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Tonight's Seven News headlines - a major step forward
for Schapelle Corby in her fight
to be freed from a Bali jail. A 94-year-old war veteran
lashes out at thieves who robbed him of money
and memories. A police officer found guilty of secretly filming himself
having sex with women. And Tony Abbott slips up praising a Sydney candidate
for her sex appeal. Checking finance now and the share market has closed at
its highest level in three months.

And our dollar buys: The Sydney monorail has started
its slow journey to the scrap heap. Workers began dismantling the track
and support columns overnight behind Darling Harbour. They'll continue to work
night and day until the bulk of the demolition
is finished by March. Two carriages and 10m of track
will be preserved at the Powerhouse Museum. Here's Sarah with Sydney's weather. It was a beautiful winter's day
in Sydney with clear blue skies,
light winds and warm weather. The city reached 23,
5 degrees above average. Last night was fine and cool
with a low of 10.

Today was fine and sunny
with westerly winds.

We have gusty westerly winds
over the state's south-east and a severe weather warning
is current for the Snowy Mountains with gusts up to 120km/h forecast
tonight. We could see a couple of millimetres
of rain over southern New South Wales
tonight and tomorrow, expect a warm day
across much of the state. Around
the country - Brisbane's in for
another warm day. The chance
of a late shower.

Wet and windy
in Melbourne. Morning showers
in Adelaide. Perth, fine. On Sydney's waters:

Sydney is staying dry tonight
with a low of 11 degrees. Tomorrow,
expect a mild top of 23 degrees. thanks to the north-westerly winds.

The north-westerlies will strengthen
a bit later in the day. And there could be
a little high cloud at times. Looking ahead - Thursday and Friday
will be fine and sunny. 20 degrees on Thursday. 22 in the west on Friday. 21 in the west on Friday. A cold front will generate
a bit of rain on Saturday with potentially windy conditions. But the weather will clear up again
on Sunday But the weather will clear up again
on Sunday. Chris. And that's Seven News at 6:00.
I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. On Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, the latest on the breaking news on
Schapelle Corby's bid for freedom. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello and thanks for joining us. Coming up on the program - he bragged about driving while
"off his face" so let's see what this hoon
has to say for himself when we catch up with him. But we begin tonight with the man declared dead
by his own brother. Supposedly,
the victim of a shark attack all to claim a family fortune
for himself. There was no body,
no death certificate, no proof. But, according to the victim, the authorities bought the story
hook, line and sinker. Glenn Connley explains.

It's just been abuse,
constant abuse.

He's put us under a lot of pressure,
the whole family. Can you guys
please get off my property now? George, we're happy
to get off your property. Get off my property! George, we'll happily get off.
Get off! Greek-Australian brothers
George and John Athanasiou don't get along. They never did, even as kids. I think it's greed. John accuses big brother George
of faking John's death to get his hands on
a multimillion-dollar inheritance, a glittering portfolio
of beachside properties in Greece. He says George told a Greek court his little brother suffered
a tragic, grisly death. How did you die?
(LAUGHS) What did he say? Um, well, according to the police,
the Federal Police, he goes, "The shark has eaten me. "Maybe I didn't taste too good
so he spat me back out again." He told a Greek court
you were eaten by a shark? Well, that's what my mother says,

We're gonna need a bigger boat. Get off my property! I think we've already established that George isn't too keen
to discuss the subject. That's not to say
he isn't telling the truth. His wife, Soula, denies everything. Why did you say
he was eaten by a shark in Greece? No-one has said
he was eaten by a shark. Did you not report him missing?
Not me, my friend. Who reported him missing?
His mother. His own mother. His own mother.

Soula admits she and George took
the boys' mum, Garifalia, to Greece. Mum says she was forced
to sign over everything, all to George and Soula. How did he force her
to sign the document? He was shouting at her.

And his wife was saying, "Just sign what you've been told
to sign and don't talk." Garifalia says her own son
even got physical with her.

One of the incidents was
he grabbed a wet rag, he wet the rag and he threw it
at my mum really hard and he pulled her by the hair. Did George assault his own mother
with a wet rag? No, sir. No. Did he drag her by the hair?
No. We look after...Excuse me. Did he shout at her
and force her to sign documents? No, we did not. We look after... That's not what she says, Soula. Does she? Well, ah... Why would a 76-year-old lady
lie to us? Go back and ask her
who took her to the doctors, who operated both of her knees. Who fix her cataracts. 10 years we look after her
after his father passed away. Next month, the Athanasious are having the
nearest thing they're likely to have to a family reunion - they'll meet in court where John and Garifalia are taking
out AVOs against George and Soula.

We have to, you know,
fend for ourselves now and for my mother,
because she's a very frail woman, and I don't want anything to happen
to her. But the AVOs are just the beginning.

This is what the dispute
is really about. There's two houses
and three blocks of land. Tell me about the biggest house. The biggest house is in Voula,
which is very close to Galifadha. Um, it's a very, very expensive area

Do you have any idea what all of
these might be worth, put together? Um, quite a big amount of money. Even ballpark? Oh, look, I should bet
for the big property there, near the beach, is about 10 million and, um, the other ones,
two, three mill, or something like that. So who owns the property, Soula? John!
John owns the property, my friend. It's on his name.
He owns that property. The properties in Greece
are in John's name? Yes. It is.
Is that what you're telling me? And he has to pay the tax. And that's why
he's making all this kafuffle.

George's Greek lawyer
refused to comment, but in a translated letter to John, appears to confirm he was declared
missing in an Athens court. Were you present in court, Soula,
when he was reported missing? Were you present in a Greek court
when he was reported missing? No, I wasn't. Naturally, we asked the Greek courts
to tell us what really happened. That was almost a fortnight ago. We're still waiting. He hasn't got any money
to pay the tax, so he blame us now
that we taken all his money. Soula was also keen to point out that John and Garifalia
have criminal records. John makes accusations against Soula
we've been so far unable to confirm. It's pretty ugly stuff. John, what would your dear old dad
make of all this? He'd be turning in his grave. He just wanted everything
to be nice.

In the end, I guess I'm just going to
have to fly here, or here or even here would do to get to the bottom of it. Bon voyage.

So that's what I'm trying
to tell you. He's trying to use the system. OK. Thank you, Soula. You're welcome.

Glenn Connley there, on a mission. And Victoria Police
are investigating whether George Athanasiou
has committed a crime by falsely reporting
his brother dead. If, indeed,
that's what he did at all. So much for brotherly love. It's hard to forget the pictures
we brought you last night of a hoon hurtling down a freeway, steering with his knees while he was, in his own words,
"off his face". Tonight, we've found him. And what he has to say
to our reporter, Mark Gibson, is nothing short of astonishing.

We're driving home, man.
We are (BLEEP) off our (BLEEP)! I won't drink-drive, though.
That's just the biggest no-no. This is a bad crash
looking for a place to happen. Oi, I think there's a speed camera. Yeah, there is. (BLEEP) you, cops. If I'm just making a video
with my mate, having a laugh...

Trent Ford is a P-plate driver. He's just turned 18. And this is how he drives
at high speed on a major freeway. We're doing
very responsible driving. As you can see,
I'm driving with my knees. Yep, right now,
I'm driving with my knees. Look at the (BLEEP) skill there. What's the laugh
in driving with your knees? What's the laugh about that? I was taking the mickey
with my mate. I wasn't actually
doing anything wrong. Are you sure about that, Trent? Let's see, there's using
a mobile phone while driving, driving dangerously with your knees and you've got a passenger
drinking alcohol - all illegal. This is Deano! The passenger is Dean Hunter. He's been busted for drink driving
and driving without a licence. Today, he's a drunk passenger. I am so...frickin'...pissed.

They were lucky that they didn't
hit anyone or kill anyone. They think it's funny. Well, I'd like to see them say that
when they're older and they've got a child
and their child gets killed. Kim Whitelum
knows what hoon drivers can do. Split second, all it takes. Her son, Steele, was just 19 when he was mowed down and killed
by a drunk P-plate driver while walking home. They need to be taken to a hospital
and shown what happens to people who've been run over
or in an accident. Trent Ford posted his video
online last week to almost 2,000 Facebook friends. One commented, "You're an idiot, it's people like
you who kill people on the roads." We are (BLEEP) off our (BLEEP),
alright! Excuse my language. When we caught up
with the amateur footballer, he told us he'd been injured
by a drunk driver himself. Where's the humour in posting that
on Facebook then? Say you weren't drunk -
where's the humour in going, "Look, everyone,
let's get drunk and drive, yeah!" How's that funny? It's not really.

This guy is looking to kill someone,
only he doesn't realise it. After watching the footage, motoring expert John Cadogan
is horrified. Who do you think
is most likely to kill you while you're driving responsibly? Obviously, a goose like that. We've handed the video to WA Police
who are now investigating. They say charges are likely but, lucky for Trent, they can't prove
he was drunk behind the wheel. Well, you say on the video
that you're drunk driving and laughing about it. I was taking the piss.
I wasn't actually being serious. I hope he gets his licence
taken off him, straightaway, actually, for that
and he deserves to. I was just being a wally
with my mate. I was still doing the right thing. Mate, you've been dobbed in
by a friend of yours because you're such a hoon so they want you off the streets. What have I done wrong?

Trent's got an answer
for driving with his knees too. There's no proof that I
didn't have my right hand on there, let alone I had my left hand
on the phone. That's probably the only thing
I had wrong - I had my phone in my hand. I don't think he was hanging onto
the wheel with his one missing hand. If it walks like a duck
and quacks like a duck, guess what? It's a duck. At 18 and with many years of driving
ahead of him, let's hope Trent Ford
has learnt his lesson. If I've done anything wrong,
I'll take it on board, you know, I won't do anything stupid
like that. Anything that could've gone wrong,
went (BLEEP) wrong! How many more people
have to be killed? Innocent people? You wanted the notoriety. You posted it online. That's pretty stupid. Yeah, it was stupid,
I'll give you that. Thanks for tuning in!

And we'll let you know whether WA Police
believe Trent Ford's story or throw the book at him. Now to the biggest question
hovering over Australian workers in their 50s and 60s. "Will I have enough money
to live comfortably in retirement?" Shrinking nest eggs
and changes to super laws have made it a complicated business. Here's David Eccleston
with some up-to-date advice for soon-to-be seniors.

Are you willing to roll the dice
for your financial freedom? A game of chance where the rewards
can last a lifetime. The fact is, Australian super funds
have been going backwards by an average
of 1% per annum over the
last five years. At the same time median house prices
have been heading north - an average growth
of 2.5% each year.

So the question is are you better off converting
your dollar and cents super into bricks-and-mortar property? It can be a great decision,
but it can also be a risky decision. Financial commentator Peter Switzer says there's now
more than 500,000 Australians managing their own
retirement nest egg under self-managed super funds.

You basically just transfer your
super money from your industry fund or from your retail super fund into your self-managed super fund and you've become
your own fund manager. You can definitely take control
of your own finances and do very well. Mother-of-two Lisa Varley
is taking a chance and steering her own
financial portfolio. And this is my super. With the help from her accountant, Lisa set up
a self-managed super fund and used the money
as a deposit on a unit. The rent pays the mortgage and her super is now a steady pile
of bricks and mortar - no longer in the volatile
financial markets. You make your contributions
throughout the year and then when you get your statement
you're actually further behind than what you were
at the start of the year after your contributions. Ah, yeah, very disgruntled. Glenn Newbery has also navigated
his own super course, turning his money into property with just $80,000 in his fund. It does cost a bit of money
to set up, as well, so, uh, for me it was in the order
of $4,000-$5,000 to set that up, but certainly,
the returns will outweigh that.

The numbers
agree. Over the past
five years Glenn has seen his super decrease
in value by an average
of 1%.

However, his unit
has seen average growth
of 4%, year on year.

The Tax Office
has made it possible for you to actually renovate a property
inside your self-managed super fund, and that has made people
really excited about it. Plus, banks have made loans
available, much easier than ever before, to buy properties inside
self-managed super fund. The Switzer Group advises 4,000
Australians on self-managed super. Yeah, I would advise someone
to use a proportion of their super to buy a property, but I would do so much research
to make sure that, A, it's a property that
will increase in capital gain, and B, it will return
a really nice rent.

You will require
to get independent financial and independent legal advice. Ross Le Quesne
from Aussie Home Loans has successfully helped clients
through the SMSF process. With any financial decision
there's always pros and cons. A condition
of using super for buying property is you can't live in the property and you can't withdraw any profits
you make. If you decide to sell, it has to go back into
your super fund until retirement. I think property
is a lot more stable and the returns are,
I think, more equivalent and I'm certainly seeing that
in the current market, definitely. Shares are still very volatile, whereas the property market, uh,
I'm getting really good returns.

And you can find those handy hints
on our website. There it is.

OK, a quick break now. But next - inside the mind of a child. What they can't see that's
putting their lives in danger.

Thanks, Sam. OK, it's easy to forget that children see the world
in a very different way to adults. No matter how much you teach them to be aware
of what's going on around them, it's natural for a child to focus
on things which draw their attention which isn't always road signals
or moving vehicles. Here's Jackie Quist.

Take me through what happened. Well, I was riding up there,
my brother and sister was there. Children only see
what they think is most important... What were you thinking about? Butterflies, flowers. ..and forget about
the whole picture. And then the car was coming.

8-year-old Lola Lear had
a very lucky, very narrow escape. She almost became a statistic. I don't think it's because
she was being silly. I think it was just because she didn't see the car was coming
from the side. Janina Lear is convinced her 8-year-old twins Lola and Bella and 9-year-old son Jonah have what's called tunnel vision. They're just in their world, that tunnel vision,
"just me and my bike" and going straight for it, isn't it? Although they can see
everything around them, their brain doesn't necessarily process all that information
correctly so they tend more often than not,
look ahead and not see what's coming
from the side. Robert Caulfield
is president of Kidsafe and says each year 1,100 Australian children
are admitted to hospital after being hit by cars.

Young kids develop their skills
progressively as they get older and it's fairly well known
up to the age of nine that children have got
what's called tunnel vision. While children
actually do have peripheral vision, psychologist Dr Simon Kinsella says they don't have the capacity
to actually use it. A child's brain is nowhere near
as developed as an adult's brain and it does take until the early 20s
until the brain is fully developed. All areas of the brain
develop over time and the occipital region
where the vision processing occurs is one of those regions. And while police and parents have long drilled the
road safety message into children, watch what happens just five minutes after these two 8-year-old boys
are told to walk around, watch and obey traffic signals
in a controlled environment. They forgot all the instructions,
happily mucking about, having fun, running red lights
and almost colliding with a bicycle. Children's hearing also isn't
as well developed as adults, they sometimes have trouble
working out just where sounds are coming from so if they hear a horn, they don't necessarily
look in the right direction. Did you hear the car coming? No, I just heard wind. Children also tend to freeze
in the face of danger. You're going to have to be careful
and watch where cars are coming from and it's not always easy to tell
if they're coming. Janina says while she's a busy mum
running the Piccadilly Market, she takes the time to teach
the children about road safety. I think at the end of the day you've just got to decide
what's best for your child. Kids up to the age of 10 years old need to be accompanied by an adult
whenever they're near a road and we certainly recommend
when they're crossing the road to hold the adult's hand. And then, dunno, you've got to take
a deep breath, don't you?

Don't go anywhere. All the day's news headlines
are next. And - money maestros. They claim to hold the secrets
to financial success. But do they deliver?

I believe that investing in local
schools, like this one here, is among the most important things
a government can ever do. Our Better Schools plan
means our kids can have world-class teaching, resources
and much more individual attention because we know that's what makes
the real difference. For the future, Australia needs
a highly skilled workforce to compete
with the rest of the world. That's why I need your support
to give our kids the very best education possible.

here's Chris Bath. Thanks, Helen.
Making news in Sydney tonight - Seven News has revealed Schapelle Corby is a step closer
to being granted parole. Indonesian authorities
have reportedly started processing the paperwork and are checking
on where she will live once Corby is released from prison. A Sydney war veteran says he's no longer living
in the Australia he fought for after two people robbed him
of $1,000 while ransacking
his Harris Park home last night. A family at Picnic Point in
Sydney's south had a rude awakening when armed police
surrounded their home to arrest a driver who had
been involved in a car-jacking. Liberal Leader Tony Abbott spent the
day campaigning in Western Sydney but hit a snag after citing
a bit of sex appeal as a quality of one of his candidates. A Seven News investigation has found
Parramatta and Cabramatta are home to some of Sydney's
cheapest child care. And a security guard has rescued
around 100 people from a Florida resort moments before it collapsed
into a giant sinkhole.

Sydney's weather - a cool night in the western suburbs
but it will be warm again tomorrow with 23 on the coast,
22 at Liverpool.

That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening. Helen.

Tomorrow night -
Australia's money making maestros. They claim
we can increase our bank balances if we listen
to what they have to say. We expose who's really getting rich.

What they do is take your money and make you per era.No guarantee of six says.It went down to nothing. That success.

In breaking news, they will be an announcement on the Essendon football side a tonight at 7pm.

Listen, is there a boy
hidden away here somewhere? You look like
you're planning your wedding. No, my funeral. HEATH: I was talking about MacGuire.
BRAX: What about him? He's there and I'm here. When we took off, right, he was just
standing there next to her like he had some sort of right
to be there. Do you really want to
go through with this? I don't know, and I don't know
if it's because I'm just scared
of getting married again or I'm actually interested
in someone else. You have to figure out
what you want. Do it fast. I think
we should think about postponing. What?! Look at it practically. Something's happened, hasn't it?
No. Then why'd you change your mind
so suddenly? Just think about it, Heath. Hey, if you don't want to
get married, that's fine by me! What happened?
The wedding's off.

Where are you going, mate? No point having a bucks' weekend
if there's no wedding. Well, just calm down
and tell me what she said. She said she wants to cancel
the wedding. What, she actually said those words? No, she said that those two
want to kill each other and we're planning this thing on the
run, so she wants to postpone it. Well, that's not cancelling,
and she's right, mate. You are a bit underprepared. Just because those two
haven't decked each other yet
doesn't mean... It's never worried her before, mate.
Well, she's probably freaking out. She's a chick, mate.
That's what they do. Or there's something
going on with MacGuire!
Don't start that again. I'll know for sure if I go home. Just let me make some calls first,
will ya? Oi, Heath. You OK? No, I'm fine, mate. I'm tiptop. Like I said,
let me find out what's going on. Then we can all go out,
we can get on it, we can have fun. Yeah, mate.
This is your bucks' weekend. Only one you're ever gonna get,
so just let Brax handle things. It's all good. All good. (PHONE RINGS)

Oh, hey, you. Hey, you'd better not be calling to tell me
you're leaving me for a pole dancer. No, I'm not, but we do have
a bit of a problem on our hands. What's wrong?
Oi, is that Ricky?
Oi, let me talk to her! Just settle down, will ya?
Brax? Listen, Ricky, do you know anything
about Bianca wanting to postpone
the wedding? It's MacGuire! That snake wants her, mate. Bianca and Zac? No, don't listen to him. Mate, do you honestly think
Bianca would cheat on you?


I'm sorry about that,
but can you suss it out for me? So you want me to find out
if the wedding's still on? Are you talking about
Heath and Bianca? I just need to know
what the story is. Um, OK. I'll see what I can do. Well, can you do it now? Because I'm gonna
have my hands full here if Heath doesn't get some good news. Yep. I'll get back to you. Alright, thanks. Bye. Well? It's all good. Like I said, mate, it's fine.

Tamara's been struggling
with her schoolwork, so me tutoring her is a bit of
a win-win for both of us. Are you gonna be as hard on her
as you are with me? That is the plan.

Now, what have you been doing here?
You look like you've been busy. Are you gonna take my temperature,
stick a needle in me and give me medicine to take? It gets pretty boring, doesn't it? She's just doing her job, love. I know.

Look, we might just duck outside
for a bit, eh? I need to have a chat to your mum. Will you be OK? I'll be fine. OK.

Is something wrong?

I, uh, just thought
you should know that...

..with Pippa being here
and being sick, I think she's more scared
than she's letting on.

Has she said something to you?

I don't know how to say this,
Sal, but... ..she's started to plan her funeral.


Guess you've spoken to Heath.
Brax. And he's expecting me
to report back to him, so is there anything
you want me to tell him?

The wedding's still on, right?

Oh, Bianca. I don't think
it's the right thing to do. Well, look, if it's about
the details, just change the date. Uninvite the family.
Do whatever it takes. No, it's more than that. I don't trust myself anymore. Not when it comes to marriage. I always seem to mess it up. I should have it tattooed on my
forehead - "Serial wedding killer". Yeah, but you love Heath, right? I mean,
you still want to be with him.

Is there something going on
between you and Zac?
No, of course not. Because if there is, you've gotta
put Heath out of his misery.