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(generated from captions) Thanks, guys. Up next at 4:30 - James Hird tells how
he's a shattered man after being charged with
bringing football into disrepute. We have today's fallout. Tony Abbott's daughter
speaks to us about her dad's sex appeal comment
and how she chastised him. The Commonwealth Bank rings up Australia's biggest-ever
banking profit. Where has the cash come from? Remarkable pictures of a whale
rescue off the Queensland coast. Hollywood star Halle Berry testifies to stop the
paparazzi pursuing celebrities. The young Australians who've been
awarded for saving lives. And it has great views alright but why are owners
of other apartments demanding this rooftop home
be torn down? That's next in
Seven's Afternoon News. See you soon.

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and Instagram - @DailyEdition7. Standby now for Seven's 4:30 News. This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: Now at 4:30,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern.

Good afternoon. A shattered James Hird has vowed
to defend his reputation after being charged by the AFL
over Essendon's supplements scandal The club
and three other senior staff were charged with bringing the game
into disrepute. Tom, Hird has spoken about
the charges. What did he say?

Mid-afternoon. He spoke outside his Toorak home in Melbourne this off Danone. He said he is disappointed and shattered that the AFL has laid these charges. He is disappointed it is an interim report. He is charged based on an interim report. He thinks the officials should not have been charged. He does not want his name synonymous with what has been described as the blackest day in Australian sport. Um, pretty shattered really, that you can be charged
for bringing a game into disrepute that I love and cherish
and respect so much.

We're going to make sure
we're proven not guilty and we go from there. I think that our footy club
is a great footy club as I said. We find it very hard
to believe that we've been charged on the base of an interim report where no infraction issues
have been handed down, and we'll move on from there.

In many respects the fallout from the charges is just starting. It is clear that Essendon's Premiership points are under threat and the independence of the commission is under threat. My sources have said Essendon and James Hird could launch action from Friday. ASADA has had a spanner in the works. They have emphasised that their investigation into the players is not closed. Players have said they feel vindicated based on the partial clearance of the AFL but that is no guarantee. We will follow this and I will have the latest on this developing story at five o'clock. Tom Browne in Melbourne, thanks. Australians could be forced
to go to the polls twice, after both political leaders
ruled out doing deals to form a minority government. Live to political reporter
Alex Hart, who's following Kevin Rudd's
campaign in Brisbane. Alex, how likely is it
that we'll have a second election?

It all depends on whether Australia

It all depends on whether Australia
elects another hung parliament on September 7th. If it does then both leaders have ruled out doing deals with the Greens and the independence to form a minority government. -- the Independents. Tony Abbott was the first to rule out doing any deals. He pressured Kevin Rudd and today Kevin Rudd made the same pledge, saying he would not enter into any deals similar to the ones that Julia Gillard did in 2010. He would not be drawn on Tony Abbott's demand that they preference the Greens last. That move was revealed today. It would be difficult for the only Green's Paul Howes MP, Adam Bandt, to maintain his seat. -- the only Greens MP. This is my captain's call,
if you like, this is my captain's call
and I say to Mr Rudd, "Be man enough to do the same." There will be
no Coalition arrangements with either the Greens
or minor parties. Furthermore, no negotiated agreements
as you've seen in the past. And Alex, Mr Rudd's created scenes of chaos
in his hometown this afternoon?

Yes, Kevin Rudd has come here to the Royal Queensland show, the Ekka. It

It is a public holiday so attendance is bigger than normal. If you throw in the Prime Minister it is not surprising that chaos follows. Similar scenes they let in -- earlier in Cairns and he made an announcement, a plan to build 140 trades training centres around the country. The key objective here is to make sure that every kid who
wants to pursue a trade at school has access to a
first-class facility like this. Alex Hart in Brisbane, we'll get more from you
in the next half-hour.

Now to Tony Abbott's campaign, and the Liberal Leader says
he had a "dad moment"

when he commented on the sex appeal of one of his western Sydney
candidates. Political Reporter Mia Greves is travelling with Mr Abbott
in Brisbane. Good afternoon, Rebecca. Well, it didn't take long, but sexism and misogyny
has reared its ugly head on election campaign 2013, after Tony Abbott yesterday
commented about the sex appeal of his western
Sydney candidate, Fiona Scott. Last night, after he landed, he described his comments
as "exuberant". This morning he was trying to
laugh it off, saying his daughter Bridget
has already had a word to him. As the kids suggested to me,
I had a dad moment. A daggy dad moment, maybe, yeah.
(LAUGHS) Dad's running for prime minister,
not Dad, so he can't have any
daggy sort of moments. (LAUGHS) Kevin Rudd and Labor
didn't let him off so easily. They're hoping for as much mileage
out of the slip-up as possible. In modern Australia, neither sexism nor racism nor
homophobia has any place whatsoever and I believe people look
to our national leaders to set that sort of example. Tony Abbott wasted no time
getting back on the attack. He visited some netball courts
in the seat of Longman. Travelling on the leg
with his daughter, Bridget, he dropped by
the suburb of Caboolture with local member, Wyatt Roy. Bridget was the star of this show,
showing off her netballing skills. And with three daughters, you can imagine Tony Abbott has
spent a fair few Saturday mornings sitting by the sidelines. And from Brisbane, Bec,
we're off to our next destination.

The Commonwealth Bank has posted
the biggest-ever profit for an Australian bank. With the details, here's our Seven News
finance expert, Scott Pape.

Australia's biggest bank delivered a
record cash profit of $7.8 billion, which was up 10% on last year. The bulk of the revenue growth
came from their retail operations, or in other words
from the money they slug you and I. Still, despite a record
multibillion-dollar profit, bank chief Ian Narev played
the well-trodden bank boss game of downplaying
his spectacular results. I think the strategy that you've
seen us follow in recent times has paid off,

by driving consumer satisfaction
to record levels, seeing us grow market share
and preserving margin. Scott, that's a lot of money.
Will customers see any of that cash? Investors were hoping
for a special dividend but they didn't get it. Instead, the CBA lifted
their dividend by 9% on last year, which should be welcome news
for all Commbank shareholders, which is you and me and everyone
else who has superannuation. And that begs the question - would you have been better off
putting money in the bank or owning the bank?

Let's see:

If you had invested $1,000
in a CBA bank account in 1991 it would be worth $2,865 today. If you invested that $1,000
in CBA shares when it was first floated instead, it would be now worth $37,863. And last year alone you would have been sent a cheque
for $1,852 in dividends. Or put another way,
that's a 3,806% return. A serious difference, Bec.

Rescue crews have saved
a humpback whale after it became tangled in
a shark net off the Gold Coast. Peter Doherty has details
of the delicate operation. Pete, how did they set
the whale free?

It was a very slick rescue operation today with crews thumbs the world and Queensland Fisheries quickly on the scene. There was a net around its head and on its fin and it was in bother. It was an 8-9 metre whale. The priority was clearing the net from the blowhole and they slowly moved towards its rear. The conditions were calm, the water was clear and it was still, probably because it was tired. They are only run into problems when they are agitated but this remained calm. An

they are agitated but this remained
calm. An

they are agitated but this remained
calm. An estimated 1,700 swim past at this time of year. Soon they will return with 1,700 extra babies. Considering that only three entanglements, that is pretty good and they have all been rescued. Another safe rescue after just 40 Peter Doherty
in our Brisbane newsroom. Thanks. Another safe rescue after just 40
minutes. Let's check how the weather's
shaping up this evening, with Seven Network Meteorologist,
David Brown. Thanks, Bec and good afternoon. Wild winds and heavy showers have affected large parts of
south-east Australia today. Mount Read in Tassie recorded gusts
to 141km/h this morning.

A number of Victorian
and New South Wales ski fields have experienced winds
in excess of 100km/h. On radar, this rainband is dumping
snow on the high country. 10-20cm is likely.

The winds will ease early
tomorrow morning. But squally conditions
and snow should return a little later in the week. In Hobart, it's cold, wet and windy, snowing on Mount Wellington. Clearing tomorrow. In Melbourne, a pool of cold air
is driving scattered showers and some hail from time to time. Fine tomorrow.

In Sydney,
it's been a pleasant winters day. Currently 22. Cooler tomorrow. And the fine spell rolls on
in Brisbane. It's 23 degrees. I'll be back with tomorrow's
national forecasts and warnings in about 45 minutes, Bec. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - We crossed to Bali on Schapelle

We crossed to Bali on Schapelle
Corby's hopes of an early release. And Hollywood star Halle Berry
fights for laws to stop the paparazzi.

This is the Australian
Government's message for anyone associated
with people smuggling. People who have recently arrived
by boat have now been sent to
Papua New Guinea. They will not be settled
in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee
is now worthless. It's buying a ticket
to another country. Tell your family and friends - the rules have changed. For more information, visit:

Schapelle Corby could finally
be released from a Bali jail as early as October. Parole officers have visited
the convicted drug smuggler, to begin the paperwork
that will secure her freedom. Seven's Grant Taylor is outside
Kerobokan Prison in Bali. Grant, any word
from Corby's family yet? Dust a few

Dust a few minutes ago Schapelle Corby's sister, Mercedes, arrived with food for Schapelle Corby at the prison. She spoke briefly to us on the way out. She said basically her and her family are now becoming cautiously optimistic that the chances of her finally being released sometime soon on parole are about to come true. It has been a decade that Schapelle Corby has been in custody. The events of the past couple of days in Bali are the first real signs that Indonesia is seriously considering setting her free. She has been visited by parole officers in the last 24 hours and they have indicated her application is being viewed favourably. Mercedes's house will be inspected to determine its suitability. Our department of foreign affairs are describing these moves as positive signs. It is not clear how long the process will take. Technically Schapelle Corby will be eligible as early as Saturday. On Saturday she will be given extra remission from the Indonesian government which effectively means she will have served two-thirds of her sentence and is eligible for parole. No-one expects her to walk out of prison on Saturday but the process is well under way and it could be a matter of months now.

In breaking news, fighting has returned to the streets
of Cairo. The Egyptian capital has woken
to renewed violence as security forces move
to disperse two protest camps. Supporters of ousted President
Mohamed Morsi have been calling for his return
at sites around the city. At least 15 people have been killed
in the clashes. Soldiers and armoured vehicles
are on the scene. Many of those killed appear
to have died from gunshot wounds. A man has died and his wife
is fighting for life after a fire at their Sydney home. Firefighters pulled the unconscious
couple from the Engadine house. 65-year-old Les Hopson
died in hospital. His wife Lita is critically ill. Their son escaped the fire
with his girlfriend

He would have seen the situation
and done all he could. Given what police have said,
he had only one choice, he had to get him
and his girlfriend out. The house did not have
working smoke alarms. 21 young Victorians
have been honoured for their extraordinary acts
of bravery and courage. A special award ceremony
recognised the young heroes for keeping cool and calling 000
during a crisis. 10-year-old Aaron Prisk
received his award for saving both his
and his father's lives during the Gippsland bushfires
earlier this year.

It was pretty scary but the fire
was almost near the house. All of the young heroes
honoured at today's awards are aged under 16.

The Australian share market
has closed down marginally.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the fight over a rooftop home, And a cricket legend sends a blunt
message to Australia's new coach.

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Some of Hollywood's biggest stars
have testified in court, pushing for a law to protect them
against aggressive photographers. Actress Jennifer Garner broke down as she described the harassment
her children have suffered at the hands of the paparazzi. Here's our US correspondent
Angela Cox.

We're used to seeing these ladies on
the red carpet or the big screen. Today they took centrestage
in front of California politicians, begging for tougher laws
on paparazzi. Halle Berry's fiery clashes
with photographers are pretty legendary in Hollywood. She's been caught on camera
several times, lashing out when the paps
get too close to her daughter. She's really spearheaded
the celebrity fight for a crackdown on photographing celebrity kids
without their parents' permission. But this is the first time
Jennifer Garner has spoken out in support of a bill like this and she became quite emotional. She almost burst into tears as she was describing
how aggressively the photographers follow her
and her three children. I don't want a gang of shouting,
arguing, law-breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day, every day, to continue traumatising my kids. Thank you for the opportunity
to testify today. Sorry. (CHOKES BACK TEARS) Of course, some people argue that celebrities
chose a career in the spotlight so they have to deal
with the good and the bad. But both of these women say their
children didn't choose this life and they say at the end of the day, they're just mums
trying to protect their kids. We aren't just whiney celebrities that many times people think we are. We're mums here who are just trying
to protect our children. The stars showed
they have some clout. They won over lawmakers. The bill was passed
at today's hearing but still needs final approval
before it's law.

A Chinese businessman
has spent six years making a mountain of a problem. He built his dream penthouse,
resembling a rocky outcrop, on top of a 26-storey
apartment block. But authorities say
it will have to be demolished because it doesn't have
the proper permits. There are fears
the building may collapse under the weight
of the unusual structure. Residents say
they've already suffered from broken pipes and drains. Sport with Jim Wilson is next. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Hi there. An out of control scrub
fire at Cooma's destroyed half a house... and a neighbouring garage with 2 antique cars
inside. Fire fighters were called to Soho Street just after 3
today... after a controlled burn got out of hand. They sprang
into action... and quickly put it out. A victims advocate group
says it's skeptical... the CSIRO will act on 34
recommendations from a review... over claims of
bullying. The Independent inquiry found no evidence of a
culture of harassment... but there were problems
with how the researcher handled claims. Same sex marriage
advocates say they're angry with Opposition Leader Tony
Abbott... over his latest public gaffe. In a radio interview...
Mr Abbott described the push to legalise same sex
marriage as the fashion of the moment. Ivette Gonzales from
Canberra's Equal Love moment. Ivette Gonzales from
Canberra's Equal Love says the comments are
totally disrespectful. And the Raiders remain
tightlipped... over whether centre Blake Ferguson wants
to leave the club. It's after rumours his manager asked
for him to be released so he after rumours his manager asked
for him to be released so he

Good afternoon, everyone. The latest NRL news shortly,
but first, AFL, and a defiant James Hird
has vowed to clear his name, after he, the club
and three support staff were charged for bringing the game
into disrepute over the club's supplements program. Meantime, Paul Roos
is the early favourite for the Brisbane Lions coaching job after Michael Voss
was axed yesterday. The final few moments of where I sit will not take away 22 years
of my experiences at this club. Injured Carlton star Chris Judd hasn't ruled out playing again
this season and insists the ninth-placed Blues
need to improve. Without being over simplistic,
we're a mediocre team - we're in the middle range. Judd has confirmed
he will play on next year.

South Sydney coach Michael Maguire
says ASADA's crackdown on drugs in sport has made clubs more aware
of their operations. As the anti-doping authority continues its investigation
into rugby league, Maguire says the Rabbitohs
have already adjusted.

you know you've got to be aware of and I know as a club here, we're looking at every process
in place that we go through. Maguire believes
the return of Greg Inglis will lift the entire squad.

Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie
has welcomed new scrum laws that come into play in Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup
encounter in Sydney. Props will now bind before scrummaging begins to reduce
the chances of the scrum collapsing. I guess you've got to outwit
the other prop and really stay in the scrum
for as long as possible and work together as an eight. The Wallabies will name
their squad tomorrow and in Seven News at 6:00
in Sydney and Brisbane, we're one-on-one
with new coach Ewen McKenzie.

Former test captain Steve Waugh
has accused Darren Lehmann of heaping more pressure on our
struggling batsmen in the Ashes. The Australian coach has warned
that careers are on the line in next week's fifth test
at The Oval. Waugh says the bold public statement
will do more harm than good.

It doesn't do the players much good
having those aired out in public. They know they've got to score runs and it's very hard to play
with any degree of confidence when you've got the axe
hanging over your head. Waugh urged selectors to stop
chopping and changing the line-up.

Australian runner Zoe Buckman
has rocketed into medal contention at the World Championships
in Moscow. The 24-year-old
surprised even herself by qualifying fastest
for Friday's 1,500m final with an impressive
semifinal victory. Buckman has already made history as the first Australian woman
to reach the 1,500m final. To make a

To make a final

To make a final in the World Championships, the Olympics is a great effort in itself. Sally Pearson is also running for the first time on Friday, in their hurdles.

This afternoon's top stories
are next with James Hird telling
how he's a shattered man after being charged with bringing
football into disrepute. And Tony Abbott's daughter reveals
what she told him following his "sex appeal" comment
about a candidate.

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VOICEOVER: Now at 5:00,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern. We begin this half-hour with a development in the unsolved
murder of a Melbourne grandmother. A former policeman is now the prime
suspect in case of Brenda Goudge who was found dead
in her Wantirna South swimming pool two years ago.

Live to Cameron Baud. Cam, you've spoken to Brenda's son
about this latest development. Rebecca, the family of Brenda Goudge have welcomed
the release of this information. They believe that
it will lead to an arrest over the murder of their loved one
in July 2011. Detectives formally interviewed
the former policeman in the early stages
of the investigation. has repeatedly denied
any involvement in the murder but remains a person of interest. He had known Brenda Goudge for
several years prior to the killing and it's known he had been
in conflict with her in the months before her death. The victim's son believes
that this development and the offer of a $500,000 reward should be enough to prompt
the wife of the former policeman to come forward.

There's a large chunk of money
sitting on the table that she can take. She can live the rest of her life
on it. I hope that this reward,
coupled with this information, will be the tipping point for her to come forward and tell police
what she knows. Police have long maintained that the grandmother of eight
would have known her killer.

OK, Cameron. Thank you.

Kevin Rudd has ruled out doing deals
with the Greens and Independents to form a minority government, if Australia elects a hung
Parliament on September Seven. Live to Alex Hart on the Prime Minister's campaign
trail in Brisbane. Alex, why has Mr Rudd done this?

The Prime Minister is responding to pressure from Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott's criticism of the minority government has been effective. Many Australians agree with his claim that the experiment has failed. It has been blamed for much of a Labor's recent troubles and its controversial policies. Tony Abbott was the first to rule out doing deals for a minority government and today Kevin Rudd followed suit. So if it is a hung parliament we could be forced to go back to the polls to elect a majority government. Mr Abbott also pressured Kevin Rudd to follow his lead on preference in the Greens last. The Liberals announced this policy today, this position, but Kevin Rudd would only commit to not making any deals. This is my captain's call,
if you like. This is my captain's call, and I say to Mr Rudd,
be man enough to do the same. There will be no Coalition
arrangements with either the Greens
or minor parties. Furthermore,
no negotiated agreements as you've seen in the past. And Alex,

the Prime Minister made another
skills announcement today?

Yes. Kevin Rudd started his day campaigning

campaigning in Cairns. He went to a school and he announced that the government would build almost 140 trains training centres around the country. He was mobbed by the students and posed for photographs. Then he came to Brisbane and he has been at the Royal Show, better known as the Ekka. It is the first time he has exposed himself to the general public but managed to avoid tackling and abuse.What is your name?Don't let the others get to you.I don't intend to.Can I get a selfie?

Thanks, Alex.
Alex Hart reporting in Brisbane.

Tony Abbott was forced onto
the sidelines today,

not by Kevin Rudd,
but by his daughter, Bridget. She proved to be his best asset
today as his sex appeal comments
followed him from Penrith to Brisbane. Political reporter Mia Greves is
travelling with the Liberal Leader.

Good afternoon, Rebecca. It's that moment of embarrassment
that every child faces and it's even worse when their dad
is running for the top job. Tony Abbott has had
to defend his position after saying his western Sydney
candidate Fiona Scott had sex appeal. You can see look on his daughter,
Frances's face yesterday when he said it. Tony Abbott admitted this morning his younger daughter, Bridget,
had a word with him about it, describing it as
a "daggy dad moment". I had a chat to Bridget
this afternoon and this is what she had to say. Bridget, apparently your dad
had a chat to you about your sexism,
your sex appeal comment. What did you say to your dad? Just another dorky dad moment!
Daggy dad moment, you know? So apparently he took your advice.
What did you say to him? Um, we just said, you know, he's, Dad's running
for prime minister, not dad, so, he can't have
any daggy sort of moments. (LAUGHS) You called him a daggy dad? I think everyone's dad is a bit
daggy in their own way. (LAUGHS) Fellow daggy dad and Prime Minister,
Kevin Rudd, isn't letting him off the hook
so easily. He's hoping to get as much mileage
out of the slip-up as possible. In modern Australia, neither sexism nor racism
nor homophobia has any place whatsoever and I believe people
look to our national leaders to set that sort of example. It was only a matter of time before sexism became an issue
on the campaign. I don't think it's going to be
the end of it but it is the end of
Tony Abbott's day in Brisbane. Rebecca.

The Essendon Football Club will
front the AFL Commission in 12 days after the club
and four senior staff members, including coach James Hird, were charged with bringing the game
into disrepute. Live to Tom Browne at Windy Hill. Tom, Hird has vowed
to fight the charges, describing himself
as a shattered man.

Good afternoon again. There is no doubt that James Hird is tough. This morning speaking outside his home in Melbourne he continued to remain defiant in the face of these AFL charges. He said he is shattered, but said based that he is charged from an interim report. Let's listen to James Hird who is clearly upset with the charges. Pretty shattered, really. Shattered that I could be charged with bringing the game
into disrepute that I love and cherish and respect
so much. Terribly disappointing
that I've been charged with that, the club and all of us. It's interesting that the four of us
are probably identified as the blackest day
in Australian sport now and we take that very seriously. Tom, what will happen
to Essendon's premiership points?

It is an interesting question.

It is an interesting question. They are certainly still on the table. It will be up to the Commission when it sits on the 26th of this month. There could be a fine and draft pick its implications. This creates a difficult situation for the fans. We won't find out the situation until just before the finals. It is interesting for other clubs who have a slim chance of making the finals. In terms of other developments, the independence of the commission to Shia this matter is under fire. Legal sources suggest this could be heard for the courts Papis as soon as this Friday. ASADA has caused a stir. They have emphasised their investigation is ongoing. It is not closed. He looked like the players were cleared but I have spoken to my sources and they have both confirmed that the status is open for debate. And just briefly, Adrian Anderson, the former football boss of the AFL has questioned the transparency of this process. There are suggestions that the hearing should be open.

Tom Browne in Melbourne. Thanks. The Commonwealth Bank
has today posted the biggest-ever profit
by an Australian bank. It's $7.8 billion,
up 10% from last year. That's despite a weaker demand
for credit from customers.

I think the strategy that you've
seen us follow in recent times has paid off, by driving consumer satisfaction
to record levels, seeing us to grow market share
and preserving margin. Financial experts say
the healthy profit has been boosted by the bank not passing on
interest rate cuts in full. Mercedes Corby has just visited
her sister Schapelle in Bali's Kerobokan Jail. She's told Seven News the Corby family
is cautiously optomistic Schapelle will be granted parole. On Saturday, Indonesian authorities
will grant the 36-year-old more remission of her sentence. Seven News broke the story
last night that Schapelle could be released
as early as October. She was sentenced to 20 years jail
in 2004 for smuggling marijuana
into Indonesia.

A man has died and his wife
is fighting for life after a fire at their Sydney home. Firefighters
pulled the unconscious couple from the Engadine house. 65-year-old Les Hopson
died in hospital. His wife Lita is critically ill. Their son escaped the fire
with his girlfriend and called for help. He would have seen the situation
and done all he could. Given what police have said,
he had only one choice - he had to get him
and his girlfriend out. The house did not have
working smoke alarms.

A man and woman from Sydney
will spend tonight behind bars after being charged with robbing
an elderly World War II veteran. 94-year-old Clive Diggelman
was moved to tears today when police returned a crucifix, which was allegedly stolen
on Monday night. Well, it gives me comfort. I'm not a religious maniac
or anything. It's just that I like to have that. I had it during the war,
protected me. The cherished necklace
was a gift from Clive's wife who died eight years ago.

Bumper crowds have hit the Ekka
today for Brisbane's big day out. People's Day is always popular
thanks to the grand parade but a winter heatwave is a bonus. Michelle Rattray is there.

Rebecca, it's been perfect weather for Brisbane's big day out
at the Show. Up to 70,000 people
are expected to turn out at the RNA Showgrounds today. Crowds flocked into Sideshow Alley
this morning and started on the rides early. The show bag pavilion
was also packed. I love show bags so I've got my own. I've got the Hello Kitty KISS bags. The Ekka is where
the country comes to the city and today, the farriers
and blacksmiths competition started. But the centrepiece of people's day
is the grand parade. Champion animals
from goldfish to goats and cattle

are paraded around the main arena in a tribute to them
and their handlers. There have also been some
unexpected attractions this year. So farm there have been
eight marriage proposals under a 'love' sign. And there was also one as part
of the night program last night. There was a proposal. So it's been an interesting thing
happening this year. Rebecca, tonight, it could be hard
to find a seat in the main arena. From 5:30, there will be
wood chopping, monster trucks and a performance
from singer Ricki-Lee.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - remarkable pictures
of attempts to rescue a whale trapped in nets off Queensland. And fears a rooftop home will cause
an apartment building to collapse.

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A whale has been freed after becoming tangled
in a shark net off the Gold Coast. A Queensland fisheries rescue team
and a Sea World crew used long poles to pull the net
off the distressed animal. They also cut ropes which had become tangled around
the whale's head and fin. The 9m adult was spotted
stranded in the shark nets about 500m off Kirra Beach
early this morning. Rescue crews took about 15 minutes
to cut the struggling humpback free from the net. They say it was in good health
and swam away easily. It's the third whale to be caught in
shark nets in Queensland this year.

A tiny town in the New South Wales
Hunter Valley has taken its battle
with mining giant Rio Tinto to the Supreme Court. Radio broadcaster Alan Jones
joined locals today to fight the expansion. Jodie Speers explains.

The protest here at the Supreme Court was peaceful but there were a lot of angry people, from the small Hunter Valley town and other communities, to show support. Earlier this year the people won their fight against the mine, which they say will ruin their town but Rio Tinto is appealing that decision. It is being backed by the NSW government.If this expansion goes ahead, it will be the end of our beautiful little township.You cannot let these people go wherever they want to go. People matter, health matters, agriculture matters. It is like playing Russian roulette. People here are also furious about proposed changes to the law which would make the economic value the main consideration when planning decisions are made. They could prevent small communities from winning cases like this in the future. This is a David and Goliath battle. A lot of people said they are concerned that communities outside could be next and that is why they have shown at here today. The husband of murdered
Melbourne woman Jill Meagher is planning to return
to his hometown in Ireland as the anniversary
of her death approaches. Both countries are planning
to build sister memorials to the 29-year-old, who was raped and murdered
almost 12 months ago. Amy Parks has more.

The Brunswick mayor came to Mackay -- to Drogheda. He met with local officials on with her family to discuss plans for a twin city program. They hope that this terrible tragedy might unite two tiny communities.They have lost one of their daughters and we say she was one of ours as well. As a result of something very bad, quite

she was one of ours as well. As a
result of something very bad, quite horrific, something good can come out.It was a lovely gesture. It does mean a lot to ask that there is still so much support in Melbourne for Jill Meagher.The mayor is also hoping that a plan for a twin memorials will go ahead. One to be placed here and one in Australia, in her adopted home city of Brunswick. Another way that her story and will become a lasting legacy. Relationships between neighbours in
a Chinese apartment block are rocky because of one resident's
dream home. The penthouse,
resembling a mountain peak, is built on the roof
of the 26-storey building. It's said to include a swimming pool
and a karaoke bar within its fake rock walls. But authorities are ordering it
be demolished because it doesn't have
the proper permits. Residents living below fear the weight may cause
the entire building to collapse.

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Hello again.

Severe thunderstorms are

Severe thunderstorms are moving towards Brisbane. This is the

Severe thunderstorms are moving
towards Brisbane. This is the storm we are attracting. It will move across the southern suburbs of Brisbane in the next 30 minutes before it gradually weakens and moves out to sea. In Adelaide, it's been
a cold and windy day with the odd passing shower. Mild and sunny tomorrow. In Melbourne, the showers
are few and far between. The weather is clearing -
fine tomorrow, before the wet and windy weather
returns for the weekend.

There will be snow to very low And in Sydney, clear sky -
a pleasant day overall. Cooler tomorrow. The latest satellite information highlights a vigorous
westerly airstream with embedded cold fronts affecting
southern parts of the nation.

This trough is responsible for the storms we just saw on the radar.

They will clear out to sea tonight and push-up further into the Coral Sea tomorrow. The weather will clear a cross Queensland but will be unsettled with showers and storms over the next few hours. In the west tomorrow - a front moving a cross WA that will bring heavy showers, storms, hail and we are expecting gale-force wind to develop around the southern coast. Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -
a warm and sunny 26 degrees. Sydney, fine.

Canberra -
morning frost. Melbourne -
fine and 17. Adelaide -
a sunny 18. That's the latest weather -
more at 6:00 and at 7:00 on 7TWO. Bec. Thanks, David.


We will have the latest on today's top stories in our new bulletin at seven o'clock on 7TWO. That's the Afternoon News
for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions by
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ANNOUNCER: 26 cases... ..150 contenders... ..$200,000! Who will play for all this cash?

Block six. Congratulations, Damian Coles. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host... Hello! Hi, Katie. ..Andrew O'Keefe. Hi, everyone.

Hey, Damo.
How are you doing, mate? Good and yourself?
Good to meet you. Welcome, everyone. Welcome. Damian Coles. Damo to his mates. How you doing?
Good, thanks. Now, Damo, you used to be
a publican, I believe. Yeah, about 20 years. 20 years in the trade.
Yeah, yeah. But you've had a change of scene,
I hear? Just recently Mum and I
have gone into business again doing Jim's Lawnmowing. Oh, yeah? You and your mum?
Yeah, yeah. Really? Is she Jim or are you Jim? They call us all Jim.
You're all Jim. I went into a hardware store
the other day and the guy said, "G'day, Jim." I said, "Yeah, that'll do." Why not? How long have you had
that little franchise? About six or seven weeks now. Oh, OK.
It's going really well. Off to a roaring start?
Yeah, it's going well. What doesn't Jim do? I mean, he mows, he gardens,
he paints. Bikini wax.
He doesn't do bikini wax. Jim's Bikini Wax! That would be good business,
wouldn't it? Yes, yes. Alright.
What are we playing for today? Well, look, we've just recently
started this and, you know, we'd like to sort of... $50,000 would be great for us
to get started. What would you do with 50 grand? Well, I haven't paid Mum
since she started yet so... OK, sure. So some back wages. I'll start paying Mum first... And get her a lawnmower so she doesn't actually
have to snip the grass. (CHUCKLES) I want to buy
a ride-on lawnmower. At the moment we've got
two lawnmowers, pushing them, and uphill
and all that sort of stuff. Your mum's out there
with the lawnmower? Yeah, yeah.
Really? Is that right? I want to meet your mum.
This sounds terrific. Sounds good, Damo. No doubt we've got some other
plans besides but let's start there. Yeah, no worries. Alright, Mr Coles,
let's go pick a case. Where are we going? Well, my favourite number is 27
and there is obviously no 27 so I added the two together
and came up with number 9. Number 9. Two and seven makes nine.
Of course it does!

Katie worked that one out
before I did. I'm slowing down. (LAUGHS) Good on you, Jim... Sorry, Damo! Thank you very much. Let's go prune Walter's rose. Deal time!
Go, number 9!

ANNOUNCER: Could this case contain
the top prize of $200,000? To find out let the dealing begin.

So great to have you here
and your partner in mowing, Janet. How are you? Good, thank you.
Good to have you here. So did you work together in the pub
before you worked in the mowing? Yes.
You did. So do you get out in the van
together, that kind of thing? Yeah, yeah.
Oh, terrific. What's it like working
with your own mum? Yeah, no, it's good. We've been working together
for nearly 20 years, so... So you've got it all sorted? Yeah, we're good friends and
my wife and my mum are best friends and that sort of stuff,
so yeah, we get on really well. That's all good. And your wife
is about to have a baby, I hear? She is due in about
five and a half weeks' time. Fantastic! That's great news. Number one too. First one.

Thank you. Really, really good.
Thank you. Good stuff. It's interesting,
starting up a new business and having your first child
all at the one time! It's hectic. I can hear Mum laughing
but, yeah, it's been good fun. I'm loving the job, the
career change and it's fantastic. Mum is loving it too.
I just love it. It's good to be out in the open?
Yes. It's lovely. Yeah. Very nice indeed. So, if we win, you know, say
20 grand, what do we do with that? I think it's a ride-on lawnmower
and the other half to Mum, probably. Beautiful. If we win say,
I don't know, 50 grand? A ride-on lawnmower, pay the
existing debt, the start-up debt, and the rest to Mum. Terrific. What if we walked away
with the big one? Mum retires? Ride-on lawnmower, pay the credit
card debt, the rest to Mum! (LAUGHS) I can see who's going to be pushing
you to say, "No deal" then, in that case. Yeah.
Alright. Well, let's get on with it, Damo.
Good on you, mate. Congratulations for being here. Let's make us proud. Where do we go?

Six to start with.

Well, the baby is due... I'll go for number 15. Number 15. On the 15th, right? Ange?
Good luck, Damo. For you I hope I've got $4,000. Good on you, Ange.
That's a reasonable place to start.


A 1-in-26 shot converted.
Good on you, Ange. $500. Excellent! Nice work.

Five cases. 26, please. Boo-yeah!

Hi, Chanel.
Hi, Andrew. Looking good, today.
Good luck, Damian. And congratulations on the baby.
Thank you. I think I have $15,000.
Thank you, Chanel. Ooh!

5 x 15, 75.

Let's get some blue here, Damo. We'll go with number 5, please. Jess.
Good luck, Damian. I think I've got five dollars.
Thank you, Jess. If I can open it.
Five in 5? $3,000 in 5. OK. So that's fine. We can live without the $3,000. Number 18, please. I think I've got $10.
Thank you. It's the car. OK. Two to come. Number 23, please. Sarah? Hi, Damo. Good luck. I hope I have $250.