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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. Australians told to stay away from Egypt as hundreds die in a violent crackdown.This is an awful tragedy for the people of Egypt who deserve better and had hoped for more.

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The political arguments about sex appeal that just won't go away.Women say about blokes, ghee, he's nicely pack, isn't he.He must have had the beer goggles on because she is not that good a sort.Mohammad Aman says sorry for leaking - Bradley Manning says sorry for leaking thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.Essendon faces defiant as it faces significant sanctions from the AFL.Good morning and welcome to ABC News Breakfast I'm Michael RowlandAnd u Bevilaqua or. Australia has joined the international condemnation of I jipt's bloody crackdown on protesters in Cairo. Hundreds of people died when the Army stormed two protest camps jock pied by the former President.The interim Vice-President Mohamed ElBaradei has resigned in disgust.Foreign Minister Bob Carr says Australians should avoid travelling to that country.As a terrible tragedy for the Egyptian people and we un reservedly condemn the violence. What we have urged is a political reckon sill gletion the count of the Army negotiate with the protesters. We thought the release of some of 2 political prisoners from the Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for a retreat of demonstrate ors from the position they occupied in the streets we thought that would have been a good start on a compromise. This is an awful tragedy for the people of Egypt who deserve better and had hoped for more. >>Erlier I spoke to our Europe correspondent Phillip Williams. He says there are conflicting reporting about how many people settle have been killed:Who knows where the truth lice and will we ever know because there's been accusation of the Government hiding body, burning body, misrecording the cause of death. That's what the Muslim Brotherhood is accused them nof the past and I am sure they will this time too. Whichever way you look at it it's ban very, very bloody 12 hours or so in consequences not only of course for those who have died but for the many thousands probably who very injured: These battles have not just been between the armed forces and police versus pro Morsi, it's also been between local residents who have been out and perhaps even used weapons against the pro Morsi people as well who have had enough of them, wanted them out of the area and have taken that opportunity to attack. So there have been Egyptian civilians pitted against Egyptian civilians in some areas, it can'ts now but there's main two areas have been cleared, we're told, by the government. Although at a very, very high cost.Underscoring how tense the situation is there on the streets a national state of emergency has been imposed by the interim Government?It has. I should be in Egypt around about now. The plane I was going to take was cancelled because of this emergency. It meant that everyone would have been stuck at the airport. But what it does is it gives the authorities huge powerses - powers of arrests of pretty well without trial. So they pretty well do as they like for the pretty well do as they for the next month. Sceptics would say for the would say this is what the Army wanted all along, that they created this emergency so they can impose this and take - effectively take control. Mohamed ElBaradei, who ask a kind of to the left of the political spectrum, has resigned from his Vice-Presidenty. That is no surprise. He was horrified and made a lot of noises of protest at the last killing of about 50 or so people, 70 o so people about three weeks ago. His departure will not be seen as a huge blow to the Government but oak internationally now there's been so much condemnination from all over the authorities there just to have to wear it. Probably the equation has been made that the need domestically outweighs the pressure from international communities and that they couldn't not act any longer.Looking further ahead, as we get hopefully past this violence in the next day or two, that the prospects, Phil, for any charts of political reconciliation in Egypt appear very grim now, don't they?Absolutely. Surely any process where you would include the Brotherhood and they would be willingly be part of that would have to be years away now. They will not trust anyone involved in the interim Government. They probably will have nothing to do with the new constitution and may well boycott election s even if they're allowed to stand ne elections. We now have an extremely polarised society. We had it before today but it's worse after today. It's become coming down to religious s too because we have had reports of a number of Coptic Christian churches being burnt down and Christian schools being burnt down. Some extremists on the Islamist side believe that the Christian Coptic Church was part of the plot to effectively steal the election results by oust ing Morsi and they're taking it out on the churches and on individuals. There are real fears that not just political divides but also religious twieds.Let's come back home and the former Labor leader Mark Latham has denigrated the appearance of denigrated Abbott
the female candidate Tony Abbott has described as having sex appeal. He has described Fiona Scott as rather plain and the Opposition lead ever must have had the beer goggles on when he made the remark.And former government Minister Amanda Vanstone has weighed into the debate over the sex ist remarks.I do not want us to get to the stage where people can't pass a compliment. Women say about blokes, ghee, he's nicely packed isn't he.You haven't said that about me, Amanda.Not about me, either, you see.When you say -I've had a good look at Fiona Scott on page 8 of the 'Australian' today aI don't think she's got sex appeal at all.That is just as bad!.You would say she's a rather plain, ordinary looking woman and Abbott has exaggerated massive here. He must haved that beer goggles on because she is not that good a sort.Mark Latham and Amanda Vanstone muddying the waters over that sexual debate. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are campaigning on opposite ends of the country today and Melissa Clarke joins us from Canberra. I bet both will hope to steer clear these a comment?Kevin Rudd wanted to weigh in on it yesterday to give his condemnation of Tony Abbott not surprise ingly but we will start with Kevin Rudd first of all. He will Darwin. He will sliz - visit the Robertson barracks an address the media there. He will also visit the Darwin cenotaph and then we expect him to head to Kununurra where he will check out the Ord River scheme. Down in Tasmania we have Tony Abbott who is in Launceston at the moment but will go to Hobart later today. He's announced the Coalition's economic plan for Tasmania designed at boosting economic growth and then subsequently improving this situation when it comes to unemployment, cost of living, wage, those sorts of elements in particular.The key points are he's proposing a major projects approval agency be set up in Launceston to help speed up the approval of major projects over the value of $50 million. He's also announced a joint State and Commonwealth council to advise on these issues of improving economic growth in Tasmania but one of the key pieces that he's announced today has to do with improving the situation of both freight and people coming in and out of Tasmania. Here he is speak at a breakfast in Launceston this morning.And what I announced today is that an incoming Coalition Government will commit $38 million to the upgrade of Hobart airport so that it can take the jets and this means that there
will jets and this will be an air freight option will be an air for Tasmania, will be an air freight for Tasmania, even as the sea freight situation tragically for Tasmania, even as the for the freight situation for the moment remains difficult.WeWe just started to speak to the assembled media in Melbourne.... cuts to health, cuts to families and benefits were in their sights. What he said was, yes, y, ethat is what he said, yes.And the reality is this really demonstratingses, this really shows what the Liberal's plans really are. They have in their sights cuts to education, cuts to health, cuts to the things families need but they cuts
tell Australians what those cuts are, they keep ducking an weaving, refusing to be up front with what those cuts really are.I also want to make a comment about the GST and the distribution of the GST. We know today that Tony Abbott is visiting Tasmania. And he aught to be up-front with Tasmanians about what his plans are for the distribution of the goods and services tax. Because has made very clear, as has Ms Bishop, that the Liberals Bishop, that the Liberals would look at changing the distribution of the GST and what that would mean is a big hit to Tasmanian families.And so Joe Hockey - so Tony Abbott today should be very clear with Tasmanians about what his real plans on the GST are. Happy to take questions.Why do you keep using the $70 billion figure when it's been found that is not credibility and is misleading.The $70 billion figure is Hockey's figure. Let's be very clear who came up with the $70 billion figure. It was Joe Hockey on television. And let's be clear who backed it in - Andrew Robb, the Shadow Minister for finance said $70 billion was not a furphy. So the $70 billion is out of the mouths of the Coalition. But I would say this to Joe Hockey and to Andrew Robb, if you don't agree with the $70 billion, there's a very simple way to deal with that. Come out and tell Australians how much you are going to cut because so far you're refusing to do so. I think Australians are entitled to know.Is the Labor Party going to preference the Greens?Our job as the Labor Party is to get Labor people elected. That is our job:How can people trust that Labor's going a new way in politics when the member of Bass has has to apologise for (inaudible)Jeff has made his apology. That was appropriate. But what I would say is this - Tony Abbott has spent three year s being negative, aggressive and personal.And now what he is trying to do is duck an weave, hide his true plans from the Australian people. I think Australians are entitled to know where his cuts would come because the people who would be most hit, hardest hit by the cuts that Tony Abbott has planned, are hard working Australians and they're entitled to know what his real plans are.Is it Labor's turn and you are now taking the swipe at being negative?I think's in Australia's interests
interestings it's in the interests of Australians for them to know what the Liberals plan to do were they to be elected. It's absolutely in Australia's interest to know what cut Kuts to health and to education are planned by the Liberal Party continue to call out Tony Abbott on Liberal Party and we will
continue Abbott on his cuts because we continue to call out Tony think Australians deserve to Abbott on his cuts because think Australians know..Are you going to tell Labor members not to know..Are you going to Labor members not to make any
more person Labor members not more person al attacks?I think the PM at the more person al attacks?I the PM at the outset the PM at campaign, when he had to intervene to campaign, when intervene to reconsider system
of the preselection campaign, when he had to
intervene to of the preselection of candidate, demonstrated the standards the Labor Party ef peck of its candidates.What do you think of Tony Abbott's comments on same-sex marriage?I think most Australians would agree equality is not a fashion item. And the fact that Tony Abbott thinks like that really demonstrates that he is out of touch with the values of modern Australia.And that was Penny Wong today. We had some news in a short time ago that fire has badly damaged medical facilities in Nauru. Some patients have been moved. The blaze has destroyed four buildings, the medical store room, the X-ray facilities and the medical records office as well as the pharmacy.More on that story as it comes to hands. A man has suffered serious burn s to most of his body in a unit fire north of Brisbane. The man in his 60s was carried unconus? The floot from Caboolture and is in a critical condition in hospital.A firefighter received minor injuries when he fell from a roof while fighting a fire in Brisbane's south.Police are investigating another shooting in Sydney overnight. A man has been shot in the hands at Heckenberg in the city's west.Back over Jaes an US soldier Bradley Manning has apologised to WikiLeaks. Manning was
addressing his sentencing hearing before a military court at forth Mead. He Syd he was Fort Mead. He said he was sorry for hurting the United States. Manning is facing up to 90 year s in jail.The Manning is facing up to 90 s in jail.The first peace
Palestinians in
talks between Israel and the Palestinians in three years have begun in Jerusalem. The initial session is have initial session is likely to focus on initial session focus on boarders and security but no imminent breakthrough is expected. Our North America correspondent Jane Cowan has told News Breakfast that the talks are shroud ed in mystery.We know they have started and the Israeli Government has released some pictures of Israel's chief negotiate or Ms Livni shaking hands with her counterpart, Erakat. These talks are proit ed over by the US special enjoy Martin in - Indyk. But beyond the fact they've started we don't know much because they're being conducted under a virtual media blackout. Even the exact location of the talks in Jerusalem is being kept secret and we are not expecting to have any sort of update on the progress of these negotiations both sides of course express ing deep scepticism about the possibility of any breakthrough because of these continued Israeli settlement and also the anger in Israel over the release of the Palestinian prisoners.Let's go to our top
stories on ABC News Breakfast - the Foreign Minister Bob Scar advising Australians not to travel to Egypt following a latest violence there. Egypt has declared a State of emergency after the Army attacked supporters of the of
former President killing scores of them.Mark Latham has denigrate ed the appearance of a te male Liberal candidate who Tony Abbott described as having sex appeal. The former Labor leader described Fiona Scott as rather plain and said the Opposition Leader must have had beer goggles on when he made the remark.US soldier Bradley Manning has apologised for hurting the US by leaking thousands of secret documents to WikiLeaks. Manning was addressing his sentence hearing after being convicted of 20 charges including espionage . Let's head back to the election campaign.The National s could win more seats and James Glenday is on the wombat trail.The Nationals xas campaign has come to the safe Liberal seat of Durack which covers the north of WA including the Ord developments here near the down of Kununurra. In the west, the Nationals maintain a very separate identity to the think they
Liberals and it's clear they think they can make some of their biggest gains, largely at the ex-presence of their Coalition counter - expense of their Coalition count parts.There is no Coalition agreement in WA. So it's not surprising there will be a number of three cornered contests.The party hopes to win this seat of Durack and hold Connor in the south of the State. Warren Truss has been joined on the campaign trail by Senate candidate David wir pund Yoo, the party believes his personal following should allow it to win a Senate spot off the Greens. That will make local campaign announcements as they
head south from near through the Kimberley, right down to Albany in the very south of the State.Australia's former Ambassador to Indonesia says it's time for a bipartisan approach to asylum seekers.John McCarthy has told us that neither of the major parties have policies that are likely to work in the longer term.Over the last three year s, there has been a lack of a capacity on the part of both parties to work together at all on these issues and that caused damage to our reputation
in caused damage to in the region: And I think in the fault that I want to in the region: And I after the election it fault that I want to project is after the really to fashion which is totally Not which is totally bipartisan.
Not just have some elements in Not just two policies which commonBut have some elements commonBut you don't have any fundamental agreement to commonBut you don't have stopping the boat, commonBut you don't have any
fundamental agreement stopping the boat, throe?No, I
think stopping stopping the boat, think stopping the boats is a
very important aspect of humanitarianism in the policy. Because people drown coming in boats quite clearly. So it's really very important to stop that. And both parties should certainly work to that equal ly there should be a deterrent Papua New Guinea
loment in the policy and if the Papua New Guinea solution works really reasonably quickly that is good. The problem is if it goes on it is likely to be - have a de stabilising contribution to the region.It's likely I think to be damaged in Papua New Guinea if it goes on at lept and people tend to build up in Papua New Guinea.Let's stay with the stop the boats poll pi wi which is a key element of the Coalition's offer to Australian people. You're a former Ambassador to Indonesia. How relistically would that work and how important is it that any Coalition Government has Indonesians well and truly cri on side?Well, - truly truly on side?The Indonesians do have some responsibility on this issue. It is after all boats coming from Indonesia with Indonesian crews out of Indonesian ports. So let's be clear about that.But, if you adopt a policy which is just pushback albeit push back when it's safe to do so it's likely to be counterproductive. The boats might be sunk by the crews, that has happened before.The boats might go into Indonesia ABC then just come back again - and then just come back again. If the policy is to work it's got to be agreed with the Indonesians. I simply can't be unilateral, they have said that.So that is crucial to the success of the Coalition's the
policy.Let's not forget that the next Australian Government could be dealing with a rather different Indonesian President after the elections next year as well. There could be a definite nationalistic feveror to Indonesian after that. That is one of the lead-up to the election risks. Bear in mind that SBY, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the current Indonesian President, has probably been the easiest President for Australia to work with that we are likely to. Have whoever succeeds him is not likely to approach these Australian issues with quite the same disposition to be reasonably helpful.Former ambassador to Indonesia John McCarthy. Now Europe is inking its way out of recession. The 17 euro countries grew by 0.3% in the second quarter of the year.The region's two largest economies Germany and France are leading the way but even the worst hit country s are Showing science of improvement.Today's figures when combined with other recent positive survey data are en couragend and suggest the European economy is gradually gaining moment yp. A sustained recovery is now within reach but only if we persevere on all fronts of our crisis response. Keep up the pace of economic reform, regain control over our debt, both public and private, and build the pillars of a genuine economic and monetary union.Let's look at the financial markets. To Steve baers the sport now.Yes, not a good morning for Essendon but it hasn't been for a long time. Essendon does remain steadfast in its belief it will be exonerated in the doping crisis that's engulfed the AFL u club. Legal teams for Hird, Essendon and the board are preparing for the 26th August scheduled here haeg. Hird's legal team has list add series of demands which, if nots met, will see them seek an injunction in the Supreme Court next Monday. Paul Little told the club's TV program 'The Hangar' that Essendon won't be rushed by the league's deadline.At first glance would suggest to us there are components of the charges that we believe are reasonable. However, there are also components of the charges we believe are quite unreasonable. And, therefore, from a club point of view, we believe we need to continue to focus on the legal aptions that will protect the individuals and ensure natural justice is had.A tough time for them, but
they know that, we know, that but they continue to have our support. However, I should say that there will be no corners cut here in trying to reach deadlines that maybe deadlines for the AFL, not necessarily deadlines for the club. So we 26th of recognise the importance of the 26th of August, however the imper tifr that the club delivers with natural justice delivers with to these four individuals is equally important to these equally important if not more
so.The one-off Test match between Australia so.The one-off between Australia and England
has ended in a draw at womsly. An unbeaten 78 from Jodie Fields pushed Australia to 5/231 which set England 249 runs to win the match in just 45 overs but England decided a draw was a better option and just blocked it out, finishing at 2/93. That was a four-day Test match which the women play. The 3-match one-day series begins at lords on August 20 and followed by three Twenty20 fixtures which will decide the ashes. Jared talent has won Australia's first medal at the championships in Moscow. He grabbed the bronze medal in last night's 50km walk. The twice Olympic silver medallist was patient, and bided him time throughout the event moving up to out right third spot inside the last 10km. He finished just over two minutes behind Robert Heffernan, who won gold just? Front of a Russian. It it's 28-year-old's Talent's second bronze medal while for ierpd it is a first goal at the - Ireland it is a first gold at the championships for 18 years.It's grelt to win a medal every time, I definitely wanted to win the gold today, it's my fifth medal at a world or Olympics. I have won two sill jers and three bronze get the
now.Hopefully one day I will get the gold. So I will push to Beijing in 2015 And Rio in 2016 and give it the best I can.It wasn't until I got into the stadium that I could relax and enjoy it and it was such a great feeling. I have worked all my life for this and for it to come off I am so happy. It's a proud moment for me and my country.That is a great performance from the two of them. I I

Great for Australia to get on the medal tally for the world championships.A couple interesting moments coming up over the weekend - Zoe Buckman goes in the 1,500m final, the first woman to make it through to the final and Sally Pearson is real medal prospect too.Vanessa is here with the weather now.In WA, we have another weather system that is strengthening near the south-west. The winds are also strengthening at the moment around that region and we do have a severe warning for dructive winds. Also rain, thunderstorms expected throughout the region and that front crossing - between 7 o'clock and so o'clock this morning: It will then make its way over SA and into the south-east on Friday and Saturday so we are expecting more wild weather throughout that region as we head into the weekend with very cold temperatures to start off the week next week. Having a look around the country -

That is where we're going to leave News Breakfast but we can take you quickly to Tasmania, Launceston, where Tony Abbott is going to speak very shortly to the assembled media and of course lots of politics coming up as the election campaign continues.News 24 will carry Tony Abbott's election comments live. We are fast approaching the halfway mark of this election campaign. The PM Kevin Rudd of course is heading to the Top End today. Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

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Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Jo roo oh brine. Egypt is our top stories this morning but there's plenty happening on the political front in week two of the election campaign. We have the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in Launceston. He's due to step up for a media conference shortly. We have the PM, he's landed in Darwin this morning. He's due to visit the Robertson barracks. That will be follow bade press conference at the Darwin cenotaph. That is due to happen within the next hour or. So the Greens leader Christine Milne is stepping up for a media conference in the next half hour or so as well. In the meantime, Australia has joined the international