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This program is captioned live. Tonight, charged with bringing the game into disrepute so can the Bombers clear their name? We all figure they lie to us but how much? Giving dads the tools they need to deal with pregnancy. Calls to boycott the Winter Olympics. Is our election campaign the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Off spring star Cat Stewart joins us live. This is the Project.Good evening and welcome to the Project. Speaking of welcome, Todd Sampson. Great having you in. I love your T- shirt but you had to change T- shirts?I had to change. It was too controversial the one I had on, for this timeslot.So you have gone for the one that says "disobey".Silent protest. Seriously, previous T- shirt - unacceptable.Making the news today, 14 August, investigators say it could take some time to determine the cause of a fatal housefire in Engadeen. 64- year-old less Hobson died and his wife is left fighting for life. Because the smoke couldn't fan out of the house it was from the Ceiling straight to the floor.The couple's son and his girlfriend managed to escape. A soldier has been charged with dangerous driving over the death of a fellow service man after a training exercise at Holsworhthy barracks last year. The Sapper, suffered head injuries and died three days after the accident. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has directed the Liberal Party to put the Greens last when it comes to preferences on all lower House how to vote cards. Labor has joined the coalition in ruling out deals with the minor parties and independents if it wins the election.The last thing you the people want is another hung parliament and another minority Government.The Greens' only member in the lower House and the man most affected by the coalition's preference announcement is Adam Bandt. Will this decision make it difficult for you to retain the seat of Melbourne?I don't think it will have much difference at all. We always presumed that Tony Abbott and Labor would strike some deal to keep parliament as a two-party closed shop. It probably helps a bit when Tony Abbott says don't vote for this guy because he has too much influence. That's something I will probably put on my campaign leaflet.Adam, these how to vote cards are quite waerd but you don't have to follow it?You don't. What we've always said is vote one Greens and fill out the rest yourself. Parties can only suggest to you what to do. At the end of the day it's up to you and you should make your own decision. Speaking of things Tony Abbott has been saying. He was on John Laws talking about marriage equality today.Many traditional things are wonderful.I'm not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment.I have stood with you on the back of a truck addressing thousands of people at a marriage equality rally in the past. This is hardly the fashion of the moment, is it?One thing these parties don't understand is society has moved on. It's not about fashion but dignity and decency and everyone having the right to marry the person they love regardless of their gender. If we can leave something behind, parliamentary terms are three years long, that will make a difference to millions of Australians - it's not just the people that want to get married but their families and friends who want to see the people close to them enjoy the same love and affection as everyone else, it will be a very good thing that parliament has done.I was surprised that Tony Abbott knew gay people were more fashionable.Maybe he has been taking some advice on the campaign trail.All the best. Thanks for your time tonight.Thank you.Interestingly in talking about same-sex marriage Tony Abbott has mentioned his sister a lot who is gay and they have very different views on it. Some have suggested she was maybe starting to change his mind over time and yet he came out and said this today. His sister replyed on Twitter saying: He doesn't speak for me and I don't speak for him.She knows he is not the suppository of all wisdom.I don't think Tony Abbott is an at this gay but pro-conservative vote. An interesting character. No doubt about it. Today he was banging on about how it was his decision to put the Greens at the bottom how to vote card. He has a new slogan for himself.This is my captain's call. This is my captain's call. As I said,this is my captain's call. I have made a captain's call here. I have made a captain's call. Tony, Tony, Tony is the captain. You might think that's annoying but the phrase he was going to use was the man has made a decision, no need to worry your pretty little head about it.The Commonwealth Bank has ex-rb exceeded all expectations posting the largest profit of any Australian bank. The profit was an increase of almost 8% on the previous financial year. An American scientists says they have discovered the reason for vivid experiences for people who say they've crossed over. After investigating elaborates they saw it follows a surge of chemical activity that follows near-death experiences.Why do they have to ruin it for everybody? You're part of this.When the body dies it's generally cardiac and the brain lives on. In that period it's still functioning so when they bring people back to life after they were clinically dead their brain was alive.They're not sure on the afterlife, are they?They are sure on minds, that the brain lives on. They're not sure about the mice. But they smelt cheese, it was wonderful and, "Now I'm back in the lab with you creeps again."Today Essendon vowed to fight drugs charges in the courts if necessary, which could make this year's AFL finals a test of their lawyers' stills instead.James Hird remains defiant today after the AFL formally announced charges in relation to Essendon's 2011 had-12 supplements program.We will defend ourselves vigorously and defend the charges and make sure we're proven not guilty.Along with the coach three individuals at the club were named. Mark bomber Thompson, club doctor Dr Bruce Reid and football manager Danny Corcoran.They were all charged with behaviour that was unbecoming... Or to bring the game of football into disrepute.The charges are linkeded to the alleged use of an anti-obesity drug - technically a banned substance, but club officials say they've been advised it was approved. While the club and all four officials contest the charges, the Bombers have made one thing very clear, their players have done nothing wrong.Essendon welcomes the new that no infraction notices have been issued against any of its players.But the saga has already taken a toll both in the club rooms and on the field.It seems like it's getting to not just the players, the club but the supporters as well.I think it has actually affected the players. Now they have said they have nothing to answer for I think it's a boost.? At this stage the Bombers are expected to front the AFL commission on 26th August. If found guilty, possible sapgss include loss of premiership points, draft picks and fines. It's a case of natural justice. Now they have their chance to say their side of the story and I think they should.But the path of natural justice can be far from clear, especially when there are lawyers involved. For the AFL the year's biggest clash might well take place in the courtroom. Adrian Anderson spent nine years as general manager of football operations at the AFL. Adrian, bringing the game into disrepute is a broad term. If no players took prohibited substances what exactly are club officials in trouble for? Yeah, look,this charge relates to the effect of what they have done to the reputation of the AFL competition. It's about perception. Would people perceive the AFL competition worse because of the environment that existed at Essendon during the supplementing program? The fact they haven't proven exactly what drug what player has taken doesn't mean there isn't evidence that drugs have been taken or given to players. It's just that they haven't got to the point of being able to prove which individual drugs were given to which player.The hearing will happen just before the finals. Do you think it will drag on through the finals, that Essendon will fight this?The whole idea of the AFL trying to deal with it now I think is to get it done and dusted before the finals and that it's trying to protect the integrity of the finals series by resolving this as best it can before the finals. Will Essendon challenge the findings?We don't know. That will be up to Essendon. There is no right of appeal within the AFL system from the commission. The commission is the final arbiter. And Essendon would have to show some grounds why they would be able to challenge that decision, whether it be denial of natural justice or something else.There is no doubt Essendon has been lashing out at the AFL and they believe it's been leaking like a sieve for a long time. One reporter are who didn't get any early information was the guy from the 7.30 Report. He had to wait all day to get this statement. James Bennett has been waiting at AFL headquarters since 9:00 am. How would you describe this development tonight?I believe he was almost dead.Tony Shubeke had an empty pizza box behind him as well. Whenever things leak everyone says the AFL leaks but it's not what happens in my experience. I think it would be better if ASADA were more Proactive in explaining why they haven't released all of the report a little bit more transparency and the facts would help the public debate.I think we all agree.Thanks for having me on. You're very angry at the AFL?I'm biased. I'm an Essendon fan and Hird is my favourite player ever. I feel there is not another avenue to complain if the AFL's handling of this brought the game into disrepute.Is that why you took the day off?We want these players to perform at such a high level and place such importance on winning, it's not surprising.Have a look at your guns? What is going on there? It must be tough for the reporters, they have been hanging around Essendon's home ground Windy Hill. Look at them. Channel Ten's kab Rob lost his umbrella. Channel 7 would be more professional, wouldn't they? No! Just really hard for all of the networks. Yeah. There are a lot of victims in this, that's all I will say.We're gonna take a break. Stick around.Coming up on the Project - the series is about to end so what is in store for Off spring fans? It could be called media spin but is it important that the words they say are fact checked. Politicians are good at putting the same viewpoint out.Speaking of pollies, some are

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the Project.
Welcome back to the come back to the as the election campaign goes on a new breed of fact checkers are promising to keep our politicians honest.Politicians have long been loose with the truth.There is no way that GS is. It will ever be part of our policy.There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.The statement that needs to be taken as gospel truth is those carefuly prepared scripted remarks. With so many claims and counter claims it's understandable people get confused.Gai runs fact checking on the Conversation website.All we're doing is looking at the political statements from politicians, interest groups and possibly the media and testing accuracy.Fact checking sprang up in America during the 2008 presidential election.They go for a fact-oid and say one side is claiming this or that. What is the truth?It's since spread Down Under with at least three facts checking out lets setting up shop here. Sometimes there are uncheckable facts but some are checkable.For example?The world is moving away from carbon tax ing and emissions trading scheme, not towards it. While that statement was found to be clearly false at other times it's hard to know where the truth lies.Sometimes in life there are many truths.One person's truth may be another person's spin.They may have left out some relevant context or omitted something.For example the new PM is keen to point out he is in touch with all Australians. Cost of living pressures.Things like electricity and child-care are more expensive while mortgages are cheaper and wages and welfare are higher. So we're much better off now than K Rudd tells us. All sides of politics can sometimes bend the truth.People are coming here not now as a result of persecution but because they're economic refugees who have paid money to people smugglers.Indonesian boats with Indonesian crews from Indonesian ports, of course you can return them to Indonesia.It's a return to a very old farblgsed idea. The media cycle is sofrenetic it's hard to get behind the headlines and spin.The reason, there are not that many journalists any more. Journalists are out numbered by PR people and spin doctors. Politicians are good at putting this out and it's not properly tested.I'm not sure of that. The role of political journalists is to hold politicians to account and they mostly do.With less than four weeks of the campaign left 8 in 10 voters have picked a side.For the undecided voters there is evidence to suggest it can change their voting intention.Time will tell whether they can expose a politician that has deliberately misled the public.In the meantime politicians might have to watch what they say a little more carefuly.Aren't you tired of going to boring press conferences when things are such that they don't tell you what they're doing.Watch out for the fact check injury.When people hear a fact they question less. So the more facts the less questioning. Most political advertising and spin is meant to appeal to our emotions not our intellect is.Are you saying this campaign is not indicatoring to our intellect?Absolutely.You are saying that advertising tries to con people?In general? Yes. It's called sper situation.One man who can pick a dodgy poly from a mile off is Tom Gleeson. Who do you reckon are the biggest culprits? I'm highly suspicious of Penny Wong myself. I don't like anything about her. I don't trust her at all. I actually believe she is a heterosexual Sudanese man. She is full of it!Tom, I love your, "I hate you, change my mind" segment. Last week Hughesy popped up. Let's have a look.You're the deputy leader of the opposition. Is that a bit like being a silver medallist at the Commonwealth Games.It's a bit like being Tom Gleeson on this week live rather than Dave Hughes on the Project.Brutal.Can we make it clear she was insulting you, not me?She pretty much handed me my arse on a plate. That was recorded really early in the morning by the way. I hadn't had a coffee yet.Who have you got tonight?Tonight I have Pauline Hanson. I have to say, she is a good sport. I can't say I agree with her views but she was happy to sit in the hate chair and let me tear strips off her. Here is a little taste.Are you gonna ask me a nice question?There aren't any here. Did she change my mind? I can't tell you.We will have to wait and see tonight if she changes your mind. You're on tonight right after Off spring. Please thank Tom Gleeson.Tune in - give us a go. More of the Project right after this.Coming up, can a bit of tacky mech get Sydney back in love with its rail network. And getting fathers up to speed with the ins and outs of having a baby. This is the (TECHNO MUSIC)

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This is the Project.British comedian and guest host John Oliver has scored huge laughs by poking fun at our federal election campaign. He zeroed in on now former One Nation candidate Stephanie Bannister.I don't oppose Islam as a country but I do feel their laws should not be welcome here in Australia.She is not just Sarah pail Lin. She is is a turbo pail Lin.An 8m10 tonne humpback whale has been rescued after it got tangled off the Gold Coast's Kirra Beach. It's the third time this migration season a while has had to be cut free.I think we're going to have to make some serious decisions about nets in the waters during migration time.The New South Wales Government should be -- could be facing a hard sell if it wants to make money out of merchandise promoting the much maligned public transport network. Yeah. People are just gonna be like I want a T-shirt to remember the time that transport system ruined my day.It's said that it's time Sydney caught up and took pride in our world famous public transport system.It is not world famous. I don't even know about it.Maybe they should merchandise clocks.Oh! Take that.Someone is watching that going, "Good."So they are gonna take it. Great. Kevin Rudd was at Cairns airport today promoting the fact there is more direct flights to China. China to Cairns. I love how Kevin brings people together. With a Labor MP and a Chinese businessman. It's not awkward at all.Weird.What a beautiful moment, Kevin. Good on you! It speaks for it self.The efforts of 21 children have been celebrated as they were named junior Triple Zero heroes at a Melbourne ceremony today. The kids were recognised for their bravery and quick thinking during emergency calls.Did I see you there photo bombing the kids?I was there presenting the awards. The calls were great to listen to.My mum is laying down on the floor. I don't know what is happening to her. He said if you don't give me money I will kill you. These are the little voices of quick-thinking kids.There are a billion trees burning to a crisp. Bravely calling Triple Zero as an emergency unfolds. 10-year-old Jasmin called Triple Zero after she woke up a dream and came down stairs to find her dad suffering a heart attack on the loungeroom floor.My zad not breathing and he is feeling a bit sick. His heart is hurting.Georgia, you're standing here because of who?Because of my daughter, Jasmin. She actually saved my life.Little Jimmy dialled emergency as his mother was passing in and out of consciousness.I will hold her hand...My mum told me to call the ambulance so I called the ambulance.Do you always listen to your mother?No.Your mother was unconscious and you turned her on her back and looked for a neighbour?Yes.It's incredible what they were able to do in difficult and challenging circumstances. We're extremely proud.Were you panicking?I don't know. I just stayed calm.I was shaking and quite frightened but I knew how important it was to tell them the information.There is no doubt about it, these little Triple Zero heroes deserve the attention. Great story.They are incredible. They are. Jasmin's story was amazing. In her dream her father was dying. That's what woke her up. She went down stairs and he was having a heart attack.It's good remind your kids what to do, where to call for help.The idea they can over ride their fear in that situation is amazing.A quick recap of the headlines - Essendon's James Hird says he and three colleagues will vigorously fight the charges against them by the AFL. A caretaker at a Gold Coast stable is fighting for life after being seriously burnt in a housefire. 15 prize racehorses also had to be rescued. The son of a murdered Melbourne grandmother says detectives have told him an excop is the number 1 suspect in the 2011 killing. South Australian man Anthony Hansen has been refused bail after being charged with abducting his ex-parter's four- year-old daughter at the weekend. And Tony Abbott has explained his sex appeal gaff as a daggy dad moment, adding he had had copped some flak from his daughters.As the kids suggested to me, I had a "dad moment".A dad moment?A dad moment maybe yeah.Some feedback from James? A dad moment, what has he been doing with his kids?I'm not gonna touch that. For legal reasons. The response that the media picked up - oddly the Labor Party stayed quiet about it. But when Rudd was pushed today he had this to say.If any male employer stood up in a workplace anywhere in Australia and point tooing female staff member said this person is a good staff member because they've got sex appeal, I think people would scratch their heads at least. And I think that the employer would be finding themself in serious strife.He made a big difficulty for himself that he didn't need, Tony Abbott, on this one. Absolutely.Unplugged Tony Abbott is entertaining.Just continual gaffs?No doubt.The strategy to date has been be quiet. When he is not...Many people are saying they like that about him, that he says he -- what he is thinking.The American Daily show are loving it, p they will be able to sack some writers.They had a six-point plan dude, everyone going on.Tony Abbott was in a bit of trouble over this. He said, "Do you remember the other guy who couldn't remember the points? That was worse."K Rudd has an eye for the ladies. A guy wants to shake his hand. Watch what happens. Doesn't want to shake his hand. No, there's a lady.Moving on if you Google pregnancy and labour there is a mass of information and some really disturbing images - I know! So how are first time dads meant to navigate that terrain. Some things in life come naturaly to fathers, whether it's firing up a barbie, getting rid of spiders or filming their kids on the way home from the dentist, dads have got it covered.Do you feel good?I can't see anything.Yes, you can.But there is one area where some feel they need a little guidance - pregnancy.Men have lots of different reactions to the news they're gonna become a dad. We have heard loud and clear from dads they're looking for an online space with information they can trust.So the raising children network has released a free online guide specifically for dads and pregnancy. Did you say "pregnant dads"?No, dads and pregnancy.Oh, I was gonna be the best mum!The site covers everything from morning sickness and birth classs to what to do when you're in the mood and your partner is in a mood swing.Preparing to become a dad to be can make the experience of being a new father much richer and have great spinnoffs for their relationship to be happier and last longer.So whether you're a first time father or an old hat dad now you have the tools you need. Can we expect a bit more napy changing?Maybe.Timothy O'Leary is a fathers therapist and one of the collaboraters on the site. What is one of the biggest hurdles for dads when they find out their partner is pregnant?The pregnancy is not something that's occuring to them. Unlike the mother who might be having morning sickness at the start. Men are finding their way into pregnancy without any particular markers that say, yeah, you're on track as a dad. How is this specifically geared to dads?When we surveyed a lot of dads about what was really useful, they wanted cut to the chase specific information that was clear and the kind of information they could use. A whole lot of information isn't worth a great deal unless it becomes something you can apply in your life. In which case as the saying goes, knowledge is power.I'm gonna cut to the chase and get serious for a moment. A lot of people wouldn't realise how common miscarriages are. Is there a section for how men should deal with that?That's right. Some of the concerns are if you focus on the happy and excited side of pregnancy you will miss out on the fact that for a great deal of families mice carriage is addly an all too common experience. What dads really like and respond to is that we have storys from men who have gone through that experience. It's not just the medical side of pregnancy. I have heard many of my friends who are dads, they say it's the fear associated with how their relationship might change with a baby coming along and the impact that will have on them as well. Look, you kind of get tested a bit during the pregnancy in terms of how you work with the changes in your relationship. That sets you up for thinking, actually post birth you really have to have some good skills at being negotiating. I have my little friend here just to make the point here. My little broken finger here to make the point if you work on your relationship you will find that the research confirms you get great outcomes for kids when families are really strong. The strongest part of a relationship is of course the couple relationship that flows onto the family.How did you break your finger?Playing over 47s football. Yeah, pretty ridiculous.Desperate stuff, the over 47s! Details are on our website. Thank you very much for your time.Thank you very much. I reckon dads often get an unfair rap. I know a lot of dads including my sons' dad Greg, they read the books and were across it all. Especially for the first one definitely and after that, not really.I was one of those. I read everything. I'm a science geek. I turned the whole thing into a science experiment and drove my wife crazy. Every symptom I was going, "I know exactly what that is."She is like just give me a hug and a belly rub.That's easy to believe actually with you.The website is the dad's guide to pregnancy, not the daggy dad's guide to pregnancy. You just keep telling your wife she has got sex appeal all the time.A Panda needs a guide to parenting in Taiwan. The story was on last night. You were telling us about a Panda that had to be separated from her cub because she was a bit rough. It's hard to watch them. Happy news is actually they've been reunited. They have been reunited. This is actual footage of them together. Is there anything sweeter? It's hard to believe there ever was an issue. What a beautiful mother. You know what?Oh!When you have to move a cub you move the cub. Oh!Oh! I don't know how to feel about that. Where do you go from that? That's morbid.I don't have kids so I was like is that how you pick them up? We will be back in a tick. Don't go anywhere. Coming up, could this be the best way ever to get to work? Should countries boycott the Winter Olympics over Russia's tough anti- gay laws? Out and proud athletes say no.When I was growing up it was hard to have a hole model in sport especially with an Olympics. It's important to Help win the battle against germs
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You're watching the Project.In 2014 Australia will head to Russia to compete at the Winter Olympics but new anti-gay laws in the country have sparked calls to boycott the whole thing.There is something special and exciting about the two weeks where everyone comes together.Blake is about to step onto the biggest stage in sport. To represent New Zealand at the Winter Olympics. But right now what the world is seeing in Russia is a long way from that Olympic ideal. Just 20 years after homosexuality became legal in Russia new laws have now been passed that ban the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors, mean nothing talking, reading, writing, meeting, rallies or even discussion about anything gay. Penalties include fines or jail and there is evidence that the rate of violence against the lesbian, gay, transgender and bi community is increasing.It's oppression. It's bullying. They have condemned love. It's persecution. It's based on something that these people can't help.Inside Russia, 88% of people reportedly support the ban. But around the world, some powerful voices are joining a growing chorus against it.Nobody is more offended than me by some of the anti-gay and lesbian legislation you've been seeing in Russia.Gay bars are refusing to sell Russian vodka in protest.And Stephen Fry has called for a boycott.They have lured them, beaten them, humiliated them. For toured them.The IOC is under pressure. First they assured athletes the laws wouldn't apply to them but Russian authorities have since said they will. Now the IOC has asked Russia for a written guarantee they won't. But gay athletes like Matthew and Blake say boycotts or moving the games are not the answer.It would punish the athletes more than Vladimir Putin and the laws themselves.When I was growing up it was hard to have a role model in sport especially the Olympics. It's important to stand up and show the real me which is a great thing for the human rights movement.Which is exactly what Australian diver Matthew Mitcham did in 2008.By coming out before the games, doing my best and winning some might say homosexuality doesn't belong in sport - I contradicted that. Australia's Olympic chiefs have offered support:While he might not be don nrbging the green and gold Blake hopes to be stand ing up beside our team and the rest of the world to make a difference.It hasn't been an easy road. I want to do any part and in that I guess I can open some minds and get some change. It's very complicated when sport and politics mix. For a lot of people, for a lot of the general public they didn't know much about apartheid until we stopped playing them at cricket. So sport and politics have always been involved. The message is out therement. I love it that gay athletes want to get out and do their thing and show the locals they are proud.I reckon Vladimir Putin protests a little bit too much.Really?If you want to show your support for gay athletes heading to Russia check out the Athlete Allied page.Coming up, Patrick's death left the country reeling. Now it's sometime to get some answers. Off spring's Kat Stewart spends some time on the desk. You're watching the Project. SONG: # You light my world up # You shine a bright star # You are a sweetheart # And I've never... # WOMAN: We love shiny things too. So we've created new Harpic
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Churp chaurp (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to the Project.Now it's time to welcome our next guest. Before we do, we warn you you may find the following vision extremely distressing.With the series coming to an end we knew 'Offspring' was heading to a dramatic episode last week but no-one was prepared when we lost Nina's partner and dad to be Patrick. Social media went into meltdown with outcries of TV grief. Now the world of Nina and the rest of the 'Offspring' crew must go on. Tonight the finale is guaranteed to leave not one dry eye in the house. I'm tiering up now! Please welcome Kat Stewart. (CHEERING Were you sobbing on the couch like the rest of us? Or just me?A few of us got together actually. We knew it was going to be a big episodement we got together and watched it. We were following the Twitter feeds a bit. I looked up at the crucial moment and we were all crying.Twitter went into meltdown. The guys from the band Offspring thought one of their members had died.When we heard about it on set we were amazed and shocked - it was exciting, oh, but awful!It's not real people.But no, bigger than any of us could ever have imagined. Matt who played Patrick, his mother was really upset. She has known for months because apparently she stole the script. She has been angry for a long time.His mother took matters into her own hands. She got into his apartment and read - or not got in, she was staying there. How does it feel when social media is asking for other characters like you to die?You know, it's not ideal! I think they would push anyone under a bus to save Patrick. He is kind of lovely.Is it a relief when you all get sat down on set and told who is gonna die. Great, not me!This was the way it was promoted. That was never on the table in termination of the plot. But it became a real thing.It was huge. Your character Billy deserves to be punished because she has been cheating on her husband.Terrible. Just once.Once is enough. What does your real husband Dave think when he sees you like that?He is used to me being bad on screen. I've done some terrible things over the years H this is nothing.For tonight, for the finale, how many boxes of tissues will we need? Is it would worse than last week?It is sad. There is a funeral. But it's a tonic for those of us who are hurting. There are bursts - Nina's baby comes. When terrible things happen a family like the Proud mans gather together.Is madness and chaos.Does Patrick come back?He is... Dead. Having said that, Nina's imagination is very alive.Harold from Neighbours came back.No, he went missing at sea.Why didn't they make him go missing at sea instead.Patrick and Harold are very different.You have a funeral episode tonight. Any good funeral montage has a good song like Wendy Matthews, the Day you went

went Away.Tiers in Heaven? It's all been done in post. We filmed all of the funeral stuff the day after the Logies. We were all a bit delicate.The emotions - you would be right on the emotions.So you don't look a little bit smug for a funeral.It was an amazing day actually.Don't miss the season finale tonight of 'Offspring' straight after Masterchef at 8.30. Please thank Kat Stewart.We will see you in a tick. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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This is the Australian
Government's message for anyone associated
with people smuggling. People who have recently arrived
by boat have now been sent to
Papua New Guinea. They will not be settled
in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee
is now worthless. It's buying a ticket
to another country. Tell your family and friends - the rules have changed. For more information, visit:

They could use that in the montage. It's a bit up vibe.Some more news now - we're a step closer to being able to own a jetpack now the New Zealand civil aviation authority has given the green light for test flights. One Kiwi manufacturer says it's a real breakthrough and personal flight machines could be on sale to the general public by 2015.Darwin would be proud - that's natural selection right there. If we can't sort out ground transport how will we do that? I have image of swat, swat, swat, hitting people.Kevin Rudd was at a school in Queensland. Very popular up there. Listen to this.It's like 'One Direction'.Just have a look at how bad it got. A kid actually had to play bouncer there. I don't think that kid is with ASIO.Guys, make some room so someone can throw a sandwich, please!Some feedback on dads and what happens during pregnancy and how they don't know - that they need more resources. Nick says my wife tells me how big the baby is compared to fruit. I have never concentrated so much on the fruit section in

20 years ago, I had a little recipe
and a big dream.

Now this is where my humble recipe

gets distributed around the world.

Carolyn made a multimillion-dollar
empire out of a simple idea.

Now Ten's giving you the opportunity
to do the same.

I am so excited to help find
the next supermarket success story.

So we all know someone
with these secret recipes,

whether it's your mate
with his killer chilli sauce

or the guy that lives down
the end of the road

and his amazing meat pie.

Cooking up a great dish

is only half the story.

Now we have to work out
if we can take those recipes

and turn them into major brands.

The best thing about
Recipe to Riches

is every episode's winning product,

you will be able to buy

the very next day.

Which recipe will be on
the supermarket shelves tomorrow?

Recipe to Riches.

On Ten.

On Ten.

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on MasterChef Australia,

World Food Week continued with
a frantic lunch order...

EMMA: I need three more prawn.

LUCY: No, you can't do.
I haven't even got prawns.

..and the red team's loss
left Emma to decide

whether or not to use
her immunity pin.

You've got a big decision to make.

Tonight, it's Emma's dilemma.

So, are you gonna play the pin?

I'm really torn as to
whether or not to use it today.

But their fate is already
mapped out.

It's a map of the world in food.

MATT: You'll pick
a different continent

and you will cook a dish

using only ingredients
from that continent.

Fail to make it around this world
and someone's going home.

I turn around and look at my bugs.
They're far too black.

RISHI: Lucy, twist.
I can't. I'm too weak.

I've lost it.

Who will be on top of the world?

GARY: I think it looks
pretty as a picture.

I think it's absolutely delicious.

And whose MasterChef journey
will come to an end?

The negative is the entire dish.

SONG: # 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You don't really want to stay, no

# But you don't really want to go-o

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

Yesterday the red team lost
the team challenge,

which means Emma, myself, Lucy
and Samira are in for elimination.

Coming this far in the competition,
everyone's a great cook,

so, no doubt, I'm feeling
pretty nervous at this stage.

I don't want to go home.

You look nice.
Oh, thanks.

You know, a bit of black.

Are you ready to give up the pin?

EMMA: This immunity pin has been
both a safety net and a burden.

I'm really torn as to
whether or not to use it today.

Oooh. No crying today.

I want to go in to this elimination
not afraid.

Since the comeback,
I've been calm...

Hi, Samira. Hi, Dan.

..and I've cooked the best I've
cooked throughout this competition

and I just want to continue
on that path.


Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

(LAUGHS) It's a map of the world
in food.

Oh, wow.

It's amazing. It's beautiful.

But it's worrying. Really worrying.

How wonderful is this!

We worked tirelessly overnight

to lay a whole world of food
at your feet.

It is World Food Week
and today the world is your pantry.


KELTY: This is just incredible.

I'm looking over the balcony
at the world

and as a foodie,
I'm looking at the countries

and identifying foods
of that region.

Really, really clever.

Lucy, big day today.

But more importantly,
the thing that's on our minds

is that immunity pin that's
sitting on Emma's chest.

Should she play that immunity pin?

Of course she should play it.
She'd be a fool not to.

And if she didn't play it, then I'd
take it off her and give it to you.

And so are you gonna play the pin?

Of course I'm gonna play the pin,


At the end, it's a competition.

Giving up the pin
secures me a place in the top seven.

Thanks, Gary.


Good luck.
Bye, sweetheart. (LAUGHS)

Let's get down to
the real business of today

and that's an elimination

and it comes down to
the three of you.

For one of you today,
it will be the last time

you cook in the MasterChef kitchen.

Today's elimination
is in two rounds.

The best dish in round one
means that person is safe

and the other two go on to compete
in the second and final round

for the right to stay
in this competition

or, if you don't do well,
the round that will send you home.

Cooking twice today
just seems so daunting.

I'm hoping to get up on that
gantry straightaway.

Round one - you'll each pick
a different continent

and you will cook a dish using only
ingredients from that continent.