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(generated from captions) Tonight's Seven News headlines - Bali's jail governor confirms Schapelle Corby could be freed
this Saturday. A man killed, his wife
fighting for life in hospital after a fierce house fire. Tony Abbott's daughter
defends her dad's sex appeal gaffe. And stolen heirlooms returned
to a World War II digger, restoring his faith in humanity.

Checking finance now and the share market closed lower despite strong profit growth
by market heavyweights such as the Commonwealth Bank.

Shares in Southern Cross Austereo

They may look like giant Smurfs, but the tricks of the Blue Man Group
are anything but child's play. The international entertainers
are back in Sydney for a series of shows
at the Lyric Theatre. Among their new stunts is this one,
which involves gigantic iPhones. More than 25 million people
have seen a Blue Man show since the first performance
25 years ago.

Now, here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

Chris, we had a reminder today that
spring is just around the corner. Temperatures soared
well above average again. It was a spectacular sunny day. 24 degrees in the city. 6 degrees above average. Right now, it's 19. Richmond also hit 24. 23 at Campbelltown and Liverpool. 22 in Terrey Hills. From the satellite, a cold front moved through Victoria
today. You can see a cloud band
associated with that. Tonight, that system will sweep
through southern New South Wales. And it is whipping up damaging winds with a severe weather warning for parts of the Illawarra,
Central Tablelands, Southern Tablelands,
Snowy Mountains and Canberra. We could also see 5-10mm of rain. But the showers and winds
will ease tomorrow morning as the system moves out to sea.

Interstate - a few showers
in Perth. Fine and mild in Adelaide
and Melbourne. A late shower
in Hobart. Clear skies
and 14 in Canberra. On the waters:

It'll drop to 10 degrees
in Sydney tonight. And tomorrow
will be cooler than today with a top of 19. It's remaining sunny, though. Richmond will dip to 5
before a top of 20. Penrith, 6-20. Campbelltown,
a chilly 3 degrees overnight. 19 tomorrow. 18 in Bondi. 19 in Manly. To the 7-day forecast - Down to 8 degrees in the city. 4 in the west. It'll be a fine and sunny day,
though. On the weekend, we could see a bit of rain
on Saturday. So Sunday will definitely be the
pick of the days over the weekend. It'll be sunny and pretty warm too. 23 degrees in the city
and in the west. Next week is looking clear
and sunny too. Chris.

And that's Seven News at 6:00.
I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. On Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, Greens leader Christine Milne on what the lack of a preference
deal will mean for her party. Now, here's 'Today Tonight'.

Welcome to the program.
I'm Helen Kapalos. Tonight - LCD, LED, plasma. Giant flat-screen TVs
have never been more affordable. But how do you avoid
landing a lemon? Plus, the simple free eye test which can detect
all sorts of dangerous diseases. That story shortly. But first, the money-making schemes
being flogged to mum-and-dad investors
across the country. Someone's getting rich but it's not always
the mums and dads. Jackie Quist exposes the spruikers
who talk the talk, but don't always walk the walk.

I would like to know where my $15,000 is.You are a fraud and you'll always They're the fallen kings
of get-rich quick schemes. A rogue's gallery who promised
everyday Australians a magic carpet ride to riches. Dudley Quinlivan,
Steve McArdle, Lino Tomaiolo and most notorious of all -
Henry Kaye. A wealth creation spruiker is someone who pretends
they're gonna make you wealthy provided you pay them
a certain amount of money. What they generally do is take your money
and make you poorer. Real estate monitor and consumer
advocate Neil Jenman has spent more than a decade
investigating and exposing these so-called investment gurus who charge audience members
anything from $3,000 to $20,0000 for seminars and courses. They make promises that are
just outrageous. They say things which are
just diabolically nonsensical, Went to one of his seminars
and signed up. Close to retirement in 2010,
Kerry Woods jumped at the chance to double his money
in just one year... ..a fool-proof offer guaranteed by a company called
21st Century Education.

It cost me $7,995 for the membership
and for that they guaranteed that they would double my money
up to $20,000. Its so-called proven system works by trading currencies
on the foreign exchange market. So I put $20,000 in
and then at the end of 12 months I was down to $9,600 I don't know the details of that
guarantee I don't trade Forex
I don't teach Forex but if there's a written guarantee
they would have that in writing.

Jamie McIntyre is CEO
of 21st Century Education. He describes himself
as a financial educator, mentor, motivator and he's well-known
as a spruiker. We've had 550,000 clients
at 21st Century Education over the last 15 years. If there was 90% of them happy,

that means there'd be 10% or 55,000
disenfranchised clients out there. And if that was only 10% that
would be a remarkable success rate. But it's not. I would dare say there was 99%
happy clients and only 1%. I'd say there's 0.01% To be fair to Jamie, we tried to speak on camera
to six of his happy customers but all were unavailable. All of us are worried
about our financial futures so all of us are prime bait
for these wealth creation spruikers. Neil Jenman is currently suing
Jamie McIntyre for defamation. This is the man who spends
hundreds of thousands of dollars to get himself into the position
where he can get his photo taken with Richard Branson
or Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said that if we don't become
a millionaire within five years we'll refund all your money
from the home study program. None of it was recovered. Darren James was won over by
Jamie McIntyre at a 2010 seminar. The auto trader would operate
on its own and you'd pay $5,000,
I think, at the time. This would make you money
in the background while you slept.

Sounds too good to be true. And it was for Darren. He lost $5,000 and after three months
cancelled his credit card to stop the company
debiting a further $495 a month.

And that's when the action started and the litigious messages
came through. Sending me decline notices
day after day, sometimes twice a day.

Investors need to make sure that
they're seeking independent advice, preferably in writing,
about any investment opportunity so that they know it's
absolutely appropriate for them. Litigation specialist Tim Finney At Slater & Gordon
we receive a lot of inquiries from people who have lost money
in investments in the stock market. And they often say what the advisor told me
or what this person told me sounded too good to be true and it turned out
that was exactly the case. It was for the creditors
of property spruiker Henry Kaye whose National Investment Institute
famously collapsed in 2003 owing $60 million to creditors including scores
of mum and dad investors. Our lecturers that would teach
people how to trade say, the trade market or Forex, they're licensed to give
financial advice. As I said,
I don't teach those things. But Jamie McIntyre
is a man of huge ambition - he's formed
his own political party, running for the seat of New England
as an independent. Our goal is to run 75 lower house
seats around Australia. Out of the 150, that's possible

I was probably a fool
for believing what he was offering. Kerry was offered a refund
by 21st Century Education but refused it,
as the deal included a gag clause. He comes across as a Mr Nice Guy,
wants to help everyone but he's only helping himself
to your money. Jackie Quist reporting there. Now, with Holden workers agreeing
to a pay freeze to keep the company going
in Adelaide, it's feared wage earners across the
country may face a similar squeeze. But not CEOs - somehow, they remain immune
to such real-life problems.

I see young people who want to work. It's hard, it's been very hard. Be they tears of pain or disbelief,
the result was unchanged. Thousands of workers agreeing
to forfeit any pay increase, in the hope of keeping their jobs.

we just had a talk from a couple of
the bosses and union and we're buggered, that's it.

500 workers took a separation
package and left the Holden plant, which is the beating heart of the
working area of Elizabeth, in Adelaide's northern suburbs.

The 1,700 workers left here
have accepted a pay freeze, in the hope of keeping the plant
open beyond 2016. At one end of the spectrum
you've got a working poor, and at the other end you've got these CEO's who're
earning these record salaries, it just doesn't make sense.

Dave Oliver, the secretary of the
Australian Council of Trade Unions, says even as
Holden CEO Mike Devereux and his executive team gave
themselves a combined 30% pay rise, they led the company
to a $153 million loss.

At a time when he was asking workers
to take a 10% wage cut, we asked the question about how much
pain were they going to take in this and the answer was very clearly,
none. And it's not just Holden. a recent review of the top 50
companies in Australia found that CEO's earn on average
100 times more than their workers.

The federal minimum wage is
currently $622 per 38-hour week. The average salary of our top
CEO's is... ..wait for it... ..$6.5 million. So your typical base salary
of a big CEO now is around the $2 million mark, but many of them end up earning more
than $5 million a year because of performance bonuses. Stephen Mayne from the
Australian Shareholders Association thinks executives' pay
should be tied to their performance. It's hard to justify any CEO
earning more than $5 million a year, so the likes of BHP and the big four
banks, where you regularly see the CEO
earning $8 - $10 million a year, it's just way out of whack
with community expectations.

All the while, the CEO salary tsunami rolls on. ANZ bank CEO Mike Smith -
$10.1 million. Westpac boss Gail Kelly -
$9.7 million. National Australia Bank chief
Cameron Clyne - $8.8 million. New BHP Billiton CEO
Andrew Mackenzie is hoping to be paid $12.5 million
in his first year.

Some of these CEOs should lead
by example and practice what they preach. Unemployment is expected to soon hit
a 10-year high of 6.25%. With jobs harder to come by. Will workers have to sacrifice wages
to get or keep a job? Over the last few weeks,
they're very emotional, very upset, I received many, many phone calls
from people saying, "How am I going to pay my mortgage?" "How am I going to pay my bills
as we go forward?"

Bryan Seymour reporting. Now, hundreds of thousands
of Australians are walking around with
potentially deadly illnesses and they haven't got a clue. Yet their condition could easily
be diagnosed through a simple -
and free - eye test. Leisa Goddard with the story.

I would be blind, if not dead. We've identified at least five
brain tumours here. I didn't expect anything like that.
I came for a eye test. When it comes to your health, the eyes really are the window
to your body and soul. Leisa. Come in. How are you? Good, Harry. Let's see.
I think I'm in good health. You do? I hope so.
I think so. I hope so too. Let's just slide this camera
in place and we'll have a look at you.

I am about to find out my health
is not as good as I'd hoped. You have got a very mild case
of early macular change. Those little specks there indicate
that the macular has been effected.

This sort of monitoring doesn't
just save his patients' sight. Harry saved my life. One test - that's all it takes.

Harry is Brisbane optometrist
Harry Melides. Holly Ann Carnell went to see him after three different doctors
failed to pick up what was causing
her severe headaches. She thought she needed glasses,
but... He just sent me
straight off to hospital. In these highly magnified images
of her eyes, Harry found enormous pressure
was being put on her brain. Basically, it turned out that I had 2.5 times the amount
of pressure around my brain than a normal person would. Untreated,
it would have sent her blind and eventually killed her. A 15-minute test, I was straight in to a field test, then straight off to the hospital. Two days later, I was in for a lumber puncture
and an MRI and I had it all confirmed.

What his eagle eye had detected
were the symptoms of a rare disease.

You can see
that looks like a big volcano. Now, that is how your eye was
when you first came in. Before and after photos
are proof of lives saved.

If you didn't get
some medical advice, you were a walking candidate
for a stroke. Jimmy Prineas went because
he was having trouble reading. What he found out was
that a main artery was 90% blocked and he needed a stent.

That artery, which is
the main artery of your eye, is the same size
as the main arteries in your brain, so when I look at that, I get a picture
of what's going on up there and a picture of what is going on
in the little heart arteries and in your kidney arteries. These types of pictures are taken
every day by optometrists around the country.

That's nearly back to normal. You probably added a whole heap
of years to your life, mate. Hi, Rob. How you going, mate?
Good, mate. Here for your check-up, are you?
Absolutely, yes. Robert Jones is a diabetic but he didn't know that
until he sat in this chair. Harry picked up there
was a bit of a bleed in one of the main arteries
behind the eye there. It's estimated
more than 230,000 Australians are walking around
just like Robert did, unaware they have diabetes. At this one small suburban
optometrist in Brisbane, at least two patients a day are told
to see a doctor immediately. Macular degeneration causes
50% of all blindness in Australia. One in seven people
over the age of 50 have it. That's around a million people. And over the next 15 years, that number's expected to rise
by 70%. Had Harry have been using
old-school tools, I'd be none the wiser and nor would Karen Browning.

and nor would Karen Browning. OK. Up in the big chair. She's about to find out
she'd just had a stroke. Harry's examination finds
plaque had blocked an artery. Look, we need to see the doctor. You need to get a full blood count,
they'll do a scan on you. She took the advice and other Australians should too and head to their optometrist. Get your eyes checked, absolutely. Get your eyes checked.
You never know what they might find. Better to know than not to know. And we're pleased to report
that Karen is fine and grateful to have picked up
that minor stroke early. OK, still to come - the latest Choice tests
on flat screen TVs. A Helen Wellings investigation. We're back in a moment.

Tony Abbott has admitted
that his plans will hurt people, like families, because he's cutting
the Schoolkids Bonus, he's cutting billions of dollars
from education funding, and he's already admitted
he'll cut 12,000 jobs. But, to pay for his promises, Tony Abbott is still
$70 billion short. $70 billion. Which means there'll be more cuts. Who's next in line? You?

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Thanks, Kochie. Now to the everyday items
which undergo constant testing to ensure they work properly
and, more importantly, they're safe. Among them,
big-screen televisions and prams. Here's Helen Wellings.

The colour's a bit off on that. These state-of-the-art
scientific tests at Choice uncover what's unsafe. Defects in quality and performance. Which brands rate best and worst. Occasionally, we do find one
that's a bit of a dud, usually from a safety angle.

Choice's Scott O'Keefe
is testing 12 leading TV brands and lesser-known labels. Picture quality,
it's the whole gamut. They're going to test the processor that looks after handling
the images in the TV and that can make a huge difference. Testers rate
accurate, bright, punchy colour - but not so bright
that detail's lost - and true skin tones. Skin tones have to look natural. You don't want people
who look sallow and pasty. And contrast
between black and white - black should be black. LCDs
or the newer energy-efficient LEDs

tend to have better blacks.

which is a Chinese one
called the Changhong, you can see
quite a bit of pixilation. That's noise in the image and TVs have noise suppression
in them. Shoppers are looking
for large-screen TVs. They're buying 75-, 84-inch TVs
on a very regular basis now. Rob Nelson of Harvey Norman
says 3-D didn't take off, but now there are
giant laser-beam screens, smart TVs for web browsing and ultra high definition.

Gives you four times the definition
of full HD. So there used to be
2 million pixels, or dots, on the screen - This one has 8 million dots
on the screen. So Rob,
what's the better technology? Is it LED or plasma now? LEDs are the best TVs,
we really think. The colours
that you get on these TVs are magnificent. You can make them very, very slim, which people will really like and you use a lot less power. So, best brands? Our experts agree. Brands like Changhong,
like Skyworth, they're not in the same league
as your traditional brands like your Sony, your Panasonic,
your LG, your Samsung.

I think there's a place
for the Chinese brands but we're very focused on
Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic.

One. Will the feels fall of?

Choice's Tom Godfrey says tests show with the more expensive brands,
you pay for style and extras but not necessarily
better performance or safety.

You can get a $50 stroller that will pass
all the safety requirements. Now, it won't have
all the features. You need to make sure that it does conform
to the latest safety standards because you don't want
to put your child at risk.

Hellen Wellings there. Up next, guns in our suburbs - bikies, gangs and thugs
where you'd least expect them.

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Now with the latest Seven News
headlines, Chris Bath. Thanks, Helen.
Making news in Sydney tonight - Indonesian prison authorities say convicted Australian drug smuggler
Schapelle Corby could be granted parole
as early as this weekend. They say there are no technical
issues delaying her release. An early morning house fire
at Engadine in Sydney's south has claimed the life
of an invalid pensioner and left his wife
in a critical condition. Tony Abbott's daughter Bridget
has told Seven News his comment about a Liberal
candidate's sex appeal was a daggy dad remark. A young soldier has been charged
over a deadly truck roll-over at the Holsworthy Barracks
last year. Alexander Gall has been charged with
several dangerous driving offences. The small Hunter Valley town
of Bulga has launched its legal battle
against Rio Tinto to stop the expansion
of a nearby mine. An emergency crews
have rescued a horse And emergency crews
have rescued a horse which had been stuck in
a Blue Mountains gully for four days. Taking a look at Sydney's weather - the temperature will drop to a chilly 3 degrees in Campbelltown tonight. Tomorrow will be cooler
than today with 19 degrees in the City, 20 at Penrith.

That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening, Helen.

Tomorrow night, forget 'Underbelly'. We look at the growing gun culture
in our suburbs and the extreme measures being
employed to stem the bloodshed.

It is like the streets of LA are San Francisco. Now it is anywhere in Australia.It is the biggest crime problem that we have.

That's tomorrow. For now, don't forget
the 7:00 News over on 7TWO. I'm Helen Kapalos. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

Ah, they're starting a bus tour. Yeah, Marilyn thought there's such
beautiful scenery in the area, we may as well
make a buck out of it.

What I'm trying to say is
Gina didn't approve then, which means
she wouldn't approve now. Chris. Hi.
CHRIS: Hey. What...what are you doing here? I just had to see... ..Spence! Dude! So, she's the reason you're back? I couldn't stop thinking about her and I've never felt like this
about anyone before. Well,
if it makes you feel any better, Tamara's not replying
to any of my messages. Yeah. It does...a bit. Thanks. But, hey, we're in
the same room together. We're not trying to kill each other. It's progress. Yeah. I can't keep making
the same mistakes. And I know that Heath and I
have got issues but I love him. I just want to give her a quick call
and say I've been an idiot.


What is it?

If you want to talk...

(LAUGHS) Go. Hey! Where's Heath? Well, he's not...
I thought he was with you. We thought he was with you.

No matter what I say right now, I'm
going to sound like a crazy person. Do you want him to think
the wedding's still postponed? He'll drink Melbourne dry. No, I don't want that. So, dial.

I want to ask you something first.

I want this wedding
to be a clean slate.

Nothing like my last two. If you want to ditch
the meringue dress, I'm all for it.


I want you to be my bridesmaid. What?

Well, you're one of his oldest
friends and now you're mine. And without you, this wedding
probably wouldn't be happening.

What about April? She's the one that suggested
doing something different.

I don't really do frills or flowers. (LAUGHS) You'll be fine. And, hey, Heath is probably going
to ask Brax to be his best man so he'll be right there next to you. You reckon?
Yeah. Well, let's find out.


Bianca. Hey. Hi, Brax. Is Heath there? Um, yeah, just hang on. He's, uh...
he's around here somewhere. Is he drunk or just avoiding me? No, no. It's just you kind of threw him
with the whole wedding thing but, you know, it's, um...
it's all good.

Um, did he ask you
to be his best man? Uh, he did. He did, yeah. Oh, good, 'cause I just asked Ricky
to be my bridesmaid and now she he has to say yes. Brax, save me!

So I take it
if you're sorting out a bridesmaid, the wedding must be back on. Yep. Absolutely.

Can I tell him myself? Yeah, well, listen. I'll get him
to call you. Alright? OK.
Bianca? Yep? Um, I'm really glad for you.

Heath not there? That, or he's getting
the best man to screen his calls. Look, he just needs to come back
and see that you're still serious and all this will sort itself out.

Come on. What did Bianca say? Well, the wedding's back on,
which is good. But we don't have the groom.
We'll find him. I'm going to check back at the hotel
'cause he might have bailed on us. You look after McDrunk.
If Heath shows up, you call me. OK. Alright.
Casey. Play nice. What? Go easy on him.

I'm only going in to get my roster. You don't have to come with me. How easily you dismiss
brotherly support. Oh, so this has nothing to do
with trying to hit on Indi?