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This Program Is Captioned Live. This morning, the Coalition to preference Labor over the Greens in every Lower House seat. This is my captain's call. I will not lead a minority Government because what Australia needs right now is a strong and stable majority Government.Standing defiant. Essendon's captain says he
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Middle East peace talks set to resume as Israel releases 26 resume as Palestinian prisoners. And Brisbane Palestinian prisoners. Brisbane Lions coach Michael
Voss Palestinian prisoners. And Voss walks away after being told his Voss walks away told his contract would not be told his contract would not renewed. Good morning. watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first. In the capital cities around the nation today.. The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has announced the Abbott, has announced Coalition will prenchings Labor ahead of the Greens in all Lower House seats. The move makes it harder for the Greens sole Lower House MP, Adam Bandt, to hold on to his marginal seat of Melbourne. Mr Abbott described his decision as a captain's call and pledge heed would would not lead a minority Government. This my captain's callch I will not lead a minority Government because what Australia needs right now is a strong and stable majority Government. There is a world of difference between the Greens and, as far as I'm aware, just about everyone else contesting this election campaign because every one else in this campaign supports economic growth and supports a more prosperous economy.Tony Abbott speaking there in Brisbane earlier this morning. For more on today's developments, we're joined now by former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown. Good morning. How much of a scplo this for the Greens? - how much of a blow is this for the Greens? Good morning. Adam Bandt's team's been well prepared for this and he'll win the seat. It does show Tony Abbott's got it in for Melbourne. Tony Abbott doesn't see Melbourne as having sex appeal. He thinks it's tradeable, it's expendable and he's dumping Melbourne here but Melbourne's a very savvy electorate. It put Adam Bandt in last time. Adam's performed very, very strongly there. That's why Abbott doesn't like him. He's growing in the polls. 48% in the latest Galaxy poll and to correct an ABC commentator earlier in the day, you don't with 48%, even with with 48%, even with the Liberals preferencing against Adam Bandt, he'd win on Adam Bandt, he'd win on 56 to 44% over Adam Bandt, he'd win 44% over Labor but it's a curious thing, double standard 44% over Labor but it's for Abbott as well. He'll be preferencing Andrew Wilkie in Denison. He's closer to Andrew obviously than he is to Adam bnt but his rule about wanting to preference against all four - or for a majority Government falls down when you look at Denison. Talk us through the figures. How can Adam Bandt still win with less than 50% of the primary vote? Melbourne voters, and voters around the country, take it into their own hands to vote. I think after this you'll even get more Liberal voters who'll vote 1 Liberal but give their preference straight to Adam Bandt because they like him. They like what he's doing and they know he's a most reasonable, honourable and hard-working candidate for Melbourne. Over on the Labor side, though I doubt their preferences will be cut up, like wise, this is simply going to drive a lot more people to preference straight across, to ignore whatever's on the big party tickets and to preference Adam Bandt first. I also think primary
it's going to grow Adam's primary vote. So you're optimistic about what Adam Bandt can do in Melbourne. What about other seats like Grayndler and Brisbane? Does this basically destroy any chance of the Greens picking up any more seats? In my home State, Denison, where the candidate is running a long race. The candidate in Grayndler will stay in the race but Tony Abbott has said, "I'd rather Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister than the Greens," and he's talked about economic wellbeing, well, Mr Abbott won't want it reminded that it was the Greens who fostered the economic package through with Wayne Swan that saved this country from a recession and thuns of thousands of jobs. Tony Abbott voted against that, as he voted against Treasury's prescription for a super profits tax on the big miners. It's the Greens who are economically responsible. I'd challenge him on that any day of the week. Hold Adam Bandt's record and Christine Milne's record up to Tony Abbott. I know who'd win there.Tony Abbott's logic behind this is people have come to the conclusion that the experiment with the hung parliament was a failure. Haven't there been indicationwise the polls and the backlash to Julia Gillard that the public has not been impressed with the product of a hung parliament? No, I don't think so at. All the polls are clear
very close. It's still not clear who's going to win the next election but what I do see in the polls is the Greens'
vote increasing and that's because people across this country don't like the nasty, savage asylum-seeker policies of both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. On other issues, they know the Greens are going to stand up for the environment where both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott as Prime Ministers will sell it out. Places like the Great Barrier Reef, the Tarkine rainforest and so on and we - look at single parents, it's only the Greens - I'm in Hanson-Young's
the moment where Sarah Hanson-Young's been the moment where Hanson-Young's been standing up
for the moment where Sarah
Hanson-Young's been for single parents while Labor and Liberal have cut them for single parents down. and Liberal have down. Bob Brown, unfortunately I'm going to have to cut down. Bob Brown, down there because I'm going to stepping up for a media conference in Cairns. Thanks, Joe....great Catholic educational establishment. It's also been inspiring to be with the young lads here in this trades training centre and doing things with trades training doing things with their hands.
One of them said to me before, "It's certainly better "It's certainly better than all that schoolwork," and the strewth there's a whole bunch of Australian young people who want to work with their hands, work in the trades and get properly qualified and go off and make a living that way. As I said to one of them, if they're good at it they'll make a motza on the way through. The encouraging thing about centres like this trades training centre is it provides a good place for these kids to come. I was speaking to the principal before and Billy and I were saying it's made a big difference to the way in which kids feel about their choices, that is when you're in a college like this and you've got a terrific centre like this, and Therese went off and visited the one which deals with hospitality, and the kids feel this is important and that this is really important and recognised as such within schools. One of the first undertakings I gave way back then as Leader of the Opposition was to build trades training centres across Australia. It's part of building the country's future. These things don't just appear out of thin air. They are here because Governments decided to make them happen and I'm proud of each and every one of these I've seen around the country and I'm doubly proud when I look in the eyes of the people who are uplifted by places like people who are places like this, the state-of-the-art equipment they have and their opportunity to carve out their own futures. That's why across the nation today we are announcing the total number of trades training centres that we are having nationally will now rise to more than 500. There is something like 120 new trades training centres being announced right across Australia today. This has all been part of our planning over the years, bringing the total number to more than 500. So it's all about making sure that when we are bidding for the future, planning for the future, thinking about the future, we are making it possible for our kids to have the skills of the future. I'm proud of the fact that right across Australia - and these are up, this next set, it's a huge additional numbers more than 120 new ones - that we're going to have 500 or so, across the country, support ing 1,500 secondary schools across the country, because some schools pool together with a single trades training centre. I couldn't think of a more practical building block than this to help our young people in the future. Not every kid want to go to university. Not every kid wants to go off and become a rocket scientist. Some kids want to work with their hands. Boys and girls. And it's terrific that we are making it possible in every place like this across Australia for those kids to realise their dreams. One of the great challenges the
I've seen in countries around the world is when the trades and the vocational system begin to fall away. In this country we've been blessed in the past with reasonable investments but this needs That's why I'm so proud of what we're doing here today and right across Australia. There willby Ministers of the Government standing up in every capital city today across Australia announcing where these centres will be going. I'm proud of that fact. It's great for the future of the country. It's great for preserving our skills and and building new ones and it's terrific for the kids concerned because I'm on about making possible for them to lead the most fulfilled lives possible. More broadly, we are of course talking about building the economy here in Cairns as well. You can't build Australia's future without building the region's future and Cairns is such a dynamic region, one I know and love and have been here countless times over the years so that's why we've been putting our best foot forward, not just with institutions like this but across Far North Queensland we've invested in 66 new school libraries, we've put in some 8,000 new computers into the schools, seven new science and language centres, seven trades and training centres like this one you see here and we've already rolled out the national broadband network to more than 2000 local homes and 10,000 are currently under construction so there is a practical things we have done to invest in the future of Cairns and Far North Queensland because that's part of building the future for Australia. On top of that, we've also been looking at what new jobs are going to come with the new industries of the future. Through DisabilityCare Australia alone, we project we're going to have just on 800 new jobs here by the time we get to the end of the decade in nurses and the allied health professions and areas associated with the care of people with disabilities. It's a whole new service industry which is emerging off the back of the country's first National Disability Insurance Scheme. Then there's other practical stuff we're doing as well which is mindful of some of the community like this too in terms threats that affect wonderful terms of natural terms of natural disasters. The announcement today by Mark Butler concerning announcement today by Butler concerning our new
Bureau of initiative, some Bureau of Meteorology initiative, some $58.5 million, with one central focus - to better with one central focus - better predict, better analyse and better get information out about natural disasters. about natural disasters. If you come from Queensland, this part and parcel of our life. If you come from Far North Queensland it's even more so and we all can remember the devastation of Cyclone Yasi, we can all remember the devastation of the Queensland floods in southeast Queensland, so this is a practical measure to invest in our country's better preparedness for extreme weather events and again it's about investing in the future. Communities need to be as prepared as possible for when big ones hit. It's important for the country's future. One other industry for there future up here I've been working hard on is what happens with tourism. You've heard me say many times before that China mining boom is coming to an end. Well, the China mining boom is coming to an end but the China tourism boom is just starting in Australia and here in Far North Queensland. Over the last several weeks, I've been in discussions with China Southern Airlines, the fourth-largest carrier in the world, an airline which has some 500 aircraft, and from a country which is now looming as Australia's emerging major tourism market. China Southern have only been here for a trial up until now. China Southern have indicated now they'll commit to providing drenth seasonal services to Far North Queensland in the future and we should be seeing one of their first aircrafts arrive for trial here fairly soon. I would thank China Southern for putting this place, Far North Queensland, on to the tourism map in China. The airline itself is based in Guangxo which is the capital million people. It's got rising per capita incomes and people are travelling for the first time and this is safe, it's secure, it's beautiful, you've got the Great Barrier Reef and everything you'd like and as well. Put all that together, you are seriously as well. Put all you are seriously cooking with gas when you are gas when it comes to the China tourism market here. Finally, in the local areas, I think people are all excited about the fact that when the G20 is hosted in Australia next year, the G20 Finance Minister wills be meeting here in Cairns in Far North Queensland. I can't think of a more beautiful place to come. Of course that exists as a possibility because our Government, during my Prime Ministership, has made it possible for turs become a member of the G20, in fact we helped create the institution. So the fact that we can now host this major global event in Australia where we chart the future of the global economy and the rocky and turbulent years that lie ahead is great in itself. What's doubly great is that the Finance Ministers of the 20 most powerful economies in the world are going to be spending three, four, five daze in this beautiful part of Australia and that's going to be a building bridge for the future in terms of this dynamic centre's reputation around the world, not just as a tourism venture, as a conference venture and also where we can do new things with the other economies in the world. Lastly, let me just say something about the question of costings. I think this is a pretty important one. We now have Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman saying that the Australian people have a right to know the cuts that they will make. He said that on television last night. When asked today whether all that costings and work had been done on their spending promises and their cuts, he said yes, it had. So there's a pretty simple question here. If Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman says that people have a right to know what cuts they will make and Mr Hockey then says that all that work is done, why on earth is Mr Abbott not releasing it today? Why on earth? There's only one reason, it's that Mr Abbott plainly has a hidden plan on his cuts to jobs, education and health and on the goods and services tax because what he fears is that if the Australian people knew what was in his plans that they would be very, very worried about voting for him. I notice also today we have good old Campbell Newman coming out, a person who's done more to slash and burn here in Far North Queensland than anyone I could point at in a long, long time in terms of jobs, education and health and Mr Abbott, when asked about Campbell Newman's model this morning, said, "Well, that's the sort of model he embraced." He talked about that being the model for tough decisions by a tough Government. Well, I just go back to him levelling with people. If that's what you propose to do, what Campbell Newman did prior to the State election we'll a election was say, "No we'll a commission of audit and election was say, "No details, off you we'll off you go, "And then rip off 14,000 jobs out, off you go, "And then 14,000 jobs out, 4,000 health 14,000 jobs workers sacked and massive cuts to education and workers sacked and massive to education and health. 240 jobs being lost, by the way, in Townsville, where were yesterday, associated way, in Townsville, were yesterday, associated with
the were yesterday, the Townsville Base Hospital. If Mr Abbott, who now says he wilt be the next Prime Minister, is saying that Campbell Newman is his model - and he said and he said that this morning- then frankly it's time that he levelled with the Australian people about where his cuts to jobs, health and education will go and what his real plans are for the GST. You can't have a hidden plan like this forever. Over to you, folks. On trades training centres, in 2007 you promised to build more than 2000 and 6 years later there's 250 built. Why? I believe what we've done with every school community is work closely with how schools cooperate and come together in supporting a trades training centre which may support in one location a number of schools. We've done that creatively and flexibly across the country. The key objective here is to make sure that every kid who wants to pursue a trade at school has access to a first-class facility like this. I'm so proud of what we've done. Talking to the acting principal here about how transformational this has been for the kids. So people always knock bits of it on the way through. We're used to that in terms of the school modernisation program, the new school libraries and the computers in schools where I run into high schools around the country who never had one of them until the computer in schools program came in. I'll take all the knocks in response to actually building our kids' future through better schools for the future. The Cairns hospital says it's in crisis with the restructure that's happened. They also say there's Federal Government R. You going to rectify $3 million missing from the to rectify that? Well, the first thing I'd say about first thing I'd say about our funding to Queensland for its hospitals is that it is now at record hospitals is that record levels, absolutely record levels. Why? We signed a new health and hospitals agreement with every State which for the first time in history has brought - first time I should say in recent history - is bringing the Federal contribution to hospitals back to where it should be. 50-50. When Mr Abbott was around as Health Minister, that slid to below 40%. That was the huge crunch on Queensland hospitals including the Cairns Base Hospital. I'm proud of what we've done. There is always going to be a bit scrabbling around the edge about whether this amount should go there but if you took the big picture of how much Federal money it comes to hospitals like Cairns now relative to 2007, the big driver is this - we've signed an agreement which brings us back to 50-50 funding. Mr Abbott, by ripping a billion dollars out and other measures too, had that slide back to below 40. Has the Labour Party done a deal on preferences with the Opposition? All preference - first response to your question is all preference matters are handled by the national secretary of our party and I'm not aware of what agreements have been reached and, frankly, I intend to leave it to them. These are organisational matters. Prime Minister, just on the issue, Tony Abbott is going to put the Greens below Labor and so will you now rule out entering a minority Government deal with the Greens if there is a hung parliament again inMy ambition, citizen, as I've said when asked this question before, is we are returned as majority Government. That's the best ting thing for the nation. Let me also be plain about this, we will not be entering into any Coalition agreements. We won't have any negotiated agreements or deals with any Independent or mine party. Our objective is to be a majority Government in our own right. Prime Minister, can you talk about your plans to fix the mobile phone black spots? Yes, I've seen something from Mr Abbott on this and if you look at mobile black spots around the country, his assumption is, I think, that with his $100 million uncosted and unaccounted for allocation, that that's going to remove those problems. Frankly, it's much bigger than that. What we are doing across the nation is region by region, locality by locale, working our way through the black spots as they arise. That's the systematic way to do it and I believe the right way to do it. We will always have further to say and do on that score. With China Southern, you were speaking with a representative this morning.ine Channel 9a Eastern have suspended flights here. Are you as
looking for them to come here as well? There's a limit to what you can do in a few week. I'm focussing on China Southern because the flying time is short so if you're looking at the weekender market out of China, it is a very doable flight. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's six or seven hours y think. Under those circumstances it becomes a very doable thing from China's most southern port where China Southern is based, and Cairns. We are always in the market to find more and more airline services coming into Queensland. I should say with the China Southern arrangement, we'll also be working through the Australian tourism commission on other dedicated packages which have add-s on to, saying Magnetic Island just off Townsville, and on to the Whitsundays just off Mackay. I think that's the right way to do it. Anthony Albanese as aviation Minister has been vigorous around the world in signing new airline agreements and having new neshation with new international carriers because we know this is where the next wave of opportunity comes from. I can't emphasise enough to a gathering like this how critical it's going to be for the future of tourism in Queensland, the chine atourism
mark. If Queensland, the mark. If you think back 30 mark. years, some of you were around then, some years, some of you were then, some of you weren't, then 30 years ago, when you looked at Japan driving tourism demand in Queensland, people aumed that was going to go on and on and that was going to go on and and on. Japan's population at the end of the day is not that big and of course the tourism market from Japan has matured and is now coming down. China is just beginning. There's a billion and 300 million Chinese and the rising middle class in China, and disposable income, means they want to travel, off frn the first time, both at the luxury end and organised travel end. If I'm talking about the future of this economy and trying to map ahead 5 years as to where I want the tourism investments to come, it's here in North Queensland, working on our negotiations with the Chinese carriers to come in. That's the absolute core of it. Have you ruled out power-sharing agreements in a hung parliament ? (Inaudible)On the first question, I leave my remarks where they were before. On the second, I think it's important to reflect on that for a bit. I've decided that it's worth commenting on. I know we normally say, "That's for others to think about and respond to," but this one is pretty odd to pretty odd. Let me put it pretty odd to be blunt. It's pretty odd. Let me put it in these terms. If any male employer stood up in a workplace anywhere in Australia and pointing to a female staff member, said, "This person is a good staff member because they've got sex appeal," I think people would scratch their heads at least and I think the employer would be finding themselves in serious strife so my policy's pretty simple, that in modern Australia, neither sexism nor racism nor home phobia has any place whatsoever and I believe people look to our national leaders to set that sort of example. Just to clarify, are you ruling out entering into an agreement for a minority Government? If not, how can the ALP have credibility? I just said a few times that, one, like Mr Abbott's, our Government. Two, I don't thinkio I could be clearer by saying there will be no Coalition arrangements with the Greens or minor parties, further more, no negotiated agreements as you've seen in the past, no deals as you've seen in the past and the challenge for Mr Abbott and ourselves is to work with the parliament which these, the Australian people, then elect. Prime Minister, within the last couple of weeks two Somali nationals were intercepted in the Torres Strait. This something Tony Abbott is looking at today as he visits Queensland as well. Are hearing any concerns from perhaps your local candidate about this? On the question that you've just raised, I've never seen Mr Abbott run away from a fear campaign when it was possible to get behind one and throw a can of kerosene on the top of it. That's basically what he does. Let's be frank. A few people have come across the strait last year, the year before and the year before that. I the key challenge on policy is this - ours is clear. If you come to Australia by boat, whether it's from Christmas Island or the strait or Antarctica, you're not going to be allowed to settle in Australia. Very simple. Prime Minister, a Senator has said your deal with PNG on asylum seekers will change after the election is. That the case? No, I'm unaware of those comments at all but what I would say is our policy is as Stated and will not change. That our approach. This a hard area of policy. Any Government of Australia has to wrestle with the reality. You can either deal with the reality or throw some 3-word slogans into the air and hope that no-one bothers to catch the detail. By the way, bear in mind Mr Abbott's spokesman on immigration said they will not be releasing data on future boat arrival s should they form government. It is a bit like their policy, it seems, on costings and the Budget, that is we won't put that information out there. If they're so confident of their policy on this then frankly, why would you do-D prive the Australian people of access to theidate snuwhat we see from the data is something pretty basic which is that so far, and it will go up and down, we've had a 20 or 30% fall in the number of boats coming. This the advice I got from the Immigration Minister. We will continue to watch it carefully. I said am we launched policy on day one that we believe this will take quite some months to translate the message through to people smugglers and to those who are seeking to use their services and what we've been advise ed by Government agencies is this, number one, people are now demanding their money back from people smugglers. Number two, those who have already been taken to Manus Island are in discussions now with international organisations to go back to where they've come from, including to places like Iran. So this is a tough area of policy but we make no apology for it. To be clear, you said no deals with mine parties, did you say
Independents? parties, did you Independents? And is that correct that we would be going to a poll again if no-one is willing to form a willing to form a Government? You know something, the Australian people will elect the parliament that they choose. What I'm boog absolutely clear about is that we will not form a Coalition with any mine party or Independent. We will not have any negotiated agreements like we've said in the past, and nor will we have any deals on the quiet. I think it's very difficult to be more explicit than that and I would also draw your attention to one point, Syd, and that is the man who is holding his hand on heart at the moment about these sort of arrangements, I think he had a pretty interesting set of negotiations with Tony Windsor just after the 2010 election where I think he said he'd offer a certain commodity to Mr Windsor, begging him for his minority support to form a Coalition Government after that election. So when Mr Abbott puts his hand on his heart and at my
said, "Look, I'm pure as the at my record," I actually rather like looking at what people have done in addition to what they may say. Folks, we are about to zip. Let me conclude by saying this, that as I'm about to zip, who's here from Channel 9? Any cameras from Channel 9? It's Laurie Oakes's 70th birthday today. Happy birthday, Laurie.

That was live from Saint Mary's Catholic college in Cairns on the southern sOut skirts of Cairns in the seat of Leichhardt held by Warren Entsch. The Prime Minister announcing money for trade training centres and for the Bureau of Meteorology. He was asked about the Opposition preferencing Labor ahead of the Greens. Mr Rudd says that's a mat of the national secretary of the party and on the issue of forming Government in a hung parliament, he says all will be no deals or arrangements with the Greens or Independents. In light of the announcement by Tony Abbott this morning it's a big day for the Greens. The Greens' Lisa Millar has called a media conference - the Greens' Christine Milne has called a media conference. It was due to start couple of minutes ago and presumably they were waiting for the Prime Minister to finish in Cairns. We can expect the Greens Christine Milne will stepping up knat any moment. We'll cross live as soon as Christine Milne steps up for the media conference. We were talking to Bob Brown aearlier and he said he was confident Adam Bandt would be able to hold on to his seat of Melbourne even though the Coalition will be putting Labor ahead of the Greens on the how-to-vote cards. He says he wouldn't necessarily need to get more than 50% of the primary vote to hang on to that seat of Melbourne. So while we wait for Christine Milne to begin that media conference in Sydney e let's cross live to political reporter Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. The Prime Minister pushed there repeatedly on his position if there was to be another hung parliament and any possible negotiation with the Greens or the Independents. That's right. And his words were, Joe, he won't form a Coalition or deals like have been done in the past. I'm not sure whether that does leave open the door to form some sort of minority Government without signing off on specific deals because we know the deals that were made to form the last parliament were in fact to bring in a carbon tax and then an Emissions Trading Scheme and there are a couple of other things on that as well. So Kevin Rudd didn't rule out absolutely forming any sort of minority Government but he did say in that, Joe, that the goal and the aim for him is to form a majority Labor Government think,io,
post-September 7 and I think,io, we've got the Greens leader Christine Milne heading up. I will keep it so we can go to up. I will keep it quite brief so we can go to her. As I said, so we can go Kevin Rudd's eyes are so we can go to her. As I big prize and Kevin Rudd's big prize and that a majority Government post-September 7. The Greens are still confident they will be able to put opgood show in some of the Lower House seats. Let's cross live to Chris teen Milne in Sydney. The Greens have a real passion for improving the urban environment look and after environment look and people and that's why we're announcing today our policy to ban semi automatic handguns. It's pretty clear that if you want to end and really act on the number of drive-by shootings, you really have to take semiautomatic handguns out of the equation. I was in Tasmanian parliament when the Port Arthur massacre occurred and after that I spoke to the fathers of Dunblane. Those children in Scotland were shot down by four semiautomatic handguns and those fathers said then, "It's one thing to buy back the guns from the Port Arthur massacre caliber of gun but you have to get rid of sell eautomatichandgons as well." We have been working on that ever since and if you're serious about really reducing that crime you need get the guns out of the commune. That's why we're saying we'd want a 12-month amnesty. We will put 350 12-month amnesty. We 350 million into to buyback scheme and public education scheme so that we can make the streets safer and we can actually reduce the level of gun violence in Australia. I think that is something that most people would really welcome and I know here in NSW Cate Faehrmann, my colleague and Senate candidate harkz had experience of trying to deal with these matters in the parliament. Here in NSW, we know that handguns are actually a really big issue. In the last six years alone, we've seen a 24% increase in the number of handguns in circulation in NSW. We also know, due to figures obtained by the Greens, that almost 90% of drive-by shootings are undertaken with a handgun and the vast majority of those are semiautomatic. Now, another thing that happens here in NSW of course is the influence of the extreme gun lobby. We've seen that in parliament, we've seen the influence of the shooters' party continuing to weaken our gun laws, continuing to talk to both the current Coalition Government but also the previous Labor Government to do deals to weaken our gun laws. That's one reason why we have a higher number of handguns in circulation in this State than in the other states per capita. What we also know is that at this federal election, the shooters' Party are eyeing off the Senate here in NSW and one of their key demands, if they get a Senate spot in NSW at the expense of the Greens - it's the only way they can get it - will be the weaken gun laws at the Federal level. We know that they are all about weakening gun laws and we know that the Liberal Party and the Labor Party have a track record here in caving in to the extreme demands of the Shooters Partych that is what is at risk at the Federal level. Only the Greens the party that will stand up to the extreme gun lobby. We are prepared to stand up to the Shooters Party as well. That's why we need more Greens in the balance of power after the next election and it will be a disaster for this country if we see the Shooters Party come in. This is a good policy. We need to see handguns phased out here in NSW if we are to have any sense of gaining control of the shootings and the shootings that are scaring shootings and the drive-by shootings that are communities in Western Sydney particularly.Just before I take questions, there are a couple of other comments I'd like to make. Kevin Rudd is today in North Queensland talking about how much he's looking forward to being able to welcome the international community to Australia for the G20 next year. Well, let me say that his policies and those of Tony Abbott will see Australia humiliated in front of the international community because what they want to do is increase the number of ports along the Queensland coast to expand export coal from the Galilee and Bowen Basins and they run the risk of Australia's Great Barrier Reef being declared World Heritage in danger. That risk is already there. Australia has been formally warned, told not to go ahead with these port developments, to look at an over-all strategy for the reef and both Labor and the Coalition are ignoring that. There is no doubt in my mind that you can't trust either of them. As soon as the election is over, not to go ahead with the Abbott Point terminal. The only reason it's delayed is to delay it until after polling day. It's all very well to go to North Queensland and talk about how important tourism jobs are, how great the reef is, how much the international community will enjoy seeing the reef. Well, they won't enjoy seeing it if you're dumping all of that seeing it if of that silt and sludge from your port extraction and dumping it into the reef, let alone accelerating global warming with all that export coal and that's why the Greens are standing up to say coal and that's why the are standing up to say if
you're serious about looking after the Great Barrier Reef, making sure it doesn't become World Heritage in danger then vote for the Greens. Senator, Tony Abbott is determined to get rid particular in the House of Representatives with the seat of Melbourne. What's your response to that? Well, I think it shows just how effective Adam Bandt has been Tony
in the seat of Melbourne that Tony Abbott has gone after the Greens, got together with Labor to try and remove our one representative from the House that rather
of Representatives. That shows that rather than having a back bench from the Labor Party sitting there representing the seat of Melbourne, we've had the Greens deputy leader and because of Adam Bandt, and because the people of Melbourne made history in 2010, we now have a clean energy package, we have $13 billion into renewable energy, we have dent ecare for 3.5 million children, we have a parliamentary Budget office together with the Labor Party we've delivered the National Disability Insurance Scheme, more money into schools. It's no wonder Tony Abbott feels threatened by one Green. Imagine what you could do if we had 10 Greens in the House of Representatives. I say that it's the best message yet to the whole country that if you want effective members of parliament driving progressive change then vote Green. You once levelled the move cruel, you said it would be cruel to put the Greens last on every ballot across the country. That's what he's done this morning. Can you splay why you think it's cruel? What I said is the Liberal and Labor Parties have moved close together on cruelty to refugees. They have moved closer together in their determination to cut funding to universities. They bothment to expand coal exports. They have moved so far together and so far to the right, I'm not in the least bit surprised that you've got this kind of collusion going on between the Liberal and Labor Parties to do in the Greens but let me tell you the Greens supporters around the country will see that for what it is, the community will see it for what it is and I am confident people are going to say, "Well, if Liberal and Labor want total control of the parliament then what they're doing is shutting down democratic option in our democracy
Australia. We need to expand our democracy not reduce it. In terms of Tony Abbott's claim nothing,
that he wants a majority or nothing, does he intend to get rid of the Nationals then? He is a Coalition. The Liberal Party cannot govern alone. Who is going to be Tony Abbott's deputy prime minister? It's Warren Truss. Most people in the community wouldn't have a clue about that but that's because he cannot govern without the Nationals. This is all just hot air from Tony Abbott because she so busy looking in the rear vision mirror, a back to the future strategy to the '50s, that he doesn't see a whole lot of people in Australia who want clean-energy, who want to move to 100porous renewables, who do want to see people pulled out of poverty and New Start increased and Youth Allowance increased. They want to see high-speed rail. It's just that he looks in the mirror and sees coal mines and that's all he can see and he's blinded by the coal dust. Are you worried about your prospects in the Senate? I think concerned about what would happen Australians should be happen if the arrogance that concerned about what Tony Abbott had on display today was to Tony Abbott had today was Tony Abbott had on display
today was to be reflected in the election result. What the election result. What he's saying is the election result. saying is that he wants a majority Government, saying is that he wants control of both control of
majority Government, he wants control of both houses, if he
doesn't get what he wants he will force neme back to a will force neme back to double dissolution. What you're seeing is incredible arrogance and yet he's not telling the people what he's going to do. He's hiding behind an audit review after the election in order newt have to tell people what he's going to slash and burn in order to fill the massive black hole that the Coalition has got in their figures so I think it's really important now that the Australian community focuses on returning the Greens to balance of power in the Senate, Adam Bandt in the House of Representatives as the strong alternative who will care for people, care for the environment, stand up for what matters, for people, for refugees, for the environment, the grief, the forests, you - for the Great Barrier Reef, the forests, you name it, the Greens can be trusted to stand up for those things. (Inaudible) Indigenous candidates across Australia and in the seat of Melbourne is Indigenous candidate Sean Armitage against Adam Bandt. How do you think the Indigenous candidates in the Senate will go? I would like to see Indigenous candidates do well across the country. I think our democracy is best served by having as many people represented and political positions, persuasions represented as possible and I would wish them luck. I'd say in terms of the Greens, Warren H Williams is our Senate candidate in the Northern Territory and he does a fantastic job and he's out campaigning for us right across the Northern Territory and Barb Shaw isologist an Indigenous candidate for the Greens but I standing. Do you accept wish them well whenever they're standing. Do you accept that
now you can't now you can't win Grayndler and Batman? Probably inaudible) Tony Abbott would like to put in place. What do you think of in place. What Warren Mundine stand ation chair of an Indigenous advisory committee across the country? I think Warren Mundine has shown that he's rer prepared to be interchangeable when it comes to political parties he supports but I don't doubt his sincerity in standing up for trying to advance in the way he sees fit the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Do the Federal Greens now give up hopes in Grayndler and Batman now with these preference deals, with losing the preference deal with the Lib s?Absolutely not. It was always going to be a hard task for us to win those seats but I think what's happened is Tony Abbott has made it really clear to the whole Australian community that the Greens are the real Opposition. That if you don't want Tony Abbott then vote for the Greens because our policy position is not only an alternative to his, it's future-based, it's based on renewables, the clean economy, it's based on caring for people. His is the reverse. If you want that then you vote for the Greens for that alternative and what he's also made clear to people is that Liberal and Labor are only different by a matter of degree. They don't actually have a different philosophical view, in fact both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott could be sitting in the same car looking in the same rear vision mirror, looking at the same big extraction of coal up in the Galilee basin. Anthony Albanese, will he be smiling as a result of this? No doubt Anthony Albanese will be smiling that his biggest backer is Tony Abbott. He might also be embarrassed by that as he tries to tell people in Grayndler that he has a different point of view and there is Tony Abbott saying to Liberal voters, "Whatever I say on the campaign trail about Kevin Rudd doesn't really matter because actually we'd prefer to have Labor win the seat than a Green." I think that's a really big tick for the Greens and we are going to be now redoubling our efforts and I'm sure there are going to be people right across Australia who now determine that they will come and volunteer in the seats of Grayndler and Batman and Melbourne to help our Green candidates. Adam Bandt will need to increase his preference votes by over 40% on first can do that?
preferences. Do you accept he can do that? It would be a historic vote for the greens? It was a historic win for Adam Bandt in the 2010 election and what a great member of parliament he has been and what fantastic achievements for the country. The poll that came recently country. The poll that came out accept that recently showed him on accept recently showed him on 48%. I
accept that he has to lift his primary vote by accept that he has to lift primary vote by a few per cent but I'm confident we can do it. I've been campaigning with Adam in Melbourne over the last few days and I can tell you there is a real buzz about the place. I got into a tax any the driver said," I'm voting for Adam Bandt." I got into one of the shops in Melbourne, a woman stopped me and she said, "I can't stand the cruelty towards the refugees. I am voting Green this time." I walked through one of the laneways and out of one of the kitchens came running a chef saying, "I'm voting for Adam," and showed me on his phone a photo of him actually campaigning with Adam. That's the kind of buzz on the ground we have been campaigning, door-knocking, we've been at markets and I'm pretty confident the people of Melbourne know that in Adam Bandt they've got a dedicated local member who is making way on the national stage as opposed to what they would get otherwise which is a backbencher. Thank you very much, everyone. That was live from Sydney that. Was Greens leader Christine Milne and Cate Faehrmann announcing a ban on semi automatic handguns and discuss ing Tony Abbott's placing Labor above the Greens. He says Tony Abbott made it clear to Australia the Greens are the real Opposition. Senator Milne's logic is the chances of Greens victories have increased. Before we go to reporter Kerrin Binnie in Canberra, I might mention we've got - we're expecting Adam Bandt's going to hold a media conference in about 25 minutes from Melbourne so we plan to bring you that live. We're also hearing the Brisbane lyrns going to be hoeding a media - Brisbane Lions are going to be holding a media conference in about 10 minutes after the announcement yesterday that Michael Voss would stand down as coach. We're hearing Michael Voss and club officials are both going to be at that media conference in Brisbane. We'll cross there live. That's due to get under way in about 10 minutes. Back to politics now. Let's go to political reporter Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. Senator Milne seems unfazed by Tony Abbott's announcement? No, she doesn't seem phased by it at all and you made mention there she's taking as a claim of vacatery and effectiveness of the Greens in the Lower House. There is only one Greens MP in the Lower House and that a Adam Bandt. He's only been there one term and he is the first Greens MP in the Lower House. She was saying, "How effective would we be if we had 10 MPs in the Lower House ?" This relates to Tony Abbott's announcement today that in all 150 seats in the Lower House, the how-to-vote cards for the Liberals will suggest people put the Greens last and that is even behind Labor on their how-to-vote cards. All of the other parties that are in between also. One of the other things in there too, Joe, that Christine Milne made mention of was she said Tony Abbott can't form Government, that is a Liberal Government, without the help of the Nationals. Heading down that line as well because of course there is a Liberal National Party Coalition so he she was talking about Tony Abbott's other announcement or, I guess, repledge I guess you could call it. That he won't form a minority Government if there is a hung parliament at the post-September 7.Just going back a step there to the Kevin Rudd media conference that was just before Milne's, that was just before Christine
Milne's, what's the talk down there in Milne's, what's the talk there in Canberra about exactly what Kevin Rudd had to say in the what Kevin the event of a hung parliament not entering into any arrangement or agreement with Independents arrangement or Independents or Greens? Does that Independents or Greens? that mean now that if we to have another hung parliament that mean now that if that Australia would go back to have that Australia would the polls? That's always a possibility. That could have been the possibility in 2010 but as we know there was a negotiation between the Prime Minister and the Independents and also the Coalition and the Independents at the time to form the form the minority parliament. Kevin Rudd's actual words were, "Let me make it absolutely clear that we will not form a Coalition with any minor party or Independent. We will not have any negotiated agreements like we've had in the past." That does want specifically say there will be no minority parliament. We are taking that there is
to say that Kevin Rudd will f there is a minority parliament, look to form a minority Government and but not through any sort of deals that are struck. Of course one of the big clinchers in the last one was the carbon tax in the way to get the Greens to give Labor confidence and supply in the Senate.I guess there will be a bit of a discussion now about how you can form a minority Government without any arrangement or deal? That's right. I would expect that to start to unfold. We'll see how the Opposition responds to that, whether they have anything to say about that later on today or whether they pick up on it and run with it in
tomorrow. Of course, Kevin Rudd in there probably not wanting to rule out a minority parliament on the off chance it does happen and he does have to try and form a minority government. Speaking of the Opposition, we heard from Tony Abbott earlier today in Brisbane. Our reporter travelling with the Opposition camp, Narda Gilmore, had packed her bag at that stage and didn't know where she was heading. Do you know where Tony Abbott is now? Well, since you spoke to Narda, he did the media conference at the hotel that they were at this morning and they've moved on to the police headquarters, I believe it was, in Brisbane, and he was there with Campbell Newman talking about Papua New Guinea and what they are terming the poorest border between - the porous border between Papua New Guinea and the tip of Australia, that is on Cape York, and in the Torres Strait. Of course over the weekend we've had a couple of people turn up on islands there, some Somalis. to Somalis. So Tony Abbott's tried
to capitalise on that and say that now this is the bord that that now this is not - that needs more control and is not - that needs control and his friend and also LNP Premier Campbell Newman is happy to play along with that one so Tony Abbott, to answer your question you initially asked, I don't know where they are now. I know they are still in Brisbane and we're expecting from here that they will fly out to another as yet undisclosed location this afternoon. Plenty of concentration on Queensland at the moment. Kerrin Binnie in Canberra, cheers. We've heard from all the player players this morning from the political front and we're expecting Adam Bandt to step up in about 20 you
minutes time. We hope to bring you that live from Melbourne and once again I'll mention the Lions media conference, the Brisbane Lions AFL club is holding a media conference due to get under way in about 5 minutes type. We're expecting Michael Voss to be there, that's the coach who's stepped down now, and some other officials from the Lions. We'll have it all covers on ABC News 24. The AFL has charged the Essendon football club and four officials including coach James Hird with bringing the game into disrepute. The charges stem from an investigation by the Australian sports Anti-Doping Authority into the club's supplement program. James Hird spoke to the media a short time ago. Pretty shattered really. Shattered that I could be charged for bringing the game into disrepute that I love and cherish and respect so much. It is terribly disappointing I've been charged for that, the club and all of us. Where do you go from now?I think we have a look at our options. We're obviously going to defend ourselves vigorously, contend the charges, make sure that we're proven not guilty and we go from there. I think that our said,
footy club is a great club as I said, we find it very hard to believe we've been charged on the base of an interim report where no infraction notices have been handed down and we'll move on from there. What's the relief to here the players are OK for now? It's incredible. If an interim report is written, I think that it's great that the players have been freed and I think they've got a great sense of relief over that. No doubt you'll support each other, the four charged here. You obviously know each other fairly well? Definitely we'll support each other. It's interesting the four of us are probably identified as the blackest day in Australian sport. We take that very seriously.

That's James Hird speaking in Melbourne earlier this morning. Time for sport with Amy Hetzel. The other big news in AFL is Michael Voss. Has he been axed or stood aside? They chose not to extend his contract so he's essentially been sacked and decided to go. Big news in Brisbane and we'll show the press conference live in a few minutes. In the meantime, Paul rooz remained the favourite to take over the coaching job at Brisbane after Voss Voss sprofs removal yesterday. Voss capt Bed the Lions to three consecutive premierships and coached for the last four years but he's been told his contract won't be extended beyond this year. It's hard to describe. I'm not angry, not sad. There's a little bit of disappoint there but more out 5 years of work into this. there but more out of I've put 5 years of work into club playedifiables just once in his club playedifiables just in his time as - the in his time as - the club played finals just once in his time at coach and time at coach and is currently 13th on the ladder. Darren Lehmann says Australia choked in its 4-run loss in the fourth Test after being in a winning position at 1/147 chasing 299. 1/150, we were cruising, weren't we? Give them credit, they bowled well, but some of the shot slokz was poor. Back up and play a better brand of cricket and learn from our mistakes. We didn't learn from probably Trent bridge when we got bowled out similar circumstances. The blokevise got to learn and if they don't we'll find blokes who will. Australia leads by 81 runs at stumps on day three of the women's Ashes. The southern stars are 1/64 in their second innings after dismissing England for 314. Meg Landing is unbeaten on 29 and Elliott is 10 not out. Debutante Erin Osbourne was the pick of Australia's bowlers taking 4/57. Captain Alex Blackwell says there's plenty of work ahead of them on day 4. With one day we're in a strong position. We've got a handy lead at the moment. I'd expect to see a few more shots from Meg. She's been ball beautifully. Hopefully the runs will flow tomorrow. All Blacks fly half dane carter will miss both Bledisloe Cup Tests against the Wallabies through injury. He strained his calf at training and is in doubt for the entire Bledisloe Cup championship. It is frustrating. I know what a I need to do to get out and play. Despite Carter's absence, the Wallabies are still wary of the World Cup champions. Obviously that's a big loss for the can ewy team but thaB - for the can wy team but they've got - that's a big loss for the Kiwi team but they've got enough depth to cover that. I don't think there will be too much disruption to the Kiwi team. Of course all eyes will also be on new coach Ewan McKenzie in his first big Test for the Wallabies. What's the first perception on why Michael Voss wasn't able to produce the goods at Brisbane? There were so many people, lot of people are big fans of Michael Voss particularly because he was such a good player but just wasn't able to make it work for Brisbane. I think that he leapt from that role as - a playing role as an athlete, into the coaching role fairly quickly and I think he's taken a few years to develop as a coach. He is starting to produce good results but it hasn't happened quickly enough. Just mentioning once again we're expecting the media conference to get under way at