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This program is captioned live.We begin with the Essendon drugs crisis. The embattled Bombers have less than a fortnight to defend themselves and fight for the chance to play in the finals after the ongoing supplements scandal finally came to a head. The club is defiant this morning, vowing to clear its name after the AFL charged coach James Hird and three other officials with bringing the game into disrepute.

into disrepute. And breaking news? We understand James Hird has just spoken with the media?Yes. We have just heard from him. This is the first time we have heard from James Hird since he was charged by the AFL last night. He says he is disappointed those charges were laid. He cherishes and loves this game and is disappointed that he has been charged by the AFL. He says he and the other officials charged will continue to contend these charges. He says it is disappointing that he and the other officials will also be identified with what has been described as the blackest day in the history of Australian sport. That definitely cuts deep to the bone for a man who has been such a champion. As I've said, he will continue to fight those charges. He says there were two parts of information from the announcement last night. First, the former officials were charged with bringing the game into disrepute. There was also the news coming through that the players would not be charged with anti-doping infractions, that the AFL did not have enough evidence to lay those charges. We put it to James Hird to find out how it feels to hear the news that his players are going to be a K. He said that was very pleasing. The AFL legal counsel Andrew Dillon made the announcement that those men, James Hird, Mark Thompson, Bruce Reid and Danny Corcoran were going to be charged under rule 1.6 of the AFL rules and regulations. Those charges will be heard at a special hearing on August 26.I can confirm that the Essendon Football Club, James Hird, Danny Corcoran, Bruce Reid and Mark Thompson have been charged in relation to the supplements programs in the club from 2011, 2012. I have reviewed the evidence, carefully consider the matter and come to the view that the parties charged have a case to answer.That was the AFL last night. Essendon are not taking this lying down. All along, they have said they would fight the charges. While they have welcomed the news that players will not be charged, those officials will not be standing down from the Essendon Football Club and they will defend those charges.It is appropriate that the four individuals continue to perform their roles within our reformed governance. Otherwise, it would be to effectively impose a penalty in a defiance of natural justice.A few moments ago, James Hird spoke for the first time since being charged by the AFL. He says he is incredibly disappointed.It is terribly disappointing being charged.Where do you go from there?We look at our options. We will defend ourselves vigorously. We will content the charges. We will make sure we are proven not guilty. Our football club is a great football club and we find it hard to believe we have been charged on the basis of an interim report when no infraction notices have been handed down.Are you relieved that the players are OK? If they have enough... It is great that the players have been freed. You will support each other? Definitely. We will support each other. The four of us have been identified with this, blackest day in Australian sport.Of course at the centre of all this as well, the players. How are they reacting?We had the first reaction from the captain last night. Jobe Watson released a statement and he said:

Justin Fletcher, the veteran set to break the game 's record at the Essendon Football Club in a of weeks, he arrived at Windy Hill early this morning. This is what he had to say.We know a few things that a lot of people don't. We were always pretty confident. Jobe Watson summed it up pretty well, I think.A former team-mate of James Hird when they played together in premierships for the Essendon Football Club. The battle lines have been drawn. The AFL have laid the charges. Those four officials say they will stand firm and they will fight this. We have two weeks until the hearing but will it moves beyond that? Onto the court room floor of the Supreme Court of Victoria?Thank you. It's been a turbulent year for Essendon with the AFL and ASADA investigations taking their toll on the club in more ways than one. In what has been a complicated process with many twists and turns along the way, it's undoubtedly the darkest chapter in the club's 140-year history. Nine's Clint Stanaway takes us through the last seven months. 10 days out from the AFL's preseason opener, the Windy Hill bombshell few saw coming. And it was a former player who dropped it.Yeah, they admitted to it.The club rocked by a supplements scandal, a controversial regime implemented by controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank.We take full responsibility for what happens within the football club. And immediate investigation was launched. Dean Robinson stood down pending the outcome. Then, more shockwaves, this time in Canberra. A year-long Australian Crime Commission report uncovered widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs in various elite codes.These findings are shocking and they will disgust Australian sports fans.Stephen Dank was on the front foot, launching a $10 million defamation claim against media outlets. Then he broke his silence.There was always detailed discussions with the head coach James Hird.The Bombers launched an independent review. Finally, the club could let its football do the talking and there round one thrashing of Adelaide made a real statement. This will pass.It would not be the case. Every week brought a new revelation and a new level of panic. James Hird himself was alleged to have been injected with a drug banned by the world and it. That in 2004. The finding of the review could not come quick enough. And want to apologise to our players and their families.Three weeks later, chief executive Ian Robson quit his post. This stunning admission was another game changer. I was receiving it, yes.The emotional toll caught up with the chair man. And then the Weapon and his page television tell all interview, much of his anger direct did at James Hird.I have no respect for the man any more.The digging for answers will continue and with it, reputation is buried. This is unknown territory for Australian sport. What could this mean for the Rugby League?They will be very nervous. So nervous in fact that they have issued a statement today from the chief executive David Smith, asking that Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority gives the NRL a fair ago. He fears that as a result of what has happened at Essendon, if nothing much happens regarding players, all the pressure will fall on the Sharks, who are under investigation. Paul Gallen has beefed up his legal team, because he believes he is a target as a high-profile player. Stephen Dank had come out and said that neither club has to fear any problems. Well, they have some surprises. James Hird felt there would not be any surprises and he got one. The NRL is on the front foot, saying they just want a fair crack at it and it is unlikely to be resolved with the NRL until at least this season is over. Initially, the Sharks players put up the shutters and said they would not cooperate. They have since. A 65-year-old man has died and his wife is clinging to life after an intense fire swept through a home in Sydney's south. Any update on the condition of the surviving victims?

victims?65-year-old Les Hopson's wife is suffering extensive burns and smoke inhalation in hospital. The couple's son and his girlfriend were also taken to hospital following this fire but both have been released. It is believed they are OK. 65-year-old Les Hopson has lost his life. He and his wife were asleep in bed when the fire broke out at 3:30 AM last night. They became trapped in the bedroom and had to be rescued by firefighters, who had to carry them out onto the street. The couple's son and his girlfriend managed to escape and screamed to neighbours, who raised the alarm.This is awful. We are still in shock. Every day, the father would walk the dog with the sun when he was living at home and we would often pass them on the hill and he had suffered from a stroke before and his breathing was bad but he still made that hill every time.Firefighters are still here, trying to work out what sparked this place. They know that it started in the living dining area. They also say the security shutters on the house posed a huge problem, keeping all of the smoke inside. They also say the family did not have a working smoke alarm. This is a tragic end to this story. Les Hopson dead and his wife fighting for life this morning. Turning to the election campaign, now. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are both working the marginal seats in the key battleground state of Queensland today. And the Opposition Leader has kicked off his day with an important political pledge. This is an unusual step for Tony Abbott?That is right. He has announced that the Liberal Party will place the Greens last on their how to vote cards. That means Labor will be positioned above them. This could wipe the Greens out of the lower house of parliament altogether. At the last election, the only Greens Lower House MP, Adam Bandt, won his seat of Melbourne partially thanks to Liberal Party preferences. Tony Abbott says that will not happen this time around. He has described minority government as an experiment that has failed. He is on the record as saying he will not make any details to form a minority government. This is designed to put pressure on Labor and Kevin Rudd to distance themselves from the Greens and do the same.I say to him, show some leadership, stand up for yourself. If you really believe in the Labor Party, say that you will do what I'd have done and put the Greens last. This is my captain's call and isolated Kevin Rudd, the man enough to do the same.Strong words from Tony Abbott in Brisbane. Kevin Rudd, as you said, is also in Queensland. He is further north and has not had a chance to respond to this. He has been visiting a trade training centre at a school in Cairns, meeting some of the young people who have been benefiting from that. His wife is with him as well. He is announcing another $209 million for more trade training centres, 137 more of them. The Labor Party has ministers in every state at these trade training centres, putting jobs front and centre. This is some of what he had to say at that press conference.In a college like this, it horrific centre like this, the kids feel that this is important and that this is really important that it is recognised as such within schools. Tony Abbott has spoken again about his sex appeal gasp. What has he got to say?He is calling it a daggy dad moment. To refresh your memory, he was in Penrith, visiting a marginal seat and was asked what the Liberal Party candidate, Fiona Scott, had in common with the former Liberal MP for that seat, Jackie Kelly. This is what he had to say.They are young, they are feisty. I think I can probably say a bit of sex appeal.If you have a look there, the reaction from Tony Abbott's daughter, she, he says, has told him that it was a daggy dad moment. He said he said it because he was feeling exuberant. Labor MPs have been calling it sexist.You get the sense of white Tony Abbott's minders make sure his sticks to the script because when he doesn't, you get a glimpse of what he really thinks. People can make their own mind up about it but I was not surprised. It's consistent with his views over the many years.As my children have expressed to me, I had a daggy dad moment.Tony Abbott they're trying to move on from this one. -- there. The big question today is, were you offended by Tony Abbott's 'sex appeal' remark? Share your thoughts on Twitter or go to our website to make your vote count. We'll tell you the results in Nine's Afternoon News at 4:30pm.

Stay with us. Still ahead on Nine's Morning News Hour - a shooting rocks a Sydney suburb. Two people narrowly miss being hit by bullets. Plus, residents forced to flee after a massive explosion rocks a town in the US. And a Clinton comeback at the White House? Hillary's campaign for the top job gets an early start.

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If you have already had enough of the election campaign, spare a thought for the Americans. The next presidential election is still three years off, in 2016, but already the big push has started - Hillary Clinton for President. Hillary Clinton won't yet say if she will run for the Presidency and neither will Bill, the potential First Man, as he's likely to be called if she wins the White House. Now, after some months out of sight, Hillary is back, returning to political life, last night starting with a speech about voting rights and racial discrimination and mentioning that word - election.Anyone who says racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention.Clinton is undoubtedly the front runner for the Democratic Party's nomination in 2016. By then she'll be 68, a candidate with a wealth of experience - a former Secretary of State, former senator and, of course, a veteran of two terms as first lady in the White House. Several Hillary for President committees have been formed. Andrea Dew Steele created a foundation which trains women to run for political office.I think there is tremendous experience about the possibility of her candidacy. I think it is pent-up excitement. I think many of us are dying to see a woman president. It's just... It's time.And while it could be two years or more before she confirms she'll run, a now-former friend let the cat out of the bag last night. Anthony Weiner, the disgraced New York mayoral candidate caught up in a sex scandal recently, is married to Huma Abadin, one of Mrs Clinton's key advisors. He was asked about his wife's involvement in a Hillary for President campaign.Do you know what her role in Hillary's 2016 is going to be?I do.What will it be?I'm not telling you.As for Mrs Clinton, the little hints keep on coming. Well, let me say this. Hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime.Starting this early, more three years out from the election, is necessary. Any serious candidate needs to raise a war chest of at least $500 million.

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This program is not captioned. A luxury home in Sydney's north-west has been sprayed with bullets. Police were called to the property in Kellyville at around 10:30pm, after reports of shots fired. When officers arrived, they found a number of bullet holes in the front of the home and in a car parked outside. Two people were standing near the house at the time of the shooting but weren't injured. More than 80 families have been forced to evacuate their homes after a natural gas pipeline exploded in the US state of Illinois. Towering flames shot 90m into the air and could be seen several kilometres away. Emergency crews turned off the pipeline, diverting gas to other locations, but the blaze continued as the remaining gas burnt off. The line will now be capped until investigators can determine what caused the explosion. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - Bombers in crisis. We are live to Melbourne for the latest on the besieged club, as James Hird hits back over last night's charges. Plus, the frantic rush to save a man and his horses, as a stable goes up in flames on the Gold Coast. And the heart-warming moment a mum is reunited with her baby. We bring you part two of a special panda reunion.

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Welcome back to the program. These are the top stories: Essendon AFL club has vowed to vigorously defend itself and officials including coach James Hird against charges of bringing the game into disrepute over the supplements scandal. A 65 York man is dead and his wife is fighting for life after a swept through their home in Sydney 's south. -- a 65-year-old. Tony Abbott has told his party to preference the Greens lost to prevent another minority government. Let's get an update on the top story this morning. The remainder of the AFL season could be thrown into chaos with the besieged Essendon Bombers facing the real possibility of being stripped of premiership points and having club officials suspended. A short time ago, coach James Hird faced the media, lashing out over the charges laid against the team last night. James Hird certainly remaining defiant?Absolutely. James Hird spoke for the first time since being charged by the AFL. It happened in the last half an hour. It is very much breaking news. Hird summed it up as disappointment.It is terribly disappointing to be charged for that, the club and all of us.Where do you go from now?I think we have a look at our options. We will defend ourselves vigorously and content the charges. We'll make sure we are proven not guilty and go from there. It is a great footy club. We find it very hard to believe we have been charged on interim report were no infraction notices have been handed down. What is a relief like that players have been left alone? If an interim report is written, I think that it is great that the players have been freed. They have a greater sense of relief over that.

We will support each other. It is interesting that the four of us are probably identified as the blackest day in Australian sport.James Hird pretty unhappy with that association. At the game he loves and cherishes, his was heard this way. The AFL legal council came to the decision in charging James Hird. They are allowed to charge someone for bringing the game into disrepute. The charges were laid on four Essendon officials. He said the charges would be heard at a special AFL hearing on the 26 August.I can confirm today that the Essendon football club, James Hird, Danny Corcoran, Bruce Reid and marks on sun have been charged under the AFL rules in relation to the supplements program at the club. I have reviewed the evidence, carefully considered the matter and have come to the view that the party charged have a case to answer.If found guilty of the charges, the AFL has the right to lay whatever penalties they see fit. It could be the stripping of draft picks, the taking away of Premier ship points. It will all be decided at the hearing. If the Bombers seek further legal action, the scenario could be tested in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Last but the chairman was giving every indication his football club intended to fight hard. -- last night.It is appropriate that the four individuals continue to carry out their roles. To do otherwise before the matters are finalised would be to effectively impose a penalty in advance of a fair hearing and represent a denial of natural justice.It is an absolute bombshell for the club. How have the players been affected?There was some good news for the players last night. The AFL said they didn't have the evidence to charge any players with an infraction. Jobe Watson said in a statement, as we have said all along, none of us believe we have done anything wrong in the supplement program. He said:

That sentiment was echoed by his teammate Dustin Fletcher this morning.We know and few things that a lot of people don't. We were always pretty confident.James Hird, Mark Thompson, Danny Corcoran, Bruce Reid all intending to fight despite the good news of the players being cleared. We will see where it goes from here. It was Damian Barrett who first broke the story back in February and he spoke with Karl Stefanovic and little earlier about the charges and also why the AFL waited so long into the season to hand down its punishment. No charges against any players. Couldn't Essendon 90 that if the players haven't done anything wrong by the charges? -- Essendon argue. They will argue that. It is a matter that can only be determined by ASADA. It was clearly forced to hand in a report to the AFL. Never in its history has it issued what was termed an interim report. They don't ever give running commentary on their investigations. They were forced to this occasion by the AFL. It is still an open investigation. I have no doubt is because they want to speak to the issue. It is a watch this space matter when it comes to the players and potential infraction notices that could be dropped on them.Bringing the game into disrepute if the charge and is also interesting. Very different to a drugs charge. Bringing the game in the district Bude is much more subjective. What is likely to happen?It is the catchall clause under the AFL commission powers. It has been used against Ben cousins. It was used against Mick Malthouse. Then he said once on a footy field. -- for something that he said. They can do whatever they want under it. The other one that was going to be vigorously fought by Essendon is the removal of the premiership points they have a ready accumulated this season. That would mean they would be out of the finals should that be the case. There is no confidence at all but the state has been set for 26 of August. The AFL will be coming down with its determination on that particular day. In all honesty, these charges were always coming and they could have been made as far back as March. They have chosen to play it on the part in conjunction with ASADA. This was always going to happen.If it all plays out as you say in a couple of weeks time, I guess Essendon could ask you for -- ask for an extension. If it goes to the court, it might dominate the AFL's showcase time and post season.That is the dilemma that Essendon is in. It is all very well to say we welcome the charges and we will have our time and get to put on record what we know to be the case. If they don't do it at this hearing, it is going to drag on. The sanctions could well be the same. There could be the removal of premiership points. It may be the removal of points for 2014. That is the chess game they are playing at the moment. They keep referring to natural justice and that is what the AFL has given them by giving them 11 days between announcing the findings last night and the actual hearing. If Essendon wants to take it further, and it has every right to do so, it is something that has never been done against the AFL. It has been threatened at least a dozen times in the last 10 years. It has never been done. This is the closest we are going to get to the AFL being taken to the courts. Again, it comes at a potential cost for Essendon by way of dragging this on to another season of footy. Of course, the AFL isn't the only code caught up in all of this. The NRL is sure to be watching the punishment handed to Essendon very closely, with a number of its players currently being interviewed by ASADA. Keeping in mind it is an interim report, what could this mean to the NRL?As Damian said, there is a lot of this and parts with what happened last night. It is an interim report. The officials named and the coach have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute. If you take that into rugby we get can mean a lot of things. It can many criticised a referee, you get something off the paddock that wasn't conducive to the image of the game. I don't know if it means the loss of premiership points because that is way down the track. The NRL got on the front foot this morning and said now that ASADA has done this with the AFL, I hope we get a fair go. I hope that they don't come after us in a by stronger fashion. The players at Essendon haven't been named. It is not over for them yet. It is only an interim report. The NRL is on the front foot saying they just want a fair go. All but one -- Cronulla players are being legally represented. Stephen bank has come out and said he doesn't believe either club will have anything to enter. That has been proven wrong at this point in time. There is such a way to go in this and it could drag on the next year. If that is the case, it is just unpalatable for both codes.A lot of people feeling pretty nervous about now. Details are emerging of an incredible rescue effort on the Gold Coast, with a man and more than 50 horses plucked from burning stables. -- 15. What happened then? The fire broke out around 7:30pm last night. It was inside a unit within the stables at the Gold Coast racing precinct. A caretaker was inside the unit at the time. A neighbour was alerted to the fire and along with a passerby they found the 71-year-old unconscious on the stairs. He was pulled from the complex and are off-duty nurse was also at the scene and tried to resuscitating them until paramedics arrived. We have been told that up to 20 horses were inside the stables at the time. Members of the public, residents, horse trainers, stable hands and emergency crews managed to free those horses and get them away from the minor fire. Remarkably, were injured in this incident.I saw the flames from my house and came racing around here to save the horses.We moved probably eight to 10 horses out of the stables underneath and beside the fire.The 71-year-old man is in a critical condition in hospital suffering 1st-degree burns. There has been an interesting twist in the election campaign. The opposition leader has instructed the Liberal Party nationwide to preference Labor ahead of the Greens. Tony Abbott has said. Time now that he does not want to be Prime Minister if he has to deal with a minority government. He would rather that Labor win the election then have to deal with the Greens. Today he put that pledge into action. He doubt to preference the Greens last of the ballot box for all 150 seats the House of Representatives. -- vowed. Is a deal that could see the Opposition lose some seats which would be picked up by Labor. He said that is a sacrifice he is prepared to make to prevent another three years of what he says has been dysfunction and chaos.This is my captains call. I will not lead a minority government because what Australia needs right now is a strong and stable majority government and the only one who can give our country and our people a strong, united, stable majority government is the Coalition.Meanwhile it is his sex appeal comment from yesterday that still has everyone talking. He was out campaigning in western Sydney when he said the candidate, Fiona Scott, was feisty and have sex appeal. It was a comment that got quite a reaction from his daughter at the time. Last night he said he had been a bit exuberant and this morning he was trying to see the lighter side.As the kids suggested to me, I have a date moment. -- had a dad.This morning he started the day with a run with one of his other daughters. It was an early dash around the streets of Brisbane. The campaign continues today. In the last half an hour, Kevin Rudd has weighed into the debate over Tony Abbott's sex appeal comment. What did the prime minister had to say?He said it was an of comment and feels he has to respond. He says there is no place in Australia for sexism, racism or homophobia.If any male employer stood up in a workplace anywhere in Australia and pointing to a female staff member said this person is a good stuff and because they have sex appeal - people would -- I think people would scratch their heads and the employer would be in serious strife.He also torched the preference challenge?He said anything on preference is up to the AOP national executive to decide and he also made this pledge about minority government.My ambition is that we are returned as a majority of government. That is the best thing for the nation. We will not be entering into any coalition agreement. We won't be having any negotiated agreements. We won't have any deals with any independent or minor party.Kevin Rudd made those statements in can smack, where he is speaking the trades training centres. They pledged more money to the program to build more trade training centres around Australia. At the end of the press conference he edited by wishing a happy birthday to Laurie Oakes, who turned 70 today. He has covered every election since 1966. We wish him a happy birthday as well. Absolutely and right across the network as well. The big question we are asking you today - were you offended by Tony Abbott 's sex appeal remark? You can share your thoughts on Twitter.

We will tell you the results in our afternoon news at 4:30pm. Yesterday we brought you the heartwarming story of a mother panda being reunited with her cub. Today we have an update for you. The pair finally spent some 1-on-1 time together, with the affectionate Mum getting to cuddle her baby for the first time. Just after birth, the mother accidentally injured her cub, forcing keepers to separate them and raise the tiny bare themselves. After a month of practice with a stuffed toy, Mum was ready to try again, delighting staff when she carefully picked up her baby. That get the sports News now. Good morning to you. The Lions are searching for a new coach today? They certainly are after Michael Voss was sensationally sacked. We will tell you who is in the running. Lightweight Ferguson wants to leave Canberra. And Jason Dufner This program is not captioned. $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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Shocked Brisbane Lions players have fronted for their first training session without coach Michael Voss after he was sensationally sacked.

The shock and disappointment still very raw here this morning after the Lions savagely sacked Michael Voss late yesterday. Criticism coming for Brisbane over the way they handled it, trying to sneak we remove him with the National spotlight turned on Essendon. There are reports that they had to remove him from the club to avoid a mass player revolt. That seems very hard to believe, given the reaction of the senior players this morning, who spoke to us just before training.We are all pretty shattered for him and shocked by the announcement yesterday. As a group we have to stick together and drive the standards of the team and will efficiently a strong.Everyone is in shock.He is the only coach I have ever had, so it will be different having someone else.The assistant coach will take over for the remaining three rounds of the season but all the indications suggest that Paul Roos is now the favourite to be in charge of Brisbane next year. Many believe that the Fitzroy life member will be a good fit for the loans from 2014 onwards. It will be very difficult to take over from Michael Voss, who is hugely popular and much loved around the club. We are set to hear from Michael Voss and the CEO of the Lions eight as conference here at the club at midday. To the NRL and the Raiders say they have had nothing from Blake Ferguson to suggest he wants out of his contract. He still has two years left on his current deal but it is reported he wants to return to Sydney to be with his uncle Anthony Mundine. At South Sydney Rabbitohs will welcome back Greg Inglis and John Sutton from injury for Friday night clash against Manly.With them coming back, we definitely have a competitive team. Hopefully we can get a few wins under our belt coming into the finals.They have lost three of their last four matches. Darren Lehmann men who searched his players to fight for the international futures ahead of the final Ashes test at the Oval next week. His blunt warning highlighting that the first test could be some players' lost after they surrendered the series to England.The play for Australia you have two perform at a level -- you have to perform at a level that is good enough. At the moment we're not that.Australia are monitoring the fitness of Shane Watson. He is struggling with hep endocrine injuries. After blowing away the competition at this year 's PGA championship, Jason Dufner found himself trying not to get blown off the Empire State building. The newly crowned major champion got pretty windswept while showing of his trophy on top of the New York landmark. Luckily his wife was on hand to make sure not a hair was like -- out of place. That is the sport for today. Still to come: Finance and the latest weather details. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At GIO, we know that cars mean different
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Let's have a look at finance

Let's have a look at finance before


we go.

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we go. The sharemarket

we go. The sharemarket has

we go. The sharemarket has opened slightly lower, despite some key countries reporting big profits.

That is the morning news for today. We will have a bulletin at 3pm. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Australia's Got Talent wowed the nation. Spread the happiness, Tommy. With everything from the incredible. I going to bill your salty Ray?To the outrageous.


But you ain't seen nothing yet.

The most surprising, most extraordinary moments.

That was unbelievable.

Are still to come.

Hi. Look at you, you've got a dog. I'm Loretta and this is Jackson. You've got to keep focused, don't look at the judges. Is Jackson ready for the giddy heights of show business and everything that involves? He was born a star. Bring it on.

He so gorgeous and clever. I love his furry trousers.

You do make a judgement straight away on what they look like. I sometimes think, "I don't like the look of this person". And the best thing is when they do something that your changes your mind. Hello sir, how are you? Welcome to Australia's Got Talent. Are we going to be amazed? You are going to be amazed.

I absolutely loved it. It's a complete 'no' from me.

My name is Paul and my performance is The Other Superman.


Sometimes there's a bit of a perceived notion that you're in a box and this gets me out of the box. Ready? Ready. Let's see what you've got.

One amazing man will fly high with the most incredible performance but what happens next will shock Australia.

WIN's much funnier.


Much crazier Australia's Got Talent.

Mega, mega, mega talent. The best is still to come.

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