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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. onto his seat of Melbourne. Kevin Rudd has his eye on a marginal coalition street in Queensland today, he is traveling to Cairns to campaign in Leichhardt, held by the LNP's Warren Entsch . For more, let's cross to political reporter Narda Gilmore who's been with the Opposition Leader in Brisbane this morning. A a significant announcement there from Tony Abbott in the last hour or so. Take us through the implications of this?Good morning, Joe. Yes, it is a significant announcement. It's Tony Abbott making a point, essentially. He's been talking a lot about how he won't do deals to form a minority government. This is his way of really making a point. What he's announced here this morning is that the Liberals will preference Labor ahead of the Greens in every one of the 150 Lower House seats. The implications for that are far reaching but in some ways, most significant seat is the one hold by the Greens' Adam Bandt in the seat of Melbourne that will now almost certainly make that easier for Labor to pick up that seat again and make it very, very hard for Adam Bandt to hold onto that. It also has implication s in New South Wales. Anthony implication Wales. Anthony Albanese will be breathing easier today. It will make his task in the seat of Grayndler easier. The Greens in a
that area have been picking up a lot of support as well. So a lot of Tony Abbott ... (audio not available) Just lost you there for a moment.Technology! A few problems there. Running through those implications, it's going to be a lot harder for Adam Bandt to hold onto that seat but the Greens have been saying this morning with their primary polling that they've had in that seat over the last couple of weeks he is taking 48% of the primary vote?He would need from my understanding 50% of that to hold his seat now. So we'll have to see, but it's certainly a hard er task. Melbourne will now be one that makes it easier for them. Tony Abbott says this is about standing up for what he believes in. He is putth the pressure now on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, saying he needs to show some leadership and make this call as well. In talking about this, Tony Abbott has basically called his decision a captain's call. Tony Abbott went on to say in the press conference, this is something he has said over the last couple of weeks, that the coalition will not do any deals with the Greens if there is to be a hung Parliament. He's made it very clear that he's not going to form a minority government. In the context of that announcement today, it was hitting home the point.It is. I mean, there were even questions today, obviously, if the coalition wins government, how it would go about negotiating with the Greens in the Senate on its important pieces of legislation that it wants to get through particularly the repeal of the carbon tax. Now, Tony Abbott basically is adopting a wait-and-see approach to that, but he's also leaving open the possibility, he says there are options within the constitution, if they can't get those important things, then they have options, for example a double dissolution election. Certainly he's standing um. He is making a point. We knew it was coming. We knew that some of this would happen. But to announce today that it will be in all 150 Lower House seats, he says he's showing leadership, captain's call, and really now putting the pressure on Kevin Rudd to respond and no doubt that's something we will have to do today. We can hear a little of what Tony Abbott had to say in the last hour captain's call. This is so.As I said, this is captain's call. This captain's call. I will not lead captain's call. I will not a minority government because what Australia a minority government what Australia needs right now
is a strong what Australia is a strong and stable majority is government. There is a world of difference between the Greens and just about everyone else who is contesting this election campaign. Because everyone else in this campaign supports economic growth and supports a more prosperous economy. That's what Tony Abbott had to say there in Brisbane a short time ago. Narda Gilmore, back to you in Brisbane. He was also very clear on going to a double dissolution election if he wasn't able to get the carbon tax - his proposed carbon tax legislation through the Senate.That's right. He said he was asked about negotiating with the Greens, but Tony Abbott also indicated he doesn't believe that Labor, in their right mind, would go ahead when the coalition has a mandate and still oppose the abolition of the carbon tax. He is leaving all options open there but he is hopeful I suppose that it will be accepted that he's got a mandate if indeed he does win ahead and get that government on September 7 to ahead and get that through. But as he said he is making no secret of the fact that there are options, constitutionally available to him. And he's not afraid to resort to that if necessary. One other thing I thought at the media conference argument
was the continuing costings argument and Tony Abbott saying that there be significant changes to the Commonwealth public service payroll in the next three years if there is a coalition government. He was very clear on just how big those changes he was planning for the Commonwealth public service?Yeah, well, he was asked about whether or not - Campbell Newman has basically said that he came in and everybody knows about what he has done here in Queensland in terms of his severe cuts when he came to government. Tony Abbott spoke about that and certainly wasn't showing away from that and said that he's been upfront about the fact that they will make savings. And he's made no secret of it. So everybody's expecting it. Now the fine detail of that, we still don't know for sure, but he talks about the public service, 12,000 jobs and that being a process of natural attrition. They're saying well before election day on September 7. We're 3.5 weeks to go now. He is saying that they will reveal all of their spends, all of their saves and people will be able to see for themselves how the budget will be in a better overall position, but they won't be necessarily relying on PEFO figures and budget figures that are already out there. They have been thog those figures into question. It will be interesting to see when we finally do get a look at their costings exactly how detailed they are. You look pretty lonely there. The caravan has obviously moved on. Do you know where you're headed next?I have no idea. We've got to be on the bus by 10 past 10. I have my colleagues off fetching me coffee at the moment. Then who knows where we'll end up? But we are travelling again. We've all wield our suitcases down to the lobby to get taken to the plane. So it's a mystery tour. We could end up anywhere. We better let you go. Narda Gilmore in Brisbane, cheers. Moving on now, the AFL has charged the Essendon Football Club and four of its officials including coach James Hird with bringing the game into disrepute. The charges stem from an investigation by the Australian sports anti-doping authority into the club's supplements program. The investigation is continuing and more charges could be laid. The club has vowed to vigorously fight the charges. Our reporter Tony Nicholls joins us now from the Essendon headquarters at Windy Hill in Melbourne. Good morning. What's been the action here this morning?No action at all here this morning. It should be called windy bump. There that's not much of a to There that's not much of a hill to be soon fierce cold wind to be soon but there is a fierce cold wind that's been
blowing here fierce
to be soon but there is a very fierce cold blowing here for a couple of
days. fierce cold wind that's been blowing here days. That cold wind has been blowing days. That blowing on Essendon for six months now it self-reported to the AFL and ASADA that it may have had a problem with its supplements program in 2011-12. That ASADA report or the That ASADA report or interim report was handed down at the beginning of this month. The AFL Commission have analyse ed that all month and came out with some charges all night. The AFL has charged this club with bringing the game into disrepute and charged four of its officials for behaving in conduct unincoming. This club has come out very strongly on its own web site to make sure it clear they will fight these charges. They believe they're dealing with an interim report that may not have all of its facts together and they will seek natural justice for the four officials charged and for the club itself. Chairman Paul Little had this to say on his web site last night.Essendon takes these matters very seriously. They are based on assertions contained in an interim report from ASADA and will be vigorously defended. It is appropriate that the four individuals continue to perform their roles within our reformed governance structure. To do otherwise before these matters have finalised would be to effectively impose a penalty in advance of a fair hearing and represent a denial of natural justice.With very heard from any of the players yet?Well, Essendon captain Jobe Watson came out in a statement last night making it very clear that himself and his playing group feel vindicated that the club hasn't been charged with any doping violations. He made it clear that it was his belief and the playing group's belief all year that they've done nothing wrong that they never broke any rules, and that he thanked the club and thanked the 56,000 plus members of the club for that support. They believe that support was well placed. It would never be the club's intention to put the AFL into disrepute or indeed break their own team briefly spoke to veteran defender Dustin Fletcher as he was going about his business at the club early this morning. He shade that he's shattered for the officials that have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute but relieved the playing group haven't been charged.I'm disappointed they've been charged but that's how it is. We'll move on.There must be some relief amongst the playing group that you're all clear hat this point?Oh yeah, but I suppose we know a few things that a lot of people don't. We were all pretty confident. The season is going what
to continue for the Bombers but what happens from here with these charges against the several people involved and the club?From here, the club and the four officials that have been charged, those being coach James Hird, football manager Danny Corcoran, veteran club doctor Bruce Reid and senior assistant coach Bomber Thompson have now until August 26 to prepare for a defence against these charges. They will front the AFL Commission on August 26 which is just days before the home and away season finishes. game
If found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, the club could face the loss of premiership points. It could face the loss of draft picks, multimillion-dollar fines or indeed suspensions for these club officials during competition time . If the club successfully defends these charges, those applications may not apply but of course the ASADA investigation is ongoing. This club has been cleared on current evidence collected. The AFL has made it clear if any more evidence comes to light over the ensuing months or possibly even years that charges could be laid in the future and infraction notices could be laid upon players also. If that was to happen that could lead to player suspensions.You're talking about possible points being dobbed and things like that but wouldn't you presume that this case could last for some time? It's not as in they're going to go to this hearing on August 26 and it's going to be over within a couple of days?I think cow safely presume this could go on think cow safely could go on for some time. Obviously there's a commission date set down Obviously there's date set down for August 26.
The club date set The club is pleased that the players have got off for now, based on current evidence. They're based on They're also pleased that
they're dealing with based on current evidence.
They're they're dealing with some
charges. They're also pleased that
they're dealing charges. So they actually know what they're dealing with. charges. So they actually They're going to defend these charges vigorously come August 26 charges 26 but beyond that point, the club has 26 but beyond that club has a very club has a very powerful QC in Jack Rush defending it. James Jack Rush Hird has Julian Burnside in corner. The club are adamant they'll corner. The club they'll defend this to the
death corner. The club are adamant death and protect all reputations involved. Tony Nicholls, thanks for that cross. Gerard Whateley has been following the Essendon case from the start and he says at the moment there's not enough evidence to charge the players or the club with actual doping.These are the terms of engagement really from here. So the four individuals, it was interesting to see whether the AFL would push through with all four, basically Essendon royalty, James Hird the coach, Mark Thompson a premiership captain and his mentor and assistant Dr Bruce Reid who's one of the most revered medical figures in the game and Danny Corcoran the head of football. So the AFL, having gone through the ASADA report as it is and married up with the Switkowski report which was Essendon's internal review, deciding that there was evidence. The crucial part from here will be when es from the
ses delivered the information from the AFL. There will be 20 to 25 points as to how these charges have come about. In there there will be common ground and matters of dispute. That's where this matter will decide as to whether it can be resolved by the commission meeting of August 26 or whether this is a prolonged legal battle. The specifics of what evidence is there to support the culpability of the people involved, is that's going to be, that will be batle ground, because we know that all of the individuals here and the club are going to vigorously defend this. There has always been talk of court action if necessary. The Essendon story began last February when the club self-reported to the AFL and the Australian sports Anti-Doping Agency, saying it had concern beings the sports science program implemented by Stephen Dank in 2012. That was followed by what the Australian Crime Commission labelled the blackest day in Australian sport. Rumours had been swirling around Essendon for months and in February the bombshell finally dropped.My understand something that we worked within the framework that was given to us. By the AFL and by WADA. I'm shocked to be sitting here. In reported themselves to Australia's anti-doping authority, the Bombers must've been ruing this season's marketing slogan.We can beat anyone, as long as we do whatever it takes. Do whatever it takes.Days later the country's top sporting codes were rocked by revelations that a national uncovered
Crime Commission report had uncovered widespread performance-enhancing drug use, a habit fed by organised crime.The findings are shocking and they'll disgust Australian sports fans.Essendon suspended its high performance coach Dean Robinson and pointed the finger at the team's former sports scientist Stephen Dank but he says he didn't work alone.Certainly there was a collective involvement. There was a significant involvement with Dean as high performance manager but there was always detailed discussion with the coach James Hird.As allegations about improper practices continued to mount, James Hird became increasingly defiant.The truth comes out, I think I will be in a very, very good position position. But in May a damning club commissioned report found a pharmacologically experimental environment had been allowed to flourish.This is an uncome uncomfortable report for the football club.It cost the chief executive his job but it was an unexpected and candid that
confession from Jobe Watson that really set the story alight. Watson admitted he'd been administered a banned anti-obesity drug that he thought was legal at the timeI I signed the content form. My understanding after it being given through Bruce Reid and the club that I was receiving AOD.From there the rumour mill into
and leaks to journalists went into overdrive. The club's exhausted Chairman physically buckled under the pressure and resigned leaving James Hird the last man standing.

Now to a story from the Northern Territory N Darwin the final touches are being made to a huge workers' village on the outskirts of the city. It's designed to house thousands of workers helping to build a multimillion-dollar gas processing facility at Bladen Point. This project is the result of one of the largest gas deals in Australia's history. Gas will be extracted from the Browse Basin in the Timor Sea, and piped nearly 900 kilometres to a processing plant at Darwin Harbour. Once construction is complete, more than 8 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas will be produced each year for 40 years. It's been operated by Japanese resource giant Inpex and its partners and the gas is destined for the overseas market you b to get to that stage, workers are needs, lots of them and this is where many will be housed with the first already starting to arrive. At its peak, almost 3,500 fly in, fly out workers will be houksed here.Last week we started introducing our first handfuls of 200 or more workers into the village and we will be bringing them on progressively from now. This will be supporting the construction work force here in Darwin. He's also moved to quash concerns about the project won't be the economic pot of gold many local businesses had thought it would be.Got a project that has an offshore and an onshore annual operating expenditure of over half a billion dollars for a 40-year life span after construction that is going to prove provide the benefit to a large inspect of the Australian economy.When construction starts the project will prove bide about 19% of the GDP out of the Northern Territory.

It's a crucial week in the Middle East, for the first time in three years, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators under the watchful eyes of the Americans will begin to grapple with the many issues that divide them. The Israeli government's controversial decision to build more new homes in settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank has provoked dismay among Palestinians. Signs of movement at last in the Middle East peace process . In spite of demonstrations, Israeli prison vans carry a xwup of Palestinian prisoners on the first stage of their have your nee to freedom. The gesture reopens negotiations, but for some families, it reopens old wounds too.I miss him very much.The killers of this man's brother are among them. The man was abductsed and stabbed to death when he was 18. His brother says they should be freed in return for a peace deal, not just peace talks.Don't let them go out. Don't let them educate another generation of terrorists. Please I'm begging for pour government. Don't let them out. Palestinians though are preparing to welcome their prisoners home from jail. In these homes, the men are heroes. One man who was freed in a similar prison release in the 90s told us it was a necessary step to build peace.There is always a price for war. When people are killed, when there is blood shed. But there is always price for peace. Those who speak about free peace and co-existence should be ready to pay the price. since the Oslo accords put the pay the price. It's 20 years since two sides on the pathway since the Oslo peace and two sides on the peace and today's negotiators
are just taking a few steps down a road that's already been travelled.The Israelis and Palestinians have taken a dramatic step ... But that deal left outstanding issues which are still

They include Israel's continued building on the land it captured in 1967, land where Palestinians hope to create their own State. Israel announced further development on the eve of the talks. The man two got the two sides together showed a hint of irritation at that timing.Let me make it clear, the policy of the United States of America with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate. We oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the peace process. The long way wall is part of Israel's separation barrier. In divided places like this it's always easier to see problems than opportunities. But the coming days should establish if the two sides here have the political will to overcome the things that separate them. South Koreans are marking the 68th anniversary of the country's liberation from Japanese colonial rule. It's prompted fresh calls for Japan to apologise and compensate victims, including the thousands of women forced into sex slavery. Japan reform, they shout. This week marks the 68th anniversary of South Korea's liberation from Japanese rule. And these South Korean war veterans say an apology is well overdue.We are having a rally to urge Japan to put aside a revival of militarism and to apologise and reflect on its past wrongdoing. They accuse Japan of distorting history by denying past wrongs. At issues beatings and massacres South Koreans say were suffered under colonial rule there is the so-called comfort women. They were forced to work in Japanese military brothels.We urge the Japanese government to put more effort in so these victims get sincere poll jeeps and receive satisfying solutions.This week, Japan also marks the end of World War II. It's a time when Japanese nationalist politicians vis its the Yasakuni war shrine in Tokyo, a place South Korea says justifies the country's military past.Japan's high-ranking politicians worshiping this place is not acceptable. Our government and our citizens cannot accept this whatsoever. But any chance of Japan changing its position seems unlikely. Especially under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He's already back pedalled on Tokyo's past apologies and appears intent on making Japan more nationalistic not less.

Stick with us on ABC News 24. Taking a short break now but back in a few moments. In the next hour we're expecting to hear from the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Cairns and dis deputy Anthony Albanese in This program is not captioned.

The coalition to preference Labor over the Greens in every Lower House seat.This is my captain's call. I will not lead a minority government because what Australia needs right now is spa strong and stable majority government.

No Standing defiant.
Essendon's captain says he feels vindicated after Essendon's feels vindicated after ASADA chooses not feels chooses not to charge Bombers players with anti-doping violations. Middle East peace talks set to resume as Israel talks set releases 26 Palestinian prisoners. And Brisbane Lions boss Michael Voss walks away after being told his contract will not be renewed.

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