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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News. A dramatic night in the as the AFL doping scandal finally explodes. We bring you all the charges and what is next for the embattled Essendon club. We also reveal you the bold new plan for Sydney trying to steal the prestige of the Melbourne Cup. And Tony Abbott drops the ball. The fallout out from his attempt to bring a bit of sex appeal into politics. The Late News is next. THAT'S AN












































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I, UM...






This program is captioned live. This is Ten's Late News. The AFL charges the Bombers with bringing the game into disrepute.The Essendon Football Club, James Hird, mark Thompson have been charged under the AFL rules in relation to the supplements program in 2011 and 2012.Richard Ings joins us to discuss the fallout and what this dark day could mean for rugby league. Sydney's bold move, with a revamped autumn carnival. And Jaymes Diaz says very little when asked again about those six points as Tony Abbott says a little too much.They are fiesty, I think I can probably say have a bit of sex appeal and...

appeal and...Also ahead -- ahead - a holiday from hell in the US as luxury accommodation is swallowed by a gaping sinkhole. Plus - the fastest growing crime in the world - what's being done to kerb human trafficking. Our focus interview is helping people who end up on our shores. The Lions' coach Michael Voss sacked and Darryllyly speaks after the Ashes. If you want to have your say, you can. First tonight, the AFL has finally acted - charging Essendon coach James Hird and three other senior stpauf over their involvement in the club's controversial supplements program. Bringing the game into disrepute. For now, Bombers players are safe. Emma O'Sullivan was at don't's news conference and joins us now. How has the club reacted? The club has been very quick to respond a short time ago the captain Jobe Watson welcomed the fact that no action is being taken against the players. Today James Hird said he would be staggered if he or anybody else from the club was charged at this point. But Essendon well knew this was coming. In fact, it suspected that lawyers for all parties were locked in talks before this announcement was made. The club in a statement came out fighting saying that nobody will be stood down. The four people charged will continue to serve in their current roles. So this very messy saga could well be headed for the courts. Finally, the moment the football world has been waiting for. Snoot Essendon Football Club, James Hird, Danny Corcoran, Bruce Reid and mark Thompson has been charged under the AFL rules in relation to the supplements program in 2011, 2012.The club and four senior employees are charged with engaging in conduct unbecoming or likely to prejudice the AFL. The Bombers former high performance manager Dean Robinson wasn't mentioned. Individual players are safe for now. Although ASADA has declared AOD964 is a banned substance. On the information currently before the AFL there is no specific rule violation attributed to any player for the use of 964. Toipt's announcement followed a long day in footy, a day James Hird started defy he wantly.We are all probably staggered and shocked that any charges could be laid on those points.Continually denying any players took banned substances under his watch.Our players haven't taken truings. That's primarily why we are fighting. We don't believe we have done anything along those lines.Paul Little posted a video message.Essendon takes these matters very seriously. They are based on assertions contained in an interim report from ASADA and will be vigorously defended.The AFL Commission will meet on August 26 to hear the charges. The investigation remains open. Could more charges be laid? Indeed, the AFL made that point this evening, that more individuals could be charged and at the end of all of this, if the world anti- doping authority thinks that penalties handed down are too light, that body can also get involved. Thank you, Emma O'Sullivan live from Melbourne. It's taken six months to reach today's announcement. A time of painful soul searching by one of the AFL's most successful clubs. As it slowly and publicly faced its demons. We'll be joined by Richard Ings. Mark O'Brien looks become at the unfolding investigation.The Bombers favourite son, James Hird hirtd, has endured constant media attention. In recent weeks it has been an almost daily event at his home. Living up to his reputation he has politely answered questions thrown at him from the throng. But the pressure is showing. Three consecutive heavy losses as the Bombers' promising season falls apart at the seams. For the club, six months from hell, as slowly details of the prub scandal leaked out. It started on February 5th. Then mudding the waters two days later, came what's been called Australia's blackest day in sport. The probe went behind closed doors but slowly took its toll. First to fall - the men behind the Bombers supplements scheme. Stephen Dank and Dean Robinson. Three months later, even Robinson stood down as CEO, and then chairman David Evans on July 27. As the casualties mounted, so have the allegations, accusations and counter claims. The former high performance manager evently making a highly public interview.They put a scenario to Steven, who said to Danny and James to black ops.The much-anticipated 400 page report was delivered to the AFL on August 2 before a copy was handed over to Essendon. League boss Andrew Demetriou overseas at the time has been under pressure himself to get a result before the finals on September 6th.We are hoping. I mean, with the best intent, I think it would be appropriate if we could.It's been the toughest assignment of his 10 years at the top. I'm joined by Brad Cooney and in Canberra by former ASADA chief Richard Ings. Thank you for joining us on Ten's Late News.It's a pleasure.Are you surprised by the fact that the AFL has made this move before the official conclusion of the ASADA investigation?Well, I'm not surprised that the AFL announced the code of conduct breaches against four officials from the Essendon Club. It's somewhat surprising that they announced today that there is no evidence at this time to support infraction notices against players, particularly when ASADA investigation is clearly still ongoing.You mentioned the four officials. Four highly regarded officials at the Essendon Football Club. We heard mark Thompson say he doesn't want this on his tomb stone. There thereby a fight here for those four people to clear their name.No doubt thereby no winners in this confrontation between the AFL and the club and the officials. The defences will be very robust I'm sure.Are you surprised how this has played out? It's been six months, drawn out right throughout the season?Well, this has been a very lengthy investigation. And I have been surprised at the lack of communication that's really been coming from ASADA as to the status of this particular investigation. And even today, with the announcement made by the AFL, we have the club and the players of the club saying that they feel vindicated that they have been cleared. I think it's incumbent to set the record straight, either they have closed the investigation or their investigation is clearly ongoing.Richard, the Cronulla Sharks will be watching timely. Well, we know that the investigation into the Cronulla Sharks is at a much earlier stage than the investigation into Essendon. Indeed, the interviews there only recently recommenced. So for the Sharks's players, they must take some comfort if a decision has been made that the players and Bombers have indeed no case to answer at this particular point in time.Just on that, Richard. Jobe Watson said that they feel vindicated. You followed this all of the way through. You are experienced with ASADA. Is that the conclusion in regards to the players that you were expecting? Well, the announcement tonight by the AFL was clear - at this I've been at Inghams for 32 years. That makes me the new boy.

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sacking of Michael Voss, huge story. For now, we have tonight's news. Moves arunder way by the NSW Government to make Sydney Australia's new racing capital. Josh Murphy has the exclusive details.It is indeed a bold plan. One which it is hoped will attract thousands of visitors and generate millions of dollars for the Sydney economy. Essentially, the racing industry and the NSW Government is in the process of creating two new feature races at next year's autumn racing carnival, which it is claimed will attract some of the best horses in the world. It is also planned that that carnival will make use of brand new renovations worth $175 million and eventually a world-class trackside hotel to attract big Asian gamblers. Essentially, trying to steel the thunder for the Melbourne Cup. Here's what the State's tourism Minister had to say.Melbourne carried on about its ownership of the Spring Carnival. But the autumn carnival will belong to Sydney.A further detail to be revealed in the coming months about exactly what package of events will be drawn together to make this work, the State Government is confident it will become one of Australia's main racing events. So the message at least from NSW is - watch out Melbourne. Josh Murphy with that exclusive report. A Sydney police officer could be jailed over a number of secret sex tapes, Marc Osborn has been found guilty of using a hidden camera to film himself having sex with three women. The 42-year-old shared his videos with his colleagues.Regardless of whether this person is a police officer or not, behaviour of that sort is completely intolerable. Marc Osborn has been suspended and facing an internal police investigation. A fourth woman is planning to sue NSW Police over his behaviour. Sydney police have two people in custody tonight over the robbery of a 94-year-old man. Clive Diggelman had his house ransacked by a couple who offered to help carry his groceries inside. The World War II veteran had been saving gold coins.It's sad though that an old person cannot live in their own home. It's not the Australia that I fought for.After a public appeal for help, police arrested two people nearby. Melbourne will be hope to Jetstar's new fleet of dreamliners. As the airline brings a long awaited plane into service, up to 100 jobs will be created around Melbourne airport. It represents a total investment of $100 million entraining facilities, cabin crew and pilots and in engineering.The dreamliner was due for delivery in 2008. After constant setbacks the first is now expected to arrive in Australia next month. Holden workers in South Australia have accepted a tough new wage deal - in a desperate bid to keep their jobs. 1700 workers cast their votes at the Adelaide plant. The new arrangements include a three-year wage freeze and cuts to sick leave.When you see young people saying that they want a job, they find is it difficult in regards to wage cuts and so on, but they are prepared to give it a go. I know these people are sincere to continue to work here.Saving the embattled car worker $15 million per year. Ford shows its commitment to Australia after recently shutting down the factory, launching a new line of cars. During the presentation Ford bosses hinted at a new Mustang. It will renew its entire line-up offering 11 models by 102017. A quick look at the weather across the country tonight.

For instance Philadelphia said to meet his new grandson. Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott is under fire after describing one of his candidates as having sex appeal. The regrettable gaffe came as the Leader of the Opposition was trying to put forward a united face in western Sydney.In western Sydney to announce money for the local rugby league stadium, Tony Abbott was hoping to kick goals. But he dropped the ball when asked to compare his Lindsay candidate Fiona Scott to former member jack Kelly. They are young, they are fiesty, I think I can probably say, have a bit bit of sex appeal.He is pathetic. Sometimes you think he hasn't crawled out of the 1950s. It's Tony, look, I think as long as it's not offensive, we shouldn't be afraid to say what we think.The Leader of the Opposition had also given a good work to Jaymes Diaz, the Greenfields candidate whose disastrous interview with John Hill became an internet hit.One of the key points is stopping the boats. Jaymes Diaz a professional from western Sydney.A week later, still hasn't been professional enough to learn his lines.Do you want to have a chance to redeem yourself? Do you know the six points or not? In Townsville, Kevin Rudd was turning the big guns on Tony Abbott's costings following the release of the pre-election fiscal outlook confirming Labor has $30 billion deficit this year and four years before there's a surplus. Tony Abbott doesn't have the guts to come clean on his $70 billion worth of cuts.So Kevin Rudd, your job is to detail costings and how are you going to fund them? When you have done that, you can stop electuring us.The Government says that's in the pre-election outlook and again accused the Liberals of planning to hike the GST.The GST won't change. Full stop. End of story.Late tonight, Tony Abbott gave what he hopes is the last word on his sex appeal gaffe.I was a bitten thus yastic today. We are all working incredibly hard to get her elected.Ursula Heger reporting there. Stay with us. Still to come on Ten's Late News - dozens missing and thousands homeless after a typhoon in the Philippines. Human trafficking - the fastest growing crime in the world. So what's being done about it? Our

Is next.

Is next.
Tourists in the sufplt describe it as the floor disappearing beneath them. Family has spent the day at nearby Disneyworld. Here's Lachlan Kennedy.Guests watched from the road as their hotel and all of their belongings disappeared into the dirt. The luxury resort swallowed by a sinkhole.Our floor is 50 feet underground. The whole side of the building that we stayed in is gone in chupgs and pieces. Thankfully nobody was inside, exploding windows and creeking concrete 30 minutes earlier gave enough time to get out.We just started running out and throwing our stuff over the balcony, to get what little bit we had.My mum wanted to grab her purse and wallet. The ceiling was coming down. I had to run from end to end of the building to get people out. Security guard is being called a hero.Leave the building because it is collapsing beneath us.This is what is left of the building, ripped in half. Bathrooms exposed, rubble filling a hole estimated to be 15m wide.48 of the units are probably a total loss. These buildings were approximately 15 years old. We never had any indication of any problem. Florida is considered sink hole central. With more of them than any other state. In February, a man died when one opened up beneath his bedroom. The 37-year-old's body was never found. His home was demolished. Much of the Florida coast is built on limestone that can erode over time and the soil top gets too heavy it can collapse. Geologyists believe that's what's happened here, into what these tourists will surely remember as a holiday from hell.Now, in a moment our focus interview - the fight against human traffickers. First, what's going on in the rest of the world?Thousands of people are homeless after a deadly typhoon in the Philippines. The wind gusts up to 185km/h. At least two people died and more than a dozen remain missing. 100,000 people have been displaced. Some domestic flights and ferry services remained displaced. The Duke of Edinburgh is said to meet his great grandson since his surgery. Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George are expected to visit at Balmoral later this week.Turning

Markets now.

Markets now.
What can you tell us about the new report suggesting businesses are cautious?This is an important report. It's issued each and every month. It surveys about 350 people and 400 businesses and tries to get an idea of how confident department businesses are at this point in time. This was the worst monthly result since November last year. The survey was conducted before the Reserve Bank decided to cut rates this month and before the election was called for next month. You have to take that into account. Also, perhaps once the election is out of the way you may see confidence levels starting to pick up a bit. Tomorrow, the confidence questions continue because we have the latest reading on consumer confidence out. Very important because it makes up about 50% of the Australian economy depending on how much we spend.Any highlights?We had a number of companies out today. One of the biggest property groups was out, I was a bit distracted because I had other things on my mind. Pizza - dominos issued its four year profit result. $30 million in the past 12 months. It will be acquiring its Japanese sister company. Also taking onboard about 260 new stores off the back of that. Its share price hasn't dropped in five years. It's the fastest growing crime in the world. There are an estimated 20.9 billion victims globally. It is human trafficking. The industry is worth an estimated 32 bill many of the victims are brought here to Australia. Tonight's focus is with the founder of Project Futures, an organisation aiming to provide help for the victims showing up on our doorstep.Thanks for joining us. Human trafficking is of course a global problem. But there is a sense that here in Australia we are somehow immune from this crime. Is slavery really a problem in Australia?Absolutely. It's an issue here. We live in such a lucky country. We are seeing more and more is people coming in legally but they are being ex-employeded by their travel documents being taken from them, being threatened by family and so forth.You work closely with the Salvation Army, who established a safehouse for trafficking victims. Can you tell us a bit about the service they provide?We started talking to the Salvation Army back in 2010 when they approached us and found we were raising awareness and funds and they provide things like residential care, psychological rehabilitation, legal services, access to basic education and community services. They provide so many amazing things for these people, because once you have come out of that industry, they are basically here to work. And being identified as a victim of trafficking doesn't allow them to do that. They really take them through the whole process.Who are the vaibgtyims being trafficed here? In what industries are they being put to work? Victims?People from Fiji, India, Cambodia, Africa. The list is really endless. They are skilled people. But coming to Australia they are finding themselves in situations of exploitation without even knowing it. And these industries include manufacturing, construction, dom stic serving, cleaning, hospitality, it does obviously include the sex industry as well. There is a whole array of industries that these people are being forced to work in. Project Futures, how is your organisation helping to fight global human trafficking?We basically started back in 2009, I read a book by a Somali mum, a woman trafficed into the sex trade in Cambodia. Years later she has three rehabilitation centres, like the safehouse here in Sydney. And so Project Futures was created as an outlet where young professionals and business professionals and people who want to support issues like this in Australia but may not necessarily be working for NGOs, we can harness their skills and abilities to speak out, raise awareness, partner with the service providers on the ground doing those hard yards and doing that work for victims of trafficking and survivoring people of tracking. We have a campaign running right now, which is all about raising awareness through men in the community. We do that by highlighting great role models. In the end, we have a lot of male perpetraters of the cause. We want to encourage great role models to stand up. We encourage men young and old to get behind the issue, be the voice behind this issue and help to raise awareness through those generations up-and-coming, so that prevention I guess and education being the best form of awareness and hopefully stopping this from happening into the next century. It's called stellar Friday. This Friday 16 August. All proceeds from the campaign that has been going for the last month now goes towards the safehouse for trafficed people in Australia, that is run by the Salvation Army. What we want - we want to encourage people to support us by wearing a bow tie and you can go online and buy one on our website and we would love you to be involved in the fight to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Australia. ConCongratulationsAnd thanks for joining us.An honourable cause there. For your views. Did you learn anything? Let us know via Twitter. If you would like to support the fight against global traffickers, please visit Project again, some more AFL news. A huge night.It's been a really big day. The other AFL big story surrounds the lieps to sack Michael Voss. As you will hear after the break - some supporters at don't's club function aren't happy about it. Benji Marshall refuses to apologise after promoting his new New Zealand rugby club. Australian coach Darren Lehmann says careers will be on the

Brad with all of the sport.Thank you. They shared the 1996 Brownlow Medal and now James Hird and Michael Voss have no idea of their immediate futures in the game. James Hird is charged over the performance-enhancing. Michael Voss's club has lost faith in him as a coach. We go through the shocked sacking of a Brisbane great. Having just learnt of the shocked sacking of their coach, Brisbane players put on a brave face tonight. An obvious absenty, Michael Voss was told that he doesn't have a job beyond season's end. I'm not angry, sad, I'm disappointed. More out of because we have put five years of work into this.The chairman the subject of the cheers as he confirmed Michael Voss's contract would not be renewed. Notwithstanding the significant contribution.It's believed Brisbane's board gave the AFL Hall of Fame the option of coaching out the season but Michael Voss said no. Tomorrow I wake up and I don't go to work and that's all I know.The three-time premiership cappain and Brownlow Medallist is arguably the favourite son. His career as coach is far less successful. He took the lieps to two finals in his first year in 2009 but hasn't tasted September action since. Not a brilliant win over Geelong in round 13 could save his job.What I get a kick out of is that I wept every day and there's been something to improve in our players. I think I will miss that the most.The assistant with the likely candidate for the rest of the year. We move on to rugby league - Tigers coach Mick Potter ignored calls from fans and former players to drop Benji Marshall for Monday's clash. He has been copping it for wearing a Blues rugby jumper this week. He is refusing to apologise. Together today but this week Benji Marshall and Mick Potter seemed worlds apart as the coach hit out at the five eight for announcing his move to Super Rugby wearing an Auckland Blues Jersey.Mick called me up to say that headlines say more than what the story is and he didn't slam me so you know.But Benji Marshall won't apologise to angry fans.Everybody is entitled to their opinion. If people feel that way, they feel that way.Souths will also welcome back two stars with Greg Inglis and John Sutton returning from injury. But they will be without Sam Burgess who is rule you had out for two matches for the so-called squirrel grip on Will Chambers.I don't know what he was thinking. I mean, I guess he has to deal with that. He has apologised to the boys.Sonny Bill Williams joined for promotions today where the Dave Smith says he expect's ASADA's first set of player interviews to be finished by the end of August.No prejudging and everybody has a fair go.As to how long it will take to hand down the findings after the interviews is anybody's guess. The Wallabies are certain the all plaques won't be phased by the loss of Dan Carter for Saturday's Bledisloe Cup opener at ANZ Stadium. Ruled out of the clash after suffering a calf strain. Aaron Cruden his expected replacement.The guys will do more than a great job and I don't think it will be too much of a disruption to our backline. Coming off the campaign.And you can catch Ewen McKenzie's first test in charge right here live and free on Ten from 7:30. Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann says careers are on the line in next week's fifth and final test. It follows the hue mill ation of the 74 run loss. With the Ashes already retained, England went to Durham focused on a series win. Inside four days, it was all over. The Australian batsmen had choked again.To play for Australia you have to perform at a level that is acceptable for everybody in our team and also for the Australian public and media, at the moment we are not doing that.ElsCook says it's his team's ability to outclass Australia at the big moments that delivered their success. Those moments came in a flurry after tea. Chasing 299 for victory, the Australians were on track at 2/165 and time was also on their side. But Stuart wasn't and he helped deliver a crushing win. Australia lost 8/56 collapsing to be all out for 224.We didn't learn from probably Trent Bridge when we got bowled out in similar circumstances. If they don't learn, we will find blokes who will. The tourists head to the oval trying to stop an eight test losing streak. They face an opponent determined to continue their misery.We want to try and repeat that at the oval. We can think like that with sore heads tomorrow.It's extremely disappointing. I guess I know what it feels like to lose an ashes's series.It's still unclear who will be asked to back up. Most of our bathsmen could do with the practice. Yes, too true. It's not all bad news for Australian cricket with our southern stars giving as good as they get in the women's Ashes. England trails by 58 runs with three wickets in hand. It's the first of seven games series including three one dayers and three 20 twentys. For most of us, mowing the lawn is a chore we try to avoid. These guys, time on the mower is time well spent. Running repairs a necessity, 12 gruelling hours of endurance, lawn mower racing. It culminated in a team from Lancashire covering themselves in a blades of glory.Northerners have kicked grass.And while the northerners did their relap, thanks for laughing, the 560km/h were too much for some. Play of the Day. I said it before - growing up in the country and spending hours with a push mower as a kid, I think I'm scarred. Happy to never do it again. 12 hours, whoa. A long time!Women do play cricket very, very well.We do, very well. Much better than the fellows at the moment.Follow us on Twitter. Still to come - tomorrow's weather and Bedtime Bytes. (CHILDREN CHATTER)

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weather and Bedtime Bytes. The sup plauplts Commission. Tonight the AFL finally acted on ASADA's interim report.The Essendon Football Club, James Hird Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson have been charged under the AFL rules in relation to the supplements program at the club.Essendon takes these matters very seriously. They are based on assertions contained in an interim report from ASADA and will be vigorously defended.At this stage no action has been taken against the players but the AFL hasn't ruled out further charges. Taking a look at the weather across the country for tomorrow.

the country for tomorrow.
Before we go tonight - Bedtime Bytes. Mine is scientific. Our sleep habits. You are either a lark up at the crack of dawn or an night owl, obviously us and all of you watching. Much the same. Depending on a gene long version of the Gene and a short version of the gene. It brakes it up into what they are more likely to be.I consider myself a lark, that's what considers it.Owls are hung reer and fatter.Maybe I'm an owl. Retail therapy can do more harm than good. The research by the university of chic says shopping to fill a void can make us feel more alone and down.The former England's captain's ratings on Durham. Interesting read. Surprisingly the overall rating - a lot closer than you think considering we got smashed. We will tweet out all of the links. That is all from the team here on Ten's Late News. Thank you for joining us here tonight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Tonight - it was meant to be D Day for the Bombers. Talking political hotpot atose over hotpot atose. Born into silence. The new hope for children with hearing loss. Cooking classrooms - should schools be forced to each our kids how to cook. Are you a good person? We ask the best person we know, to figure it out. This is The Project.Good evening and welcome to the The Project. I'm Andrew Rochford. Please welcome to the show Helen McCabe. n McCabe.
(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Our favourite, as we come in live Dave turns to me and says, "What are we doing" I always know that will be a good show.We are trying to focus ourselves. It's good to keep the surprise comes.An AFL coach and three-time premiership captain Michael Voss has been sacked as coach of the Lions. His five year contract is over despite an eight win season. He loved coaches the Lions. Holden workers voted in a bid to save the car maker's operations. It could save $15 million per year in labour costs. Young people saying that they want a job, finding it difficult in regards to wage cuts, but are prepared to give it a go.A Sydney police officer is facing immediate dismissal from the force after being found guilty of making secret sex tapes of women he met online. Senior constable Marc Osborn showed the videos to work mates and was accused of using his patrol car for sex.Regardless of whether this person is a police officer or not, behaviour of that sort is completely intolerable, completely unacceptable.Paul Bibby has been following the story. Paul, he was found guilty. Likely to lose his job. This isn't the only controversy surrounding Marc Osborn, is it?Look, the controversy has exploded here today really. There are further allegations that Marc Osborn was involved with another woman three years before these secret filming events. Now, that woman is considering a lawsuit against NSW Police force. She