principles of unity, faith and discipline. The golden rules laid down by the father of the nation that will, with the help of God, solve the country's problems.Right now, the main problem appears to be India. Both countries accuse each other of unprovoked attacks in their shared border region of Kashmir. It's prompted angry scenes like this. At a joint press conference with the UN secretary-general, the Prime Minister pledged to respond with restraint and responsibility. We have to defuse tension and de-escalate the situation. Our objective is peace. Ban Ki Moon didn't say where whether the UN would help the two nuclear armed rivals find a solution but there was plenty of praise for Pakistan's commitment to the law against terrorism. I assure the Prime Minister that the United Nations will continue to support Pakistan in this fight against terrorism and in efforts to promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all the people.It's a comment clearly aimed at the Prime Minister. Before being elected in May, Mr Sharif pledged to end the country's involvement in the unpopular US-led war. Scientistess in Britain are reporting a milestone for cancer research in the largest ever analysis of cancer gegnomes. They've identified 21 can
of the genetic mutations that can turn healthy tissue into tumour s. The eerie sight of cancer close up. This picture shows cancer cells in the kidney. This one in the ovary. Investigating how cancer actually starts is crucial to preventing it or beating it and the most important clue may beianetic. The steady rhythm of machines analysing DNA at the Sanger institute near international effort
Cambridge, part of a massive international effort to understand how what happens to our DNA affects our chances of suffering from cancer. Each of our cells has a strand of DNAt the body's genetic code. It's made up of pairs of what are called bases, put together in a very specific order, but sometimes these can be damaged or altered and these changes can lead to cancer. We know smoking can do that and inside lung cancer the genetic pattern is altered in a particular way, a pair of bases is swapped over. It's a signature of the mutation caused by tobacco. A different signature or pattern of genetic change is left behind by the amount ruviolet light that can lead to skin cancer and the scientists have now found many other signatures of this kind which can all cause different of this kind which can cause different types of cancers for reasons that aren't cancers known but can now cancers for reasons that known but can now be
investigated. known but can now investigated. This is the largest study investigated. This is largest study of its kind and
what investigated. This is the
largest study what we're very excited about we
is that, through our findings, we have now opened a door and encountered many encountered many different paths that can lead to cancer formation.An animation of the moment a cancer cell divide. This latest research will not directly lead to mew treatment but this surgeon specialising in cancer was involved in the study and says it creates new options for the future, especially with early warning. The implications it has to patients is that now we can think about not just treatment but we can also think about early detection and prevention so if we can start to understand what's actually causing those cancers specifically, which chemical processes are doing that, we can start to think about how we intervene.This study has achieved something unimaginable only a few years ago, analysing 5 million genetic changes in cancer cells. The fight against cancer is slow and frustrating but understanding how cancer starts should in the long run make a real difference. Let's check the market now with Michelle Rafferty and positive news out of Europe overnight. The Eurozone has emerged from a growth recorded
record recession with economic growth recorded for the first time in 18 months. Europe's two biggest economies recorded stronger than expected growth for the second quarter of the year. Germany's economy rose 0.7% and France had a boost of 0.5% but the European Commission says there are significant obstacles to overcome. The 17-nation bloc is still fragile and Greece is struggling with a record unemployment rate especially amongst its youth. Analysts say there's still a long way to go for the Eurozone to travel before it's recovered. Despite the positive news out of Europe, the Australian market has opened modest ly lower following Wall Street's lead which fell overnight amid more speculation to cuts to which fell overnight speculation to cuts to stimulus measures. The All speculation to measures. The All Ordinaries at
the moment is down just 1 point and the ASX is trading flat. Major US retailer Macy's also reported poor sales which has weighed on the American market. Investors are trading cautiously ahead of the release of inflation figures on Thursday. The Dow Jones industrial average gave up 0.73%. Not surprisingly, European markets rose overnight after those official growth figures. London's Footsie 100 lost 0.37%, dragged down by some companies that were trading exdividend and the spot gold price rose back towards mid week highs and west Texas crude has Australian Dollar is now a little higher, buying just over the 91.5 US cents mark against the greenback. The Bank of Queensland is set to return $34.5 million to its customers after it found it over-charged them. The bank's issued a statement saying it's completed a review of operation and found there was an incorrect application of interest rates and fees. It says the total cost of fixing the error is $46 million which shouldn't affect its profits. The Australian securities and investments commission has been notified and the bank says it will reimburse affected customers as soon as possible. Wealth management company AMP has reported a net profit of $393 million for the six months to June this year, up 5.4% on the same time last year. Its wealth protection division was the only part of the business that didn't turn a profit due to a challenging insurance market and lower underlying investment income and interim dividend of 11.5 cents a share will be paid partly Franked. AMP has also announced it's appointed Craig meller as CEO from the beginning of 2014 as Craig Dunn retires. Joe, flamboyant Australian fashion designer Alana Hill has announced she's breaking with her brand after 18 years. A sad day for fashionistas. Thank you. Farmers in regional Victoria have gathered in Warrnambool to tackle depression and a recent spike of suicides within the industry. This is a gathering of about 600 farmers and community members which is significant in itself. It's hard to get farmers off the farm but that's the point of the night. It's called a Farmers Night Off and it was organised by Farmer Power. They approached the group Beyond Blue to hold this night and they've done that because of the difficult times that this region has been through with the dairy industry, also the rain came late - we'll just break out of that story because Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has just begun speaking to gathering at the Robertson barracks in Darwin.

...who is a former serviceman and you served in Iraq and Somalia , Timor and Bosnia. There you go. On top of that, it's good also to have Warren Snowdon, the mince for veterans' affairs and Minister for events, science and personnel. Luke for events, science been with the military personnel. been with the military in the past personnel. Luke gosling has
been with the past and in Timor, been with the military in the past and in Timor, Luke is our past and in candidate for Solomon. It's a past and in Timor, Luke is privilege to be back here at this base. I've come this base. I've come here several times over the years and each time I come I'm always impressed by just the sheer professionalism of the operation. The professionalism of each of those units back there dedicated to working effectively with their quit citand equipment from the tanks to the Aslabs to the Bush Masters and heavy pieces of earth-moving equipment so essential to the engineering works I've seen undertaken in various theatres around the world and of course the helicopters. I remember the long bedebates with the National Security Committee of the Cabinet about whether we'd buy Tigers or not and I speak to the people who pilot these things I've said they're a first-class piece of kit and they pass with flying colours recently in operation talisman saber. Good to see that professionalism as well. The great thing about these barracks is that you are a pillar of the Australian Defence establishment. The other day I was at lavric, here I'm at Robertson. You have 4,500 people on base. If I put the rest of the Defence community together, it's something in the order of 6,000, 6,500 here in Darwin. This is the forward operating base of the Australian Defence establishment and it's so important that you are here and so important that you are doing fine work in the Australia. The first brigade of course has done us proud overseas, providing back to course has done us back operations to Operation Flipper in Uruzgan this year. I understand a number of Flipper in Uruzgan understand a number of your colleagues understand a colleagues with undertaking a major training exercise at mount major training mount Bundy. I I'm sorry to have missed them today. I'm told we have some American friends here. They're on base. For our friends from the US marine corps, give them our best and I understand you have a Thai infantry commitment here as well. Please give my best regards to them as well. It's important we operate with our friends, partners and allies around the world and the cooperation here we've got in particular with the United States is fundamental to our long-term national security and it's great to hear the reports of how you are really mixing in with the American Marines here at Robertson. The purpose of my coming here today is to thank you for your professionalism, your commitment, your sense of duty and the courage which so many of you have already shown in the field. Recently I've been in Afghanistan and, again, on my fifth or sixth visit there, seen time after time after time just the level of commitment by individual soldiers to the task and the
mission to come they've been assigned. How many of you have served in Afghanistan inthere's a large number of you. How many have served in other theatres? A large number of you. We're proud of each and every one of you for what you've done. It's a hard war, not an easy war, and when you're next in Canberra, go and look at the Australian War Memorial, at the new exhibit which is on which is Afghanistan, the face of our commitment. You'll see there such an extraordinary arrangement of video footage of forward operations out there at the front line which is an enormous tribute to the courage and professionalism of all of you and I say that to all Australians because we're going to have something like just under 30,000 Australian in
soldiers who will have served in Afghanistan. Every single Australian should go and see that exhibit or see it online to understand first-hand what it's like to be in the front line of a military operation like the one in Afghanistan. It's like the one we've got running in Afghanistan. It's certainly
caused in Afghanistan. It's caused me to pause and breath, to see caused me to pause breath, to see the amount of dedication shown by you our military professionals. Of course, among those nearly 30,000 who will have served there 30,000 who will have there by the time the Australian flag comes down at Tarin Kowt, we've had 40 soldiers who have lost their lives and more than 250 have been injured. I know many of your friends and colleagues are currently on deployment in Uruzgan and today all of our thoughts are with them all and since Operation Slipper began in 2006, the first brigade has lost three of its own soldiers killed in action. 40 soldiers in the first brigade have been wounded in action. Decisions on war and peace are grave decisions by any leader of this country but it's been in the past under Mr Howard, more recently under myself, but the price is paid by you our men and women in uniform and the loved ones who support you. This is an important calling for Australia. There is in my view no higher calling for any Australian than to wear the uniform of Australia, the uniform which you wear with such pride here today. I've been briefed this morning on recent developments in Afghanistan. I've been advised that Afghan forces supported by the Australian and ISAF elements have killed the former Afghan national army soldier who shot and wounded three Australian soldiers at patrol base Nasir in November 2011. He was killed by small arms fire when he attacked the Afghan national security force elements involved in the operation on Tuesday night Afghan time. One of the Afghan soldiers was slightly wounded during this engagement. This months of focused intelligence and professional work by the Australian Defence Force in concert with the International Security Assistance Force. Once again, I commend the absolute professionalism of the Australian Defence Force in the field. Your profession is critical for the country. Doesn't mat who the Government of the country is at any time, having you as our men and women in uniform is vital to a continuing and abiding national interest and so maintaining your professional skills, working with the first-class equipment with which we the Government seek to support you, acquiring that core set of capabilities and keeping them, that is vital for our nation's future. What do we know of the last 20 years in our history as where
a country? You never know where the next threat's going to come from. Who would have thought a decade and a half ago we would have found ourselves in the deserts of Afghanistan? None of us. The truth is we don't know where the future takes us or what threats we will confront. What I do know is what every Australian expects of any Government of this country is to ensure we are retaining the core capabilities of our Defence Force into the future, whether they are our men and women in the remember ay or those who serve on the seas or those who serve in our Air Force as well and the thousands of others who support them. My purpose here today is simply 2-fold, number dedication to
one, to thank you for your dedication to the country by being members of the Australian Defence Force. It means lot to every Australian. Number two through your and your friends and colleagues, to thank all of the ADF members who are proudly wearing the uniform of Australia. Three, as our mission draws to a close in Afghanistan too, thank those of you who have served so galaboutly in this war in Afghanistan. I thank you for your attention this morningyism look forward to spending more time with you.

That was the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, there who is in Darwin today at the Robertson barracks and just repeating that news that's just broken in the last 12 hours or so about that Afghan soldier who shot three Australian soldiers in an unprovoked attack in Afghanistan has been killed. He's been tracked down and killed. The Afghan Ministry of Defence said mahomud-Rusi was killed by Afghan commandoes on Wednesday morning about 400 ks from where he was last seen. We're expecting the Prime Minister is going to move on to Kununurra just over the border into WA later today and we're expecting a media conference from him in the next hour or so and we plan to bring you that live. Let's cross now to Darwin, our reporter Andrew Green is with the Prime Minister. Andrew, good morning. What are we expecting from the Prime Minister in Darwin there today? Have you got any news on any particular announcement s? He won't Dee doing a lot while he's in Darwin. It is lot while he's a very big day of travel for lot while he's in Darwin. the Prime Minister. He started at 4am a very big day of at 4am in Brisbane and he's the Prime Minister. He only just arrived here at 4am in Brisbane and only just arrived here in
Darwin to meet the only just arrived here Darwin to meet the troops as you can see just behind me. We've heard his address to them where he confirmed that news about the killing of the rogue Afghan soldier who had been responsible for that terrible incident in 2011. Now the Prime Minister is going to have morning tea with some of the troops from Robertson barracks and then he'll be heading into the Darwin city itself to hold a press conference where he'll no doubt be asked about the change in tack with Labor advertising in this election the negative approach and then after that it's more travel, he's off to the north-west of WA to Kununurra where he'll be going to the Ord river dam to make a significant announcement, we're told. It's about Labor's vision for Northern Australia. We know that in that area there has been a strong push to expand the Ord irrigation scheme but we don't know what the Prime Minister will be announcing today.Tony Abbott's been in Tasmania today and repeated his call for the Prime Minister to put the Greens last on how-to-vote cards but the Prime Minister has been clear on that matter for
previously that that is a matter for a national secretary of the ALP? Yeah, and in his press conference yesterday, you'll recall, Joe, in Cairns, he appeared to rule out any form of deals for a minority parliament. Of course people say there is still some wriggle room there but he's certainly leaving the issue preferences itself to the
national secretary, preferences national secretary, George
Wright, to flesh preferences itself to the
national Wright, to flesh out. In Wright, Tasmania today, Tony Abbott made some announcements about road funding and airport funding for the Tasmanians. There are four Labor seats in Tasmania. Is the Prime Minister making any infrastructure announcements or making any announcements or are there any particular infrastructure issues that are dear to the hearts of Territorians that they'd like to see a bit of action on? There certainly are lots of infrastructure announcements that would like to be made here but in terms of what he might be announcing in this very brief stopover, we haven't been given any Earl eindication. There is a marginal seat here in Northern Territory, Solomon, held by Natasha Griggs, and no doubt the Prime Minister will talk about his ALP candidate here. He's also been joined by several of his front bench today, Warren Snowdon and also the man who Kevin Rudd wants to be the next Defence Minister, Mike Kelly, who himself is a marginal seat-holder in Eden Monaro.Finally, take us through the timings once again. In about half an hour expecting the media conference from Darwin and in about three hours' time we'll see you in Kununurra? That's correct. We're being told we've got to get on the bus because we're off now for that press conference so that's correct, about three hours 'til that next event.Get on it. Thanks a lot, Andrew Green. Talk to you again soon. As I mentioned, Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader, has been campaigning in Tasmania, announcing a number of measures to boost the State's economy. For more, let's cross to political reporter Kerrin Binnie at Parliament House. Take us through those announcements because there will be lot of Tasmanians interested in what a Coalition Government would have planned for the apple isle.